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Meredith Says Situation
Should Be Handled as
National Problem
j WASHINGTON. DfeC i 1. .n..n
! can farmers f:icc a situation vjo to
Calling; prices for farm product! which
nh..ul.l be dealt with as ' national
f.rohlem, Secretary Meredith declared
in Ms first annal report mnde puDIIc
" lodav. On November 1 prices were 33
' Doi cent below those prevailing :jt
planting lime, the secretary of agricul
ture said, adding.
"There Is perhaps no single .solution
for the situation which the farmers
hre new farms, but there are many
Steps which can and .should " laker
to place our agriculture on n more
satisfactory bai and to stabilise the
'uisiness of farm log. not m the inter
nal f the farmers alone, but In the h
prest of the nation aa a whole. A
j sober national thought with regard to
j n... importance, the absolute necewlty,
1 of a ?ustninel agriculture In this coun
i i r is Imperatlx e."
Several remedies were .snug' steel in-
hiding extension of co-operathri i
ftetinf and some means ot aiding In
ijarrylng ovoi ti periods low pro
duction the surplus of years of hiKh
pi ...luction. The fpusllon of farm and
personal credit must be g1vn re
Favorable consideration, the secretary
declared, and ways be found to aid
Sonant farmers or men Just embarking
in the business of agriculture i- i anb
Ush themselves.
I The road between the producer .nd
i ho consum-r should be kept open a ad
made shorter," the report s.id. to in
sure fair prices ,:tnt that the consumer,
will he able to hu with only "reason
able" profits attached to the orglnal
jelling jrlce. Co-operative marketing
nndoubledly affords an opportunity to
Biorten the channel between producer
and consumer, the secretary said, as
well as opportunity to reduce the cost
of production by use of governmental
information as to marketing, grading,
The farmers of America "have again
justified the faith of the nation to
meet Its requirement:',' Mr. Meredith
declared, and have produced crops
estimated to be worth i 1 3. :'. aaa.ono
this year. The combined yield of the1
ten principal crops was 13 per centi
"labove the average for five years.
The corn crop of 3, 19$. 000, 99 bush-1
Is is unprecedented, representing
about four-fiiths of the world's pro-1
ductlon, the report said. The sweel
liutato crop of 1 0i;.ou0,i.m"ui hushels is
far In excess of any oth' i v.-.ir exu-pt
1919. while the rice crop .1 U.'.nnO.'Ji'O
bushels Is one-fouith greater than the
largest crop ever before harvested. To
. bacco production of 1,476,000,000
pounds, the sugar beet crop of 1 4'.'.
300,000 bushels and the potato crop of j
121,000.000 bushels stand out as liiKh
inork-t ivhilo th altnli nrrnln. lion of
1 236,000,000 bushel has 1. I I led
i Only once.
I "It ought to be a fact." Mr Mere-1
dith continued, "that when the farms
of the country produce abundantly the
consuming public will be liberally sup
plied with food at rea.so::a I h- pries
H e farmer taking hiv profil b i ause of
targo production and the consu i re-
eiving his increment of benefit rrom
' "having an adequate Supply :it B reas
on blc cost.
"In general, we should epeel 11 to
he true that the farmei u condltl s
improved in direct propi rtlon to the
jiumbcr of bushels of wheal Ol corn
or the number ol bales ol otton he
produces. It frequently h ippens, how-;
ever, that when all farmers have WC-I
Iraordlnarlls good crops during the!
'jarao year low prices leave him worse
off than he has been 'in other years
with short crops and high prices
This year, Mr. Meredith said, hlghl
orices for farm products continued un
111 they were ready to sell, when tin.
I price reduction set in. covering every
thing the (armors had te s n and ma
terially affecting nothing they were
. ompelled to bu
"The year's output, produced at am
abnormally high cost," the secretary
:rtded, "Is worth at current prices J3.-.
O00.000.0oo less than the sro II r crop
of 1 9 1 '' H ml J 1 ,000,0011, i . s ,. II,:,,
L the still smaller crop of !! is The!
I best estimate that can now be made
f indicates that the total value of uni-'
mal products in 1920 is ?8, 76 7,000. oOo !
or about fJOO.OOO.OOO less than in'
19 in.
