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n C01"e anus ' .cwsPaPcr
In the Laughing Episode
! "The BsitteHSy Man'9
Oaden Theatre
Sunday, "The Deep Purple," from Paul Armstrong's Great Play (
LP .M 9
I BOSTON. Charles Ponzi, money "wiard" and "Wallint:ford."
of Boston (Carrying cane), is shown under arrest on a. charge of
larceny. A marshal is with him. Below, two "rogue's gallery"
views of Ponzi, taken at the time of his arrest on a charge of for
gery in Montreal, Canada, some yean ago
TRAER In.. Aug. 2'1 "Tama Jim'
AVilBon former secretary 61 agriculture,
who has hcen 111 at hla home for sc -eral
months. In reported In a critical
condition. He was 86 years old Monday.
SALT LAKE, Aug. 20- Citizens of
Garfield, headed by C. W. Aldrlch.j
yesterday protested to the public util-,
Itlea Commission agulnal the proposed j
Increase in rates on the Salt Lake1
route to and from Garfield Besides
'Increasing rate the company also pe-
i tiUoned to cancel two regularly sched
uled tram.- The decision will bo ren
dered today.
H iffasisflp '4's Knowing How j
I JS TnaS founts
Vt Py : You wl" awy flnd that the man who :
V j has money knows how to keep It.
- r It'i something he learned before not :
after he acquired his fortune.
Knowing haw to save li Invariably re.
pontible for every wealthy man's success
Determine now to open a checking ac
; count with us and havo a record of where
: your money goes. Make It a point to
crowd your balance up ri little higher each
week, and when It gets to the 5100 mark,
EHBKXan Invest It In one of our Savings Certlfl- jfi
fA- 2I.B When you h.ive done 1 h 1 r. . you will !nv;
llfxfHlfl learned now to save, and you may know 9
j OK -fl your feet are squarely on the road to a jl
i ilitisjS promising future, 39
H i H First National Bank 1
ICAPrSURPLUS 350,000. DEPOSITS 4,000,000?
j; , k mi i ii - '
Declines Farmer-Labor Can-1
clidacy for Governor; May
Run for Senator
Donald D. McKay, president of the
l"tah stat. Farm bureau, emphatic-ally
declares that he la not candidate1
for governor on the Farmer-Labor
ticket He Bald thiu he had been
affiliated Mth the Democratic party
nil his life and could sec no good
reason for making a change.
Mr. Mc K a i atated that his attention
had been called to the fact thai the
Farmer-Labor piirty of L'tah had men
tioned him as governor and that ho
wanted to correct the impression that
li. would accept the nomination
Mr McKay said that members of
the Democratic party had urged him
to run lor the four-year term of 9tate
senator If the nomination Is ten
dered to him at tho Democratic con
vention next month, he will accept it,
he said
It s Great to Be a
; Kid When Circus Here
The press agent of the John Rob
i Inson's circus unloaded the following
on tho editor of tno Standard-Examiner:
Its great to be a kid once more, and
hear tho lions growl and roar, and
see the bears, and feed the monks,
and sprinkle peanuts on the trunks of i
the elephants, all In a row. thai keep!
a-awlnglng to and fro, It's grand, you
know, to he a kid and see John Rob
inson' big show.
its great to sit and watch the
clow ii8 perform their tunny tips and!
downs, and see them laugh, and hear
them c!iaff until ou split your sides'
In half; and watch those bloke iIai
Wicked jokes upon some unstispei t
Iiik monKS, as fat and thin they am
ble In to make you sijucal and smile
and grin
It'ii fine to sit and watch the rings
that hold no many many things, with '
horse .s here and horsen there, and
pretty girls with golden curls, per-1
forming scary mid-air whirls, and
drHers bold in cars of gold, that race
as In tho days of old, and monk".
that will ride astride cf ponies that
are true and tried, and throw a ball,
but never fall, its mighty hard to
watch It all.
It's great to see the circus parade,
and swallow circus IcmonH.lc, and see
the lights and wonder signts, and!
'prettj girls In spangled tights; und j
least yuui gaze upon the blaze the!
tent displays. Oh! once a year, It's
grand, you know, to see tho circus
After unbosoming of the above, th?
circus man intimated that John Holi-li!:-on's
Circus will be in ogden Thurs
day, August 26 one day only.
Officers of Religion
Classes Meet Sunday
ll Stake and ward officer and in-'.
sirucur3 of the religion classes of the!
