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Hoover Declares National Strike Conference Is
. Making Progress; Commissions to Do
Actual Work May Be Named
International Xcws Service.
WASHINGTON; July I. President
Harding s national coal conferences
ailed to find a way to ond the na
tional coal strike and bring peace In
Hj ;he mining Industry, Is "making prog
j ress" It w declared tonight by ec-
H retary of Commerce Huovn- the gov
ernment'.'! reproaentatlvc. ivlven the
conference adjourned until tomorrow.
Hoover 8 tutiuont wjls the first of
i i.ii statement concerning the work
H ( the mine parley. On the part of
j the miners, It ns said, the conrer
I enee Is leading up to the organisation
of i functioning body capable of nc
gotlating a nettlemcnt of the strike
.ind that Sunday's session may result
in the appolntno-nt of commissions by
H ' both the operator- and miners to bo
H :n ihc actuMi wage negotiations
Xo word of what took place during I
the afternoon i ''sslon was permitted'
to leak out hut the shouting of the
nmbatatiln In the coal war could hel
. heard plnlnly by those In the adjoln
Lng rooms
Miner:-' representatives who scanned I
ha list "f bituminous operators as-1
sombled did BO with great concern.'
lorlarlng Informal'-- that the major-!
; ity of (hem were men who could be
; considered opposed to settlement
There was also felt somo uneasiness I
possibility of the conferees comlriK t.
any agreement.
After the general conference this
afternoon Secretary of tb- Interloi
Fall met with the anthracite opera
tors. This group adjourned to meel
j at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon. K
H was evident the anthracite operator
and miners were a functioning body
with authority to discuss and agree
upon a new wage scale to settle the
troublu in that paH of the industr
IEnroute to the interior department
from the "Whit FioufC operators and
miners who taile d with hewspapl r
men expressed general satisfaction
mtn the presidents remarks, but
; stated they hnd not failed to nppre
iato the fact tlvu the president's
. advice wai a steel hand in a velvet
During the forenoon seaslon. Secre
tary of Labor Ddvte delivered a brief
and forceful appeal t,. th represen
tatives of the mining industry that
. they come to an agreement for the
common good of the American peo
ple as suggested by President Hard
ing The miner? and operators ad-!
.iourned at 5 o'clock this evening un-1
2 o'clock tomorrow
: President Harding m addressing"
the conference 0 coal operator- Shd
union miners' representatives toddy
said :
' Gentlemen of che Coal Indu.tr I
1 ask you to meet here with the!
'hought that in '. ringing vou together,
flight U- ,i,vinK both the inlnel
'.rorkers and the mine operators Of
w..,u oiJiirf. ami nt th. sattie
f:me Sfrvc the jrrrat Amrf. !in public
, There, has been Instability of pro
& ductlon, uttendn.I ,y ur.r..run fjrv---.
ary capacity. ,thlch had r.-riex In
speculative prices and panicky con
ditions, whlrh encourager) profiteer
ing and menac-M our Industries and
hampered our Varied public eervlces
j public iuuhts rntvr
he right and, above all eie the
I American public has the right to be
H from th. recurring anxieties
no matter what the fetuses ar That
i?eedom must h? established
i, "The government has no &kstn It
I intrude Itself in the field or VOUr ,'.
i 1 V le9 fecl nn obligation
to see that the common American In
terest shall not be menaced bv a nro
iractrd lack ol lu,; R prefer" that
I . tD.e two. ''nd BtJclated Inter
est-- mine work.-rs and (BfrtployerS
Should Nettle -his matter In n 'rrank
recognition of the mutuality of vf,ur
Ke?S , lr vou rfui not KJ
1 . lAr,er pub,lc interest must
l where ti e - irrtmoti good i. the
wirst and highest concern
bbbbbbbI ihml til "retty -Cncrally recognUed
H ,nu ln,-'r" are fundamental dlfflcul
bbbH h? P'senVday co' Production,!
siH I " "U,IOn ?f whleB not to b:!
..lendly and earnest conference The'
excess development of a prodtirlna-l
, ,i'y l both tonnag. aVaiiablel
I --aP ml"er woriyt- juis presented!
