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The Ogden standard-examiner. (Ogden, Utah) 1920-current, December 07, 1920, LAST EDITION, Image 13

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zUHl -- W
FOR SALE Real Estate
L i rvE room brick on paved itreel Price
1 s.'KOO. Terms $300 onsh and $20 month
ly $2in"'0 cm i run for five yenr. O A.
1 k.nn.d I tnh Natlon-I HMp Rhone 01S
1 1 M
g i i ; "i vi 10 icrei close to Ball Lake
I nrn? and one-hall mllei from Rood email
town; form nil under cultivation: KOvl
four room house: pood barn, granary,
anlcken house, machine shed, garage ni
IfOOO worth of machinery gOCS with the
place. Price or farm Including everything
700n and 11000 Will handle or owner Will
trade eo.nl t) or $3500 for clt' property
. . 1 I give giKwl terms on holnnce.
1 have .several olhei farm bargain..
IU BCroa of extra good Mil, plenty of
fnilt and water; geod seven room house.
kjftsV One acre .md four room houw foi rile
HH nri easy term or owner will egcliangv.
HH What have you to Offer?
MMMM Now lour room houe ready rot
H nancy. Owner will considei good Ford
H car a5i firot iwvmcnt.
H -Good five room brick house on -outh
Five room frume house Jocd InVOBt
H d.i 11I pM) K per 'nl on $3"'m. Own
H er will sell 011 easy term! or will confide,
I have many other deal. Come In and
. 1 1 , ton v 1 Phoni
6x70 1.. 1. T- 1 in- --.ill Tw.-i. clxDi
I li.1
WL aa" - Buys flv 1 1 modern hricl
WmWmW tinted on bench. $17.Vi cash, halanc
MWMM terms. This if real narwaln.
5:T:.h Six room house, situated on Wall
:8M and Thirtieth. This place must he
tm sold nt once. Possession nt once.
jMMm Term.
mMW $4760- -i fin five mom modern home
JH rlone to union depot. Term.". linm.
ijjH diHif posse anion.
BgKH $ln Mod. in hrl. k bcng.ilou. s luat'-d m
9H outh pari of town. New garage,
M m ne fruit trcei Bnrgi '
fW- FltOEl II i i 1 I .Ks
VlM '("? Hudson Ave CRm
. 5b iM..NTi. 1:1 ii.i m LOAN
A'rk '' Hudson wo. Phonc ft;
Xjsl $3100 Five room brick, lol f-o by 1M
fll feet, on Seventeenth rtreet Ban
iiffl $4.10ii Modern five room n Washington
Ea e ii .-oli 11.-1 v merit. I
HfiHB terms on balance.
J 1000 Modern four room brick, south par
atJs-J 1)f r, Mg lot with cast front and
MMMt gnmg.' . A nice home for the mon
H Terms. ,, .
WmWM 1500 Modern five room home well lo
MmM cated on the bench. Term.
MMW IS 100 N'CW five room frame In north
rmm Will ao epi good ford
MM 1
M Some . hol.-.
I -rim., in and i'"--k f" LU
FIVE room modi rn houi bulll lit feA-
MM 1 nr.- attractlM "VD wn I ''
il varrl and enough fn.U for fnmlh so
so chicken run. Easy terms. By Own.
, r. lirinker ayj nue "
i 1 M)B s M l' r.-m 1 . I.re J''
7lY completed strl tlj 1 Odern tl - ;'; ' ' .
iiJak io d location on bench Enquire Ml Mnd
Phoni J
I H FIVE room modern bunalo fir-
SMa .onditlon Good locnUon. Good terms.
Phone 3529 J '
I I v OWNER Five room modi rn 1
and si bu 1 loi I ir ic heat For
IBIi price and terms ec R. W, Altmnn. ICtl
Orant srenui Phone 16J W
I I V1J r..,n, mod. rn hrl. I '.''V . ,A,
iH: Very desirable home, clo.s. In 1 000 Will
W handle. Balance $5500 payments Kelly
.'. Hcrricli L ,
I 1 i; room iii-.-lern li .- k. .- I" ; ' n,
WMM nraae, basement, cement porch and
&Mm walks, furnished or unfurnished ."
ie...inc rin.ne u Li ;
rnrU room hrl-k. i-o-l h'rn in. I out-
--r- buildings Onlj ?: '" , Ji
Thlrt-. Iif'l-i ll ' LLl
H rvE om 1 odi n 1 rl w on Adam neat
aSSm Twenty th:rd street. 15ou .-ash haunr-
KH ,o:r veni-s A haisaln I'nr.- $4jin Kolj
crt C. N c. 602 Ecclcs Bld.. Phone W
TWO iots ;'."Mr". on '! Tw.i,;
JUDi fourth street, for sale nt a bargain, .oy
wnrr. l.-mvili-e .M4" B tVI "
II in 1 it an! i" 1 ' C,J v '' '" '
hi ' v. J. Blackburn. Hudson bulkMn
rwn l sell reasonabli new, np to date
four room modern house, two VrCls.
full haeement. full kitchen cabln-t. hard
wockI borders, up to dal. electric f 1x1 n
Mm ln-aouth part of cltv Phone 16b'i .1.
ImnM ill newly flnlMicd tin otiij-hmil. u; w pluml.
H R'g" lot WlSO and SS hares of w stcr In
fll ogden bench canal. Uicati d al 53 Twcrv
tx first street. Intiulr. Ogd n Bpi
-tore. 1801 VN W 61 .
BEST buy on Washington. U
fmW 111 feet deep, between Twenty-fifth and
BK Twenty -sixth for $2U"". Half rh .
' . M Epperson, 408 Twenty.sDcth street
' jL 1 hone tajW L21i
I ( iT cn N01 tl' iiiihlncti n - n.-.vb
paved street. No payment lor five yaars
If you build W. B Wedell. Phono Wj
MODERN srvm room l.iuk
iH Hcreentd pfirch. furnnre; betith. ar line
lion.- 1 ni 1 - ' ' '
FRTMENT h..Mf-. FiRht apartrpenta. !
