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Many Agencies Brought Into
Play by Local Christmas
Stamp Committee
"Four-minute WOmtn." under Mrs
1 ' J, G. Falek, Will eprak In behalf ot
the Christmas Beal campaign now he
I ' inc conducted In Ogden by the i tai
If- Public Health Association, ai Iocs
j lhc.ities Thursdaj evening, accordlnj
1 ( to local Secretary George D. Bennett
1 The campaign la progressing Becretan
j Hennett reports, and a record sale 1J
I expected before ths drive endi Jsnu-
1 1
j Members of the Metropolitan Lit
I Insurance company have Offered thell
i services to the campaign committer
. and win sell the seats In the resldentls
The campaign in the schools of ii"
I ity will b handled by Btipt W. Kai
r' 1 i ropklns. VI i h i nlon i pot in
J I sals was reported toda b tho Salva
J Itlon Army workers.
:Jg Four minute" men under S. P,
Dobbs will make addresses in - 1 1 oi
i the Ogden theatres next Saturday
: night and the following Saturday ii
Hj behalf of tho campaign, according H
j 'r. Pobbs
Hel More than thlrtj young women oi
fi gden are aiding in tin carapalgi
I ! Gladys Rich. The booths in tho v.iri
I j oils stores reported a heavj Sale thh
I I morning and with workers stationed h
I I all of the hanks and stores It Is e
I iioried that tho mark reached In 191!
m will be shattered.
Accident Victim to
j Be Buried at Brigham
i The funeral services of Mis. Dan
l.lohnson, formerly MisstDelone WHson
(of Brigham, who was lentall
'Mlled Saturday night In an automobih
I accident at the corner ol Washington
i . ii He and Thirl l Ii streel wil b
m theld at Brigham City in tho Third
u.iirt chapel lodaj Bishop H. VV. .-il-j
'entino will conduct llio services.
" Mr. and Mrs. Dan Johnson ami Mr.
I and Mrs. A. A. Johnson won aboul Lc
fl Uatch a streetcar when the id nl
'happened. An aishpiri le, drl
:John Emmet t, aprpaehed and tho
1 .pedestrians apparently became con-
fused. They arc sai t have Btej
directly in ihe path of the car. I
(, the brakes of tho automobile were
j , applied, th- machine s ung In a h l .
V 'the rear end smnshinc Into three of
"j the group. Mrs. . J ihnson was
I tho onlv one of tdo part: who n is nol
j! She received .i sevc i s ilp K'ound
and bruises.
Pan Johnson, husband of the wo-
I man. who dlc-d as the result ( ths
j accident, was nut rcriuush hur:.
I Mrs Johnson was the daughtej of
i Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson, nnl was
l! born In Brigham Cltj lanuar) 21,
I 1S94. She has liod In Ogden for tho
li past two yoars. Two Uttli daughters
1 survive her.
H Committee to Pilgrim
Program Meets Friday
I J'lan? 101 the 1
Hfi for the schools of Ogden will he eom-
Hl ; ijdeted during the present week,
H K ordinK to Supt. W. Kail Iopk!
H I The committee recently named to han-
1 Kile the various programs, consisting
l of Mrs. S. B. W i: 1. Miss Carrie
j Knapp, Miss Vera l-iaasi ipflig, M
J.illlan Farnsworth Miss Ethel Howie,
j IMark Robinson and P H. Adams, will
meet Frlda to perfect plans.
1 i Hecembcr 21, has been deslgi ated ss
H 1 1 it- day celebval i ding
Hl Ith Pilgrims," In ihe Ogden schools
H laud extensive programs will be held.
H lai wording to Supt. Hopkins.
A pajgeant commemorative of t lie
W binding of ths pilgrims is planned foi
H oarly in 1921, and steps o organ-
H IsailOn on this phnao of the program
H will be announced at the meeting of
H the general ommlttee.
H Coat Stolen While
HI Owner Attends Dance
H ; R. 1. r-olllns. 32 7r r;r.-nt avenue.'
H irportd the thoft of an overcoat to
W the police this morning.
H Mr Collins said tho coat was stolen
Hi while he was attending s dance up-
H town last evening. The coat was val-
I ucd at $30.
H W. S. mil. 2116 Pincroo avenue,
H roportd that sf.mo one b.nfl entr rod
his home yesterday and had stolon a
H seal skin muff. llnd with brown silk.
H Walter Ktone UR1 Twenty-firs street
reported ihnt a leather coal !elonjr-
i ing to him had been stolen lal eve-
nlr.g, while he was attending a meet
irtg at the Fourth rard mooring house.
Arthur Ekberg Finishes Course
Study at Great Lakes
j Mis. Ekbrrr, 190 'vWst Twentieth
street, is in receipt Of a letter from
Cap! K. J. Archibald. I'nited States
marine COrfS, al Qreat Lakes. 111., an
nouncinf; ijiat her son. Ailhur. hxs
SttCCeBBfaUy completed ihe course of!
Instruction In aviation mechanics. On
I leceniber 18 ho is to ho transferred to
' the marine ail station at Quantico.