Weber stake arc requested to attend
an officer?.' meeting In the Ninth ward
chapel Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. I
Preparations are being made for the
convening of the weekly meetings Of
the organization in all the wards for:
iliis ic.i.-.nri it is r)'-i .v-ury that all of
ficers :it;end the meeting on Sunday j
Th meetings of the organization will
be held In the wards about the sec
ond week In September.
Ti e appearance of Helen Ware,
celebrated emotional actress, in R A j
Walsh's first Independent production,
"Tho Deep Purple." which is coming
to the Ogden theatre on Sunday
i brings to completion a chain of co- !
i Incidences as interesting as an.
evolved by th imaginations of fic- j
Hon writers.
For years. Miss Ware had main
tained a cloro friendship with tho
late Paul Armstrong, who, In collab
' oration with Wilson Mizner, wrote
I the stage success on which "The
'Deep Purple" is based Mr Arm-'
Frisco Kate" especially for Miss
W.ire. moulding ihe character to fit
the personality of the actress. Miss
Ware rehearsed the part for several
weeks and was confident that It
vould prove one of the strongest and
most effective character creations of
her career
In creating (he role of ' Frioco
Kate," Mies Ware saw the fruition of
one of her most cherished ambitions
to interpret a character written by
her friend, Armstrong A few days
before the opening night, however. It
was found that a previous contract
called for her to start on a road tour
with another show Regretfully, Miss
Ware was forced to abandon her part
in "Tho Deep Purple."
In preparing for his picture version
of "The Deep Purple," Director
Walsh found considerable difficulty
In finding a suitable type for the
"Frisco Kate" part. Miss Ware's
name was suggested, the director,
who had seen her on the stage lost no
time In arranging for her appearance
In the picture. Thus tho actress
gratified her ambition and her en
thusiasm over tho fortunate coinci
dence is evidenced by her work.
DES MOINES, la., Aug 20 The
condition of V 9 enator A. B. Cum
mins, ill of influenza was urn hanged
today, members of his family said
Things in married life not
told to the family next door.
See Enid Bennett in "Hair
pins." A spicy story of young
married life, at the Alhambra
The Ellis Tire
Pressure Gauge
is an entirely new device
Seme people have confused the Ellis Automatic Tire Pressure Gauge with a recently pub! shed account of another
tire gauge manufactured In '.he east, designs of which have recently appeared in the magazines and technical jour
nals. There is a great deal of difference in the two gauges and also a great deal of difference in their construction
and action. The gauge referred to cbove takes its air pressure measurements from the inside of the valve stem,
a new valve stem and entirely new valve having to be Installed In order to use the gauge. Then a gipse globe is
screwed over the cutside of the valve 3;.cm and the Indicator figures must be read through this glass globe, the
globe having to be screwed off and on each time the tire is Inflated. This glass globe muct be made, if possible,
n such 2 way so that it will hold the tremendous air pressure of the tire and also reoist broakage when the car is
running over rough roads, or when the wheel gets a sud den twist or io unavoidably run flat for a few yards after
a blowout or puncture. How thl3 feat is accomplished is not clear.
The Ellis Automatic T.-e Gaugo tal-.es i 1 3 air pressure measurements from the OUTSIDE of the inner tube;
it Is appncd directly over the outside of the regular Schracder valve and valve stem, the valve stem not having to
be removed from the inner tubo to make application of the gauge. This Is the valve that is now universally used oh
all cars the world over Thus the Ellle gaug does away w Ith the necessity of purchasing a new valve or valve &tem.
Its Indicator figures are large and caclly read, and they are not covered by any glass globes or anything of any na
ture. The Ellis Gauge is made entirely of metal, is practically indestructible and is absolutely guar2nteed for the
life of the car. There are no glass globes nor srything else to unscrew or remove when inflating or deflating the
tire, or removing tire from rim, or removing rim from wheel.
The EIII3 Tire Gauge, unlike other tire gauges, cannot leak. In fact, we will guarantee that it will not leak so
much as a pound of sir a year. Its efficiency as gauge has been tested and proved to be absolutely accurate. If
the t.re is Inflated the air preseure absolutely must be rcc orded on the indicator tube accurately, and if the tire is
deflated the pressure must be shown in the same manner, for the reason that the gauge is entirely autometic
in its action! Then again, the gcuge Is in nowise constructed in a delicate manner mud, walcr, du6rt, heat have no
effect on its efficiency. If you hve any air pressure in your tire at all the Ellis Gauge will tell you how much you've
got, and you won't have to look through a dirty, dusty, g reosy glass globe to see it, and you don't have to woiry
about smashing glass globes or anything else, for the only way you can break an Ellis Gauge 13 to wreck your car,
and then you won't have much use for any kind of a gaue, and even after wrecking the car the chances are a hun
dred to one that you will find the Ellis gauges Intact and doing business.
