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rotal Sales of 235,000 Shares
Smallest for Full Session
This Year
NT3W YORK, July 3. Trading In
fhe stock markot todaj' was extreme
ly apathetic. Many popular Issues
were not Quoted ot all Total sales ap
v proxlmated 23CC00 sharcst were- the
tmallast for a full sesion this year.
N I'ulln is iraa al low ebb In the final
hour. Equipments and coppers hard
enod but United States Rtoel was un-
der pressure. The r-iosins' was ir-
fl"'---. Early deollnffl were lighl .nd lr-
n pular nflrctlns the small attendance
of memben'. Ralls continued to ig-
nore strike developments, change;)
ijraln being limited to fractional de
clines with New York Central as the
one consplclons exception at a ono
point advance Mexican Petroleum
made an Initial Rain of 2i points, the
Kreater part of which wa.s cancelled in
the next transaction Specialties of the
types represented by Coco Cola which
roio almosl 2 points and Du Pont at
a gain of 4 points featured the mis
cellaneous lasues. The more acute sit
uation lr. central European precipitat
ed further weakness In foreign ex
change with the German marks at the
new minimum of .023.
The market lapsed into absoluto
stagnation soon aftr the opening
Sales during the first hour foil below
70,000 shares, the low record of the
year Commission houses were de
serted and public interest was aJto
gether lacking. Some leaders of the
industrial group were not all quoted
during the morning The only popular
Iwue to show any activity and strength j
whs Rtudebaker, which rose lVa points.
EDarly gains in Coca Cola, Iron Prod
ucts and Du Pont were extended the
latter advancing about 12 points On
turio and "Western was tho only heavy
railway issue, declining 2 hi points. An
opening rate of five per cent for call
nioney waa soon reduced to i per
Speculation became progressively
duller and fluctuations In the usual
lc-adora confined to trllal factions. The
Initial transaction In U. S. Steel of I
'-'0 did not occur until 11 41 and for
the next two hours the range held be-1 ,
H uveen 99 and 09',i. Certain stocks
were !n scant supply when a demand i
I' rcfrajdlng an advance of 2M,
points in Consolidated Gas. 1 4 In
ayser nnd one point in Phillips Pe-
troleum. Producers' and Rof ;ne:V. Ma
r.r,' f. rre 1 and United Retail t
XEV FORK, July '. T-V'-elgn eX
ch.mco irregular Great Hrltaln, de
mand i.e'1 cables 1.424; Blxty day
I bills on banks 4. -10
France, demand. 8-36, cables 8.36.
ita'.y. demand, 4.86; cables 4.68.
Belgium, demand, 7-93Vi: cables!
7 34
German, demand 22'i; cables .23.
Holland, demand 38 46- cables 38.50.
Norway, demand. 16 60.
I Sweden, demand, 25 94.
Denmark, demand 21 40
Switzerland, demand 18 96.
Spain, demand, 15.60.
Greece, demand, 2 9S.
Poland, demand .02.
Czecho-Slovakla. demand 1 9 0.
Argentine, demand 36 i7.
Brazil, demand 13.87.
.Montreal 9S 5-16.
Open High Low Close
July 1.17 1.18 l 18ft 1.16
1 Sept. 117i 1.18V 1.16 1.16
Dec 1.20'4 1.204 1.19 1 19?
July 63 sas 88 .63
Sept. r,6j -67 .66 .66;
Dec .66H -67 .66 .66
I uly 36 t .36 .86 .36
! Sept .38 .38 28 .88
lec. .42 .42 .41 .41
ktW Pork
I Blank,
ji Tard
luly 11 50 11 50 3 1 27 1 1.30
BP Bept 11.65 11.75 11.55 11 60
' nib
July 11.85 11.85 11 70 11 70
Bept 11.66 11 55 11 45 11.47
NCT YORK. July 3 Call money
H firm; high 4; low 44, ruling rate
44, closing bid 4, offered at 5; last
loan 4 call loans against acceptance
4 T ime loans steady; sixty days 4;
'.0 days 4; six months 4V4.