KU Only $5260 Brlntjs in $150 a month. Easy
DH terms One four room house only $80o
1H?, One lour room frame modern $3000 Basj 1
terms. Inquire JM Thlrty llfth strtdt.
i n! K rnnm l-.itl-. .I-.-I- 1 ' . -;'
WW Twent second street. Apply 2?
liit;t"ii ! -
THREE acres and six room house. Phnn
wksl'' i-, ,n; ,, iand :vi tour n orn ho
Phoni M4I 'A
H Following propertlci must be "Old. and
, we want bids on one or all. Terms 1 an
t'Ml he had on pail of pun har.e prie. ,
Eleht acres excellent land at Thlrtu
, 1 eighth en.t Qranl six room house sever-
!5Sfl al chicken housea. quite a ni. e orchnrd.
,fcH ,.ood new gorago and coal .ions. AIM
'itSM 1 ireral Improved md unimproved rarms
3H atock in scv,-ral pood money maklnt; com
3tH panics, several secured notes drawing 1
fimm per cent The above property inuel r
JM sold Call at 623 Eccles bulldlne for an 1
' part or all. Will soil any piece of pioi
I erty nt u. very cheap price Come at
aw once.
wmt f'::'1
vniNr , . loan -rn uiimwvi 1 esta1
Welly Merrick 7M
WHAT national banics do foi hip buii
Mi neas. we do for the man or woman who,
works on B .-nlnry Ell Plx Hudson'
bulldlni: 7?2
Wtf ttKH your old 1 .nm- an first payment
on any new raneo. or will buy your old
rni:c oiitrlirht H'jm Fnrnliur Co. 4171 1
1 ( ird ti u! k body toy touring bo It
Will sell or trade. First claan order. 757
M Wat hii.L-i.-.n Phone 3B31 xfu;;
! WANTED To Borrow
u ANTED to iorrow M000, thr. e years at j
FBs? t 7 per cent Interest on first mortgage
HBJ new home worth $0000. Address P. O.
1 OX 'ifi7, and will cull I
irj. VOUNO mo tiled couple want two 01 three
IH liouoekeepinK rooms. Can furniMh b"t
Oj Pel SnCI Rhone "177 T. 8050
l'Ol'Il or five room modern house b)
HH December 15 Write or call Carl Holmes.
M rtah BlIlpoHtme Co , 121 Twentx third.
HIGHEST prices paid foi men's old'
mW clothes. 259 Twcutv fifth street Phone,
lti7 Si'T'i
TWO fresh COWI Rhone 245 or Box
i r 1 1 No ; ye-.:
; i i-TV bottli 1 hi 1 bat rei - Cail :jii
HIOHEST prices paid for second nfinn
goods, Stowc, 1800 Washington CS6 ,
I.Alit.l' ileiiii ra,r3 wunleU it C10 Stnno
ard BjtamlnSJ offlie 43X0
Ml ij , l:ii'i and n for two voung Kills
u" with references iiti3 Wall jtiz
HOAR I r, rn I room itl. irivate fa ml I
HJ . Man and wife or two younc men. Box'
HJ lib. Care Stondatd. 7S82
; 1
FOR RENT Furnished
1 Ft f:.ishf.i unH rooms for
sleeping and housekeeping. 21SS Wash
1 tnyten.
T 1 1 Or ihr 1 hi iU 1 eplnf nS, fur
nisher! or unfurnished, with bath CsJl
SfterC K.J West Thlitath tr.t n"'I
LARGE front sleeping room with clothe
los. t HI Rlnfi-Td im mi.
TWO modern furnish' 1 housekeeping
rooms 2'ti l Washington. Phoni 12a
M' )..
STEAM hi 11 ini.- roon
;miu. JOM
11 RNISHED front room with bath, suit
able for two gentlemen, 2 it ;rant
I 1 K MSI1 r.l 1 1 coin. liKht lio'i eV 1 Dp
use 0 phone and bath 2528 Madison.
TWO 1 owns furnished Also furniture foi
I sale 457 Twent v-aeventh street off Vo.h
' Ington J093
TI AM I I'd ni.,' .tininl No (hlldr.ii
ilQj n nslMngtO 1 $054
TWO upsairi room', for llghl hbusekeep
iiir. l'Tf.1 M.ulivon Rhone .'.U." W IQSJ
I ir.oin d.i liiniNckeeidnc Phone
U9t v- j "'
ONE sleeping 1 f housekeeping
1. . m reasonable 0.1J Seventh St. Rhone
Jl j M Vl""
i VK lurnisl.id r n 1 . one or iw. e.nlle
n l-.i . .r ! 'tri .- Rhone .'"u-.l v f1 I
TtVii ri-nn for IlKhl h- i -ping. 7.".-'
- Ird Bl " ' -
SM u.i. furnish 1 d room oi re-, 5 -1 1 :
Streel g0J
HOl'3EKEEPINi 1 tm Phone l"s be
fore noon, or call 807 :th. afternoon.
1 1
T WO Bleeping rooms, gentlemen pre
ferred, also tWO housekeeping rooms. 274fi
Ma.llyon Av j "-
MOD f.V ro. n . ilt. I ath, 1 Ii '- n'
reasonable j :i;i. Madle .n a . 798 I
Fl 'RNISHED Iro m 26 19 Llm -In Ave
Fl RNISHED apartments for lion
mi :n'- d-.nn T980
, - l;:. I - 1 1 1 I 1 room . I. n 1. d h
("orr.ei Adams and Twentj'-thlrd street
I 7966
Hi 11 iMS. Y.,le.-; Hotel ;n Tw-n', Ijf l
' 1 . 1
SLEEPING rooms a'lth heal and bath
fo;- one or two pentlemen. IS4 Twenty-
el.-htli slm-I.
I.I :i:i'i' ; n.oin. mm I'"' 1 , 1 ' 1
men preferred. 26b4 Adams avenue.
GOOD steam heated aleeplng room foi
renl ' - Twentj UUrd ttrci 1 ' 1
SI 1 T I M . ; 101 on. 01 In o peoidi
.).,- Phoni 1 150 v 7010
K' 1' l.-lli ..ma room for om 01
tvo n.i Q.-n 2122 v. a 1 Ington 787 I
- n.; ., ... , , m. . n n.-it. i
Orant rivenue 1 . n n-il.le T-! ..'
