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If You Haven't Found
That Christmas Gift
Mosey About Uptown j
Who a.vs Christmas isn't coming?)
Everyone knows that thr fading of
each clnv brtngra this glad festival onf
day nearer, or to ho exact, twenty-1
four hours closer. But the ones who
arc certain that Christmas is hurrying!
along jis quickly n possible, are ola
.Saint Kick and 'gden merchants.!
Some way Or other. Saint Kick, or per
haps, Ogden merchants have combined
forces with Old Snint Nick and arc try
ing their hest to let every one else
Know that Christmas is romlng. h I
docorating their how windows up tol
the nth degree.
No wonder people like t" window
shop DOW, and Just watch the kiddies
You know It s about tlm for them to
he writing their annual letter to Santa
Clans and tell him what eood girls and
Iions they're been for tit last year; and
the.i to add rather hesitatingly, the
good points of a brand new dolly, or
it red tied, w ith wishes expressed thai
Santa Claus won't find It too muclv
trouble to bring them along. And in
nioc cases out of ten, Saint Nick al
ways can Carry one thing more, be
cause, after all. there really mustn't1
be any tears on Christmas day. Just'
how Santa CJaus and Ogden merch-l
nts got the idea of decorating the
Christmas, windows it uncertain, iu,i
one has an Idea thai it was iinm- pur
posely to help some little boy or kIHi
to decide exactl) Just what he or she'
wanted, as soon as possible. Santa
simply has to hae plenty of time t o i
make another dolly foi someoi i"
paint another red sled
So kiddies, you ieall must stop and
look at the toys and things in th- win-,
clows, for Santa has them put then,
purposely. Guns. and sleds, dolllo. 1
and wagons, dishrs. chain tables,
games, mechanical toys, engines with I
cars and tracks, books and tops ar'
offered for your dail inspection. Ev
ery store is ready to take its orders
for old Saint Nick and to help him out
the best way possible.
But all the windows in town are'
now arranged for the kiddles for there
are some who remember tli- girls and
' boys who have long grown tired of ios'
who find greater pleasure in a pair
of skates or maybe a wheel, a sew-!
ing basket, or books. These articles
arranged against a back ground of
green and red are enou'h to gladden.!
and to help the girl and boy of 10. -z,
13 or 14, to decide, what Santa could
bring for them
Then there .u other windows'
which tempt the young men .nnd wo-'
Imen. with articles of ilres and wear
ing apparel. Tbc business mn will
pause before a window of cigars and I
Lad Acquitted of Matricide
Charge to Take Up
Life Anew
Ray Clough, 14-year-old ogden boy
who was acquitted last Saturday b
Jury in the- dlstrb: mm of a charge
of murder for the kiilh g of h fathei
lames Clough. August 22, is going Xo
do all In his power to li- down his
past and tomorrow 'In- boy will start
on a new road.
This is what the lad yesterday told
a Standard-Examiner reporter, with
whom he had become well acquainted
during his period in custody at the;
court-house. Tomorrow Ray will again
take up the work of gaining an edu-
cation and will begin his clasc s at
the Lorin Parr school. Then will
1 be no more days of "hookey' the boy
Ray declared that he now realizes
that it pays to follow the straight and
narrow path and that th Utile esca
pades are really what lead to doing
worse things unill a boy pets into the
habit of breaking the law. No more'
of these things for Ray. he said, ror
he is now bound on t)j right road
to good manhood.
I Nurse Superintendent
1 Talks At Brigham City
Urging support of the Christinas
seal sale mid discussing the plans for
placing a public heaitb nurse in Box j
Elder county. Miss Stella E. Petersen
superintendent of nurses at the lo
hospital, spoke before a large audi
ence in the tabernacle at Rrighum City
Thursday morning. .ii-s Petersen ex
plained that efforts are ,now being
made to employ nur. in that roun
ty, and it is probable that n nurse
would be selected for the post in the!
near future The speaker outlined the;
work done by the Utah I'nblic Health
association in other parts of the stnte. I
IMutuals Dance to
Be Held on Friday
The big dance being arranged by tin
Mutuals'of the Weber slake will be
one of the most attractive of the pres
ent social season It will also mark
the beginning of n series of special
dances to be held during the winter
xeason under the auspices of the or
ganization. Announcement Is made that the af
fair wtil be held next PrldS) evening.
