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Wl l lii n v lncl.inii village "f
ft having !" al boj In imlrli
I H 1 He is i Sheldon li years old-
I wild lives with in- parent! on farm
ft At (he edge of town.
H Wfsioy hat just beaten Ml tho giria
H of U'orr?ifrr-rfi maklnc iircitd Cul"
H Inary experts of the Worrfflfi -m f.irm
H buftna awarded him the priM bvsf a
ircf field of entrants.
B in three thontha Wesley:
B Made rK In.ius of bread ill 1? link-
IV.'I ?i li ii r - of housework.
w Spen 18 ho Ufa running offendl for
1 . his rhOthCi
1 In addition 16 this he found time
1 l"
L. .-u Deliver Hi papers nigh'i'
I ;i.V"i 00 to school
, ' Make a cake or two nnrl sometimes
t - 'I "its
Sh dishes
; jjj Shovel snow.
'.jaH Play hasc-paii
ijl Tak? long rides through the hills
jPVj on his bicycle,
jfcl "5ii swimming, frequently
rT I Despltt his housewifely talents,
Y 1 vVeslej la All boj rcdhcdtted, freckled
Vjj'J .irni full di pep m, can tfcist a curve
rj over the platter better that anj of
-JM 1 h it ifrhiioi hood sandlot hall pliv
gffl f, REAL I)YI NTI Ri:.
.VTaTarJ I met the ehamp'nn bread maker
ipFI just ns h- was leaving home for Pitch -
ajfl 1 urg, a neighboring town. LI trs bi i
xefaH the second time he has been there, so
jH ihe trip had the aspect of adventure.!
rVjfafaS H was celebrating hr twelfth birth-;
H Wesley's longer journeys have been
1 confined to two trips t, tlii i iunt;
Y9999J The hist time I went all mySClf '
-ffl ha said proudly.
H bread making as a boyish uctnm-
H pllshment did not seem strange to,
PH "Another K.' . BlsWorth Prootj of
H Asthburnham. won the championship
Inst year thought If he could do
1 it. I could. So 1 had mother teach
H Wesley an, die fmnicf champion
H heat all girls In their neighborhood In
I George Bergstrom Tells of Ac
complishments of Scout
Troop 23
At a meeting of Troop 23 of the
Ogden Boy Scouts held last Wednes
day evening D, F Steele was named
chairman of the organization E
Farr, Dr. W R. Kmrnctt. Dr. W M
Cragun and W Oswald Jackson were
named as members of the executive
committee llors than 2" were pres
ent at the meeting, including parents
of the boya Owing to the- great
number of youths enrolled in the
troop, Ihe troop has been divided
Into two mm liun., iln bcclions in be
known In the future as A and D
troops of Troop 2"
Following Is the report Of the troop
made by Scoutmaster George Rer
Troop was registered with George
r ('anflebj a assiBianl and twehe boys
Ilergstroin, Scoutmaster; Kenneth
having passed the required tender
foot test?
"Troop 23 had a mushroom growth
so mueh, In faci lhai the first qnar
terly report oi the BOOOtmasti r
showed an enrollment of over fifty
miNr 1 R , Jl. DELIVCRJ'
Is your boy a better boy than Wesley Sh?ldon, aged 12. of Ashburnham. Mass ? If
you think he is, or if you know of a belter boy, send his piclure and the facts about him to
the Editor of the Standard-tlxaminer Let's show these New Englanders a thing or two.
the try-out for Worcester-co a team
They lost In the tute contest to a
tea in of girls f rom Fro n n -1 0. That
was because they hadn't practiced to
ccrher eftOugh, Weslej explained
''Every boy ought to make bread,"
'esle ibclared It's eaitv Snp-
scoiit:?, villi fifteen nppllcantx or
hand waiting to 'o n
'During this lime Herman G. Kol
'! irj tl liad been commissioned as ,ir
aaalltant and a great deal of credii
lis duo him for his untiring and un
'ceasing efforts to put this game ovei
, to ihe boys
"In January, February and March
we had an average atlondance of sev
'enty boya Including visitors. A little
: Inter Qlen Cordon joined the com
1 missioned officer. and did very ef
'flclent work
"About this lime a vigorous cam
paign wrk put forth to see that the
scouu lived up to their reQalrenenti
and passed the required examinatloni
;wlth splendid reittltl The ttoop WIU
divided Into two sections and a senloi
assistant scoutmaster was put Ir
charge of each secilon, which e
'lieved the Bcoutma6ter of much de
jlall Thlj also gave the boy mor
! tune to gel instruction in the ..rci
lied lines In which he was inter
: estod.
