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I Only Sixteen Shopping Days Till Xmas 1
j tomorrow is the first of t!io last sixteen iSfflK. All QlIDTQ IM i
davs we'll have in whieh to shop for AW 'yf tOL L.L, UIXE.DD OrkliX 1 O in
! Christmas. Vv? r :: m FINAL CLEARANCE I
I J again We remind you that it will soon be l2T(C)ZCly " ' iflSJ I jl Tomorrow is the opening day of the final sale of J
I too late to shop early. EL 'Wifca. women's dress skirts. The entire stock has been
I . r . !! c xi a -- ' atefc YfWx divided into two lots for quick celling. At these
if Only We eOUld Convince yOU Of the ad- XT WBpl mSWv r prices the finished skirt may be bought for less than
I vantage of shopping early in the day, we A&LC OfJljM7l (tfPfyC 17 f S the actual cost of the materials
I are sure that many of you would reverse J l&r- SyO 'U c J w u h ( k
the usual order of things and shop before Vr vaiuea up to 122.50.... to sin, on sale. . . $4.3D J
I- i noon- J i
. 4U . a, i l There's a lot of early shopping being clone in the Handkerchief f N
, i f::x,:rt;zt - $15 "rack sale" 1 I
tentlOn. handkerchiefs in folders- boy scout handkerchiefs- box handkerchiefs - Pint F,fty 8armcnt8- including suits, coats and dresses arc
I m m J A Movable Mannequins, very attrac- p,)V BC0Ut handkerchiefs with col SwIm handkerchiefs daintily em- to be placed on one rack tomorrow to be closed out a
I TOniT Vfe T M !nhrth.r:X on' ' l;r:;:;rV.::ii::'MlV;;,;'i:;:vb''x- U- at 15. Of course, every garment ,s worth so much
j rvJL aJL Jf JL3L iv..,, IDC ZUC 'nuaii.y .,,... ,h,.,,im, . morc that we hestitate t0 menlion lne original selling i
I JTDa WOMEN'S HANDKERCHIEFS tors gift. fyr J 1 .UU OLZD M.DU ill . a 1 I
A GOOD P1AB TO TRADE Handkcrchlefe for women and girls, Each ZOC SWI68 HANDKERCHIEFS Worn- pnCe- Come and look over this offering but come g
f with embroidered cornera, a color handkerchiefs for boyc en'e handkerchiefs of sheer cambric early. We expect the rack to be clean by noon. h
I' V , in1 whl", CM ftft ,, , . ,, " m attractive DOXI i; 6 in B bOX I' tfl
I Special, 6 for pl.UU ' handkerchiefi plain white, PrjC( cM or J
1 s . L -iffl novelty handkerchiefs linen, cotton and allk. also colored iach 5)l.JJto3)j s i
(55r.-r J (ffBK ' fTtl 1!,,x handkerchlpfH for slfi.- I" bnr.l.r- ,.,..,,.,! -,m f.,i HAND EMBROIDERE D Q
a Bf r Gmi ' - women and glrln: 3 in box: ombroi- (hebov. ,.rl,., ; f , h.-unif,,! !,n.- of hand nibroiWp,i FOI7 0 01?C dF S
1 ... JH t 4 Sedscorncrp ln wa-ico'- ' r.n fn zi:r:'j: 50 DKLbbhb $4.95 5 M
KWprK?f Jf"" ' ,T box jOC and b5c IOC to 3)1.50 pic ". 'V 50C to $4.50 Hl11 class gingham dresses that have been selling up to
HHlj" HShSHmm4' 'IfSI $24.75 and a number of Jack Tar togs that are values to
! JHHEffii . v Fancy Towels Make Sensible Gifts lT:edwztlz
"?.rr- JC-v : house wear, they are not house dresses but are such styles
- S pSr' yl''J'! Every season we sell more of these attractive embroidered towels and towel sets for as one would wear on the street Many prudent women will I
S?p7 MVr '" "S glftS- ThC' S attractlVe' SO Useab,e and so inexpensive to buy. bUV nV UCXt yearS USe
iSBBSH b HtyWttjTH- ' ,! rurklsh towelt mud. "t K'd ah idi k.w.-I ..! in h..x- .-..il-liir; vxhltf hat In h. d pnad h.nutiful
BSl'rilnfflRDUuflftr -rhant cotton, double (hrend qua f uno larco fancy mud. on- i . . ipialiu. -m.., i.-.i iz. ' dn or UHD V XI J C X ADTIPI 17 Q ?