H Prime mercantile paper 4j?4.
IOgden Grain and
Produce Market
The following prices were being
paid by commission houses today for
larm products:
Hay. $14 per ton.
Wheat $1 00 per bushel. I
Kpgs. 14,00 4.60 per case. I
Butterfat, 82c per pound-
J Allied chemical & Dye tfiM
I Alll-rha!mer 4a'.B
'American Hcct Sugar 45'-',
American Can 4GSH
. American Car & Foundry , . 162
Am.-rl-an Hide A- Leather pM . . 871!
American International Corp 12B
I American Locomotive 112
American Rfheltfng ft Ttefg 191
American Kucr 78B
American Bumatra Tobacco fcSH
American T & T 120X4
American Woolen 8 J 'ill
' Anaconda Copper 5'.'
Atchison 99i
All Gulf 4- JV Indie STViB
Baldwin Locomotive ll.i
Baltimore A Ohio 4vr,
Bethlehsm" stoi p. tos
Canadian Parifir . isp
Central Liattier . 37 B
Chandler Motors 6v ' a
Chesapeake Ohio fifiP,,
Chicago Mil 4- Bl Taul
Oilcaffo R I -. Ic 43
Clilno Copper 29M
Colorado Puel & Iron 28B
Corn Products inj
Crucible Steel M
Erie . iSU
Famous ria-vrs-Lasky S
General Asphalt .... r,i
General Flr-trlc Ifi.'.a. K
General Iotors 14?
Goodrich Co. 391)
Great Northern pfd 77v
Gr.-a; Norihc-rn Ore . 39
'lllnni Ontral 105
inspiration Coprer 89j
Inter national llarestct 99ijP
. 73TM
In'ernaf'onal Paper 461'
vui Ible oil
Kll -Sprlncfloiii Tire 47
f 394
ii la Yl tie Xanhvllle 131
! yi '- - . m ) 1
MMvale Steel 33U
Mlddlo Slate Oil 13.V
Mlwr.url Pacific ' 21
N"v.- York Central 94T,
N Y N" n Hartford 29
Norfolk & Western . . . ...107M
Northern Paelflc . . 75
Oklahoma Irod & Ref .... 3
Pacific Oil , 654
Pan Arnerlcan Potreleum 78
Vfnnr ylvanla . f8V4
P"ople's Gaa 81X4
P'ire Oil 30
Riy Consolidated Corrper it",
Reading . 74
Rvp Iron & Steel ....... 70M
Royal Putrh ny r.s?
Sears Roebuck 7$U
Sinclair Con Oil uu
Southern Pacific 89
Southern Railway ,
Standard Oil of N J pfd 1S0"T
Studebaker Corporation I2SV4
Tennessee Copper . .... , io2
Texas Co 47 V
Toxu.i 4 riicific ' zig
Tobiirw. Product 7-1
Transcontinental Ofl ' 9L
Union Pacific tag
fnltf.l Rci.ii; RfoTes uu
D S Ind Alcohol .... v, i;
United States Rubber ... V'iB
United States Steel "$SS
Utah Coppor iv,
WettlnRhoise Kiectrlc . S8X4
Willys Overland jU
American Zinc. T.ad and Src.. ' 17
Butte and Rnpricr --tv.
Cola Petroleum . ' rp-
?-Tontana Powr rri?'
Shattuck Arlrona . .......... 914
t V
(Ogden Cash Gramjl
(Quo'ailon: fu nlhcd G.obc Grain t '
, Mltllnc Co.)
ulu. In ' 1c rh- ra... paid 10 Ogden
Utah Wlntor Wheat
No 1 dark hard Jl 02 a 18.
No. 2 dark hard 99r'Sl 09
No. 3 dark hard 9Gcfipi 05
Utah White Wheat.
No 2 soft whlto 84c,5'94c.