"There is probabl) no othel industry
I or business that could suffer a slml
I lar experience and avoid Insolvent v.'
lR0BXiEM8 OF I i i .
I Farm finance, he said, h.is become
more and more Involved until it ranks
I in Importance With the financial prob- 1
I lem of Industry. In this, as In m.n
I keting. Mi eredlth suggested axpan
I slon of the a-operative iden as lik'el)
I to brms definite and tangible results
I of bcnotll to the farmer. The depart
ment is making a study with a lew to
I ippiying the co-operative pah. to farm
I mortgage and personal credit and
I Kii in lusura l he report added.
I National thought will be directed to
the problem of land ownership during
the years Immediately ahead, Mr.
Meredith predicted. Causes and re-'
suits at farm tenancy, v said, must
bo placed "squarely before the Atnofi
I in people so that their Importance
may be re og nixed." since on the qui b
ii. m of soil depletion and tin- serious
pffect it hii on prodn'ctlon depends
large)) the food supply of the future
He urged Congress to make available
funds for exhaustive studies In I his
A governmental study also should
lie made ' the farm labor situation.
Mr Meredith said.
' Failure to recognize its complexi
ty," ho added, ' has resulted In many
unwise attempts to solve It."
The movement from the- farm to the
city constitutes "a real concern" In
America, the report said.
If the iuci e.Lslnp population Is to be
ted from available farm hinds. ef
forts to reduce agricultural hasardS
must go lorwird vigorously, Mr M. t.
dlth said. Among these hazards he
enumerated plant diseases. Insects, ro
dents and livestock diseases- congress
was urged to provide for wide:- Inves
tigation of these questions, the report
asserting they should be curbed us u
national duty to ward off grevloufl sit
uations in the annual food production
In later years.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 10 'Major
Alva I-.ee. retired, will be relieved of
lurtber roe.rultlng duly at .Suit ljuke
City December 15. and will ko back on
the retired list and to his honv
First Lieutenant Hubert Sharp and
Second Lieutenant Hugh C. Dorrla, at
Fort Douglas, by orders ol tod , n.
assigned to the Twenty-first Infantry.
Second Lieutenant Loyd H Duffln.
Held artillery, now on temporary dutj
at Fort Douglas, ts assigned to tin
Irirst field artillery and ordered to fori
Sill, Okla.
9 Miss it, and kick yourself!
H "Three Twins," Orpheum. De
H cember 13-14.
Campaigns Against H. C. L.,
I rusts and Radicals De
clared Effective
; -Washington". Dee. 11 The cam-j
I palgn agalnsl th. high cost of living.1
efforts to break UP trusts and com-,
blnatlons in restraint of trade and the;
government's fight on radicalism are
j reviewed by Attorney General Talmer
j in his annual report sent today to con
I gress.
! In a dtSCUSSton of (hp radical prob-i
'lem, Mr. Palmer discloses that the de-
ipartment of justice has developed &
'card index aysterri, containing more
than 200.000 card?, giving detailed I
data on the activities "f ultra-radical j
'and their organisations as well as a
complete library of reference on the;
, general radical movement.
l II 8 I '.I Mt
Ninety pep cent of the communist
i and anarchistic agitation during the
! last year, the attorney general says, 18
I traceable to aliens. This agitation, hc
'.adds, is not confined to the so-called,
economic eclls- hut ha been lre led
jalpo toward the stirring up of racial
i prejudices, tine of the fertile fields. 1
he siin, i. among the negroes who
"have been appealed to directly for,
support In the movement to overthrow
the government of the Fulled Stales."
The foreign language press hns been
I "particularly noticeable for its strong
i radical ! anlngs." the attorney gen-:
leraj says. He declares that the spread)
Of radical doctrines has been "aided"i
in 2f or more foreign language news
papers In the United States.
The results of the January raids on ,
the Communist and Communist Labor,
(party meetings. Mr Palmer says, caus
ed a "marke, temporary cessation" In j
radical activities here. Meetings of
the Communist and anarchistic groups!
