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The Ogden standard-examiner. (Ogden, Utah) 1920-current, August 06, 1920, LAST EDITION, Image 11

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BT OWNER MoHorn well hullt
homo n host location In city,
Suitable to mnko four smnll ornri
ments. 600 Tw.: nty fourth rhor.
CIO. 4144
LBY OWNER Eight room modern house.
iiMrcTiln 631 Twenty sixth Phon 2158'
J (Hi
KIVK room I; - -t 1 1 modern In rge
r .. looms, highly finished hot nir rurnace,
. largo hnsement and sleeping porch, lot 4x
150. coot! parage n paved Btreet In one j
.,' tlm beat residence districts In Ogdcn.
5675.0 Terms. A bcnutjfiil home
S52on buys this five room strict Iv mod
rrn brick bungalow full basement Bleep-1
pBB Ing porch and lark'- lot. close In on Twen ,
ty-aeventh Btreet,
A four room modern freme. full h.is- j
H meat, large lot nm Rood i?nrge. located)
H on Twf nl v -first street. $3?5'V
Q Bei til 8nundere nl Smith Flinders To., I
Ifl nci i oi mi lal National, bank 1 ' jj
NINE room modern house, good location
ll furnished or unfurnished Phono 13 S 1 W
I 1100
M in ov.-.i.i 'i . .,'-ro on i.'iy.i Twelfth
Phnii, .: " 8Tj T-. elfth i1;
Iff CHOK I I i" I"' c Or hnr.l adflit.cn
H or .rfferson avenue. Liberal terms.!
rm J Would take pnod or In exchange E. L I
' Burton, owner Mi7 Lincoln avenue
Phom li22
B- OWNER vTTi room ati tl modi
, brick bungalow I'p lo dnt.- built In fen J
tnres Fireplace, sleeping porch full re - .
m. ment basement, Brick garage rgeiot. j
W; With or without furniture Phone HI
W j j 26S4 Ids ! 1 ' 1
2 $37f0 buvs (l five room modern brick
dS "'oso In. Just off paved street. Terms
tj5 MTOO This bugUlow Is built of firebrick.
bns hard wood floors. fireplace.
j built In features. Attractive pnper
uf on w alii t '" Bo lot mi easl
- THi: r.l ATt AN iY MOPTi-.AOE f o .
-J- ifi Twenty fourth St. Phon. 2 M
a . m ind n onthl pu: mi nl - b ij
n om mo U i n bungalow Prii i
''tvvo arres close In. choice garden land.
H water $1200 terms.
Flv room frame i otlnge. large 101. 1
eoops. bams, All specials paid 13500
H Six room Strlctlj modern bungalow, ev
V , rv modern and up to date featun gar
rll cash
225o JVashtngton Ave
Phone 99J-W or 2301 J '
SIX room modern br', I house With Bleep
In ror(h nnK gnruKC. Corner lot. 22rx
133 on Washington avenue, Nice lawn.
10 fruit trees, beautiful rhude trees, and
small garden -Must be sold at once
Phone j ii 2- " m: 4" ''
BY OWNER SI loom modern brick,
:.-,' A A M"'i,-" '
t Ti'MN Is almosl hew Have
comfortable home for winter? If you
have not would be pleased to show you
ome I have for sl. rangliiR In price
from J8Q0 to $15. '-00. Some good farms,
and trackage Have some money to loan
Real Estate and Leans 502 Eccles Bldg.
10 ,,,-r,- most ol which is kock! prod
tlve soil, small pasture, excellent wnt
or right, good location on state high-
wav. crops speak for ouality of soil. ;
i five room house and other outbulld-
l inc., SOOOO li the nrlro nnd Is a rool
J , buy " Terms, or will exchancre for Og- i
I den CHv propertj ns part payment.
'I I 0 acres of good sandy woll within one
mile of cit. Ilmlti ol Ogdcn Blx snarct
)' of water Davis and Weber canal; good
JT four room hOUSi barn and other our
buildings. This place Is being- offered ;
at a low price of $750u.
U Over Commercial National Bank j
OVR act v. Ith , 04 1 riVC PI 01 i hO l
fruit, berries, outbuildings; cheap for
rp.lv InM'ilre ?CJ Tvvntl. lh street -l"4'.
BY OWNER 5-i modern br v bom
lxst 55x132; good location. At 2219 Madb
"'n A--
NEW five room s room and a four
room bungalow 2013 Mmuoe. Phontl
S232 M . 1222
FTVE room modern S282 Wall. See me
before vou buy I have many good deals
In cltv property am. farms. H. Nan Brank
Tb'.rt;. f'ltK
, ) r : - II n our i ' ' ', 1 1 uto Tb-?
hange, 2224 Washington Ave an 1 1
; OWNER Gooo sixteen room apart
i houso, furnish
gas ranges, finest location In town. J140
0 month income Good terms Phono 102
, ire? i
'.V. L. POK Tl.il 1;. .il KM.-ite nd l-m
I27C Washington oenue Phone 1876.
y 121
1 o NER- Fi i ro m t lei n fur
nished houso 147 James Court Phone
IT!" 1 50J
Miscellaneoua 1
THREE Ohio a'uums. Si day. rhon
gg4VJ 3Cf'2
STOH .GE room for rent Call Afbesto
i - ji ' go Pione i w if.-;-
CARD and character reading. 449 Tw. n
-iili. 787
Ir service! Hoi ti n bulls. 1916 Gront
I r I he 2,712.000 fiersons in France'
rendered homeles-a by the war, 1.633,
fOO have returned to thc-lr homes.