No 3 soft whlto BlOQ 91 -No.
1 hard wh!t. 90cysi.po
No. 2 hard white 87c97e
Idaho Winter Wheat.
No 1 dark hard $1.0oa 1 17.
No 2 dark hard Jl. 031. 14.
No. 3 dark hard 99ot5ti 11
No 1 hard winter S7ci?97c.
No. 2 hard winter ii7c99c.
Idaho hard Spring Wheat.
No. 1 dark northern $1 13 B 11
No. 2 dark northern jl Hifti 20.
No -3 dark nort!...rn J107j.jl.tT.
No. 1 dark northern 92.'u!l 02.
Idaho Winter Wheat.
No. 2 soft white 87c$?7.
No. 3 60fl whlto 4c?!j4c.
No 1 hard white 93c$1.03.
No. 2 hard white 90c!gkl 00.
No. 3 hart! white 87cig'97c
Idaho W.'.ite Feed Oat.
38 bulk 11.17(31 62.
rWlth trans:; blUirie light oats 5 to 16c
leas, ir eai-ki 1 ... .1 lditlon )
EaUfrn Corn.
No J yellow 11.4091 42
No 2 mixed 51 ,, u i.o.
lAbovr bulk. Sackid additional
N'ETW YORK. Julj 3 Cotton Jump
ed about $7 Fo ;i bale today within ton
minutes after the publication of tho
flrt government torecast of the sea
son Heavy buying came In from all
quarters as it was realized that the
estimated yield of 11.066.000 bales
probably not meet requirements.
NEW YORK, July 3 The Reo Motor
company today announced the declar
ation of 100 per cent stock dividend
paynble August 10 to holders of record
July 15.
WASHINGTON. July 3 The comp
troller of the currency today Issued a
call for the conditions of all national
banks at the c'io?e of business on Fri
day. June 80.
Diversify Your Investment
Suggestion for the investment of $4700.00
Par ' "
L Value Name. Rate. Maturltr and Price Cost Income Yield
I 81,000 Wright 7Vi's 1932 J 100. Jl.OOO $75.00 7 SO pet
1,000 Beaver Products 74 1942 ? 100 1,000 75 Ou 7 60 pel
II 1,000 Copenhagen 4 s 1942 q 78 760 38. 80 . 76 pet
I 1.000 Utah Power & Light 7 pet. pfd. Q 96 960 70:00 1 29 pet
1,000 MutuaJ Creamery 8'a 1926 if 98 980 xo no g $n pcj
ij $6,000 J4.700 8338.80 T.33pct
Complete Information concerning the above Hat of securltlea on Inquiry.
Salt Lake City Ecclea Bldg., Ogden
I 2374 Washington Avenue
1 Minimum oiratmR expen3e. conservative management, under atalt supor-
I iion, iirt KcaI Instate Mortgage security, (investigate).
I "FULLY PAID" certificate pays 6 per cent Dividend GOUponi attached.
i J12.60 monthly for 66 months paya J1000 00 I
..6 00 iw tor 100 montha paya f)0o0 00
H 1.00 monthly for 120 months pa;e 11000 0" Guaranteid
, j fc.60 monthly for Vi months pas JIOOm 0" (Juorantecd
1 3 00 monthly for lS'i months pays $1000.00 Guaranteed
H 1.(0 monflU lor 160 months pays $ 500. 0J iuara.ntecd
PaTxents may be made in advance, nnd will mature any of atxvo certlfl
catca much earlier.
I A safe, conservative, home Institution. More Information and literature,
i cheerfully furnished. Phone 1147.
4- 1
Cattle 44
BOfffl 67H
Bheep 4
Cattle Receipt 44: choice heavy
ieer, $ 75 (it 7 in, rood steers, $6.00
fa6.75. fair steers Sn.OO'g'e 00; choice
Ufeedr-r ateera, $5 006 00; choice
cows and heifers, $4 75 6.26, fair to
pood cows and heifer, $4U1J 1.76;
cutters $2,000 00; cannen $1 00 fl
8.00 choice feeder cows. $3.00$ 4.00
fat bullh $.? 00 0 S 50 ; bologna bulla
$2.0053.00; veal calves $7.508.50.
