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I f Amazing Details of the Movement Now Under ' II
Mufti Muhammad J
1 J Way to Win New Converts to the Faith of I "Safifr ,
! t'c': 1 has been sent here
I i Mohammed and Fill Our Cities with Mosques 1 hSSHii, A'
1 From Whose Towers the Muezzins Mav I
I .- Call Millions to Worship Allah As -y
I C j
I An adaptation of J. L. Gerome's famous painting, '"The Call to Prayer," showing how the tower of a Moham- ll j cover ? the "ur
medan mosque would look in the heart of New York, and with a muezzin at the top, summoning all frue ; ,y, nfa:,ne e'te 1 :
believers to prostrate themselves and pray Lhe ftder of .lhe Mh
rtedan missionary cru-
l f- HE Christian people of America
I are spending: millions of dollars
E every year in the effort to spread
K tho gospel of Christ all over the earth
and convent the people of every nation
under the snn to Christianity.
I And while this tremendous outlay is
I being made to maintain thousands of do-
I voted missionaries in foreign lands, one
I x of the world's other gTeat religions Is
I making a determined effort to gain a
foothold in Christian America.
I The leaders of Mohammedanism, not
I content with the 227,000,000 or more ad-
I herenta that faith now has in Turkey,
I India and other countries, are turning
their attention to ffte United StateB and
I Canada- with the hope of making both
I those nations strongholds of Islamism.
I They aim to make their picturesque
I mosques and the towers from which the
I muezzins issue their calls to prayer as
K numerous a3 our churches, and when
I that day arrives th'ey are confident it
I will not be long before the crescent will
I overshadow the cross and a great ma
jority of Americans will be following
the precepts laid down In the Koran.
I To the millions of American Christians
P who have so long looked eagerly for-
I ward to the time when the cross shall
J be supreme in every land and the peopln
I of the whole world shall have become
I followers of Christ the plan to win this
I continent to the faith of the "Infidel
I Turk" will seem n thing unbelievable.
I But there Is no doubt about its being ac-
I tually well under way or that it is being
I pressed with all the fanatical zeal for
I which the Mohammedans are noted.
I A little more than a year ago there
I arrived in the United States a Mohamme-
I dan missionary who is charged with -the
I duty of spreading his faith throughout
I the length and breadth of North Amer-
I ica. His name is Mufti Muhammad
Sadiq and he came from Qadian, Punjab,
I India, where are the headquarters of
I what Is known as the Ahmadia Move-
ment In Islam.
I The Ahmadia Movement is called after
I Its foundor, Mahmud Ahmad, whom the '
I. Mohammedans believe to have been the
B reincarnation in this modern age of Jesus
I Christ. Christ they regard as a "blessed
I prophet," but secondary in importance to
their own Mohammed, whom they term
I tho "greatest of all prophets."
I . The special concern of the Ahmadia
Movement is the spread of Mohammedan
I Ism and the conversion to that faith of
I as many as possible of the followers of
Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and
I other religions. Its slogan is "I will
keep my faith above the world."
Ths way the Ahmadia Movement car
ries on Its work bears a strong resem
blance to the methods of tho missionary
organizations of the CHristian churches.
From the headquarter? in India evan
gelists whose lives are dedicated to
spreading the teachings of Mohammed
as laid down In the Koran are sent
to every part of the world where Mo
hammedanism is not yet the dominating
These evangelists are highly educated
men, speaking many languages fluently
and in every way Carefully trained for
the work they are doing. They are called
missioners and their duties and respon
sibilities correspond quite closely to those
laid on our own missionary bishops.
Already besides the missloner in Amer
ica there are missioners all over India,
in England, Burmah, Ceylon, China,
Australia, Mesopotamia, Persia, Arabia,
Egypt, East and West Africa, Mauritius
and a number of other pieces. More are
being sent out Just as fast as they can
be trained and funds raised to carry on
their work.
