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' - J iftth Yea' no w , H
Mark Sull van Says Gossip
L Gucs S?n Franc scan as
rjH Cabinet Possibility
JSJ So Is Pcrshinn When Dis-
I' cussion Is Had of Import-
ant Portfolio
Hl iu M HIM
National faXXU ftl I om -1 " ( f
Tin- Sem York rening
WASHINGTON. D. '.. Nov. .
1epe,utng what 1 wild npedoetlcall
bbbbbI yesterday In dl-cursine pes atbUlUsn for
secretary of atatr. nam- 1 that ill or
this kind of discussion i of dubious
f,r. r,, i. reeord wh"
consuming a good deal of the
of Itepuhllcan leaders, let us con MSI
the men who are mentioned f-r i r. -
tary of war.
Gene-nil Leonard Wood Get, nil IM;
-htng, Congressman Jullu Kahn .
California and frnutor George Cham
berlaln of un ion, "t these. General
Wood ! the tnOel obvious, he has fav
or of many Keputdivn leaders, ami
that rather Important section r th '
partv which supported him lor the
presidential nomination would tv ' i
x- oslly gratified at " mI"'"11'
-nil W 1 ha i . .?... . ""
it v thRt Nfr. r.r fnagrr-
Ins an almost exlcavogantlv loyal do-
HJB who come In contact with rvm
' 1 7 N i o l I IfJ lG
no In one of the vrrV small r.uni
H ber of public men who . n lie descrlm
ed M having a certain amount, of ue"
H tlcmil folJowtnf. It cabinet ippolni-
Wm mrnta wro to ho nuid .n th
that thfy oTnrtlmtH have been with
HH lh Idea of rrnirTiurvf tho loyaltx of
fai-fion In thr part)'. Gcmral Wonrt r
i i.
not nf-cd ti connldt-r the placating f
faction In making hU ah.n ! i
mento, and aloo true that General
Vnod frloiula do not n-d ti la.
their claim for him on thin factoi
alone HIh riuullflcatlonsi for the of
flrp an- (il'vloii- 1. ii th- Mmr i':r-r-timatAnrca
whlnh ()udllf him. ulo In
tv dtBi'.i'ilir thr fart that .i man
In e profvsxlnnal soldier n the mind
of mato, mi objection to lux h"i.
ecrtry of war. It Is rather an
American tradition that the arm ihall
be under thi- dlre lion of civilian.
m i o ru fwirati m
In some of the goralp that has been
;t nt.oii of nt ral W o J eing
la out on tho ground of a deal mad"
b him by his leaders on bia bahalfi
at thr Chicago convention wlib the
in tho light of tn actual facta ihta
Is absured end is anothtr example of
Uu kind of tubtU propnennda not in-,
frequent In the current gooelp about ;
cabinet appointments, di jjr.t -I K m to
advance a man than to Impair BUi
chances. There may be iome around
for tb theory that thv furas w-hicn
non. ui. i it Hard ng a' i lii
gu have reaaotut for beioa grut;ui to
th hwitcinng of delegates during the
dost- ballots tut if this is true. Gov
ernor LoWdea la Uie only one of lh
defeated i invMdato;-. for the l.erublt-
Hl ran prealdcntlal nomination who can!
be said to liuxe a claim on Harding'
roi Lid la getting the nomination ..n
jpH iiai Wood, aa .i matter of tact, wraa
conspicuous In holding his delegates to!
B' the end,
B All the Republican leedtre agree
Di.it after ih- tlard.ng nomination was
LTsBBsll made, lieneral U uuj went of hl
I way to Kive conJipK'uouR support to
Harding and to induce his follower-
to do the same. The net of all ihi
discussion of the political aspects of
General Wood's relation to the office
of secretary of war is thru they mMtii
er qualify nor disqualify hun. and are
unfair, is much of the cabinet gossip.
