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Fiftrfiwt viwh0. 2ts OGDEN C ITY7 UTAH , MOND A Y eVeNINGT MARCH 27. 1922. . LAST EDITION 4 P. M.
w gang Tortures victim with red hot irons!
Red Hot Iron Applied When
He Refuses to Reveal
Great Welts Burned on
Body; Told to Leave
$7500 in Cash
LOP ANGELES. Calif, March 27.
Bhsrlffs deputies today were search
ing for five men nnd a woman yes
terday reported to have tortured with
red hot rods Mike Kapallnlch, a store
keeper at Compton n-..i- here I . ti 1 nr
him to reveal the hiding pl.i '
savings and escaping with tUO ln
cash and $126 In stock
Kapallnchs condition was BSTlpUSl
today, though physician aid he
would recover,
w i LTO in pm i ON BOin
The storekeeper tagg red into i 1
friend's house, bruised, bleeding and
with great welts burned on hi- hody.
Deputies later Marched the store i" I
found a note advising Kapallnlch to;
leave J7600 at a designated place next
Sunday or "suffer the consequences."
According to his story to ih BU-j
thorltie. an automobile drew up isl
he was leaving his store, th" five men
nd a woman alighting and wit i re -J
Ivolvers forced him to re-enier wie
'tore There he said, they iskcd him
where he had hidden his monsy
when he refused io say, beal him
This failing, he added, they drip
ped him to the waist, heated .'Oiii
rods on ft kerosene stove and I"- Q
I branding him.
i Kapalanii h said thl pain was nu'
than he could endure and he Lold
I them where io find the mone) Ki
L hey left he fainted he dei lared
I gaining consciousness several hours
" !nter to find hlm.-'H I tk I and r.o
ged. He freed himself
SN III I.N 1 1 I I N l I ..III . Mai ll
BBJ 27. Night riders who Saturday kld-
naped Jeans Mansfield, 27 yeara old,
and held him captive for three hours,
did not speak to him or so far as he
knew, to each other in that tune. 1 I
I told officers.
He COUld give no clue, he said, as
to the motive of the kidnaping.
Mansfield declared he interpreted
the actions of the men to Indicate
i hey had taken the wrong man. Mans
field was taken from a residence
where ho was visiting Miss Helen
Molnar and Spirited away in an uito
moblle bv eight or more nun garbed
In white robes and black masks.
Interest of the Investigators center
ed In a letter which Ifansfleld declar
ed was taken from him and later le
turned. The letter was flgned !!. I
Townsend. 1 704 South Twelfth -tree:.
St, Joseph. Mo., and urged Mansfield
to send for her and marry her.
, Mi- M.i'n.ir il! i ml Mans.
., hi would le married In, two wcekt
Offlcera of 'he Ku Khix Klan Is
sued a statement denying that their
orgnnlcntlon hail anything to tlo wlih
the attack.
oo j
rjRBBNWICH Conn March 27.
- llcnry Barker. ImhIv .ns
found In her home laie Suixlay night.
I lllfj) hei- three small children l. n '
Mng ihelr throats before taking her
i.n life by the same means, the po
nce slated today.
The first Intimation of the traged)
was the discovery by a passerby of an
Insurance policy on the sidewalk In j
front of the Barker h'me upon which
was written .i notice "I ana going to i
kill snyaelt and the children."
1 WASHINGTON. March 27 A-
proral of 121 advances for BSjrlcul-
t tural and livestock purposes aggrea I
' ing $3,324,000 was announced today
I i the war finance corporation. The
I l...ins Included
I Arizona. Sr.0.000; Colorado. $288.-
L i. Iowa $63. a"11. Montana. $220 .
000; Nebraska. $89,000; New Mexico.
I $at,000; ''icgon. $U2.oiHi South Ua-
I kota, $173. 000; Texns. ISM.000; rtah.