Hops Receipts 676, choice fat hogs.
175 to 250 pounds $10 36; bulk of sales
$9 Sfitfit 10.35; feoder hoga. $9.00
Sheep Receipts 94: choice lambs.
49,60011.00; wethers $4.50 iff 6.60 ; fat
'nw.- yc.mt.g 1 00, feeder l.itrbs $7 now
a I
, 4 " -4V
CHICAGO, .Tuh 3 (U S. Bureau
1 of Markets) emu. Receipts 1.000
. market active; beef steers. butchers
Ishe stock and bulls F. to 26c higher,
j ' In-botwen gTades boef steers, bettor
. (trades she stock :nd bologna bulls ad
v inclng most; beef steers $10 10, bulk
S 75; veal calves and stockers.
' steady canner cowa strong; butcher she
took largely $6 16(0 7.66, cannors and
cutters $8.00 3.76 . bolorna bulls
mostly $4.C6 fp 4.86; voal calves J6.00Q
Hogs Receipts 44.000; better grade
actici , mostly 10 to loc higher; others
slow, about steady; top $10.85; bulk
I pood butchora $ 10 40 g 10.80 plgo
weak; mostly $9 ."Oijt 10.00; packing
hows, mostly 9 00 9 26, heavyweight
$10.40010.60; bedlum $10 65(10.90,
(light $10.75'g: 10.85, hght light $10.25
10.70; packing sows, amooth $9.00
9.60; packing sows rough $8.769.10;
JkllHng pigs $9.26010 30.
I Sheep Receipts 1 5,000. sheep
steady to eatv, top native Iambs
$13 26; bulk good Datives $13 00; culls
mostly $7.000 7.26; four cars Idaho
$1 3 26 with 300 out; bulk fat ewes
$.6.0006.76; good handy weight up
iward to $7.00.
KANSAS CITY. Mo.. July 3. (U. S
Bureau of Agriculture Economics )
Cattle Receipts 8500. beef steers 26
to 40c higher; top medium weight
if 9.80, best heavies $9 36, yearlings 2Fc
higher; mixed steers and heifers $9.60;
cho stock .strong to 26c higher; year
ling heifers $8 408.76. good and
choice cows $6 00tf? C.50: medium
grades mostly $4 75 5. 35, oalves
steady, bulk choice vealra $8.60;
Kmll lo's tr. 00 c: nners Meady, gen
trallj $2. .'.Or 7 2 75; bulb unchanged;
bulk $4. )O0 6 00.
Hogs Receipt- 8,000, opened slow
steady to stronp, closed active 5 to l".
higher; lulk good to choice i7o to
240 pound weight $10 4i5. 10.66; topi
$10 40; hulk of salee $10.20 to 10 35;
throw out sows mostly $S 75; stock
piks 10 to 25c lower; bulk desirable
kind $10.25.
Sheep Receipts 6.000; sheep abou'.
steady; most fat ewes to killers $4 25
to 5.50; lambs strong to 16c higher;
1 r ' natives 112.86; most sorted lots
$12.50 to 12.75; culls $6.00 to 6.50.
OMAHA, N'eb , July 3. Hogs Re
ceipts 7.0J0. mostly 10 to 13c higher,
bulk $9.1510.20; top $10.35; heavy
and rough packing graxies $8.20 9 15.
