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gggBBiiiiiK-- : V
Ogclen Man Accompanied By
Hugh J. Cannon to Inspect
L. D. S. Missions
;i 1 4ftn
j David O. McKay, one of the twelve
j npostles of the D. S. church, ac-
' - pa nicd b) Hugh J Cannon Of Salt
j Lake. left yesterday afternoon for a
missionary trip around the world that
may extend over One year. A large
i number of Mr. McKay's relatives and
friends were at the I'nloo station to
wish him Godspeed when the train
pulled out at 2 o'clock.
When called to make the Inspection
I of branches of the Latu-r Day S-ilnt
church in the Pacific a few weeks ago,
it was arranged thai the trip would
be completed within three months, but
later plans call for a more extended
Going by way of Vancouver the two
4 churchmen will first visit Japan. Prom
there they will go to Hawaii, the 80
! clety Islands, Samoa. New Zealand.
Tonga, Tahiti. Australia and South
Africa. A visit will then be mad to
Palestine and after leaving the Holy
j Land the two missionaries will visit
most of the branches of the European
During the pat week Apostle Mc
Kay has been guest of honor at two
testimonials held In Ihis city. n l'n
. day evening members of the Pourth
ward, where Apostle McKay b:.s re
sided for many years, gathered in the
ward hall where a program of music
and speeches and dancing was en
joyed. A feature of the gathering was
I PSIe 1
One of First Six in Country
With Grading Over
Ogden with a score of 711 points
I holds second place of all cities and
town m the state in the number and
efficiency of the measures taken to
control venereal diseases, Bait Lake
leads the state with 769 points. Den
ver made c?3. Colorado Springs 01.
ban FranciSCO. 750. Dos Angeles 6.0. ;
Hone 331. and Reno 6.
These i allot-' are disclosed in a re
cent survey mads by the United states
public to iHh servlm of the 444 laic-
est cities of the country. The scores
are based upon s possible 1000 points.
The data obtained wers In answer 10 j
approximately 300 questions regard
ing medical, legal, educational and
general co-operntlvc measures In force'
I in these communities on February 1.
1 1820.
Authorities issuing the report call
attention t- the fact that the grades
I by no means indicate the amount ol 1
'venereal disease existing in these a '
.' rlous citlcV Some cities may be grad 1
ed high because they have had so j
much venereal disease and prostitu
tion thai it has been necessary to in- j
augurato vigorous measures for com-,
bating them, while some small cities
may be . graded low because It has:
I seemed unnecessary to them to estab-l
1 llsh clinics and adopl th.- other meas-1
I ures for which high grades are award
sd. I Portland. OregO.nt with a grade of
I 795, made the best showing. Six oth
er Cities grading over 700 are Salt j
j Dake Pity, 1 icrt.-n, ;-:ntd KapbH, 1 .
.Moines, Taconia, San Francisco andi
Spoan f the ten cities classed as;
having 500.000 or more inhabitants, j
Detroit leads with s score of 614; Los
Angeb-s Is second, with 670 and New
, York thud with 527. Baltimore is
I sixth with 414 and Chicago seven tn
: with 408. Washington scored 407(
I The public health service announces
I that another survey will be made of
1 th- same cities cat ly in 1921.
The telephone rang.
"Is the editor there?"
He was and he hurried to the
It was the Rev. John V. Hys
lop .spakl 1 g
"Had you heard they found that
tray of diamonds'.'"
"Xo, where?" replied the news
paper men, registering great ex
citement and interest.
"In a deck of cards."
"Who was 'It caught you with
that joke?" the rector was asked.
'Oh, never mind," he said, and
hung up.
the presentation of a valise to Apostle
Mt Kiv i members of the ward He
1 was aiso presented with a watch chain
charm containing s miniature photo-'
.graph of Mrs. McKay, by the Sunday
I school workers of the Ogden. North
Weber Normal college
Apostle McKay's services In OCClesl-j
astlcal, educational and el ic affairs'
will be missed (luring his absence from
the city and state. That Apostle Me
Kay has a genuine desire fop the pro-;
lection and mora; advancement of the
oung people was manifest in his de-j
sire expressed last Tuesday nighi thai
when he rrturne, from his missionary
trip he might see the Weber Collegel
gymnasium completed and ready for
For best paints at less cost
j call on Pioneer Paint Mfg. Co..
IH. L. Griffin, Mgr. 415 23d St.
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for "ker" Gift
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- . 1
Must Care for Fores?
Lands Says Bulletin
Lumber shortage and high prices
have brought before the American
public during the past two years, a
realization that forests of this country
must he taken care of and thnt useless
waste of valuable. Umber b forest
fires and other causes must be elimin
ated, according to announcements in
the forest service news letter.
