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4:45 P.M. , i
;H . Another big super-special
L I flfe beck,
SW. -?BiF "The Desert of Wheat"
If Zj "Riders of the
jHgg 4 Knock-out--one of Kmtf 111 Bfl -fie
season's best U gl SSb 1 1
with this All-Star cast
Ogden Theatre
"Where the Public Knows It Sees Good Shows"
9r Waiter Sues Employer;
H Asks $1888 Judgment
""Jj Charging:' that Joseph Lauclricia
withheld a certain amount of money
HH from him, and that he also ov.es him
B for services rendered an waiter in a
iiw soft drlnk4arlor, Juan Balenciaga has
I filed suit in the district court asking
judgment for $1S8S Thc plaintiff al-
I leges he gave money to the defendant
for safe keeping and that il 1ms not
been returned.
Hal Reid's Best Play Here
t for Four Days
FT- '
"The Confession" a play for (be
masses, a story by Hal Rcid who Is
ihe successful author of over a hun
dred and thirty stae plays, itaiur
ing Henry Walthal who first at
tained fame as the "Littlp Colonel"
in The Clansman", Griffith's im
mortal photoplay, Into which Reid's
play baa been turned, "The Confes
sion" made a wonderful record .is a
stage play and a hundred and ninety
thousand dollars has been expended
by the National Film Corporal ion in
ihe making of the picture.
The Cast is extraordinary includ
ing, besides Mi Walthal, such well
known artists as Francis McDonald,
William Clifford, Mergarel McWade,
Margaret Land is, Barney Furey In a
rattling Corned) role, Henry Stanley,
Johnnie Revelle, Sally Cohelt, lr. n.
Aldwin, Fred Wilson. William Ehle,
Capt. Harry Rubey and a genuine
half-breed Cunadian Indian Ram
Remarkable Work by
'Riders of the Dawn'
Star at 'Ogden' Today
Ro Stewart is one of the stars
who appear in "Riders of the Dawn,"
Benjamin B. Hampton's big Hodkin
sou release from the famous Zane
I Grey novel. "The Desert of Wheat,"
which Is the feature attraction at
the Ogden Theatre starting today.
And while this pic'ure was being
; filmed, another bi' special Benjamin
1 15. Hampton production, photoplay of
: Emerson Hough's novel, "The Sage
jbrusher. ' was being completed, with
Mr. Stewart in the all star cast. Traiux
scenes were required in both pictures.'
I so Hugh Ryan Conway director of
("Ridei-s of the Dawn," and Edward
jSloman, director of "The Sagebrush
er," decided to co-operate for (ho day
land take their traveling scenes on
I the same train
I "The Sagebrusher" company took
the two rear ears. "Riders of the
I Dawn' was being "shot" in two cars
jnear the engine. Between was a
I conipartmenl Pullman. In which tern
horary dressing rooms for the play
lers were installed.
"You get Roy Stewart first." said
Director Slonaan to Director Conway.
"1 have some oilier scenes 1 can take
here. Then; as soon as you get
i through with him. send me word.
While it did no' work out quite so
smoothly as that, for Roy was seen
Mashing back and forth, between
front section, dressing room and rear
; section several times the end of the
daj s.iw boih companies content and
iihe scenes finished. The respective
I leading ladies were not jealous at in
terchdngfng their screen hero so oft
!en, and the directors did not clash
jSo the star, had the. unique distinc
tion of WOfking in- two roles in dif
fer. in stories, with different direc
tors and different lerfding ladies, all
on tlie same train ihe same da and
nearly all the "same day.
Cadet Aviators on
Way to Eastern Field
Fifteen members of the United!
i States air service were I'cden visitors
yesterday en route to Mlneola, New
'York, where they will complete their
air service. The men were recently1
recruited into service at March Field.
Riverside, Cat.
Mrs. J. L Webster to
Attend Convention
Mrs. .1 Leon Webster, superintend
ent of the .Esther Home of Ogden has
1 ii for Bit Paul, Minn., where she will
attend (he annual national convention
iof the Women's Home Missionary so-,
Iclet) of the Methodist Episcopal i
church. The Esther home is operated,
under the auspices of this society.
EOS ANGELES. Cal.. Oct. 16. A.
letter written by Attorney General A. i
Mitchell Palmer to Cnlted States sen
ator Jumes i Pbelan Betting forth rea-1
sons for not compling With a 'suk-'
.gi'.stlon-' declared to huvc been made
;by t h- senator that the attorney gen-,
eral consent to a dismissal of procsed
LlngS against the California 'Associated
Raisin company under the Sherman
anti-trust acl was read into the record
i in the Cnlted Stales district court In ro
today. Arguments on n motion to i
dismiss the complaint In the action
Were being made In. court when the
letter was n ad.
