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Latest Items of Interest From Utah and Grm State
' Peach Day Celebration Said'to
Be Greatest in City's
(Special to Standard-Examiner t
BRIGHAM. Bepl is Now that the
1 1 'each Day celebration is over Brlp
jham will turn Its attention to other
matters of Interest to this community
Tin sixteenth annual iJenrh Day
celebration eclipsed all previous at
tempts and will gro down In history as
';he greatest undertaking ever pulled
Soft In Box Elder Olint
j In costing about to ascertain Why
this was the biggest and best celobra
Jtion ever held here there are t?eeral
I litems that stand out prominently
Some time ago ihe members of the
Commercial club decided that in or
der for the organization to accom
plish what it started out to do it was
.necessary to have a permanent Sec
retary and publicity man on the Job.
I.eRoy C Shelby was named ns the
man and In addition to his duties as
l( ( retary he was made manager of
the Peach Day celebration, with an
adisory committee and was told to
get bu9y on th" job
Mr. Shelby got busy and Wednes
day's celebration demonstrated a por-'
tion of his activities in this commu
nity, with the assistance of the ad-
Isory committee and the parade dim
tnlttee, K M. Tyson as chairman, the I
i;--ltors were compelled to sit up and
t;ke notice when a parade n mile long
RiOVed Slowly nortn on Main street'
I led by Brighnm City Military band, fol
lowed by D troop, mounted, anil nu
merous floata and ib eoi -ili 'l uiloiuo
i lies The Hyde Park band, the
I Jack Bowerlnr's raxi band and tin
Hube" band from the state fair as
bociation, occupied their positions In
the parade
The Judges, R. A Rummel of Og
den, Mrs. Ellen llineklev and Mrs.
.losle Jensen of Brigham, H. K. lted
dlings of I'orinne and Leo Uunsaker
of Honeyville, awarded fir" prize to
the Commercial club float a hucc
basket filled with some of Brlgham's
"live poaches." Second prize went to
the First ward Bee Hive girl3. the
third to the Cash Feed & Fruit com
pany, a beautiful display of fruits and
a egetables.
Other verj attractive floats were
contributed by the Relief society, the
Second ward fee Hive fcrla, three
blocks of ice With fruit frozen In the
center, from the liiicham Ice oi Cold
Storage company plant, a hug- pho-j
i:ograph from the, Hansen Furniture
'& Music company, a dining room suite
from the Stohl i urniture company o
display of mill products from th Ji n
ben Bros, mills, the Box Kldcr High
school float, three livestock displays,
pure-bred sheep from thr ranch of J.;
J. Crancr. and Hereford bulls owned
by C. G Adney. both of Curium Lnd
pure-bred sheep from the farm ol W
S Hansen of Welding The livestock
were exhibited riding in motor trucks
which were beautifully decorated.
There were man;, other floats worthy
of mention, but space will not permit
Iiunner details.
Another attraction that created In
terest was the announcement that
Governor Tames M Cox, candidate for
president, would arrive in the city at
,1 o'clock to deliver an address. A
special reception committee loaded
by Mayor J w. Peters was appointed
to meet the governor with ten auto
mobiles to convej the distinguish I
party from the station up Forest
street to the decorated platform erect
ed immediately in front of the court
house. The train was nearly an houi
late, but the large crowd awaiting tho
arrival of the governor was patient
and when ho arrived he was accorded
a hearty welcome, delivered his mes
sage and was then photograph, d with
the bevj or pretty girls In the large
peach basket that had prevlousl) .ap
peared in the parade lie was then
presented two bushel boxes of the El
bcrtas that have made Brigham fa
mous, and then departed for his next
blop Ogden
The enthusiasm created in baseball
this year was another advantage to
the Peach Day celebration and hun
dreds flocked to Pioneer park to wit
ness the contest between the Brig
ham and Layton clubs The Peaches
Under Leadership of President
Christensen Affairs
Start Smoothly
LOGAN, Sept IS Under the direc
tion of PresSldent Morris Christensen
of the Student Body of the Utah Agri
cultural Collegp. student affairs are
already in full swing at the institution.
