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ml' ctaH; wiij ' B"" BS Vjj L- tiT-df ST " BJ QGDEN is more than one
1 ' K -JW' -tJI 18 gg- i& 1- W nun time, nearer
V 'k ' northwi tsr- .J vr--2PP' ' ' " TTCv Idaho, Wyoming and north-
sLya nortimoi portion i,Bp'JK a"" ' wl ' x ern Utah than other cities
bp Lose Articles of;
Hung and Cows Horns
in Contest
ddingTon horses
iers of Rodeo to Be
jounced at Close of
Final Events
fcRx? nf ste rs -n
BCrthc Ogden rodeo Tu Bday I
ft the men for th m -'
.jfct !. s:: . m.I f-i th
Butsilly large and strong and
tft! IB'":'-'' toy
lie ground.
k'ldogging event was d
fatun of li.. "-oon l day pro
lyl the crowd of -' " '
u Ireatcd lo r-iuiusl thrills to
& ordinary individual for
H Mm aftrr man 1. aped
btrws onto the str-.-i
'Jk hlR animals w r
I item the rigid '.-r lh. ir ' -rt
brokm b lien 1 1"- cow ,
BtiUed ar.o ' ' " en- j
H'iO down ' heir I
mi lmtan . - -1'
M an : Hi' . h ii ; i
Is fireds Ivi . ga . ..!
If, the cloing d.iy "f i sec
fail rodeo has been
mor's Day and the
i Utendi ! ii i :. - i ll
kumi vn .i , ' ti i- r i. .
IEkj will also b- ' omph ted this,
pi sad the winners announced,
attic eont-i In addition lo th-.'
US, proved ,n en
spectators. K:r-t then b i
illlsg "f Shorty Gideon of Tex
ptrldcr. to Miss Ruth Wheat, j
test from Sfontana Trv two
Lin front of the grandstand I
llfcaJcg rr th- program, mount-1
PjWm. Ihe Itev. J E. Car
flW'n.also moun-. d, j r f . r r n - .
IHOTS AM) , l.l.l.s
jrtte pronounnrm- ot the final'
Uflh ceremony, the horse of
m 8nd Rroom were turned loose
llptdabout tho arena while the
!thrntcd wrii -.i .t'
Vj" eo'boy
L Beckfr.' u;:d. n
fBi on 'hf proRmm wlih his
V exhibition In wludi ho,
SE8ll glass bails hi
t0,h in Kl.indiriK-
Mttted Ui - teature of plaj
IBely upon chirr.-, wah
Hu) shootlnif oi K'
flouih and hand' - . 1 . . r i
pmad, a hit with ih'- n.w.l
B( o! stc-i-r.i. w hi- h .i . i
fa jelling da
B?''5 Hi"
Call lur n
f ' i up
H Is W1WI :;
Jta-ean in the hulldojjin',' 1
Jjr;0 ,M i::-y ) imped from '
C? , Jrjr IJi'"ii ih-. in ad "i
H ,'' ''' r r a.-.i i om i ho
Hfe?UShl ,h,; Kali.,,, M.-r
HibVki foun'1 lha hr had
Kl''11' rn hanKing grlm-
'1 l&c stL-cr planted
h,i 'did upon th.-
BE ukody and was torc
18, lUf;ktt Of water revl i
.,' rodc 1 f" ri "-
Ht? e hay Kaln filled h.n-i
ML"mMa'k ballon ,f.,r aj
jh,"ori r''' a lying l-.i,,
"it,, w!'1"'' ;t o th- st.-. i
' full nf ?. . f0Und thal 1
k'Br if,Bht Aftcr n.onplnK
kt;''!'1' a r"al Jump,
tvs f. V Paying tntut
' spirit. wall'
t5? UR(hi x on
tV hoPr ,r'"M
le,7 ""J foilKhl 1,11.1
m7 ur";i n.. i ,..,., , .
" then i ""'J' '' '" '"
IC ,tht the .mnnal's
Mi tbt baVift" Evans ro,j1,1 ""'
utnb,hr' tj:jl,dtsKis
t',f".i n ''rk',st M,,r in the
rl 01 Bi ""1
fcn 7" Vn .he
la a u J,nl"ia i -
.ta IH u . dun. Th..
i. hi r,, . ' ,he-v WPre nils-
I i" riiciy o !.
Mjnd , piek-
( i i
Union Secretary Admits
Conference Is on; noads
Deny It
Only Few Lines Can Be
Interested, