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Lester Hinchcliff Arranging
I for Revival of Old Time
1 Custom
I Dressed In COStumeS of an appropri
I ate fashion and color, pcnres of vocal-
I 1Mb will sing Christmas enrols on the
I -treets of Ogden Christmas eve. roviv-
I log an old and popular custom of the
I Yulnide.
I .ester Hinchcliff. under whose n
rection the Christmas eve caroling Is
I being arranged, announced today there
was widespread Interest in ihe propo-
H sit ion. ...
mong ihe carols to he sung will
he the following: "SHenl Night, ,
-Hark, the Angels.' and "Come, o-
Faithful" .
H The words to these catols will n
I published in ihe newspapers so thai
vocalists may familiarise themselves
wth the verses. Congregatnms in the
L churches will be asked to Blng them
prior to Chrlstmaa evt io
Students in the Bchoole are to.be
asked to write essas on the old CUB-
torn of caroling and In this way i
. hoped to create widespread Interest
1 and enthusiasm.
Mi-e t ame Knapp, Instructor In art
H in the public schools, is designing the
V C1,tUwas' ihe custom years ago on ;
hrietmas eve for carolers to form In
- 1P and sing b,f..
u Z window of Muc h B lighted can-
Sews displayed The ( caroler .wore
H fmcv costumes and quite B lark waH
Sde of the old cu.to.n
,he congs the owners who had dlB
nlaved the lighted candle often Inv t-
Td he carolers to the fireside, thj re to
;jr ake of good things sal and to
. uu
City Prisoner Cooks
His Way to Freedom
Prisoners have been known to sinR
tJTy out of jail Jfll ther. hax
openeJ the doors to i. M ,
SiVSTvSSS" n"; 2
!5cooKl?? his way through Jal bam
Underwood, sentenced to njnet ag,
for drunkenness was gr a to,
ally wohty. Mr XVardjOMed.
j Forest Research Men ;
Hold Conference Here
of the forest sendee Is being held at
2 local forest ervloc headquarters
today The matins will be attended
by members of the scientific and re
searchepar.n,.,, ... dine, ......
tt! 1 be presided over by Dr. a w
Sampson, in charge of Great JBaaln
e - erlmem station near Ephrtam
Dr "Sampson has recently completed
hi season's experiment at the .tat ion
and follow-in the meeting f the in
vestigative committee which will be
continued tomorrow, will proceed to
Washington where he will compll.
data regarding his experiments thli
summer During the course cuthe
meeting here, it Is expected that a
number of the experiment of Dr.
Sampson', will be related and dls
cussed. p
Assistant District Forest' r
Morse and Assistant District Forester
I II CD Simpson, together with C. t
I Korstian and F. S. Baker of
search department at the local offices.
I are in session with Dr. Sampson,
i oo
I Rats Kill Off Turkeys
Raised by Ogdenite
Raising chickens and turkeys In the
hack vards of Ogden is becoming a
precarious occupation by reason of tne
increasing bravery and ferociousness,
Of the city's rat colony, according to,
Thomas E Browning, former chief of j
PMr Browning Is noted for the fine
rm'allty of the chicken- turkeys and
geese he produces on tbelot to the
roar of his home n Twenty-sixth
eet. But Mr Browning -aid the ,
valuing of turkey? was becoming a dii
ficult proposition. He :.ld that mere
than 20 of his young turkeys were
killed hy the rodents tbls last season
:nrl the rat tribe s-cms to be Incrsas
i n g
The geese, however, Mr. Browning
declare;-, sf"m i" he tor. ramli for
the rats and they escape the clutches
ot the rodents
I Record Rainfall in . j
Hailey, Ida., District
Records for the past twelve years
were broken at Hailey. Ldaho between
November 16 and 20 when a rainfall
of 4 46 inches was recorded, according
tr. information received at the forest
service offices here.
'Phe snowfall In the country adjacent
to Hailey waH below normal during
i irtober, but has reached a level in No-
ember, that was equalled only In
of snow on the ground on the hills
1?12 There Is at present six Inches
near Hailey.
If the snowfall continues through
ihe winter as heavily as It has so far.
the cattle situation may assume serious
aspects, but an ample upply of grass
and forage for next spring and sum
mer will be assured, It Is reported.