The Student Body executive committee
held its first meeting Thursda and
i outlined plans for the year's work
The policy for the student life of the
hachool was there outlined by Presi
dent Chilstensen. Democracy in stu
: dert affairs was made the keynote
of this polio The committee also
decided that, all student activities must
, bo made self -supporting, that profes
sionalism must be kept out of all col-i
liege athletic teams and that a unified
I student bod must be maintained
Meetings were held yesterday of the
Freshmen and Sopohomore classes.
The Freshmen elected Jack Croft as
.temporary chairman. President 'hris
tensen addressed them on U A C.
ldcais The Sophomores started out
under the direction of President Hom
er Fomoff and vice President Blanche
W 'Hey, who were elected last spring.
Mr. YV .1 Merrill of the student exec
1 utive committee, addressed the Sopho
more class
The flrsi Stlldeni Body meeting f
the yeav !s seheduh il tor next Wednes
day, when President ES, Q Teterson
win address the students The first
Social event to Include all students
will he a faculty reception to be g -on
next Saturday eenlng A Very
successful stag party was given by the
V M C. A last Wednesday at the
Thomas Smart Gymnasium
LONG AN, Sept 18 Miss Charlotte
' DancCy, superintendent of nurses at
Ihe L D S. hospital at Salt Lake City,
hua accepted a position with the T'tah
Agricultural College, according to an
anhouricemetn just made ;. President
E ; Peterson Miss Dahcey will de
, vote port of her time t Instructional
I work at Logan, working In connection
With the public health department a
the college, and part of her time in
i xtenslon wcrk over tho state
As a member of the extonslon staff
of the coiP'ge, Miss Dancey will be
state-wide specialist in homo health
and nursing. Her appointment was
made In response to urgent reo,u-m
from the women of Utah that some
one be designated to handle this Im
portant work Miss Danee will con
duct demonstrations and give lectures
throughout the state- on home health
She will teeh mothers to rognize
the eariy symptoms of disease and t'
use methods of prevention and cure
in connection with all common ail
ments. The importance Ot early call
ing in medical aid wlll also be
stressed by Mlas Dancey. The Im
mense economic and social value of
health will be taught as part of th;
better health project.
proved to be the better team and wor,
i he game on Tuesday and Wednesday
Will) EST SHOl .
Follcwlng the ball game came the
V, lid V'est show w hen some of the
outlaw horses from nil oer the 'Coun
try w. r.- ridden and there were1 many
thrilling; stunts
The large crowd that assembled at
the park had their ''fill' of Ihe sweet-
. nd fussiest peaches to be found
In the orchards of this vicinity, and
devoured, too. ocr ten tuns of mel
ons. j In the evening tho wrestling and
boxing contests at the ball park, tht
blg street dancing carnLal, the Brown
m us mint company shows, and the
cuncesslons that lined the sidewalks
I attracted hundreds of people. Not un
til long after midnight did the noi.se
and rush of business quiet down
I It was the end of a perfect .1m y, foi
not an accident was reported during
th. entiro proceedings and several
thousand automobiles lined all tho
streets In the city.
Sapphire is sometimes found embed
ded In gneiss, but more cften in clay
I The Proposed Budget
Community Service
The proposed budget for Community Service for the
year ending August 1st, 1921, is $8,000.00. It is desired
that as much of this amount as possible be raised through
memberships in the organization. The above amount
provides for the following activities: Girl's work, com- I
munity singing, drama, athletics and all wholesome off- I
time activities for boys and girls, young and old. Do I
your share. Fill out the blank, below and send in as per
instructions and become a member of Ogden Community
Utah National Bank Building
To establish and maintain Community Service in Ogden,
Utah, I hereby subscribe $ to be paid in full
on or in monthly installments
; of $ payable on the first of each month to the
Treasurer of Ogden Community Service.
I Date Signed
I Address. .
j Mall this blank with your check to Treasurer, Community Service.
i Utah National Bank Building, Ogden, Utah
SALT T ,a K ES, Sept I Following
motion of counsel for the plaintiff the
suit Instituted by Mrs. Hattle Jcnnlnqs
Bhepherd ax lin'St Dr. Thomas G. idell,
George T. Odell and Mtnide Hardy
dell, to recover 6t,G.00; was dis
missed without prejudice In the Third
I district court yesterday!