j waFtted "j
i Female Help ji
COMPETENT colored girl to assist with
housework and care of two small chil I
drcn. Call In person 20t Thirtieth street j
f 'ft 1 ' ' . I .M A 1 I I' ' ' ! I 1 ll'l
WOMAN" (or r;'lieinl hou.sework Must
understand cooking: small family : good I
homo and good wges; no Inexperienced I
person need n pph l 'hone 1 1 7.'. I3'.i
' : I A v. unled Trie, l.-i .iri.lr-. I 55
HOUSEKEEPER for widower, three chil
dren 1085 Twenty-second. Phone 1369 M
1110 1
EARN $2.1 weekly, spare time, writing for
newspapers, magazines experience tin
nessary: details free Press Syndicate. 163
st. lnili.. 4003
WAVTEl"' Olrl general house work
l lmne 2U'3 .T.
CHILDREN'S dressmaking. 371 Twenty
econd. ?7(.i
ALL f lZ'. knife pleating Phone 2318 M,
The Llehthouse. 2452 Washington Ave.,
oppo.ilto tho Pliig.ob liank. Pnono 681.
I" ilpl :er Ice 332H
Hemstitching, plcot edge, buttons, 'mi -!ng
nnd pleating Second floor W H
iir--hl ,v ;or Mn: H La) man. 1169
500 Per Cent per annum In a safe husl
it-ss enterprise. Write Eox 984. Burkbur
I i nett. Texas 3S31
Bl iTWwtw -
j j ! FOR SALE
Lmw liscellanecug
i HOfSEHOl.D furniture. 2S3I Monroe
Phoni "i::. 1 1 ,- :
I milk row 151," ,rnnt 4lTI
KITCHEN iiun, t dresser, rocker new.
Ing machine, iron bed. wardrobe. Over
88t) Pwenty fifth ritreet. fimn. 4 1 e. i
RI GS, dininc room furniture, ladies desk,
rwvlroom fumltur- and mlse. Ilnneoua
household goods Ogden Transfer & Sfor
j,r I 'o Apply (jrnnt BVenUS between
Twenty third and Twent) fourth Streets
ifti-i j QCjPCk B m " ;
ONE team of well broken mares, weight
1600: one wagon; one surrey: single hnr
if". 27.1 Tvcnt third streot. I1M
HOI'SEHOLb furniture for rale quick. 1
161 Can: on Road 4140
'i'" c i! oung cow. Jrre md Hoi
i, n I."-, Thirty sixth street :r,
' "Ml'l F . I I : ', !n In w AmiTlcon
tchoo) "f Ian .ind practice Phone 8118 i
I OR ;r.T", cheap eiectrlr washer almost
in w i honc M R " North Ogden 4126,
ONE team iiut H00 pounds each 80
takes the two J. H Bsriyn, Hooper
1 1 a
iol C51 B building nr -i , iass condition
i "m be used for gt rage. Call 6 p. m 2211 1
Monro, ' 4097 I
FOR SARi; quick. China io.i nnd other'
, furniture, including good heater Call 1 7
I Tw.-n lourth 4O04 1
l-TRST class Hallcl Davli piano for r-nif ;
"'10 'irxnt hvi-iiik' j j i
'.A"-" rniipe ro;i rhiipe. xnd convhlnn tlon !
l- i -.nd ro:il ranee 11 Sixteenth street '
WALNUT bedroom Bel for .--nir ir.n-,
I Washington, 4120
T'Vn l-i cows H.irrlnn Phone
: I 1073
' ANA P.IRS ;ind supplies 2314 1'rihlne
ton, 4075
T'i'.'i'i k-oo I si i on I hsnd blcr . fr. for "ule
cheap. 3341 Child? avenue, 407fi
SIX mil; ' fei siile Thin .-. . ond i '
r 1 it , , 107 :
'LMOST new bicycle nt 71" Tweiux
fourth. in74
I Johnson 1,1' ile. irood as new Call
2161 Reeves avenue, between C and S
P m 4050
! H'ghe.st prices p.ld for furniture, mngcn
and henters. Apprnlsenients free. Phone
-rV i . Furniture Exchange 253 Twent
,. Hi 4034 '
I A i tu 'li planting Grout'
Grain stone 332 TWenty-fourth St. 400s
HOKSR lor i-ale. -Ipht 11' 'i pounds fir. 2 I
Fourth. 897 1
' VNARIES, guaranteed singers t2tti
Llni "In .'147 j
' t ' us sell your nr Utah Auto l re & I
I Tr- -. 22 1 ' n-hlngton Av 3finl
'TTvTTa t.jr.l singer.i 223 TV n i -fifth
Si 34T.7
HOSE counter, m-cycle. 5inoketnck.
camera, tripod, surveyor's tnpe P 333
l'!A,M'S ir. I (..ti . r miisnul l nlr umentS .
