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President bray Sends Word
of Action to Gen. Agent
H Ss plan t-inploeu Ui the Jnion I
''Pacific railroad system. z n Short
fl Lino ;i n I ()it?oii Washington Ituilroad
H and vlgation company, may
H Hbiase common slock of the nion
H HE itc system In the market upon a par-
iiat pavmenl system, have been an -
fl .MOi:n. Presid .nt
H Omaha, tuilav, according to infovnia-
ii.vi w. n
Kgdcn general agent ior ihe s .; tom. ;
B wfc a special telegraph dispatch.
H compk-tp : miounu
LLLv Sff "The Cniou Pacific system by a eir
H Mkn- of the imvsI-IcuI's. hearing date
LLB 6ec. 26 "1930, has announced a plan
'approval "v hoard o: director,
1 lib. rehv . mployes "f the I'.iu.n Pacific
H Vyiivoad company, Oregon Short Line
H fiailroad company and Oregon Wash
1 jj, Ikidiuiid mid X.'" igallou
H l:-Kc
H tft-.i stock ol Iht L nion Pacific Rhiln I
H eon in the upon a par-;
tin m-u..-..i i:r--n;.
I 'provid.-s HUM tho rjilroad vll
H slock in the open market
H celpt of order from the employe.
H twenty-Your equal Install rnents. by do-
H payroll niontim.
H Th,- will credit tn the
-ploves account of all dividends re-,
H reived and will charge bis per cenl in-
M potest upon the deferred payments,;
fl Union Pacific stock has paid for(
sometime, quarterly, dividend often
fl I dollars per share per The
H T-anvr ol rnakct price
H her Lsfft has b.en between $129.50 and I
H $1IL' pet At a co3t of f 125
H share this ,. ,.uid tJow a return equal!
H to eight per ;nl p annum upon
H ("mount invested. At a price Of $ 1 -1
H per share, tlie return would b.- cqutV-H
H alenl to R3.1
H "The jJan provides specific treat-
H nient of cases where employes l m
H disabled or die, where they leave the
H "The company rtii. s particularly!
H that !t has no slock for sale, and slm-'
H ply acts as an agent for the employe
H who wishes to
H "It also emphasises the fact that it ;
does not urge employes to make stork '
purchases, and makes no repreacnta
H lion of guarantee as to future mark -t
H prices, or. divided policy, and
H that in offering this plan it is actuated
by no motive except to enable -m-ployes
to save and invest their ..
H ings in the stock of the company, if
H they so desire."
II Women's Farm Bureau
Chooses New Office:?
cessful pageant in honor of the ter
centenary of the landing f the Pil
grims, was held at the North Ogden '
schools Tuesday.
Reorganization of tlie North ' gden j
Women's Farm Bur iu has been com
pleted. Elections resulted In the choos- I
lng of the following officers. Mar
garet Hill, president: Alicp Warren. ;
vice president; Florence Snooks. ,ec-vrtary-treasurer,
and Olive Phillips,
head of the ladles' club work.
Religion oja conference was held
here Sunday afternoon. John y. blay- j
lock and "Miss Stratford of the stake:
board were present and delivered ad-
dresses. Superintendent Maggie I. 1
Taggari was in charge of the confer
ence. Superintendent Taggart was honor- j
ably released from her position, winch
bhe gave up because o! home duties
and school work, which needed her at- ,
tentlon. She v.as succeeded l Har
riet L,. Barret:, and the following
aides were appointco: Raehael Jones,
May Woodru-id Delia Chandler, Is
abel Hunter, Inez Bailey Mabel 'had
wick and Maria Garner.
Mrs. Rhoda Jones departed Sunday
to visit with her daughter. Mis Pearl
Jones, and airs J.i. Redfield of Idaho
Falls. Following her visit at that
city, she will journey t0 th. v. es; i o.,--to
spend the remaindei of the winter.
John TV- Gibson has been approved
-.as deputy in the County Assessor's
E. L. Blodgett was ir.Ju d seriously
last week when he fell on an Icy pavement.
I Irrigation Meeting
Held at Hnntsviile
I , Practically aJl of Huntsville attend-
'j cd a meeting held last night which
Wys called by people who first peti
Brned for exclusion from the Weber
County Irrigation district, according to
David Tracy, who acted as chairman ,
; at the meeting
' The meeting v.as nuide up of farm-
tiers who vanted to bo Included in the
district and those who wanted to be
excluded from the district.
Following a two hour discussion re-j
guiding matters pertaining to the We
ber County Irrigation district, a com
mittee consisting of Hyrum Jensen.