I i1"" " r'inWlnWl1 'M sI,-oiaI. OQ i'w-l :m.l on.- wash (f0 9Q t- ! I -i I . ..in-i ".1) 1 VUlV 1 1 VjliILi 1 Ai 1 AVLillO
T ylWtWil "aCh '!n,h W00L "ATT8-I3.76 wool batu Fnfif I in I nwAVPrl PnV a M
A large bath towels-I.u TURKISH TOWEL SCTS - 33 15 tor large qullta, criss-cross carded; CJlOTe Line LOWereQ I HCCS J
S apwMB heavy bleached Turkish toweli tor 1 '"" J Tu,Bh '" ' 1 ' 1,1 boxea; good quality t9 Qi; The entire line of the famous Pyralin ivory toilet articles ?
m I bath, alie 20x42 Inches; regular 75 SftajT $2 ' ' . P.JJ goes on sale at sharp reduction beginning tomorrow. These
IT" II 711 I PAAMnn A Tr-" WP rZuANBwiBur'inTu amoskeag outing- tnos are the high grade kinds that are wanted lor Christmas gifts. I
! I IT WILL SOON BE LATE TO ; Wc L0:'HyA,w,?,?;Hr:- ;;;s;:r;,; v.; 3 PUff b0Xe, receivers, coid cream rs,
1 colored border towels towels with waab cloth to match; dark and medium 'or perfume bottles, hp ir combs and brushes, jewel boxes, mir-
RI Y A If 17 U I A '' " t'1'"1""'1 wish .oh.r.d utiabie roi $1 q v.,r.i JOC rors, buffers, brush travs. etc. Those expecting to give these
J DKJ 1 IYI-LiIIA. iS2!S:nS,,ieaY7 e,ght fiW i;':TTr . 01.4O fancy pillow cases-i-.,., lor Christmas will do well to make early selections.
I This Christmas sale of hand-made Maderia has attracted so many f " t'l'n ! :ihh 7Sr R'pplette bed spreads 4 26 scalli lembr red ,.d to a I
buyers that we need to remind you that selections should be made ' 1 lDl ' . n , .
j now. These wonderful linens embroidered by hand with such fancy towels-k,, ,., " $3.48 val ' r0' SECOND FLOOR OFFERS MANY 1
wonderful skill make gifts that are sure to bring lasting pleasure , . i.., sati n bed SPREADS $7.50 Pair $2.68 y..Jr 1V1Ai 1
to the recipient. Sfi ' n bed spreads f embroidered cases-- SENSIBLE GIFTS I
Maaen. .pkIs $g My Center , ... 79C SS;" P"""h $6.75 V0Cfl Read llst of useable gills that are offered on the Second
801 or 9lx ' 3J.iy to OlZ fancy Turkish towels- SCALLOPED BED SPREADS $11 white, also colon 3Z.JO Floor beginning tomorrow. Note, too, how sharply many of the
I Maderia Babv A0on Maderia Table Coren i.uuy Turkish towns , L.0,i size " : ' : 1 da. scalloped, daylight CASES $6.30 seal prices have been lowered for this weeks selling.
Pillows dZ.j" to 2)0 CMC fcOyi 7C with colored bordpr. f..r chrlatmas "' ,r,rn""' ejctra lh 'oped daj i sea, mude of special ' f
I A Cplj to 0)j4.j HO k 5 00 OC irade muslin beautifully embroi Wompn's; Rjitli Rohp; Tiirk parfs: pfp Bj
.Madr-r.a T:99n i. ro or dm 9oc ' ! vv.LD cc aq rvoDes uiris dearly eic 4hH
Dollies ibZ.jy to 3)0 Scarfs . . . $ J.OJ to J 1U . ARrP CAKirv rBt B , raised pattern spreads- Special 3)J.4o Women'a bath robes made ol bes Children's (scarfs bats and stock- j
LMttut i-ainuy lOWELS-Knin white ailn bed Spreads, with HEMSTITCHED SHEETS 7"i C0D clo,h lu;l11 a,Kl dark COlOta, ing caps in dark and light colors,
ppT rii pnrril A O ThT Turkish towel Master qualit beautiful raised pattern; rood lartr. ,i..u, i,. -..in. .1 M-.--.-fv -..,-.( i he"v 'rimm.-d wiih Mik braid and satin some of these are slightly soiled.
