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hxhibit may Be Held Here
During Annual Livestock
Show: Interest Shown
fusl apropos the ;iiii livestock ihow
JHU which will hi' held In f,dcn January
piaaj ". 7 and 8 there Is some talk amonK
vWS 'lUl dealers of tho city respecting the
''J :jlfia advisability of holding an automobile
rVfJH and tractor show at the same time In
jfcll eonjuctlon with the livestock exhibit.
Bfl It Is expected that the Automotive At
ffjBKJ oelatlon of ogden will take the mat
fjH i or up for discussion and derision at
ItVb a meeting which may be held tomor-
hflH it said by some of t) dealt ri that
QHn It would be an opportune time to e4"
?NflH lilblt the various rnjto moil' Is handh-o
PdlB by home dealers, the theory advanced
H being thai thr. b many irlsitori
St the stock show from all paitv
SflH the Intermountaln country who will
ie much Interested In th- auto snp
Stock growers from all parts of t'tub.
'm Idaho. Wyoming, Nevada and Colo-
idffl i ado will be in attendance and man)
pal of them, no doubt, will have In mind
ifflHa ihc purchase of new maohines and.
agyM besides an exhibition of the car mod-
S?9fH els would be of great Interest to all
Ak ' who vlsll the rtocl ardi whethei or
5liflH not they contemplate rfi&klng a pur-
Wnl . hase. It is also contended by some1
':M of the local dealers that there can
he no question but that sufficient cars!
IHB would be sold during the thrcM -day I
r.' period of the exhibition to much more
?StW than pay the vvpenso of conducting
tjjKflHfl the show and that the automobile
fj-EsH function at the grounds would be an
attractive feature of the entire dcm-
W4o)B onslralion.
QH While there are no buildings at ,
HB the stockyards for the purpose of
Hf automobile show, it .intended by'
fl those who favor the exhibit Ion that
H large tents could be Installed for the,
Jf housing of the ears Inn little
expense. The tents could be readily
heated b si v. i lua I. ir. the
fi division of the general i a
H cozy retreat for the visitors it Is.
V said that ample ground for the auto
H"fl demonstration may be had and thai;
i he Btocfc oclatioi vould
fj3 mr " " coiik ' ) en . i ..rise.
HI from furnishing an attractive feature
1 JJ lor i he main show, it would place
'iTlinB 1 'ctlen on the map aB i H ml
W bile re n'e i- showing thai ill the pew
aljBI models of cars are carried by the deal-
flflfld ere In Ogden and that auto accessor-
BHH lei may be round in the
HHHs As an advertising proposition it
HHI quite certain that the auto -how would
EHjfl be worth while. There are some di
HV) ers, however, who are of the opinion
Plflf i that the project is not feasible, tin.
J" to the Season of the ;ir and also
aHHkJ lack of accommodations for the
HHj proper showing and demonstrating
HHHs of the machines. They also contend
rHHJg that the returns on the project would
B not Justify the expense which Would
be Incurred, if thc... objections mnj
CMT be overcome It is quite likely that a..
'ilnlW automobile demonstration will be
jffiH made.
H' Speaking of ihe auto show proppsl-
29PM l0n lne otner daj one oT Ihe
3fllflB dealers said.
I think that tin- auto men of Og-
i'iwvl dcn cun we" afro,"(l to spend a little
IjWj money If for no other purpose than
' Sfcf t0 0oo8t tnc MvostOCK .show ind make
SfJjDBl 11 aS attractive as possible n wouin
jajffl be worth the effort and the email
Sfl amount of monev expend .1 even ,i
. we did m-t sen ., - ,. i, woula
IBJ show that we are on tho job and have
fi!W something worth looking at In the auto
f line i think we o igh to li i up
ijaj ft couple of big tents and fill then.
J with some of our nlfn e rs bo tro-
people at hum(. and visitors from
J abroad may know we have the auto
IBS Roods on lap i am read to join the
H rpst of the boys m making an auto
V: ' demonsn .n. n foi ) , .