'were suspended and were followed lat
er the declaration of the American'
delep;te to the Third Internationale j
at Amsterdam that the January raids I
' had destroyed the hopes of the Com
munists hi America. )
M.lll KER .1 I s REPORT
Mr. Palmer recites the legislative
program laid befon congress nr Its
last session in which he said existing,
laws did not permit the government
to carry on the sort Of prosecution re-,
quired In the case of some of the radi
cal groups, notsbly the 'industrial
W orkers of the World whose activities!
the department has beep Unable to
touch in most Instant sf
Turning to law enforcement activ 1
ties. the attorney general says the gov
ernment collected approximate!) $L
532 000 In fines and Judgments jn the
lasl yeaifc I f this. $L.4r.j,u0o came
from fines in criminal, prosecutions
while the remainder was collected In
civil proceedings.
Twenty-eight anti-trust cases are
pending In the various district courts
wr the country and the supreme
-I nf Iht. 'nli,l MtM KVunli U"
N'cbeker of Ftah. assistant to th. at
torney general, in hl special report
on trie subject, says that prosecution
of those cases is proceeding as rapidly,
as the mat hlnery of the courts hav
ing Jurisdiction can be moved. Sixteen
cases against alleged trusts or eom
1 Inatlons In restraint of trade have
been Instituted In the last twelve
months and twelve Oxheri have been
disposed of bj final court action, Mr.
Nebeker says.
H. C. L. MP K.N
The report shows that it Its cam
paign to lower living costs, the depart
ment brought a total of ",01t legal
actions under the Lever acl Of these
1 . 0 4 C were on direct charges of prof-,
iteerlng Other actions included prbs
ecutlo.us under the provision against
hoarding, manipulation of food stocks,
conspiracies, etc indictments were'
drawn In 77 1 Instances, the report says
and to date ninety-nine sentences have'
been imposed. j
Mr. Palmer explains that the depart-
ment's work, especially in connexion
with its drive on profiteer-, ha- IA i:
handicapped by an Insufficient num
ber of attorneys, auditors account. mis I
and similar employes The inadequate
number, he continues, was pitted
against high priced talent of the Jdgj
Indnsti j,.;. ,md corporation.'!, ,U( j1e
add.s that the work of the department's!
staff was commendaMe
Delay In the completion hy the de-'
partment of the cantonment investiga
tion ordered by congress. was cx
i V ined likewise hy the Inadequacy of
the inquisitorial force Mr Palmer'
says, however, that he expects a re
port on Ihls investigation at an early
date, probably "soon after th Open-1
Ing of congress."
The number of federal prisoners, de-1
Cribed as major offenders, held In the
various penal Institutions on June 30
was 1. 73" u.s compared with 1.7 88 on
the Same date a year previous sjs
the report. f Uetse. 3Ji$i were con
fined in federal prisons, 1 V. in
and territorial penitentiaries, S2 in
state reformatorlesi no in national
training ScHooli and the remainder In
I miscellaneous Institutions. '
air. rainier mukes numerous rec
commendations for changes in laws j
most of which have been sought for
s. v, i-ii years previously by lus pred-!
eieuaors. He asks ihat the moot ques :
LlOtl of the right of the government to
have .1 Oi nographer before grand Jur
ies be definitely established by legls-
latlve action in order that verbatuni
records of all such invosttgutions may
be preserved. I
MAP.I. ! 1 1 ( t ) M M KN D ATK ) N g
Included In the other recom'menda
tlons are these. Provision making R
federal indictment run to all p.trtH of!
the country; legislation enabling the
settlement of certain claims against
v essels under governtnt nt control dur
ing the war. permission Tor appeal b.
the government to the board of cus
toms appeals; provision for payment
of transportation of discharged pris
oners to their homes at times of dis
charge which may be different than
the plan from which thev were In-'
dieted, and the placing of bankruptcy
referees on a salary instead of a fee
) basis of compensation
j Mr. Palmer aho rerommends prac-i
Uleally a general increase In the sal
aiies of United States attorneys and1
marshals. In most cases, the Increase
is :,.mi per annum and Ix pro
1 the attorney general says, I aUK. ,.
hus been found that many reslKnutlons
'are heln grecolved because the salaries
of these officials have not kepi PAct
with the incrases in living costs
l HERE viii i
There are people who, ii. stead ol
, listening to what is being said to them
are iUienlng already to what they
. are going to say.
now 111. i;Vdi o KIDNEY
I 1 had a severe attack of kidney
trouble ui,d tor three weeks could not,
got out of doors and scarcely out of
bed writes C. E. Brawfcr. Village
Springs. Ala. Could not bend over,
ft Ml without the most excruciating '
Pf ni l purchased a bottle of Foley
Kidney Pills. W:i relieved after -first
few doses and continued their use Un-
f ,1;;';;l' Ud, I consider Pole) !