TEN SHOE SPECIALS IN $1.48?. $8.25 $198 -SSa1?.... $10.95 55ar.? 50c )
DOWNSTAIRS STORE " TT . Coat Sweaters Girls' Wool Middies j
j This great Downstairs Shoe -Store continues to attract crowds ol wo Wool Goods NeedleWOrk CliriStmaS fXif- 3T2. ' Sw ?lTSll$
buyers, because of its unusual values. Ten items are mentioned wo' ooods 54 mches wide, all pure . - o tii(!o cQa) reailatlon So 21 I
I for Monday and week. ft.tSTi Finished Piece Cards Secta'0 W $12 95 1 ?1 $7.95
i Women's Fur Slippers Infants' Shoes ST $6 and. $7 .va,u mode,fi w" b" Keep Christmas ndm House Dresses Girls' Dresses (
Women's gray, brown and wine col- Infants shoes In button styie, black W.WO just received a sample line of spim MOUSe UrebSes Children's gingham dresses mad
ored fur trimmed, leather sole, felt kid and patent leather wuh good finished mnHpU wWh Kn U sendmf ChriStmfta cards Women'a house dresses, made ol , ,, , u;n h.; ' 6
Uppers; all sizes. Re- diQr leather Sole; slats 4 to I. l QC Icaa ' Hne ig complete Three Q J tinaham and pe. , m,,. L,f lv J
duced to Vl.yj $2.50 vain, sp-Hal fJi.)o WOOl Jersey pul on sale. Some oi these 1 cale; our usual values (to QC styles siaes 2 to 6 vei IS
I Women's Comfv ChArna PaH WmI J-r!4y' 54 ,nchM 8tand slight! .led. We will "V lftaiDT,,t,,'',,N- 1i' lo$;5,al v., ,es to $5. Special . $1.95 j
nuiucu D vuuuv LIUiareil S reit ware quality; made of a fine wor- , , " 'ls assorted styles, . a h lonanpw Kimnnn "
Slinners cnnn)rC vm m a good range of colors i,k ;,,M 1 1 our n stock with envelope, iieath boxed a, JJHfSS 1lil,UI,u& CjiK rhpmip a
c kiijjti o . ollupers jj to u.iM. it i , i . . . 1 women s rapanede crepe kimonos. oiiiv viiciiubc
Women's gray, win,, and brown felt One table muses' and children's felt ' " y rd S2.95 til discontinued models. The box of 15 29 mnde ol rtrlctl) washable rap Silk chemise, made ol crepe de
II comfy slippers, all slzeF. wonder- slippers with cushion o1p. blue, red " llU0 consists ( Women S All I ards, dOZOtl . oOc crepe, beautifully embroidered: all Chine and wash salln, trimmed
I 1 S ful value?; for Chrlslroas dl nr and old rose; bIzph r. to l'. A an Dl U tlighi gowns, pajamas, dress- All LOc Cards, dozen. . .$1 COlbM rvalues. (tQ QC With dainty lads and ribbons
1 r:.fts. special Value , to $1.25. Speeial . 3)1. 4 rlUSil ing sacqucs, combing jackets, Can be assorted to 1 lozen c,)eHal O.iJO These make nice gifts. 00 QC f
K Women S High Shoes RnvB, P-if ci:Mriarc Piueh so inahea wide, Lapanlx ouai. pillow centers, scarfs, doilies Christmas wrapping paper, Philippine Underwear VO.Vd j
i '. oA8 5S Steu Jr U:,kou;'r.,;t .''"', --' ' - Silk Camisoles f K
WnnDic'l?nH Values to 51 GG Specral... 3)1.45 4 I 'T'l rl sto. (i,n l values to ,to ir salin. hand embroidered and
Women s Jbelt In I he Mens special pj.4j damtny trimmed. m nr a
Mocassins Men's Felt Slippers Velvet Hnwncf.irc Girls' Serge Dresses ? 1 1 31.95 I
I, Women', leather sole, adjustable rZri Tn Ve.vet, 40 mche. wida. ...k chlffen iW UOWntairS , ; le o fi, Girls' Outing GOWttS I