'By Interna iion.tl N'ewn s;, rvl ., (
BOSTON, Dec 1 - The Fupreme ju-'
dlclal court Ih called upon to decide I
an interesting question in the suit .if
j Solomon Shine, a shoe salesman,
against the New York. N- v, Haven ..
j Hartford railroad for injuries re
ceived when r cinder entered his eye.
Shine, who is 75 years old, boarded a
j train at Taunton, September in 1917.
and Bat npar an open window. He
i claims he suffered an injurv from a
I piece of cinder from the locomotive
The case was reported lo a full bench
by Judge Raymond If the court find?i
for him. Shine will receive lam '
1 ages.
Eventually Will Eliminate the
Short Rail Hands, Dealer
while railroad trains will continue
i., come and continue to go for many
years, the writing on the wall" In
dicates, that their scope of activities
will become more and more limited 10
continuous and long hauls as time
l.asse and civilisation becomes more
completely motorised, betimes Manag
er C II Sanders of the Ogden Olds
; mobile company, distributing Ulds
, mobile motor ears In Ogden and vi
: clnlt
"Signs of the times are very easy
to read, they all indicnie that motor
transportation Is Just beginning and
that the time will come when It will
dominate the short haul field ' de
clares Sanders.
"A few weeks ago. when the rail
roads made a big rai-e in passenger
and frelht rates, ati eastern paper
ru.Mle a v el . rlineiit . onim-nt on
this subject under the headline. Are
the Choo-choo Cars to Pass As Short
Haul Carriers '
"Another big boost in railnay.
frelKht and passenger rates, ind'.n-
other ''ig boom for the hlp-by-truok
for short haul movement and the
travel-by-auto fashion, wrote the edi
tor. 'And why not'.' To Ship by freight
usuall meuns, In addition to th( haul
by train, two hauls by trucks one to
the car in which the freight la loaded;
and one from It to the place where (
the goods are wanted.
"Once they are on the truck unless,
the distance is treat the growing
disposition is to ru6h them to their
ultimate destination without furthei
troublesome and expensive handling
and dela
'Naturally the Increase in rail and:
ship rates will make travel by auto
mobile mote popular than e r People
art even going all the way from Bos-I
tou to California by autos because the!
rail ratea are s.. high. Scori h of fam
ilies :rf Planning to go to Florida by
auto this winter In order that they j
may cut out the big cost of Retting j
ihcre bj steamer and train'
II sew
Surgery for Tires for All
Makes of Cars 's Latest
Automobile Field
As an innovation In the tire field,
the traveling repair scbooj claims the
latest honors The school Is carrying
free to the vulcanise! of ihe cotntry
the newest developments In tire surg-1
er slot or 1st a me cashing in on this I
in obtaining better tire repairs
Car owners have heard so much j
abotll guarding against the Ills tot
Which tires fall heir Jhat this first i
attempt In a national way to set at'
lb.' rOOl of much of the trouble Is!
awakening general interest The pur- j
pose underlying the lectures is to
make better n palrmen through af
fording them ati opportunity to pre-1
sent ihelr particular tire problems )
for solution. Tire dealers In tho cities'
visited are attending In large num
bers, irrespective of the make of tire1
thOy handle.
In each city the sessions of the,
school .ire held in a centrally located i
hotel easily accessible to the automo
bile district. There are both after
noon and evening meetings. Formal!
addresses are followed by round table
conferences. The meetings are valu-
able not only from an inspirational
standpoint, but in spreading the gos-
pel of sclentlfn tire repair.
Imohfl tlie cities visited have been
Pittsburg DetfOlt and Philadelphia.
Chicago and Milwaukee arc next on,
the schedule vhich covers the ent.i
United Stntes The lecturer is the
manager r the Miller tire repair!
school at Akron, O.