I 109,000; Wyoming. $1M
': j-! i V.WRBNCE m I M
The New L'ngltind textile strike was
Hl extended today to this city, an old hat-
Flci J tk- ground for mill disputes, with cur-
H plants, but no dls'-rders Several thou-
H sand oeratlves refused in so to work
m. n pi : t iff
H The Pnclflc Mills, with 10.00a em-
H ployes. were the most gsriOUS af-
I Saturday the Utah Power &
Light company filed its sworn
I statement with the Utah state
board of equalisation stating that
the valuation of its property in
Utah is $13,239,433. The Bear
River system of the company is
3ituated partially in Idaho and
' partially in Utah The Idaho
state board of equalization fixed
the total value of the power com
pany s Idaho property at approxi
mately $9,000,000. If these figure?
are correct then the total value for
taxation purposes of all the com
pany s property in both states is
In case No. 248, known as the
Utah Copper case, the Utah public
utilities commission fixed as a
basis for rate making" purposes
the alue of the Bear River system
at $19,000,000 and other property
ot the company situated in Utah
St $23,000,000, or .i total valuation
of $42,000,000 aud fixed the rates
that the people should pay for
power ana light on the latter fig
ure. If it is just and right for the
people to pay rates to the power
company to sustain a valuation of
$42,000,000, it naturally follows
that it is simple justice that the
the public treasuries of Utah and
Idaho on the same amount of val
uation, namely $9,000,000 m the
state of Idaho, the amount fixed
bv the state board of equalization
of that state and on $33,000,000,
the amount fixed as the value of
the company s property in Utah
by our own public utilities com
j mission.
William Bailey, the chairman of
; the state board of equalisation,
spends a large portion of his time
'going about the state giving ad
vice as to how to raise sufficient
taxes to meet the public expense.
He was in Ogden several days ago
and in a speech before the engi
neers society he advocated a tax
!of 2 cents per gallon on gasoline
as one means of increasing the
public revenue It is the duty of
Chairman Bailey to see that the
power company and other public
service corporations of this state
pay a fair and just tax before he
gives advice as to other methods
of raising public revenue Chair
man Bailey has the figures before"
him Will be, as chairman of the
board, fix the tax valuation the
same a? the valuation fixed for
rate making? The public will
await his action with interest.
Louis F. Swift, Jr, Arrested
After His Auto Strikes
CHICAGO, March 27. Louis F.
Swift. Jr.. non of the meat packer, to
day was free on hond. bui scheduled to
ippear next Friday before the police
mojtatrate of iivanston on a charge of
ArtTtng an automobile while Intoxicat
ed, t
Mr. swift eras arrested early yter
ilan after hi automobile had collided
with another car, and he was heM
four hours at the Kanton police sta
tion unlil IiIm hrother, Wlillom. appear-
ad and preaented $2in ritsh bond.
Mr. Swift promptly denied th
pharffs of lntoxicuilon He explained
i hat the accident nan due to a sllppory
pavement caused by rain.
Accompanying Mr. Swift wu hi sister-in-law.
Helen Morton Swift, wife of
William hwlfi and a young sroman
No liuuor wax found in the Swift
car. t.ui th- police said thej found two
holllr of Whisk) In front of a church
a the scene of the accident.
The car struck by the swift machine
contained four high school itudsnta
nom of bom was Injured heyond be
ing bruised.
Chairman Barton Denies
Right of Union Man to
Quiz Group
Shopcrafts Head Declares
Profits Should Go Before
Wages Are Reduced
CHICAGO, March 27. B. M Jewell,
head Of the railroad shop crafts before
the United States railroad labor board
today opened rebuttal for the em
ploycs ana Inst the otwwer of the r.ul
roads last week to the union char,
that the roads In seeklnK wage reduc
tions had not held proper conferences
with the men as required by the
transportation act
The ooard ruled last week ns"lnst
the employes' request that the wage
reduction petition be thrown "out of
court" on ih- basis of the charges and
today Mr Jewell asked the board to
make e. public statement of lt rea
sons for no ruling Mr. Jewell asked
several other questions which caused
Chairman R. M. Barton to remark:
"I do not think It is within the Jur
ladictlon of Mr. Jewell to quiz this
The chairman Indicated that he saw-
no reason why the board should issue
any public stnteinent.
