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Cleveland, by Hard Hitting.'
, Triumphs Over Detroit
by 10 1 Score
Detroit. Oct. S. ClevthiBl won
It way Into" tbs world's serle games
today, tnkini: the American league
pennant with a 10 to 1 Tlctory
Detroit Cleveland needed but half
a game more margin In the league
race to remove the possibility ot a lie
with Chicago.
Thn Indian:, open- on...
BBVJ in the third Inning artd miltln
BBVJ practlcallv throughout the game, ro p-
BBYJ ling It with oldhams flVe paSBt
BBVJ .11m Hngbv was hit hard, h kept the
BBS hits fairly well scattered and was ac-
BBVJ corded brilliant support U was "la
BBBa thirty-first victory of the
BBBJ Trls Speaker, ' r'
was given an ovation when he tepped
BHBbl to the plate In the first Inning. He
BBVj reaponded with five brilliant flclditi,:
BBSJ plays and three hlU els times it bat.
BBWJ Oddly enough, Speakei made tbs n-
BBB n:il ptitout of the game which brought
BBWJ his team the champloiiehrp. A -:
BBS taior Jumped from the bleachers and
BBV asked Speaker for the hall, but the
BBV manager refuged, saying he wanted it
HHSJ SJ a keepsake.
BBBJ There n as little doubt of i Ian I
Victory after the third Inning, when
HBV errors h Jon. s and YouiiK. d
B with singles by Speaker and Garfliu
HBB genl In thret Burns sent In
BBJ more with a double to the score board
BH In the sixth, iiml Ibighy followed .n
.... i h rtth i triple to 1 he sonm
BBa place, sending i" three runs. Evans
B& -cored Hal. with ,n"
BB' head and scored on .ill oul
HHB Defrolt will
BBBa American league season here tomor
BBH jjV'ambaganaa, 8b Bush,
BBB Speaker, ef Cobb, i
H Burns, lb Veach. If
K - Uj.I1 man n ,-,
Ii uiruuiii.
Wood, i r n igateft. rf
I Sewell. ss. Jonrai 3;.
I O'Neill, C Ma n Ion. C
Uagby p i ddh.ir.i. p
t mpln Chill and owens.
Cleveland-Bvana filed to I bb
'ambKgHMs.H singled to center Young
tossed out Speaker. Barnes tiled In.
Flagatead agalnat the bleachers. So
(una, one hit, no crrora.
Detroit YToung waa out Burn! to
naghy. who covered flrat. Buah lined
.to Gardner Who left lilfl feet tO make
the catch. Wambsgsnss threw out,
Cobb. No run, no hits, no crrora.
siccoxd r.MM..
Cleveland Gardner filed to Hush.
V ood singled to center, S well thread
V i Bui Ii t" Voung, O'Neill W. ilked
"oldhar.i threw out Hugby- I r. ...-.
I one lilt, no errors.
Detroit Veach lined to Bpeauet.
Hellmann singled t.. rlrhi. -p ik i I
tHO. tr.ad' a fine innninu eaten oi nasi"
BBfl ftead's long fly deep center Jones
BBB lifted to St well. N runa, one hit.
BBH no errors.
BBB Cleveland Bvana lined to Cobb
BBB Wambaganas wis sale on Jones error ,
BBfl Speaker hit a ilngla In short center.
H throuph him and Wambaganai -...red.
H Speaker went to third and Barni
teennd on the throw home by 1'iag-I
H stead Gardner tingled to left, scor-
H Ing Speaker and Hums. Gardner took
h on the throw home. Wood
H walked. Bush threw oul SewelL O-
H threw 'out Bagby. Three runs, two
H Dctrilt Manion filed to Speaker.
V Oldham truck out Voung grounded
H io Wamby. No runs, no hlta; no er-
i oi ii
H Cleveland Bi to
H IN'umby was out. hit by his own batted
H ball. Bush threw out Speaker. No
H no no erron
H Petndt limit singled to
H Cobb bit Into a double play. Wamhy
H to s to Veach out
g alow roller through the box. Heli-
mann filed to
H No runs, two bite, no errors.
