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I"" Ije g-tanbarb-Evamwpr
I W jfyGRimTHI
I !n thc Grcat p,ay I
I J Garter j
A ujjHH9Fwu many
H jfclssssBw homes It nearly spoiled Ro- m
lalie Ray s romance.
V'i Rosalie Ray thought she A
a SBHB A threw a garter into the audi- m
0 ff :,3i?tC lit encc but it oroved to be a bB
& M (.S5?1SRB5 1 boomerang It came back at
jg Liis&K3 her a few weeks later M
I Also Mack Sennett Comedy I
' LONDON. Enter the most useful cane. Within thr cane is a
f compact folding tent. The walking stick makes the pole and the
inside contains the cover, which is made of very fine woven fabric.
Ill Work of Boys and Girls
to Be on Exhibition
Conjoint lorn I exhibits of boys' .and
cirls' club work and school achieve
ment work, under the new twelve
month system, will be held In each
town during the last week In August
and the first week In September The
best work of the entire county will
later be exhibited at the school and
farm bureau day, which will be held
at Lorin Farr park In September.
The details of these exhibits are be
ing worked out by th- county supe
intendent of schools, B. A. Fowler, ar.il
the county club leader, E. W. Rob
inson. A complete program for tho
local and county oents will be out
lined within a few days
- OO
The blind man usually can distin
guish different colors ns varying
letenirbans Apply
for Higher Rates
The ftah-Tdaho Cen'ral Railroad
company, together with the Salt Iake
:and Utah Railroad company, applied
' for new rates before the public utlll
I ties eomm'sslon yesterday. The roads
jusked that their rates be brought up
to those of federal railroads and in
' creased In the same proportions as
recently authorized by the interstato
commerce commission.
I Tin- companies urged that the ln
j crease in rates be granted before
September 1.
Airplanes carry dally an average of
2100 pounds of mail.
'' An eggbeater h.n been Invented to
be driven by water from a faucet.
I I'latc Boil, pound 10c
I Lean Boil, pound 121 c
I Chuck Pol Roasts, pound 15
I Shoulder Clods pound 171 c
I I'rime Rib Roast, pound 28
a Choice Spring Lamb Leg, pound . . . 30
H shoulder Lamb Chops, pound 35
I I Round Steak, pound 25c
i I Shoulder Steaks, pound 20c
I B I 1-pound cans 1 risco . .$1.00
I -pound pail Lard 2.35
H Today's Market Our Price
I I 100 ban swift 's White Soap '. . .$7 50 SO. 50
J I 100 bars Swift 's I'm!.- Soap .50 $5.75
1 & LOO bars Mascol Soap $6.50 $4.90
I l case Early June Peas $4.J. $3.45
1 carton Matches 30 .25
We have a car of the famous Idaho Falls Flour . We are sell-
1 ing you this flour below the present wholesale market.
J 1 1 48-ppund bag Idaho Falls O. K. Flour $3.20
J J 48-pound bags Idaho Falls 0. K. Flour SO. 3 5
i (n 500 pound loti $6.30
I In 1000 pound lots $6.25
)8-pound bags Turkey Red Flour $6.50
Federal Land Bank at Berkeley
Expresses Views on New
Irrigation Project
The Federal land bank at Berke
ley is especially Interested in the for
mation of the proposed Weber county
Irrigation district, according to a let
ter received by A . Preston Thomas
I county farm agent from Wlllard D.
Ellis, president of the Berkeley bank.
The text of the letter from Mr. Kills
was given out for publication today by
Mr, Thomas us follows-
Wc have been asked by some of
the people concerned with the pro
posed eber county Irrigation district
as to our attitude regarding the for
mation of such a district. Wc have
felt that by addressing a letter to you
and Bending copies to the various na
tional farm loan associations In We
ber county, wc might beat make our
views known to those Interested.
It has always been a difficult mat
ter to Interest eastern Investor in se
curities based on irrigated lands in
the west. Irrigation district bonds
land higher toiiay in the Investment
world than any othir form of Irri
gated land securities. This is largely
I Lhrough the Wise management CX il
! cikou over thc irrigation districts and
me u amiability oi engineer hi data
I regarding water rights, water Bupply,
drainage conditions, etc., of a dlsiuct.
making it easy for prospective Inves
tors t Investigate conditions when
. ontemplntlng ine purcnasc or securi
ties ol a district.
"In any proposition that Involves so
large a territory and the weirare of so
many people as are located m the pro
posed district, the main considera
tion thai should KUldc us in taking an
attitude towards the proposed district
would be Whetner or not there Will be
a general benetit to trie people of the
district, without regard to what ef
fect this may have on the particular
relations of thl3 UiUlK with the busi
ness of loaning money in the district.