The school is in full accord wnli.
the demand of motorists that the men
to whom thev entrust their tires foi
repair he thoroughly competent
Mount Fuji in Japan has heal
enough in some of its steaming fis
sures to permit eggs to boil.
To the Friends of
y Our Customers
It is always a pleasure for us to
serve the friends and associates of
those who have already purchased
an Overland. Willys-Knight or Cad
illac car.
Our position in the community id
based not on promises, but on satis
faction already rendered.
Each new buyer of an Overland.
Willys-Knight or Cadillac car in Og
den is an additional incentive to uil
to justify this confidence by main
taining the high character of our
service to owners.
Come in and talk with us you
are always welcome.
Browning Auto Co,
Overland Willys-Knight Cadillac
2450 Grant Ave. Phone 2281 j
Steps to Promote Travel
to Nation's Playground
Taken by A. A. A.
WASHINGTON. Dec. j Unanimous
uppronl to the early linking up of tl.e
national park-lo-park hlnhwoy was
given bj the American Automobile ns
- latlon at a well-attended meeting of
the executive hoard held at Itl mali.
headquarters In the national capital
with President I'avl-1 Jameson in the
chair. While great!) increased thous
ands of road tourlsis visited the na
tional parks during the past summer.
It i realised that these playprounds
of the nation will not serve their max-
Imum purpose until hichwuv connec
tions are ,stahlis!ied Of SUCll eliai..
ter ai! to make it possible for i ho trav
eler to plan hi journev SUCOeiSfjllly
and oonvenlently Even II oonKress
dissents from (rrantln( a specific ap
propriation for connected roods to
these scenic and recreation areas. It Is
certain that the atales will see to it
Mi t their apportionments of federal
roail money win not disregard this hn
portan vvork. besides nrhlco, In, some
Instances, even the counties will he
helpful in the premises
in the laying out of the park-to-park
route this year, the A- A. A.
supplied 18 a pathfinder Its experi
enced field representative, A l. West
ward, w ho has a t,-uiscontiio rial tout ing
record. Stephen T Mather, n
rector of the national parks service,
lent valuable aid to President Gua
iioims and his fellow enthusiast! oi
the. park-tb -park undertaking which
encompasses a doseh parks and monu
ments and passes through as many
siules. At the Denver meeting of the
highwa: . . . M . mi the Zion park in
Utah was added to the list
The A. A A at Its meeting here
Went on record against the proposed
irilKatlon reservoirs in the VallB RlVt i
ha.stn of the Yellowstone, such action
it was asserted would mean opening no
the way for the commercialization of
the national paries.
in I ERN vnn . VGRJ l mini
FOr those Americans- w ho have time
and opportunity to Indulge In foreign
road travel while their own country
la providine. itself with Inter-state
highways, the American Automobile
association is gradually renewing the
conveniences which existed prev ious to
the war. The most recently added
thins has lo do with securing the
trlptyouc is.eied by the ToOrink club
of Uelglum be f org taking ship for tho
other side The A A A. Issues the
document to members and guarantees
the return of the car to the United
States before the deposit is returned
to Its owner With the utomoblle
Awiociatlon of Great Urltain a slmllai
arrangement was consummated sever
al months ago. and It Is not unlikely
that other countries will be provided
tor In the same nvnnner.
It Is expected, howovcr, that In tho
. omparatlvely near future, the Interna
tional Touring alliance, of which the I
A. A. A. Is the American member,'
will be able to establish with the prlr.-
clpal Kuropoan countries the interna
tional trlptyque to supplement the in
ternational plate of Identity whereby
the car owner cun obtain from his
home government a number which
takes care of the registration of the
car and Its driving. Unfortunately.'
the United States is not a signatory to
this International agreement, but In;
ihe present congress the s. A. A- and;
the other motoring organisations with
which It co-operates will make a de-l
termlncd effort to have Included In the
Sweet-Pillman bill a section covering
th,- entrance of this country into the
International convention. This meas
ure has for its principal purpose the
recognition by all slates of the regis
tration licenses issued bv one another
oo . ,
Speed One of Essentials in
Farm Life: Trucks Prove
The farmer of today has modern
ised hiniself with the motor and. in
keping with the limes, employes an
automobile lo convey him hither and j
von In the swifter pursuit of his busi
ness that of supplying the market I
with his produce.