I The scoutmaster has visited a)
, parents of ihe scouts enrolled, man
of whom were were visited two 01
' more times The assistants alst
mado many visits and have beer
much pleased by the sentiment ex
Srteied by the public and by lh
(patents ol out senilis in this districi
Fifiten oilnr troops have also beer
islied by the scoutmaster, five be
ing in Sail Lake A scout play wai
put on by the scouts which pettetj
I'ua -cinie very good troop funds.
"Much outsldf talent was brought
into the troop for the puipu-c Q
I instruction, a few may be mentioned
(as Fire Chief Oeorge A Graves
j A a 2"e2" Cf77e e
( Bl JfggMgj Conirzizous
j a A Checking Account carried witL thig J
1 ! well known prosperous bank furnishes a b
' HbH s basis f 01 business confidence which cannol
be obtained so satisfactorily in any other 51
; e wy j
I I The Ogden Stale Hank hns a well estah'
j lished reputation as a conservative, yet
y j progressive, helpful banking institution B
-;-t l arjri any one who receives a eheck front 1 1
you drawn on this bank knows that yom u
' J I banking connections are the best and tins I
I in itself is of great Vglue to your business 3
j prestige. I
P Your account is invited 3
fl : Ogden State Bank
I a Capital and Surplus $300,000.00
i " -.----
m ! mm 1
1 pose you had no mother. Where d
you cot your bread then?'
Wcalej is rivltiR money to i;y for
four 'ears nt lolleRC He's In tb-
. lnhth Riade now at I o 1 1 Whitney
' Adams school and expects f enier the1
t'ushlns; academy al Ashliurnhum next
' term
t Bishop W 0 Ridges, George F.
Hunter, President I- W, $hurtlitf,
local council oificci-s, Presideni God
1 dard, George A Gnates. W, G. Klne,.
. jHugh Holdawuy. I C Bartley, Lylc
iLarkius Dr John Talor and others.
"Our troop committee has had at
least one member of the committee
at neai ly very meeting and much
! credit is due them for their fnthusl
aatic ted-blooded Interest in boy wel
j fare work Many parents have alGO
shown a decided Interest in scout
j ing, and many have been staunch
supporters 01 ihe movement in our
! district
1 "We have had three ideal outdoor
: camping spots, one within three
blocks of our mtuting house, one In
1 the southern section of the city. Just
right for an evening hike, a Rood
campfire and program and return
Oni at the loot of ihe mountains.
. jvery suitable for our overnight hikes,
wiih plenty of pood water, Kood play
j ground and fine sloping facilities.
"There are al frreeenl enrolled In
'good standing, sixty-two scouts, as
1 follows
First class, A; second class. 40; tou-
derfooi. is. Ten ol these last have
i more lhan 5u per cent of their second
i clas test taken
Tests taken and passed during iho
year, 784.
Meetings held. S2.
i Outdoor meetings ami evening hike.
; Troop rally. 1
I All day hikes, ?.