ankle, felt mocassins, all sizes and p 05 lue 1 nc dre88 vclvct a bcaut.ful quality S VjWla SfOrP quaHty serge; all new models: s.zh rhildren's outinB aowns madeofi
rolor. Valuea to 13.25 do fir 1 $1.95 with a bright luster fni.h.m all , 7- to 11 years. Values to JinQC Iphvv (,ua),tv mt ; in p nk an
I , P"", , j the most wanted colors. One of our Boy MaekinaWS 01U.W b.u- , ipe and wh,.;; dXot I
Women's Satin Odds and Ends Felt bca $550 values for. 0 s f . cio ik Women s Outing mu aiae. wen made. di oc
au mj yard $3.50 . L t hx , fl&M - to - iralues Special . tbl.Zj 8
Slippers Slippers fe-xV nos a n-wooi maekinaws m attract Gowns a .
Woffien'p quilted satin boudoir One table menu, mioses' and ohll- Cm.' ( It t J'i "-1 17 "Vt plftld Pa,,erns; ln ,nost n" W omen's outing flannel gowns, Special Corsets
leather solo slippers in all ih dren's red felt slippprs with leather i32ltinS SGEIjW J ' '" '' Vam8 '" 191 made of heaw fleecy outinc;, pink Wright's special corset made of
dainty colors: all sizes. C0 OC sole, fur top: sixes 6 to 2. d-i velvet 40 inches wide s,ik rhiffn 'V- IPJk fl5.60 are now J)1.4J and blue atrlpe made full with heavy coutU, good flttlna; models I
Week-end special $6.d Valuea;td $2.25. Special. .. U 0 .iv.t T J f l V. RnvV IVlHcinwc double yoke, high and low neck low and medium bust; pink and
NEWS OF TOYLAND ny. 9J6 v,,1 o,t y.rd 8795 V . $7.45 Speclal vlto2.8peclal 3
Special Prices Made for Early Shoppers 1 TTT p O Vi S auw"Ib3i? JSUS NEWS OF DOWNSTAIRS I
DRESSED DOLLS Dolls, fully ANIMAL STAMPS Large box con- 1 TLaif tvlDDOIlS fT . M OM Values to double t7yC iTLllVO
1 6 dressed, unbreakable head ami tainlng rubber stamp of animals In Hair bow rlbbono of excellent qual ' k ' ,h' Prlce Jl.4j The great Downstairs Store abfUnds in suggestions for cifts of
arms, stuffed body; painted eyes outline, with colored crayons to ity taffeta; brocaded, plain, flow- , N X m tv ciu- x household ffoods 2
and wig. Length fcl 9C 'ult chIld'8 fir red and ttriped. A useful gift for U IV' Men's DreSS ShirtS 8
? 14 Inches . . . . ... .. .. .. . P UU O fancy UJt the girls. Spoclal, yard 50r tmMt Men'i sblrls with collar attached; Nllt RowU TunHlo Ckorl
TEDDY BEARS-Teddy bears. 18- GAM E BOARD-The Archarena 4 . Rf IT a fine aHaortment of madras mate IUl DOWlh anOle knadS 2
1 inch size, made of best plush joint- rombination No 1. offwlng 57 dif- n rials; McDonald make. Values to Teakwood nuf howl with mallet rhambrv randle shade man. ., fl
r cd limbs: arranged t1CC: ferent games, including dr nr Dafif TrailieS 43.50 are on d0 OC nd nvll, attractively decorated f . JJ P M
with voice box 1.0D pOCket p00i JD.D Me. . . , p n V u H AV BlTfeirC "ale with band carving. Indis- 1 r fan" shdPes- trmed wuh braid
I DOLL CRADLES - 1,41 cradlen RAILROAD TRAINS Mechanical ' r ; 5 ! U OUV5 AT , .... pensible Christmas time 31.Z5 nl roHebuds; a complete line of
I baST11 ii or -,n with clrcu,rtr -sheod; l;:r3K S c , x Men's Odd Pants c . T gives the n touch
