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S. G. Dye Named Chairman
of Community Service
For Ogclen
Samuel G. Dyo was elected chair
man of tho ogden Community SerNlco
organisation :it 'ho mn?s meeting held
at the Offdeh tabernacle Friday night
The Rev J. E. Carver, vm elected Vl6e
chairman Roth rne'n were the uhaiit
mous choice of the thousands who at
tended th- meeting.
At the meeting the sppakrn urged
a service which would furnish com
munity singing, community athletics,
recreation, pageant work, drama and
. Ihor entertaining features
Several hundred dollars was raised
for the local organization at the con
clusion of the meeting when Secretary
IT. Y. Arbury parsed out inscription
blank?. I
Harr Murrison and Mrs. Murrison
made their last uppearance last night
Mrs. Murrison was at the piano while
Mr Murrison led the meeting in sever
al songs i
Mayor Frank Francis, A. V. Bigelow,
C. A. Wright, Arthur WoollSy, Mrs j
Bertha Eccles. Mrs. F. J Stevens, Mrs
Mil (belle Ealck and the ru-v J K.
Carver wero speakers at the meeting
Community F'ervice was represented
I Mr. and Mm Harry Murrison, H ;
WJ Arbury, Miss Mnrjorle Day and i
Miss Rosalind Rieman.
r jrv I
I Wild Horses Become j
Menace, Say Ranchers
Wild horses on tho Toyahe national
forest are U I-;. num'-roti;: that ,
they are menacing ;,rr;izin land with
in tho forest boundaries, according to
ad ices from the local head Quarters, j
The only feasible tr-cuiR of getting
rid of the wild mustangs la io shoot
them on the range, It Is said, and cer
tain State laws makes this procedure
Tlie 'JTl.UStnng problem is a difficult
one, 11 Is Mated, and no sat'efuctory
Arrangement for the disposal of the
Iiorscs has yet been dcvls. .!
Stockmen are complaining that
mountain lions are destroying coit-i
and game In the vicinity of the Moni
tor range of mountains and it is ex- t
pectcd that hunters of the biological ,
sai. will start a campaign against '
th- animals shortly.
Final Tram Gebg to
H Yellowstone Teday
H " The final trainload of tourists
bound for Yellowstone National park
H for the present seaso'n will depart from
H Ogden this evening at 30 o'clock ac-
H cording to Depot Master 8. H Tracy. '
H More than 80,000 people have VlfJt"
H Cd the park this season according to
H railroad records, the majority of this
H number making the trip t and from
H the wonderland on Oregon Shorl LlnOi
I trains.
Fine Elberta Peaches and
Concord grapes at Slate
Industrial School. 547-
R. H. Rutledge Is Expected to
Come to Ogden Next
It. H. Rutledge. newly appointed
'district forester for tne local forest
service headquarters, departed from
Missoula, Mont., yesterday and will ar
rive in Ogden to assume his official
capacity on Wednesday. Sept. 22, nc-
! cording to Assistant Forester L.. P.
I Knelpp.
Assistant Forester Knelpp. whose
place la being taken by Mr- Rutledge,
will depart for Boise, Ida., during next
week' t'pon his departure, hi work
;is district forest- r of the local dis
trict will be concluded. Following
the closing of certain business at the
Idaho capital, he will bo in Ogden for
a few daya prior to his departure for
Mrs. Knelpp will not acCOmpanj her
husband directly to Washington but
will fli-st visit in California and later
at Prescptt, Ariz., before making her
journey to the east to Join her husband.
Her Check for $13
Handed to Police
Miss Florence- McBrlde, Ji!5G Ogden
avenue. Is In luck and no amount of'
superstition could cause her to object j
to the numeral ia. ' according to in
formation from the polfce.
At tho police station, secured In a
birge white envelope, is a check for
$13, and on the envelope is B penciled!
legend which relates how tho check I
came to be In possession of the police.
It seems that Miss McBrlde1 had j
dined at the Hudson Noodle parlor.
She loft the cheek for $13 on the t.til
"Maiy," the 'proprietor of the iioodlr
house, turned the check over to the
ptfl H-l .