Afternoon bikes, 4,
Overnight hikes,
One fourteen-daj nip 'o Yellow
I sione National park July 2g io August
. 12, in which over thirty scouts of
t our troop participated, traveling over
1,000 miles, and hiking over 125 miles
j Over 2,000 good turns have been re
ported to the scou'iuaHci
Our Civic Good Turn gathered tin
foil lor ihe lied Cross from all the
business houses for ton months
Community Good Turn look care of
;mr kepi tho meeting houne clean for
Hirec months without pay
We have the following equipment:
One complete wireless station fully
equipped and in working ..k.t -me
Datura study chart, one good troop
first aid kit. forty scout stafls. one
flood Kraphophon- with records for
Betting up exercises and drill. 9omo !
good camping equipment, ,wo ,lno
i United States flags: 5xS and 1x0; one
tropp flag and eight guidonc
No accounts to pav
Field Scout Executive
Is Visitor in Ogden
Field Scout Executive WlUon Kuth-
ir. r u .r Chicago "' . iHltor at the
Irden hoy se0ut headrjiiartor.s here
yesterday Executive Kt u
m points on the Pacific coast
from tho east, un his trip hero he la
inspecting the varloua scout organiza-i
While In this City be enjoyed a trip
to Ugdcn canyon and other places of
Interest beforo dej artmi; for the west
Or. his Inspection our ho will visit
more than 70 troops of tho various
western organizations.
oo ,
PARIS, K. Someone hui been
stealing chickens from Pred Dotj i
chicken bouse Doly, u pholoKra phir
set bis camera, attached a flashlight
and took the pboto of a frightened
negro boy l Dllce are looking for tha
ning Company at Five Points.!
"I'm KOinp to b- an engineer.' he'
told mo as we reached Fllchburg. "Al-
though sometimea I thinli I'd like to
be an editor."
"lie's the lie-i hoy I ve ever known,'
-.is Mrs Jrni- Wilcox of the junior
department of the Worcester-co farm
Figures of First Week Equal
Total of Last
i Tlie enrollment in the high hi hool
nf ( gden and tha city schools lu date
Ih more than 7000, according to Supt
W. Karl Hopkins. This enrollment
Is for the first week, while the regis
tration at the end of the flrel month
lat season was but 7000
in the city schools, the first grades,
m particular, are crowded ne hun
dred ami fifty nrw stmi, nts have en
rolled In the school In this Class,
. At the Ogden High school the en
rollment at the end of the week was
1 750. which i- also an Increase fpi tha
.-am week ;im -,-,ir It Is , pn t - 1
that at least 1T0 students will enroll
for v arious courses .,! i he hlk-b li.ml
thl week
Proud Mother ' Oh. Lord Du
TellUm did you see anything; of my
daughter at the dunce."
I Distinguished visitor "Madame i
I should say 1 did The American
Legion weekly
; .
OGDEN'S iifilj.g.w
vSfc.', Half ot owr body Hit (.md a lrg per- BEi !
'JWat.- llrfji i centagc ol c.ie of rheumatlsni coryz Sj' V. i
- jP . Hasw i '
ciused by diseased teeth and these should .JKa Wt& 1
be extrjeted If tney c.innot b; placed In .1 WgjafS bSBSBBBB 1
-BBv' healthy condition jajM
'iXSJKUr Physicians In all countries now recog tm&'- &'?'&jr
SJsV (ffirT n ,h ,ac' thjt dleased frth nnd Qui-ii-, BBBaV Br
Ji X-' responsible for most young and &8$ff jBr
"SJETCSH Ruthless extractions of teeth Is little Qiir 1
OBHflf more scientific than amputating rheu r
!W matk lgs and subrtltutlng wooden ones.
Our policy Is- Careful diagnosis timely I
and proper treatment, with extraction as or h B FOUTZ d'd & L
a last necessary resort ' . BSM
DR. E. R FOUTZ. D. D, S. Our prices are very reasonable. ,n Charge
Sanitation la tho demand of tho day. My practice la limited to high grada
dentistry only. I
! New Method Dentists I
I Ph'ona 7C6 V P.ilnless Extraction of Teeth 2.169 Washington Ave. jj t
Classes Similar to Last Year's
To Be Conducted
r.-lr v. I I f..i Ini 1 i" 1 ors of 1 h- ,
trloua schools of Qgden and citizens:
of the city will open for the 19UO-21
son it the 1 gden High si-hool Oc
tober 4 according to Supt W. Karl I
The school this year will, be the
most complete and best ever attempt-,
ed In this city, according to school of
ficials Th' course will see the best
list of Instructors In the state at the
head of their respective branches of
A Course In higher accounting, lead
ing to .1 certificate as certified public
accountant, with college credits, will
be given by Professor V. IC. Peterson
f ;he L'tah Agricultural college.