! Va.
The captain pays a tribute m the
I hard work accomplished b Arthur
llEkbert; and He adds thai the parentsj
should be proud of Ihe record the
I I youth is making in his studies.
Bazaar to Be Given
in West Weber Ward
A bazaar will be held In West Weber
Thursdsy, uccordlng t" information
pien nut todtiv by members of the1
Wost Weber ward. Th- basaar will be
held during the day and will end up
with ;i dance in the evenlnir. The i
in j obtained Will go toward tbe
fund of the Primary tssociatloh. Re
freshmcnts will be served.
Congress Bulletins
WASHINGTON'. &ec. 7. Congres-'
sloual Investigations tf "ihe Increas
ing unemployment" to determine what
action, f any. to relieve the situation
can be taken by tho federal goyern
nieni s proposed In s J"int resolU'
ti Introduced in the lipuse today bj
Repr ntatlve Mason, Republican, of
A Kt-neral con fen tic. governors
Of states and represent. lives of the
federal government for the purpose of
detei mining the facts concerning nn
employment also was proposed. Mi.
Mason esticiatcd t h- nun r : unem
ployed at Rpproxlmatf 1; .aon.oua
i e olutlpn proposed separate
and Immediate Investigations iy the
labor, Interstate commerce, public
buildings, ostpffice and milltarj and
nava committees which would lo re-,
iiuird to report to ihe h-'.M by DS-
cember ii"-
WASHINQTOX, Dec. 7. John Skel-;
ton v lllams, of Richmond, Va . m-as
re-nomliuti d today by I'residfi Wil- J
iion to be comptroller of the currency.
Ills name was hi a list of approximate
ly L7.000 nominations, mostly w e
appolntments and Including some
thing Uks K,,ooo army promotions.
Practically all of the more Important
appointments had been previously an- i
nan need
WASHINGTON, Dec 7 Senator
Jonee r.f Washington, today introduced
a bill withdraw the national parkl
and monuments from the provisions
of th frderal water power act.
WASHINGTON, Doe ;. The house
rules committee reported today spe
clal rub limitltig to four hours debate
on the Johnson bill to prohibll immi
Igratlon for n two year period. Two
j days for preparation nf ;( minority
I r port were allowed and Chairman
'Campbell. Republican. Kansas, an-
1 nounoed he would all the rule up for
i action on Thursday.
WASHINGTON,' Dec. 7. Becretan
.:aker was a.ked today h Ihe hOUSS
I military committee to apieai- before
I It Friday to explain why the war de
partment hn recruited an army of
mnn than lSO.OdO men.
j rsLLTiiLL-s , i mm I
I House Coats
j V IVES there a man who doe
li not appreciate a good look- 1
J ing House Coat or Smok-
ing Jacket as a Christmas gift
M Most inviting are they, espe-
-f cially after a most active day in
3 the business world.
' tI The great number we sell each
J year proves they do make ideal
m gifts This year the showing is
ifl, quite exceptional and above the
",M commonplace.
.your little tot has been dreaming of some
I special toy that Santa Claus is going to
bring. J
j on Christinas morning that little heart is
going to be tilled with joy or tilled with
it remains for you to say.
already, many things are quite sold out.
no secure now la covee foyX
V'M vmi! v: pay for ii la'er it' ym wish.
"T" 1 foyland y S9flB$
Wrights' OTS Wrights'
' Hi ll
! tes j
I League of Nations Assembly
In Opening Session j
sssssBsismsSBHRsV!SHN fcfSwiKsl
I This is t ho first photograph received in America ahowing the f irsl seision of the league of X;itions
I assembly in tlie Hall of, the Refoi'mation, nt Geneva, Switzerland Inset is n cloBenp of Paul Hymana ofj
Belgium, firai president i tne assembly, prcsMincr at the opening meeting Arrow indicates Hymansl
I in the presidents chair on tho rostrum.
Night Prowlers Prove
to Be Ward Teachers
How would you like to be a ward,
Police today related an Incident
ihi ko? to show lhat the activities
i f a ward teacher are not always un-
n1 1 nl
Acc-ordiiif: lo Desk Seiceani Klm
hll. i (.ill wa rSCJfllVSd at the police
station that two mysterious n. n v.
prowling from house io house n the
vicinity of Thirty-second street and
Pacific avenue
The pore investigated and dlscov-!
' red that the "prowlers" were mere
ly ward teachers Who vcr maklDg
their visits to homes In that vicinity.
NEW YORK, Dec. 7 Fined S2 for!
a misdemeanor, a peddler look a
roll of bills from his pocket and
handed a "ten" lo the clerk of the'
Essex Market court Monday The
peddler w.-s jdven ?S change and j
I left Later Ihe clerk discovered the
"ten" whs a "one" raised by the i
past in of s prtlted cipher.
Spirited Race for
Irrigation Director
R. 13. Thomas of Eden, and D. D.
(M'cKn.y, of Iluntsville. are candidates
for election a.s director of the sber
County Irrigation district for District
N'o. 3. embodying iluntsville and Og-
den valleys
High interest is being manifested at
the polling places and practically every
farmer interested in the Irrigation dis
trict Is turning out to vole, It Is said.
