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I Churches to Film Own Movies With Players Unnamed I
I The Rev. Paul Smith, Famed in Barbary Coast
Crusade, Leads in Movement to Solve
Problem of Suitable Tonics
THE REV PAUL SMITH has dftnned
his armor again. Many will recall
I that It was the Rev Rati Smith who
chanced the famed Barbary Coast In San
Francisco from a flagrant strip of iniquity
to a quiet little settlement of law and order
I some fNn back.
r But this time It in a different sort of fight.
f It would be better described as crusade
Pr Smith is out to provide motion picture"
tha. churches can use. Tears ago churches
wouldn't let a motion picture past the front
vestibule. But now I'.OOO of them have In
ti ailed motion picture apparatus and many
ere showing films. The big difficulty Is that
they cannot get (Jims suitable to be shown
In the church they can't get away from the
Ri4narlos of sex lure domestic Infldeltts- and
bathing girl comedy.
Churches to Solve Their Own Problem
WFJJ The commercial companies were given a
BH chance In pro ide what the churches want
Vl hul they haven't done so At a result
churchmen have decided to go into the mo
rfHhj tJt.n picture business for themselves Dr
rdlHI Smith is the head of an extensive "within
tmMl I he church'' movement that will do Its own
IBij Scenario writing, filming, producing and dis-
jHn tilbutlng. The churches are going to get
what they want b doing the Job themselves
the suppression of a revolting vice condition
almost overnight. Investigations revealed
not only i he vice conditions themselves
commercialized vice. Illicit liquor sales and
gambling but a system of police protection
of them -11 Dr Smith trund himself at
the head of the army of decency, and on
the other side were deeply Intrenched po
litical forces.
A Melodramatic Fight
It was a melodramatic flht. In thehlek
of It one day hundreds of women of the
underworld stormed Central Church and de
manded of the pistoi ivhat Was to become
of them He mt the situation firmly and
talked to tb-m f-enslhly.
Then came a big nns meeting, so
crowded that 2.000 persons bad to he denied
admission There was a demand for a
Cleanup. It wa the turning point of the
fic.ht It resulted In the appointment of a
Morale Squad of policemen with Instruc
tions to close i be Barbary Coast and the up
town Tenderloin aiRl to give the city a thor
ough cleansing.
The rald started In a period of two
hours 201 Barbary Coast vice resorts were
doaedi They had h"'d 1 -intl women.
But the cleanup I t California with the
'tuest'on that the women themselves had
propounded when ihej visited Central ueth-
odtet Church: What was to he done with
then? Dr. Smith took up their cause as
earnestly as he had taken up the fight
against vice He stumped the State in the
j . 'l I - '11
f W, Cnll'ornlr knows Dr. Paul Smith as h
fighter even though he is only a trifle over
fi feet In height, quiet and unobtrualve.
I I buck In 1917 he was quietly tending bin
ji;BS flock, which happened to be the congrega
tion of the Central Methodlbt Church In San
Franclecb He was president of the Federa-
EPjM tlon of ChuThes of the city too.
One dav there came a modest demand for
a neighborhood cleanup. The revelations
bthat demand brought out turned a .-mill
crusado inio a gigantic statewide fight for
Intetest of a rehabilitation farm for them
It was during this crusade that the mo
tion picture idea came tu Dr. Smith If the
whole story of the California sitmtion could
bo told In a Mini It Mould be a powerful argu
ment In that State and in others and even
abroad. Once he nad the conviction he set
to work. He found friends who were will
ing to finance the venture. He rented a
studio ai San Rafael He emplov-d a direc
tor and a company, and "The Finger of Jus
tice" was made It has spoken Its message
from screens In almost very State in tho
Union and In many other countries.
The eucoeea c( "The Finger of Justice"
gave bit th lo another Idea With Dr. Smith
He had seen lust what problem the church' s
had faced In getting films suitable for their
use. The fact that he had produced Just
what he wanted for his cause led him to be
lieve that the '.hurdles could produce Just
what tr.cy wanted.