Slowly the tiller has accepted the j
d an..- ..f the automobile Into hln;
domain. Entrenched behind his faith-',
fill horse, he successfully defied the I
rnechunlcal product While it rmnln-j
0d In Its infancy, considered by the
majority an a thing of wonder and B-We
as it spluttered and gasped its va"
LlOnf the highroads Crude In ltd
means of propulsion and construction, ,
Fifei accepted by the business world I
answering the demand where instant
service Is considered primarily, the
automobile jumped ahead in tmprov
mcnt, carrying with its Increased effi
flency the business of the world
Mlowly at first and then more
quickly, the farmer realised th'- best
efforts of his Dobbin offered no coin
parlson to the service of till motor
Grudgingly the automobile vv'as taken
into (he farmer s service. From n
Strlotly passenger eonveyanco to a
can y-all. the nut., leaped to Ms plane
las the realization reached the farmer,
that in order to keep his production
Ven with consumption of the populace
he must keep in time with ii move
ments. The farm and the automobile are
dally entering Into a closer relation
ship A passing machine at first arous
ed farm animals to a high state of 6X-
oltement, but now at Parmei Smith
passes his herd of bovine rpiadroupeds
In his new touring car the only indi
cation that their calm has been pierc
ed Is a second's cessation of the cud
To the Instant demand of the food
j market the automobile serves the
farmer with a surety and 'juk kness
iunciuaiio by any other conveyance,
Its economy Is superior to any other
I means of transportation, and tho
means to which It can be adapted arc
unlimited and numberless. The sim
plicity of Its operation removes any
i mdicap from tho farmer when l- be
comes necessary for him to attend
" other duties and other members of
his family are requisitioned to drive.
The automobiles handiness Is there
fore Its saving Kiace on the furm. and
It in no little woudor that the hurry
up load to tho market Is bundled Into
the back, be It either calf or pig, or
fruit and vegetables.
An automatic safeguard against
ovorheatlng was recently Invented i.v
B, ear owner. Tho ground for the Ig
nition current was mad by solderir.K
a copper wire to the top of the rear
cylinder When their is too much
heat, the solder melts and the engine
automatically stops.
Mew Factory Nearly Ready to
Start on Orders Now
on Hand
S M Spang, a representative of the!
Aero-Cushion Tiro company, has re
turned from San Pranclsob, Oakland:
and San Jose, where he was called on I
btibiness in connection with the com-1
pany..and reports a remarkable in-1
crease in the growth of the aulomo
'bile accessory business on the coast.
Three years ago," says Mr. Spang,
"tho average business man was skep-1
j Ileal about giving the aero-cushion in-1
'nor tire o trial, niinnly because it was
new, but now many well known firms
make a prerequisite condition thai
i the automobile purchased by them i
Imusl be equipped with ?he aero-tush-1
ion tire. For them the dread tire trou- i
,ble has been solved the motoring bug-1
jaboo eliminated-and efficiency at
tained." When asked about the progress of
I the new Ogden plain. Mr. Spang said
that the brick building and largo base
i iunt at ihe corner of Twent;. -ninth
street and Union avenue (near the,
Sperry mills). have been completed
for some lime awaiting the arrival of
Ihe machinery ftrdm Erie, r.nd notwith
standing, the rush order which was t
; riven last May. the equipment has ju9t
I commenced lo arrive and is being rap
! idly Installed A large order for raw)
: rubber has been given to a San Pran-1.