To do good is better than to
H talk good. Mooseheart pic-
tures, Moose hall, Friday
I night, 8 p. m. Admission tree.
Entire Bonded Stocks Enough
For One-half Gallon Per
n ;forgf. b. WATERS.
. y. starf Corrcepondenl
WASHINGTON If all the llj,ior
In l.onded warehouses was put on lhe:
market. It would last only 36 da If
Americans should drink at their 11 1
rnt- There would he lew than n hall
gallon of booze per person, and In
1)10 good Old days, the people used to
drink. In terms of straight whisky, at,
the rato of five gallons a year for
each man, woman end child In Ameri-
At the iircsent time theri Is In stor-
age the following liquors.
Whlskv 46.444.071
Rum . . . .' 407.919;
QMn 902.nl 3,
Brandy K3o.39
Total 48.6S4.s99
SAVE T it 8.
Owing to the fact that this liquor
rould disappear as though It hud
flowed into a sewer. In so short 0 time!
two views are taken t the prohlbl-i
tin n enforcement division here in re
gard to recenl decision of the supreme
COUrt In Hie William Q. Street case.
in which street waa permitted to with-i
draw his booze from a New York com-!
merclul wan-house for personal use..
One View S that the Internal Ue -enue
bureau should open wide the I
flood gates and let the booze be with
drawn from tb.- warehouses as quick
ly rs possible. The other opinion li
that the bureau should construe the
right to withdraw liquor for personal
use In cases exactly like the Street ,
i Rse, and draw the lines still lighter
around the booze In the bonded ware -I
The View taken by John Kramer isl
that the booze In the warehouses ,
should not be turned loose. The rul
ing Is now being prepared. That Kra-,
mer's view will prevail Is a good bet.
The present supply of liquor will'
last only two more years at the rate,
tt Is being withdrawn under "atriclj
enforcement.'" When the isth amend-'
ment took effect, January 16. r.O'.
there were 7l.nuo.o0u gallons of llq-;
nor in storage and In less than S year
3S,SOp,00.0 c.i Dons have been drawn
out for " medical scientific and sacra
mental'" purposes, only one distillery
is now running.
If Uncle Snta would let it he drawn
out for beverage purposes the owner-
would puy the government $3 1".
753.354 In taxcj.. at the rat- of (6.40
a gallon. Kut If the government re
fuses to let it be drawn for beverage
purposes, the government will get
"O.ooii I, hh, or about $100,000,000
M my of the banks hold booze ware
house certificates a collaternl for
loans. There Is probably Jers than
.i.". loaned on these certificates
If they were redeemed the money
paid Into the banks would relieve the
present money stringency n little. But
Ultimately If would only mean there
would he s shifting of money from the,
hands of those who drink to the hands
of those who own or hold the certifi
cates oo
lK KM (II It
Members of the gden lrama club.
Will meet st the Knight of Pythias";
hall Saturday afternoon at I 3o O'clock
With Mrs. liae Keck Piers, and Mrs.
Andrew T. Clark as hoatesaea An In
terestlng program has been arranged
for the meeting
Regular meeting of the t'hildrens 1
Aid society will be neld Frida? after
j noon at S o'clock at the dispensary !
Work for the Christmas week will lie!
: begun.
The second of a series of winter
dances to be given by the Ogden Ten
jnis clul will be held Friday evening
j In the Knights of Pythias' hall.
Girl Scout captains will met ngln
Friday evening at 7 15 o'clock at the
home of Mrs. David Eccles.
Mrs. Ben Tyree will be hostess to
the members of the Happy Hour club;
j Saturday afternoon at her home. 162
I Twenty-first street
Mrs. iw-ibert c urown win entertain
Itlie members of her bridge club Frl
idny afternoon at her home.. 250g Madl-
' son avenue.
Mrs. Lloyd Hurris will be hostess to
the members of the A. M. I. Sewing
iu! Saturday afternoon at her home
on Twelfth street and Adams avenue..
M inbors of the Dls l.'.ean Relief
,Corp win meet Frldaj in the i 0
'IO- F hall for a business meeting and1
J election of officers.