Cattle Receipts 3.000. beef steers
active; mostly 10 to 25c higher, top
$9.75, yearlings $9 60, she stock and
bulls 16 to 25c higher other classes
Sheep Receipts 2.500; lambs most
ly 25c higher, top $13.00, clippec1
lambs $1186. yearlings, sheep .ind
feeders nominally steady
ST JOSEPH, Mo.. July 2. Hogs
Receipts 7600; very active to shippers
and packers, steojly to strong with
Saturday's average bulk 170 to 230
pounds butcher $10.60010.60; pack
er sows Bteaaj
Cattle Receipts 1500, beef steers,
earlings and butcher stock mostly 16
to 26c higher, calves 50c lower, top
beef steers $10 00, top light yearlings
$9 26, bulk desirable beef cattle at or
above $8 76. cows mostly $6.00
Sheep Receipts 8,000; market gen
erally steady; fat native latnl-s $12.75;
ewes" drive in $12.26012.50; fat ewes
$5 00&5 50.
CHICAGO, July 3. Potatoes dull,
receipts 67 cars, total U. S. shipment."
895 eastern short Virginia barrels
Irish cobbiers 4.66tfi 4 75; North Car
olina Norfolk section stave. barreli
Irish cobblers 14.00 ft 4 30, Kansas
sacked early Ohio's No. 1. $2 .". 0 y 2.'66;
cwt, Alabama sacked Spauldm.-; Rose
No. 1, $1 75 01.90 cwt.
4 0
CHICAGO, juiy 2 Wheat average,
lower In price today durir.r- t u 1 . r-1 y
trading, absence of any adverse fresh
developments in regard to blackrUI
having a bearish effect Besides, tho
holiday conditions in som degr.-. to
restrict ne buying Tho evidence also
of scattered liquidation of the part of
holders. Thti opening, which r.-jnged
from h tower to 14 C advance with
July $1.1 7 Vj to $1.17 and September
$1.17 to $118 kuj followed by u
moderato downturn all around
I No lasting recov en- onsued. An an
nouncement of a liberal decline In the
I United Statea' visible, supply total, the
market closed weak, to 1 cents
low. wit Julv $1,164; to $1.16i and
(September $1.18 to $1.17.
Porslatent buying ior a leading ele
vator Interest rallied the corn mar
ket for the early weakness that was
a.oclated wi'h heavy deliveries on July
'contracts. After opening unchanged
to o lower Septemlr 60 to 66,
I prices underwent a slight further oaJf
,iund then rose to above Saturday's
f!nl?h for all deliveries
Subsequently the corn market ea-sed
a little. Influenced by the decline in
1 wheat prices Tho close was unsettled,
JH net lower to a like advance, with
B( p'ember 66 V-
Oats were relatively easy opening n
shade to c lowr. September
and later rallying somewhat leas than
! Higher quotations on hogs gave
firmness to provisions
CHICAGO, July 3 Wheat, No. 2.
red, Jl K,
Corn. No 2, mixed. 644; No
2, yellow 6 4 H 9 6 4 9i -Oats.
No. 2, white nSH-JS- No.
3, whlto 3C(g'88,i. f
Rye, No. 2. 89.
Barlv, 6 2.
Tlmofhv seed $4.50 0 5.00.
Clover seed, $10.00018.00.
Pork, nominal,
lard. $11 30
Riba, $11.60 011.76.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., July 8. j
Plour 20 cents hlgh r, famllv patents
$8.16; bran $14. 60 16.00.
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn.. July 3
Whn?t cash So. 1 northern SI rilTT
I 54j J'jly $1.41; September
J Follow Golden B
1 1 Rule jl
i "Follow the Golden Rule. In his attitude to- iiIi
ward fellow brokers as well as toward all
mankind each should endeavor to the best of
his ability to at all times follow the Golden
uie- unto others as ye would that they iBl
p. : should do to yol!,.,, Q
1 "ft I This is the primary paragraph in the Realtors' J
li I q 0(e of Etnics' tne basis upon which Realtors
transact their business. lllx
in 91 In deling: with a Realtor, the buyer or the
I;' seller of property is certain of fairness and
j of justice, of "square dealing." BWj
B Real Estate Board H
lit? wfr1 Froerer & Fovvles Oodon Real Estate 41 p F
' ) ci! bbbbb5dw';W Guar.-,nt Mortgage Co Building C3. 0 1
R: ; : ytf&tW S. E. Hinc!ley ' N.Pierce 3
slf r Ke,ly 4 Herrick ' Ssundsrs-Flinders Co. p w"'
ITvII ?B?L?stS McCuMoch. Dodson & W.J Blackburn p J
j j BOARD Woodland Herbert E. Smith Co
' 'Sfi'j
"S- ss V ;; v " - ) :j
?i 2": Deesnvbsr $1.2:. i.