1 cIsco firm and the various chemicals j
Used in the preparation of tho rubber
jhave been also ordered from Los .An
geles. "It takes time to assemble all i
'the machinery for it Is complicated,)
!but we are crowding things as last ;s
' wf can. We are doing everything to
I get th- factory started as quickly as
I possible Enough orders are awaiting
fulfillment lo keep the plant running
for month
"The people of Ogden," continued
Mr. Spang, "have no idea of the possi I
b. lilies or this new acquisition in their,
industrial imporiance. The first rub-1
j ber factory which started in Akron I
! did not have one tenth the promising
'outlook that this factory has- and now
Akron is tho recognized tire manufac
i luring city of Ihe world."
One of Best Supporters on
National Expenses, De
clares Hains
'The automobile Industry ik one of
the world s preatest industrial taxpay
ers" says U L llains. manager Ogden
Motor Car Co., local dealer In Chevro-.
b-t passenger and colttfherclal cars
"For every automobile manufac
tured 'In the I'nlted States, approxim
ately $25 Is paid In taxes to the fed
eral government. The rales vary In
all countries, but in the United SI -and
Canada, which lead tho world in;
automobile manufacturing, a substan
tial sum la contributed car h year to
the governmental treasuries.
i in a norm..! b.i - pi oducl ion
of more than I.jOo.uOO motor cars
annually the manufacturers of the
United States are. at the present time,
paying into the federal treasury the
enormous sum of approximately $(.
000,000 annually. 1'art of this Is. of
course, emergency taxes.
"This revenue is in addition to tho
license fees and usscasiiients levied on
motor car owners by th governments
of stales and provinces.
"In 1 9 1 1 license fees paid by auto
mobile owners In the United S' tea
and used for highway construction
and maintenance purposes, were suf
ficient to bulbl ,'ou miles of highway
Statistics available for tho flscnli;
year ending Julv 1 show a tremond-j
ons pain in the number of motor ve
hicles In the Uplted Stales and Canada.
This means thai in both countries the
amount contributed by the automobile
industry to the support of the govern
ment Will be higher in lUIiU than ev , :
Automobile Transportation Is
Provinq Helpful Factor in
United States
"A feature of motor truck transpor-,
tation that in saving manufacturer!
and shippers thousands of dollars Is
that of reducing breakage and damags
of goods In transit to a minimum
Bggl, giajiawore, china, porcelain
goods not lo mention, other break
able articles are how being trans-1
ported by motor trucks over distance!
from :'o to 300 miles on all kinds
of roads, with a breakage average
that Is almost nil. says J T. Carper.
of the Oreai western .Motor compan
When siieh fads an- taken Into
consideration, and compared with the
hlkh ave-ae,, ,,f ,n,kei a lid damaged
goods handled by othei transportation
methods, i Ills additional saving re
duces the cost of motor truck trans
portation unite materially.
"Another feature of the motor truck
that stin further Increases this sav
ing lo that of tin- almost total lack of
theft of goods while H, iransu With
thu careful selection of drivers and
helpers now being exercised b motoi
truck transportation companies, and
with the almost total lack of oppor-1
tunlty for other hands ihan thOSfl of
the driver to come In contact with tin
goods bO shipped, It can be' seen thai
such thefts are practically Impossi
ble. "It would not surprise me that Ihe
time is not far distant, if it has not
already arrived, when shippers will
give preference to motor truck trans
portation Undoubtedly this redut tlou
of loss from theft will eventually
cause a reduced rate ,,r ;l special low
rati by insuranco companies that Is
Hiie policies against losses of this na
ture. "
k oo
One of tho largest memorials In the
world is thru of General i s Qrant,
to hp dedicated next spring in Hie hie
tankal gardens at Washington.
Women are always impressed by f
the quiet good taste of its uphol-
stery and interior fittings. f
They appreciate, too, the ease '
with which it can be driven, and j
its unvarying economy.
j The consumption it nnuiuaJlr Itwt Is
j Tho tire milaage is
Sixty-six Exhibits Scheduled
to he Shown in 1921
Motor Classic
NEW YrtK The greatest auto
DlObllC show in the history of the
I'nlted States is scheduled to takej
place i" New York City In Ihe coining
.i the first automobile show ever
hebl in this country, which look place
at Madison Square Garden in Novem
ber, 1900, there were In all sixty- J
ilx exhibits. At the twenty-first an
nual New York show to be held In !