'i llhoui interest. Pan I one. 8874
" ' tot
,i 1. 1 l I'm uiu tailor made, hlij
reJoction Qordoil'S 211-25 Twvnty-fif'n
i'b.,,. 419 1157
Buy your pilnt rt Stowt's and snve ;
mn'v 1S00 a.-ihincrton avenue. Phone I
fisc J. Mil 1
Male Help I
I COAL shovelers wanted to unload coal
by contract. Ogdcn Sewer Pljie & i""lrn
' 'o 1150
TEAMSTER wanted for garbagi wagon
1 gden Garbs gc 1 !o Phoni 4149
tor stovt repairing Summerlll
Slo-e Repair Woikj 4 1 45
??HOE salesman with ability. Good op
wrtunlty for advancement Last t Thorn
a: Shoe Repni tmi nt. 4147
i RRIRIi man for general or' hard work
Rhone y R J 4in
WANTED at once. 4a to 5" experienced
underground conl londrs. Wage scale
pays fi'i to 74 cent-i per ton. Honest load
er make from 510 lo $18 per Sigh! hours.
-Mines working every day. We will re
fund your railroad fere after you have
arned 7.'i l.j l.cidln co.il tnl exper
leuced men need app Plrst class board
and room provided in camp, Finest of
living and working conditions. Present
this advertisement to J. D. Carr super
intendent. Lion Coal Co . Rock Springs.
Wvo or 723 F.ccles building. Ogden. Utah
WANTED t.t ome first doss plumbers
, nnd steam Utters T B. Thomas Plumb
! Ing Co.. Ogden. I tah. Phone 9?3
RX'Rl RIRN'i'Rl' lirnur, it. an with rmall
family preferred Stewart W Eccles.
IM. n. I 'tali Rhone 2C R 4 116
IRYI.V. In --Ight we.-V. V M T
'Auto School, Los Angelet 40Ri
MKN Age under ."5; experience unneces
Bsry. Travel; make secret Investigation
reports Salaries, expenses, Write Amerl
can Foreign Detective Agency. 641 St.
L 401S
I : 1. 1 I a7 . ), ,1. Hot' i
To Buy j
LATE model Ford to irlnK ar must be In
good Miapc. Will pay cash 354 Twenty
third Ask for Wl hi, 1131 '
TP. NT Phoni 13 i i -11Q2
BEEF ' attic, real i hogs '.'"i cafi
at your yard, Gus Jensen. 3431 Washing
t(M Ave. Phone 2S90. 4025 1
1 1 1' ".1 1 I A 1 pru . n paid for old clothes
Bend I postal New York Clothing Store.
!' ! , ilnli si 3411
I 1 Rl.i:rc 'i.. lun.v : II aires Phone 1 '41
Western Grain 4: Peed Co . 2351 Wash
Ington Ave 3386
PARTS of harneaa, collars, hnrness, back
band and br.-echlng chum. 5 inch stove,
,'plpe. gasoline stove Edison grapophone,
21 records, John Deere plow 2 Ruffulo In
cubators 260 eggs, and other mlscellan
eoux goods, cheap If .-old at once, or will
trade for good driving pon' What hove!
you to trade or sell. Give us a call Rear
fill", Twenty- fourth uij'i
.SMALL fruit and vegetable farm, l-ar
I gain. v,i Canyon Road
j WILL have 20 head A I mil' I, c,.w? r,,.x, ,
week. Holsteln ond Jersey Phone 1S54
1 ''Q
A IC"li"; FORlN player piano (or
; c-r r'hono 27M W
j To Rent
FAMILY of three would like unfurnished
I house or apartment. Box 3. Standard
Examiner 1 1 ,
TURKIC or Iran room house , , 5,pt, inhei
16 no children. Ci.ll 718 between 3 und 4 1
o'c'ock. gap
( .MM I'MSHKI i I, ,a..- Ms,- o, A ,,,,.,..
Will pay good rental. Address Box ::a' I
'-re Standard-Examiner 412:i !
THREE or four room mooern house in
ifiirnlslied by young (ouple, no children
I hone :i32 M j .j
I NI'I'RNlSHI I' I,., us- no children Lett
' of i ef.-ri in i-. Crfll 1 l r i ) 4 Qg
j TWO or three ,orc furnished apartment I
,or small cottage No children Address
, 222 ' .ire Standard Kxamlner.
i RY young cupie with two children, a
I four or five room houHe Con kR Bjood
j reference Rox 215. cHre Standard :: 9U
SECONDHAND goods bought and sold T
C lverson, 1640 Washlnpton avenue
ghonf ii. 3JJ7-
WK tanu your old range as first payTnent
on any new rang, or will buy your rli
ranee outrluht H'mie Purntttire Co. 47a
The I'nited States consumes i i : u i
'."00 bales or 3.500.000,000 pounds
tt cotton annuallv.
: Furnished
FTJRNI8HBD. by couple, ttro or three
room cotio or two or three rooms on
j ground floor, for housekeeping. Address
Bat B i 'an- standard Examiner, 1156
FIVE room modern house Will rent
or pari S03 Cross street 4 1 flu
SREEPI"i; room" for rent 72 Twentv
fourth 1167
KOI'R room modern furnished house,
close In no children Kelly & HcrrlcV
ONE room foi very iiRhf housekeeping
Two ladles preferred 360 Twent) third.
NICELY furnished rooms ror iii.ii house
keeping No children 362 Twenty fourth.
SLEEPING rooms ovei Ogden theater
BEALTTIF1 i.l.V lurnlshed room r.so
Twenty third. 4091
PI'RNISMEDor unfurnished looms. 234A
W whlngtori igW
DELIGHTFUL cool room for refined
gentleman 1666 Orchard Phon- 24?4 T
MODERN room 'or (rentl, mon. close In.
