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rjjpfilS IN SUMMER
Al nt Centers Near Ogden Can Be Reached
I Jrl mmobile or Trolley; Improvements
fA and New Devices Add to
Tl Attractiveness
1 ll I of winter and
m : :
V. of th" OUtdOOl
T nrnilnf tor v.,-
a 11
i"'". . dav- of brlghi
Sal l"...t --P1' 'l
lv fin. out-
INC ' . ,.f TlUI l I
B ,,',len and vicinity
I Pfchm.- or 11
I ?,'h tdeal spot for th-
I p4 , u certain that th" '
-Jrl Tills Joyfest
,. portion
1 '.ijrinK the earlj
ew ml Hi-- more,
I Mh5 of the year. It
Swill all d.
ihe various r.
C,rds are
y ' ' '
JS. n'hir !i
MT(k; occasion
L- tn" ,,!ac':
E JTvis time of year ;'
, '
L - -
I rljj, yfore anl "
'I rranged for.
. peeii bu
art remodi ling,
Kur r hln for tli
."witaton Mi vVhit-
Jn,R3f to si -
V: View Jusl
w 1 .. louui r.
"t r"
U C 1 --'
I J, i: U C Uht'i h -
L (. Hr-rml: I ' irk ind n -1
1 1
'I '"
I te:!. ''"-'- pfcnli
g pic.! l.i ii' Ins I''"
L 1. wM! I).. : .
t rthj wr vi c 1 1 m
1 t" 1" in.
I it 1 an;, on and ,vit hln
j jii Or- mi mi r.i I .in 'I
ip 1
H Ha Fan- r
I fcrffg. n river mder tin
r. ....
- 1 h public h 1
. len will furnish!
I ISriht' terp.Mchor. ,m
1 t.-- .- .
furnish amusement for the kiddles,
while the older ones will enjoy the'
I'l'-n'i- l.o. nil iviroshm'-nt stand's and
various otber attractions of the park
The place la In lip-top condition and
. .. i effort will be made by the man
agement to furnish amusement of inoi
. rarest .si.rt .
,i the Utah Hot Springs the man
'.ji'iiK'iit lias mad- 1'iliorate 11 nir:i - I
tlons to itlco earo of the crowds that I
alwnya attend tln festivities of that!
popular resort, ai the springs will hf
fouml splendid mineral water bathing'
facilities In the open air pools as -o;,
1- in '"""'" piuiiv . miu iwai'iies
uttrui't I hp pleasure seeker, -onfft -Hon
stanii-- are filled wltii palatable ro
fresnmenta and the dancing pavilion
lends enchantment to the surrouml
ilngp. Electric cars will run to the
i.iiiius it freriuent intervals durin?
Hi.- day and lb- open road for motor
travel offers a charm to the auto fan-I
lagoon is open for the season, of-1
feting oven better facilities for the
pleasure seekers than In former years 1
New features have been added to the
resort and It is very certain that a day I
of recreation may bo well spent there.
British Ready
for Wireless
Sets in Homes
B) SEA Si TV ll 1
LONDON, -May 7. Government I
sanction is all that Is needed to make
radio a national public utllltv in Eng-
I land.
i News of this development follow
,' reports from America that a nj
.'tional aystem of hrnitdcnsting with
rental of radiophone receiving sets in
j homes, was being planned there That j
j England is actually preparing for such
radio service in the near future is '
gleaned from a Statement issued by
Godfrey Isaacs, managing director of
Marconi's Wireless Telegraph i om
pany In this statement. Isaacs looks tor
ward to the time when radio will be ;
as popular a.s the telephone and out
lines a program for unorganized pub-!