Grand Central Palace from January sj
to January IS, 1921. there will bo;
iH'.nlx lOO exhibitors of motor carsi
And motor car accessories, and ol
this vast total eigbty-aeven axhiblori
win Hhow different makes of cars, I
This does not mean that only cljfhly-se-en
automobiles will be on the floor,
as each manufacturer will display sev
eral model- and it l estimated that
about 3i0 ours will he shown.
The comipK show, which Will occupy
four floors of the piiluce, each floor
n city square block, win demonstrate
the wonderful strides made in the
automobile Industry. Only those who
attended the flral show, back in 1000,
when motor cars wore considered al
most freaks, and,- In fact, when com
pared with the present models, were
freaks, can realize Ihe vast Improve
ment. KIM kRKAl
Tiu-re were no palatial limousines,
no Btatel) sedans and no rakish look
ing tourln? cars at the Initial exhibi
tion, but Jit-i model, th.it proved some
sar-seoing business men wer- aw.ik
Snlng to the beginning of what now
is the third largest industry In the
New York's annual aulomoblb
show. which is a twin brother to the
Chicago exposition held later in the
month, h.is because a national Institu
tion. Manufacturers of and dealers
in every make of car vie with each
other t. stare an exh'bit of beauty."
but there also is a practical aide to
each display. Th- Jaie.-it mocb-lx n(
car.', of course, are shown. A big
factor In the coming hou will be the kfl
feeling of cnrftldence the dealers are . H
ilfesting .I the outlook foi tho JH
automobile Industry tor iszi. it al
read) appears thai despite thi deprei
1 sion evident at certain periods of this H
year, liexl season will show a whole-
sbme Thi eeal spots
been found a fid where not enllrelv
eradicated, h:i- been strengthened
mad hat i p"
laiis'f- number of Pars will be sold :
the show.
Automobiles for every nocketbook
will be on the floor of the palace when
ih, show opens. There will he IVrnou
Inea for millionaires, touring cat's for
iIp- man who Ikis not made his million
yet, ae.ii runabouts for the man who
i never expects to make a million. Prac
tlcall) make of automobile that
has earned .i place in the motor car
' industry will he represented.
From the present outlook the New
York how ii Januarj should be the
of automobil'-'
; ever seen in one collection In this
m now see Paris from JK,
Ihe air. A company has arranged for
tOUrtng airplanes, each carrying SO
passengers, to fly over the city every
Sunday An interpreter points ' Hj
I the Interesting buildings to the vis-
I itors.
m 1
The Reason Hudson I
Leads in Style I
VERY day vo see Hudson, two and three I
, '7T'ff7cST)m years old. which, both in performance and fl
Jljwss style, nitwit well be judged oi recenl production. fl
v;mtS First, because Hudson design has never been
I)V guided b caprice ll has nevei soughl attention
Xw through dubious extremes. It has always been
y too sure of what are the essential permanencies
of beauty and dignity.
The Foremost Performance Car
1 he advance ideas you will always find in
Hudson But they must earn their right to
belong That fact established its leadership of
motor style.
And with its eminence as creator of mode
Hudson performance holds unquestioned posi
tion By every way open to proof it has shown
7 Passenger Phaeton $2400 j tS SUDremaCV.
4 Patsenocr Phaeton $2400 r
Cabriolet 30oo
7 P..MnBtr Cse50o Ssmo These are the sufficient reasons why Hudson
un,ro,u,0ineUmouslne Hooo fp five years has led the sales of all fine cars.
Ogden Motor Car Co. j I
1345-55 Hudson Avenue
Ogden, Utah

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