icither Dean W. Leary or Delber
lira pel isslstanl attornev general fur
Utah, will conduct the classes In com
mercial law. The selection bus as'
yet not been made
1 'p : - .1 J 1 '. Uarki i of 1 hi L'nl
cerSity of L'tah will conduct rlasses
in (Trench A course in banking win
be conducted by Kelbeit Draper! Ad
vertising ard salesmanship will be
taught by J Karl Glade of .salt Iake.
Profeasor O. E Kellows of the t'nl
islty of I'luh will conduct the his
tory classes. A small fee will be
1 barged for these courses. It is said
other courses with school princi
pals and supervisors will also be giv
en, according to Supt. W. Karl Hopkins.
ONI U' I Nsi ENOl .n
(By International News Service)
VANCOUVER, Wabh, S. pt. 11
Brigadier-General Charges i- Be? be, 1
l commander of Vancouver Barracks.
v. ben questioned about n marriage
license Issued In Portland, Oregon, to
Charles F. Beebe nnd Charlotte Gates,
replied over the phone. In rapid-fire
, "1 have fOur grandchildren, and my
i v lfc Is still living, so you can see that'
jl have no occasion to take out a mar-'
-jago license no trouble at ull aorry
I cannot be of more servlctj." And
the general's phone went 'Clock." i
I Suffice It to say it was another Charles
1 1. Beebe
I 11(1 IN Ills I VE"
AURORA. Ind There was fire In
Benjamin Klenburss ,ye when he!
Jumped headforemost Into m barrel.
Klenburg. SO. was lighting his pipe
with a paper when th- celluloid eye
Shield he was wearing oaUghl on fire
His Whiakera, hesd and face were,
7 1&S f
J! Yacuum Cleaner
i5 Down &iSaMonth
The Month Is Going Fast
Are you going to know the genuine pleasure of hours
of ease and leisure due to an Electric Vacuum Cleaner?
Then you must act quickly. Soptember 30th Is positively the last da
you can come In, select any cleaner you want, pay $5 and have it dehvored
to your home. Better come today!
Salt Lake Garland Bingham Lehl
Provo Logan Eureka Pleasant American
Ogden Park City Mldvale Grove Fork
Preston St Anthony Riqbv Montpeller
Rexburg Ashton Idaho Falls MtCammon
6,ffic)ent Public Service
Proposed Constitutional Amend 1
ment No L
a I
jniri resolution propn.inr an aroenl
nnnl If. S.-rtion S of tirlf 11 of Ih.
Constitution of the Stat, of Vtah re
lutlnpr tu munlclpnl corporation
Be It enai ted by the Legislature of the
State of Utah, two thirds vote of nil the
Riembei " Io ted in the two Houses on-i-urring
.Section 1 That it In proposed to amend
Snrrl.-iii G f VrtlClc XI. r.f the COn'StltU j
tion of the St;,te of Utah so that thi
Bents' will read a follow.
