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Of uteSt It?ms of Intreit rrom Utah and era Suu
I naho Jn 30. Three
Btneaa, Ma., al 2 o'clock
B?L securins $1500 rrom pa
hBeKTm IK" proprietor of Ihe
, IIKf r. -ho -ele-
kill. ,inc from the 'own.
of.icers o! .his
B'tmi-u of the holdup and
D?he wbbcrs near (he cit
K ,r niug fire on the
aDd a George Sovey. who had t
Wtd i ho les b a bullei
mounded in ,elor at Bru
Hthcr two bandits escaped
KF 'an 31 Five hun
I and 'sixty ihorougbbrcd
l'V ent. " '"
1 Kabbii Breeders' and Fan
LU Jailor, Th. ho opened
SfSl c ntinue unt I Febru
K Gibson, ol Uetroi ecn
ifx.lonal Rabb.i Breeders and
1 P. . rn v..ll 1 ' Ul
V i "'
j ; . 'TV,"
SHudsoDseal.l-ave. and .nolo
i E
f K (if
ill' . .
lHtu lor i 1,1 I.'"' f '
-'- '
roin Ri -oii vs.
Kn rios-J for ' i" ' of s, -Bnths.ti.
i. 'H ' f.v lor
d.open-1 undei ' in.niaK.
t G. C lirrn . il :s pn-sid nt and
pi mar ijter uf th.- . .m:p.in .
F. C. Ur.-li:- in js ..- , . I . ! '.villi
IBf ltei t:i(. I'.n li.rv I ...idled
let mill, .i 'in The products of 1
Et compared favorably with
lx product, in 1 "Mil" tltive run-1
KBm I . r,
I Fnda; , February 13
14 Ccsdye.r Tre . Rubbei C tn
H KT U landing a man from th' u f.ic
Hk htre Ml cl jy W.dn.iday. Feb
tc show .nrd tell you .ill .-bout
HU S Ics jnd Gocdyc.ir Wlngfoot
Ml On Your Shoe Bills
din vl!l do it. Come hero Wed
1M ltl u: trn-v 'ou how .ind
f B' w 5 prove this to you.
f BM and atk sny and sll Gues-
lyfcidMlre We .Tf at your scrv.
Dston Shoe Shop I
Utah Legislature
Senate oonvenps at 2 o'clock.
J Thlfd roixiing calendar, clear.
ifcond reading calendar s B 1
I 34, Qulaney, Jnherltance taxes.!
Tubllc affairs meeting at 1 i
o'clock this morning, to consider S
IS. 20, Peters, department of finance I
and purchase,
P Ibllo health and hibor meets at
3:30 o'clock, or after adjournment
of the senate session, t.. consnlet n
B. 4C, Dougtua: pest-house; H B
t 119. Winder, location of Industrial
' I Camps and summer resdrts and S-1
B. 4.-.. Qulnney, enabling women
iy asreement between employer
and (-rnployte. u work more than'
elgtll hours a day.
Judiciary meets Tuesday at 1
j o'clock to consider 8. B 12. South
j wick, antlclg-uret; Wednesday at 10
; o'clock to consider p h. i Dern
! headless ballot for judicial and
stat school offices.
Commerce and Industrv. Tuesday I i
J at to o'clock, to consider s p. if
Jenkins, state land board ' '
H B. 16 Iver. Providing for!
increase in Interest rates thai coun
ties nay pay. Por concurrence in
senate amendments
Hi B. 17--Windsor. Provldimrl
for sujiervision of bath houses and
swimming pools by state board of I
u healths i m third l eading.
I( t; is UcShahC. tjiving gov
ernor power to terminate tenure of
office of state engineer. On third I
read I ng
H. B. .",o SIcSbane Providing
lor suretv bonds for stale officials ,
"i. i lifi-.i leading follow in recom- I
null nn-Tit.