Chairman Banon then ruled that
Mr. Jewell should proceed with his re
buttal statement.
Mr. Jewell In acceptlnc the ruling
then said that ho and his party felt
thai wns a departure from the accus
tomed procedure of courts and similar
tribunals to discuss a c.i-'e prior to de
ciding an IsMiie He referred to the
board's ruling last week that the
charges thai improper conferences
bad Keen held by the roads with the
employes would be decided when the
entire ca.se was completed The board
had simply refused al I hat time to en
ter ihe motion that the euso. be
"thrown out of court."
while willing to comply with the
board's ruling. Mr. Jewell Bald he felt
thai the board should not have coun- J
tenanced any Improper of prefunclory
compliances with the transportation
act an. I that he believed the excerpts
read la-t week from the records of
iVirf warn ,'inference ,,ril em lhai.eil
the truth of the. employes charges
that the conferences did not comply
j w ith i he law.
He then began presentation of his
rebuttal statement.
Mr. Jewell set forth that theie were
three factors to be considered In oper
ation of Industry costs, wages. and
profits. He argued thai when some
Change must be made there should b
la complete elimination of profits rath
icr than that w aires should be reduced.
Beatrice Hebert. 30 years old. the
Canadian stenographer whose love for
! William Zlnser. manager of a Phila
delphia tourist aajencyi caused he:- to
I enter the I'nlted Stales against the
I mandate of the authorities, was de-
ported Sunday for the fourth time
I She will be sent to her molhcv in
j Toronto. It Is said
Before leaving. Miss Hebert lold
I Commissioner Hughes thai sh hid
been cured of her affection for ln
' ser and that she would not attempt
j to return to the L'nltod Stales. She
I had been at the detention house sltue
the middle of January.
Miss Hebert first met Zinser In 120
Ion a trip to the Orient. He complain
led to the ships captain of her actions
and she was laken from the vessel at
Honolulu and deported to Canada.
NEW YoRK. March 27. In a court
room erowded to the doors, selection
Of a Jury to try Miss Ollva M. I'
Stone, on a charge of murdering Kills
Guy Klnkad. former corporation
counsel of Cincinnati, began tod be
fore Supreme Juatlcc Asplnall In
Brooklyn. She was the first woman
io be tried In King's bounty on an in
dictment for ilrst degree murder In
many years.
Mlss Stone, a graduate nurse. hot
Klnkead last August on a Brook 1 n
street near his home Shs claimed
that she had been married to him but
that later he hud married another
1 oo-
NEW YORK. March 27. Gorman
exchange broke all previous low rec
ords here today marks falling to 2'J S
cent per 100 marks. The previous
minimum quotation for this remit
tance was 29U, cents per ioo. mads
last wek.
Selling of marks today w-as again
largely for foreign credit.
- -
' 1N J
fll he! merlca"
y fWlwftriflBr KHaW M Ihnl .h ,., tx i ilcscrilns Tex KicW-
v5AT?A ard. prize fight promoter on trial
j-jQfprjLo JUtf charged with mistreating little girls
- ,.. " i jGcQl vvho i-ii. t bis msuiiutn swimming
elffinHiffll fv SK Mxd in Miullson Squaie (iarden.
V 7 m eSBBBBBB Vv"rn'1 Si-lnionli Id. wIio'm onl)
Vjjr a V wV told her -tor to Judge waoscrvogel
' jr&uis$f& ftl"' ''H' i'""1 B' knrd WStChed her as
HBk JsssVQE--a4 alml. -toniill. If he ltal bc'n
" ' JES " hacks "i the i arris lu
agJH ssaasBBSsssiss in the
SBbW' Ills gold field sanibllng house In
A laska.