Kidney Pills the best kldne remedy
!n the world. No recurrence of mv
trouble. Sold tiuvwh.r. u3U
Extension of Credits, Ban on
Immigration, Higher Tariff
KANSAS CITT; Mo . Dec. 10 Ex
tension of credits to the farming In
dustry, formulation of a uniform labor
policy fur the country, restriction of
immigration, legislation to pre Vent
what was characterised as "gambling
of necessities" ami legislation provid
ing for a protective tariff were urged
in s lengthy declaration of principles
adopted by the fifteenth annual Inter
national farm congress here late last
The preamble of the declaration as?
pert 1 that We have P e utmost faith
In the ability of our financial system
to weather successfully the ftorm of
the readjustment period," and con
tinues: The foundations of American agri
culture remain unshaken and our
faith In American Institutions Is un
diminished "
The declaration urges against the
granting of special favors to one class
of industry, bill says:
"If farmers insist in growing crops
for which there Is no demand in nor
mal market:; they have only them
selves to blame for the natural conse
quences; lut when they have respond-
e,i in appeals from their government
for ISrgi : production and then sud
denly find thernsi-lves confronted with
demoralized markets and lack of cred
its, it would seem but fair for their
government to do everything, reason
ably possible to lessen their losses. "
With regard to the tariff, the declar
ation includes the lollowInK st:.ie
ments: 'American agricultural and live
stock industries have entered an era
in which they must have protection
from unrestricted competition of coun
tries where land Is cheap Or labor
meanly paid, if they are not to sink to
the approximate level of such coun
tries, pending the enactment of tariff
legislation, wc urge an embargo
against the importation of agrlculthral
prodhi ts.'
Got your tickets for "Three
WASHINGTON. Dec. 11 The ha-1
tlonal legislative committee of the
American Legion announced Friday
that It had arranged with the senate j
finance committee for early hearings
on the bill to grant additional com-
pen sat Ion to enlisted men of the army '
for service during the world war. The j
bill passed the house at the last ses
sion. 00
WASHINGTON, Dec. 11. Produc-I
tlon of ordnance material, particu
larly main battery guns and fire con
trol instruments, for the seventeen
major ships now under construction I
for the navy progressed Batisfoctorl-!
I) throughout the last fiscal year, ac
cording t-i the annual report of Rear
Admiral Charles U .McVay, Jr. chief
of the bureau of ordnance, submitted
today to Secretary Daniels.
Efforts have been made during the
year with good success to Improve on
the tvpe of mine used In the North
sea mine barrage. Admiral McVay j
Bays, adding that a large quantity of
anti-submarine and other gear left I
over from the war has been stored I
for use In future emergencies.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 11. A Joint
resolution designed to make Interest
or principal payments on war loans
by the United States available to pay
any "remuneration" to former service
m n which may be decided upon, was
Introduced by Senator McKellar. Dem
ocrat. Tennessee. It would express
tin- opinion of congress that allied!
Countries, which borrowed more than
nine billions during the war, should I
begin Interest payments by November
1, 1921, and r iulre the treasury to 1
obtain securities at 5 per cent Interest
covering the loans
1 1 j
Of I h Kd wards" Olive 1 ablets
w. - - &a m ...
t ' r Mr inviu' crv of honsjndfi
emcf t fcrlward pnnrjiirerj Clve
TNer.3- the substlrVrS (cr i-alomfl
Ur inwards 3 pr-i'-tidnp pnvsidau
o l7 year- -mrl calorrjeJ old tirar
enrmv disro'ered the lomtUa for Oliv
Tablet whu t.rtjoj? Det'ertP (or
chroov 'onsL'uation nd lorotd livers.
Or wards OUvv rableti ic not
rorlaii nalotrel, but a healing, x)tjiinjf
jregetabl laxative
No gnDinB is the keynote" of these
Rfitk uiraj--coatftd oltve-colored tah
ets Thf v causfi the bowel? and bver to
eel normally Thev never force them
to unnatural action.