$3 50 per week. References 2.141 Adams
avenue 4flfis
HOI SKREEPtNG apartments 2064
A'a.hinton avenue 1061 j
Mi'I'ERN houieker plnr npnrtments no
rHIIdren Pln?ji Apartments 25H Wash
Ington Ave. ift22 t
M K :-T;KERPINi; riiom) 2353 Monroe
Ave J21
Ki n IMS' especlallv adapt, d for gentlemen
Grates IIokI 21lfi Grant Ave Phone .1050.1
-l.r".I.P:'i, r,.,vi, :62, Adams Ave Phone I
?ir.r. W 6gM
SINQIH or dOUbt1 rooms for uleeplnt- or I
llOUll keeping, 24fS Wnghlng'on Ave. 161
Unfurnished J
THREE room modern house 54fi Twent)
Oi: h --I I P'.i ,v .2112 M 411J '
TWO nd I room apartments private
bath Newly kalscmlned Close In Phone
i i MM
PORD sedan, first class mechanical condl
tlon. Can ioic J 4ifir
1017 Ford louring car See circulation i
manager Standard Examiner. 4167 1
'. I '"idc t.-iurini 600
IfMfi Overland touring 500 I
lfRi riverlnnd 1000 pound light de
livery Just Iho thlmr for light
hauling new- tires nnd over
hauled $450
l MOST ne.v rodge truck panel body.
Can save you t.100 Terms If desired. 127
Twenty -fifth street or 2443 Rlncoln ne
niu- 4153
l"ORI touring -nr. nearly new self start
tT, two extra new tires 2559 Lincoln
lit 'SON fi 40 eu.o 24SI ahlngton'
s anue 4107
i-'IVE passenger l.'odice in pood condition I
Phone 4 P .'41 Washlnglot, ',"V
.I'-.II r tru. :,. ,2.'.'i ' a.-h Phone 5 S -4 -1
1919 Llbei I ro idster
1916 Butch tourinjt
1916 Cadillac touring
191R Studcbaker 1-ton truck
1919 Nash 2 ton truck"
And others.
All in first clas mechanical condition
2200 Washington Ave., Ogden
11 'E PASSENGER six cylinder automo
i Ii in first class condition. Applv 271S
j V'lamn Ave. 3990
SEVEN passenger Cadillac in excellent
condition, for sale cheap. Inquire 813
Tw.- nty-fifth 391
MA RR port roadstei 1 hape Phon
1671 R 335
C E. YORGASEN. 425 Twenty third
R "ii- : '".'I A' ?7I
rQN LQAN ....
'e loan money We now have several
applications for good loans as follows
Two for $1500. one for $3500. and one
farm loan lor $4200
Over Commercial National Bank
IXI salaried people without security, to
othen i i piano.', furniture, bonds, etc
" Mm l KMe Phone 2S4. 249'
MONEi lo lonr ou .uipiuv.u eal eslni-.
'. 'lv A- IK rrlck lit
T "vJAmEB j
Situations 5
iNDUSTRIOUa young man. 25. wishes
position of anv kind. Box 75. Standard
Examiner. 4089
: II D man U years of lie- wishes
position, Have hai' five years' hardw-oro
experience: throe years banking. Box 3.
rare Standard Exn miner. 4065
' 1 1 1 ' i , t.t m- ' 'nl' M5 I 1 ', I 7
V.WTrii- I "... ,-. h.ei. work 221 r, I. In
coin, upstairs 4015
LADIES' knit wool scarf. Call at Hor
rocks Bros 4167
I ON July 8, a Boy Scout tent between
Twenty-ninth street Ogden. and Lay ton
Anyone finding It please notify C H Hus-1
. 2'i Adams I hone 3142 W 4154 ,
MF-'TH YST ' -ill" Y I,- . r- I ,,, Up
ward. Phone 610 4165 i
I 'I 1i i'. I 1 hnr pin. Tuesday morning R.
ward 2555 Eccles avenue, Phone 2475
'N Tuesday, a - eiiow scarf between
'a.'.hlnplon and depot on Twenty-fifth
Phone iti7 4119
'i"E diamond view earring between
Madison and nshlngton on Twent
third Liberal reward, Phone 2744. j
41 1
JI LI 27 ohrlnor s pin ?.t with small
.diamonds Reward, Phono I'hfcsman 1
Mfi 4048
RR ( K feather fan In Ity hall park Re
Ward for return to Standard Examiner
4 0.19
PARTIES shipping furniture to southern
' ahfornia Phon- 226: i 4066
Seab'd hMs ttW be received b the. Og
den Cltj Board of Education at 538 Twen
ty fifth street, Ogden T'tah until s
0 clock p m. Friday . August 13 192n
for part of the general construction of
thl Washington school, in Ojfden I'lnh
all as shown by drawings, deacrlbed Iri
specification a, and as further modified bj
Written Instructions prepared by Leslie
B Hodgson md My rl A McClenahan ar
chin ct.s, at r.oc Eccles building. Ogden
1 tnh.
The bidders must comply with the I'tah
Ma;.- laws pertaining to certified che.-k:,
accompany ing bids and lion. I required with
the contract
A $15 deposit Is required to Insure re
turn of plans and f reclflcatlons
The hoard reserves the right to reject
anv or all bids.
R order of the Board of Education of
Ogden. I'toh.
Pul-iUshed August 3 1?20. to Autrust l
1?20 Inclusivo.