, FOR RENT UnUirnished
.in R m ' i 1 tment foi
! I'hon. 8761 - 102
ONE 1 an h fumi- lied roi ni Tor cnTle
' n an. '.'On 'Washington Av sf I J
WANTED Miscel aneous
l.Ml'M. .linn cn i.lIoU hi Standard
Examiner o'"cc 417?
hun KtN I Miscel ancous
'i!i acmiii el. liners. $1 "5 u d".
I 7896
FOR SALE Miscellaneous
I -. . V 1 Y I ei 1 ; 1 ' I Ro K In-i . I- ami onl
I I 1 14a Twentj ruth 1 tr.-. 1 lM
WICKED baby bug tj foi sale Real 14
Weal Tim n: -first street. Rhone I'OsS-U.
TWO room house barn, eond ho' e feed,
wagon and truck garden tools. $7on worth
of crop Mic bargain. Don't coil Satur
day lit Seventeenth street or P. O Box
ire '' ii n R'Q
FIVE mom bouse '17 Patterson; also
saddle pony, billy goat, two nannies sel
m I i'i u in.; I. or-.
1 :w buggit - ISO and up lo i 1111 '
siirrli s $75 up to $125 Sidney Stcv. m
ncnl 1
WESTERN electric wnshers. Better made ,
Leas parts. Perfectly safe Sidney St. v
. 1 1 lin;.. in j' ' 0 SO
- 1 . i - v . ' iv with it 1 ' 1 ' 121
without coulters $2" cash, while th. last
Sldhcj Stevens Iniplement Co. oy i ,
11. no foi sale 1 he ip Ti nms Call
lei 0 P m. 570 Twnl fifth .street. !
SKfil '
; 1 1 : 1 . Li- 1 ! M''l ' ' i 1 . 1 1 ton
' ' ' :
BRAND new 1 onu cornel It
'.. e II 8012
TWi ' fi -.ii m Ii It coWi Phoni
Boa n v P 1 5025
1 W ' ' w .1 I o. ir I. 00. 1 01 : I loll ior
Monro. 79 I
HARD coal or cok burner, hew; heavj
automobile robe Cheap. Phone 1081
SAVE 75 bushel on apple 32-22W. j
v NESAP si pli b, ii bui hel 1 Julie
. ... ...i i : . n i-iion i -T : 1
T vvo 1 ' 1 i foi ash ' Vise Bit igei n w
ing machine 377 Adiims. Phone 8207-M.
GOOD clean Jonathan apploa can b had
at R '.-lmphell'a Rlv.i.lale Rhone t I I
I iBTl 1 'IT Ki.s range: foui holt tnd ovi u
827 Thirl nith treel
r. 1 1 p 1 milk 1 " foi tali 1293 8t
... .x lUI 7JJJ
ik dminK table rugs, chalra kitchen
cablnoi base, sanltarj cot -5n Taloi I
mo riione 1 f'T )
v 1 ti'I! pot tm- 1 :;. .1. 1
r ills Ears V Steed, Phone 11 M.
WHEN you ti'i about mi 1 bout
Blvj n chunk Meat Houaa, The very best
for much less than all Othei market.-:. Roln
Round and T-bone steak I5c pound.
Meat hunk beef 15. pound Plate
).rlj.k t 10c and llM-C pound. Whole pork
ijouldera 25c pound Veal, lamb, mm
proportionately low Fred L. Blvy,
,-iop 61 Twenty fourth Mic I. 7''.'J
- M M went " ' 'hi I I
Guaranteed sinperi-. Hem them slng.
Ml i fhcolri " '" '
r, I I , ih.iI tm o, i I. h:lp .f I II.
once. 3141 ' jhlldj '' nui " -'
FOR. the heal values In piano. and ph
graphs " J. M Rantone & Son Twenty
ninth and Hudson. Terms without mler
i Greenings. Rone Beautlei and Ganoi
.1 n i Phoni j i ' 7865
ROTATORS and V t n I 'I ''ell 1571.
e alw .. have an ipple within th
reach of every family, Sctlsfactlon guar
anteed Rhone g-22 W 7j66
I. i M t: M.I . .:.i i piano I in. ' i :;i in i 'o II
:io4 Thlrth th 7167
PULLETS and market poultr;. Western
' in. ni ! '!
A SS iRTKl i p.",i.lfish an. I ..'iprl.ee 9, .
1 1 Wei cm i train A- Feed 1 '". 733-;
ROI' v. Int. i -ota nd . s ' ii.
II It 4 II lee U -i j . I'.r. r.l .1. 7230
UNCAL1.RU lor uil lallOl nwoo. nl
reduction. Gordon'B. 211 -Sj Twnty-ftf-n
fit Phone 419. tU7
A 1.1. .-ized knlf. pleating. Rhone ;3IS-M
CHILDREN'S sewing Work guaranteed
?:US WMxhins'ton 7s.'.7
DRESSMAKING, in adTna ! mbToldei mr-.
remodeling. Wotk guaranteed. Phone
l I0G J. 7856
HirMSTiTrniS'; ami piccl edging don
at Singer SeWll.g Machine Co All work
guaranteed 8388 Washington. 7318
Hemstitching picot e'lce. matnnh pun -lug
and pica imp Second floor W H
Wrlcbt v oi Mru it lp mun lltt
Ml 1 1 'RRN te'im e -it. -I .tm.ie, v, i.r
Taylor MOtOI ' !g 8j8j I ludl "n ' 7S1
WILL pa n v a ho idvertlsed foi wrist
watch lout le t ween Browning apartments
and Ogden theater cnii at the Standard
Examiner officer.' 1177
FOR SALE Autos 1
v i'. v fu IAIN J
1920 Bultk. Mine as new; bct buy in
Ihe r I f - . Cnnh Or easy term. Box A.,
nir. Slnnd'.rd K indn'-r " I '
p'l'i i e. , i i, i nu i ..i - ' '" "
mochanlcall) perfect A renl harfnln III
taken t on CO. Cash or oaa term. Box
. , ,m . Si p.'. . r.t I !vi nun i
1. i i:i . 'in v . i lend tour B lop. .
new tlrsi new raids battery. Must soil
al once. Will aacrlflce for 1880. ;
- D . . enlng
rn,,, n re I lop d' llVel llttO I I 0W
tir. . afust see this sos i Pprtcr evenw.
v sn P 1918 ford coupt tot nah H
i-o 1916 Dodge. Jt.'.'i Oall n and 1 .00;
WaShh i '"'i ' i " "
"ORD tl cheap for .-ash !66 T i ntj
.. i 1 1 . ;
-( .Hi t,.n i. in i, no - il- "i ' am I'hon.
ij s HOfiO
, nt- i i-tii; i n -i roadster. Phone
:i4'-. R ?i2
.Overhauled and ReflhlBhcd. terms'
Overland chlimtn)'i BX 50
overland 5 p.iaaenarer. M
Btiick fix' paHemf'i I cylinder.