New York Mayor Says Real
Menace Is Invisible Gov
ernment Octopus
CHICAGO, March 27 Mayor John
F. Efylan of New York, nfter a speech
S.i,n,l In Vil, Vl h InnL'a.l f,,rtl'lir,l IO
(the next presidential election and
I charged that "Invisible government"
j represented by the Rockefeller-Stand-.ard
tdl Interests and a group of inter
l national bankers, was menacing the
I'nlted States government, today was
passing his second full days In Chicago
'with s round of sightseeing and social
I Incidents. He arrived late Saturday
and w'lll return to New York tomor
row The New York executive In his'
speech before a large body of members
'of the Knights of Columbus crlldsed
I I Via MllalMl r.t t U hn.M P , -
Iciflc treaty by the senate, nnd refer
ring to the next presidential election,
declared that Independent men were
needed In the race for the office of
chief executive of the lund
Referring to Theodore Rooseveit's
j condemnation of "Invisible govern
ment," Mayor Hylan said the quota
tion was timely now. adding "for the
real menace of our republic Is this In
visible government, which, like u giant
octopus sprawls Its slims length over
city, stale and nation." ,
'To depart from mere generaliza
tions." continued the mayor, "let me
say that at the head of this octopus
are the Rockefeller-Standard Oil lnter-
' eitx and a small group of powerful
banking houses generally referred to
las the International bankers
I "The Rockefeller Interests control
the Standard Oil company, a corpora-
Ition composed of several hundred as
sociated and affiliated concerns, trans-
larting a combined business of more
than $3 000.000 00d a year. The Stand-
ard "II flag floats a fleel of ocean go-
ing vessels larger In number and ton!"
I nags than the United States navy and
the pennant of standard Mil is followed
and supported by the flag of the I'nit
led States all over the world.
"The little coterie of powerful .nter
natlonal bankers virtually runs the
I'nlted States government for thetri
Own selfish purposes. They practical-l
ly control both partlc, write political
platforms, make catspawx of patty
leaders, use leading men of private or
ga n !?. I oi - -ind resort to eer device'
to place in nomination for high public
offices only ouch candidates as will be I
amendable to the. dictates of corrupt:
big business.
"They connive nt centralization Of
government on the theory thai a small
group of handplcked privately control
led Individuals of power .;m be more
easily handled than a larger group
among whom there will most likely bo
men sincerely Interested lu public
Th" New York mayor was to bp he
guest of Maor Thompson of Chicago
for much of the da;-. I
Sheriff's Son
Quails Not at
I Pointed Pistol
Boy of 12 Dash es From Jail
It" ml and Prevents Whole
sale Prison Delivery
M MARION. Ills. March 25.
Bushing a revolver from his
breast. Ralph Thaxton, M years
old, son of Sheriff Melvln Thax
ton. lust night ran six blocks to
the city hall, summoned police
men and frustrated an attempted
jail delivery.
The police arrived at the Jail
while eight prisoners were pum
mellng Sheriff Thaxton. A shot
tired bv Policeman Tom Brees
killed George Wilson. 18, a pris
oner. The prisoners 13 in all had
been exercising when the sheriff,
his son and a negro employe en
tered the enclosure to lock chem
up for the night. Wilson hit 'he
sheriff in the face with his fist
and the fight started Dent
Hejlkle an alleged forger, pres
sed a gttn against the boys
breast L'nafruld. the lad thruot
It aside, rushed to the city hall
and called for help. Henklc was
the only prisoner to escape The
sheriff's wounds were not serious.
' Hli'.V.n M irrh : 7 -George i !m
Stead, Jr.. one of twenty-six Williams
college students expelled recently for
making the last Issus of the college
paper 'too snappy." is at homo In
Evanston, but without the parental
George Olmstead. Sr.. director of a
large paper company and former offi
cer of the First ' "ongregat hmal church
In BVanston, conferred with his son
und then said.