Is unfair, both to Mr. Harding and;
the man discussed
The objections made to General
Wood by a four dtnong the Republican'
i. idon conalat ctnefiy of iubi.s as toi
nil teinpcrmcntal adaption to the kind;
of teamwork that la necessary in
cabinet. Genera Wood's career and
ni: the distinctions he has earned have I
beep chiefly In situations trhcfe ho hau
sole control and sole responsibility
This waa true ir Philllppidea, In Cuba.'
and in the various army posts where
he achieved his honors. Since wonder i
Is ealreaaed whether this kind of one-:
ii. an . xj-runCe H..V pon-ill have ,-t '
General Wood to be unadaptable to.
lit Kind of friendly cooperation and
work and to the taking Info ac
of political and personal con
lons which Republican leaders
d as eaaenllal In the new cabinet
dtted as proof for his arkumont ,
.i GoenU W ooil Is believed to I in
. slat of feud with eonif of the higher !
(fleers, of the arm. and the existence
v of this factional feeling la given aa an,
addltloaal reason why the selection of
' General Wood might be laadvlanble
A cabinet should be a happy familv '
(GojagJnasBll n 1'ag Two.) a
Youngest Chief
Starts Cleanup
CillCAvjO. .Vbv -Chttr.e.i C
PitsnioMiH. former newspaper re
porter. Is the newly-. ip ill tvil head of
tho OblciiKo polire department He is
'he .vounge-t chief in the larrer I . Ji
i,t.i . I:n Just jft unu his flrol move
was to atari a elean-ur 'o rid ;ne city
of criminals
Eugene Vv. Cha'in. Former
Prohibition Stn.'arcl Bear
er. Victim ot Accident
I.i i. ; BE U'l I r: . r.O --Eugene
w. Chafln. i .S, ProblhMlen ca.ndl
dsite for president In lflOs nr..! 1 & 1 J .
die i today it hiK home hi-re ftota
buin reiclvtd on im'i .'o a'hen
elnthlr.g taught iir :, f
llS'hMn.; A: h'-ILT.
Mr. Phufin whs i-innd about ih"
body, The flamos were ttingu'.ehod j
b other occupants of tha apartment
house. Mr. Chnfln's tvifc and daugh
ter. Mrs. Desdemonu Hefrman. of;
Lone I'.cnch w-re nlth him at Ihi i nd.
Mr. Chafln waa born Novojnhei l
1.".: gl i..' Troy. Wis. He :itUitlcd
Uw In the Lnlverslly of Wisconsin and
sraa ndrultted to practice In Waukesha
In 1S7S, cotitlnulng practice Ihrre and
In Chicago for the geratcr part of hi
He ji a ti mperr.tioe idoate and
lecturer from hlr yo.ith and n. a
candidate on several oicoalons fv"r lo
cal ami stair offices in both v l6Con
sin and Illinois. Shortly aft' r hs
preeldentlal campaign if l&os he
moved to Arltonn for his health and
came to Rang Reach four your
He vv:m .i-.-lle In councils of local
temperance, organizations to the last.
CUI SCIR KLrFffB, Iowa. Nov 30.
Keith CUlna, arreated In nklahoma
for complicity In the tturllngton mall
car ro!t'Cr In tlitg city, was irrasnod
hefor. i -1111,1 State Cominis-lonei W.
i i e.irl toda'. walMd examina
tion .ii il .i 1 his Lo',U be
ing fixed at J.'iO.Mo Collins still un
der heavy guard, was taken to Jail
OMAHA. Neb-. Nov. 30 rostal In
spect" r Willlani M. Coble, of Omaha,
announced today that Keith Collins,
returned from Oklahoma to Council
Bluffs last night' In connection with
the mail car rol.hery In the latter t lt
November It, led federal officers to n
each In Council Bluffs where 123.800
of the loot taken from the train waa
WASHINGTON. Nov. 30 Reports
of a threatening revolution In Guate
mala has been received in official elf
i les here, It was learned today.
Munitions are said to .have been
smuggled into the country recently.
Chief opposition to the government,
according to the report, la in the
mountainous regions, where for
months there has been talk of seces
sion. The opposition Is reported to
be directed chiefly against Emello F.s
camllla mlnlsi r of war. who waa edu
cated In Germany and Is said to be
RRWISTON. Ida. Nov. 30 The
Orengeellle Savings A Trust company
of Granueville. Idaho, near here, was
dosed Monrtav and now is In the
hands of the state department of com
merce and uni'iatry. The deposits are
lilajjage Tfcaj bank la considered
solvent hut has hen tina,ble t rr
ilie on its paper officials sain.