Bc Cleveland Burna tingled lb left
H Gardner filed t. Young who doubled
Hums at first. Wood walked. Re well
h 'Mingled thruurh Jonea. O'Neill forced
Sewfll. Jones to Young. No runs, two
B i w.i errors.
1 Di troll Flagatead fouled to n' hi
H Jones singled down the line
H Manion lined to Gardner who made
H great stop off hi- ahoea. Oldliain
H Corred Jonea Sewell to .iini: No
LaiiiiV runa one no i
Clevclnnd Hagby lifted to Flag-,
H atead Bvana filed to Cobb for th
fourth time. Wamby tingled (
r Speaker singled to right and Wamby
H went to third. Burns doubled to een-
te:-. scorinB Wamby and Speak.ei
Gardner flld to eVach. Two rune,
H three hits, no
H Detroit Wambj went out In tne
sraaa and irot Toungfl bounder and
H threw him nut. He repeated on Busn
H Cobb doubled to center. Veach fouled
H to O'Neill. No runs, one hit, no er-
Bi Ceevelani Wood walked, seweii
H . w , . on Hellmai eajro
H was hit b a pit. bed ball. fllllllK the
bases. Bagfb tripled to the acore
H board, scoring Wood. S. well and
1 n-v.ni Rvana sinrb .1 to . enter, scor.
H ' lng Bagby Wamby singled to rlKbt.
H sending Evans third. Speaker
H popped to Hellmann. Burns (OUled CO
H Jones. Gardner grounded out to.
Hellmann. unasslited. Four runi-.
three hits, one error.
4 Detroit Nunamaker no"
B for Cleveland Hellmann singled io
H left. Flagstead singled to light Jotw
H hit Into a double play. Wamby to
Burns. Hellmann went to third on
1 tDe play; Manton lined tu SewalL No
l runs, two hits, no errora
W Cleveland Wood tripled DTai
1 .lead's head Sewell flew oUf to
Hellmann unassisted. Wood . ..r.-.l
1 whlls Bush as throw:
LssH 1 maker. Bacby flle.l to Cobb. ne
J run. one hit. no errors
M Detroit Hale batted for Oldham
1 : He doubled to right. Young hit to
i S,bv who threw out Hale at third
1 j , Bash singled to left. Cobb hit Into
Ih 1
SssssssssssssB sH
ey white m
Chicago Out of Running by
Indians' Victory. Wins
Hitting Game
ST. fiOUIB, Oct, 2. Chicago nit
with a vengeance b.-hlnd llek Kerr
today, defeating st i.ouis io to t, bul
dropped out of the running for the
American league Championship, with
Cleveland a overwhelming victory over
The former champions were after
I'.nyiie from the rtart today, taking tne
U "I in the aecond lnntng.t SI. Louis
I up in the fourth but While So
:ue hack In the next Inning and
f.uK id to the front with three singles
that produced a run.
Baynt was taken out for ft pinch
hitter in the seventh and Deberry a-ho
an. ct aded hlmj worked only one Inning
when Chicago aoore'd two runs on a
like number of hits and one error.
Keir 4as hit hard but checked the
Browne attack In the pinches until
Chl.-ago had established a safe lead. J.
Collins waa an Important factor In the
victory of thu Whit.- Box, driving In
thr run and acorfng three.
The line-up:
( III. -I, ., v I..III-
Murphy lb '" r
Leibold cf ' ledeon
Kd Collins L'b Sisler 1 1.
j Collins, lb Jacobaon cf
Palk, If Smith Sb
Strunk rf Tobln rf
.MeClellan ss Wetai 1 If
'-ehaik c Severeld e
Kerr p . Baj ne p
LJmplrea Elildebraad and Mortarlty.
I iRsri IN MM.
Chicago: Oerber tossed out Murphy.