The original complaint In the ca
charged the three defendants with
j having conspired to extort and of hav
ing extorted from Mrs. Shepherd $16,
I OOo as settlement of a Bull eontc-m-I
plated against her by .Mrs. Maud
Hardy Odell to recover damages foi
alienation of the nffections of Dr
I Thomas ' Odell
The case was on trial for several
dayf. before the summer vacation of
the court when the court, in ruling
I upon a motion of counsel for the de
fendants, found that the evidence pre
sented was not such as to show a prop
er cause of action as set forlh In the
complaint and trial was discontinued
and the plaintiff given five day In
which lo amend.
The amended complaint prayed a
Judgment of but $15,300. tho amount
which Mrs. Shepherd claims to have
I paid Mrs Odell, th- JMi.iiimi damuges
claimed In tho original complaint be
ing eliminated In ihe redraft.
A demurrer to the amended com
plaint was sustained, whereupon coun
sel for the plaintiff was given time
to amend further and did so. Argu
ment pr a demurrer to the complaint
In Its final form was continued twice
and yesterday counsel for the plaintiff
offered a motion for dismissal without
prejudice which th'- court granted
The suit Is a companion one to an
action brought by rthur A. Shepherd
of Boston, against Or. Thomas C.
Odell In the Third district court to
recor $80,000 damages for alienation
of the affections of Mrs Shepherd
This suit is still pending.
Trial of Mrs. gHhepherd's suit ni-'alnct
tho Odells progressed sufficiently to
bring put the circumstance-; of the
development of an attachment between
Dr. Odeii and Mrs Shepherd, while
Dr Odell, tten In the navy, was in
service on duty In Boston harbor.
Testimony to the effect that they
were frequently together, both on
shore and on shipboard, was inti
duced, also testimony to the ffect
that their relationship resulted In the
divorce action brought and successful
ly prosecuted by Mr Shepherd, when
be returned from military duty In
LOGAN. Sept. 18 At the close of
the firs; week's registration at the
L'tah Agricultural I'ollege, the big
increase In enrollment over any pre
vious year, so strikingly evident the
opening day, Is still being mainlain.'d,
according to Registrar P, B. Peterson
Throughout the week new students
have been entering at a rati averag
ing nearly a hundred eat h day.
far the majority of the students have
been of Freshman and Sopohon ore
grade but a large number of Junlois
snd seniors entered today and a great
Influx of upper Clotsmep Is expected
next Monday and Tuesday.
Registration has been continued for
ill of next week by President Peter
son, duo to numerous requests that
ate registration be made possible
Th1 weekly report of Registrar
Peterson on registration shows th it
three foreign countries and elghtei n
states arc how represented at th
college. The foreign countries arc
Canada, England and Poland The
states are, aside from Utah which has
every county represented Massachu
setts, South Dakota", Wisconsin, Illi
nois. Michigan. Oregon. Xew Mexico.
Minnesota. Kansas. Ohio, Pennsyl
vania Nevada, Colorad. Arizona, Cali
fornia, Wyoming at.v Idaho.
BOISE. Idaho. Sept. IS. Leo C.
Pones of Gorvallla, Ore., was Instantly
killed Wednesday by P. A. Young of
fjrond View, as the result of a quarrel
which started several days ago over
Young. CO years old. la at the Owyeo
county Jail at Silver City, awaiting a
Grand View on a murder charge.
Eye Witnesses claimed that Pones
drove a car from the Young ranch
to the Balrd place, where Young was
extracting honey from bpe hives. Fones
order Young to leave the honey alone
Holding up a gun. Young told
Tones to May awtty and ejuit bother
ing him or he would get shut. Heed
less of the warning, Fones rushed
Young, who fired three shots at the
man. each of which took effect, and
Pones dropped to the ground dead
IDAHO PALLS. Sept IS. Business
houses of Idaho Falls were flos-d
for one hour yesterday in n spi cl of
: W illiam Lindsay, pioneer of Pi. hjo
I Palls, who funeral was held at the
Presbyterian church.
Mr. Lindsay was an early settler in
J Idaho Falls and was influential In
bringing man people to this part of
the country. He and his brother John
I came to Idaho Falls 31 years ago and
(started a real estate ami loan business
This company was the only one en
gaged In furm loan busine-ss and han a
! business extending from Bear Lake
) county to the Montana line.