Corn, No. 2. yellow, 56 jT1.
Oat3 No. 3, while 14995,
Barley 46(67.
Kye. No. 2. 83 87.
Tlax, No. 1, $2.68 2 66.
OltAHA, Neb . Julv 3 "vTheat No.
2, hard $1.28.
Com, No '1, while. 66H0KC; N
2 mixed. 06 V 9&6Vb.
Cat, 0 ? white 31x75 3'-.. No.
4. whlto, 36 3 5Vi
NEW ToRK. July 3 Liberty bonds.
IIO11.H first in not quoted;
socond in not quoted; first 4V4S $100 30
second 4 I 1 1 00 ,04 ; third 'tR $1 H
fourth 4U $10u 2.S, Victor- 4'ia a:
LOI-TDON. July 3. Bar silver 38'.;d
per ounce; money 1 per csnf
Discount rates, short bills 2Vs pr
cent; three months' bills 2 3-16 u?r
NEW 70RK. JuU 8. Foreign bai'
silver 71 c.
Mi xienn dollars SI
Bl'TTKR AN? !.(..-
CHICACt). July 3. Butter nd esjgis,
no Jon toda' ana tomorrow.
BIRMINGHAM. Ala . July 3. Non
union shopmen were roportcd by union
leaders here today to have responded
In goodly numbers" to an invitation
j issued by the six crafts to join tho
I Strike A number of non-uirton men
are aald to have gone out with the
! strikers.
Trains ars operating In this tcrri-j
tory without interruption, according to
Iran officials who reported m change"!
In ItiH situation.
j MICHIGAN CITY, Ind.. July 3.
Sheriff William E. Ans'lss of La
Porte county, this afternoon an
nounced that he has uotiiied Governor'
I Warren T McCray that the scheduled:
'light between Denny Leonard and!
Rocky Kansas, here tomorrow, Is a'
boxing match and not a prize fight,1
and thereiore within the provisions of
I the Indiana law.
I Dyed laces are very popular. Now
tbey are i"ing used on summer ma
Utrlals like voile, organdie and nets
LEOaL notices
KoUee Is : herobj Ki . n that a special
t OUO Sa t ( ompany win bo held on Bat
urcUy July 22. at 8 o'clock p n, at
tho office 0f the company 817 k"'. ,
pose of determining wheWer the com -pan
ahall continue Icr corooratr. n-
R. A. PIERCE. Directors 720
Not ce la hereby given that Me Tinder
' -'" ' ' 1 t private sale n ,1
parcel the following described real -
Ulte situate and being in Ogden City
,rtt,er county, siaie of ftah- y
rr" w H- ln Block Fifty.
lx (58). Plat "A". 0Kdc,i City Survov
and commend. ur at u point 1 84.76 toi
eaj)t of the southwest cornor of t .
Three (3) In said Blok rifiv.i
In .aid Plat "A", Ogden Cl.v Surve
running U.enao East 79. 2b feet 10 th
southeast corner of said Lot Two (2
thence north 198 feet, thence wort 7$
I "-V11: Saturday, July Sh- g'h
1922. and wr tt.-n hi.lQ niit v.- e ,'hi
at the bankln? hoJffV SataS.?