Stodebak-r five pat h. ncei I cvllnd.i.
Willys fl'-ven paacenper. 1 C Under. t
Overland five pannengcr. M ?n
Bulck rondater. 4 cylinder. ,
2510 Orant Rhone 3M1
rr a 'Tii ' ' LLT new Ford roadster with
.lemountable truck body. Barcaln Phone
i ; '" J
, iffBi ri ii k r baby grand, fiyt P5n'
. t-o,. 1 condition. Will sell l heop. 2nn
v. Ian - Photv 1 14 W fW 1
1919 Dodge S-paastnger
lull, i lo.ice roadster
ipis Bulck l-paeaensef'
1920 Bulck (-pasnehger
mis Rui. i Four roaddter
lf17 Rui'k n-15 touring
R'lf (Tier..lei 5-)as.Feiger
til1. S ud. -baker
RH4 Hurm hllo t .
i?17 Chalmers
1916 Overland fi-pmsenKer
1915 C-.1 Eight Chummx rradter
1916 Saxon Six
1919 Ford touring
I ISIS Ford delivery
RiCfi Ford Cpul B
These are all late models. Th y have
been renewed niccnanlcally a well as In'
appearance, and the term.- villi sul' ou.
2500 Wash. Ave. I'hone 325.
W1IITI wool r-.-i.inll. t clove. Hindi r !-
turn to 3573 Washington. Rhone 8563-Wi I
BLACK purse containing 815 between I
Washington Market and Hori'ock's store.
!: nirn to i723 Jeffer.-on Reward 8099
BLACK velvet hand ink- in. i in Wright i
or between Wright's and Woolwortli's, I
r.l phoni I0( U 8057 I
R ' R to- i ' I n- ii I.ewlS I
nj p.. rftrd Phoni 1610 8038
I -.. ' 'W N' ma ' i. rand on r.u-hl h't .
rphoi. 14 797 I i
M T' i I . .-ii- piate .No .'l'-l'i nttfi.-h(-i to'
tall light Return to Si in.iard Rxamlner
Ri .: ird C505 !
WAN I ED Female Help
j HOUSEKEEPER. Thone 231 Mi71
GIRR oi wtiniiti fci general I v. oik
Rhone 3376 or call at 25fi5 Tyler avenue J
WOMAN l"i light housework and .are of!
children during day widow preferred
Apply iiftcr 6 p. m. 2356 Washington '
avenue. 8068
WOMAN foi housekeeping Inquiri al Dee
Hi pltal 801 1
H M I. (rui Apply in P' rs.jn H.-ulv ho
lei 7? 50 !
l-;.VRr:BH-:NCT-:r ;ales!ad for . lnnk . nd j
suits Permanent position. National.
Washington avenui 7898
i:ri:rir t.i ' cuiiu; -u: . wanted ai
Caplau'i Qown Shop cood wairi . E388
WANTED Male Help !
W.W'TRH S,-.inp farmer to fee. I ier .
cow and 8 months old calf this winter. ,
Phone 1607-n y"H
i.i a ii mini to take management of newt
business in Ogden, sec stark a.- Thomp j
aon. Room 208 Marlon hotel. Hour. 10
io i j .lit ami to 8 : 102
VI ALE un --ill. inl i .i I -i i
Coal company's plant nt Superior.
Good salary-. Stat.- past rccoil and ex
por'.enoe. 'Address Premier Coal Co., 528
' , i i. . iniiidT.c Ogden, Uta 7901
T ' I p in .- hoot . - an', i .1
Phoni ':' 7881
SI f : M i . A Auto S. liool 1... n
.1 i . So h. tt. r Start right 700S
WANTED Male and Female
I PERIEN'I 'Kl ' o keep. I on Rill
rough's addln machine. Must bo good
p mnan Rhone 370. 2564 Wall avenui
I i;itKS o.i- 17 foi postal mall BCrvlCC
8125 month. Experience unneccesao'.
Foi fn-e r-artlrulars of examination, wrlle .
.T. Leonard (former civil service) examin-.
.ri Sifl bJqultablS Ride. Wa.shliiKton. I '.
WANTED Salesmen
SAI.KSMRN wanted m II om n hh
trees and phrubs are In demand. Cash'
W eklv Address Capital City Nursery
V, . Sah ni. ' ITS 7335
I '.til " i . .. I Ii da' oi hoill
Phone 3503 I S,7'i
VOUNG lapanesc school boy wishes situ
ation. Rhone (295. 25D Twenty fourth
I :. i - ...il v. I'h ton 1 1 ii- k 472
T in nt. first street. BOjtl
YO KG man familiar with all branches of
accounting, w itdtea apeclal work or extra
t.et of books after G p. m. and Saturday
afternoon Box 20, care Staqdard-ISxam
net 8061
.'AT' N BSE si i.ool Lo. wants fltuallon
;i :,. 1 8026 .
V. i.l V V..-.TII- .. ... i 1 Hi,, .lav I ml. r- ''
tands maternity nursing -'79 jith St. 1
8001 1
1 1 1 RTENCE13 typist wants poi Itlon
work at home Neatness and nccuraci I
eruaranteed Will call for work. Phone :
- j ... 1 SQQ2
1 ri .1:: 1 .' 1 1 ', : . . 1 " 1 1.", rr
home preferably where there are two
adult- Phone Reed Hotel Room i IS..
7!h"1 1
COMPI3T43N1 stenographer desires tem
porary position 01 piece work. R!ioti'
972 7919
1 M ' NT K Z ho,.l wlihes position.
Address 259 Twenty fourth atrei t. 7R.i? j
1 I .1 :. .". I 'i : d'. tm-' and 11 novutlng of I
: . ' 1 . I hone .'." I '. 7s'a. ,
On Cross Complaint of Defendant Ralph
E Hoag Company a Corporation
In the Dlctrlct Com t of the Second Jndl
rial HlKlrlct. In and foi Weber County.:
Slate ol Utah
Bvorm Investjhcnl Company, a corpora I
lion, plaintiff vs, F Allan McOulrc, and
Bdlth MoOulrc, hla wife; Charles DJ.I
Flah and lane Doe Fish, hi wife; and
Ralph E, Hoag Company, a corporation,
Th- Slate 01 I lab to the ai,l h femhuits. !