Leibold filed to Jacobson. Wettel took
Kil Cotlkns' fly. No runs, not has. n
St. Louis: Strt,nk went to left field
and Kalk to right for Chicago. Gerbei
tingled. Oerb.-r way forced at :eVoii I
K M to McClollen, on an attempted
sacrifice by Gedeon. Staler strut, k put
.l.i. id.si.n strucl' out -N.. i tins, no hit .
no errors.
Chicago: J. Collins heal out an in
field hit. Talk aacrlflced strunk filed
., -Toblh. .McCb llan walked. Schalk
singled, scoring J. Collins McClelan
taking third and Bchalk second on the
throw in. Kerr filed to Wetael. One
run, two hit.-., no errors.
St. Louis. E. Collins tossed out
Hmith Tobln singled. Wetael out
Bchalk to J. Collins. Tobln went to
second. Severeld popped to Kerr. No
i uns, one hit, no ' rroi s.
I'll I llll IX X1XG
Clvcago: Murphy flud to Jacobson.
Leluold out, Oedepn t- Blalar- '
Uns .mi Oedeon to Sutler. .o runs, no
hits, no errors.
bt. Lwu'la: Beyne atruck out. Ger
ber imed to i":.ik j Collin! took Oedr
inn's roller and stepped on firs.. No
runs, no hlta, no errors
1 o i Kill INNING
Chicago! J . Collins bounded a hit off
Smith's glove Kaik sacrificed, Baync
in Staler. Strunk singled to centei
.scoring J Collina and arhen 'be lall
took a bad bound on Jacobson s re
turn, Mrunk went to seeonu t,.ri.
tiirev, out MeClellan. Strunk taking
tliiid. Schalk foubil to Smith. On
run. two hits, one error.
St. I.ouis. Si- 'i -ingled MeClellan
threw out Jacobson, t'lsh-r going to
aecond Smith s single scored Staler.
Smith stole aCCOnd. Tobln groin. del
to J. Collins, smith takina third Wet
ael s ngled scoring Smith SeVereid
forced Wetael, MeClellan to B. Collins
i'wo runs. tin-, e hit-., no errora.
Chicago Kerr ouf, Oerber to Slaler,
Murphy singled Leibold filed to Wet
sel. 10. Colltii.s singled J Collins fLn
gled, scoring .Murphv and sent B Col
linx to thlru J Collin I....U on
the throw In, Oedeon thew out Talk
1 n- run. three hits, no errors.
Bt. Louis Bayne popped to K. Col
lins, fierber fl.ed tu Leibold. GedQon
sii,g(:d. Stsler flew out to l'alk N.
runs, one hlti no errors.
I'bi. aco S'n.eU (In . I ... Jacobson.
MeClellan beat out a hit tq Oerber.
MeClellan scor d on Sohalk'a triple.
K .r bounced a hit off Bayne'a glove
and Schalk scored. Murph singled.
Q i o ed out Leibold. K. Collins
got a triple when et. I over ran hl
.;n' scoring Kerr and Siurphy. .1
Cplllus hi' lo Smith and was out Si
Strunk, No run-, one hit, no errors.
St. LOUIS! .l.i' pi -on pupped to K.
Colllna Smith out Kerr lo J Collins
T-'bin singled. Wetael tiled deep to
Strunk. Nq runs, one hit. noerrors.
si I i 1 1 INNING
Chicago l'alk atruck out. Strunk
doiibb d. MoClellmn'a ainrh si or. :
Strunk. MiCleltin stoi.- second as
Schalk struck out. Kerr beat out an
Inftol i int and sfeClellan took third.
Murphy filed to Wetsel. One run.
three hits, no errora
St LoUlS Severeld singled Lamb
batted for Bayne and singled. Oerber
filed to Strunk. GedCOB) bounced a hit
off E. Qolllna' glove. Sisler's out. K.
Collins to J. Collins. Severeld scoring
Jacobaon bit to Murphy, .-coring lianii.
and was snfe at first when J. Collins
dropped Murphy's throw, Gedeon
tnklng third on the pla. J. Collins
irok Smiths grounder and touched
I first. Two runs, three hits, one error.
Chicago: Deberrj now pitching for
St. Louis. Leibold filed to Wetsel. K.