PRIC J-ii 31. Laws relative te
the creation of an irrigation district
were heard by 200 fanners front
Price. Helper. Spring Glen and Well
ington, when Assistant State ingi
neer C. J Ulrich addressed a meeting
al the Ii ice court house Salurday.
The (aimers manifested interest In
the plans and the sentiment of the
meeting seemed to be unanimous Tor
the formation of the district.
Petitions asking county commission
. ra to uike prejlutiqarj tcps were cir ;
culated uitd sighed.
The lorinaiiou of an irrigation dis
irict means the rebuilding ol ihe Mam
moth reservoir, looattd al lower I
Gooseberry, on the bead waters of !
Prix river, ten miles easl of Pair
. view, and 'the rehabilitation of what'
lorinerly known as the Price Rtv-!
er Irrigation company, but is now1
known as Ihe Cturbog Land, Water'
and Power company, whoye dam was
destroyed three years ago. and ul Li-1
mately the constructicn of ihe Plea
laant Valiej dam, located a lew miles
below Schorielcl
The construction of these two reser
voirs will funiisll an ample supply of
waier for riot onb. iln- l::nds under
the preseiii canal-. bi:i also lor Ihos.-!
recent!) res-iored east oi Price an l
north of Welltng A large attmber of
mquirie- about ihe iraci embraced In I
the recent restoration have been re
celved from former service men. seek-'
jng Information regarding the ouiiiitv
of this land and whether or not water
Was available.
POCATELJ6, Idaho. Jan. S!. Th
cooperative creamery in Power eour.
1 ty opened last week at American
Falls, With a heavy run of butler. The
creamery is operated by nearly 25o
furmers of Power and Bingham coun
ties. A prize will be offered in ih
near future for the mopt suitable iieiu--for
products of ihe plant
Receiving stations have been opened
by the new corpau at Rockland,
Aberdeen, Neeiy, Roy. Liitle Creek
and Bonanza Bar New!) elected o:
Eicers are A F. Wilcoxin. president,
f. i" Kelley. secret arj : 11 K. Geesy.
treasurer'; r A Commons, Frank
Boldtan .-nd J. w Stratton, directors
. oo
RUPERT, Idaho Jan 31. Accord
ing to Assessor Guy Shllllngton, then
will be MttJe change In valuations for
the current year. Livestock valua
iioos are given i,s follows: fgheep,
rnllcb " ws, $-lu: common cow. $20;
: eurllngs. "$ 1 " : range bulls, $100; work
I and grade horses, $-'.o and up; stock
horse's, $80 and up.
1 Loans to Peking now will pro
"I 'ong civil war in China. Please
I am lend no money to kill our
fne Ch nese Nationalist Party)
1 2461 Urant Ave.
II i
Administration Measures Ex
pected to Keep Law
makers Busy
SALT LAKE, Jan. 31 Though Gov
ernor Mabey did not receive a slnjcle
bill to sigm during the past week, pres
ent Indications point to bus;. .la- with
the pen ahead with the expected pass
age of a. pumber of administration
nieusures. J
Other bills, including ihr budget re
I apportionment nn.l probabl.v the $25 j
j r capita support of schools may be i
Today is the twenty-second day of.
a sixty-day session. In the senate ;
there have been presented fifty-one;
bills and Sis resolutions or memorials
making a total of fifty-seven measures
to be presented by senate members or
committees. The house ha4 sent over
In the three weeks of the session nine
teen bills and four resolutions, which
brings the. total number of measures'
to be formally before ihe senate up j
to eighty. The bouse on Friday sent
over two house bill?, but neither they
nor the senate memorial on which the
Ix.use . ompleled Its work Friday
reached the senate before the adjourn-
men! of that both .
1 While the house hua iiss"d tent-,
one house bills and three house itbu
lutiphs, lr has ijlso padsed three sen-i
ate bills, Hnd two semite resolutions,
or a total of twenty-nine measures in
all. The senate has in the same three
weeks, passed a lolal of six senate bills
and lour senate resolutions, but h.xs
treated house measures about as weh
as those Introduced In the s-n:tt. hav
ing returned to the house seven bills
j and two resolutions.