I'rnm the ver first day that churches
gave up the prejudice against the film and
welcomed It as an instrument that could as
well rpread righteousness and unrighteous
ness the churches have faced that enigma
Commercial companies have been making
money With Minis that dealt with sex. in
trigue, deceit and kindred themes. Occa
lonally they made one suitable for a church
showing, but not with that deliberate Intent
The largo companies were successful with
what they were doing and were indifferent
to I he. church.
But the churches had proved what they
11 New f larvels in Radio to Make New York World Centre of Intelligence
1 J OR more than two decades the wonders
ft I ' of wlrele;-., I i e so unceasingly ap-
Bk. f calrd to tho public imagination that
It would appear little remained to be ac-
aB cr.mpllshcd In developments of revolutionary
character. Yet once again it Is disclosed
that a startling conception In wireless com
munication has been cyiletlv brought to a
point of realization On tho north shore
of Long Island, near Now 'York, tho ft&dlo
Corporation of America Is about to begin
construe! Ion of a supcrpowered radio sta
I tlon that will simultaneously eend to and
receive. mtFfl,ig(-s from five great natlma of
other continents.
The bare announcement presages a new
era in commercial radio communication. It
Is one conceived in the convention-defying
spirit which ceupled with engineering skill,
has brought about the expansion of wire
less to lt, pre-enf etatus as a worldwide
mi public utility
Towers on 6,400 Acre Tract.
Kl Tn' ' far-reach-
31K economic and political Influence will
1 IT the name ot New York Radio Central
i Slntlon. tho steel towers of which will arise.
I or. a 6.400 acre tract, comprising pearly ten
111 square miles of land lying east of Port Jef-
III femon, with a long frontage on Long Island
111 Bound, The preliminary engineering studies
I have been comp'cted, contiacta for all the
i Ij construction materials ure being let and i
, force Of radio experts, after months of prep-
I aratlon, will immediately tnko the big Job In
MM hand.
A definite Idea of the ultra-modern char
1 N Of this radio plant may be gained
( from tho observations of Edward J Nally,
, president of the Radio Corporation of Amci -
lea. under whoso direction the worldwide
, wireless system has emerged from an idea
If-IB Into a reality. "Rvery one at all familiar
with wireless," said Air. Nally. "knows that
at Nauen. Germany, and Bordeaux. France,
are two of the largest stations In the world.
Up to now they have been viewed with ad
iyj jj miration; conalder. then, tho tremendous
advance represented in this latest step. The
I N ? York radio certral station In tho ag
gregate will be five times more powerful
than either of these"
lie explained that there will lie five com
plete transmitters each one a duplex unit,
with a corresponding receiving station lo
cated near by, All live transmitters and
the five receivers will operate simultane
ously and will transmit and receive mes
sages over thousands of miles continuously
during da and night.
Centra of World's Intelligence
"New York will be the direct focal point
of world's intelligence In an entirely new
sense under this communication plan." he
continued "As soon as the station is com
pleted immediate message service will be
established with France and Germany to
supplement the existing commercial cir
cuits: ultimately radio from this station
will connect up Ruenos Aires and Other
points In South America, and ether WgVS
messages will bo flashing to and from In
land. Sweden. Denmark and othei BurOPWn
countries. Like the ripples that race In
circles over a pond when a stone Is dropped
In the water, the electromagnetic waves
from this station will soon encompass prac
tically the wholo of the Clvljiied globe. It
la a plan that dwarfs all existing wireless
stations Into Insignificance; a single unit
will havo power and range the equivalent
of Ihe largest wireless stations In the world
Tho form of aerial construction, too l
wholly a new departure, from Ihe Central
power house six spans of aerial wire will
radiate out In a etar pattern to a distance
of more than one mile from the centre The
wires of these huge antenna! will be sup.
ported on self-supporting steel towers, each
400 feet in height, with the wires susp, tided
at the top between 150-foot cross arms.