Xele Waxigsgaard and Sam LofK'r- i
was appointed to wait upon ,iev p
Marker and others "to ask that they
appear before the people of Hunts
ville and explain why they are cir
culating a petition upon which a suit
agalnat the Weber county Irrigation
district is to be based, and to ex
plain upon whose authority the state
laerits which Mr. Barker and others
are using, have been made."
It Is alleged that a petition was cir
culated in Huntsville and other com
munities of the count;, against the
Weber county irrigation district A
number of the petitioners, after a few
weeks consideration, are said to have
altered their opinion regarding the
ntatemcritj as :et forth, oy the petition,
according to Mr. Tracy.
SAN FRANCI8CO, Dec. 24. Stock
holders of the Standard Oil COUipan)
of California will be asked at a spe
cial meeting March 30 to authorlzi
i!.n Increased capitalization of $15,000.
000, which Is to be sold to employes
on the Installment plan It was an
nounced. y The company proposee that for each
sharo subscribed for by an employe
tho company will pay a bonus which
will bo appllod to the purchase! price.
I Officials expect a majority of the L9t-
000 omployes will take advantage of
1ho plan.
Tho par value of the capital stock
j at the same meeting will be reduced
from $100 to $25 a share.
New Spring Dress Materials Show
I j Brilliant Color and Unique Design
NEW ?ORK, Lec 20 . Don't bo
surprised if you see milady Walking
down the avenue with a gorgeous bird,
br a mermaid, adorning the front of
her dross!
Butterflies, berries, cactus I lowers,
thistles, spiderwebs. and even fairies,
will beautify the spring dr. sv silks this
year And none of these big, sprawi.v
.i. Igns follow the ffuniiiai convention-j
al lines nil tire orl-rtn ,'. even start-1
ling, and in a Kuler.r'o. if i 1 ra.
In truth, Dame Fashion is turning!
At any rate that Is the conclusion
of critics at the Fifth Annual Exhibi
tion of Textile Designs, held recently
In Ihe Bush Terminal Sales Building, I
Miss Sophie K, Larson to Re
main rn Heaiih Work
Although Ofdsri h i raised oi.'.y
$2100 tbu:-. fair in the Christmas seal
campaign, Jias Sophia K. l-aren. pub
lic health uursc will be retained for
Ihe 1 y 2 1 campaign, according to in
formation given out bare today by
local rep" jenlotTvei ol the Utah
Public 1 I 1th association.
OgdOn'tj quota is fr.OOn, iv ice the'
amount designated for the city lasi
year, but despite this fact, whether ot
not (he local iptota Is taised, tKJ-ti
will aain have the nervicea of a pro-'
fessional nurse to aid In the fight
against tuberculosis, it was said.
Mis Larsen has a 'compllshed ex-'
cellent results here during the si
year in the fighi against tuberculo
is ai d the local backers of the teal
campaign attribute the raising of the
money this season to her success. She
has made more than .Ton personal
calls to the bedside of those afflict-j
''1 with ihe disease during the pres-'
'ni year, hoa hlkr-d mile after mile ut'
all hours u," the cia; rager to lend a
helping hand, and has done more than i
required, acoordlng to local people in
terested in the drive.
' 'gden has contributed freely to the
; seal campaign, and although it was
i announced last week that her sei -ices'
would ) lont unless tjic city
raised 15009, local boostecs claim that
Mlas Utrsen will be hired with the
money already raised and will cen
j.tlnue her good work.
1 uu .
BRIGIfAM Cl'V De-.24. City1
Manager C. 0. Rpskelley, whoso name
was placed in nomination for the of-'
fire of pr s(J,.i,t of the Bo. IcJc r ( 'oin -merdal
club, has requested the nom
inating committee to withdraw it. for
the reason that his work In directing
I hi affair- of Br'.ghinn 'it makes jt
impossible for him to devote the time
necessary to the office, should he be
clec ted.
The committee here, therefore, ac-
eded to Mr Roskelley's wishes and
substituted the name of a- Roy B
Young, who was elected district at
torney for the First judicial district
at the last election, The candidates
for president of the Commercial club
therefore, arc Joseph F Hansom W
T. Davis and Le Roy B. Young.
ALBANY, N. Y.. Dec. 24. One
thousand employes of the Xew York
Central car department at Weal Al
bany were idle today, notice's haWhg
been posted by the company that the
shops would remain closed indefinite-
New York, by the Art Alliance of
Although the designers of tho fine
fabrics exhibited evidently gave free
reign to fancy and drew inspiration for
their work", from pnoiry. romance, na
ture and dreams, the Cubist eh menl
is In the lead.
IM VG1N M il I ,M UJ71 N
All of the large awards, out of the
jum of ?232C contrihiited by the te.