While the senate hs no. as j et ruth-
lessly slaughtered the child ot any sen- 1
aior's brain, six senate measures have
l - en killed or rendered moribund 1 f '
i these, f.iur were Covered in a lepurt of .
the revision and printing committee.
1 1 mnVending thai the bin be noi '
; printed, while two bills had iheii- pluk;
i i s takeri by substitute measures from
committee, embodying the same ideas.
-' The governor has signed two senate
resolutions and-the senate bill, the lat- '
I let being me. legislative appropfia- !
i.ou me.. -sun . The honor ma.-, tail to a
Democm . Benator J. Will Knight, to .
present t.n'e i.rst real amendment to ii i
statute lor bovtrnur Alabey's signa
ture. Tliough the bill Will come to tlie
goer;ior wiiu a committee as its fam- j
er, a Is real I: the measure introduced
i.v senator biigit io provide s nenal
ij loi' nit unwarranted u- of tnc in- -siguia
o. c-giialn mllitar and patriotic
orders, sucii as th American legion.
One senate resolution is still In com
mittee on printing, and of the fifty
one bills Introduced in addition io tne
on signed by (he governor, the in
signia uill, wiiicti iijo already received
tin s.gmuuie oi Uoyemor Mabe. und
.ll.e -.a mat nae o. en KiHed. liter, la I
Oils on tin -ei...L Cnlen-tar, while Jive
are in cammltsee on revision, and!
pi inting. of the thlrcy-Uiree now bc
ipro wnat might be termed in, dellb
I eratlVe commfrteeri, twenty-two arc In I
. one committee, that on public afiairs.
These are largel) the administration
j measures Introduced in tne senate The!
committee on public htalth ;.nd Uboi !
has three senaie bills before II. that on
judli iary, five; commerce and industry,
two, and agriculture, one. Of house
! lulls remaining in the senate, five are I
In rom.'nluu on education, two each
ill Judiciary, public ait.mi-s, ;tnd public
health unu labor, and one in Sgricul-I
In point ot the numoer ol incisures
introduced Ercnatoi J N . Peters noids i
the crow ft, easily in the senate so tar
this session, with fitucii bills bear
ing his name out of tne fluy-one on
tne senate Hies. But uf tnese, twelve j
are traiiKij radmlu,SIJ'Utlon measures, j
while oi' tne hiiie b iut Introduced u
Bcriator Harrison Jenkins, only two can '
De claimed as such, cm these two, one
w ;..s iccomhienued by the governor's j
advieoty committee as a j.oot bill, tiut
us priiicipie was nelthei indorsed nor
Condeinjied by Hie committee Sena
tor George L. Dorn and Joseph ijuln
ncy, Jr. have four mills each; Sen
ator J. William Knight thr- Senators'
I ...i IH rn.n K 1 1 I... i l-i 1 l r. , ,. ri .-.! '
. awvv, vuwvil) ...... . v. . l, I-.U-
nrard Bouthwickj and H C. Tobbg two
each, mid Senators Perry i'-. Fuller, I
, I rian T Jones, Antoinette U. Kinney,!
Orlando lliadley. Henry N. St iudisb' j
. and Kufps Adams, one each Two,
j oills are from committees. Senators'
William H Smart, W. i Lamph :hii
' Sen uors Tebbs, Qulnney and Dern out,
each, one is fiom the commlttoc o:,
I agrlculttii e
The senate rub s dose down on tnt
introduction of puis, unless by unnani
moii.. consent, after the fortieth day,
so that the time is about half gone.
It will be a deviation from the usual !
j custom, however, if th.-r.- ure not
I twice as many more bills introduced!
beioro the session closes as have al-j
ready Been introduced,
Among the measures of which Intro-
do. Hon nas already been forecast is
one by Senator Peters, giving the dl-
; rt ct primary io .uie of the third class;
one by Senator Goorge 1.1. Dern,.
amending the workmen's compjsnsa
tloi act along the lines recommended
Hbj the Industrial commission, and one. I
I urged by certain employers of female
labor, to raise the mlmlmum wages!
fropi 7-i tents a day for learners and j
51.-5 a day Tor experienced workers.
The house nas four measures on ti
calendar for touay, while several corn-
1 miitee reports are expected which, if
iiai procedure of the present session
is continued, win mean the passage to
day of orv bill reported favorably.
The four measures to come up today!
Include House bill No. 4. by ivers,
providing for an ln reuse in interest
rates that counties may pay for
num. jj borrowed in anticipation of
i uses. This bill was the first to p. i
the house, but It had a hard struggle I
io get through the senate and returns'
io in- houye well amended The house I
must concur in the senate amendments
today In order to pass It and there Is
said to be a desire to make ii a law i
as soon as possible.
House bill, No. IT bj W inder, glv-!
Inp the state board (" health supervls-j
i6"n over saniiai;. conditions of bath'
houses and bathing pools, probably '
will merge v.ith an amendment relat'l
lug to life-saving attendants today, it
Iims been on the calendar for several
days und third reading was delayed In
order to add such an amendment.
House bills l-i and 50, both by Mc
Bhane, also are on the third reading
calendar, passage having been delayed
b the author In an effort to amend
the measures.
RUPERT Idaho, Jan. SI. C. A.
Anderson, mall carrier, on rural route
No. (s suffering from a broken wrlut,
Sprained ankle and cuts and bruises re
sulliluf from an accident caused. by his
horse becoming frightened and run
ning away
RUPERT, Idaho, Jan. 31. Mimdo
I ka county has a valuation of $14,812.-
-l y 5 in lands and buildings, according
I to figures given In the agricultural
census made In lslfi and lust publlsh
i id The number of farms Is given at
1024. The average yield r bay is 3. v i
tonslper acre.
- BB
The complexion which I
always attracts .g I
She may not he beruitikil, this girl who is not lor faces. Us? a soap which is ?.n '-'ImS
wins. attention, and other women wonder emollient, which is smooth and balmy in 'CMgfl
what men see in her. Look again, and effect. Such soap is made by modern ' KJj3T
the compelling c harm proves to be a science from blended palm and olive oils. ft f1rT
smooth) fresh, flawless skin, ridiant with Swvi
the charm of health. Before you sleep $ J 1
j Such a complexion transforms even 0se powderand rouge if you wish, but 7r !,'S
plain features and lends beauty to every don't leave them on at night. Remove ,A30 "'' : 'M T
M..c. Ins an attraction every woman ian them with a soft, p-:.cti-.itin., cleansing .ySpKvM '
achieve ii she will learn to give her skin lather. V73 TfljYVs
proper care. . . , N JnAiC-
Blackheads and pimples result irom -ruuj-
Cleopatra's beauty secret clogged nores. Wash your face nightly "fZf- H
with mild, pure soothiing Palmolivc soap
The means was discovered 3,pooyears and protectyourselfaa:ainst skin troubles. Classic beauties
ago in ancient Egypt. The use of palm xt-n- r i -" used them
j i -. w- 1 , 1 Millions ot women keen their skins ,
and olive ons as cosmetic cleansers uas , , . , , r "j , . The bunn of FjvPt, Greece ud
c r r , Ti clean and healthy, smooth and fresh, by Romr uKFirrunio!iT'-oi:. A.nsthoe
one or Cleopatra SDeaufy secrets. 1 here , r n i i- ,:,,... , . -i. . ,
i j the use ot Palmobve soap. c'iV(ithf.ioU.ileii.:c,rf
is nothing known .so good tor skins as 1 utr.
palm and olive oils. And these areblended i r ., u ,,Ar- , 7hem,oJernKi;n,,'r'fter,llh,,ses, !
! , , IU cents tne modest puce mis nothing to r0mrr.. sow jot..