Wilson Makes It Clear He
Cannot Emplay U. S.
Military Forces
Accepts Tnck to Mediate Be
tween Armenian People
I And Theit' Enemies
WASHINGTON. Nov. 30 (By the
Aaaoctated Prem. President Wilson,
In i' i ijot.se to an Invitation from the
league of nations council, has usreed
i0 uc hll C'Jod offices and to profler
' his "personal mediation' to a repre
! aentnflv- tie nmv designate "to end
th hoatil Ilea tint are now being
w--.feil nga.nst (ni' 'rmenian people."
in accepting the league's ln nation
the p.i.N.'W vrit'.ncr to President
Paul Hyiuana, Jyn he makeg nis of
! fer i.pon aoeurancea of "ihe moral and
diplomatic auppott vf tlie principal
i powera," and relics upon the league
' council to suggest to him the avenues
through whlcn lib; profler should be
conveyed und the parties to wnom it
ahould ti aadrtaw d
Tin- preatdent sa.s he is without au
thoriaatlon to "offer or employ the
millla.) forct-s of lh L'nltea Htates
In any project for the icllef of Ar
menia. '' ami that any contribution
would require tho authorization of ron
gross) which ia not now in session, and
wiiuMS action 1 vet' Id ret fei(.i-
slayer of madero
shoots himself as
pursuers close in
mala. Nov. 29. Francisco Car
d oaa, former general in the .Mex
loarj arsciy and accused of the as
saepilnaUon of President Franc.aoo
Madern, of Mexico. In February,
..IS. inflicted fatal Injuries upon
hhBgelf near here today.
Car 'a r. us. jaho some time ago
was atvort. I on a charge of being
an accessory to tho murder of h
in..n an t wotinn with whom he
u.s iivi'.fc'. escaped from jail. Pur
auit was at once organized and he
wis .surrounded at Madrugndo by
soldiers ordered to capture him.
W hen l.e found hi" . . cap - w is rut
otf. he o end fire on the troopv
woundtmr one rn n. He then
inrnea ins pistol fpon himself, fir
ing two bullets through his head
Cardenas coi'.'esaed in 1910 of
having assassinated Madero and
also Pino Suarez. vice president
ot tCexloo, during the Madero ad
ministration. oo
ItiinRN, Holland, Nov. 30. (By the
Associated Press Former Empress
Augusta Victoria, of Germany, who Is
rktically III ai n result of a heart at
tack, wan reported at noon today to
be In a sinking erudition At that time
ahc waa unconscious.
DOORN. Holland. Nov 30 Augus-
ta Victoria, the former German emp-
rscsfl. who has been suffering: from a
j grave heart attack, for .some lime, was
: much vor this morning. She had a
! high fiver and was only seml-conscl-
j Freiterick Willi. im, the former crown
ptince, has again ben summoned and
this morning was hurrying from his
1 rc.-ddence at Wlerlngen to his mother's
beuside here.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 20. Tho Mex
ican department of Industry-, com
merce and labor estimates the poten
tial oil lands in the republic at about
j 161.500.000 acres Of which only about
14,000. acres are befng de eloped, ac
cording; to reports reaching Washing
ton today. Prospecting concessions
have been granted In Tabasco. Cnm
peche. Chlappe besides Vera Cruz and
I Ta maul I pus, on the east coast; from
Lower California, to the isthmus of
Teuuantepcc on the west coast; and
in Chihuahua and iurano. Develop
ment work also h been bepTOn In the
northern ait of Ixmcr falifornio
WASH I NC.T. N. Nov 30 Ma,suret
' for the relief of the farmers will be
I considered nt a Joint meeting Thurs
' day of tho senate agriculture commlt
i tees. The Joint session waa asked for
I today by the senate committee, which
i held a special evasion to consider the
I question
-1 Kiur mm i (ant,
PARIS. Nov. 30 --Tha strike of the
orchestra, chorus and stage hands
Which lbSe,l the Onel., p, the mlddli
(..r (i. oi.er has bet ti called off and
the house wili reopen next Friday.
BOSTON, Nov 30 Charles!