Bach, of the six antenna will have twelve
towers, forming, ao to speak, the spokes of a
giant wheel fashioned out or seventy-two
miniature replicas of the famous Flffcl Tower
In PVance Five of these antenna? spokes will
be uaed for regular service, while the sixth
Is reserved for emergency operation
Far more impressive than physical ap
pearance, however, will be th things tho
oy cannot encompuss. Appreciate that In
' - II . ., - ii , , .
the wires forming each spoke of the gigantic
wheel there will be generated o power equal
to tile greatest of present day transoceanic
wireless stations, then comprehend If ou
can, the fact that all five of these powers
can, If desired he combined Into one for
signalling. telegraphic signal create I H
of such tremendous electromagnetic encr y
cnuW encircle the entire rjlohe'
Hut that Is not all The apparatus i I
sxstem which will he Installed for ea ' if
the five units will be the same as thai at
present in our New Brunswick N J 1 ?ts
tlon. from which the voice of Secretary of
the Navy Danltis was carried to President
Wilson when be tvus at sea aboard the 13. B
S Oeorge Washington In a number of ex
per'mental tests the voice has teen carried
by tills radio telephone over distances of
'.',G0o miles with complete success This
bads us to state very definitely that before
long a direct wireless telephone service will
be established with foreign countries. ,
Every exacting requirement of commercial
radio mease fie service tvIII he satisfied fully
In Hie apparatus and system of circuits with
Which 'he great station will be equipped.
The generation of the energy required to
spa 'i thousands of miles will he affected by
AJesandaroon sltsrnatore. powerful machines
constructed by the General fflQCtric Com
pany (U. S. A.) which have made It pos
sible to carry the radio signals through
apace by continuous wave trains. Instead of
by the Interrupted or discontinuous w.i.
generated hy systems using the old lltno
"spark discharge" apparatus.
Taken hy Itself, the AlsXandersgn alter
nator Is an achievement rivalling the design
or the now woihhvlde station. This machine
is the concrete expression of an ideal which
electrical engineers have held for many
yearn, for It represents a perfected generator
of high frequency electrical oscillations con
sti ticted along tho lines of the ordinary
power house dynamo. The problems solved
by Mr. Alexanderson. chief engineer of the
Radio Corporation, were thought insur
mountable. Because the transmission of
radio signals requires alternating currents
of frequencies n thousand time- or more in
excess of those used in power engineering, it
was considered beyond the range of prac
ticability lo obtain such currents from a
dynamo In the Alexanderson alternator
equipment the new station will have a source
of energy proved as reliable n the power
dynamo, yet creating a steady stream of
electromagnetic 08) Illations which will per
mit telegraphic signalling at very lil'h
So efilclenl and reliable has the Alex
anderson 200 kilowatt alternator Installed at
New Brunswick proved Itself that leading
radio experts of Curope have made special
trips of Investigation lo the United -states
t. view Its poifrrnianco. Now this already
famous single machine is to be duplicated
am) Installed in the New York Radio Cen
tral Station but this time there will be
two 200 kilowatt machines for each trans
mitting station, ten in all
Tb achievement from the radio engineer
ing Standpoint has nothing approaching a
parallel Ten alternators, 2,000 kilowatts
3,000 horsepower an astounding force to
concent r tie in realization of o dream to
transmit messaees over the world to all
points of the compass from a single source!
Anothe. Forward Step.
Mr, Nally emphaslr.' d nnothor foi ai d
stop In engineering which will be Incor
porated In the super station. "Wo will
utilize wnat is termed a multiple tuned
antenna, which." he explained, "materially
reduces lb 1 -vasteful electrical resista nc of
the long, low flat top aerials formerly used.
A great saving In power Is thus effected, In
fact, for tho same power Input form rly
u.'ied for a single station fix times the ef
fectiVSnaap at a distance Is obtained. Iii
other words we obtain with this antenna
the same effect St a distance with 20 kilo
watts Input na would be obtained from tho
olc typo of i ntenna. with 1.2010 kilowatts
Inputs! This new typo of antenna is tho
equivalent of six Independent radiators, all
operating In unison at the samo wave
lenfthi and for tho complete station with
Its five antcnnie nnlt.s the power requited
will bo less than 20 per cent, of that for
merly necessary.