Says Farmer-Labor j
Party Made Mistake
.' Ida Von Clnussen. w'io gained na-J
tioivwtdo notoriety through instituting!
a libel suit against the late President
,Theodore Roosevelt, wag In Ugden
Frldaj afternoon, en route for Salt
She was accompanied b- her bus-,
.ml whom she recently married In:
San PranciSoo
During her stay in thin city she ex
pressed an antipathy towards Parley
r Christenseni, presidential candidate
Of the Farnn r-1 .uhor party, and made
assertions that it was she ar.d not Mr.
Clirlstensen w ho should have been the I
candidate on the Farmer-Labor ticket.,,
Arrested Here for
Salt Lake Officers
Fred Shelton, said to be wanted by
Salt Iakc authorities on a statuton I
charge was tnk'-n Into custody here
Friday night by Deputy Sheriff Dick I
Houtton and William Brown lie Is I
heing held In the county jail pending
the arrival of members of the sheriff
department of Salt Lake count.
j U5Bjg'nwarai2Tgc -JsjSJCgg.riKrMri IBB m 1 1 1 MBmIMm
lv 7 m opPmg Lorgnon
lnfv Vf ." There is a charm about the fj
vlll1' ' 'A mS 1-orgnon that is appealir;(T to
Wlp v'' ' yt 11 ladies who need glasses for a fil.
jflnt . nil close view only. They're dc- uJ
M c,ciedly convenient, olrviously jg
lSv M ' S 'Sa attrac'vr an charmingly use- B
I IhV jLtr am e lhcm nth satisrac- HI
iff ojlr"' II or 'PPinE they arc prac Sj
' '"IW""" B tica- or PQrt' affairs and
j H formal occasions they are as Wi
sffi delightful as tlic fans of your S;nind- Hf
i " Bis mother Let ue ebov. you sorro of ihc
I 5fl J M sJBaP&imi newer desiwnc bi dependable qalitj BP
Reliable Coffee Merchants
Ij 2350 Wash. Ave.
1 and
Our Very Best Coffee Our Very Good Coffee
. I 50c lb. 45c lb.
j !
This is to certify that I, Joseph Kraines, have this
It day purchased an undivided one-half interest in the Inter-
national Wool and Hide Company of this city, and that
I in the future said business will be conducted by the
j undersigned.
fcu ' "
H mm. I I I
' w3 jim S fiy - Q- millar
Do you play Chin Golf?
It's the l&tOSt diversion, the klrif? of
Indoor sports
The idea is to shave yourself with
tho fowesl number of stroke?, and the
least loss of life. The sport is prof It -abei
as well as entertaining Down
at the eorii'-r barbr thy want two
blts for a face scrape, while at horn'
lr. '.he privacy of your bath room, you
can scrape the whiskers and accumu
lation of dirt off in the same operation
and put thfl two-bits in the old sock
The homc-shavei in offered a Var
iety of weapons mashic straight
ed(T nlblldv safeties or putters of tho
"Straight cdjce made safe" variety.
Then there are a number of favored
strokes- Here you have a few of them:
The Guillotine This is so namo d j
for its downward motion This stroke!
Ij used exclusively for mustache re-
moving. Despite its apparent hazard,
this 8trok is not considered danger-!
ous and th' loss Of hf' is low It Is
spncialiy valuable to men having
" storo teeth."
Smoker's Delight A difficult stroke'
nd should be attempted by experts
only. Only one eye can bo used forn
sighting the razor, hence, it Is cssen-'l
ti.il that soap be kept from this eje.li
A pipe is used by smoke but the fra-j'
grant cigarette offers additional d - i
lightful hazards not to be sneezed at. 1 1
ecalciirant Governor of Lower'
California to Confer With
U. S. Officials
Estebun Oantu, former governor of
Lower California, together with sev-l
f-ral polit'cnl friends, was in Ogden I
for a short lime Friday afternoon en
route for the east frory Lower Cali
fornia It is believed that Oantu is ;
't route to Washington, D. C
While in the city Cantu made no
itatetnent regarding the r-elinquiahlngj
cf the government of lower ""allfor-i
rila, aslope from the belief that his ac- j
tions in the inalter had heen the j
means of eliminating Moodshed Avhieh
would undoubtedly have resulted
had he resisted the present govern
ttient of .Mexico.