: Poazi, whose gei-rich-quick
jcheme in which thousands of
people invested millions of dol- j
i.trs before it colL-psed last Au- 1
gust, pleaded ' guilty to using
the mails in a scheme to de
fraud, in the federal district
court today
Sentence of five years in the .
Plymouth county jail was im- ,
posed by Judge Hale. The
court took into consideration ,
j only the first count of one in- j
' dictment of 44 counts, in which '
i it was charged that Ponzi had ,
represented falsely that he was 1
i able o pay interest at the rate
of 50 per cent in 4.3 days from
profits made ia international
: postal reply coupons.
Fate of 21 Others Including
Wife and Bahy Remans
SEATTLE. Waeh.. Nov ?.Q Two!
aurvivlng members of the crew of the,
i vising bargo W. J. Plrrle and the
: body of a third were found ly an In
' dbiii searching party n' .-r Cape .lohi,-:
I son. Wash., last nlht, accordliiR to a
legram from Clallain Hay, w..h., to
the Seattle Mer hants' exchanpo. re-1
i reived today.
i The Indians arrived nt Clallam Pay,
today bringing the news of Ihe find
ing of the two sailors, the message i
said. They were unable to find any
1 trace of the barge, vhtch when last
i aeei, carried lw nty-three persons, in-j
' rinding the captain's wife and baby.
The two men. whose names are un
known, were taken last nlxht to La
. Push, Wash., where they were cared
for. Both were Oilluanx and were un
I able to speak English. Searching
, parties left Immediately for the beach
! north of Capo Johnson, where it was
i expected more bodies would be found.
The Indians said the two sailors
; said they had come ashore Friday
! nlgvhl on lumber from th Plrrle. af
, icr the ..:irge had sunk off (Tape John
son. They said they ripd seen the bod
ies of Captain Alfred Jnen and the
: first male, but knew' nothing of thel
I fate of the other members of Ihe erewi
'or of the wife and infant son Of ".ip-'
tain Jensen, who were aboard thei
I boat
MEXICO CITY. Not. 30. The ap
prehension that re ently had prevail
' cd concerning the heBth of General
AJearo Obragon, the jjresldent-elect.
was dispelled Monday when General
j Obregon attended a banquet given in
- his honor by the confederation of
'chambers of commerce, 11,- appar'-nt-I
ly was In the best of health.
General Obregon spoke briefly dur
ing the banquet, deallog with the ne-
cesaity of amicable relations between
Mexico and the I'nlted States. H
asserted that he hopiM that "such
, gatherings of buainesfj men of both
1 nations will have a withering effect
! upon certain small American groups
which are attempting to prevent rec
ognition of the niw Mexican govern
ment." General Obregon pali a compliment
to the outgoing uiliiilnietrallon of pro-'
Islonal President de ia Huerta -le-I
clarlng that Its officials steadfastly
had carried out th- program which '
prompted the revolt against former
President Cerransa He added that i
these policies would be kept up by
his administration so far as was poasi
i ble.
The president-elect declared that he
i felt very much better as a result of
i hi vacation In Cuernaaeca.
BASSETT. Neb. Nov. 30 Floyd R- j
Wide. 18. of near Malvern. Nob. yea-'
terda wu.s sontencod by District Judgi;
R. R. Olckaon to serve a life sentence t
In the penitentiary' at, hard labor fori
the murder of Clyde M Patterson, a
neighbor and bachelor ranchman,
shot to death August 15, Wick plead-;
ii guilty to second dugfo murder j
Patterson's body waa iound buried (
under a pile Ol dirt apd hay ut his,
ranch home sL Weeks after tiie crime
had t.een copiruliti ,i lVir( is al
leged hate 4rlvn Pecrson - cattle I
awa. He at fn-' clainied ef-de-fen
b u la'er cl. I this vtoi- ami i
kigned a written confcaOloa.
ffllflS WITH !