11c service which the Marconi com-1
pany la ready to Install us soon as the I
necessary authority Is obtained
"My hope la that in time every
home will have a wireless set." says
Ioaacs. "Our program, is more, par-
ticularly to supply the instruments to
the householder on hire.
in joeu is 10 navo i wo or three
broadcasting stations In different
pai is of the country and to have a
program for different hours of the
, day. We shall transmit by partiou-
( lar wave lengths if we get assist
ance as I have no doubt we shall,
, from the a uthorities which will b-
ao er.nflned as to reach only these
particular receivers Nobody else
Wll be disturbed and the telephonic
recover.' will not l disturbed either
1 h i;rr I-.- telephonic or telegraphic
This. Bays Isaacs, will be the start
of a system which will spread
through the continent of Europe Uni
eventually will reach over the entire
"I do not think that anybodv
realizes how big a thing this is go
ing to be," he adds. A message sent
out by the government or the police
would be in eery home in the coun
try In a second.
"We have been perfecting this
system for a long time Wo have
been working tn olgse touch and co
operation with the big American
German and Trench firms "
iDisplaying the Flag
; stales u Given by the American Legion Weekly
I ik special rule lor flying the flat; ..n Memorial d;o and I
1 Wl rules which should always be observed as a matter
i Htnorlal Reraciuber Up- Star- br
I U-3U( thf- , nnrl 'SI ripe;, ,, I a , 11 1 111
I i toon. i claims the place ol i, ,,
I l too ,0 Honor the forefront, 1,1 , ""' .,'"n
I Iflr from he right, or the highest zonta position,
i elevation. The colors the Starry field
J '?f m should mer touch the should be ai tip
iq arr rj)P ;,-iound or u,,. ,p ,K : , . ,
flf nia a boat. 1 1 1 11
L1 handk.-r.-hi.:
nr sr'w "no flap onto a
k j fantastic shape! Vertically, the
jRSSS the flag In .,,Jver field bould he n '
nCVg Ublng upper right
H C'i'v"11.' .'""' s'r,P'- al bal it.--
HwHii, "' hon,'. 'he ! left Hhoul
; 'v tier
3 - " . e
This Equipment Used for
All-around Efficiency by
. n R i bu
Director, andio pttltnte or America
I in erecting or assembling an ama
teur wireless transmitting nation, it
Is KURgested that the vaeuum tube bo
used for all-around . ffl, p.. v
All the records made by amateurs
in the recent trans-Atlantic teat were
rrom stations using the tube
A tube transmitter will .over three
times the distance of the old type
parli set of the same pov. . f
l or sending out all lengths of un-
dampened waves the arc method the
Aiexanderson alt. tnator and the ..sell-!
ia im. vacuum i ub. rui the
only practical form of undampened
wave generator for the short amateur
! length Is the oscillating vacuum tube
I This method of transmission also
permits the use- of a combined radio
; telephone and telegraph set. By sim
ply throwing a few switches, tho op-
erator may change from speech to
telegraph coie.
There lire three general types of
wave which may be sent out by tho
tube transmitter: Continuous wave
(C. V ). interrupted continuous wave
1(1. C. W.. and telephonic
C W. can only be received by nta
! tlons using a vacuum tube receiving
j aparratua.
Since there are a large, number of
amateur using crystal receiving sets,
the antenna oscillations of a tub-'
transmitter arc modulated by a "grid
chopper" which la a rotary interrupter
di Igned to interrupt the grid circuit
of an oscillating tube approximately'
TOl IUN'0 K EOl PPED Wi l IT RADIO RE4 I l l. M7T.
Motorists who go on summer tour-
ing trips may take the pleasures ..'
j the city with them by radio,
j Radio, with its power to travel ev
j erywhere, will make It possible for
concerts broadcast from the larger
cities to be heard In the open coun
try. While the motorist Is driving
aloug the highway he tan "tunc In"
! and listen to the program sent out
: from the city.
Fishing tnov .ill not bo without
their radio parties, and camping
j grounds for motor tourists will bej
I popular centers for such entertain
I ments.
All that Is needed is an aerial !
along the top of the automoMlc and
; a receiving .-t behind the front seat I
While the ..ir Is moving the name
radio program can be heard without
tho necessity ot -changing the lnstru- J
menu as the automobile- advances.
Radio also Is going to help motor-
ists along the right roads to their
j destinations. An instrument has al
ready been Invented by which no drl"
' er using It could lose his way.