Mr Lindsay was 52 years old and
had been 11! for but a few days. If.' is
I survived by a wife and son.
SALT LAKE, Sept. 18 Mrs. George
Watts. 1357 Yale avenue, routed a
masked and armed burglar whom she
J discovered ransacking her homo last
'right. When she entred the room
I where the prowler as at work, he
turned upon her and demanded that
,she give him a drink of whisky
j Mrs. Watts parleyed with the man
i until she reached an open window,
Then he screamed for help, although
the man continually threatened vio
lence. James Rasband, 1349 Yale ave
nue, heard her cries and rushed to the
As he reached the Watts nesidehce
the burglar jumped through a side
v Indow and confronted him The
robber thrust n revolver against hi.il
stomach and ordered him to 1 beat
il " Rasband was forced backward
Department of tho Interior, P 8 1 -ind
Office ut Suit Lake City. Utah, Septem
ber L 1920.
Notice Is hereby given that Charles W
Brown, of Ogden, Utah, who. on June 22. j
1916. made homesltad entry No 01785''' i
for NE. M. Section 8 Township 7 North
Range 1 East. .Salt Lake Meridian. hn3 I
filed notice of intention to mnl:.- thr.
year proof, to establish cluini to tin hmd
above described, before V. H Reeder.
Jr.. United States Commissioner, at Og
den. Utah, on the 16th day of October
Claimant names pa witnesses;
U. D. Dunbur. Iec Shaw. Korert Mont
pomery, Loui.s Shaw, all of Liberty Utah
89 Register.
i Women Declare War
On Too Many Styles
And H. C. of Bonnets
Members of the committee appointed to investigate tho nrice of wo
mens hats at ic-cla, Kas. Left to right (above) Mr. Dora FT Gandy,
Mrs. Edith (. Supple, chairman, anj Mrs. R D. 3!aincN Lcf t to r.ght
(bc'ow) Mrs. F. P. Lindsay and Mrs. I G. Wood.
V. IS, A. Staff Correspondent.
TOFEKA, Kas . S. pt is Nans is
Just simply lsn"t afraid to tackle any
thing. First, it was Demon Rum. and De
mon surrendered promptly. Then It
was strikes; a harder Jub, but she
eems to think Ihe Is cuing to got
away with it.
And now r,he is going to try to I
fitul out why women s hats look andj
cost the way Ihc-y do and stop it.
Ed, T. Hacknev, state fair price
commissioner. started the thing.
"Complaint is made he rote V,
II K rnper. cttiiimi.-xstnncr for shiiw
nee-co. "that fashions are changed
every year to force all, whether abh
or not, to buy anew. This Is a sen- J
ous charge, ami If true, is a serious,
offense against the groat mass of
He asked K- i.iper to appoint a com-'
mittee oi women "who realize their!
responsibility to their sex and their
nation," to probe hut prices.
Kemper appointed Mrs Edith B.J
Supple. Mrs Dcua dandy, Mr.-' R I
Blaine, Mrs. F. R. . Lindsay and Mrs.!
J. Wood, all of Topeka. The in-1
tend to call retail milliners before
them and work backward from them
to the root of the trouble.
until the burglar reached the curb.
There he leaped Into a waiting uu
tomobllo and drove rapidly away Ac
cording to the report made to the po
lice, there was no one else In tho automobile.
SALT LAKE. Sept 18. A claim for
wuniagcs on transactions involving the
shipment of lelaho wheal to Califor
nia, amounting to J7.062.65. is set
forth In a suit filed today In the
I nited States district court by tho
Sperry Flour company against George
1 V . Moench of Logan.
The complaint sets forth that the
company contracted with Moench in
November, L91.9, for 20.0,00 bushels of
wheal raised on the Webster ?ule
farm at Gale. Ida,, to be delivered at
South Yallejo. Cal., at $2 40 per bu
shel The allegation Is made that
Moench drily delivered 3917 bushels
wherefore the company claims to be
damaged to the extent of $3850.