De ember 1". In the Uerthana. Some
special features, now being worked
out by the committees, will be of In
terest to all who attend
Tells How to Get Quick Relief
I from Head-Colds. It's Splendid:
I (
I In one minute your clogged nostrils
will open, the air passages of your
head will clear and you can breathe
I freely. No more hawking, snuffling.
I blowing, headache, dryness. No strug-
I gllng for breath at night; your cold or
1 fatarrb will he gone.
Gel a small bottle of Ely's Cream
-J Balm from your druggist now Apply
.1 a little of this fragrant, antiseptic
3 healing cream in your nostrils. It pene
I trates through every air passage of tho
hc-an, soothes the inflamed or swollen
J mucous membrane and relief comes In
It's just fine. Don't stay si uf fed-up
wl with a cold or nasty catarrh. Relief
3 somes so quickly. Advertise uient.
will smile thoughtfully over the red
and green ribbons tied around the nu
merous boxes and will even marvel
al 'be sprig of holly attached, hoping
w ithin his heart of hearts, that Santa i
WlH In some way remember htm. r. 1
pi rhaps a man with a neatly brushed
but mended suit, will pause In-fore a
clothing store and wonder about the
new suit displayed, knowing full WSll
thai thai would bo the best present'
on earth, while some old man, Shiv
ering under a thin overcoat, will re
gard a heavy coat of brown, with its
high fur collar, and smile to himself
a little. Then there Is the man who.
likes books, and is completely happy
when something new and original Is
offered In this line, while still others
critically cc a big tourning car or a;
comfortable roadster for the family ,
gift. Someway Christmas brings a
longing for some one special gift.
Then, there's the w omen. Santa I
hasn't forgotten them either. There's
the bride of a few weeks, who wunts
B Move that decorates a Christmas
window, or maybe a set of cooking
utensils, piled against a background of
red. Then, there's another window,
with a miniature Chrlstmaa tree, la
den with toilet articles of perfume,
powders, toilet waters and ivory toilet
sei. Perhaps the window of the con
fectionery store offer numerous boxes
of damicst candles tied With ribbons
anil s Christmas card already .itta tied
for her nuine. Then there's the jewel
er's window, with rings and necklaces,
bracelets rolling out of an over-turned
t'hristmus stocking. The woman who
llkse books or tinted stationery Is glso
remembered In the pretty displays u,
the bookstore windows.
And, last, but not least, Ogden gro
cery stores have taken special euro to
arrange their' windows full with tempt
ing Christmas candies and nuts, show
ing 'hristmas sticklngs bung again
the fireplace and filled to the top with
these confectioneries. Fruits, both,
fresh and dried also add to the dis
play. ( Ins window boasts of snow ,
tiny bits of cotton floating down upon1
cid s-iini Nick seated In his relndei i
sled surrounded entirely with Qhrlst
mas puddings, cakes, nuts and can
dies and other goodies.
Hut. anyway, no mntter how you
think of it. Santa Claus and Ogden
merchants are pretty good at working:
together for there doesn't seem to be;
one thin? from shoes up to hats that
has forgotten to squeeze in some way,
on the Christmas window d r.iilon
And taking the good advice of old
Saint Nick and his co-workers, It's
best to do the Christmas shopping '
Despite a recommendation by the
United State? attorney's office
thut he be allowed to go with a
fine only. Harry M.miuard. pro
t prletor of one of the hest known
cafes here, and go ernmentg wit-
eai in a recent investigation of u
Widespread liquor conspiracy, was
sentenced to six months in the
county Jail for a violation or the
prohibition enforcement laws in
the I'nltcd Slates dlMii.t . mirt
hire today. till head waiter Was
given three months and two other
employes fined $500 each for the
same offense All pleaded guilty.
DUBUQUEL Jr. Dec 4. Mi
chael Baum. S farmer, today was
fined $25 and costs by Slayor
Sherman, of Parley, on a charge
Of "shimmying" hi a dance hall.
Baum was charged with "shak
ing his body from the hips up" as j
the town orchestra struck up a fox
trot and refusing to desist upon
request of the town constable.
Complete Paving on !
Washington Tuesday
New paving on north .i-hingtoii
avenue, from the Ogden rive,- bridge
to the north city limits, will bp com
pleted Tuesday, according to .. an
nouncement made by Mayor Prank
Francis w ho spoke before a m-. In ;,
of Ogden real estate men in the We
ber club Friday noon. Mayor Francis
explained the expense manner In
which the work was being done and!
the expense portion carried , the:
street railway which he declared j
rearhed a totnl of 1 70,000. layorl
Prahds outlined the general outlook
for ngden In the future and declared
;the future exceedingly bright follow-!