"We believe that the formation of
an irngullon district in Weber county
will improve the credits within the
dimrlct, anil provide increased values,
as well as to generally Improve agri
cultural conditions. No dOUOt the local
arganixaUon that is urging the forma
tion of ii district, also ur Fortler and
others connected wun the federal bu
reau, have set forth the general ad
vantages to be obtained through the
ronnation of a district. Wr shall not,
therefore, touch upon these subjects,
but Will deal more from the point of
view of tne federal land bank.
'Naturally, the Federal land bank
of Berkeley i very much Interested In
the water rights within its district
e have been making long-term loans
now lor the past inrec years, and we
believe we can speaK from experience
when we discuss water rights Within
ouv district.
I ii considering an application for
a loan on any larm. the question of
title can always be determined by ob
taining an abstract of title. The ques
tion of determining whether a certain
piece of land has a good water right,
or a aler right of any Kind, is often
one that is almost Impossible to de
termine It s ems almost unbeliev
able that this should be so, when so
much of the value of land that, needs
Irrigation depends upon the water
supply and water rlgnta to such sup
ply. This bank, therefore, is espe
cially Interested in the formation of
the proposed Weber county irrigation
district, since we believe that present
I unsatisfactory water rlgnt and water
supply conditions would be very much
I improved.
Too much cred.t canno'. be given
to those who first practiced Irrigation
I in tho state of Utah and to those who
have continued It and gradually im
proved their metlious. However, the
time has arrived when the people of
Utah should seriouslv consider the
proposition .as to whether they desire
to do business with their neighbors
only, because of the condition of their
water rights or whether they want to
so .nljusr their water rights and In
crease their present supply BO that
they may do business with anyone,
Strikebreakers Are
En Route to Denver
Seventy five strike breakers en
route from San Francisco and other;
' coast points arrived In Ogden early
today bound for the scene of the strike 1
!at Denver The men were traveling
in special cars and arrived here at 6 20
'o'clock. They were In charge of Wal-!
w r Mulligan of San Francisco, an em
ploymenl agent.
The conditions in Denver are fright-
fill, according to passengers who ar-;
I rived in Ogden today from that city!
on route to points on the coast
"We were only In Denver for a few
I minutes early yesterday but long
' enough to witness tne work of the I
strikers' said Harry Foster and be-1
lieve mo they were surely elolng all In j
their power to stop traffic on all
lines "
"The strikers were ganged in large
numbers and boarded several cars, re
moving the non union crew, breaking
I trolleys, windows in the cars and do-
I ing other damage to tho stree t cars
It was rumored In Denver yesterday
I that martial law would rule until the
1 .-trike is settled "
Street Car Co. Gets . j
Rails to Canyon Road
Work on the laying of rails prepara
tory to paving on Washington north
I of Ogden river bridge Is being rapidly
rushed, according to officials of the i
Utah Rapid Transit company. The i
I f team shovel is now operating between
Ninth and Tenth street, having cov-'
ered more than a mile of the distance
I since starting The rails for the east
side of tho tracking have passed ehe
I canyon road. Double crews are work
Ing on the construction.
Upon reaching Five Points the
steam shovel will start excavating on
the west tracks from Five Points south j
to the Ogden river bridge. Sr
on the Ogden canyon and Huntsvllle !
Unes wa6 resumed today The serv
ire yesterday was halted. ib paaaesv
I gers being compelled to transfer at the,
I canyon road.
Ogden Stake Production at
Orpheum Will Be Shown
Again Tonight
Deserving of much larger attend-'
mice than the one present last eve
ning, the musical comedy, "Stone!
Legs," presented at the Orpheum the
atre, under the auspices of the Og-'
den stake board, was a decided sue-1
cess. Elaborate in every detail anel
beautiful in every scene, those who
attended were well pleased with the
production, affirming it to be one of
the beHt undertaken by a local com
P "
That the work of Earl Wallace, as;
director, was of the best over was dis- i
played in every scebe. New laurels were
added to the comedy and elinma at-'
t.ilnments of tigden talent Dealing!
with the story of King Greed and his!
court, the play held the Interest of all
present from the rise of the curtain
to the Km iid Finale, when the entire!
c;:st of 100 characters assembled
Dancing features of the play were j
well given, those claiming the honors,
'for the evening being Kuth Graham, j
Maurine bilnckley and Dorothy Israel-:
!son. who do a ' La Yalice Sklitj
Dance;" eiroce t-'tone- and Bernice Har-'
i S,. performing "Maxixe Bi asllllenne."' I
Louise Fisher also claims honors with
her Chinese maids, while Miss Hazel'
Stone and Oa Jacobs gave an artistic'
:ioii dainty Chinese fiance, much to the
de light of the audience.