.1 Hi ralmdllVe SOap. Afn... for rmoU-ro Spun for eOiveoil
Xo higher price can buy a better skin And w'"hocoetofaiicieni
ooap IS CSSenyai soap. I he supreme ingredients in a facial 4
Nothing takes the place of soap. Use soaP arc Palm and ohvc oih- I
whatever else you will, Hut once a day, The Palmolive price is due to mam- f
wash off thge oil, dirt, perspiration antl moth production. And to our policv to LraU
ponder, which clog the pores. bring the best within the reach of all. 9 '.'S I
I o do that you need Soap. Not or- Thf Palmoln Company. Milnaukec. I'. S .. The e&L H
dinar) soap, harsh and irritating. 1 hat rdmoiit e Cemp,i.v of Canada. Umtttd. Toronto. ol ' .$ '
Volume and efficiency permit ustose J
"1 - a PPl All men are soap users
siy i t". They rt n.-' u-ff irl'crruni ind
'- hould be yo.r havs :co. Tbn is ih-ri-'
nirTyTi i ii m iiib-h 1 1 n
RRK1HAM CITY. Jan 31. Mrs.
Sarah G. Fuller, wife of E K Puller,
died last nigbi al Tremoiiton She j
was horn in San Francisco, Nov 7,,
1 1848, the daughter of William and!
June Glover. Her parents nine o'
j Utah iu 1847 and continued on to lair
i fornis at the time ot ihe gold rush
They returned to Flab in ls?.n
She is sunived by six children,
twenty-five grand children, antl ten !
greatgrandchildren. Funeral services
will be held at l o'clock Wednesday
iallernoun at the Fourth ward nieeliug'
, house, under the direction uf Brigbam
l.EHl, Jan 31 Reorganization oi 1
the Lehi (arm bureau was perfected a
a meeting held Saturday tilght. The!
i officers ar Edward Boulhwlck, presl
jdent; Arch Gardner, vice president,
Virgil Goates. secretary and treasur
er; Mrs. Fied C Merrill ami James F.
Petl ison as members of the executive
The following proposed projects f
were approved. Hrainage distrlcl for
I Lehi, Improvement of .sugar tfeet cui-i
lure and crop rotation, pure seed pro
dUCtion, and co-operative buying ;uid
HK1GHA.M CITV. Jan. 31. -Jain-Alfred
FishburU, 43 fars of ;ikc a
natlvs of Brlgham City", son of the late
R. L. Flshburn. a band-cart pioneer,
was y es tarda J presented and sustain
ed as bishop if the Fifth ward The
.fifth ward wa recently created by the
division of the Second ward. Ills coun
sellors have not as yet been chossA. '
Bishop Fisbburn Is a member of the
mercantile firm of k. i- Fishbiirn
Son. which was established by his fa
thei He is married ami is the father
of six children,
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always heart -jtf m
.Lignsture of
SAUNA. Jin 31. A preliminary
survey of ihe proposed railroad up S;i
llna canyon has been starled, with H.
S. Kerr, representing the Knight in
terests, at the head of an engineering
pari). The line is to connect with
the Salt Lake & Los Angeles railroad
an San Juan.
The proposed road through Saliria
canyon will be built to ihe immense
coal holding of the Knight Interests on
Red Greek. ConStruCUon work will
slart as soon as ihe weather permits
P() ATKLLU. Idaho, Jan. 31. Miss
Pauline Meredith was in Pocatello yes
terday en route for Mnckay and t hai
lis. where she has accepted a position
as executive secretary of the Red
CrOBS, -Miss Meredith will first give
series of elssons in first aid to i;lrlsi
nnd women In different towns ol ihej
count; She expects to remain at,
chains and Mackay for several
months, j
RUPRRT, Ida., Jan. 81.-- A commit-1
'. . made up of A. F. Noymer. H.my
t iii--. w it Dlnsey, M C. I dams, and
i.. R. Leewrlght have been appointed
bj tin. focal lodge of Knights of;
p'thlas, to make arrangements for en
tertaining delegates who will attend
the Grand iodgo sessions In Rupert
next June. j
Sessions will last for throe days, li '
Is expected th;it more than 300 dele-
Elites will h,- present.