"lo Industry, arc said to have been
s warded Ui modernist designs. More
than 3500 designs were submitted by
1000 artists from 34 states and Canada
The prevailing search for weirdly 1
colored and curious forms, or fori
strange lines and colors, reveals on
Imaginative quality In American do-I
j Beg Your Pardon
By reason of a typographic tl error,;
the Btandnrd-Bxamlner in an edl orlal
in Thur.'day'-: Issue stated that t'ne su
gar Companies were fieinc, the lo-.-of
$o a bag on the sugar they have i
in stock, when. Of course. It was meant
S2 h bag.
In the account of the Messier shoot
imc case hearing the article said LI eas
ier was shot while hi was on the prop
erty of his mother-in-law. It is a mat
ter of controversy as to where th
shooting took place.
in, . ,
Military Special
Hers oa Way West
'iie of the first miln i "spettals" .
to iu!i ugden in many months arrived!
here enriy today from Camp Grant. I
Illinois, en route to Fort Mason. San!
Francisco, from which place they will
sail for Honolulu. The men. repre
senting the Uth Field Artillery have
been in the service tor many months
and Will be stationed on the island in
definitely. Tho majority of the soldiers are
world war veterans, having served
With Uncle Sam during the recent war.
The train arriving here today was
ona posed of the following cars:
Three baggage cars. 3 tourists, 2
standards This section composed of
160 enlisted men and 7 officers de
parted for the west at 8:10 a- m.
Two other sections i a rr ing . equip
ment are due to arrive; hero today
from the east. These two sections con
h!m of the following cars: IS flat cars.'
2 baggage cars. 1 tourist car, 3 boxi
cars, and 1 auto cars. ne com mission -1
ed. officer and foriy-one men are in'
this detachment.
i . I
Broken Wheel Delays
Union Pacific Train
Westbound Fnlon Pacific train 21,
first and second sections WjBSr delayed
at Kanda, Wyo., for more than five
hours, according to word received here
today by local railroad officials. A
broken wheel on one of the sleeping
cars on the first section of train 'l Is
given as the cause for the 'h la
Xo injuries were reported. The first
section due' in Ogden at 7 f,t) a. m. did J
not arrive heer until nearly 1 o'clock
today while the second section fol
lowed a few minutes later, This is Hie
first accident to be reported on th
Union Paclfc of this nature, in several
Trains from the west en route east
were on time toda, although i-.nlroadj
officials repott heavy snow falls In Ne-
vada and eastern California. i
... !
iu may wear brocadtad iiurniaii",
bird oc fairy on your fcprtng frock,
Sign. The steady tre nd toward bright-1
r colors for women of all ages is ,
shown in exquisite color schemes rigid
beaut! on I Ifnea.
Impressive Ceremonies Will
Be Held Tonight at
Catholic Church
Solemn and Impressive ceremonies
will be held at St. Joseph's Catholic
i hutch tonlglit. For tlie first time In
tho history of the present church,
oil mn midnight mass will be celebrat
ed. The celebrant will be Monsigimr
l M. CushnOhan. Rev. John D. La
k n will act as. deacon and the Rev.
M Burke as subdeacon-
The opcnlngmusic will be furnish
ed by the boy's choir who will sing
Christmas carols as they march iii pro
cession through the church. Music
for the mass, to be given by the choir,
is ...s follows.
Silent Night Haydn
Vrs. J. C Fisher. .Mrs. S. P Dobbs, J
C. Fisher, J. Junk.
Kyrle P'lelson Charles F Feast
Miss M. Dermodv, Mrs. Fisher and
Gloria Feast
Mls.s Francis Smith. Mrs. F. H- Smith,
and Choir
Credo Feast
Mrs It. P. Morrissev. Mr. Fisher and
Ave Maria Millard
Mrs. F. II. Smith
Sanctus Feast
Miss G. McNulty and Choir
Sanctus Feast
Miss G McNulty and Choir
Benedlctus Feast
Mrs. Walter Smyth and Choir j
Agnus Del Feasti
Mrs. Fisher, Mr. Junk and Choir
O Salutaris Monti
Mrs Morrissey
Tantum Krge Rosewig!
Mrs. J-isher. lr. Junk. Mr. Fislier audi
fjAUdate Dominum Est j
Mrs. Pi IT Smith and Choir
Miss Cecil Ragan rganist
tin. s. P Dobbs Directress
To Seek Bids for j
Building Armory
j Bids for Ihe construction work on
the new J1OU.00U armory for Ogden
will be sought, shortly after tho first (
fo January, accorcilng to word ra
Lceived here today from the slut'' of
'flces at Salt Bake. Construction work!
is scheduled to start within four weeks!
from the time the bids are let. This;
work will be rushed to completion.
I The deeds for the new building have,
been turned over and accepted by the.