The Ellis Tire Gauge is built on an entirely new principle and is conceded by those who have examined it to
be one of the finest auto accessories yet devised The ida of taking the pressure of the tire and recording it from
the outside of the inner tube is original with Dex B. Ellis of Ogden, end we mean to raise our capital and build
our factory right here In Ogden, and cupply the tremendous demand from th s point If we cannot Interest suffi
cient people financially In Ogden and surrounding country to accomplish our purpose, of course, in that event we will
have to seek a new field, but we are going to put these gauges on the market in a very short time, and those who
invest now in the stock of this company are getting in 09 the ground floor of what we believe to be one of the bast
propositions from the standpoint of investment that has ever been offered to the people of this community. Mr,
Ellis Is a laboring man himself and has put every dollar of surplus money that he ha6 earned Into the perfecting of
th's device. He fully expects to reap a rich reward and would like to see every person that he knows In this com
munity, and they are legion, make dollar for dollar with him according to the amount of stock they purchase. A
man needs assistance when he Is trying to build a successful enterprise, not after he has made a success of it. The
only vay you can r-iake big money out of a big business is to help build It. A simple, successful Invention which
is conceded to be a necessity Is the shortest road to wealth. Some of the greatest fortunes in this country have
been made entirely from inventions How much would you be worth today had you invested a few hundred dollars
in any one of the numerous inventions pertaining to automobiles a few years since. The foundation of one of the
greatest for:uncs here in Ogden can be traced entirely toa well known invention, and you won't have much trouble
In guessing Just what this Invention was.
Fill out the coupon below and mall directly to the Ellis Automatic Gauge Company, Box 702, Ogden, Utah, if you
wl6h to get in on thio enterprise.
Depository: First National Bank, Ogden, Utah.
To Ellis Gauge Co., P. O. Box 702. Ogden, Utah, Auoust , 1920
I hereby rubscribe for shares of thr capital stock or the Ellis Automatic Tire Gauge Company to
be incorporated under t-e laws of the State of Utah. Capital stock $50,000 Par value $10.00 per share. And will
pay for same on the following plan: Ten per cent with the application, 40 per cent payable to salesman upon de
livery of official application receipt and 50 per cent within thirty days from date hereof. All checks or drafts to be
l made payable to the Ellle Gauge Company.
Stock certificates will be delivered to applicants Immediately upon receipt of full payment for subscription by
I this company.
Th Ellis Tire Gauge may be seen applied to Address
j tire and rim at Harrop & Aadneson, 361
Twenty-fourth Street. City state .
Socialists to Hear I
Lilith Martin Soon
The council room at the City hall
will be the scene of a lecture and a
rally of Socialist party adherents on
Wednesday evening, August 25 The!
principal .spe.-iker on the program Is
Mis.- LUlth Martin of Indiana who laJ
now mnklnfc a tour of thfi state under
the direction of the state committee i
Miss Martin has visit. id Suit Lake, Lo-j
gar, Tooele, Park Cliy. Provo. Mur
ray, Lehl, Sprlngvlll and Green
Ri or
She is a graduate of the Rand School
of So lul Solencfl in Now York, a w II
tratoed pcaler and has had a year's
experience as a successful party or-
gaulxer in the coal camps of lnn-(
Chairman A. Sapersteln of the So
cialist State committee states that
plans are being made to have Seymour
Steadman, the candidate for vice-president
on the Socialist ticket, s-top In
Ogden on his tour to the coast next
Harold Kay Returns
Home for Vacation
Harold Kay, former University of
Utah and Ogden High school athletic
star, now connected with the depart
ment of commerce, at Washington, D
C . has returned to Ogden to spend a
two weeks' vacn'.lon with his: parent.--.
Mr end Mr Viilanl Kay.
At the U niversity of Utah Inst f.ill
K:f wns one of the mainstays on the
crimson plflYOn ami was recognized
throughout the Rockies as one of the
best halfbacks In thr west In track
and field he was a .sprinter of con
sideraMe experl-nc' and ranked well
to th- fore with other western run-nors
Oppose Operation of
Ogden-Brigham Motors
Formal protest against the grant-
ing of the application of Lorenzo Tt j
Thompson and J. S For&gren. for per
mission to operate an automobile,
freight and express line between Og-,
den and Hrljcham City, was riled with
the public utilities commission of Utah
j yesterday by the Utah-Idaho Cen ral
and tho Oregon Short Lin railroads, I
I according to .Salt Lake 1 1 si .n t hes
The railroads point out that they
: puy a large share of the taxes, ami
I nssert that It Ik unjust that, while they
I aro supplying an allegedly adQuuto
' dtn lce, they should be eompf lied to
1 furnish money to build roads over
which competitor who pays but llt
j tlo taxes may operate.