blue wltn stcncn. SI S and two d or $1.25 values Special each Suits anH l) Vnat Men's odd pants in neat stripes, ma- rUIRU 1 Td h to your
mi ding TABLES CWltfs Md ca" t i115 dIia COdlS tenuis of hard twisted fabric Most Crumb tray and scraper, made of table 25 C
ta?MtMS4dC MOVIE MACHINES Moving pic- . Lowered PriceS ,Vse are the usual Qr teakwood decorated with hand 5
SJlntS in fumed00' Cft -e machines with electric,, con FWal Rlbboil . " , 56 VaI 34 EftJDdJ Serving TrayS ) J
I Sft';V-cur. i1 "rpCriJ1:: ribbon of beat quautytaffata, Fresh shipments of boys' cloth- MeS Overalls S " 75c Ims Mtom wrrtog tray. J
K:: $7.95 eUr.r -.rri;-:;; Lunch Kits !r!;;--:vr'::r:,:-;'-;; ,
I doll buggy Don buKKv. 18- hardwood frame, and OCOC Boudoir CanQ at prices that are in many cases Men's CordurOV Pants our "p Sn PMAAlni
inch metal frame and rubber tired 4-foot easel 35.95 V.apS half of the prices of six months xwr erCOlatOrS j
wheels; fibre reed wicker, aq Qr 10c bargain table Special 10c f "do'rai"' de rib," and ag'o. Now you may buy suits SatorialauaBd la To thTm biit Tiiprnlp Manning Bowman Mu
I I upholstered body ffry.VD bargain table offering doll dishes, la", daintily trimmed with rose- that are made of n.11 wnnl fh m S Li. !tr Si aSSerOieS an excellent H?t r1018 make
1 KITCHEN CABINETS - Doll's performing horses, a ood auto, doll buds and ribbon; a580rtment of at "f," , 1 .all-wo1 Qg U. In all men s slwa Spe- oiassbakecasserolowlthcover.il, cied to if !L T Mh I
-J Wtchen cablneta. 10x17 inches, with hats, doll furniture in colos' different styles. Special, nc full lined, newest style cially Qr a weii made, nickel plated frame best mde and the M
I wooden utensils djO 7C otc - nt WC each 85 belted coats suits worth to $22 'jff The 8 inch (jjorn DC QP
4 complete J.fJ CHILDREN'S HANDKERCHIEFS for $13. Coats for tho boys Men's L. D. S. i7'e OU.OXJ VU.JJ
f boys1 books Cloth bound. 240 Children's handkerchiefs, plain Mllff Rorltt wearing sizes 4 to 12 are now ro.-lr,fo TnlH rincf Cut RqoL4
tJ pages, with good quality paper and white with colored embroidered lTlUlT OeGS here shipments mat arrived UarmeniS UOIO JJUSt 8 OaSKet A
-1 illustrationa. titles such as "Out- corner; colored borders and picture Muff beds lined with satin; can be Price nr fl tn 1 d 7K ViiV Made of a heavy unbleached cotton. Cold Dust, an excellent wash pow- Cut Kla?s basket vase
1 door Life " "Indian Warriors," hankies. A dandy assoftmeni. covered with fur or velvet. A uaeful are?i ow $14.(0 wmcn a gQO(1 welght for now anfl early der for cleaning cloths, floors, and ly well finished cutMnc- P onaI" ' H
M "Daniel Boone, "General QP Prices in ir gift for women or girls. Special, are worth ever SO much more spring The best 12.25 rf1 ftr woodwork Four 8 ounce eyr tiatlc hmh polished bhni-0" a" ar I 1 j i.
Custer, etc OOC each 1UC IDC L)C each In the Boys' Shop. values are now Pl.OJ packages for UoC tha 6-lnch size
'"o 1

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