NEW YORK. Sept. ! 7. School bud
gets In American cities should be twice
as large as before the war, according
to an analysis of public school statls
tlcs hist given out by the Russell Sage
Foundation. The report maintains tha
teachcers" salaries should now be dou
ble the pre-war figures In order to ob
tain tho same quality of educational
service. The cost of school buildings
is declared to have trebled in the last
five ears
Thes" findings are made public in
a volume entitled "Trends of Schcool
Costs." The author is Dr. YY. I'.andolpn
BurgCSS, assistant director of the de
partment of education of the Russell
(Successors to Dee-Neute-
boom Printing Co.)
2370 Washington Avenue
Above Minnoch Paint Co.
Phone 1166
"I believe we shall find that two
I '-aus are n sponsible." says Mrs
! Supple. The girls and young women
j who earn mom y easily and are willing
I to pay any price that is asked for
anything they want, arid the younger
girls who make their parents bn , them
things they cannot afford; and the
malcers of hat styles, who put on the,
market grotesctue designs, made ofc
perishable material, and of radically
different outline several times a year,
to catch the eyes of women who want
extreme styles, are afraid to be out of
fashion, and arc willing to pay extrav
agant prices.
"Ey designing for this clsjls of wo
men, they practically force all the
rest to wear the same things and pay
the same prices. Change this, and
you will get rid of much of the "prof
iteering. The only way a milliner r,n:
get anybody to pay from 816 to ?o0
for a handful of straw is by arguing
that h is the verj latest agony.
"We shall asl- oluh women and oth
ers to Join us in refusing to buy hats
of extreme- style or to pay . cor!);; mi;
prices But while older woir.en may
be willing to hold together m an ef
fort of this kind, the girls I ha
spoken of will not They are th ones
who make it possible, for milline-s to.
keep prices up and shapes ridiculous."
(Sage Foundation. The study is an ap
plication to the field of education ot
the method of the index number. The
volume is a companion to The lndev
Number for State School Systems," b
Ir. Leonard P Ares. which made i
(comparison of the efficiency of the
jixdiool systems of different states.
Dr. Lurgesa compares the salaries
'paid to teachers with these paid to la
borers and artisans for &0 years and
finds that the wages paid to young wo
men teachers In country schools have
Increasea from $2 f0 a week in 1 S 4 1
to $17 B0 now, an increase of 600 per
'cent Salaries of women teachcers In
I cities show a similar increase from
about $4.50 to $36.60 a week. Me n
teachers r-eWed much smaller rela
tive Increases.
Up to 1915 teachers received per
centage increases in salary nearly
twice s great as artisans and laboiors.
:Ir Burgess flnd, but m spit. r, ih
increases the average pay of teachers
! has never risen as high as wages paiu
.to such artisans, blacksmiths, carpen
ters and painters.
. ROCKPORT. Mass, Sept. 1 7 The
j bombardment of moving targets at se.t
from an artillery train on th.- Rock
port branch Of the Boston and Maine
railroad furnished th- summer colony!
of the Massachusetts North Shore With.
la no'.el spectacle and plent-- of noise
during the first clays of this month
Military experts were especially in
terested in the demonstration as II wai
designed to sho.v the feasibility of re
, pclllng an attack of war vessels o
means of railroad artillery. At a ells
tunce of thirteen miles from shore, t ir.
gets towed by a tug wrro a mark for
the heavy guns of the Forty-second
(United States 'ea.st Artillery The line
towing the target was a mile or mon
In length and the batterie.v . onslsted "I
eifrni-incn guns. rour t0 a battery
mounted on specially construct, i rail
road cars. The guns which welgn
eighty-seven tons each carried project
iles weighing con pounds,
j The entire artillery trains consisted
of thirty-tour cars. It was moved from
Camp Devens in two sections and In
cluded cars for tools and ammunitions,
a machine shop, a hospital, fire con
jtrol, a kitchen, an office, mess, wire
Iless and cars for the personnel.
I The forty-second regiment, which Is
ipart of the Thirtieth artillery brigade
(railroad i has had a long and honor
able record, dating back to revolutlon
ar times and the Kiorhla and Mexican
wn rs
BERKELEY, Cal., Sept 17.
Courses In enunciation to aid newcom
ers Irom foreign hinds in ridding
themselves of peculiarities of accent
In spe-aklng English ure being offered
by the extension division of the Uni
versity of California this year.
Forty-five minute service to
Ogden Canyon Sunday, Sept.