Collins singled. K. Collins -cored on
J. Collins" triple, and J. Collins scored
when Oedeon threw the ball away, re
laying from the outfield Gerber
tossed out l'alk Strunk filed to Wet
sel. Two runs, two hits, one rror.
St. Louis Tobln struck out Wetsel
singled. Severcid fouled to Strunk
Mullen batted for Deberry' and was out
a double play. Sewell to Burna No
runs, two hits, no errors.
Cleveland Baumgartner now pilch,
lng for Detroit. Evans filed to K:ag
stead Wamby popped to Young.
Speaker singled to eentfr and took
second on Cobb's error. Jonn llircw
out Burna No runs, one hit, one ei
ror. Detroit Vfcach was out. Burns to
Bagb Hellmann singled to center
Hellmann stole second. Flagstead
singled to left and Hellmann went to
third. Klagstead stole second. Jones
I grounded to Burns assisted. Hellmann
scoring on the play. Flagatead reached
I third. Manion filed t Speaker. One
I run. two hits, no errora.
I Totals:
Cleveland 10 1
Detroit 1 11 4
Five Ogden Men Starring
On Aggie Grid Aggregation
In the picture. 100 row, left to nght, Morgan McKay, Lew Falck, Bert Stanger; bottom row,
lft to light, Bclnnp, Ccach Lowell Romney and C mroy. These five griddcrs, former students at the
Ogden high school and Weber Normnl co-lege, will vear Agic colors next Saturday at Lorin Farr park
igainsf tr.e local CpcV.i Athletic association's ele.-cn.
Season's Classiest Grid Battle to be Waged at Lorin Farr Park
Next Saturday Afternoon When Aggies and Ogden A. A.
Mix for Honors; Both Aggregations Will Present First
Rate Lineups; Contest to Start at 3 o'Clock Sharp
What gives promise of being the
elasli it gridiron game of the 1 ' - 1
season w.ll be staged at Lorin Farr
park next Saturday afternoon when
the U(all AKgles of Logan tangle for
honors 'with, the fast Ogden Athletic
association eleven. Both organisations
will present claagy lineups ami a
keenly contested game will no doubt
Five Ogdenltci will wear the colors
of the Agglea In the coining lilt. f
this number i w Kalck l the bright
star, being ehoaajQ on the Rock Moun
tain cottferenoe eleven last aeaaon ar.i
being rated one of the test backs thai
evei wore the moleskins In this in-. 1.
or the w i-. He is flashy, smart
open field runner and u general secoml
to none In this section. Hi- will be
piue.i m me uu r le luarh ponnion.
Morgan M Kay former Weher il ir,
will hold down a guard position.
He recently wa. honorably dlacharged
from the aviation aervice. lie
phi lng his first grid irirn. next 9 !
urda , but Ls said to he one of the
stars of the eleven.
"Dlsay" Belnab. formerly a star baa
ketball man at Weber, will be pitted
In action In the Aggie backfi. iu. He is
fast and has beefl :...wing a o-ld of
class, aeiordlng to t'oach Romney. 11
also will ids his firt contest next
C'onroy was formerly a star at
the i ig.lfti high soh.-.ol and p!aei a
star game at end for the Aggie frosh
! last m'R.ion. He la one of tha Bit f.
promising players on th- team, llated
( to pla next K.iturda
Bert Stanger, former baseball star.
will hold down (he fullhack position.
'Kerr to J. Collins. No runs, one hit.
no errora
Chicago: Lgrnen no pitching for
St I,., nis. smith threw 0m MeClellan-
Sth.ill. .il .1 o.jt .ii r-triy--. Kiii trip
led. Oedeon threw OUl -Murphy. No
runs, one hit. no errors.
; St Uoula: . B: Collins toased Oer
ber out at firt Oedeon lined to Mc-
IClellan. Slsler ningleil. Jacobaon also
singled Slsler and Jacobson scor-.i on
gaalth's triple Tooln alagleel, scoring
jSmlth. W. '-.i i ., . firs: u h. n Mur
phy took hts Rrounder and made an
ujisuccesaful attempt to get to second.