Sri-. 3 C'orporitiona for municipal pur j
pos- shnll not hn . ii-nl-.l tv. ,( i r'.il li i
Th" iegmint'ire by general laws shall pro-1
vld" for the Inrorpomtlon. organization '
and elasslflontlon of cltie.s .-.n towns In;
proportion to population, which imv.i may
be altered amended or repealed,
Any city mav frenie ond adopt a r-liar ,
ter for its own government in tha fol
lowing manner:
The legislative .-mthe-rltv of the city
mn. hy turi-thlnls to'v of its members,
-ma npnn petition of teallfled eVrtors tol
the number of if' per cent oi ull votes cast
al i) Tt preceding election for the of
fice of the mayor ihaJJ forthwith provlda
by ordlnanoi fpi ihe submission to the
ei... torn of (he question. "Shall a CdYn
mission he i ho. sen to frame , charterT
The on.Mn.iri. e eh,. ii r quira ihm the quea
tion be SUbmlttc-.! to ihe electors at the
next regular municipal election. The hoi i
lot i-onlainlng such question shall also
r-ont:-in the nnm.-s of candidates for mem
hers of the proposed Commission but
without party designation. Such candi
dates shall i- nominated In the aama
manner as required by lew fui nomination
of .-Uv officers If nialorlty of iht . lec
tors v.-iur.g on thw ueblion of choo
Commission shall - otc in the nffinmatlv
then 'he fifieen r-.mdidotea recelvins a
inajorltv ot th VOtl enst t such clr
lion, shall . onstltute the charter Commla
lion .'ml shall proceed lo frame n char
ter. Any charier so framed ..hull be vih
mltted lo Him qualiflad elai tors of the city
at on election to be held ut n time to
be determined b the charter Conuiiisalon.
which shall bo not less than thlitv duys
subsequent to its ompletion end dlatrl
hutlon among the electors and not muru
than one vnr Mom such date. Allerna
live provisions iur also I submltlf.-l lo
be voted Upon separately The I'ouimis
son shall in. ike provl.slon lor the dlstri
tuition of copies of Ihe proposed churter
and of nny altei native provisions to the
qualified electors of the city, not less than
sixty dnn beforo (ha election at which it
is voted upon. Such pioposcd charter and
auch alteinut ivc provisions as are ap
proved by a majority of the clcctois vot
ing ih. rebn, snail become sp orsanii law
of auch city at such timu as may be fixed
therein, and sluill supersede an existing
charter ami ull laws affecting the orison
izAtion and governmant ot such clt) which
are now in conflict therewith. Within
thlrtv davH alter Us wppioval a copy of
mii b ejiaiter sa adopted, certified bj tha
mayor anil city recorder arid authantli i
d hy the seal of auch clt) .-hall be made
In duplicate and deposited, one In the of
flee of tho Secretary of State and the
other in the offlcu ot Iho City ttcroidcr,
and thereafter ull courts shall tuke Judl
clnl notice of such charter.
Amendments to any such cliaver may
be framed and submitted by tho i bai ter
Commission in tha same manner as pio
vlded for mulling ol cbartei ... oi in -propose!
by :hu legislative authority ot
the cit.v upon a two thirds v ote thereof,
r.i b) petition of qualified aleetera to a
number equal to one tenth of the totul
vole tasl tor muvor on the next pre, edlng
eieci'on. und an such aim nilmcni nia
he lUbmittajd ut the next regular election,
inu huvlng been approved py the majorlt)
of the electois votlny thereon, shall be
come a pail of tha barter al Ihe lime
llxed hi such amendment and idiall h, cei
ti(nid and llled aa provided in caao ol
Each . Ity forming Its charter under this
Section thai! have, und ia hereby Kianted,
the authority to cxcicIhc all powers relat
ing to municipal affairs, and to adopt
n,i enforce within its limits, local police
.:uiii iv and similar regulation not to DOB
flirt with the geneial law. and no enumej
utlon ot powoia hi thla constitution or any
law frhall he dcennd lo limit or restrict
(iv renerel grant of'auUioritj herebj cwj
f erred ; but ihia grunt ot authority .simi!
not Include the power to regulate thu eorv
ICa or churgoa ol ptibb-. utilities so Ions
is auch roKulatlon la provided for bj SOTI
lai iav. noi be deemed to limit 01 li
Strict ihe power of the Legislature in nial
icrs of public or general Interest, nor
tho i relating io state aftuiis
Tin- power lo be conlcired uiron tho rlt
lea by this Section shall Include tho fol
lowing: (a) To levy assess and collect taxed
ind borrow money, within ihe limits ih
scribed l general luvv, and lo eV and
collect special ussessmenta tor bcneiua
onle; red.