It Is reported that as a direct result
of the lumber shortage and the accom-
' lying high prices, that thero is a
shortage of homes in the United Stutns
that amounts Into the hundred thous
ands. Worn the timber supply ade
quate the building condition of the na
tion could be quickly relieved, It la
Curtailment of industries is another
phaSI of tho timber problem which has
broght more acutely before the Ameri
can mind tho need of forest protection,
the article s.i j .
Unless stringent measures nre taken
for the protection of all remaining
forests In the United States, the coun
try will Miffer, It was asserted.
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lieve's 0. e r
To Be Sung liere
Christmas Eve
4 H
Hero in one of the songs to bo sung.
In Ogden Christmas eve by groups of(
Christmas SVs carolers in costume.
Everybody who can sing is Invited t
take part in this Christmas eve car-,
ollng and they are urged to famili ir
ize themselves with tho words to this
carol. Others will be published at la
ter dates.
Here are" the words to "Silent.
night' Holy night!
All Is calm, all is briffht.
Round vou virgin mother and child.
Holy Infant so tender md mild
Sleep In heavenly peac?,
Sleep In heavenly peace.
Silent night! Holy night!
Shepherds quake at the sight.
Glories stream from Heav'n afar,
Heavenly hosts sing Alleuls
Christ the Saviour Is born.
Christ the Saviour is born.
Silent night' Holy night!
Love of God love'b light.
Rndiant beams from Thy holy face.
With the dawn of redeeming grace.
Jesus. Lord. at Thy birth;
Jesus. Lord, at Thy birth.
Four Millions for j
Roads Voted in Utah
Information on state highway bonds,
voted upon ut the November election,
has been received at the local forestry
servlc office.
The list shows that Utah voted a
bond for tate highways amounting to
Wyoming voted n bond of ?.S00.000
while Nevada voted an even rullllan
dollars to bo expended in state high
way work
Othei tates and the amount of
manej VOted for road building pur
poses nre as follows.
Missouri, $co,ouo.ooo Bllnnesol u
$7.ri,ooo.ooo; West Virginia, sso.ooo,-
Q00; Colorado, $6.000.0Imi and Idaho,
SJ , '. tot , ! 1 1 1 S 1 !' J.iojo.imo.i Mn.
aiding acts were passed in Kansas and
Virginia, the latter directing the le
Islature to otu bonds to tho extent of
$50,000,000. Highway bond Issuer,
were defeated as follows: Florida,
Jl'O.uOO.OOO, Montana, $15,000,000;
Washington. $30,000,1100; Now Mexico
is, 000, 000, totaling $67,000,000. The
states have passed issues for hlgh--uv
bonds since 1918: Alabama. 125,
000,000; Illinois, $t;n DO 10 Michi
gan, $r'0.ooo,oo. Pennsylvania, $50.-
(100,000; California. $40, 000. "mi .
Oregon, $22,500,000, Maine $10 000.-
ooo. south Dakota, $4,500,000; Mary
land $3,000,000, totaling $272,800,000.
The empire of Morocco Is wholly
without a newspaper published with
in ito. borders, '
Discoiifeue Floor
Work at Arsenal
, Vork on the floors of the various
buildings at the Ogden Arsenal has
! been discontinued until nexl spr.ng
1 on account of weather conditions, ac
, cording to Captain Qra Bundy, offi
cer in charge of the government work
Concrete work on seven of the
floors, however, has been . mpot i
and the other work on these build
... being 1 j i" i
Foundations for twenty-four of the
various buildhiKS at the arsenal have
been completed and work on the other
:o-mdationsis underway. PfJ
Seven magixzlnes will be completed WM
nd i i tor .M
mg to Captain Bundy. The finishing 1
U. he; loiIl,ir)-.s as Well a
the finishing tr.u he-. Un the admin- WM
tetratlon building will be made during (SB
the present week. The buildings to- KM
ffether with the fire and guard houses ISi
will be ready for use within the next
I seven days.
Salt for the roofing of the admin- H
; 1st ration building has arrived from 1
, Vermont. other materials for othei V
ire arriving W
daiiy Jt s stated.
Your Oppwtunity I
f$h to Save I
jV This store is one always
known for the splendid
1 tfttjfe quality of its merchandise.
'J4 -"v"" Yet we are offering I
All Wool I
$25 to $50 fl
Depsite the fact that the
; ' wholesale prices have not
;J been reduced anywhere near J
M tnese reductions, we are are
j M j willing to pocket this loss
W-, ' ' Which is your gain and
iS" take our chances on market
J conditions next spring.

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