Plans Include Circuit to Rival Any Theatrical
Chain in the Country No Individual to I
Be Featured in Uplift Plays j i
rooM ,in with the film The Rev. ChrlStlsn
T'ener built a handful congregation at
Peace Methodist Episcopal Church In New
JT l Into B rhurchful one throuch motion
pictures. Other examples bobbed up
throuhr.ui the cnuntrv.
Churchmen, notably the Rev. Raul Smith,
realized that If the churches were to get
what they wanted in the wjv of films thev
would have to take a hand In the Industry.
So a movement started, with Dr "mith at
It- heid
It brought reaUltS. To-day an Interdenom
inational corporation. the International
Church Film Corporation 1. mVInu pic
tures solely for cnurch use. The larjro de
nominations of the Protestant Church are
enoperatimr in the movement They are
represent! d on an Interdenominational
Board Of Review, that will keep the move
men! "within the church" for all time This
hoard Will pass on every film that Is pm
duce.i hy the corporation. It will pass on
'he scenarios before they are filmed and
afterward, It will see that the Church's
viewpoint i always maintained In the films
Plan, a Wide Cir-uit.
conipehenalve plan has been drawn up
ami when it is Completely carried out the
churches will have a motion picture circuit
that will rival any theatrical chain In the
count r 1-ive thousand churches will be
repre.sen ted In th. circuit and will receive
and show earh week- a completely now mo
tion picture programme.
Edith Gould Wainwright Happy
In Romance Without Riches
Confirmed from Firt Pag:
democratic conveyance) told of how the
youthful housekeeper Insisted on her coming
back to the flat for lunch and added
"II was a very nice, though simple lunch
eon, well cooked and daintily served. Edith
j--aK she learns easily how to do things about
t'i house and particularly Hbout the kitchen.
The ouple have no maid and both help In
ihe housework In fact, Kdlth keeps house
!.t If she had been doing It all her life in
stead of having a dor.en servants to wait on
"She assured me that she would rather
.ive in a flat like theirs than In a great house
like her mother's, the kind she has been ac-
itomed to. The work Of keeping It up
lan't so hard and learning how to do It was
fur. Of course, she never had any Idea about
busing things for tho table and she enjoya
i;olrig out to do her simple marketing.
There's rhanee of developing some indi
viduality when one has a little responsibility
K !Jth feels this and be bus developed She
never had a chance to even select a gown
when s'ie w.is growing lp at home
"ivople are beginning to ask If this kind
of life wl'l lastl that Is if It won't become a
a Tiflce when the novelty has worn off.
Fdlth sacs no. it won't bgeaUSS thejf arc
well suited to each other lie Is a good
liatured boy glad to do anything to make
per work lighter After dinner he puts on an
apron and while she washes the dishes he
dries them And they both think it's a lot
of fun
'Carroll Walnwrlght's mother has been to
IN Kdlth several tunes. Although she does
not approve of early marriages she Is verv
much pleased that everything promises so
f I', for the future of her son and his bride
ghs has Invited the pair to spend several
vee ends with her Rut not a word has
come from the Could family "
Early summer lias the effect, apparently,
on members of the Gould family (hat la
uf nal with most voting people The wedding
of George Jay Gould and the famous actress
and be.i of v Fdlth Klngdon while It could
not be termed clandestine, was Certainly
hell privately. It occurred back In the '80s
Qccrgfl Qould Aral saw his wife from a bo
In the Daly Theatre which he occupied
with his father, Joy Gould Me sought an
Introduction through an actor friend and
IV t MsS n WQSn the Daly company went lo
I.ftdon George Gould went there, too soon
When (he Daly company wai returning
on a Cunarder George Gould went down th
bay on hit father's yacht Atalanta. met. the
The weekly film releases will Include
Biblical film which can be shown at Sunday
school and ot the evening church service
and also a complete recreational programme F
to he shown on a week day njcht or at
children's matinee. Thla programme will
embrace o modern drama, a comedy, a news B
reel and an Industrial or educational film.