"I am glad the faculty reprimanded
the young men guilty of Issuing such a
paper as the twenty-six students put
out. The faculty wanted the world to
know that such conduct will not be
tolerated at Williams."
Young Olmstead said two cartoons
aroused the professors' Ire and admit
ted that there were some suggestive
Jokes, but said he could not remember
NEW YORK, March 2T Joseph
Bpencer of I nlonvllle. Penn . and hi
I . 1 1 -old daughter, Mary Louise
Spencer, whom he had not seen for
eight years, could not understand
word each .ld to the other Sunday
wiu-n they met after the steamship
Kroonland docked. The daughter
spoke only French, although born
In the I'nlted (Rates, and her at
tempt to converse with her father
ver. .ilinost tragic until ti woman In
terpreter for the Travelers' Aid so
ciety came 10 the rescue.
t the age ot nine Miss Spenee.
nrem to Cranes with her mother, who
di'o during The war. und h"r father
recently derided to bring her here to
live with him ind her older brother,
a student at Williams' trade school.
Fashionably Dressed Young
Woman Lures One Man
to Death
troW YORK. March C7 Three men
were shot to death under mixed clr
cumstam es In New York last nlghl!
and oariy toaay
One man. lured by a fashionably
dressed young woman, was shot down
by a pair of gunmen who fired from
ithe windows of a taxlcab.
Another was slain as he walked
through a crowd of pedestralns at
110th Street and Fifth avenue.
The third victim, propped between
two men standing in Brooklyn street,
was loaded Into a taxlcab and taken
to a hospital He was dead on arrival.
Henry Stern, a young chauffeur
walked In the 110th Street crowd. A
muffled report was heard Stern fell
to the sldewnlk He was taken to a
hospital and died a short time after
ward An unidentified young man. well
dressed was seen conversing with a
smartly attired woman In Madison;
street They quurreled. bystanders
said, and purted Then she returned
nnd again talked with the youth. A
taxlcab drew to the curbing the door
opened and two men fired. The wo
man fled
Two men. supporting between them
a limp form hailed a taxlcab in
Brooklyn. They took James Meanv,!
18. to a hospital, but he was dead
from bullet wounds. The men said
he had attended a "socl.il entertain
ment" with them nnd gave the names
of other persons who were there.
Sixteen men and four women who
were present at the entertalnmnt were
held for questioning.
'four suspected of I
SPRINGFIELD. Ills.. March 27.
In the arrest of three Mexicans and
the negro wife of one, Springfield,
police believe ihcy have the solution
of recent murders in which the vic
tims have been elUffged and robbed
land left dying on street - in ihe heart
of the capital city's business section.
J W". Ogdon, of Sterling, Ills., ai d
'lvllio Navarro, an Italian, were vic
tims of the sluggers within the last
two weeks, and never regained .3n-
lousne.ss after thee were found.
Stolen silks and Jewelry have been!
traced to the Mexicans and the neg-
ress, according to the police, who sild'
j clues to the murders were uncovered
through discovery of the traffic in 1
I stolen merchandise.
-oo -
WASHINGTON, March 27. Retail
food costs In ten cities decreased from i
one to four per cent from February M 5
to March 1" the bureau of labor stat
istics announced today.
The dec-reuse for Denver waa one
per cent.
For the year ending March 15. last,
retail food prices decreased 13 per
cent In Denver, the highest figure
shown by the bureau.
Run Gambling House on
Square in Alaska, Writer j
Tells Jury
Klondyke Days Recalled at
I Trial of Sports Promoter J
in New York j
NEW TORK, March 27. Tex Rick- I
-t.nd In his own defense J
today in his trial on a charge of H
sa tilting a lu -year-old school s7l
1 kard began his testimony bv te
Ing of his past experiences as a Texas' I
cattle driver and as a participant Iff 1
'he Alaska and Nevada gold rushes H
but asserted that one of his strictest
rules m every place he owned w thai I
unescorted women should not be PcrXJ
mltted to enter.