South Main ftrtStVl&Jg
kZTrflR 52? condt'ons of m li -"to b:
balance n confirmation Of salht
1 court. AUmlnistratefg foed and xuZt. ,
' l t.i ;, furnished nurrni."'ri
n . 0 adrolnUtrator. PUA:t ".fecial
ncM-nvnt'. !- he ,al1 bv thl
arifl all lJ-.-i -n the i.roperiy tn
.ludlnsr the year 1921 to n pitjM
: and tho purcna.r to pa. ttS
.-:.- I taxes for the year 1 9 JJ' 'f
,: l.ld to he In wrltlnr I
to or left with lh. n'1m,nlv
Ctah SavinB Tru.-xt -omi)aj,B
3I1B South Main street, Salt ijJM
Dated thin the rith .la- i i.B
t rM s. 1 :: v trust cnSH
F,-, D B JtJDD,
Aaaliiant Cashier and Trust
Admlni-Ui AtoT- ,j t le Kslatc of i.V
I tVllJion, deceased -Jnm
Notice lo herrh-. cVon th.it
'and Weber I'ountlo (.'hum ComDiTj
' po .-. to mo e approxlmatr.v 30 9
: vards of r-arth ft a. roinf on itg j?!
South "VX'ebfr nnd seeded bids 3
vlted for said work and will b 3
I at the offlco of thf Comptnv re,
! Bulldinjr Offden. fah. until in 00
la. m. on the 10th d:y of July, iPJl
Inotnir-tlonn to blddr-rs for gajil
' can be secured at tho office of t3
The right is reserved to reject ad
all b8- 4
9ic4. scria
Not k '' is hereby given by rhn Baal
rrmunlwtioneifl of i(fden City. fU
th- Intention of mUd Hoard of CgS
H!,.i-r- to mako th foUowlng
Improvement ,to-wlt To cnsattB
avenue between Twenty-aeooasB
Twenty-fourth atreets. TwantyJ
street bntwe-en Ada-ms and Jeffrj3
nues. ami Twenty-third street b3
Adams and Jrfferi.n avonuee as 73
illatrb t .ind pavo tho roLdwaVil
In with any one of the following!
of pavement, namely Reinforced
land r-cment. enr-rere paTeraent, 1
asphalt pavement on either a Pd
Cemi-nt rr bl"imlnO'it ropr-rete bJ
bfuni r...t -avement on either
land cwinent or bituminous concre3
also to bull'l ad culvert.s, lrruxal3
drainage syatoms. private drM
,-iirb and gutters and "Idewalks, I
conntruot water and ewer servlol
neclions from the muln to the cujj
at. the i-xi'cnf.: of 'he Individual ii
opposite the lots or parts of n
houses not now supplied with saej
nectlons. The above-named wora
IncluJo the r." ssary grading thj
tmd all other work necessary m
plete the whole in a proper maasl
cording to th plana. tpev-ficatloi
profile- on fllo In the office of M
entrltiei-r. dip! 10 defra-. the Tholal
poet and .; ne of ihe abut ton
tion thereof by u levy of a cpecij
to he assessed upon the lot rjT pigj
ground within the following fl
Hstrlcl being the district to be if
01 bi nefl ed b su h Irnprovemefll
In All tli lao'l lying between thJ
ii. ..j.-i.i,i i.'.e . ': -aid -"'eeij and
rirav. 1 -e .11 mom and
to said outer boundary lir.es on lioffl
of Ailarn-i avenue between Twentfl
and Twen: --fourth street-, both
Tv. - U'1 Street between
itrnl 1 n.l both
Tv r.. '- ti Kdafl
Jeffen n avenues, heinrr BlocflH
"A" F.'lo ' i a A". Block fl
"A". R!o ' 4!. P. a' "A ' ?j Bfl
Plat "A": ah in ocd-n City surflj
Street rsllwaj .ompany will be
ortlor. at street
maradarolze teropdj
He the abuttorfcl
of ea h ew'ea
loetion In $32.00 J
t i-t;el cost of eech wstSH
nectlon la $25.00. J
The estln1 J.ted ex)jt of ea:h pa
driveway i $30 00.