Lox ers arc not necessarily alike bt -cause
they correspond
Information Bureau
?2 no prp t .IMF PER MONTH
ANVTH(NQ A to Z new or old
bouirht. sold or traded Phono 333
Bramwell Rook and Stationery. S3C:
Washington Ave Phon 160. t 205
Utah Natltonal Mnnk. southesst comer
Twenty-fourth nnd Washington Phone 61.
V-e put In driveway s and foundations,
enrl build cottagei and jrarags. Phone
2367 I 413R
Ogden Carpet Cleaning HI orka, w here
ou get results Phone 41 or 1R20 W.
F. Btrupplck, carpenter and Jobber. 1 6S
, Twentv third St Phone 101 S 1423 I
K on Kanvnen for uphoisterln. car
pets cleaned altered nnd laid. Remaking
Of mattreases. Phone 2762-J.
Expert carpet cleaning, mattress reno- I
vntlnsj. upholstering, and springs re
stretched. Call E J. Hampton Co . j
Feath-ni repnvntlng Phone 25SG-W .
Phone 133. 225S-60 Washington Are.
Matsuba Co leading Japaae0 res- i
tanrsnt In Ogden ?73 24th St.
The New Method Dentists are special
ists In nr brnnchei of Dent1t.-y. J48V
Washington Ave noi '
Ogden Engraving Servlca makers
Of fine cuts In one or DM91 olora 419 1
Twenty-fourd street Phot.) 63.
Geo. D Bnnett. corporation and group
Insurance a specialty Phono 121 W 1614
I Western Hide Kl aunV Co.. S323 Wash
i lrrrtoi) Kyi P.ion- kc.
Ogden I jnk House ?03 Washington
Ky Phone 210
Paper haniiclnn. painting, kalsomlnlng.
paper cleaning. lensonahle Phmie 3220.1;
Roofs repaired and painted Call I4S-J
Wlllard Kay. real e'-tnte and loan?
?474 WaahliFrton Ave Phone 403. lfcTi
Garbage ar.d rubbish hauled, cesspools
nnd tol'ets cleaned John Chlpp U Co.
Phone S 28. 2341 Hudsoii avenue S73?
r R U N K S AND 11 AGS
Tnirvk and btjj repi!rlnjt round cor
ner irom Standard QsJIacher's, '373 Hud
son 21 IS
RXPRRT window and wall paoer elftan
Ing American Window Claantnsj Ph fj'I
Win Van Der Woude licenced sewer
digger and 'rater serv ice. 5ver cleaning
etc. -da pools. Phono 2115-W 025 Rl I
ion St
1 1 vJtLyl5L
I bl th District Court of the Secon. .ludl
1 I SW r'l!"rlr'- In nnd for the Countv of
. I Weber. State of l'tah.
Doutrias Sooper. Plaintiff vs Franclp T
I Romrell and his wife. Jane fvoe Rom
re who.if otlv r and p-110 name If un
known and the unknown heirs at law.
devis.es and legatees of Frances T
Romrell id jnnt j,00 R0mrell hie wife,
whooe other and true nam- 1 unknown.
Peter Nlelson ann his wife, Jane Doe
Melson, whose other and true name Is
unknown and the unknown heirs at
law. devisees and legatees of Peter Mel
( son and hla wife .lane Doe Nlelson,
whose other ar.d true name Is unknown:
John Btaneer nnd his wife Jane Doe
StanKer. whow ..'her and true nam.
II unknown, and ih unknown heirs nt
j j law. devlseea and ler-atees of John Stan
1 1 ger and Jane Doe Ptanger. his !e
I 7w r,,hrr nn'' ,rl1" name Is unknown.
John Hooper and his wife. Jane Doe
Hooper, whose other and true namo Is
i unknown, and the unknown heirs st
law. devisees and legatees r,f John
Hooper and Jane Doe Hooper, hi? wife,
i whose other :md true name Is unknown:
. John W. Hooper nd his wif. . Elisabeth
A. Hooper, and the unknown heirs nt
law, devisees and legatees of lohn W
Hooper nnd Elizabeth A. Hoo'ier his
wife. Frank Hooper and his wife. Mar
I prot Anne Hooper, und the unknown
I heirs at law. devisees and legatees of
Frank Hooper and his wife. Margaret
Anne Hooper: and all the creditors of
Frances T Romrell. Peter Xlelson lohn j
Stanger. John Hooper. John W Hooper
and Frank Hooper, whoso names are
I unknown, and all other persons whose
names are unknown who have, or claim I
1 to have, any right, title, interest In.
and to the real property herein de i
, 1 scribed. Defendants.
I The State of Utah to the Said Defend '
1 nnl
ou. and each, of you. are hereby sum
, I monad to appear within twenty days after
j service 01 this summons upon "you. if
I served within the county In which this
artlon Ik brought otherwise, within thlr
; ty days after service, and defend the
above entitled action and In case of vour
I failure so to do. Judgment will he ren
1 dered against you according to the de
miind of the complaint which has been
filed with the clerk of said court, togeth
er with 11 rof for you.