When one feels always tired without1
working, or suffers from backache, I
lumbago, lhcumatlc pains, sore muscle.-
or Uff Joints, it Is not always easy
to locate the source of trouble, but
very frequently It can he traced to
overworked, weakened or disn.ij-ed
kidneys Mrs. I Gibson, 12th an'I Cd
ison St. 1 Junta. Colo . writes: "My
kidneys were giving me a great d-al
of trouble for some time I too!: F"..
ley Kidney rills and they helped me
right away Sold everywhere. Ad.
( E. MAff Special )
CHICAGO Crowds gazing in awe
at the world's most powerful electric
locomotive, the newest giant on exhi
bition at the Chicago. .Milwaukee X.
St. Paul terminal, had a glimpse into
the future.
The vision is of electricity, entirely
supplanting steam and railroading,
reaching undreamed efficiency and
comfort .
The new Goliath, about to be placed
In service on the -Mo-mlle electric zone
of the C M X St. P., over the conti
nental divide of Montana and the Cas
cade range of Washington dwarfs lo
eomotises of the past
ill-: FIRS ' i m ini .
A little more than BO years ago
Stephenson's first steam locomotive
made Its maiden trip in England. Thirty-four
vehicles composed thO train,
of 90 tons, and It attained tlie mar
velous speed of from five to ten and
even fifteen miles an hour! and In ad
vance rode a signal man on horse
back The new electric locomotive alone
widghs three times as much as Steph
enson s whole train. It could draw 35
such trains as Stephenson's up a 1 per
cent grade at 16 miles an hour or
on a level nine such trains at a mile
a minute.
The first steam locomotive In Wis-'
consln In 1UX weighed 23 tons. The
electtiC giant weighs :'7.". tons. It Is
feet long, has 4200 horsepower, can
pull a train ''- miles an hour and cost
tll'.'.noo. It takes the place of lour
ordinary steam lOCORlQtlA es.
Advantages io wilroadlng of the
elei trie glflnt are these:
li.ies away with fuel trains.
Runs at an even speed.
i feel neither coal nor water.
Alyrayft ready to start.
No ashes to dump.
New Books Listed
at Ogden Library
The following new -books are noy
ready for Circulation at the Carnegfe
Chandler The Contemporary
I r i ma of Ki .i nee.
Clapp Talking Business.
4'obh The Hen at Woi k.
i i.iu McArbnl Ballads
navis- Horticulture
Domvllle-Flve Submarine Warfare
of Today.
Bggleston The CSS of the Story in
Religious Education.
i.-rogt Basketball and indoor Base
ball for Women.
Galsworthy llas. 4th series.
Qruonberg Violin Teaching and Vi
olin Study.
Harvey Food Facts for the Home
Head. Everyday Mouth Hygiene
Kipling Letters of Travel.
Ie--P.usiness Writing
Iwls Knowing and Using Words.
i.ewis- Making .ioii From Hena
Mi ford Textbook Filing.
Moseley Trees. Stars and Birds.
I 'age -Motor Boats and Boat Mo
tors. Cellelt Tile Beginners Be.. '.....k
Biirlnton Personal Efficiency In
HlCP Shadowy Thresholds.
Sarett Man: , Many Moons.
Smith Small Craft.
Smith The World's Food Resources
Webber Apt Illustrations for Pub
lic Addresses.
It 1 1 ,1 Itl SN'S B M k-v
Beston--Tho Firelight Fairs B
Bishop Bob Thorne. Sky Fighter.
Fairbanks Conservation Reader.
I-atham Marty Bends a Hand.
diver First Steps In the Enjoy
ment of Pictures.
Wlnlow -our Little Czecho-Slovak
Zwilgmeyer what happened t- in
ger Johanne.
Benson Up and Down.
Hell The lamp in the Desert.
Grant The Single Track.
Gray Rosemary Greenaway.
I lar'ker Allegl i-
Jacobs Deep water
Biiselle Short Stories of the New
Montgomer Further Chronicles of
Sldgwlck Iron Cousins.
Taylor Barbara of Baltimore.
Traffic Officers to
Study Auto Speeds
Traffic officers of "gden will soon
be schooled In the matter of auto
mobile speeds in order that they may
testify Intelligently In cases where ar
rests are made for violation of the
speed regulations, according to an an
nouncement made toduy by J Raj
Ward, commissioner of public safety.