We desire to .Mend to all Ihe kind
friends and Relatives our sincere
I thanks and appreciation for the kind
le shown us during the recent 111-'
IICSS and bereavement of our dear be-'
loved mother, Elizabeth Stewart Fife,
i Signed i
Opening at the Orpheum Tonight
isKuf ' slBrlBwi rltSSSu, JsbSkkSbMP aaHlSfctBliliBBik iswyB tIsi BL -
Fanchon and some of he'peaches" which come with the FANCHON &. MARCO "Satires of 1920," to the Orpheum
theater tonight and tomorrow night.
Former Bull Mooser Gives
Reasons for Supporting Re- I
publican Candidate
Reasons why he Is for Senator AS ar- I
r n G. Hardln8for pr sld at are given
; by Glfford I'lnchot. former Bullmooser," I
I : In the following letter;
"Philadelphia, Oct. 13.
"Editor Standard-Examiner:
So many former progressives have'-
asked me why 1 am Tor Harding that p
I perhaps your readers might be Inter- E
ested lii in reasons Here they are;
I am a follower of Theodore Roose- I
veil alive or dead. While he was here I
l nrorked with him and supported him. J
Now that he has Konc t.. his reward ?
J stand for the principles and work for
the things for which he worked andjl
fctoon 1 am a Ros'evelt Republican M
Had he llVed my cholci for the Re- u
publican nominee and for the next a
president would have been Theodore fi
Roosevelt. Hut only th. spirit f M
Roosevelt is with us still. The Rcpub-il
Mean convention lus perforce chosen, B
another landidate. 1 cannot have whntig
1 wanted. That, however; is no reason 1 1
for throwing my vote awa .
'Senator Harding and I have ?PI
posed exich other In politics He was D
regular In 1912, while l fallowed p
Roosevelt; and 1 can never bp glal
enough that I did. H-- haa said things!
.ii-ftnt Roosevelt which l deejph Fesent- E
ed I have said things aooul Harding 1 1
which he must have resentea just ;,?E
deeply .md I hae nm forgotten, lie 'K
h a -i m,ri- friends Who are not minc.'H
and thre I . nol . little record thai n
I regret. t.n the othr hand, I Hndll
deep in his confidence men whom i n
trust; what I like least in his record I
is furthest back, and what he b -allR
about forestry, conservation ,m'I agn - ;B
culture at Marion Is souml and right 1 H
"Senator Harding was not made to In
j my order, but he Is by no means the
j reactionary 1 thought him. He Is all
, Republican regular,vho supports what! I
j his party agrees on. and acts with the II
majority. There is nothing autocratic 1 1
about him. Under him, there will bejH
no one-man rub- a t ' Washlngtorl, con- B
gnss will represent not the president R
, but the people, and the government B
Will be American again.
' Harding is no raper-man, but sim- I
pie. earnest, sincere and human, best
thought of where best known Men
who know him, and on whose Judg
; ment I rely, say he is slow to deeide, i
l but having decided stands like a stone1
Wall What I saw at Marion confirms
, it. J liked Harding because he dodged
nothing, looked me straight In the eye, I
jand unmistakably meant what he said
And I liked Mrs Harding even better.!
Ml si II A I S ( il INGE
'I want to see Harding elected, nol
only because 1 have come to think
well of him, but because he belongs
' to the party of Lincoln and Kbdseveltl
jand because I have had my fill of thell
i Democrats at Washington. We must'
, have in charge men and a part ca" f
pablc of running the government, and V
in the White lunise a president, not
I a boss.
"COX Is In bad company, The liquor R
I men are 101 mm. tie sianus wuii'p
Raker, who refused to prepare when hj
he knew that war was sure to come, K
and therefore sent against the Ger- 1
man machine guns thousands of young I
Americana untrained or half-trained, I
and without artillery support.