Thl action is brought to obtain a bid?
ment und d adjudging plaintiff to
be the owner and quieting his title
sgalnst any and all claims of defendants
In and to all the lollowlng described real
estite, situated In Weber County. Utah
I to w It :
j Pirt of the southeist quarter (.;) of 1
Section Eighteen (18) In Township Five i
I (5) North. Range Two (2) West of the
Salt Lxike Meridian and JJase. fnlted'
I States Surev. IJeglnnlnf at a point I
12 16 chains North irom tno Southwest
corner of said quarter section, running
thence S 89 degrees 45 minutes East
1H.68 chains, thence N 4 degree East t
J20.o6 chains- thence N SO degrees 4fi mln
lUles Wet 15 sn rhalns. thence South t0.66
chains to the place of beginning conluin
Ing 10.61 acre, more or less. Also
' Part of the Southeast quarter ( l ) of
Se.-tlon Eighteen (IS) In Township Five
(6) North. Range Two 12) West of the
Ball Iike Base nnd Meridian fnlted
9tates Survey R.-Finnlng at the North
west corner of said quarter Section: run '
nlnK thence South 6 6D chains thence S '
I S9 degrees 45 minutes East 19 do chains-'
i thence N ,a degree East t.t chain!
; thence est 19.83 chains to the pf,, ,. ,,f
beginning, eontnlmni? n t' acres. m-T-- or
I less Also-
Part of the Southwest quarter of Sec I
tlon 18 In Township 5 North, Range 2
West Salt Rike Meridian C S Survey
Bediming at a point 12 75 chains North
from Ihe Southeast corner of said qnar 1
iter section running therico west 0 94 of'
ono chain In ihe middle of tho road
thenco north 17.26 chains alone the mid
die of road to th- north line of said qu.n
ler section: th. nce east 0 94 of ono chain
to the northeast corner of said quarter I
j section; thence south 27 25 chains more or I
lees to place of betnnlng Containing I
2.56 acres, more or less. In Weber Countv I
That defendants whose nsmes are to
plaintiff unknown claim nn Inter, at In
said real ostuto as tho owners thereof !
and that the aamt was derived by conve:
anrcs or Burn-ssr-n from said defendanl
Frnneea T Romrel! and his wife lane Doo
Romrell. Peter Nlelson and his wife Jane j
Doe Nlelson. John Slanger and his . fe '
Jane Doe Stanger, John Hooper ond his
i' Ife lane Doe Hootwr. John W Hooper
and his wife Elisabeth Hooper Prank
Hooper and his wife Margaret Anne Huo.
P. 0 Address: 100-401-402-403 Firt Na
iiin-.i n -nk nn ; 'i,..- Ocden T'tah.
I To Whom It May C oncern:
I Under authority of Section 7 of ihe
Compiled Laws of l'tah. 1907 and as dl A
I reeled by Section 10S6 of the Revised Or 1
Jdlnances of Ogden City, l'tah. I91G
I Tin- undersigned treasurer of Ogden j
I City. I tah, hereby gives notice that a spe
Iclal tax lor ihe purpose of paving tho
costs of building bltullthi, paving, combl
nation curbs and gutters private drive
woys sidewalks diainnge and sewer and I
water connections, etc., In Ogden City.
Utah has been levied and confirmed by
on ordinance of the bomd of commission
ers of Ogden City, Utah, adopted and
passed July 28. 1920, and published July
2S 1920.
Said special tax Is levied upon all prop
erty abutting on the following Btreal to
Both sides of Thirtieth street between
Washington and Lincoln avenues, the
nuth .Hide only of Thirtieth street, be
tween Lincoln and Pingree avenues and
both ldea of Thirtieth street between
Plneree avenue end a point ."i7 8 feot
west of Wall avenue and more partlcu
I larly described as follows
Part of l5t 2S. Rlock 10. South Ogden
survey, Iot 11 Block in. South Ogden
Survey; Ixt It, Plock 10. South Ofc-dcn
I Survey; Lots 2C 27. Block 1. Dunn's Addl
tlon. lxts 1 to 19. inclusive Block 3
Pnnn'a Addition; Lots 27 to r.2. Inclusive.
Block 2 Cntral Park Addition. Ixus in
1 Inclusive mock 1. Central Park
Addition; l ots ."0 and 21 Rlock 1 King's
Wl lion. Ix.ts 1 lo !9. Inclusive. Block 2
K I n k Addition; and lts 1 to is. Inclu
slve. Block Z. King's Addition, all in Ol
den City Survey
Said tax is pas able In ten Installments
The first Installment becomes delln
iQtient on the Uih ,:n Cf September. 1 f20
The second lr,..rnllmenl becomes rlelln
,quent on tho 28th day of July. 1M21
; The third Installment becomes delin
iquent on the -'Ih dav of July, 1922.
1 The fourth Innallment becomes delln
QUent on the l'8th day of .Iu-, 1923.
I The fifth Instulln-ient becomes delln
MH'nt on th, -j'th day of lulv.
I The sixth Installment becomes delin
jquenl on the 28lh day of July. 1926
The sev-nth Insl ailment becomes delln
Iquenl on the ;cth day of July. R'2fi
The eighth Installment becomes delln
I fluent oi the 28th day of July 1927.
I The ninth installment becomes delln
!'iuent on the 28th day of July 1528.
I The tenth Installment becomes' delln
;qucnt on the ?sth day of July 1929
Each of said installments draws lntr
est at the rate of fi per cent per annum
rrom the 28th day of July, n;n until de
llnquenf and if sld tax or any Install
ment thereor shall remain unpaid after
the delinquent! of the same; Interest
thereon thereafter will be at the rate of
( per cent per anrum until such assess
ments are fully paid.
All special tajces are pnvahle at tho of
flee of the cltv treasurer In th" cltv hall,
at Ogden Cltv. l'tah.