Special dancing and singing features I
W re also well cared for throughout'
!tli comedy. Wilbur ( ouch won hearty
applause when he sang "Reaching for
the Moon.' while little Audry Clark I
fairly captivated her audience with;
' The Simple Simon Party." In the sec
cr el act both Wilbur Couch and Audry
Clark gave "Everyone I Know Loves
ou." fteth Winkler :ind Vorna Iteeve
won honors in ' Coeiuette, Serlo Comic
1 Fantomlne "
Perhaps the most attractive feature
o;' the production were the costumes. I
Each character was so well costumed '
:r.d gowned that thr- audience express
ed their delight in the hearty applause!
which followed each act
Creating much merriment for all
Frank Douglas, the king's fool, kept j
his audience In constant laughter by
hie merry sallies and witticisms. Miss
j Iluth Stone as fro fairy queen was a
rc'ttlon of d;t irit mesa.
The piny will be given again this
evening at thn Orpheum theatre- and'
those who did not attend last evening!
v. m be given opportunity to see it at
Its seconel performance.
Ten From Here May Attend
State School of Edu
cation Ten young men and women of Og-
den desiring to attend the school of
education of tho University of Utah
are entitled to scholarships, according
to announcements received here from
the office of L. J Mulr, state super
intendent of public instruction.
Salt Lake Is given 85, Granite 7,
Jordan 8 and others as follows:
Alpine, 5, Beaver, 2; Boxelder, 6,
Cache, 6. Caibon, 4. Daggett. 4. Da
I vis, 4; Duchesne. 3; Emery, 3; Gar
field. 2. Grand. 1. Granite. 7, Iron,
2. Jordan, 6; Juab. 1. Kane. 1, Bill
iard, 3; Morgan, 1; Nebo, 6. North!
Sanpete, 3, North Summit, 1; Park
City. 1. Piute. 1 Rich, 1; San Juan,
1; Scier. 4 South Sanpete, 3; South
Summit, 1. Tlntlc. 2; Tooele, 2: Uin
tah, 3. Washington. 2. Wasatch, 2!
Wayne. 1, Weber, 4; Salt Lake, 36;
Ogden, 10. Provo, 3, Logan. 3; Mur
ray. -'
The law provides that scholarships
arc to be Issued by the state superin
tendent upon the recommendation of
lo al hoards of education, providing
! the recommendations are received in
, his office before the opening of the
I university
After tho university opens, recom
I mendations should be maae by the dis
trict board to the president of the
Only those having completed fifteen
units of approved high school work1
,ur(. eligible to secur a scholarship,!
j according to Superintendent B A
I Fowler of the county schools. Then
tho candidate must register In the
I school of eelucatlon and prepare to be!
!a teacher either In elementary schools
jof Utah or the high schools of the)
'state It is evident that the purpose:
lof the scholarships is to help encour-,
Jogo likely young people to prepare for
Is career of teaching. The- greatly In-
creased salaries being paid teachers.
J now Is drawing much good material!
I Into the teaching profession, It was
I said.
U l J 1
Virginia Man Visits
Relatives in Ogden
G W Lowder of Tazwell. Va-, Is
visiting In Ugden with his uncle. Wil
liam H Lowder, deputy sheriff. It in
the Virginia man's ftist trip west j
He will remain here two weeks, hav
ing come to I gdrn to attend the if-n-'
Inger family reunion :it Lorln Farr
park held last Tuesday
Th Henlnger family was o-iginal-ly
from Tazwell county. Va.
Notice is given that the Stand
ard -Examiner will not be re
sponsible fo payment of any
bills contracted without author
ity of the management. All or
ders for iiipplies, materials,
etc t must " accompanied with
requisition s gned by the man
agement, therwise the com
pany will l be responsible for
Misses barefoot sandals, the V
ji A J jy solid leather kind; tan, also -h V
Z 7f$Ff ) black, also smoked horse; t- TA 2
t $195 k I
X i i- i c til Wr- " V
Ladies white bea Island A5SS?s- l- x 2
canvas oxfords turn sole. Sizes IP2 to 2 -c. w v x v j
& French heel; $9.50 valuc sa:- :f V 1
S B hisses' pnten-t pumps, ankle Men's tan scout shoes, $5 i
BqnM With nickc! bucklc: VaIUG
f ; ' $? Valu $ &95 I
J Girls' white canvas lace HiW V W
Cf shoes, medium heels; up to $ jefF t
$ m xvhitc canvns pumPs- ais 4
2 fll oxfords; composition sole, I
I Sizes V2 to 5H J .50 value- I
It ,.., .... -r m li $195 t
Y Liirls black kid pumps, low ' XS.j ) J F, f
heel, $5 valuc l" ifl. -
Y $ Qf) tfjl IS N Men's Palm Beach canvas. A
X 6&U 0 QJUsW kJ0 iyX also white canvas oxfords, J
c. , . ic $4 50 value j!