Wilson's Brother-in -Law Says
He Wants Complete Sift
ing of All Charges
Annonymous Letter to Ex
Secretary McAdoo Likely
lo Figire in Hearing
NEW YORK. Nov. 20 A denial
that he had ever taken money for In-j
fluenclng the dlapoaUlon of contracts
pr machinery by thai United Btatea
shipping board, fis charged by T IC. I
Sands, former Waahlng'on banker. I
i oupled with a reoueat that all of hlsj
bu neaa iranaactlona with Sands "be'
Investigated both for r.iy own and my I
family's sake." was made before th'"
'. ilah 'nii'.e-eiyioiml committee hfre;
todaj by It. W. Boiling. President Wll
fon s brother-in-law. and now treas-,
urer of the shipping board.
Mr Boiling told of business trans
actions with Sands dating back to
I ' 1 ' and earlier years, out of which
grew se veral financial transactions. He
told the committee that his personal
records were nil available to its In
spection. Sands has testified that He
received $30,000 from, the Downey
Shipbuilding corporation for "repre-
i n s" k before the board, out of
which he paid money to Mr. Boiling.
Smiling Raid he had lonr known
Saudn as a WaKhtngion banker ami
hud contracted In 1 9 1 C lo build u
house for SandJ. but had practical!..
foieKone profile by cancelling extra?
estimated nl $ti0. He received Sands'
. I. fer )6000 n piment on tho
hottae and had discounted it, he said,
i. ii- i- he amid -'audi told him he in
tended paylhg the JOOu also.
"Early in 1918." said Mr. Dolling.
Mr. Sands Sent a Mr. Cranor to sre
me in r gai d to some machinery which
was to be used "In connection with the
consi ruction of vessels. Mr. Cranor
told me thai the machinery waa to he
diverted to some other company and
that a great injustice was being done
his company. I called Up Mr Lester
Staler, then secret iry of the shipping
board, and explained the matter to
him. Subsequently he told me he
found that trie rolls had heen prom
ised to Mr. Cranor's company and
would be shipped to them.
l UD l IT riUN;
"A short time after this Mr. Snnds
told nie he had made or would make
$1000 in connection with this transac
tion though he now states he has no
recollection of the matter and that
ho was going 'to take caro of me.' 1
told him 1 would accept nothing. He
then mentioned the $6uo which he still
owed me in connection with his house,
saying that he would pay it I gave no
thought as lo Mr. Sands' relationship
to the principal, hut looked upon him
as the vice president of a large bank
and a man who was Justly Indebted tr
me. l.'pon my request he paid me
subsequently the SuO as follows. h
ruary 18. 1918, $300; June 26, 191K.
$200. and August 5. 1918. $100. i
have no knowledge of where this
money paid me by Mr. Sands camo
lOW OP 00.
Mr Sanda also made me a loan of
$300 on May 21. 1918. for which 1
gave him my note. This was repaid
by me to him on July 14, 1919, with
interest. This represents every cent
Mr. Sands has paid me since Decembei
31. 1917.
"Of the $40,000 which Mr. Sands
ys waa pa.d for procuring contracts.
1 never heard until It was mentioned
In .anonymous letters coupled with
threats that unless something waa doiiu
to stop the proceedings of the de
partment of Justice against Mr. Sands,
that my name would be brought into
"Regarding the testimony given be
fore the committee by Henjamln P.
Fuller, who ha been Indicted for forg
ing and uttering, and sentenced to the
penitentiary for four years. In which
he said that Sands gave me g check in
his presence; I beg to say that atate
ment la absolutely and unqualifiedly
false I therefor, most urgently re
quest the committee to require Mr
Sanda to immediately produce all of
his checks made lo me since January
I, 1918."
Mui s LETT! R.
Mr Moiling said that the commit
tee would find available ar. anony
mous letter addressed to W. G. Mc
Adoo. former secretary of the treas
ury, anil all other records in connec
tion wrth tho affair.
Mr. Moiling testified that former
ly he was a partner in a brokerage
firm with G. A. Connolly and H. W.
Roberts and that they made an agree
ment with Sands to paj him a com
mission o procure a $40,000 loan for
tho firm Tho other two partners
rnadi the arrangements, Mr. i tolling
said, adding that ho "knew of it."
He. personally put $10,000 in th
business, but retired in December.
U'17. following :b- Livsmjti 'leak" In
vestigation, he said.