City Treasurer
Published In the Ogden Standard-Exam
First publication August 5. 1920
last publication .August 10, 1 p 2 U .
I Ogden Renrh Onr.al A: Water Compnnv
IOeatlon of business. Oden, I tah o
tlce There are dellquent on the following
described stock on account of assessment
levied on the thirteenth day of April
I 1920, and any assessment levied previously
thereto, the several omounts set opposite
ihe names of the respective shareholders.
' a follow .
(. ertlf.'
No. Shares Amount
1007 D J Sheehan 105 $14 11
1184 O, C. Raamuseen 20 I I
975 A. E. Helms . 38 j 90
1192 Don Magtlr 95 4 95
92fi N C Chrlstersen ... 80 4.00
131". I.oulsa M-.rrlott .... 61 255
650 Ellen Compton 44 110
74G Emily Blake 27 1 35
B2G Mrs. John Gllmorc ... 66 2. 80
4M Oscar William., . 32 1 GO
1367 Charles Clark ...... 25 125
592 Edgar D Stcne. . SO 4 00
1312 J. L Damoreaux ... 36 R80
HOC Martin Cullen 16 1 36
SCO Fred Anderson . SI 4.22
1237 Martha Kuiisee 30 1 50
Sfifi John P Peterson 20 1 00
977 H D. Brown 80 4 00
and in accordance wiith law and an
Ordei of the Roard of Directors made on
the 13th day of Apilli 1920, so many shares
of each parcel of such stock as may be
necessary will be sold at the office of the
company. S7 Twenty-third streot Ogden,
Utah on the 14th day of Augnrt. 1920. at
tho hour of D 30 p. m.. of the said day to
pay delinquent aeaeasmsnts thereon, to
fether with the cost of advertising and
expanse of sale
Ogden. Ctah July 31. 1920.
Big Pine Mining Company principal
place of business 2449 Washington ave
nue Ogden City l'tah.
Not 11 is h.-reby given that at a meet
mi.- of th.- board of directors of the Rl
Plne Mining Company held on the seventh
day of July. 1920, sn assessment No. 2 of
one half cent (U cent) per nhare was lev
ied on the outstanding capital stock of the
corporation payah.e on or before Anjpisi
21. 1920, to Fred 1 Ylcks. secretary and!
treasurer at the PlnRrce National Bank.
' iv,-.!. 11 i-itv. I'lnh and that an- Shares
upon which said assessment shall r-rmaln
unpaid on the 21st day of August. 1920
will be delinquent and advertised for sale
at public auction, and unless payment Is
made before will be sold on the 18th dav
of September. 1920. at 10 o clock a m.. to
pay delinquent assessment, top, ther with
tlx- cost of .advertising and expenses of i
Secretary' and Treasurer
3737 Ogden l'tah
Ir. the District Court of Weber County.
State of l'tah
Annie B, Wilson. Plaintiff, vs. George M
Wilson. Defendant.
I Tho State of l 'tah to Said Defendunt
You arc hereby -summoned to appear
I within twenty days after service of this
I alias summons upon y ou. If served within
the county In which this action Is
I brought, otherwise within thirty days
I after service, and defend the above en
titled action: and In case of your failure
iso to do. Judgment will bo rendered
against you according to tho demand of
the complaint w hich has been filed with
the clerk of said court.
This action Is brought to obtain a Judg
ment ami de. r.-e diswolving the bonds of
matrimony now and hitherto existing be
tween plaintiff and defendanl
Plaintiffs Attorneys.
P O. address: Suite 313 Col Hudson
Building i Ogden Cltv. l'tah
Coirult County Clerk or mo Respec
tive Signers for Further
I nformation.
Estate of George L Damme, Deceased
The petition of Cells Damme, for the
appointment of O J Stllwell as admlnls
trator of said estate, and that letters of
administration be Issued to him. In the
above entitled matter, has been set for
hearing before Hon. A. E. Pratt, Judc
on Monday, the 9th day of August. iVn
at ten (10) o clock a. m.. nt the county
COUIt house. In the court room of rai l '
Court, In Ogden City, Weber countv
Witness, the clerk of said court, with
the eehl thereof affixed, this 2Slh dav of i
July, 1920
By Agnes Smith, Deputv Olerk
(' R Holllngsworth. Attorney for Petl- .
Bstate of William Kent and Mary Alice
Kent Wood. Deceased.
The petition of Albert T Wood prav
tk lor letters of administration to be (h
I sued to Chauncey Stone, of Ogden. l'tah.
I In the above entitled matter, has been
fet for hearing before Hon. A. E. Pratt
Judge, on Monday , the 9th day of August.
P.I2U. at ton (10) o'clock a m . at the
'county court house. In the court room of
J said court, in Ogden City, Weber Countv.
I I tah
ltness. Ihe clerk of said court, with
the seal thereof affixed, this 28th dav oi
I July. 192n.
By Agneo Smith, Doputv A k
1 (Seal)
HalverSOn, Kimball & Farr, Attorneys for
In the District Court of Weber Count.
State of l'tah
In the matter of the estate of Charles
E. Langham, Deceased
I redlto. 4 will present claims with
vouchers to the undersigned at the law
offices of Henderson & Johnson. Suite
tit Plr.-ii National bank building Oij-den.