LssBBB iJj hrti on
IsbssBHi. sbbI
Lni sia39
I Is ii
H Kara mffltlm
Ussssl 11
Sop BifePmM' . LssH LsH
lectirely owe the American people.
"You who are here today represent
a large nponnorshlp for America's
supply of fuel. In that eponsorshlp
you have an lndlasoluable relation
ship to th'- i ommonwpjlth of Amor- ,
los Coal Is Indispensable to our Hf
as a people, and since this country
had afforded you thf opportunity of
I development on vour part, both n
worker and operators you havetj
created. In turn, an obligation to
.serve. Conflicting views as to yourn
lirllr!i'a nnH vnur r,K I fret rinni. In nn..
another In no wise modify your obli
gations to that public which made
I possible your Industrial existence.
"BdcaUSe of expiring agreement?
relating to wage scales anrl working
condltlobs a largo percentage of the
mining activities of the country have
beer, suspended threr months to a
day. It Is not for me to touch upon
Llto merits of jour opposing position:
I have no? called ou as o partisan of
the mine worker or the employer I
do not mean fV" to discuss a slnple
phase of eontroverted questions. The
main point Is to bring you together
and n that eontact of -n to men.
mindful of the necessity of righteous
ness In any useful and abiding relo
tionshlp. to have you frankly and
fairly consldei yo'&t problems In ihelr
relation to the welfare of our com
mon country."
(Hardiest Men of
Empire Arrive at
Base of Mountain
LONDON, July 1 (Br tht Asso
Clated Press I Sir Francis Young
husband, presideni of the Royal Geo
graphical society, is authority for the
menl that the expedition which
was to attempt the, conquest of .Mount
Everest had left ' Dorjelllng at the
end of March and had arrived at th
mountain In good health. So far a
the configuration of the mountain
was concerned there remained no se
rious obstacles to oppose the climb
ers. Hut there still remnlns." he added,
the Incalculable factor that may
pr.jVf- fatal to sucrose the debilitat
ing effect of high altitudes on th"
human constitution
' Ve hnve sent out (he hqrdleo'
pluckleii arid most exprrlem erl mnu n-ralne-rs
v.c can flfid nut can h
lh all their eoursgf nnf delerml-,
nut Ion. skill and PSSdUrcS, BlidSSfs
fully feOMtfcJid aRnirist the Bgfalfxlntf
lassitude which the rnrlficatlon of IhS I
air beyond 23,000 feet Is certain to
Experience the experience of
these next fev. weekf alnno can de-tern,!-,,.
The weakflSss Is oocaslon
Bd by th lessening quantltv or oxy
gen In thS thinning atmosphere And
to make up for this want of oxygen
We hnv- fm 6Ut IpeeiAl apparatus
ror supplying the preCIOUa gas Fven
hi-- rtiiy hb avail for the apparatus
IB heavy, and of necessity th" climb
ers themselves must carry It And no
One ran say whelher th" advantage of
bftathln r the oyfefi will OutWelgh
the drawback of having to carry the
apparatus '' " .
With every condition favorable. lirT
rands eOrtdlddsd, till task blifnl
prore beyond human capoalty, jj
nfiBm,.VJlllV J-The Federation
Of British Music industry ks beed
atscuBHng the lest Hleaili of rtarl tic
a boom ror British musical Instru-
thtifilL .ph Rlliy' ftf WrBiifigham,
lb!nk the bfest way would be to light
e. hiiKh bonfire of old pianos That
h- tafg, would only be following the
excellet example net by the music
trnric n Am-rlea. "It would main ...
rin3t sort dKplnv ad Vf-rtlsem'-tit "
h adds, for it would show thp coun
trj hat the old pianos r.lth which wo
are pvefstoeked are not worth havmt,-.
Wfc could easily collect tn thoua-
and of them." he said in on Ititerriev
' ahd hdDdd would mlsfl them Such
,ul" :'' 1 til Ung bundles or dlfcord'".
do Incalculable harm to the musl
taste of the public A ohll.l tatlghl o i
"ii of them hi.S all his musical In
stiritta outraged and grows up. musi
cally speaking, a sorrow to his pre
inaturely aged parents. '
Lk. . . rift
K .n. i J i; imi.cJM
k 'lI isslgsdH
. . i
Deputies at Ohristenaen
Trial Tell of Investiga
tion of Shooting
Following the examination of sev
eral witnesses for the state yesterday
morning, the trial of Marlow J. CHflBt
ensen, former principal of the Uintah
Gchooi. charged with murder for thu
alleged shooting of lloyd Bybee, 18-yetir-old
Uintah lad, w.ia sdjourned
at 12 30 o'clock until Monday HlOrtllng
el P 30 o'clock, by Judgo Jomes N
Klmbnll In the district court.