One of the frU noil, left adopted by the H
movement wo that no players are to b H
starred or featured In the productions. Th ;H
cast Is not even named In the films. Th ilH
theory Is that many commercial companies HiLB
are building their Alms around prominent lil
names and nec'eetlnc the stories In whk h IH
Ihey appear. The players who appear in IH
the church fdms will be entirely obscured BlH
by the mei motion pictures carry. jH
The entiie purpose of the proKramme will f
be uplift. The Biblical films will carry a
c.r.ie message with a direct Gospel ap
plication The dramaa and even the cornedlea m
will as truly carry a similar menage be- fc
cause they will be of the clean, wholesome v.
character building type.
And so It Is Vhat in n field that ten years W
:,r-' condemned motion pictures almost unl
veraally they hove been seized upon now as a
a might) weapon for ond. The Aim has had a,
a hard time finding its place In the church.
but now. with churchmen making their own P
pictures the kind they want, the morion iJ 1
llcture industry, which now ranks fifth j
commercially, la due to take on an added lm-
portanre morally and splrltuaily.
steamer and took off Miss Klngdon and her
mother. A.fier that the apartment house,
v here Mrs. Klngdon lled was constantly
watched by reporters, whose managing edl
tors foresaw a wedding, although an en-qui-ement
of the young couple was denied
The news of Miss Klngdon's resignation
from Dal s seemed to confirm it and the
reporters redoubled their irlgllance, The
ccuple. however, outwitted them and slipped
off to Irvington, where they were married
with no one ptesent except the Immediate
The marriage of George Gould's eldest son,
Jay, to Ml sa Annie Graham had no myBtery
attached to It. but the inherited deslro for
priav bie!e out In ihe case of the next
two sons, Klngdon and George J.. Jr. Kin-
dom Gould married MK Annunzlata Maria
Luccl, who had been a teacher of Italian In
the Qould family, In the rectory ot St. Pat
ricks Cathedral on July .'. 1 917. The wed
ding made a record for Informality, none of
the brldegtoom's relatives was present ex
Cept his younger brother His mother stayed
In Fakewood where hi- lather returned after
-his business day In the city as If he knew
nothing about ihe Interesting occurrence.
That the parents of the young man were
surprised whs later admitted, hut they evi
dentin took Into account the fact that all the
Goulds had shown a spirit of independence
In (boosing their marriage pirtners. King
dou continued In business with his father at
185 Bruadwav. nrd w. tit to housekeeping
With his bride at 829 Park avenue.
Hut when a few davs later George J
Gould. Jr., followed Klngdon's example and
married Miss Fa ura Cu ter in Philadelphia
Urn family spirit of resignation was used up.
By this marrlape the young man sacrlflcod
his income from the Gould millions. Young
decree said his in. uiiae had been planned
for moro than i year, but he delayed, hoping
tQ bring his people round to considering it
fav orably The rumpii thut Klngdon's' wed
ding cauaed allowed him 'he futility of such
a hope and he mods UB '"s ,n'n1 to tav j
his wedding tak place without delay
After the wedding tho disinherited son
went to work to earn his living, and for a
time the young couple lived In a three room
Mat on the Kost Side, Her brother's declara
tlon that he liked the simple life, cut off
from the luxuries that attend the posies
Hon of a great Income, and his success In
mnklng himself independent may have had
some Influence with hl slater. Edith, when I
.she was considering Following his c vim pie.
Anyway, both seemed lo be convinced that
money alone does not bring happiness, eape- I
daily where lovo Is Involved. f
jm ' -" ! i ii .. saaaBees iitaauaTfiirssiBrm i n msigi jiaainn witnmummmmmmmmmmmmmHmmmmmmmmmmmkav i wmammmmmmmatm
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