He declared that he had never em- I
ployed women in gambling houses son j
did not believe lhc were ncesary I
sn during the rather vlld dis Is l
Mrs. Muv Rlcksrd took the stand it I
defense of her husband and testified I
that the sport promotor was at honit I
from about 7 to 8 p m. on Novembers
12, ih night the assault v:is alleged;'!
to have been made Prosecution w lt j Bfl
n eases previously had testified thai I
Rlckard met the girl. Sarah Schoen- fl
fold at 7.30. iTfH
Mrs Rlckard testified that she hadW
been 111 November 12, when seve ratal
guests hail been Invited to dlnnor. She'll
said hr husband had come home asfll
usual about 6 30 or 7 o'clock and lnafll
after dinner had come to her room. ImV
That, she thought wa about o'cicg. I
The state. In cross examination, ask- I
ed her but one question:
"Tou were quite 111 that day, weren't I
'Yes," she replied.
Deputy Sheriff Thomas Burke was I
suspended today for escorting Rlckard Bfl
outHlde the Tombs yesterday. WS
Rlckard, It was said had permission t
to meet his counsel In the presencs of
I sh riff s depul), but Murke Is wild to I'l
have taken the prisoner out to lunch-ft
eon. a BBBBH
N'KW YORK March 27 Rex FeachKH
testified today that? Tex Rlckard wai 'I
I know n In Alaska as being on the
The novelist was called as a charac
ter witness by lawyers defending th H
sport promoter at his trial on a charge
a', assaulting 16-year-old- Sarah Scho- I
Beach said he had known Rlckard
for 24 years und that they had been to-
f.ctlor during th Klondike gold r.i-n BS
Later. Rlckard ran a gambling h..u.c
lr Alaska In which the novelist suM wfl
ho never had bo ard of S crooked h iBj
penlng. BJ
Asked some hypothentlcal questlod BBJ
on whether he thought gambling hot,- BBJ
orable, Beach said that at that tlmi B
gambling in the far north war not BJ
against the law, and whether the buSi- BV
a s I onoralde or no:, depended
on whether it was run on the level. BBJ
The next character witness was BJ
Charles E tlarron, who described BS
himself as a miner, fisherman anl BJ
publisher of the Anchorage Alaska BV
Daily Times lie also sled M BJ
Rii kard had n good reputation Id 'h Ba
As to the ethic-- of gambling. ' h- ffl
witness said he abhorred it. but tha'. BB
when the gold ruph was on. everv i i BB
did it ind no one thought anything d Ba
The testlmonv on gambling wa coi,-
linued when Major A J Drevel-Uid BJ
die of Philadelphia, for four years
leader In the Uihlo class movement te- ftw
lifted thai he knew nothing again
P.lckard's character. BB
After he had stated that he had mi
the promoter In Toledo on the day ol BJJ
he Dempsi ! -W'lll . rd fight, he h
asked w hut he thought of gambl
Vie replied. H
"1 consider that a man who ran ' j BJJ
gamt'llng house in the days of the gol ' BB
rusii iiiav have been an honorahj BJ
Asked if he taught gambling In his Bfl
Bible, classes, he answered: BJ
"I have never mnde gambling the H
thesis of an argument." BJ
WE&LiINQTON, New Zealand I
March 27. The government has de- H
elded to proserute Slonslgnour Listen, H
Catholic bshoi of An- kland. on a I
laving ma I 111 toua utter- I
anees during a rpi-m' speech. It Is H
alleged that he denounced the British I
troops In I roln rid as foreign troops '
Mons'.gnor Listen at the time wa i BJ
glorlfv Ing the Eastern rebellion in
Ireland and Is said to have declared Bj
tliat the Irish were martyrs and I
profkd to die f or BJ
: h j JBJ
newspaper! aajalnst the speech.
psr BB

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