F. Allan McGulrc and Bdlth McGuU-e, I
i bin wife; Charles V. Fish nd Jane Doe
ITlsh, hilt wife. I
Yon are hereby summoned to appear
within twenty days after service of this
Hiirnmons upon you. If served within the
count) in which this action t brought;
otherwise, within thirty doys after serv
Ice. und defend the above entitled ac-1
tion. and In cage of your failure so to do
I Judgment will ho rendered against you
j according? to the demand of the cross com
plaint of the defendant, Ralph R. Hoax
Conipan .1 corporation, which has hei n
llii. I with the clerH oi said court.
Thla action Is brought to obtain an ac
I counting from, and judgment iu-."iln8t, the
I defendants McOulra In favor of tho cross
1 omplalnaui. rekindling the real property
I described In the complaint and the crods
! complaint, or any residue remaining after
th. payment ol the umk. i Indebted
I ness 1 s . 1 1 1 1 t Minn, and adjixlrm,; thai
as tu the cross coniplalnnnt the defend
Information Bureau
Bramwtell I?ook und Stationery. 13(12
Washington iti nue, Rt-on,. -;c.i 305'
I'lah N'-ilion-il I. ml: . .u I ti-i.t rnrn'r
T'ent fourth an.) Washington Phone 61
I'arpet cleaninir and color rotoiinp. 1
Satlsf'icticm guaranteed, Rhone 2435.
: ' 1 '
Ogden Carpent Cleaning Co for firt
Class work. RpbolMierlnK1 and mattreaa
making Rhone r7:: .I K Yon Kampcn.
Export irpd cleaning, upholstering
mattresses made over f athorB renovated,
all 1 . 3 Hampton te Co., S586 W 1231,
Ogden ehlniney an'cep. Rhone 364.
Rhone, .':,r' 60 Washington Ae
8cCarty A- Co hauling rubbish and
ah Rhone zois VV 748
The New .Method DenllRts nre special
Igta In all branch.- of Iv-ntistry. 247f I
v.-15hinpton avenue. 9209
Oeden Bngravlng Service. Co. Makers
of fine cut. In on.- or more colors. 41C
Twenty fourth street Rhone 463.
.1 R. Corrv, Phnn" 2454. 120 Rccles Bids'.
104 I
Geo, D Bennett corporation and group
insurance a specialty Phone 124 W. 1511
Western Hide A Junk Co. 2323 Wash
ington avenue Rhone 861
"c im Pink House, 2059 Washington
avenue, Rhone J10.
C H Zerbc Phone 945 J
M' -t .Ii- 1. mint: Rhone 7'u,
All kinds C. H -erhe. Rhone 946 I
Willard Kay, real .-.utate and loans,
2171 Washington Ave. Phone 4! 1871
Steamship Agency, 2370 Washington
avenue Phone 1166-2347-M-882. r,.3 ".
Cartiat,- and iiibhi-h hauled ccsspolls
and toilets . leaned John Tiipp A: Co .
Rhone S2V 2 ! IN Hudson Avenue, 'J731
Stoves repaired moved. Cleaned and
ret np Rhon. 85B4 W 7867
Trunk and baic repairing, around cor
n. r from StandarJ Callaeher'a. 2373 Hud
son 2118
Expert window and wall paper clean
big. American Window Cleaning. Ph 563
ants Fish have no Interest In aald prop
( R IK 1.1.1 .SWORTK.
Attorney for Defendant and Cross
Complainant Ralph E. HoaK
t'ompanv a Corporation.
R. O, Address; 51$ Pavld SccldS Build
Im; Dirilen. I tuh 8097
In the District Court of Davis Count v.
State of Rtah,
Hi -1 fonnaton, Plaintiff. va Stewart
Johnston. Defendanl
The State of Rlnh to Said Defendant
You urv hen by supimoneil to appear
within twenty days lifter service of this
alius summons upon you, if served within
the county In which this action Is
brought: otherwise within thirty days aft
er ficrvlee. and defend the above entitled
action- and in case of your failure .0 to
do Judgment will he rendered against
you according to the den.and of the com
plaint, which haa been filed with tie.
clerk of said courL
This action Is brought to obtain ft
judgment and decree dissolving the bonds
of matrimony 'now and heretofore exist
biK between plaintiff and defendant
piaintifr.'-. Attorneya,
R 11 Ad.lrr.si; Suit" 3 1 3 foi. Hudson
Building. Ogden City. Rtah. 7 1JJ
361 Twenty fourth St.. Ogden. Rtah
There ate delinquent on the follovvtntc
described stock on account of assessment
levied on the Stb day of October. 1!20.
the several amounts set opposite the
names of thu respective stocknoldera aa
No. Nam" Shares Amt.