In some parts of England "Burial
calces" sr.? still served at funerals. '
We arc very careful when
we speak of the economy
of rinc coffee it costs just
about the same per cup as
ordinary coffee.
Don't have to be so care
ful about tea. A cup of
fine tea is much cheaper
than common tea. There's
no comparison.
There's no excuse for
anybody getting common
tea when Schilling Tea is
right there at your grocer's,
and your money back if
you want it.
A Schilling & Company
San Francisco
From Rheumatism and Indi
gestion Until She Took
"Giving a testimonial for a medicine Mfl
is something I never thought of doins:,
but Tanlac has helped me so much WjSi
Ibat for th nke of others I am glad H
to make a public statement," said Mrs. Hn
A. Brandies, of 236 Twenty second H
street, Ogden, Utah, recently . Wl
"About a year and a half ago I hnd ijj3
a severe attack of influenza, which left jHfl
roe suffering from indigestion, rheu- SjB
in ;ism and other troubles. My stom- 9
ach wis n upset that nothing agreed
wi.li me, fcr always after meals I had
a dull, heavy fooling, with almost tin
bearable pains In the pit of my stom- Hot
larh I was badly crippled up with rhou- HI
Imatidlh and my feet were so swollen I ffij
(could haro'ly Btand to wear my shoes.
'i was extremely nervous, any sudden HE
J noise would make me Jump, and it war. J
'no unusual thln; for me to roll and nn
j tOSS for hours at n;?ht before gettins jHfifo
to sleep My strength seemed to be Jiffs!
completely gone and I felt miserable
all the Unv " J.
"Although I tried rDi m different ffljjk
medicine.''. I never found anything to Bff
do me any rnl good until I got Tanlac, Jflg
but this medicine began io build me up wt.
ri?ht from the sart. I have Just fin- W$
i ishc-d my fourth bottle of Tanlac and it BcMg
has given me absolute relief from l! Bja
imy troubles. My appetite is Just (ins
land I can eat anything and everything 15t;
'i want without suffering any distress i ,
whatever after meals, The rheums mx
tism has quit troubling me, and tho IIS)
rwellinsr has gone out of my feet. sc. Hjj
lihat I can wear mv shoes and walV mffii
with esse Mv nerves are steady as ? j
clock, and :n every way I am foelin2
j stronger and b-tter than for a Ions
time. Tanlac has certainly done me a
; world of good, and I think so much of
it I am constantly telling my friend? regi
j about ii " Brlgi
Tanlac is sold In Ogden by A. R
'MoTntyre Drug Co Two busy stores
I Advertisement.
jfe 1
like a difjeroit person since
Resinol I
cleared away that
skin trouble
" I had suffered from eczema so lonp
I didn't believe anything would over
come It, but the first time I used Resi
nol it stopped the itching, and now my
skin is entirely clear." H
jSrB Tiu in the eipcriencc of Ihou. j
iilOI. ndt who barr .jrd Kejinol j rJ
-ifj--.. BBJ kr-ow thai in gentle, helling nv- f N HH
J&.T SH trmli seldom l.il to overcome - BIH
SJPJ skin Uuubles. AtaiidrLcun.
says, "Eugenics is a necessary factor
! in the future of the race The average
j American girl is unfit for mother-
hood. " This may be true, but If weak
:md ailing girls passing from girlhood
to womanhood would only rely, as
thousands do, upon Lydta E Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound that sim
ple remedy made from roots and herb3
to restore tho system to a norma
healthy condition. It would cause many t
Ills Irom which they suffer to disap- 1 1 , -.
pear, ho that motherhood might be
come the Joy of their lives.
Mother Cray's
'The lle'llclDtl Te. regulte the tjatem e!
Sif qelclt relief to W eatueie nd Lameneit of
e Hack and Kidnrj" ' , and ihs
Ioljf.amanf iljcbeid AROMATIC LKaKh u JiiB
airople, plesaant rfrrcdT f r that t ri d. lar,-md .
r n whkb in onflta ore for the daily laaka.
Get a pack-ape M your drnpg.ataorbj' mall 6w cia,
Addieia. Moiner Utay Co., Lo Hoy, Y. 1

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