The districts are: No 1. farr West;
Xo. 1". K mt svllle, Xo. 3. Bden.
it ia reported that the election is
being moro hotly ' contested at Eden
than in any of the other districts, both
men liirg residents of that vicinity.
After a spirited debate of land own
ers of Ogdeb Vallej al the Bden meet
ing house last night, the meeting en
dorsed Kay H 'I Immpson for ihe nom
ination for director.
Trior to last night's meeting the
farm bureau of Eden had nominated
Thompson. The meeting hint night
ratified the farm bureau choice.
What is believed lo be the first wo
men's building and loan association1
organized in any city has begun busi-'
Oess in Philadelphia. I
IN BOY SCOUT movement:
OMAHA. Neb., Dec. 7. Dr. George
I Fisher, of New York, deputy scout
! executive of field work, issued a
! warn ing against professionalism in
'the scout movement in his address
:before the Eighth district council
Monday. He said "the greatest need
of the American boj is an adult ad
i viser "
'There should be a minimum of
paid leadership." he continued. "More
J county councils have been organ
ized during the last year than during
the tea years preceding this one."
Dr. Fisher urged the formation of
'councils as rapidly as possible in
iiin and counties with populations
of 2,000 or over.
MANILA, P. J . Dec! 7 Rear Ad
'miral Casey B. Morgan, command
!ant of the Sixteenth naval district.
Philippines departed for Shanghai
today on the destroyer Rizal to di
rect the movement of American gun
boats ordered to I-Chang, China, to
protect American Interests during the
activities of mutinous Chinese troops
which have seized the city of I-iChang.
fp .White IVORY wf I
a You hfxvt botighl tvQry before, of. course !J I
luii tins ia jusl a little lietier line and
jSJSl grade than any you have Been ;t' other 4jH
' places in cr I ii And comparing articles tr
oi ets, iron wi find the price jusl a lit- A
lie lower. There is. nothing moro appre- H
eiated as, a gift nothing iuore eoonomicai H
to buy- ranged i suil every purse, from H
to ; $40 I
& Gills Appropriate I
"r. . . . $1.25 to $5.00 I I
' Receiver $1.25 to $5.00
50c $1.00 $2.00 I
Brushes $2.75 to $7.75
Tf Brushes . . . $3.00 $3.50 $3.75 Nl
j f $2.50 to $4.50 M I
$5.00 to $11.75 I I
J ';;!,,, $2.00 $2.50 ijj I
Nfl l Pile's, Cuticle Knives, Button r A
3Uc yj i
$ $6.00 to $18.00 K 1
!; $10.00 to $40.00 I
fionni. $2. 2.".: Toppy, Olsridge ?2 BO I I B
ol Christinas Cards, 5c t" ml j
Distinctive colors. 40e to H; combhiAUdn 'f H
of: sets from $'', to $ij -M
Sterno Canned iie,-,t Outfits, complete, !
$1.25 to $2.25
"V In on'-, three or tivs pound fancv boxes, Hl
P 1 0, $1 75, 11.86 the pound 'nM
Tho kind h" likss Chancellor Flor D
boxes of 23 foi Christmas J.
if much before re iik w
mMt with QI'ALITV and PRICE v
I I 1
ST. LOUIS. Doc. 7. The American
Legion V:ll ask congress to appropri
ate $85,006,000 for eatablisliing hos
pitals tn care for wounded veterans
of the recent war. according lo Col.
P, W Galbralth, national command
er, who arrived here to participate
in a celebration arranged by local
posts of the organization.
The national commander described
conditions surrounding the treatment
of these men as "bad."
"Committees visiting hospitals in
various states have reported that the
food and quarters of the men were
unfit for dogs." ' he said.
From a population of 15,000 in,
1900, when it was iho center of the
gold rush to Alaska, Nome has
dwindled to 200 Inhabitants '
LOS ANGELES. Cal.. Dec. 7. The H
trial of Oscar A. Bowers, indicted EpB
an alleged accomplice In Ihe kill- ; tfd
ing of McCullough Cravdon, real es- H
late operator in a dispute o er pos-
salon of a bungalow at Venice last
September, was begun Mondav . jH
jury last week disagieed in the trial
"' M'- Maybelle Roe. who admitted md
she shot Graydon, saying she did so
to protect Bowers who. she declared fcj
was being attacked by Graydon. H
oo .H
SACRAMENTO. Cal , Dec. 4 XV -
Glngles, president of an Arovllle, Cal . ' Lrapl
lank, told about too members of mSt
group 1 of the California Bankerv as- H
soclatlon meetiiiK here todav that Cal- K9
ifnrnii hankers were not cooperating
with 'h'-1 state's farmer? In assisting Ls9
them to hold and market their .-rop.
I ij I
Can Make Immediate Delivery on
These are the first ones we have had for j
over four months and we do not expect I III
any more for some time. Complete with I I
starter and electric lights. I I
$645 OGDEN ! H

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