Dr. Sadiq, as he cafls himself, tho mis-
1 1, .. i , - J r J i i x i . m . i ...
gt sade. It is in
,.r&& English and is
,r Jilled with claims
L -f ' 4 f ne superiority
i r"" S:-"' ' f the teachings
'" - 'CfX'ast . x Mohammea to
j , " " : 1
oiunci aoBiiiKu i vne t h bk oi winning . -...... -
the United States rr' '' "'V.'IUMB--. Mohammedan mosque in J- 0 -"
and Canada to t0&' ??i&5sw Highland Park, Mich., money ha t you '
Islamism, is show- 3 sburb of Det; o:t ' 1 ! ' no mom
ing himself an "-o of the many :
aggressive and ' the zeajo'Js 1 O. '! 7
enthusiastic work- O,'orn evangel- ' without monoy?
er and is appar- J s i ::t3 'Pp to es" J. I never think of
ently not ham- UjL v N 'jfoJJ tablish here to-morrow. To-morrow
pered by onj . ' " '"".; . '''kV S6jL. will think of itself,
lack of funds. jfe ' '1 L f j I. O. Funny ' We think of ti-u.gr in
The progress he L': . V ii ' 7&IMr'" Jr. " 1 'us couvtr.j ,, century ahead. What us
claims to have ' ' J 'jour nationality?
'flg : , v " J. I am a Jew.
months he has VW 1 I. O. Do you believe the lav of
been here leads V8$ v " y Moses which allows polygamy?
some of his ad- , VM!"i. 'PsaR.. v : "V: f J. Surely I do. Whoever shall break
mirers to think ' a':-.' V. - -r' : . - . " the least of the commandments of the
that the day when SsVi. law of Mose he shall be called least in .
America shall be "--- ' . .. . " w ; . L'ijr'' ' the kingdom of heaven.
Mohammedan may " I. O. Why are your iionds pierced7
dawn sooner than Recent English converts to Mohammedanism at prayer in a London park J. I was unjustly nailed to the cross,
thev had hoDed. I. O. What is uour prof ettaum
In addition to several hundred con
verts whom he reports won from various
Christian denominations, he has done a
jrrtat deal to renew interest in their
faith among the thousands of Turks and
other Mohammedan peoples who arc liv
ing here.
Since Dr. Sadiq's arrival here one Mo
hammedan mosque has been built in
Highland Park, Mich., a suburb of De
troit. Here the Moslem missioner had
made his headquarters until recently,
when he moved to Chicago. He expects
in the near future to see mosques built
in Chicago, New York and many other
large cities.
'vv - "' ' :;-; ;' ' 1 have no father
, . - ; s ' ' 1 x&SZ: : k"' ) fnther: Funny: II
- ... ' - : 1, .
N t&t" lp ' Miraci lot ';.
I f dBtMi ?h- withioi father. V.'hat
I .A- i ' ;flSr' ' ! ' ?. tei! me 'nw was Adam
. .. .4.' ; ;. I. CX do not km
.. '' ' I II he. ."
I . .''' y i4at':.; .;f ' . . ' ' .r . ' '"" '
( - ' ' . I i. - India.
: ' . 'Vi'r ',y ' : ' il' I. O. H7; f?
L;' viLi v' - J. Cirihagar, Cash"-
Reports of the progress of Dr. Sadiq's
work are made in a magazine called "The
Moslem Sunrise," of which he is the
editor aria publisher and which appears
every three months.
This is a neatly printed affair of
twenty-eight page3, entirely in English,
except for an occasional Arabic word
The front cover dc.i.;n is significant of
what the zealous Mohammedans hope to
accomplish. It shows a map of the
United States and I ai ada, with the two
nations bathed in the beneficent rays of
the ''Rising Sun of Mohammedanism."
The latest issue of "The Moslem Sun
rise," dated April, 1022, prints a list of
r ' .
thirty-three American men and women
who are said to have recently "accepted
Islam in Ahmadia Movement." After
their American names are given the
Arabic titles which are assigned to them
after they embrace the Moslem faith.
Dr. Sadiq's magazine prints extracts
from the Koran, the sacred book of The
.iohammedsn.:, find also quotations from
the Writings of the later prophet,
Ahmad. There are numerous articles
comparinc Mohammedanism with Chris
tianity, and always, of course, to the
great dNpirugemerit of the latter.