Sereid forced Wetsel. MeClellan to
K Colllna Thre runs, four hit, no
i i ror
Score: R II K
Chicago 010 114 120 10 IS 1
St. iuts :. . ooo :ou :oi f is 1
Batteries Kerr and Schalk: Bayne,
I Deberry, Lynch and Severeld.
V vt --. LAaTl
CLKl KI.ANI. . - This Is tho town
that doeant like me. " said Slugger
i J"-- Jackson as the I'ale Hose Ag
trained here. He made about T'.OO"
fans cheer him in the erooojaj series
with the Indians Jas: the same. Joe
hu em far.
Bert will als-) play hi.' first college S
game next week.
woRi tn m i ( km
Captain Clyde Worley win halo,
down the right tackle position. He lb
one or the cicrans or the Aggi- ag
gregation and Is booting the brill In
r ,.t style, his p'ugte averaging iett-r
than slxt'yflvd yards He la also a
bearcat at drop kicking.
Ferej ttanaen and Paul Dorlbua'
former Sail Lake hlKh school ;U.r.
are expected to shine for the Aggie ag-
K rogation
The igdeti A. A. will prt-setit one
of the elaasit si machlnea ever guth
ercd togethei here biii Olaentann win
captain the locals during the coming
season. He la recognised throughout
thi IWSl i- on- if the classiest ha.-ks
ever developed In this section md
should be one of the mainspiinga In
the attack "f the locals. ll- played
for four years nt the gnen high
school mill inter for a crack eaatern
elc n,
I . I s
On ends th locals will have Homer
Warner, Vad Peteraon. "PeatyV Jur-
vts and Hn rrs Kilpatrick ThesCyfour
men are without a doubt the clasaleel
ends ever developed In the state and
will show the fans how to play those
positions when the whistle sounds.
Warner and Peterson, former 'IT
stars, were all-conference ends while
In college. Both are rated with the
best th:it aver wore the crimson for
I tah. I'cstv ' J.irUs m id- i i. . i.l. il
hit In the contest yesterday against
ih Boselder high aehoo and win be
one of the men scheduled to star.
Hany Kilpatrick in .-!- a star of the
i A -1 type.
The tackle positions will be taken
an ..f b) polished stars And Mohr,
ii mer Aggie star, and Alvln Twitch el I,
formerly a slar at the Logan .school,
a 'id Clarence Oouglan will le pitted Jn
action at those positions. Douglas
was a bright light while at th? L'lah ,
' MI t.t Mens
In the guard positions the locals,
will hae Kail Andrew, former1 C il
crltv ..f California s;ar Sid Vato,
former Ogden high school star, and
BIII Carson, former Chicago player
These men are ail quallrled :'or their
respei tlve positlbhS ami prpntlso to do
considerable damage to their oppo
nents. Sol Sm:h md Hill will alternate
at center. The.' men are former Ug-
uen i tger stars and are in ;i diss
with the best In those positions.
Carl " Stubby" 1'eterson. Be-. Irwin,
croas. Wllkehabn, Reoerg and ll-
li.ims will ilt.iii.it. in the backfleid.
'They ar,. seasoned veterans and prom
ise to plow through the Aggie line.
In a nutshell tho teams will line up
as follow
I 'gden A. A. Ends. V Teterson,
Warner. Jarvls Hnd Kilpatrick. Tac
kles. Mohr. Douglass, and Twitchell.
'in.ir.lx C,u-.. ii. Anilr.-w and Watson.
Centers. Smyth and Hill. Backs, Re
berg. Cross, Dee, Wllkenson, Irwin, ;
! Peterson. Olasmann and Williams
Ctah Aggies Backs. Keele . St in
ger, Hansen. Hart Ballif. Kirk. Bel-
j nap. BriClDKin, Falck and Conro .
I Ends. Dorioua. Nelson. Parr- and
! Siegfried. Tac kle-. C.iptaln Worley,
ti rson, tjoftier and iiiniz.-. Quarda
' M Kay. Sutton. KvanS and Rlter.