Ing the p-riod of readjustment.
I Mayor Francis said that property!
owners nlong the new paving are plan-
Inlng an excursion over the highway I
after its completion Tuesday
Officers Elected By
Maccabees of Ogden
Officers elected by the Maccabees'
of Ogden for 1921 Include:
Past Commander, Ira Siaco; Com-!
mander, R, L. Ames; Lieut-Command-I
er, D. K. Dickens. Finance and Re
. curd Keeper. ,T. D. Harris. Chaplain.
J I'. Hansen; Sergeant, V, Keeter
M-ister-at-Arrruj, J H. Shipp; Firs;
.Master of Ouards, R. e. Knowles;
Second Master or Ouarde J F Buck
Lleyj Sentinel, Albert I .' WhiUlter; I
Pit ket, John j. Stratton, Trustees, B I
J. Fnrnlss, Jos. I,owe. Phil. D Weber
Medical Examiners. Dr. E. P. Mill.
Dr. K. W Fmmett.
I oo
Railway Clerks' I
Danceland Monday, Dec. 6th Cos
tume prizes. Spot dances. Rno;
OO ;
Turkey is the only country in
Europe where there Is no woman
ioifrage association.
Record Breaking Value Giving Sale I
8 Again we are demonstrating our ability I
and desire to cut prices down to the (JVOCG j fl
lowest possible figures on the most iLTfc Ok
wanted seasonable merchandise. Notice HT Si jfflS mSL n
the drastic reductions and the won- awl M J wl J y J Wm rS
derful savings that are awaiting your KJj SfS (J)) H
economical inclination. Join the busy Oi LA1XUF 10US WliKljy
crowd and save money. w "T" JfflpSp
Extraordinary bale ot Hr x m
Long Velour Plush At 14 Off I
' 4m fa fc L! rN. Furs, the foremost conception for useful Christmas ifJmm A
' " i VT v ?'fts- Offered for your early selection at this remark- I JnKLSjRy $
J, W I I k .7 able price reduction. There are furs for every taste 'l&pL ' jsSjjta
;-fJ":"fj and price consideration. Such beautiful skins as mink, rffffi3g-T tSr J
At a Genuine Bargain Offering of , beaver, volinsky, marten, foxes in black and brown. Mri i 4 "
Developed in stoies, scarfs, coateec, muffs, and com- ?I&WiM& l!
j;; ..J . ' plete matching sets for fine dress wear. Offered at nCT7 I
F an unusual price reduction. Any fur mav be selected 4vnfv 4
I :: , and will be held with a small deposit until ready. JffAffMf
Black velour plush coats, formerly priced wBSmft " Mik '!&iF.
$25 to $40; in belted and semi- belted B43 WKm 3 F ft-JWte
styles, attractively trimmed in buttons and I (JHjBKifc'C. ( WmBBL I
large collars: contrasting and same ma- B trfP
S terial; variely of good sizes, 36 to 44 y( V -V wMlvv r
j "S! f"euring this as our las effort for r ''
W 9T W M XI -y -gy ig iSB
jST i ffi M i X ' S ' fr Extra hruv -ilk shiriinge, mHRH5HB4 ' f
r I IW n -A OlSSlm r J,; "1('ll,s "J'' 'uiar , 2lj$S33Eft
I : r 1-. m I p '' ' offered in a beautiful ram- jfSIf
r "S J ffS iOS a v V-: -ilk lnl!"ii- T" t 1 1 1 1 all.-r wash- ZiB
mMW Govns c: ,
"-ca u. u. - : Holiday Handker-
M lki TOU High Grade Silks for Atfitwrf
fi Fine Dress Wear Cllieib At breat
J 1 Jjt U On special Bale at 2.25 yard OaVlflgS
i, - $15 to $25 Values ' ! r - NS Actual $5 -.aiues, 36 and 10
j&L . j . r M inches wide. This selection com- Assortments here ars Intersstlni r'H
Mfk j ' A glistening array ot dainty . . ; . -v , prisea satin plain bangellnes, and most complete. These spe-
it A - nartv gowns for misses and & : ',ri changeahles, khaki cial prices will prevaU tor neatl H
t V par,y gowns jor misses and ir J- kool pongees In such promlneni week's selllni P E
f-.. , v women, neautirully trimmed in , jv:i colore as white. Belgian bin. Women's embroidered and bem-