The instrument, placed on the rad
i lator cap. with wires leading to the
1 d;-hboard. is designed to catch sig
nals transmitted through telegraph
wires along the road. Bach road
would have its own cod- signal. Ref
erence to a code book would tell the
driver where he Is.
Kven detours are provided for in
this system. Motorists are warned of
such turns before they reach those
Adoption ot this system depends on
action of the various localities. The
instrument has already been tried out
and found practicable. Hut it needs
the co-operation of state authorities
who may line the roads with the
wires needed to carry the Signals.
Radio has brought about one less
worry for mother.
She needn't rack her brains to find
something new to interest tht baby.
Instead, radio concerts caught by
the receiving set at home aupp) a di
verslfted program for the family The
grown-ups find the set as much a toy
I as baby docp.
In the home of James M. CurleyJ
mayor of Hoston. is one of these sets
Since 11 has been Installed, Mayor
Curley finds ho has bad no more re-;
quests for new toys from his little,
son. Iladlo is the reason. I
ESven Mrs. (-nrly llkos to operate
,1000 times a second This converts
the output oscillations Into a current
with .the same receptive efficiency
ns a quenched spark set. termed I.J
C. Wii and may be received on either
a vacuum tube or crystal receiver.
Voice signals aro received on either
In s vacuum tube transmittinR set'
a low voltage source is us.-.l to heat
the filament. When possible this volt
I age should be of alternating currant,
i for that tends to prolong the life of
the filament.
A high voltage is Used to energlzo
the plate circuit. The current Tor the J
plat'- may be obtained In throe ways.
1 From a high-voltage dlrect-cui -rent
2 From a rectified alternating cur
3. From an alternating current
source applied directly t0 the plate '
and l.nowri - 'h. -, I: ro,-t ! r.'e.uion
This Arrangement Used
m Place of Ground for
By II L DUN( w.
Director, Radio institute or imerlca.
Tho counterpoise or artificial
s-i..un.l is a useful addition to a radio
receiving station and is simple In lu
Won't try' to use it with a crystal
receiver unless near the transmitting
But with d vacuum tube detector
and amplifying set. the counterpoise
lends harpn.s- inning and greatly
eliminates Interference, although it
cuts down the strength of the Incom
ing signals a little.
I In using a counterpoise, no ground
I connection is made to the receiving
I set the counterpoise antenna taklnn
1 Its place.
On aircraft and in places where the
ground nas poor conductivity, .thu
counterpoise antenna must be used
Thl.s is merely another antenna sup
ported above the earth and lnsulatd
from it. The station apparatus Is
connected to the regular antenna m l
I M )N IKi I Wi s
On an airplane the counterpoise Is
furnished by the metal wires of the
framework the engine, and metalizcd
wings. The antenna may consist of a
long wire which trails behind tho
plane when In flight often below the
counterpoise Rut the action Is not
different from the ordinary antenna
and counterpoise systems.
Where an outdoor antenna is used
in the country- the counterpoise
should best bC located directly unde-r
the aerial. It should be strung on
small w oo.i.-n posts arranged so that I
the wire does noi touch the ground.
The wire should be or the same
, kind as that used In the aerial.
To determine the amount of wire
and length of the counterpoise, each i
' operator will have to experiment with
; his ow n problem, inasmuch as it all
depends upon the size, length and
number of aires n the aerial.
Bo csure to keep the lead-in v..
from the .aerial and the counterpoise
well apart to do away with lot t
caused by induction
In the city where the aerial Is
j placed on top of an apartment house. (
! It will probably be impossible to erect !
I a counterpoise.
If at all possible, however, every
.'transmitting station should use thlsj
I counterpoise, for it increases radla-.
I tion and transmitting distance.