If vou have a "dark brown rooutb"
bad brrath- 3 dulL tired feehng sirJj
beadachf oiriid iive--con6taDaoorr.
vou'" nnd qurk. ure and oleasant re
pult hnm (Jne ot two of Dr. Edwards
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to keep right. Try them. 15c and 30
Bad Stomach
Sends Her to Bed
for 10 Months
Ca tonic Gets Her Up!
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William, "1 took to bed and for
10 months did not think I would live.
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oow up and able to work. 1 recom
mend it highly for stomach trouble. "
Eatonio helne people to get well bv
taking up and carrving out the ex
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indigestion, sourness, heartburn,
belching, fooJ repeating, or other
stomach dietn-ss, take an Eatonio
after each meal. Big box costs only
s trifle with your druggiat's guarantee.
SHERIDAN. Wvo , Dee. u.
Flames from a candle burning at
her bedside, where her death mo
mentarily had been expected, set
I fire to the l.eddiiiK' and fatally
burned Mrs. Anna t'ancarelk, 70,
It was disclosed nt a coroner's
inquest Friday.
WASHINGTON. Doc. 11. Amend
I mehts to the bin pending in the aen-
1 at for federal regulation of the meat
packing Industry were Introduced Krl-
I day by Senator Kehyon, Republican,
low;i, acting for the agricultural aoni
j mlttfc which framed the measure, and
were agreed to by the senate The
most Important of them provided that
' the livestock commission, proposed In
rh.- Act a a regulating body, might
li "fnlr and reasonable rates" for
commission men's charges on the
stock markets, and rates Por other
The commission would also be Riven
power under the amendments to pre
crlhe uniform systems of accounting
to make the rates applicable.
A provision was adopted requiring
the commission to give full oppor
1 (unity for a hearing to any packer or
s.ock operator complained against he
fore it.
The measure will probably go over
I to next week for further discussion
I PALM BEACH, Fla.. Dec II. I to -
nee B. Dodge, millionaire automobile
manufacturer died here hist night at
hi winter home.
DETROIT, Dec. 11 The death -.f
I Horace E Dodge, at his winter home
I In I'alm Beach, Fla , was unexpected
by his acquaintances and friends lu re,
j who had not learned ot .Mr. Dodge'.-.
I serious Illness.
I Mr Dodge had been the sole head
j of the Dodge Brothers automobile In
I terests since the sudden death early
I this yea- ot John Dodge, his elder
1 brother.
The brothers founded the automo
j bile business that bore ihelr name
here eight v ears ago after encaging In
1 the manufacture of automobile parts
dnee the early days of the Industry
when they were associated with Henry
SANTA ROSA. Cal . Dec 11. There
I was a dramatic scene In the Sonoma
county superior court room Friday
whn the uses of the three hanged i
men were called They were to have 1
pleaded to indictments charging them
w ith murder In connection with the
Slaying of the officers.
District Attorney Hoyle informed the
court that the men had been slain
The court had Sheriff Boyes sworn In
and from him received an account of
the morning's tragedy.
"Dismissed by death. " Judge F.111
mctt Sewell ordered, and the formall
ty was ended
VOflT MADISON, Iowa. Dec. 11.
Housewives In this city are rejoicing
over the announcement by dairymen
here Friday that the price of milk in
Fort Madison would bo Immediately
reduced from 17 to IS cents a quart.
in New York City alone from kid
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UC3,'1"' M-aw U, tW. Wt4.
iKUPTraill 1
I? JSP rrail' 1 PRICES
I , J2ti2XSi... Children under 12 years 10c I
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I D. W. GRIFFITH Presents m I H
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B baked for h-r fathei and a little table down on the beach decorated with loving care
I She made hini shul his eyes until she arranged the fifty birthday candles, contrived with :.rii lish j
I ingenuity down there in their islim.l isolation And so blindfolded bj Love he waa led to the I
H festival table. J 'f,.
I "Now open youi i yis Dbddy" she had said. I
And Bovan opened his eyes. Bui what he saw was not the birthday cake. She saw him lnol: pas IH
I her over her head. Shr- saw his sinih fade. She saw (he i-oha : Ironi his face in a livid H ilia
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I stopped healing in her body. j EHB
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