Harr Wills thinks that the person
'called Jack Dempscy .nd who flgbts i
nowaday when he can get a match.
Is his duck -oup Harry says:
"Kearns knows that 1 can beat hl.
meal ticket, so be la not going lo take
la chance He pretends to be lllln,!
' for Dempsey to meet me. but b.
doesn't mean what he says. He talkl
of making the mstch ns soon as the
public demands that Dempscy f igh?
me. That's all bunk. He doesn't care
anything about what the public thinks.
I'm not go.ng around c hll iu i .
i'emp-- v ben I know he dofsn't want
to fiabt I'm just vulitng until pec
'pie get tired of seeing him knock overj
die setups. Then. they are going lo
ask why he doesn't fight Harry Wills.
It's so bard for me to get flghta
that I ha to work at tbe docks some
times, although I can beat any man in
the world ."
Basing bis belief on the fact that
the Dodgers beat his ltedlegs Pa' Mo
ran thinks the Dodgers are a good bet
to finish in front In the coming world
series He says:
Why shouldn't tbe have a chance
if they finish ahead of my ball club?
They've got a good lot of pitchers,
as good as any of the other fello
can show and Robinson has them In
the relies. The men are hustling for
everything. pla.ng alth confidence,
hilling the ball at the right time -rod
Darkness Halts Third Game;
Giants Lose to Superbas:
Braves-Phillies Split
PITT8BCRG. Oct. 2. Cincinnati to-,
daj mi the first game 61 a tripie
tieader from Pittsburg lfr to 4. The
visitors ulso won the seond game 7 to
3, while the Pirates defeated the Beds
In tin thg.1 ...nt. st C to D. The first
game was started at noon, but bcfoie
the third had been finished darkneas
had settled over the city and the game
was called at th end bt the "ilh in-nln.,-.
It was the first lime that three
National league games were played
here in one day.
Timely hitting by the visitors marked
thejlr two victories. In the closing
game the home batters reached Napit r
for eight hits.
Klrst game: R U K.
Cincinnati ... 116 100 004 13 Is 2
Pittsburg ... 03a oul 006 i s j
Batteries Fisher ami Rarlden;
Cooper, Qlssner, Wisner and Schmidt,
.second gam.- R. H I..
Cincinnati . ooo ooo too 7 i i i
Piltsliurg ... 100 100 001 3 6 3
Batteries Brenton and Wlngo; Al
ien. .Inn and llaeffncr.
Third game. R, f, K.
Cincinnati ooo ooo o 4 l
Pittsburg . :iua 003 e s 0
Called account darkti. -"
1 Batteries) Napier and Rarlden;
Morrison and Haeffner.
nkw fORX, Oct. .' -New fork
and Brooklyn played the fin.il gume
f their .erle today, the new cham
pions winning l.y 4 to 2, The !iant
presented u recruit lineup ttfth tin.
exceptions of Doyle anil leii. Brook
lyn gave some of the secon.l -ring
men a little work In Uu- lalter pni
Of the game.
Score: R. n E.
Brooklyn . . 1 00 :'- mo- i 11 !
New York . .001 100 000 2 6 I
Batteries D. Crimes. Mitchell and
Miller. Elliott, Davenport, . Unrnes
ami Qaston.
BpSTQX, Oet - - Boston closed thi
hom s,-;,.JOI today by dividing a .l .iil.
I. he nl. i v. nli Philadelphia, the s to j
victory in the first conic a assuring
the homo team of not finishing i i
lasl place. , single by It. Mill... and
I let. her 'a ir. pie tied the second gat .
In tha ninth Inning and the ViSitOI
won I io t in the eleventh on sin
gles by J MlTler and William. :,,,.
1 hr u or-'.
Flrsi gam. KM E
Philadelphia . 1. mil .mm, j 7 1
Boston ot2 020 04x I 1 3 .1
Batteries Ensmaa, Cause) ami
Wheat; McQuillan und O'Neill
Second game ;.