Signals Flashed Frm Station to
Station Made
Even ihoueji you know the wireless
code, you may be puzzled by some of
the sKnaIs helng flashed from one sta
tu Ol I .. i in i her
These signals, ot letter combina
tions, form a ssparats call code and
should be learned as thoroughly as the
dot and dash system. They help to
shorten messages between station
Each signal, it will be noticed, be
rms with a Q. That is the introduc
tory or warning letter for the actual
fruessnke In tho rest of tho combina
tion. A question mark after each com
bination changes Its declaratory" mean-
Ing to the corresponding auestion.
The abbreviations, or "calls" that
ar. used nn.st frequently among II
' censed amateurs and professional op
erators, follow;
QRA This is station .
QHR My wave length is . . .
iRK I am receiving well . . .
QRL 1 am receiving badly Pleas
send 20 . . for adjustment
yKJI 1 am bi Ing interferred with
QRN- Atmospherics are V ry strong
QRO Increa-e power.
QRP Decrease power.
e,RQ Send faster.
QRS Send slower.
1 QRT Stop sending.
QRL' I have nothing for you.
QRV I am ready
QRW I am busy. Please do not I
QRX Stand by.
QRT Your turn will be No . . .
QRZ. Your signals are weak.
QSA Your signals are strong.
y.SB Tone is bad. Spark Is bad.
QSC Your spacing is bad.
Q8D My time Is . . .
(jSI, Please acknowledge
QSP Inform . . that I am call
ing him.
QSQ You ar- beinK calbd by . .
QSK I will forward the raellogram. j
QST General call to all stations.
QSU Will call when I have fin
ished. QTA Repeat.
the set and enjoy It with her son.
whereas before' she had trouble kcep
j ing him Interested in his playthings so
he would not bother her.
Chief of Radio
Makers Predicts
Briffht Future
President, National Radio Chamber
if Coinmi rcc.
NEW YORK. May SI. There- are
approximately I.500.U0U radio ,iis
now In umc In the United States and
the number Is increasing daily.
Last September there were less
j than 200,000.
In New York alone ;. small group
I of radio equipment manufacturers re--
port unfilled orders totaling nearly
The newest Infant industry is prov ing
I Eventually It should exceed the
j automobile and phonograph tn popu
larity. P.ut it still hns" a long way
j to go There are In m. 0.000 automo
biles In the country and 6. 000. oil.)
' phonographs.
Every home is u potential radio
Statesmen, preachers, lecturers and
other leaders are beginning t. realise
that personality can be extended by
j radio with far greater effectiveness
( "
America's Foremost Radio
Authority and Crowned King
of American Radio Amateurs
Godley wLll write for read
era of Standard-Examiner
daily articles telling in sim
ple language all about radio,
helping the amateurs got
more fun out of their equip
ment, interpreting the rapid
scieotJflc developments, mak
ing this marvelous, myster
ious Ihlng uude-rsiandable to
t 1
Hear Prof. Terman H
In his series of lectures at the
1922 U. A. C. Summer I
School I
Processor Lewis M Terhian of Stanford Univcr
aity. on.? of the greatesl authorities on education in
the world today, will deliver a series of fifteen, lee
lures at the 1922 Summer School of the-Hah Asri
cultural College.
l'rofessor German is known to every teacher in
I'tuli throtiKh his hook, "Tin- Hygiene of the School
child. " His presence ai the Utah Agricultural t'o!
lege will make the coming summer Beesion the g-reat-
st ever h-ld at tin- Instil ntion
Subjects Of Lectures
Mental Tests and How They Work 4 lectures);
The Gifted Child (4 lectures,
The School Laggard il Lecture
School (ir.uliiif; l.y Mental Tests 1 lecture).
Practical Suggestions For a Testing Program (1
The Social Significance of Intellectual Differences
The Use and Alms.; .f Edticational Tests (4 lee
tu res). ' H
Vocational Guidance ( 1 lecture)
Professor Termau is only one of many splendid
features at the 1022 D. A. C Summer School.
First Term Opens Monday, June Closes Friday,
Second Term Opens Monday, July 17. Closes Fri
day, Au crust 25 tw I
Spend Your Summer In Beautiful I
Aitcisd The U. A. C I
Summer School I
Tli i .nlvei-1 is.-ni.-iit is iila--.il l. tin- Liiumii Chamber ill
t HILsssssi
' 4SHa2r
Glfja are laying aside their jacks
and Jumping ropes fur i ieil .