bizes i to ) ,
Y dirls patent pumps, nickei 7j ee
buckle, baby Louis heel. Palm Beach, also white can-
Y also low inch heel; $8 vas oxfordSi English toe. Y
1 value 1 j- 11
also medium toe, welt soles, V -.-. &
t &lg $6 value- 4
f $f35 ) W I I
Y SNOW white m9 b' V
J The new and most satisfactory '
white powder cleaner for all kinds A
f :'..W- tZ p.cSJfSlP"te Men's tan calf oxford. $10 BOYS
mT value The little chaps like these J
j, seas rr) comfortable plav shoes V
Y i i $ Sizes 5 to 8 $1.95 f
Y &b dJS Sizes by2 to 13 $2.40 V
s-gn of Good shoe. 2461 WASHINGTON AVE. H
Famous General, Commander
of Western Department
En Route East
Lieut Oc-n Hurler LisKMt, com
tn.indinK pencrai of the western de-'
Ipaitment with hendquartors at San J
Francisco was scheduled to nrrive la,
Ogden shortly ettr 2 o'clock today
! from Salt Lake en route east LleuL ;
j Gen Llgjcett inpctfd tho force at!
Fort Douglas while at Salt l ake
General LigKeit was onr of the lead !
ing figures for America In the reennt j
world war and i well known in the
west. Hp has been commanding; of
ficer of the western dppartmont since
! the United States entered the war in
1917. Since that time he has figured
'conspicuously in war work, being sec-
ond in France only to General Per (
J shing.
General Liccrtt commanded the first I
! army, with headquarters In Souilly,
France, when the first army included
most of the A. E F in F'rance and
I threshed the Huns in the Meuse-Ar-i
Ronne offensive He also took part In
j t he St. Mlhiel drive and in the fecond
,campalgn on the Marne.
With the slsnins of the armistice
General Ugsett was sent to Germany
i where he was commanding officer cf
the American army cf occupation with
j headquarters at Cobleu.
Bert Crites. sheriff department
I chauffeur, drove the general's car in
Ready to Start on
Third Floor at Mill
Pouring of cement for the third floor
of the new mill being constructed by
the Globe Milling company will bo
'Btarted next wee!;, according to J. H.
iWaugh, construction engineer The j
I work will necessitate the working of
i two shifts until the work Is completed
I it It said.
i oo
Means of Escaping the
Heat of Summer
A number oi the people In Ojrden
lire escaping the' Intenae. heat of ium
i mr by Installing asbestolate insula
tion oxer their ceilings, which rmdersj
their homes cool and comfortable
The -ot la nothing compared to the
comfort. Call Aabcatolate Products
Co. Phone 1 16- W Adv.
Manufacturers to Go
to Lagoon August 12
The eleventh annual ontlnp of the
Utah Manufacturers' association will
be held at U.igoon. August 12th, and,
Should be the greatest in the history!
of tho assorlation. according to J B.
Early, secretary of the organization.1
More than BOO prizes hao been ilo
tinted for the occasion by merchants
of Ogden, Salt Lake and other cities
of the state.
lit LL li t KILDREN
Battistonla. farmer, was saved from
death by an enraged hull when his I
three small children, showing their'
liliirk. attacked the animal with pitch-I
forks and prevented it from gorging I
their father to death. Battistonla was I
painfully injured.
Nine thlinblefuls of Gila monstei
venom would kill a medium -sized cat
Ogdenites Attend
California Resorts I
LOS ANGELES. Aug. 6 Los An
gelcs and Its ncir-b beaches are prov
Ing popular vacation grounds with
Utah people this summer. Among in
terniountain seekers of Pacific breegt
at the Ferguson, Lone Koach; L
Courtney and family of Salt Lake, a' lH
the I ;r;i nada, i ."nt 1 1 ach . Mi an l"
Mrs. A. Frank at the ocean Vie"
apartments, Santa Monica; Mrs A. S I fl!
I iri
tnents, Venice, BLp
Mrs ' l Bi ii i top H
ping at tho Hotel Rossln here anc
Hose Johnson of Beaver Is at thc An-
o . 00
Science now puts forth the theor
that the sense of sight Is an elcctrica I
James J. Hill, railroad magnate
! predicted an Ironless ago by 1950.
for a casc
F,-'' sir today
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