Phlla. . 000 001 001 u2 -i i
Boston . oimj immi 100 00 'J t
Batteries- Rubbell, Cause and Tra
grcsjer; Scott and tJ'Xc-lll
CHICAGO. Oet. 2 St. Louis de
feated Chicago tedaj b I to 1 in the
final contest of the season hen
aughn was hit hard nml his team
mates made four errors. Schupp1
pitched a steady bail.
sVore,: R H E
St. Louis ... 030 lOu o6u I u
Chi. ago ... 000 100U 000 1 G I
Ita Merles Schupp and demons.
vaughn. Martin and O barrel I
Castoffs Vho Refuse To Be Put Out j
bi di w ii n
' There's always B lot Of good tiase
hal lefl in .. t.isioff if ju. geis hack
' hlft laj mg ; piril .
j Put a buncli cf then together and
If they become a family Instead of
splitting Into cliques they'll traei
The present Dodgers furnish uic
glowing example of such Yet the
National League pennant has been
won by teams made up mainly of i:s
cards from other clubs for the past
"lx years with the exception Of II 1 7
1 OM1 B KS
i Whether It ;s the taunt of being
discard or the changed environments
that bring old ars who are slipping
hack to form Is bard to fisure.
Moth of tbeas elements may enter
Into the comeback reversal.
Itlg Bd KonS.tChy was considered
Op his last stretch ag a first baseman
when Brooklyn took him over from
Boston This Is his thirteenth year
. in the bijr jaagiies.
But Kd has played the bey! game
of his Career for the Robins. He put
more Into bis ball-playinB thun he had
1 done for either Boston. Pittsburg or
St. Louts
111 - 1 1 . 1 .
I Hustling has mad. him B big fa. tor
: In the Flat bush machine, which !ias
showed the way in the Heydler circuit
,thls ear. He refused lo accept him
self as a caatoff.
Catcher Otto Miller is another of the
I Kobln oldster who was deemed
j through this year. He has been with
Brooklyn for eleven years. Manager
I Robinson had planned to use him as
I coach
Rowdv lllot and Brnle Krueger
were figured to be the working pad
dlsts of the team. Rubble began to
pair his catchers off with members of
ills great pitching staff. Miller caught
a game now and then, but he got good
results in all hl starts, and. t.efore
long, he was doing the whole shift.
M s M'
Pete Kitduff waa excess baggage
to the Cuba But he's snapping Into'
It for the Trollev Dodger- i .
land let Ivan Olson go. Cincinnati
eased him off to Squire Kbt.ets as aj
misfit But Ivy figures high In the'
Dodgers' showing at present
Jlmmv Johnston has ben shifted
around In both the American and Ma-1
tlonal leagues until he's landed goo '
and solid. He's auch a smart ball '
player that Robbie converted hirn j
from an outfleld'r ln'.o a third hase-j
! man
Rube Marquard waa picked up by
way of the weHer roots from the
Olan's In .1011, He helped Brookly n
win the pennant the next year and
I he has repeated again
v k I PI tM
Clarence Mitchell bas been the1
j ronnds In hoth leaguea. Chuck Wrd
I William McCube. Ernie Krueger. Row-1
helping one another. They'.ve got he
'right spirit and that's something wbkb
I a ill go a long a ays In an unpor' sAt
j iSeries of games. The way they're p'ay
lng now will come pretty near ge'Mn-t
results, no matter whom the) play. j
I And Im for theni. don t forv I that."'
Three Games Scheduled to Be trj
Placed on Local
Tin., grid games nre on the card H
f gdeU tlurlng the present week. H
which Is th it 1
played on the local lot In t hi 1 ' .
lory or the gnu,- in any single week.
The first game win be played Thurs
day afternoon when the ogden Tigers Bl
lock horns witn 'he fast Lk D. 8. eleven
of Salt Luke. Coach Peterson of the
ocal nd Coach Peterson t I hi fjpld
and BlUS will both slriva for honors.