Mr. Moiling In reply to educations
testified thai in January. 1917, he bor
rowed $7,500 from Sands and later re
paid this amount by mortgaging his
H, 'jnl his position with tho shlp
juns board a as assistant treasurer of
BELFAST, Nov H The h?iU at Cork vt sf-t on titt Hiis
morning and v port-, from thai aha the Thomas Ashe Sinn Frin
club find the Charlotte tjuaj arc abli H,"' h damage has in cm donr,
NEW I KT. ..i.i,i..t.! ,( I. V. Tin- piilii-e H
pvcrad a small bomh at ..iesmutlnM-si ol here, lo H
A ip i in i l,oi il w.i- ouii'l .i Umni!'-, whfelt is partly io the
borough of Cardiff H
. . f',
, ji
HARRIS BURG, Pa., Nov. 30.
Patrick H. Vaughn, 'model
j landlord, ' - who refused to raise I
reiits of his numerous proper-1
ties during the war period, in
Mi will probated here today, I
set aside ten of his houses inj
which th? families of worthy
blind may be permitted to live
rent free.
Son and Daughter in-Law Are:
Charged With Murder of
Aned Parent
j PHO'c-NIX, Ariz.. NovT SO. By thej
'end of today's court nosslnn. the proa-j
erutlon is expectod to have completed
'its cane In the preliminary examlnn-'
tlon of Mr. end Mrs. Victor Cheek,,
charged with the murd- r f the for-'
mer"a father, Thomas J. hec:. of
Topejca, Ivan
WTien the state completes Its testl-i
' moiiv. the defense Is to bepln plaelnR
I witnesses on the stand. About Iwn
I t v -five defonne witnesses are ready.
I but all may not be heard. Justice of I
the Poaco Charles Deaaulea Wheeler, I
1 beforo whom the preliminary exnml-
nation wuh being held, bald that. If lt
appeared advKtble. ho would order
', nlpht sesnlons in order to complete the;
, examination Ia I ' b. r J
After more than an hour's clashing1
! of counsel, the state succeeded latel
I yesterday In Introducing in evidence I
the teatimfbny of Mm. hiiiiar. VVarnor. I
who testified that ton duys before I
! Check died, he told her he w.r in feat
for his life and begged her to Ket ihei
authorities to help him.
Fll'ME. Nov. 30 - tiabriole
d'Annunzio's bglonarries have
been greatly stirred by pnssiol
appeals of the poet to "save Fl
ume." which he has heen Issuing
at frequent Intervals since the
treaty of Kapallo settled the Adri
atic quest 1" -ii between Italy and
Jugo-Slavia far from d'Annunzlo's
Preparation are In progress to
conscript all citizens bet ween the
agaa of is and 50 in rtnme for
"thfe defense of the city."
Large reinforcements of Italian
oarlblnera are arriving on the
borders of the Flume territory.
It la assumed they are th'-re as
reminders to the legionnrrle that
the Italian Kovcrnment Intends 10
enforce the provisions of tho
WORTH $311,274,728
WASHINGTON. Nov. 30. l.'Uih
has -'5.fi6- farm Conl lining
US0.410 acres and rained at $311.
7472g. the census bureau an
nounced today. The value of land
and buildings shows an Increase of
107 -4 per cent as compared with
! 1910.
the division of opeiatlone." He gave
his age as 41.
Mr. Boiling in answer to questions,
said that he did not see Sands at any i
tunc during the "bending rolls" in-.
i idem
He testified to ha inp gone to tfandJ
hotel room in Washington, but did Hi I
I recollect eier having hci n them alone
. with hlut.
Mr. Hulling 3ld thai the ShippllIC
'board "gr-aduulK ridui'd It-, funds"
ir "Sands' iank In ilie regular course)
of L''nlness.
l.i'M mix. No- to. Public bull. I
inga in Ixmdon ..nd i;i many of tho
i , i.. jSngiand
tgaiast appro-
' eiir-gfjfutacks oy g H
heavj detachments -of pollen
"UhnKfcln ' this
city und patrol was norpiitl
treeti i , ' t ivl moved H
s nBHnpnt of
with fxrwuing
ii thcit. !