Kceral prominent Mexicans. for-'
r ei ly connected with the Cantu
icglnie, were accompanying the for-,
iiier governor.
200 Enroll Here in
Part Time School
More than 200 students of Ogden I
have enrolled for the part time school!
which opens for tho 1920-21 seasons at
ihe Ogden hiirh school yesterday, ac
Lcrdlng to K. T ''lggin. In charge of
the school. hast season more than
u00 students attended the school.
This season, however, a great por- j
Hon of Uic students enrolled last sea-,
son under the part time school are j
enrolle.l under the schools of the CityJ
according to Mr Wigslns.
To Settle on Survey
Of New Idaho Road
Bonneville county commissioners!
will enter Into an agreement with t he
t'eton county commissioners, regard
ing the survey of the Vlctor-Irwln road '
Idaho, according lo Information re
ceived at the forest service yester
day. A coopcratle agreement on tho part
cf the forest service will be submit
ted to the commissioner of the two
(.ountit s , it is claimed. The coopera
tive agreement will b. submitted next
month at a meeting which will be I
held by the commissioners of the two,
Rush Wok on Manual
Training Shop at High
At the weekly meeting of the mem
lers of the board of education held
l'rldu evening the school outlook for
'be coming: seasorr was discussed The
shower baths, which were recently
purchased for ti'e training rooms at
the Ogden hlph school w ill be pi 1
In operation next week, it was said.
The work on the manual training
building al th rear of thi i 'Kden high
school is also being rushed to comple
tion, according to Bupt, W Karl Hop
kins. i
25 women to peal tomatoes.
Van Alen Canning Corp. 5479
Australian Crawl Here we hae a
southpaw stroke. This underslung
movement Is quite as painful as our
model's pleasant smile would indicate,!
yet there nre those who swear by it
and at it, quite as often. It is an ef-I
fectivo brlsile remover One should
wear steel ear muffs while working
near the listeners, on account of the
Blips rasor as well as tongue. II would
l well to have friend wife go on a
Visit while attempting tins stroke.)
' Uherw ise your true character might
be revealed ami an action for divorce
may follow.
Undertakers' Friend Now this is 0
special movement that carries with It
Considerable risk. Before beginning to
practice on this stroke It may be ad
visable to get insured, it is a cheer
ful little up-stroke that Is very likely
to remove the head as well as the hair
We don't advise amateurs to try the
morticians' pal stroke.
So Wheel-wheet wheet-wheet go
the razors. It Is a song that Is sung
Sally in most anv old hotne. Any
lhaver who isn't a barber or butcher
without a doubt acquainted with the!
nost of these strokes If you llk' take I
em up. Paste this article next to the
nlrror and go to work. Thcy'ie ours !
!or th- taking and no charge
Displays Include Work of Boys'
and Girls' Clubs During
Following deliberations on the part
1 of Judges at the annual farm bureau
; county school outing, held yesterday ul
, the Lorin Fai r park, the winners of
various displays and exhibits were an
nounced yesterdaj bj W P Thomas,
I county agricultural agent, and E. M .
Robinson, county club leader.
! The displays included work of both
the boj" and girls' clubs of the coun
ty and the count schools. The fol
lowing contestants were judged as
winners of the various displays
I display First, Marlon Brown,
: Mureh Creek, second, Kelka Alberts,
Marriott; thltd. Thelma Brown. Har
risvllle; honorable mention. Iella
'hugg, I-'arr West; honorable mention,
Won,- Montgomery. North Ogden.
Piece 1'irst. Velva BaChmah, Fden;
-f'nd. Myrtle lUngham, UuntsvIUe; ;
liiird. Thelma Slater, Slatervllle; hon
orable mention, Bcono Fowler, Hooper.