K Ralph S CorlcW 3000 J60.00
13 Reter MalLion 3100 60.00
19 J. W P. Volker 15o0 30.00
21 Chas. H Husscy 1500 30.00
22 Ed. H Miller 10n 00
23 Raul M. Iy.e 40 80
27 Oscar P. Randall l.'.OO 30.00
30 Antonc fensen 2000 40.00
31 Antone Jensen 100 2.00
32 H M. Olmstead 100 2.00
88 Mrs. C. J. Tribe 50 1.00
34 George W. O William. .. 250 6 00
36 William D. Tribe 50 1 00
39 Arthur o. Houseman. . .2000 60.00
40 George T. Rlndtiulst . . . 500 10.00
41 Chne. J. Tribe 1500 30.00
42 William D Tribe 1500 30.0 1
43 Isaac Parr 1600 32.00
46 Kred W Ralllson 100 2.00
61 Oscar P. Randall 100 .00
66 J. W, P. Volker 100 2 00
57 John A. HutChlOJ 100 2.00
58 T. A. Devlnc 100 2.00
69 P. A. Mattson Ro 2.00
t.7 Bertha R. Rorlew .... 100 2.00
CS K. Campbell 250 5.00
69 Ieo J. Walker 100o 20.00
7(i Isaac Farr 500 10 00
77 R. D Roberts 1500 30.00
$4 A. B. Corey 500 10.111)
87 Taylor M. Cain 200 4.00
SR Krad Ed. Tout 200 4 00
01 C. H. CrOslinK 10O0 0.00
92 Harrop & Aadneson .2000 40.00
93 J. A. Summers 1000 20 00
04 John A Hut. -bens . . 1M0 80.00
05 H. V Irwin 500 in.00
96 P D. Roberts 200 1.00
97 -ntone. Jensen . 200 4.00
98 1. F. Farr 200 1.00
99 P A. Mattson 200 4 00
lol Arthur Hausman .. .1500 30.00
anil in accordance with the law and order
of the hoard of directors made on the 8th
dnv of October 1920. so many shares of
each parcel of such stock as may be nee
SSSar) will be sold at 361 Twenty-fourth
street. Ogden, Utah, on the 12th day of
December. 1920. at 2 o'clock p. m. lo pay
the delinquent assessment together with
the cost of advcrtislnB and xpenso of
7789 Si re tar; n l Tn-nsurer.
Consult County Clerk or the Respec
tive Signers for Further
In the Edetrlct Court of tho Second Judl
clal District of Rtah Within and for
Weber Count
Estate of John A. ClotiRh. Deceased
1 'n dltoi 1 v. ill pi . til ' I ilms Willi
vou. hers I" the iuiiersi)rned at the ot
rices ot s. p. Lobb, 2os :'ii Colonel Hud
son building, Osdr-n City. Utah, on or be
fore the Itt day oi February. A. D. 1921
Admliil itrntor
Sluatt P. Dobbs, Attorney for Admlnls
tralor. ""
In the District Court of the Second Judi
cial District. Stnto of Utah, Within and
lor Weber County.
In the Matter of tho Estate of Frederick
Everett. Deceased
Creditors will present claims with
vein hers to the undersigned, at the Office
of DoYine, Stlno f.- Gwllllam. No. C25
David Ecclcs building, Ogden, Rtah or. or
bcloiu tho 15i.li day of Match. 1921.
KATE '".Rit.ER.
Administratrix with Will Annexed of the
E.itato of Frederick Everett. Deceased.
DeVinc. Stlno & Gwllllam. Attorneys for
Administratrix. 7270
CHICAGt. Dec. 7. Butter cader:
creamery 36 "1 I c
Eggs higher; receipts 1974 cases; first."
77fi 7 V.
Rvultryalh e lower; fowls 17'7j25c.
Higher Priced Issues Are Meg
lecteel on Exchange at
Salt Lake
marked the session on the Ball Lake I
Stock A: Mlnlncr exchange this m-.rnlnc.
Tintie Standard failed to register a I
Kale. Silver King Con. traded at prices j
ranging from 9Sc to 81.0C. No other,
sales were transacted in the higher priced
Rureka Riilhon fell r,ff im value and Ir.
nrlre, sellini: 1000 shares at 12 anil 12:-.
Jron Blnaaom--was strontr 2000 shares
ehanplnn bands at 21 and 23c. Rrovo
brought Sc. while Eureka t.ir sold at
7. All-ion held up w. II trading at 12 and
(Quotations furnpjhed over private wire
of J A. Hogle &. Co Ecd'.i OltJa.)
Bid Ask
Alt on .001, ;004
Albion .'. 12 .13
American Con opj i:'lj
Altn Tunnel .nr, .On'i
Big Hill . . . 03 "4 j
Bullion 02 ..OS
Black Metals 02
Columbus Rezall .. 39 .35
Crown Rolnt 00
Colorado Con 03 .05
Central Eureka 01 -OaM
i-ardlff 1. 10 12'.
Dragon t'nn H
Daly West 1.80 2 25
Kast Crown Rolnt .02
East Tin dal 01 .01V4
Ra-t Tin Con 07 Oi
Rureka Mln.n 0k' "N
Rureku Rllv OGU .07
Eureka Bullion II Ji 12
Rmma Silver 02'- 01
Rm-dre Mines .0". fti?
' Hold Chain 02 .07
! 1 'raitd Jentral 16
I How-ell O'V-j . . ...
1 Iron Blossom CO 25
Iron Rang 1" '
Judge Mining 3.00 3.80
! Kevstono C .71
I Leonora . 024 03s!
I Lehl Tintic . . 0BH oi
May Dnv 0J 02'i
, Miller Hill 02
Moscow 02 10
' Mlchigan-l'tnh OP, "-''
I North Standard 05 os
New Qulncy Oa 01
I Onohongo 00Vi .00
Naildrlver 37
'Rbittis .27Vj 30
Prince Con 28Si
I Provo 01 -jm
Pale ma
Rico Aren'ine 03 04
' Rico Wellington . ."7 10
I Sella 0Ui 01 H
! 811. Kins Coal 1.70 1
I Sll King Con 1 fO 1 10
Sioux Con 02 U 0.1
I South Hecla -59 70
South Standard Ifttt
Silver Shield 27. 30
Tar Baby 01 02
Tlntlc l entral . . , 01 Vi
Tlnilc Standard 3 70 3.72i
Utah Cons 00; OUj
Rncle Sam 00'j .01
Victor Con H -0
Rnh. nt'hief 01 .07
W.-.vt Toledo 02 .04
Walker 2.00 2.00
Woo1 lawn 09 Vi .10
iumn MSS .os
Daly 1-30 2.25
Opening Sales.
Albion r.OO at 12- 3000 at 12,c.
Altn Tunnel 1000 at r,e; 1000 at 5Hc
Eureka Lily 2100 at 7c.
oluinbus Rexall 100 at 34e- r.r0 at
Iron BloSSOm R:o0 at 2R
ESast Tinii - CoaL 1000 at lUc
Leonora 100n at 3'ic
May Day 5000 at 2c
Michigan-Utah 1000 at 2c.
Eureka Mines 1000 at 7c.
New Qulncv 6000 at 1c
Eureka Bullion 500 at 12Uc; 1000 at
lYlncc Con 500 at 29c.
Etovo 2000 at 5o.
North Standard 3000 at 5V,i .
Sells 2000 at me.
' Silver King Con. 200 at 1.0Q.