"Stubby," the local mentor, will work Bat
Ms stalwarts hard during the week ill Bl
effort to win the second contest of 3
11 Captain Skeen, Thomas.
Parry and All. n are showing class for 1
i lie i. ais while Tom Doxej is also 1
showing aid ginger.
The contest Thu red S) sfternoon will
start at 3 o'clock, officials Tor this con
test to be numcd during tho coming
I-rlilay afternoon at the same hour
il,. Weber grid stars will vie with tha
fast Oranlte eleven, which piaed a
tie game with thc Tigers last week.
Coat h Watson's players an eager for
vlctorj ami win enter their first con-
of lh. season primed for n real B
hat tie Watson will send six Vetg In B
11 g .me while tii,. respof Ills men nro HD
1 ring thi ' -.ns tor the Vj
Officials for this contest will bo
tui das aftcrn 1 1 big 1 IL
h. win h
gles In what gives promlat ol being m
one "i the closest and keenest contest- m
mm s evei Btagd on the local lot. W
gregatlon of veterans und from all l
in. la itlons the fan who attend win
i- treated to somo first class football
ii. 1 1 Blaster, former eastern col-
lege Star, has been named to refcrco
til contest "Spot" Reddish Will of
ficii! I e ns umpire and Freeman Bassett
vi!i tu t a.i head linesman. Timers will
DOt be named until the date of playing.
00 .
Londos Arrives in I
Ogden From Idaho A
Jim 1. 01 1. 1 . ix, heavyweight BB
1 humpion. who defeated Nick Decourt WMm
ii BoiaesjThursday evening arrived in Hi
Ogden festerdai Londos is out to Bf
mj mo 1 In th. n ori.i at bis r'' i
eiglll I le v ill . Isll in 1 'gden for H I
days t..i..r. departing for th !feB
00 tMB
Salt Lake Golfer to Jm
Compete on Coast
w. Hal Usmb. Ball Uaka golfer, was sliBB
Ogden visitor yesterday on route to LHHC
the coast where he will competo In a aisssssa
roll tourney l.iinh ,wns recently de- BHB
feated in Ogden for tho stau tltlo by BhB
Vuii Kim. BHH
d BlllOt and William Lamar have all B
teen service on other major league BBff
1 IssHS
nrooklyn has found that scrap Iroa HaaWsl
la bettei 1 nan m wly. forged steel If II
gained on different clubs has made BB93
ICour 1 im le Wllbt 1 1 his w- ld 1 J
them Into an organization that bus- BsiBSI
tl I An. I hustling will win ball BFB
'games. It will win p.nants and Ks'Vs
, It may win a world series for him bU '
Call them 1 t f t dla arda, mi 1 1
, or has-beens, or what yo will, but .Hti'
I they make the hardest type of a ball BUiBii
to B
City Considering Purchase of
Chinese Garden Near Ogden
River Bridge
gden dly officials are considering H
I the purchase of a large tract of land HBH
"ii Washington .n.nue. jimt south of BBBfl
the 'Kden river Tho property at this BaBlS
It Is the plan of the city officials to B
get ontro of this land, to be tuieil for BBsB
II modern field, with ever, BBHmB
iphaae of sporting activity represented. BBBfl
This project will be included in th. BBBsiBJ
bond Issue which Is belli formed by BVBsil
1 stall a run- Bl
ulng track, baseball field, football ffsld mMmwkM
leeallon is looked upon as ideal mmmWMM
BV 'i
Be )H
eum the students of the local schools BBBJ
have been minus nuitable uthlnc IT
around Th alts at Monro and BBBB
Twent -ninth was considered last year HHBfl
but this has been dropped, the new sit BB
stated, belns better, larger BBBB
bt-tter situated for such an uodertak- BBBB
aa HI
WiUie Meehan on
His Way Back Home I
Willie M imp. former Ban Kran- BB
Cisco flshter. will visit gdn today ma BBBBBk
route to the louat He has been meet- HBHBV
Ing them all In tbe east. BBbiBbB
HOI 1 nt i nt Ml"
PITTUBfRCI S'-w blood has made BBT ' el
Tbts club will be In the running In BBbuBBI

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