(h) To fuinlsb alt lo-al public services;
to purchaae, hire, eonatiu. i. own, main
tain und operate, or l IM public Utilities,
io. ui in extent and use! to acquire I)
condemnation i otherwise, nuhin or
without the corporate limits, property
necessary for any such purposes, aubject
to restrictions Imposed b- general law lor
the protection of other communities, and
to giant locol public utillt; traiieblses and
legulale the exercise thereol BUbJet I 10
the continuing power ol reSfulaUon or pub
lie ulllliha, iheir iaies ona service by tic
Stale, an Is now or may herealtct be. pro
vldca by peneral law.
r) 'io make local public Improvements
and io acquire by condemnation, or other
wise, property within its corporate lira
its n'ocesatirv (or auch Improvements and
alao to acquiro an SXCegS over that needed
lor unv auch Improvement and to tcii or
lease such excess properly with rgatrli
uons, in ordei to protect and preserve
tb improvement
i.i) To Issue and sell bonds on the se
curity ot any auch excesa properly, or of
uny public utility owned by tho oity, or
of the rovonuea thereol, or both, incluu
ing. in the case ol a public utility, u Iran
clnao slating Ih.- teima upon which. In
case of foreclosure, the puichuser muy
operate such utility
si. i, The Secretary of state is here
by directed lo submit tho proposed ami DC
ment io un siootora oi ihe tiiote ,i tqa
next generul i-lectlon In the manner pio
vided bj law.
Sec If adopted by tha electors of
this Slate, thla amendment ahull take el
fect on January 1st. L9S1
Approved March 18 1910
Proposed Constitutional Amend
ment No. 2.
V resolution proposing an amendment to L
BectlOli ? rtkle I?. of the Constitution
or ih. st.-.ie of i t.-,h. relating to tax
for State purposes. J
Be it t.-,.i.-i i.y the legislature of ihe
State of Utah, two-thirds of- all the
members elected to each House concur '
S. . uon 1. That It Is proposed to amen.J I
Section 7 Ol Article m ol the ConatV jj
tnnon of the Statf of Utah to that th--
fOllOWS: LfafafafafafafaV
S.-e The rate of taxotlon on proper B
ty lor state purposes shall never exceed
S nulls on lu h di.llar ot valuation to be
apportioned si follows: Not to exceed
KK mills on each dollar of valuation for H
general Slate purposes; not to exceed 3
mills on each doll ir of valuation for dl
trlct school purposes- not to exceed H
mill on ini h dollar of -.iluatlon for high
school purposes; that part of the Stat- I
tax apportioned to high rchool purposes
shall constitute s fund lo be called th
High School Fund and shall be appor j
ttoned to the cities md ichool dJstrlcn 1
maintaining biirh seheola Id the mann. i
the Legislature ma) provide And whesr
evei he taxaplt property within ihe State I
.shall amount to $400. 001. 000.00. the rate
hail not exceed on each dollar of value.
lion two and tour-tenths mills (or general
Slate purposes, two tenths of one mill for
high school purposes, and such levy for
district school purposes n Wilt rats an
nunlly an amount which added to anv
othei State funds available for district
ehool purposea equals ;."i 00 lor each
neraon ot school age In Ihe Slali-, ehown
bj the last preceding school census: un j
proposition to Increase such rate lj
nr rati i, ape Ifyii ( the rata or ratea pro
posed and the lime during which the fOm"
il 1- ei,.l he first submitted to a
vote of such of Ihe quallfl.il electors Of I
i In -ih', . as. In the ear next preccd
ing u h eli .-Hon nhiil h paid a prop SBBBB
erty tat assessed I" ih. m within the State,
and the mojortt) of those voting thereon
shall vole In favoi tin rtof. In such man SBBBB
ner as may he provided hy law iiiiH
Sec 2. The Secretary of State Is dt- H