Cloting Sales.
Alta Con. 2000 at lc: 2000 at c
American i'on. Copper. 1000. at 1C.
. Alt Tunnel 1000 at 5c.
Big Hill 200 at 2c
I lr..n Blossom 700 at 23c.
: May Day 1000 at 2c.
Eureka Bullion 2500 at 12c
I Rrlnce Con. 350 at 30e.
lTovo 4499 at 5c
Rico Argentine 1000 at 3jc.
I Silver King Con. if, at 9Sc; 17 at $1 05.
South II rla 200 at 61c
I Silver Shield 100 at 2Sc.
Woodlawn lOOO at 10c; 2500 at 9c.
Speculative Issues Decline at
Opening and Cause Gen
eral Losses
NI'.W YORK Dec 7. Oils and rails
Imparted a measure of stability to tho
stock market today but this was over
Shadowed by the weakness of specialties
! Sab s approximated 750.000 shares.
Heaviness of speculative Issues par-
! Ocularly the chemical group, contributed
I to the lower trend of prlros at the open
ing of toda stock mnrket. American
: Agricultural chemical. yeeterdays weak
est feature, registered an early loss of
.IS points and American International
I American Woolen and Royal Dutch lost 1
one iolnt. Domestic and Mexican oils
were firm to strong, especially Texas &
' Pacific Houston and American Linseed.
I Steels, rails and equipments and motors
manifested further Irregularity at nomi
nal advances and declines. Exchange
on London continued to weaken, breaking
lri under yesterday's final rates.
A seven point rise in Mexican Petro
leum and 12 point loss In Wlllys-Over-
lnnd provoked feverish aggressions in the
last hour with variable recoveries at the
heavy close.
Sales Increase on
Local Stock Market
Twenty-three cars of meat stock were
purchased on the local stock market yos-
terdaj by buyers representing Rtah and
California packing companies
The sales were made to-
Oehl Racking comnany. San Bernar
dino. Taj 3 cars cattle.
Cudahv Racking company. Salt Lake, 1
car cattle
McFarlnnd Packing company. Salt
Lake, l car cattle. 1 ear sheep.
HOttser Racking company. Rom Angeles
Weatern Meat edoipany, San Francisco.
C cars cattle. 2 ears bogs
Highland Cattle company, San Fran-,
clsco. D cars cattle.
Cattle RecelptH 114: choice heavy
steers $7.50,8.60: good steers fK.QOff
7.00: fair ateers ?5.00EiG.50; choice feeder
steers $15,001 7 .00; choice rows and helf
ers JTi OiRTi 5.75; fair to gixsl cows unrl
heifers S4.OOW5.00. cutters I8.50Q4.00;
ianner8 $2.00ff"i 3 .00; choice feeder cows
$4.00ffr4-50; fat bulla S3.75fi)4 00; bologna
bulls JJ.oorl 00; veal calves $9 0010.00
Hoga Kecelpta 154; choice fat hogs. 175
to 250 lbs. $10.10; bulk .f sahs Ja.fiOv
10. u feeder bogs $v niRn J.uli
Sheep Receipts 224; choice Iambs
$9.ooi 10.00: wethers $5.00fi ii.00: fat
Bwi i I4.00OG 00. feeder lambs SS.00
9 00.
F. -J- Iirako. Victor. Ida. 1 car fheop.
Thomas Bros . Ashtoif, Ida . l ear hogs.
Thomas Bros.. Driggs, Ida.. 1 c.ir hogs.
Leo Peck. Oreenvfliei l car cuttle.
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn., Dee 7 Flour
;,0e higher; In carload lota, family pat
ents quoted at $! 10010.06 a barrel In
i ound COI ton packa
Bran $2b.00.
The Ogden Auto Directory
Halter Electric Primers start your car instantly. Guaranteed by P
; Barlow Bros., 2466 Grant avenue. 8044
Briscoe Touring Cars, Gramm-Bernstein Truckg. White-Robinson. 1
2300 Washington. Phone 340. 3739 ,
Ogdon Auto Radiator Co, 2329Hudson Avenue. 3740 f
Hudson Auto Top Co , 1717 Washington. 3772 I
j I
f soar black. . i
By fJOKBX A. J mors
N E . stuff Correspondent.
NEW YORK Rev. Harry L. Bowl
by, national secretary of the Lord's
Do.) Alliance, who is directly a n:i-tlon-vvlde,
movement for "Sinlcsji
Jibbnths," outlined . for me today his
Idea of 'an ideal Sunday."
If hly plan was put into effect
there would be but two things to
do on Sunday go to church ami stay
Mo would taboo movies, baseball,
tennis, newspapers, balloon venders,
Btoree, traveling, autO riding except
j to church, theatres, bootblacks,
j beachee, golf, concerts, delicatessens,
resorts. i
"1 would call un ideal Sabbath,"
sas Rev. Rowlby, "a duy on which
all observe; 'Remember the Sabbath
j day and keep It holy'-- a day on which
people refrain from doinK all those
things" that are so plainly In violation
of tho .spirit of the day. whether of a
commercial or uncommercial charac
"Our object is to drive out what
has become a continental Sunday anu
to defend and preserve the American
Christian Sabbath.
'we arc fully satisfied that the
American Sabbath includes works of
mercy and necessity, but that many
are construing the Sabbath on such
liberal terms as to change its name
and Ideals into a holiday and a busi
ness duy. j
'By far the greater evil, as we see
"TTIRAGO, Dec 7. Active selhnc nr
ihe part of houses with eastern connec
tions, some of ft raid to be on foreign
act oimt. brought about sharp declines to
day in th wheat market. Support was
laeklnp and prevailing sentiment bear
ish, owing more or less to an apparent
lack of export demand Besides, ther
was a disposition to regard bullish fac
tors as having ben mon- than discount
ed by recent lively upturn:. Opening
quotations, Jphlch ranged fro ni2 to 1fce
lower with December $1.77 and March
$1.71 to 1 73'4 were followed by a ma
terial further setback.
Corn gave way with wheat. After
opening S to ."Uic down including May
at 78 to 7Vic. the market continued
weak at about 2c under yesterday's fin
ish. Oats were depressed by the weakness
of other cereals, starting to V lower
Mnv tr, 53c, and then descending
Provisions fell with grain and hogs
CHICAGO Dec. 7. (t'nited States Bu
reau of Markets ) Catth Recolpta 18.