1 Inh. on or before Ihe 7th driv of OOtoth r,
Henderson & Johnson. Attorneys for Ad
Date of first publication August 6 1920
Date of last publication September 3, 1920
Rant year the United Slates shipped
more than one-quarter billion pounds
of milk as dairy products to foreign
The New York police department
has n Hie of more than 300.000 fin
gerprints. 1
The Ogden Auto Directory r
Ogden Auto Radiator Co , 2329 Hudson Avenue. 3740
All makes of batteries repaired and recharged. Exide Battery Sta
tion, 2359 Hudson Avenue 3741
Weber Taylor Motor Co., 2333 Hudson Avenue Chalmers and Max
well sales and service. Phone 143 3742
McLaughlin -Storey Auto Painting Co , 1715 Washington. 3773
Hudson Auto Top Co., 1717 Washington. 3770
Utah Auto' & Tire Exchange, 2224 Washington. Cars of all makes
Terras Let us sell your car. 3771
Automobile insurance. R. O. Agee. Phone 69. 3774
We buy all oars regardless of condition. Salvage parts for sale" I
Auto Salvage Co , 2348 Grant. 4045 1
Auto repairing and welding, L. J. Haight, 2579 Grant. 4044
Willard Battery Station, 2454 Grant avenue 3738
Commercial bodies, automobile painting Sidney Stevens Imp. Co.
Northeast Service Station. Cheesman Auto Co. 3786 j
Oldsraobilc trucks and touring car; Bri-oc cars, Gramm-Bernstein
trucks. White-Robinson, 2300 Washington. Phone 340 3739
gg .
No, It's Not Negligee: I
It's Afternoon Costume I
Xi'w York's Fashion Authority.
NEW YORK, July 28 To the nn-1
Initiated eye this may appear to be a
'glorified negligee Not so -Instead it
Is a three-piece costume designed for'
afternoon and evening wear. Grlnager'
j made It nnd gave it a name. The
" Garden of Dreams" It is called, and
Introduces the charming idea of stcn-I
I cllling as a decorathe medium for,
Tho coat is a separate garment
I and could be worn over any other
T.-OIA. In . Aug 6. The annual
.Muaquakle Indian celebration for good
crops and good fortune, COmineDOed
esterday atternOOD and continued to
day. Feu-sting and dancing marki-d
thy affair. The ancient rites, ceremo
nies, costumes und music are being
Observed b the Indians.
Governor V. L. Harding, who hus
promised to sing and dance, will, be
present Saturday Indians from Ok
lahoma, Nebraska and Wisconsin also
an- present.
r International Pfcwi Servttx I
I ATLANTA. Ga. --Men and women
j will not be allowed to batho together
! at any resort in Georgia, public . or
I private, if a bill Introduced in the
I legislature b Senator Wilkinson
I passes
Another measure of Senator Wil-
klneon'a, entitled the character pro
tection" bill, seeks to make it unlaw
ful for any man to "keep company
i with any girl in tho state between the
ages of thirteen and sixteen without
tho written consent of the girl's par-;
! ents.
The bathing oni sols forth that ull
bathing resorts .shall be divided in
such a way as to provide one space!
for males to enter the water and one
for females, the two being at least 100 I
yards apart And further that the
bathing waters shall be divided by aj
lino or ropo and that the males shall :
slay on one side of this rope and the
females on the other A male life
saver is tO be provided for the men
and a f.-iiw.li' lifi-.-.L.. i for the women
That the senator has evidently bt 60
shocked by some of tho garments
worn by would-be water nymphs was
made manifest in the provision or-i
derlng the wearing of bathing suits
which shall cover the entire body, j
from the armpits to tho knees
Section 6 states "all watching and)
spying shall bo unlawful." A penult
Is put on breaking the provisions of-J
the bill of not less than $500 nor more
than J6.000. or six months' Imprison-,
Tho ' character protection " bill puts
a penalty of from $50 to $1,000 on,
men "keeping company" with girls
between the ages of thirteen and six
teen without flrat obtaining the writ
ten consent of the girl's parents. This
consent may be withdrawn at any
The French government still has s
tax on music, which silenced the danco
and amusements halls during the war.1
light frock of plain material. Ths H
skirl of cream georgette has a nine.' iM
inch footban.l of horizon blue chiffon
with a stencilled design of full-blown
roses and their leaves just above it.
The bodice with its long, flowing
sleeves of georgette and Its square-cut
neck. Is attached to It underneath a
narrow belt with a stencilled decora-
Then the coat is fashioned on ki
monu lines and made to assume a
studied sort of carelessness, with jH
shorter sleeves and a loosely tied
string belt. iH
CHICAGO. Aug. 6. Chairmen of all H
Republican state committees have
b . n Invited to national he-idquartera,
Senator Harry S. New. of Indiana.
chairman of the speakers' bureau, an
nounced today, to lay plans for tho
speaking campaign In each state.
Headquarters also announced tha,t
Major Jackson Morris, former assist
ant secretary of state, and not Gover
ror E P Morrow, of Kentucky, woulfi.
debate thi league of nations with Son
ator Gilbert M Hitchcock at Winona
Lake, Ind. Aug. 9l
oo IbbbI
Mrs. John Jacob Astor. wlfo of the
pioneor Astor. used to sell cookies on IH
Park Row. New York.
-i; YORK Karoly Husatar, ex..
prime minister of Hungary and now.'
Hungarian Rod Crovx n prosentatlTDT
to arrange, for repartition of' H
14,000 former Hungarian war prison
ers in Siberia, says he's a marked rmca
ami that Bolsheviks of his country are M
plotting to kill him. j,j

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