I K r il.Ml.lt
"Cox stands for Palmer, who prom- i
ised to reduce the cost of living and I
conspicuously failed, but for political
reasons let the liquor traffic go on.i I
who denied the lights of free speech I j
and free assembly; imprisoned bun- I
drcds of people In defiance of the law t
he was sworn to enforce; and turned I
ovet to the Southern Pacific railroad '
without a struggle 5500.000.000 worth t
of oil lands in California to which it I I
had no right That Palmer was sc. I
riously considered for the nomination j
at San Francisco shows how low the' I
DemOOratS have fallen There ma I
have been more unfaithful public Serv
ants than Mitchell Palmer, but not j
many. ,
' Co. stands for Wilson. No sooner, I
was he nominated than he hastened
in the White House, and authorized!
the statement that there was perfei I I
agreement in all things between Wfl- I
son and himself. Nothing is more lm- 3
portant than to have done with the
Wllpon 'clan, and the only y to do ' 1
that Is to vote against Cox. j
The people of the whole earth have
learned at bitter cost that what Wll-1 I
son says is no Indication of what hel l
has don. or what he will do; that his
words and his actions do not match.' I
and thai to have his own way is more' 5
important in his eyes than tho safe- I f!
guarding of America, the welfare-of II
nations, or the siig of htimau lives, b
"If a man believes In Wilson, ar-'
gumcnt la useless. As for me, I hold I
that it is tune tll tmlsh wiCJi all thal.C
smacks of W ilson, with the InCff lcien-1 1
cy. extrav agance. Ktid secreth eness. 1 1
with ihe national and international j I
blundering, and with the Impudent as fe
sumption of wisdom and righteousness r
beyond human Phe only way to repu-.ll
diate Wilson is to vole against Cox E
Finally, Cox Is too reckless In state- I
ment loo Bhlfty in argument, tod , h
much like a man running, for a little B
Office ,1 n a little town His speech, s ,
shoui it aloud Cox Is loo small to be U
president. Harding's speeches could!
have come onl) from .i man big LJ
enough to handle tjie job I
"Sincerely yours,
Instrumental selections. Songs With
Sparkle, and Dunns I5 l
Great Dance Organisations
8aschs .i.ii obsen plays two selections t
for Columbia Records, one, "The Iovi -1
Nest" from 'Mary," the other, 'Blue I
Diamonds,' tender nnd full of sentl- I
ment. The first Is one of th most
beautiful melodies from one of the I
most popular musical comedies of the I
day. Th. second has both melody and I
sparkle. Jucobson's violin has given II
us no more entrancing music than I
these two selectfons.
Prince's nance Orchestra plays two
ol th litest waltzes, "Lei the Rest of!
the World Go By," medley waltz, in
troducing 'Dear Little Boy of Mine,'
and Tie- Love Boat," Ihe latter from,
the Zlegfeld Pontes or 1920, lioth
are the wait! hits of the year and for!
all time
The Paul Hie.se Trio plavs (wo nem
foxy fox-trots for Columbia Ri cords.
Thoted not an Idle moment for anvbodv
m "Idol Byes." and In tin-. Land of
Rice and Tea." Every member of this
famous ino a on the job all the time.
Williams and his negro wail"
both have an exceptionally funny il
(unci, in -Sae B Little Dram tor MV'U
This snog and his 'LQneeomeAUmon3 1
Rlucs" are truly Berl Williams soitgsll
land sung as cmly Williams can Sing I
I them.
no i
The I s. government is paying
$257,000 each for Hi-inch guns for the I
1 1 Monday and Tuesday Special 1 :
75g Pound Roll VVl I I
II Hospital Cotton QyC I I
'4 J Don'rTCough g BUILDUP For B I
I When Relief is Afforded fa gainst Winter Coughs and Colds by H 3 V r P'
at Once by Taking 3 Taking VllSLppCQ m
y Penslar White Pine f -- - , Hands I
J t and Spruce Cough S fl ?e 4 ' "l U 4 or retf. rough ,k.n, use I
Svrup Palatable Rl.r'OD LIVER 1 I I D i j f IB'
-: Gets results quickly. Is J (Tasteless) i 'ZT'nc'fJ BB Penslar Almond
g S not unpleasant to the I 1 Z--'-Wf M a and Cucumber M I m
0 E taste. Contains no nar- j Pj j, jVjNX t B W fc
m B cotics. Good for chii- I Cod Liver tf-i ' v' B R L.ream g
H drcn C I v ) t"' rl H Soothes and softens tho V fa-
m m OA Cf Extract j h-Si:;- U , ( N 5km, makes it like vel- B I if-'
B B oUc and uUc I i j ": J Z 1 1 1 1 UeSCtit da'ly 1 1
. n .; v D H ohites , " ' I S VhbWHHH I 1
:.; n Linng Y cur r re- U 4 1 f-1 L 1 fo) H 1 Jte
j$ r3. SCriptions to SB Enriches the blood and builds strength, B J ITT?'! K
1 Mclntyra's 1 1 TZ'" Fa" -Tomc '''?t?Z 1 1 MdNTYRE'S fl if
; i We rcauzc therabsut'1 s ,ke ,i uB n fi t hV I i
1 1 HSS Brighten Your Old Furni- I I
,' I most complete in Utah, w 19 I
I j we are prepared to fill I IUre"-U8 K?.i!K!n S 5 time Wh tr to wear Kj' I
"1 your prescriptions intel '-' out a cold hen 25c will 1 h.