They are vying with boyn tof bpnoi
as radio fans. Tlie-y are making tlulr
ow n self. And they're learning all
ulimit the t 1 1 -w se-lenee. too.
School authorities in all partn of
the eountrv re-port Intorsft In wira
lo.xs ijot onlj by the boy pupils, but
by the girl as well Y. M . C. A.
radio bhoolH report .several girl stu
dents In their classes.
Eleanor Gould ol MInneapoUs, 1
than by tho uso oC the written . ur i
printed word.
When the fall comes, radio snthu- I
, slasnt will i Iso to a new high pitch
Political candidates will elsctcd.
I hy the progmms they broadcast.
! Kadio win become a public utility. I
In the mud rUSh to nrftt Into llv
new business, many gUlU-less invee-j
j torh h.iv.- i.i - 11 taken in by person -who
posed as raJlo experts All they
h waa u -mattering m (vlrSlSSS. But
Be. urlng capital they launched Into ;
the production of e-eiulpmeiit without I
! proper preparation or experience.
As a result there has been a
mushroom growth of radio set manu
facturers almost over night
Some of their products are satis- I
I lactorv. most of them ilto not.
When making a purchase, ask the '
dealer to show you thi Inside of the
If all connections are not soldered
the wires will become loose and re
ception will be Impossible
If paste ur mid is spread careless
ly over the wiring or If dirt has ac- j
cumulated Inside the receiving box, i
trouble will result
It filings have been a!lovrd to get
Into the telephones, the attraction of
the magnets will gradually causo I
them to -work their way through the '
Insulation and render tho ph- n.
Watch eut for these difficulties
j and avoid the disu ppenntnient thv
I cornea whim .1 radio enthusiast gets
ml to listen In, buS run t.
.Minn ,( is the only one of the many
glrlfl of the country who have takvn
urn - H
pleted Her ..vn crystal set. Now, she ''
-he's going fo make a vacuum
Bleanor wound tho colls, mounted
tho parts in an oak cabinet and even
strung the aerl.il from the roof of he: 'H
h Rf.il jflj
It's one example of what girl fans iH
hi. been doing throughout the conn- IbJ
n jr. i tarry bit -OllutUy
I WL:odi uf llirat at 004 tun IrrltAtlnx tho I)
folaJnMttw;oi,lnflurQc,robblD It ot blocJ jj
r.rKl rit, cutting doaru It ill.lr J3 rendrlo M
It J c,y prcr tod .! No wonder lomy chick Q
it -lover d woi for thmclTr-i ur ihnr onicr. H
... r. r..r. kcoi rrjtl and (kk at IUU, U
i . :
Go After Lice Quickly
tiilh I or .- Llco Powder. It com-i In luxruiy H
pciyu r. .11 ttnIUr Uiii iDkoiii 11 ruf to dnat
iba ihoroughlrinto tb featl t Body H
lioa doo'l Itko li tuilu to keep t-ooj flt k f rra by M
ooca!unal dustln.
Conkay'a Llaa Liquid holpa lo rM roor fowla B
end boarii of initot. For painting rw-wta. fl(.
nnr. iMt bom aod wbcreTer mitcaooefracala. H
We fruaronUa It (otatlafy yoo.
Conkey'a Llo fix 1 an lnrmnt-a rtw axd H
fry erf ectue woy of Cgbttog body
Conkay'a Hel Llo Ointment SIbV
belp to orercorr in hu.id l.ea tJa i A
that "eat up ' baby cDlcu TxMCLb
InafitooCookar'a. If year daif rairaot W itll
supply too. writ ui Sad f-In fCmmpa t f jPJ
I r I onker' Dig 1-oaltrr rky fSkiJBSk
The G. E. Conkoy Co. PTw
0557 Broadway Cleveland, oh I. JAM
For Sale by
2270 Washington Ave.

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