19, 11:15 a. m. until 8 p. m.
m,zfis Use Yeas'S
" Most Stupendous
- 1. Picture j I
M W Tremendous moments in this picture will
V'M 170 loom up in your memory fcr years to
ytifjff come the murder in the mosque, the Vfl
' dash of the Arabian Black Horse Troop
' "VW across the desert, the fight in the streets
r Vjl Stamboul, the dagger duel in the
, sheik's harem.
Dont' fail to sec the harems, lti
slave girls, favorites, adven- f ,r :(. L:' AVyrVvvN.
turrrs, battles, Bedouins. ' ;y '''i'S i ii
Turks, camels, sheik.-,, hook- .''.'.:f .
ahs, in this gorgeous, mys- i c'dtiipf ' -J
ten- .i run an. c : ," r
0300,000 - M
Ofeiiivs THEATRE in
Ogden's Bct Photoplay Houze ' ' ' k'
era VrvTCT-r . JJ.. .t T . U'J w. yn. i mm., .r w
WASHINGTON Wap-See-He-Hong sounds like a Plnneso Inun '
dry. but you're all wrong. It's the name of the peculiar animal
Jhown abovt and m plain IBnglish it means "great wolf slayer "
aP is noted for his three boms and was originally owned by the
jaqui rndiana Ln Mexico. He presided over a herd of plain two
horned goa and was a fine protection againsl wolves Now he's '
mascot of the Kallipolis Grotto, Mysti, Order of vViled Prophets
Imagine riding the goat'1 i" this organizatibn lliH
The new Chinese flap consists of
five stripes, crimson, yellow, white,
hluo iinel hlnck, denote the rive
races comprised In tho Chinese people.
Pans are made of Bold because this lBKjT
Is the only material available that LEST
will withttarid the corroding action HR'
Nuxated Irmi Will Is-jcrease - ij
Strength of DeSscate PopS VB
In Two Weeks Time 9
ta rr.ny inatancci TCity Phyiicjan penoni
hiva (udered for jrcara without knowing
what mido thrm ( rl lJr-J, liatleu nnd
rundown when t . ir real trouble wag
tacit of Iron in the blood- how to tell.
IF you were to make an actual blood test on
all people who are ill you would probably
be creaily astonished at the exceedingly
large number who lack iron and who are III
for no other reason than the lark of iron The
moment iron m supplied a multitude oi danger
ous sympt.jma dippear. Without k,t the
blood at on.-e lose the power to chante food
Into living tissue and therefore nothing you eat
Jrvr i y.n f -., .1 0U dbn'l if. the v - i out
of if. Your f'XKl m'rolv passes throutth Vtwr
ttt m like corn through a mill wiih the rollers
eo svide apart that the null can't arind. Asa
rult oi thi continuous blood ;incf nerve tr
ratlon, people bcoome RencraJIv weikeaed
nerou: and all rvn down and rrequeixly do",
velop all jorts o condition. One is too thin"
another i-i burdened with unhealthy fat: some
areeo weak they can hardly walk sonr-think
thty have dyspepsia, kidney or liver trouble
iome can't sleep at riht. others ore sleepy
end r -d all d-y, some fussy and '.-ritable'
tons nny and bloodless, but all ktk phy
Sical Power and endurance. In iuchcjfes, it r
than foolishness to take stimulating
medicini-a or narcotic drugs, which only whip
up your lagging vtul powers for the moment
m-o uc the expense oi your bio Later on. No
raaueT what any one tells you If toij -ir r Hi
iiic io..owing tt st i,r,v orip yru ca . WKm'
rn'VeZVk WjK,SMa
when you comX hna7d ?- but aJB
bones. It m . 1 . """"V flesh on your
In the -orld Th- ml. , , builders
old1ormsof lnorn?"irornre w t the t .
iron acetate Tc o,, lke, tlnc;"reof iron.
urtthc,r7ro3ch;,;ndrUwenr:lC'!,,frt "
and for Lhc c rnvi. X. ? owimi'ateAl
more harm than VtCJ,lJ,n dl 1
of the newer (oJry
pleasant to ta dt mm h ' "ample. i,
B almost UaWlSblfethe tfeth
cor op,;t th. T . j; ' ' .I- n, bWk. ai
- Mil

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