Under the heading "If Jesus Conies to
Amoiica," Dr. Sadiq tells what he imag-
(Hivoul happen if
the Saviour applied for
admission to the United
States under the present immigration
laws. The following is the dialoiru.'
which he describes as taking place be
tween the Immigration Officer (T. O.)
and Jesus (J.I:
I. O. Please I'atse your hutid tu take
an oath that all you. say will D true,
T T nr Vi Iaim ;-. 1-1.;...,
It is not right.
I. O. IV hut ;s your name?
J. Jesus.
I O. What is !:' fb'ii name?
J. This is my first name.
I. O. Whdt is your r.-:rnid name?
J. I have no second name. This is
my only name.
I- 0. Funny! What is your father's
J. I am a preacher of God's word. I
speak nothing but what I am commanded
by Him to say
I. O. Have you any papers with you
to provo that you are a preacher?
J. No. I need no papers.
I O. Will you fiyht for the country if
tver neeee8a ry
J. I do not believe in lighting. I be- -lievo
only in love.
I. O Do you allow drinking wine? '
j, I v. ould even perform a miracle
to provide wine, if necessary, for a feast
or so.
Dr Sadiq thinks that after this ques-
1 ming the immigration authorities would f115
decide? H'
at ann il !. allowed to enter HBO
this 0 untry because ! 1 He comes from W"
a land which is out of tin:- pe-mitted Jt
zone (2) He has no mom.- with Him; liffi
" H- - 1 decently di-essed; (4) His
han-l l ax. Inlcs in the palms; (5) He
tmainr barefooted, which is a disorder
y act; (6) He is against lighting for
th country; iT He believes m making Mj
wine ".hen He thinks it necessary; (8) W
ne nar 1. :r aenuais to snor. that ne is
1 d preacher; (9i He believei (
if ing the law of Moses which! H
allows polyga , hut He can appeal to mjn
the Washington office against this de- ctil
of ours.w
To this Dl Sadiq thinks Jesus reply ro
"I would r,.-.; submit any ap j
peal It is evil to disallow a roan like
n md resistance of evil is against
my principle.-. So I shake the dust off j 1
my feel rui-l go back to the '-harming I
land of Hindustan." -a
The sanr1 is ue of "The Moslem Sun- j fl
rise contains many expre: -ions ot ap-
ition ai of support for wi
a ; -.il .'. aim ing from
readers in all parts of the world. E
i offer prayer. f..r you five times
writes one. 0
"The eed of I 'am sowed by you in to
America," says another, "will some day
grow up a big, strong tree. I see an il- .
lustrious future before you "
"I pray Allah will give you greater rf
strength," writes an Englishwoman, "to r
tetrate those regions where the glad '
tidings of Islam are yet unknown, and
may Allah awake the world to a realiza- ik
tion to grasp the true faith now within "f
reach. ;
The religion which .Mufti Muhammad 1 m
- Iiq nd his fellow -workers are strA-
ing so earnestly to spread in America J H
was found -. J in tin- seventh centur.- hy
a formei camel driver. Jhis man, who J
later took '.he name of Mohammed, nvan- I I
ng "he Who will he praised." .Ir a . -I
strange dreams and heard tin v f k
the Angel Gabriel, whose word were iW
afterward wntten dosn m a booK called J I
the Koran. 1
When he announ;fl Ivm-eT hmg- Jl
exjiecte.! prophet ser.t hy save
the world bis neighbors only laughed and
called him a lunatic and a bore Mo- 3
hammed fled to Medina, and there he was j Hj
soon surrounded by an increasing rum-
ber of followers, who ai ited the Islam, j I
01 "submission to the will of God,"
which he made the highest of virtu h(
. ... . it. A:. t W
it is Delieveu tnat uie cniei reasun iuj
the astonishing success of the religion 1
founded by Mohammed lay in the sim- j
plicitj of 1 ic creed he taught. His fol- H
lowers were told to love Allah, the mer
ciful and compassionate ruler of tne Qj
world. They must honor and obey their j
parents, be honest with their neighbors, 1
show charity to the poor and the sick.
They were commanded to abstain from m
strong drink and eat frugally,
v Regulnr church-going was not rem
quired, but Mohammed commanded his
followers t-.. turn their faces toward
M-ccu, the Holy y. five times every 1,
day and say a simple prayer. M'

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