Within a few days the officers will
he taken to a paved street where au
tomobiles wlil be driven at speeds va
rying from fifteen miles an hour to
thirty The officers will be required
to Judge these speens until they can
testify as to speeds without the use of
stop-watches. The tests will be held
frequently until the officers are expert
In the matter
Mild Epidemic of
Measles in Ogden
A mild epidemic of measles Is
spreading throughout Ogdeh, and al
though the cases are scattered the
number Is growing each day, accord
ing to Dr. J. M F.lllott, city sanitary
Inspector. Dr. Elliott urg.s more care
In the mattsr of reporting and quar
antine regulations In order that the
spread might be curbed
Oklahoma CITY, Okya. Othar
Ordain, so they say, didn't know it
sraa loaded, Charlie RoblnsOn fell dead
The coroner Is Investigating
-w ...
No flues to clean,
No boilers to Inspect.
Odes through the heaviest snow
drifts. Handles twice the load of a steam
Albert Spangei sberg8 Wlte is In
Holland, and hag written him
she wants nothing to do with him
and will not come t.. America to
live, according to a divorce com
plaint filed in the district court
this morning by Mr. Spangersberg
who now resides In Ogden. But
this Is but a small portion of his
i allegations for Mr. Spangersberg
names one lloosi (vm..-i. in llol- i
land as his rival for his wife's af
fections. His wif. 's full name !
Nany slot Spangersberg, accord'
ing to th- husband's complaint.
According to the complaint, Mr.
Hoost Goest has taken Mrs. Span
gersberg to many parties and she
hns openly avowed affection for
Mr. Goost.
The couple was married in Hol
land. September 2 , 1904, accord
ing to the complaint, and later
Mr. Spangersberg came to Amer
ica, lie sets forth he has sent
Mrs. Spangersberg $30 each
month for her support and that
of one child. While he lived with
her In their native country, he
complains. she grumbled and
found fault at every Opportunity.
Mr. Spangersberg asks the
court to sever the matrimonial
Woman Released and
Given Ticket for East
Amanda Sidders, IK years of age,
who has been held In the women's de
partment of the county jail for the
past three days, after huving been tak
en into CUstodj at the I'nlon depot,
on account of her peculiar actions.
was sent to Green River, Wyo . this
morning b the sheriffs depart
ment. The woman had been at the depot
nearly two days when brought to th
jail and It was believed that her con
dition is such that she could be giver,
her liberty. She had no funds and hen
fare was paid to the (Wyoming eltj
where she declared she could obtain
em plo ment .
During her stay here, she COntlnU-
I ally talked about notes In a Doe An
geles bank which, she aald, when
sent to Washington, will net her more
than ten million dollars. She declared
j the government owed her this sum for
, her services during the war In arrang-
I ing a land deal,
V1m;mI O'A, New. Nov. 30 A I
; move for Iho abolishment of the No i
j vada state tax commission and some j
I other commissions at ihe coming ses
Ision of the legislature, and for drastic I
reductions In state expenses has been!
started by the Nevada Dive Stock as-i
;soclatlon which met here recently
W. C. Notewurc. an expert on land
; values and taxes, said the legislature!
would he presented with a balance
sheet showing that ranchers and live
stock raisers cannot continue in busl
ines at the present rate of taxation
and the present prices they receive,
j Noteware is preparing a taide w hich I
1 will be presented to the legislature,
showing how tuxes have outgrown pro
duction while at the same time the
state's population has decreased in the'
'last ten years.
I J. Sheehan, state senator-elect, and
W. A. Brown-, assemblyman -elect, ex-j
pressed themselves a In accord with
,the l,ie Slock association. Sheehan i
saying he believed a cut of 50 per cent
could he made in stnte expenses with
out affecting the efficiency. Referring
to the plan to build a new prison.
i Sheehan said:
j "With a population of only 77.00ft.
they must think we are all criminals
If we build a new prison."
Ductile tungsten, a new metal to
j double ele trio lamp efficiency costs!