Bread First. Dorothy Cragun,
Pleasant Vlewj second, Beatrice Lund,
Plain City; third. Bllsa t,mith, Wilson;
.honorable mention, Leona Munn,
Cake First, Virginia Chamberlain,
j Pleasant View; second, Marine Bur
rows, Huntsville, third, Doroth.v Cra-I
gun, Pleasant low; Honorable men-!
Hon, Eliza Smith, VY llson.
Pli I-irst, Veona Palmer, Plain
City; second, Marine Burrows, Hunts-
lib third, Jennie Skeen. Plain City
Cookies First, Marie Stevens, Burch
Creek; second, Jeanetto Williams.
Plain City; third, Marine Burrow.-,
Huntsville; honorable mention, Beat
rice Shaw, North Ogden.
Biscuits First, Marie Stew-ns,
Burch Creek, second, Marie Stevens,
Burch Creek, third, Elva Sitcns,
' Burch Creek.
I irsr, Virginia Chamberlain, Pleas
ant lert, Second, Deona Munn, Hoop
er; third, Delia Bcasley, Hooper, hon
I orable mention, May Garner, North
Ogden; honorable mention, Gladys
Qarni r, North )den.
First, Harold Wangsgard, Hunts
ville; second, Gilbert Maw, Plain Clt .
third, Victor Peterson, Marriott, hon
orable mention, Harold Carver. Plain
i ll;, honorable mention, Roy Jensen,
Farr West; record book, Bfferrlll Lowe,
First, Marlow stoker, Hunlsvllle:
' ond, I ' 1 1 1 1 1 ufa rno, M ;i rrlott . t hii d.
Ivan C Jones, Hoopei , honorable
I mention, Thcron Peterson, Marriott.
Under rno Year First, Arthur
Brown, Farr West; second, Ruben
Field, Harrisvllle; third, Geo iiv,.
Plain City; honorable mention Qeo.
Slaw, Plain City.
First, Marian Hansen, Huntsville; '
second. Zenia St. tilings, Eden; third,
Hon Taylpr, Plain City, honorable
mention, Anlmon Healop, yVest e-'
ber; record book, Amnion Heslop,
Plain City.
First, Norman Bingham, Wilson
second. Frel Lindsay, Eden, third,
Claude Bingham, Wilson,
First, Lloyd Hunter, Taylor; second,
Oscar McFarland. Wilson, third. Mel-1
vln Giles. Plain City; honorable men
lion. Parley Bawson, Plain city: non-i
orable mention. Grant Bailey, Liberty.'
Chickens First, Clarence Randall,
North Ogden; second, Harvey Raw son, '
Here you'll find superior quality, good taste and above every
thing else good style in our Autumn showing of Women's and
Misses' Suits and Coats. And with all these cardinal features go
super values.
j We prefer that you come here For a personal inspection. That is the only way I r I
you can judge the merit of our present display. You'll marvel at the wealth I
of suggestions and likewise you'll be amazed at the exceptional values. 2
2378 Washington Avenue
Plain Cil ; third, Jackson fchupc,
Huntsville, honorable mention, Rosa
Coy, Plain City; honorable mention,
Grace Brown, Farr West: record book,
Harvey Rawsbii, Plain Clty
Geese First. Thurnian Ritchie,
Ducks Thurman Ritchie, Marri
ott Turkeys First, Leslie Tribe, Burch
First, Jackson Shupe, Huntsille;
second, James C. Fown;, Hooper,
third, Alfred Randall, North Ogden;
honorable rrtention, Oscar Van Uuen,
Wilson. honorable mention, Danie
Van tfampen, Burch Creek.
First. Ruth Marsh, Riw-rdale, s-"c-
ond, Beatrice Brown. North Ogden!
third Paul Marsh Rmrdilo, honor
able mention, Vera Barker, North Og
First, Vivian Webster, Harrisvllle;
second, Munroe F'errell, Huntsville,'
third, Ezra Puce
Rope Machine P'irst. Sand' Norriss,'
North Ogden, secand, Leroy Groberg, j
I'arr West. third, Clyde Roylunee.j
North Cgden. honorable mention, Cllf-'
ford Dabb, Fair 'est.