IUT'FKT. Idaho, Jan 81, The
county commissioners are aiding in (be I
work of rodent control. The) have
made ail appropriation 6f ?S0 for thel
rnrcbasa of Strychnine, and bsyc aisol
i bought eighty rods of wire io be used'
in community rabhli drives.
N I A l I HS 8 l'0 Kl l.
RTJPE3RT, Idaho, J,m 31 Efforts
are being made to et federal fish
hatchery to slock the back waters of
the Milner dam', Lake w.ilcott at .Mini
doka dam and buck wal-.-rs ,.f Ihe pro
posed American Fails dam wuh game:
RUPERT, Idaho, Jan. 31. As a re
sult of the special fast day observed
hist Sunday, by the nw. Wards of the
L. D. S. Church, the sum oi ':.' r.O will
hi added to the fund for the relief of
tuning children in Europe.
Money, Tariff and Naval Dis
armament Bills Await
Washington'. Jan. 31. Congress
today entered Into the peak load pe
riod with only ;,v working days left
and appropriation Mils and legislation
I Jammed up.
The final money bills, the army and
navy supply measures; with the diplo
matic and rivers and harbors appro-
I priatlons are to come before the house
this week, whib the senate plans to
I ike up the postofflCe and sundry
Civil miLsures. Republican Leaders
arc beginning to be dubious of getting
all through,
To In: -n uiiiou on Hie appropria
tion bills, the Fordney emergency tar
iff bill Is to be given what Republi
cans say will be its ".i.-l chance" in i
t the senu"'- this week.
Naval disarmament ajso is to come
up prominently In the senate this
week. The naval committee w.ll take
up Tuesday Senator Borah's resolution
for an Inquiry IritO the future value'
I of .dreadnoughts In naval programs- j
"Immigration exctuslon legislation is I
You Can Have
Young Blood
Mnke Old Folk Young
and Weak Folk Strong
1 1 ii look and feel old. weak and nerv
cus and dlfcournK'-d . It you are lacking
Mo vim, eotir.e and mcrKy that you
used to have. It's almost rertain ou
have old blood blood timi is lacking in
Ken carrying red cells; and that ur
nerves are .io run down. What you assd
nnk 'on look and feel uunj btromc
nnd vigorous is mom red cells in your
blond and stronger nerve For this pur
of tl" ilnem Iblnrs known i
to take a five-gram tablet of Blood-Iron
Pfiosphalfl with eaeb meal. This Mipplie?
Just the tight kuid of red-cell maklmr
iron and nerve building Dliosphnte to
I soon niuke you OH fine nnd strong. Co
todav lo Mclntyre fJruR Oo. or any other
idniRKi-t and K'l enough Blood-Iion Phon
phate for a threp weeks' trentment: It
costs only tl.ot' one a weok Lake it reyti
iurU- .ind Miuil be .simply amazed -it tb"
' jesults. Tfy h and see. Your mone..
ha ' li -....I want it, Advertisement
to be considered this week by the
'senate Immigration committee.
Reapportionment of tbu house on
the basis of; thi 1 820 census will come I
before the senate census committee J I
this week, in ip consideration of the vl
hous.- bill retaining tin resent hotiM
Provision for more hospitals for dis-
aided service meu Is expected to be i -tl
made by ihe bouse this week through
pS I Ige or a MM io establish additional
hosiltals Final action regarding if' -
ommendatlons of sites fur Pacific H
coast naVal bases planned today by ,H
I the joint congressional committee. 'sih
2:15 Twice Daily 8:15 D w GRIFFITH'S
Today, TomorTOW and "WoRdrrof the 20lhCer.tirv"-SrirfmW
Evenings 50c, $1, $1.50. $2
A NEW ART FORM comsinins

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