I " Stun H
men. H
and with the parllojiienl buildings ifjf
i .I. government aectloi f i inn H
i-i.-'Utii,'.! t! atmosphere of au
armi d bamp. TIuto Is nothing to con-
ii. i i in old Swan H
bine, this city, early this morning, but ' H
that oigamzatloii 'Ihe bomh blew out
the windows of buildings nearby end H
started a fire, but the .police and fire-
nien Ird m extlngulahlng th
flames before they gained headway, H
ll lt I M fciPLOl I i
I A report Is being circulated that
the govornraanl fears troubls noi H
onl) faun the Sinn Keln, but from
the tnousands of unemployed who
raaentfy ividt need an ugly lempai
In the Downing street ilot.
The police, however, ansert the
-oh- reason for the precautions Is H
of the dantfi r of SJIrin
Fein attempts against lie and
Honai measurea already taken to
protect tho lives of officials and asH
I the government bUUQloga lh"
special civilian constabulary of
London baa been notified Itself in
readiness to nsis' the regular po-
lice, should tjic necessity an--
The London county council fire
bl lgide h is . Ircul iriZed t'VlTV sta- H
Hon to tho effect that all d
except tie- main tntranog husl ba
! locked ai dark and that strangers
ihe ntutlon must be cloaclv ittca- l
Honed. fjjH
There was a rush today b lj
property ownorq for insurance.
j especially on timber stock.-.
j throughout London.
Tho Evening Standard today
ild the protective measures lo-
elude precautions a( BuoWmaham
palace while th- royal family la
' The precise nature of the pre-
Cautions cannot be disclosed," the
I newspaper' states, "but they are
ela borate " The palace guards also
51 l ll M Alllii STJJ3D
Several men suspected or settln fire JH
to warehouses in Liverpool on Satur- I H
duy night arc under arrest. It ie
. lalic.ed by the police that American
' miiitnen' ;-r. in that city, and asset-
tlon la made that men wanted in Ire-
land tor shooting policemen and sol-
dlers have crossed the Irish sea to
Liverpool, The financial ioas occa-
lone l by Saturday night'o fires in
U-eri i i estimated il a i. iilion
pounus stei ling. H
The killii.t; of fifteen police recruits
at Macroom, Ireland, yesterday, has
alreadj been folio ! by reprisal! bj H
tlie "black and tans," and It Is report- H
in frightened H
people from towns near where tho re-
runs wore attacked.
Masked men entered and act firo
thi building housing the Dublin H
Kreeman'a Journal lost night. Con- H
iderable damage a the build
Sores of new arrests have been
made in various districts of Ireland, H
among the places raided by milttur- H
forces being u lunatic asylum ueai
Glasgow and the Clyde shipbuilding
district have been placed under close
guard and il is declared by the author-
itles that many Sinn Felners are
known to be In Scotland. H
The !.l-or i Om mission of Inquiry' Into
the repr in in land left for Dublin
this morning, 'ihu party comprises
representatives or the labor parlin HJ
i ient ar party and the labor executive
body. fjJH
The precaution taken in the house JH
Of commons and in tho government laaal
offices iigalust untoward demunstra
tlons include the posting of a perma-
nenl guard of armed policemen, ae- )H
''(.1 for their aklll In the use of
ni. pistol, according to the Dulh Mall. YM
The men started their duties Monda iH
afternoon. They had orders lo shoot IH
to Injure anybody attempting to escape IbbbI
ft r having committed nnj outrage gH
The guards are dressod in civilian fH
clothes. They are all ex -soldiers with
fuud wur records. I
BELFAST. Nov. Z'J. (tiy the Vsao-
ciuled i'n-jw f During Sunday night,
th,- Ueadqiutrtera of the transport
ararkara union on Caxndan quay, Cork,
and an adjoining house were burned
There waa considerable footing Wo
non woo ordinarily are declared to
have been clothed In little better than
rags are said to have been seen wear- H
nig hundred guinea fur coats- i H
LjQNDON, Nov. 30. Tho league of H
q i ...n commufsion of control ha ar- H
ranged an ermistjee between Llthu-
ania and General Zcllougakl, the In- H
invent commander at Vllna, accord- H
Jnt' t" h Kovnn dlfipalch which isach- H
Sd London this evening.

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