' '. :T gold and silver bandings with fW$mK$r navv ""',,n b'""' n " M-"'k d hemmed lawn handker-
, f , c r i -j V&fflkl : harm.-abl. , x . - i:n- m Mib- chiefs, regular 10c and 15c OA
j touches or tine embroidery and Kr2aur lued coloi combinations, laven- aiues special, i for jUC
'i fine bees. The colors are fascin- . Jer an,l silver, buttercup and Sport and one corner embroldn-
mm H . , , . t 1 ( Wrj whit- btnun and Loid. pnrph- ed handkerchiefs and large va-
(1 i . atmg and desirable tor smart lJm in(1 Dlark- navy and u!ark PlnK rietv of dainty colore our regu
M k P Wear' ,BC thCre M?"day -St b'ct'a'dre X, sVcM." 10c I I
f ing and get your choice at this feV - luin.us purpl r.n Pure linen and linen lawn hand I Wt
& W) I sensational bargain price. f &$L- '"' in ""V,, !m nbroldered and colored pongee H
J thf8 silks a1 lh gres designed handkerchiefs Regular
wession 80c to 90c values. EJi
O 4.' H 1 TV 4. SPECIAL $1.25 YARD j Port silk handkerchiefe 30 doi-
oeaUllIUl I lCtlirC Regular $2.50 leather pocketbooks Guaranteed pure silk our best oilb- T-fnwiprv nf 'n fr next week's selling A
r i T7i side and top straps; fitted with quality, formerly retailed S3 yard oiin. iiumcij ui at., each ZlC 1
ISOOKS r FCC and Inner coin E Georgette crepe thai stands for Excellent QUtllltv Beautiful color assortment, for
c i-ij l celleni valu wear and satisfaction Reputable , naerly aold at 50c each a a. i
Every child accompanied DRESS GINGHAMS for sheerness and perfection In fin- J.''' Soe8$l "and $2 65 cd barn
by their parents visiting 32 InffitPSSPl5tSfflLl of ron.es in a ,,n,;,f n i Wan & ChrlsUnas shoppers.
our Music Department Walds and checks. Regular 50c. Ex- gj SSSi wovJj S Smerly sold at $4.50 and
11 u -c 11 tra good wearing quelltj 0C- ' , , , r , ' i , : , , Vi W .50 Pull fashion. heav3 sIIh R
will receive a beautifully .,., ,,,. ys ,, .... 5c J',1" :' , ." Tl'n n , riin reinforced PHILIPPINE ENVELOPE
illustrated picture book PERCALES NOVELTY BEADS, 1 PRICE fVwXsUcTdTc Innun .good CHEMISE AT HALF PRICE
I free. 36 inches wide. In light and chirk A varied assortment of novelty wca. suc)l p0uiar colors as Remarkable sale of hand embroid fe sUft
' durable, good washing per- beads. indudlnK the colors so popu- black white Iray ered Philippine envelope chemise at
FANCY HAIR BOW RIBBON ft Jfiff v" 25c 2J SSd.'K ": , i S ' & sizes to suit halt price Dainty embroidered .
29c YARD ftiPnnr,nA-i.d ivory in Jade, green, red and white, "n one and eyelel work envelope chemise,
60c and r6c values plaid and flow- OUliUIN l.AlIb Imported Japanese beads in a rar - regular $6.60, $(J and ?6 Su value?
ered hair ribbons in an excellent Large Blze 3-peund Pull die !2x asBOrtmenl of beautiful colon Phe HUCK TOWELS iHghtlj soiled In handling i
variety of colors, splendid quality; 90; one solid sheet ot Huffy rf 1) pri0es ranc. from $5 t. ?s. at half Regular Sac. Spe. -.-I. y for quick selling at this rm.v!ki- 1
will wash and wear. cotton. Special tJH.IU off each ZZC sale price. HALF StlCB I
I For men women and chit ffl SOME VERY IN G W J ffl V31S '
dren, in all the new colors fB IP
p ; . I ypi j attractive r-STl in Women's V
In all colors; all sizes. W FOR
In all colors; all sizes, jjj j " i these beautiful ' Eh
"0"""' LAST & THOMAS- J m

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