ffl 3 hgently, promptly and I (T I bring quick OT I
M satisfactorily Fe.l no VT' ' ' I P H 01 X ; ;l :' I r'
hesitancy m having t, , I ' W U U (Ti I V ,- m c 1
, A yur prescriptions filled ' ! -S v ' HIRE CTZiB' h
INGERSOLL 1 . ; Com- I ALARM 1 1 I
watches pound clock 11
t Q Oil CA ,i ' H They get you up in the I
LimOJ TO Vpil.Ov 33 For old furniture or hardwood floors there is K 1
I nothing thzt revives them like Ranktn'u Cecirr ) mrfning with a jump B BH '
lJ'-"a' w"u" t Oil Compound. Immcdia ly rcjtcrcs that ong h' . ffl I
H B values in America. H inal appearance of newness. Ucc il on yc.:r fj N M jq n4.iy H fV
piano or Victrola. A great labor, time S 9jB 1
. T-T -.7-?-1' r.-TT d money i '. : -j .';. SSIBHBESffHMlHBBf , if
i i 1 1 1 1. 1 1
-"W . a' ?! . i . CUT DOV U YOUR I r H T T.IlL BY USING ,1 J
!y'--:--jjr J g BRYAN M.iiSH NATIONAL
Give Her j I HZB LlIUPS I I
(SJFl'V. 25 to 50 Walt Sizes , H
'! I X- 11- j it burn three Mazda lamps ,
'.- fi From iVIclntyre s ;.,.yc4y.h".c rnoJr" ." . 40c ;
Where else such variety of the EEST H BBr jt '." - 1 I i'I1 i Ii IBHBHBI
candy? j I
( j Huyler's, Whitman's. Johnson's, McDon- , .1 "T TT7T:r'itiit.-3irS. , r,-iiLi m'ri ; ; j
aid's, Shupc-Willianis and Sweet's Can- jjjj ctch Ut IB '
I Leapo io II ill
i specials j ii nn a k fi
II This Week liyi'1 L-yiiju,, . I
H $1 25 Lydm Pinkham's 1 .00 Horhcks QCn '
n Vegetables Com -j Maltecj Milk Ol)C I ifP,
JB W pound 4i r3 75 Horhck's Malt f Rprjin With A I I
j 25c Mentho Ol ed g O r A L'Co"1 n,,n " f
!:tuir special LlC Milk CpJ.4J f 1
U I 50c Mentho- 40 , L . : u-1 i n cyr 'I ! M rt O A 1
I h latum, special 4L special LOK, I ltU fc- (J H
ij L $1 Mentho- QQ 00c Listenne. r A V , ,
A W latum, special . OjC 11 KllV
n Kj 50c Pepsodent Tooth $1.20 Listerine, t i H J DUA
lM B Paste. 49p special 4 1 l' 1 H H
fl special 4C 25c Woodbury's Soap, H iWMIh ffl H 1
I bOc Pcbeco Tooth special, fO 9lH DHUfflllL B
I 1 PflStei, 42c 3for blC 1 I ; i
S i SPCC,a' fC JavVcc 42f 5 3 The idea ofTmpTicity and reliability combined R
H Astoria . 35C 5CceLP u 1 th'f. S, f, earner- has stood the I
;' i rnf HrlirU ir nackme- or P - test of years and is daily proving a delight and H
n Takes pictures size 2y2x4l.l y-i.uw c
I BBBBBBMBiMH'BiBBiMB a a year's subscription to "Kodakery" free with DH
iMMmngpjgpjBPjgBg H purchase
T 1 1 Developing I I
trusses, elastic j i Priming and Enlarging I I
HOSIERY We print on Vclox Paper only . It will not H
Shou'der Bracts Health Belts, Etc. Expert H fade none better. The highest quality of every- Bflflj
service at our No. 2 store, Twenty-fifth and B I thing is used in our modern kodak finishing de-
Washington avenue Kabo Maternity Corsets j ? partment Films left with us before B a. m. H
in complete assortments. R M Wl" be ready at 5 p. m. same day.
tl y j
1 f store no i I lfr Intvvp' s ST0RE N0' 2 mm i
JLSJ 24th and Washington Ave. I 25th and Washington Ave. Ji

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