I from $.r.i to $1,."0 a pound. I
Smokeless, noiscltss, dirties.; a
Waterfalls en route supply the elei
trie energy for operation of the 44n
mllo electric one. which took three
years to build at a cost Of 112,000,000,
Geo Wheat, Head Clerk
at Commissary, Dies
George Douglas Wheat, chief clerk
of the i . s. L Commissary died at
1:30 o'clock this morning at the fam
ily residence. .'1916 Grane avenue, af
ter two months' Illness of heart dls
east . Mr. Wheat was horn In Hooper.
November S, ISTfi. and was Ihe son or
Charles and Angus Douglas Wheat He
was married to Vera Wattis, November
28, 1900 and has lived in Ogden thf
greater part of his life. He is well
known in ogden.
Surviving Mr Wheal are his wid
ow and two Chlldri ii, 1 mris and Blaine,
also his father and mother, and the
following brothers and sisters: James
Wheat, Charles Wheat, Gold Wheat.
Rue Wheat. Krnesi Wheat, Mrs. Bert
Kiisdi and Mrs. C. W. Robertson, all
of gden.
Funeral services will he held Sunday
l( .'5 o'clock In the Eleventh ward
meeting house. Bishop N. A. Tannet
will officiate Tin bod) maj be viewed
at Llndqulst's funeral chapelt Friday
afternoon. Saturday the body will be
taken to the home, where it may be
viewed Saturday afternoon and eve
ning and Sunday. Interment will be In
the 'igden City cemetery.
EDIN'Bl'RG, Nov. 12. (Corres
pondence of the Associated Press.)
Scotland has at least fifty dry spots:
Kilsyth, Sanquhar. Kirkintilloch.
Auehterarder and Kutherglen. as the
result of the "local veto" liquor poll
taken this month under the temper
ance act.
TWO '.owns. Newport and Langholm,
voted for a limitation In the saloon
traffic and the 37 other Scottish lo
calities voted for "no change."
Everywhere the polling caused great
excitement, and there was a lively pos-
ter campaign. Robert Burns' dic
tum: "Freedom and Whisky gang the
gether," was the slogan of the anti
prohibltlonlst forces.
In Abi rdeen "dry"" plaen rds appear
ed hearing the words: "Hell Is the well
of whisky." To (his "wet" supporters
retorted with a placard Inscribed "
death, where Is thy sting?"
In Glasgow. 24 wnrds voted "no
change"; nine for limitation and four
for abolition, of saloon licenses. As n
result. Glasgow's 1604 saloons will be
reduced by 99 and there was much
drinking of health to William E. ( Pus
syfoot) Johnson, the American cam
palgher, with empty glasses turned
"We are not disheartened," said
Colonel Kyle, who led the prohibition-
ist attack. li Is good work to have j
abolished 99 saloon licenses in Glas
gow, and when we attack again. It
will be different.'-'
The people most perturbed are the
church leaders. In the light of the
results they are asking If the churches
have the Influence In national life I
which they usually claim '
It will be three years before an
other poll can he taken. Although .
Glasgow, where the battle raced most
fiercely, remains wet. prohibitionists,
derive encouragement from the large
number of individual votes In that '
city on their side. 142.343 as against
1X2. 5C0 for "no change." and the
London Evening News Judges that next
time these figures may change places.
"Pussyfoot" Johnson Is quoted by
the London Daily Graphic as
saying thit the no-license people of
Scotland, particularly of Glasgow, did
far better in this first prohibition noil
than wa.s ever accomplished in any
American no-llcense election.
"The returns from Glasgow show."
t said, "that nearly as many voted
for no-license or reduction of licenses
as for 'no change ' This Is better
than any American city similar to
Glasgow did after 20 years' ballot
ing "
The agricultural department is con
sidering disinfecting all fruits from!
the tropical countries where the 'It-,
rous black fly Is Infesting the plants.1
r Wrihtte I
-tomorrow we shall sell one I
hundred hats at $4 each.
f ---the hats are all midwinter I fl
I styles, of various values. j I
-some of them being values j
j to $20. ! J
j (Second Floor) I
"SSB"! -B- -aSBB( )OB( BS( eSa-() -BBBM -HM SSBM)a9BM .SBS -4IJ04BJJSM
CAMP DIX. N. J.. Nov. 20 Thirty
teachers are In charge of the Camp
DIx school where the Illiterate and!
aliens are getting the fundamentals
of citizenship as soldiers.