Fly Trop First, Ernest SehaditerJ
Burch Creek, second. Elton I Hunter.
Slatervllle third, Owen Froerer, Eden;
honorable mention, Victor Allred. 81a
tervllle Nail Box First, Benjamin Tones,
West Weber, second, Klalr Fowler,
Hooper; third, Lloyd Hunter, Taylor,
I honorable mention, Ezra Pierce. Har
riot Bench Rrst. Daniel Von Kanipen.
Ogden; second. Grant Williams, Farr
West; third, Leslie Grouch. Burch
Cre. k: honorable ention. Wm. De
Groot, Burch Creek.
Miscellaneous Articles First. Claud
Bingham. Wilson, second, Elvarena
Raw Mm, I-.ur West. third Hugh
Shupe. .North ugden. honomble men
tion. Daniel Van Kaihpi n, Burch
Woman Files Suit to
Recover Property
Mary G. Baker hns filed suit in thi
district court against Rev G. Lemas
i rs seeking lo recover Ogden property!
set forth as lots nineteen and twenty,
block 2, Cropsex s addition The com
plaint sets forUi that the propert was
" lau d In fee by the plaintiff March '
15, 1019, and on September 16 the dc
fendant ousted and ejected the de
fendant from the roperty and since i
has held possession
The plaintiff asks restitution of the
property and $130 damages.
25 women to peal tomatoes. ;
Van Alen Canning Corp. 5479
Kaysvilk Canmng Co.
Gets Navy Contract I
! The Kaysvllle Canning company has
been awarded a contract b the I nit- lEH
i 'i States navj for i.joo.ooo pounds '"li
I of canned tomatoes to be delivered to aJH9
the Bfare island navj yard, locordlng j1 1 ' ijf
to Information given out terday b
officials of the Utah Canners' assocla- iK9l
tion Ucrl
lohn Bar.'es. manager of the Kays- MErBH
illc plant, states that the contract is WH
one of the largest issued to n Utah raaa
'concern during th'e days of the ran- HQQz!
lllng industry here The a mount. It is tt1
reported. Is a new record for peaco wish
time for a single naval camp This jfcBll
rocojrd, however, was shattered during Bj
Ihe days of the world v.-.n
Several factories ol tl state placed W AM
bids on tl i ton) itoi - bul l e "-ir.iet f ' '
was made to the Kaysvllle firm. MflH
Notice H
Notice is hereby given ihat one C. C. c!
Jensen is no longer !n the employ of mJ&l'
this company as sales agent and is not f jn
authorized to transact any business for '
our couipanv
GEORGE BUSCH. President. U f:
Are You Enjoying
Real Heating Comfort? 1
Is every room in your house comfortably
-sssfT" f1 warm no matter how cold the weather?
&" - : ' Or are you still enduring the inconven-
j'S'j.-. ' ' ' ' ' iences and discomforts of stoves?
iJfm SviM Do yu know that the Mueller Pipeless
WllSWm FunraCC WHI heat comfortably every
l ff J room m your house through one register
J&7JSP and vll save you one-third to one-half
i'lffilrS on fuel? Don't let another day pass
' IHjLJimiii ' vithout finding out about this most re- JB"
m IHaSjKSI -' fflfe' ' markable and efficient of all heating sys- N-
' i i lsB?HaBp'ffl ' tems- Learn how simple and safe it is to
j! ' TOWB i cperate. No tearing up of floors or walls
! ''r II I fra t0 inSta n-PipeS in C ceua, no cear fl
W: ' -ucller P'PeIess is the only furnace
U ..'Br W$e3SSmk which scientifically controls the circula-
M V tl0n f warm CK1 air' makirg a one-
BSKIIIT'I itSWfT rester heating system thoroughly prac-
rll ticabIe and efficient. It is guaranteed to
JlU4K 9 m lWBS'r&a heat l a comfortable temperature every
wrr-A llvl!'r1 room in your house.
W Os wiQllJGkson Co. 1
2460 Hudson Ave. Heating Experts Telephone 1952 "

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