000; deslrat le beef nteera and butcher
she-stock strung to liigh. i t'sin late yes
terday, mostly 23 to ."i"c ubove last week,
bulk native steers ID OOft 12 00; early top
Hogs Receipts 66,000; mostly 25 to oOc
lower than yesterday's average, packing
sows off least; top earlv one loan $10 10.
practical top $10.00; bulk $9.C0ff9.90
Sheep Receipts 22.000; fat lambs slow.
20r lower; choice nntiv lambs to ship
pers $11.50: fat sheen 25c lower: bulk
native ewes $4 .00ft 4. 50.
MAMA Neb. Dec. 7. United States
Rurcitu of Markets.) lings Receipts 10.
000; market 1". to 25c lower; bulk medium
and light butchers $9 GOfid 85. top 19.95;
hulk strong weight and packing grades
$9. 25ft '.' "0
, mile .Receipts 7000; beef steers mOSt
1 steady, top fed yearlings 118 76; bulk
steers $7.60ft9.5O; she-stock steady to
Btrong; other classee generally steady
Sheep Receipts 11 oofl. few earlv sales
of lambs 25 to 50c lower; bulk of sale
lambs and sheep fully 50e lovv.r to
lambs $10 60: yearlings $7 50; ewes $1.oo.
feelers steady.
KANSAS CITY. Mo. Dec. 7. (United
States Rureau of Markets.)- 'attic Re
celnie 10.500; beef steers stow and steady,
prime heavy steers $14.00.
Uf,,.v, Hucelnts 1 7.000 ;. market oloslnfl
active, unevenly D.'ic lower bulk of sales
9 50 9 $0; top $9 95.
jheei Receipts 7500, market weak to
25c lower; fat western lambs $11.00.
NBW YORK. Dec. 7. Prime merean
tUi papet unchanged.
Bhtchange woak.
Sterling Demand $3.434-
New Ycrk exchange on Montreal 13Vt
per cent discount.
Tlnm loans firm; all dates 7Hft7H per
NEW YORK, Dec. 7. Antimony 5.75
Tin firm; spot and nearby $3o.2...
Laiad iulet; spot $5 00.
Zinc steady; East St. Louis delivery
spot 6.156.30c.
rubers unchanged.
i 'Mli'Ar.l i, lU-c. 7. Closing quotations:
Wheat December $1.70',; March $1.
67 ('..rn December 7::-,4c: May 76C
Oats December 4SUe; May 51 -(.
Pork January $23. 6.
Lard January $n.75. May $11 75.
Ribl January $12.65, May $12. hO.
it, comes through great and well fin
anced commercial corporations such t
ns the motion picture lndustrj anil H
professional baseball leagues.
M.i.D puritan srnuT.'- I mm
"Puritarw and Pilgrims observed
tin Sabbath more strictly than It has 'MWM
been observed at any time In the .H
United States within the Inst 50 years WWa
and the need of the hour is to put
more of the puritan spirit in'.o ui MM
American Sunday"
The lot of the reformer Is hard."
says Rev, Dowlby In order to make
others observe the Sabbath, we must
have publicity and everyone is trying L. 1
to keep us from getting p." M
Among the retormen who arc mem
bera ot tho international reform bp
ri iu fighting :l "Sinless Sun-
da) ' are: ll
Wayne B. Wheeler, chief counsel llLH
to the Anti-Saloon league, who will jH
ii the International reform bu- WM
ti in conferenct In Washington th- mm
I week of December 8-10, when the
pending Sunday "blue law" bill for JH
,the Distric t of Columbia will be cou- , O
sider. d and probably urged upon
other states, jjjH
The Rev. E. C. Dinwiddle, legts
: latlve superintendent of the Ant.l
Silooii league, who s.ivs the District
of Columbia Sunday bill in but an
entering wedge for the adoption of a
' federal constitutional amendment en- H
forcing nation-wide Sabbath observ
: ance. Ho has opened offices in Wash
I Ington. in the national Sunday observ
anCS campaign.
bpi Ask 1 ym
! Amal. Sugar $ $ 12.75 fWMM
A mat. Sugar pfd 99 .00 mUmm
t on. Wagon 101.00 mmuWM
Cement Securities 118 00 120. On WMM
Utah-Idaho Sugar t.7s
Lion Coal Ronds 85.00 WMM
Wfsl Cache Sugar 100 Ou 101 00 WM
Wyoming Sugar 10.00 WMM
Ogden-Portland Cement 95. oo
I ."-Icing 25 00 -Mm
People's Sugar 5.6U -MM
First National Bank 321, 5u wWM
Security State Bank .. lie. 00 WM
NEW YORK. Dec 7 Haw sugar o,ulet WM
at 4Vc foT f'ubas. cst and freight, equal MmM
to 6.71c for centrifugal. Mm
Refined steady at V75 to 9.00c for fln.t Mm
granulated. Mum.
Ppturee opened lower, but later ral- MmW.
ll.-d and at midday was about unchanged
I'HIOAiRj. Dec 7. Wheat No 2 red MMW
Corn No. 2 mixed 79c.
Hutu .... I White 50O61c, MMM
j Ryo No. 2 $1.63,. MMm
Barley 94c MMMt
I iau $ir. oo. MMm
(By International News Service.)
BOSTON Xray motion pictures JH
showing the sholl-smashed arm of a HV
; eoldler being restored to normal und
lln shattered bone being replaced bv MM
ten Inches of grafted shlnbone was HH
shown to Boston surgeons nt the con
ference of the Clinical and Surgical
association of Boston HH1
qulst, 48, tried to commit suicide be
cause he couldn't find wife. He had
been brooding over Billy Sunday's scr- IH
mon, 'Bachelors ' and H said to have
come to believe he was damned If he 1
did not marry. j
DALLAS. Tex. Bryan Kayhe didn't mMM
like the cellmate the poHce gave him
He told the newcomer to ' climb out"
and when the stranger couldn't or IH
wouldn't. Kayho beat him with his
shoe. He'll have to stand trial now
for assaulL
oo MMW
By special treaty the Maharajah
of Kashmir exercises the right to
prohibit the Importation of pork plea
into his territories. LwM
j J-frHoftle&Dj I

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