"Tall. Short. See. this man is ta.ll: j
this man is short. I write the words
on the blackboard. Tall -that Is for
jthis man. Short that is for this one."
Suiting the action to the word, the
teacher points first to a six-footer
standing bshle him then writes the
I word "tall"; then points to a Chunky
I youth, measuring four feet, six. and
' writes the word "short."
The class shuffles Its feet, squirms
I In Its chairs and laboriously pencils
the queer looking words in note hooks
1 And when this cl iss shuffles Its feet
It means more than the shuffling in
tho ordinary school room, for this Is
one of th rooms of the Recruit Edn
; cational center, and the students range
from the sturdy lads of Europe to the
raw-boned huskies of the western part
of the 1'nlted States In age they
run from eighteen to forty-five years,
and In educalion from zero to the
heights. Rut those with good educa
tion acquired that education In an
other language and have no English
at their command, and those who
know English have no education.
Uncle turn. In the person of the war
department, has undertaken to equal
ize their education, as It were. The
draft disclosed that 24.9 per cent of
the men called to the colors could not
read a newspaper or write a letter
Most of them were well equipped with
natural Intelligence, but lacking in ed
ucation. This figure applied to both
natives and foreign born. Efforts j
were made than, in a rather groping
way, to rectify this That modest
stair has developed into the school
now at Camp Dix, which was recently
moved from Camp Upton, N Y.. and
five others at Camp Lewis Wash.;
Camp Travis. Texas; Camp Pike Ark..
imp lackson, S. C, and Camp Grant ,
III., all modeled on the one at Camp ,
1I. which was the original.
More than 12.000 women are mem-!
hers of the International Machinists' ;
union .
A girl at the ago of 12 can be niar-,
rled n Tennessee without the consentj
of her parents. I
ra iii h I
DUBLIN. Nov. 12. Correspond- ft
rnre of the Associated Press. 1 Sinn
Fein volunteers and the British sol- jfl
dlers and police are each accused of ;jB
masquerading In the clothes of the kH
other Consequently it has become f'M
very difficult to ascertain the tru tM
facts and fix the responsibility for JM
many of the reported outrages in Ire- H
Men have presented themselves at sa
houses In British uniforms and their Bl
deeds have been attributed to goern
ment agents, But official denial that
such men were operating In the dls-
tricts concerned has been issued and YW
the .hare" hn3 been made that the t
ivere masquerading in uniforms
c aptured In one of the numerous raids 43
on troops of police. usa
The same kind of story comes from H
the Sinn Fein side Men claiming to (fl
be volunteers are alleged to be gov- 9
ernrnent agents In disguise. This Is fl
complicated enough, but the difflcultv
Is increased by the fact that crlml- EM
nals appear to be Impartially person- EM
atlng both volunteers and soldiers and IH
using the incidents of the conflict as
opportunity for looting
An instance arose the other dav in H
the Dublin police courts In which U rsl
man was charged with committing
various burglaries and it was sworn F9
that he had offered some of the stolen iH
propt rry back to the owner if pavment
were made him as a Sinn Fein vedun- fF
teer Instrumental in recovering It. EMJ
no ' ;.' i
i By International News Servlcel
ST I... I IS, Mo. Nov. 29lDeputv
Sheriff schultz is toting a new revol
ver now. A bad St Louir highwavman
took his old one away from hLm
It was late very late when the
deputy's lodge adjourned, and raining
So the deputy hoisted an umbrella and
Started homeward with a package un tt
ier In- arm Suddenly an arm with a tt
revolver at its end swung up under
his umbrella. Schultz was at a dlssd
rantage, with the umbrella in one hand
ind the packagp In the other Anoth
r revolver pressed against his back,
rhen the robbers took his pistol,
' itch and $25 cash and bade hire
goodnight. H
Ogden Tennis Club Dance I
K or P Hall I
Admission $1.00 Couple, plus tax
Everybody Welcome Cancel that other date I
( goU. 5 AtVoVb Iters. TOR SCUOOL " I T ' L0 MR OTTO- ( ' U TTOftPER- VlEU, ISbtT J VKUL.l LEfjRNEP y "V--v "1 l
T '' 1 f

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