' a-3 g'ven helofl
not' In ' cost of constructlM
.r,---." 1 . o water Tfl
1 1 . which 1
e essed against Uie pa
1 in addition to the regfl
aid '.mprovfl
etltnated at $41 000.00. j
Ml proiea 1 or ohjeetlons to 'H
' e , a trying outM
intention rnusi he or.- n:. 1 In m
..a -.. r ..f ab'ittlfl
erty describing the am-- togeafl
the number of abutting front fej
he filed with the city recorder H
f. re the 10th day of July. 1922flJ
of Commission r atfl
regu.'.T- m-. r!n thereafter, tdfll
said .mjl
nient as shall have been made, J
B Of the Poorj of Cc4Ba
ers of Orden rity. I'tah. jfl
' 1 '.v - t . p.ecal
Paled June 19, 192?.
n Mine 20. 19211
aat publication July D. 19S2.J
Published In Ogd..n Standarfl
Pu-. in; I tlsti ' N'o 1 1? M
Aero Cushion Inner Tire Compfl
ne- Tv.-eM -nfitl ind I'niol
tiue. Ogden, L'lah 11
!.n nf- I
bed in a our.' of a
ny of afl
the several amounta 5et opnH
names of the rojpo.-1 ' vn Mi-nJehoB
Name tI N'o
Sh 1 J
Rick Do Bcrnadn .. ?S in 9
' . C Burgess . .... 54 61 1
':iv Boxwell 7a 6 li
N". K. Bevei . ' - -, 75 a
C. L. Bluett 161 1
152 1
US m
i 154 M
1 S'. 1 20
T. K Depp :c 1
2.-.C I
R Skins ... 1 s J
' D Finn 1
t. i". Pragier 36 i
Kred Klmt .oe i
212 Jl
2i:i fl
Mrs. UA I-'alrbanks 227 25
Joaephlne Ferrnro. .263 ' i
H. J. and J. L Gai
ner si 10
C. M Hoover 4 A
5 J
1022 fl
N I. li.irio irt.S 44 M
C. J. A LlndgtiiAi 76 35 flj
vari h. LaMottei. US i fl
Lighthouse 21s 19 rJj
LlAgulst i- Warnei is 20
O B. Madt,en 12S 21
G B. Mottson . 24: j
S. C. Parkinson 14$
Rd Robinson 34 10 1
Howard dnydci .... M 30 m
Robert WoodhaVe 94
William Webster . 206
And in accordance ith (aw aofl
haros 01 each parcel of slock as
nirreniary will be sold at the off AH
compani . rorner Twenty -ninth strefll
(Jnlon avenue. Ogden, Utah. 4fl
day. July $, ifioc, .1'. noon to Pa'HB
linquent assessment thereon t0J
with tho cost of jdvertislng and e4flj
of sale.
Secretary. Aero Cushion Inrr Tlre
Pany Corner Twenty-ninth and fl
Avenue. Ogden. TUah I
Consult County Clc rk or the Rfl
Utc Signers for Further
Infomiatlo. I
In the DiHtrtrt '"our 01 the S.-coeflB
clol Dlatrlct of ih- Stale of t:flt
and for tho 'outi : of U "ber. flj
, In the matter of the estate of flB
Kasftts, Deceased 1
Notice la hereby given by thaflf
aif.io d. udmlnlstrtili ,t of the flflj
Andrew Kaalue. deceased -eflj
ora of hud mJI persons hovinflflj
againsl s.-bl di.ress.,, t thelrflj
with the necaasary vouihers witliVH
months after th first pubii. alien flB
01 Dan Id J flfl
' ""-n. j the ad nlnh n tri fl.
613-614 David K.-.-le i.undlnff. flB
City, Weber Count v. 1'tnh rflc
rVdminlstratrlj of tho Estate ol flj
Kahlus. Deeeaaed. 1
. David .T Wllaon At0rDfv .'or flfl
m '.at
W I ber Count- ttnh. on tbte --"JW
e I

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