rected I ise thla paopoaed nmndment
to be published aa required by the Con
and 10 he submitted to the rlec 1
tora of ih.- Stats the next general elec PPfPBaBaBaBB
, lion in Hie manner provided hv law. BBBBBBBBBJ
I Sec 3. If approv ed by tho electors or th H
this proposed nmrndment shall fgfgfgfgfgffl
i ffsct on the 1st day of January. 1
Approved March 18 1919. H
Proposed Constitutional Amend
ment No 3
NO 6
concurrent resolution providing an
aniendmeni to Section i. rtlcle XIV I
of the Constitution of the State of BBBBBBBBBJ
i tab relating lo State debt limitation
I... ii the Legislature of tho BJBJBJBJBJ
Stale of Utah, 'wo thirds Of all the mem i
I, i- to each ut tho two liouea BSJjBSJBJ
concurring t herein:
Section I I he t it la piopoaed to .mend
Section i Article 14. or the constitution
of lh- State I'tah .so that the same BBBBJ
read ii H
Section To meet casual deficits nr
failures in ic venue, and for necessary ex- liiH
pendlturei tor public purp. . .- Including H
thi . ctlon of public buildings, and for
the i " m nl of all l rrltorial indebtedness
'assumed hv the State, the State may con- H
tract debts, not exceeding In the aggre. BjSJBBJBjg
nts al anj on tl in amount equal te
2 percentum ol 'he value of tha taxable
property of the state aa ahown by pjSJBPBjBJ
, i,,. 1,-1 ., oaament foi state purposea,
.previous lo Ih Incurrbig auch imiehy 1
edness But the State -hall never con BSJBjgSJBJ
tract anv Indebtedness except aa in tJie BJgJgSJBSI
'next section provided. In execs of H
.. i , ,.i ,n. .11 ni.mevs arleint
from loans hsreln authorid. shall be an
plied ..h i i to th. purposea for which the j
Sec 2 The Secretar of State Is hcrehfi H
directed submit ihla proposed amends
ment to 'I lectora of the state at thg;
n. ,;i gei ilectlon In the manner pro
vided law. H
B 3. II adopted by the electors oT
ii,,. Btati tbl.s iniendnient shall take ef
' j 1. 1921. fjfgH
! Approv- u March 18. 1919.
Proposed Constitutional Amend
ment No. 4. i
NO. 1.
v concurrent resolution propoalng s
amendment to tho Constitution of thSJ i
iui,. oi i i 1 1 bv nnundinw Section jv
Article XVI, Mlallng to rights of na
tion lo recover damages for Injuries re BSJSJJJJJjajJ
suiting in death . .2 H
Ho li resolved md enacted by the Legi.ss
laturc ..i the m.c. 1 luh. two thirds
I of all tho members elected to each of iiH
the two Houses concurring therein.
: Section 1 That it is proposed to amend,
's,., ten ". mil I. "i ib' Constitution
ol the Statt of Utah, so thai said sectlotf.
read Aa follows H
"The i Ight tion to reco. er tamagaa l.
! foi Injuries i exulting in death, shall neveg
tie abi-oguiud und ihe umount recoverable)
j shall not be subject lo any statutory liml
'tuilon except In casaa where compensa
tion for injuries resulting In death Is prog
lded for by law." "
L. . u.. -I he Se, r. t irv of State IS. i
hereb) directed io aubmit this propose
anv-ndmenl to the . 1. . tor, of the atatf
at the next general election n tho maal.
Incr provided by law. ., ' J
Sec J If adopted by the electors of.
the state the amendment shall lake effectf
Junuuiy 1st LM1 fafgaffl
Approved October 9. 1919.
1 Harden Dcnnlon. Secretary ot State,
Of 'the State of I'tah- do hereby certlfj.
that the foregoing Is s full, true and cor.-j
reel copy ol all Constitutional Amends
monta propoeed by the regular and ape I
.,,1 -.salons of the I-egislaturfi ot 191,,
ih- univ api'. .i ol n i old In mj o(
In wltnoes whereof, i have hereunto se1 I
my hand and affixed the Ureat Seal ot th.
Stat- ot I'tah. this 1st day ol September, l
I Secretary of State. BBBJ
V) 'iMfli'wS I33ibH aiHCnBiaeTflE dsh
:w?WoSSbBB aWlnHlmHl bH ol

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