The final hours of the trial venter
day Were li,ksn up in teeMtnony of of
ficers who wont to the logfM of the
shooting and who Identified the re
solvcr as that given over to them by
Christensen when he k.hk himself aiu
CV....Ii f T I 1 . . 1 ni i a !
I oiiviiii nn u rini'UVK irsruico
,thot ho interviewed BybM i the hos
pital a day bef6re his death and sbi
that the lad had sljrnotj a wrllten
Statement in which he gave his version
of the shooting.
An attempt was mnd to Introduc
statement In the case but it wn
excluded by the court.
I Charles Plncock. deputy sheriff, tes
ta led he BStlt to I'lntnh follgwlhg the
Shooting end brought t 'hrisicnsen to
I tht '-nunti Jail Un Identified the .38
i il'bre revolver shown him as the one
which ChriStensefl handd to hfm
leputy Sheriff l.hn Holden norm
horated the statements of Deputy Pln
cock. Dr. E R. Dumkoe tol.l of the wound
'alleged to have been caused by the
Ibullet and to the condition of Bybee
iwhen In the hospital
Byron Bybee n cousin of Tiloyd By
bee was on the stand when the court
adjourned, He said he was nearby
when th shooting occured. He will
oomplete his testimony tomorrow.
Though Many Will Never!
Go Free, They Excel
College Students
Spoclnl IMHKitcli to The !StaudartJ-Kx-ninlner
("Jupyrlght, 1922. by The Standard
Kxamlner i
WAl'l i wis., July 1. 'Stone
W&llfj dp hOl a pfiHOn make, nor iron
f f. a cafe.'1 Pent up behind ln8
'grat stone walls, whose barred doors
hi or .lli 9lng odSri for some of
them tti lilthatSs olf the WlsdtohSlh
penitentiary hero have illscovered that
although the body may be chained by
laws which society enforces, the mind
ever Is free With no frivolity of cam
pus life tn enhance their hours of
study; no frats. no class rushes or
''fussing" with even little prospect o!
putting into Industry the story of
knowledge they have loaned these ,
84 men are "burning midnight oil" to
complete the very courses that the '
mor fortunate university men and
women are skimming uvcr.
UhdOf these Tying COnditlOhS, these '
prisoners are proving more capable
Mfudonts than regular college men and I '
women at tho state university.
Tbclr study pt rlod Is the three hour I
Interim betwSeh the day' toll In the
prison's twine plnnt and tin- big gone ;
--n i i irinvn rivuh ineni
10 minutes td doff their denim uni- I
forms before the lights go out. -The
prisoners are takln rcijuhir col- t
rii courses offered by the I diversity I
of Wisconsin extension division. Rec- '
ords of th ' U" rate all of the Si as J
very good scholars. Most of them have I
attained excellent" in every subjet (
TWeAty-elght have already completed :
the course.
On the other hand, surrounded with i I
every facility of hreedbta, and In many j 3
cases, of ease, few regular Btudents at jj
the ftate university at .Madison have I
done bettet ot even b well as thee j I
prisoners. t
isni.M io is BENETTT
Most of the SOoo men and women I
attending the. "U" are far below the
convicts In theh marks. The very iso- i
lation, which Is a part of the punish- I
meat of the criminal. Is given by heads
of the extentlon division as the reason S
f"i- the extraordinary pace set by the I
prisoners. S',ud'lng is a re-rcatlon as J
well us work for them, and above all it I
holds the golden promise of leading to I
a new life 1
The main requisite for a student is a
11 t. learn, nm f the prisoner hns ' I
s iv of . sire In that line, there ' I
Mguuy and with few ex-
HK ln the interest I
BpVj that , i
Mg' ' their Z
hojyt I nu ' I
dm mm
ny bssH
iWePi MM
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