IX MAS specials! j
1 Dolls Silverware I I
Largest stock in the city. Entire Three patterns; 1847 Rogers and
stock at Community plate. Closing out at
1 40 Discount 40 Discount I H
I Phonographs Aluminum Goods I
of every description at greatly
A reduction on each instrument from reduced prices
B $25 to $65; also records free with Doll DisheS
$! each machine. Child Cooking Sets
: Kiddie KarS Toy Wagons, Skates, I
1 Sleds 1 M
A Large stock of all sizes and styles.
c I!. . Best values in the city, h-"
Selling at 9
I j 20 Discount Marked Down I Hj
The BIG Hardware Store
1 1
Newly Formed Musical Or
ganization to Advertise
The recently organized Elks band
will make its first public appearance
on the streets this evening under the
direction of Ilyruin Lammors, conduc
tor, to advertise the danco to be given
by the band at the Berthana hall Mon
day evening.
The band is made up of many of the
city's best musicians. It is being j
backed by Ogden lodge, Xo. 719, H. P.
O. Elks, which plans to make this or-j
ganlzatlona permanent musical fea-1
ture of the city.
Iengthy rehearsals bac been held at
the Elks club each Sunday for several!
I weeks.
I Mr. LxmniPrs, formorly with Sousa'sj
band, has developed a strong bass scc-
tion. a fine trombone choir, a brilliant j
wood wind section and in bis trumpet'
will be found many of the citys best,'
: I oo
NEW t-PJlK, Dec 24. Cable mes
- es received here toda from Sam
uel Hardy, captain of the American:
tennis team now at Aucklf.nd, N Z.
stated that tlie players were In ex
( client c ondition and keen for the j
opening Uavis cup matches, which be
gill December 28 The New Zealand!
climate has enabled the challenging
team to round into perfect condition!
and the players .ire looking forward lo
the contest for the international cham
pionship with confidence.
The order of play and ihe final so
lection of Ihe players, who will meet
in the lour singles and one doubles
match, will not he announced until
next Monday uudei the twenty-four -J
hour clause governing the contest All I
reserved seats for the matches have I
been sold and a capacity throng of J
spectators will witness the three-day!
tournament which will decide the pos
session of the international tennis
trophy. 1
HAN FORD, Dec. 24. Fire
which broke uot in a church of
Hanford yesterday was declared
by deputy sheriffs today to have
been caused by an overheated
whiskey still whjch was In Cull
operation in the basement. The
basement was rented by J, H.
Brooks, a butcher, for whom a
I warrant has been issued on a
charge of operating a still. The
church was not badly damaged
I by the fire.
LO.VDON", Dec. 24. The llurlin
g.tnie polo club today formally an
nounced receipt of the challenge from
the American Polo association for a
rics of matches for the Internation
al trophy next June. Extensive plans
arc nearly complete for tho aciom
moatlbn Of the largest gathering of
spectators that ever witnessed a polo
match in England
The first eontlngent of American
ponies arrived today.
COBLENZ, Dec. 24 Old-fash- BR
loned home-made candv and pop- flB
corn balls with Salvation Anuv H
doughnuts will be distributed to H
every American soldier on the
Ehine in the Christmas box which H
the American Red CrbsB, the D
Y. M. C. A., and the Salvation H
Army have prepared as part of IH
' i ration. In addition
the mess hails have arranged for H
a dinner to include about all the Bl
dishes known at home and pre- !
Pared from the beat food obtain- ME
The dinner Will be washed Hti
down with light wines, after
Which plenty of cigars will bo at JM
hand. The majority of the mess ?B
balls also will have special or- dH
chestraa and vaudeville acts. fiflTe
All the good cheer, however IRnJl
will not go to the soldiers, for the WHH
Americana have contributed loo- eHLB
OOfl i mark, to a fund for warm H
clothing and toys for the poor KB
oerman i hlldn n of the occupied M
area and these presents will be B&
hung on a Christmas tree from EMOtl
u'kh .i sn-, Clans will "i ,.
them LLH
Fresh, full-cream milk and the extract 'of sc
'illlfrnL lected malted grain, reduced to powder form.
HfcJIfi The Food-Drink for All Ages,
fjnl'i flkqn Used successfully for over 13 century.
flK) a WF Superior iu tea, coffee, cocoa
niaGSM A 1uick lunch readily digested.
u& ,n,isAosrka( ,NourishAi,,;gP' Dolicioas
usis Ask for Horhck's at All Fountains
fcS5!2W-35S- PPed inamomcntby briskly stirring the powder in
Ask For w Get Hor fick'S 1
The oid RciiawT thus Avoiing Imitations I
Round Package SUBSTITUTES Cost YOU Same Pric
Write for free sample to Horlick's, Dept. B, Racine, Wis.
( By Ahern
. r . i

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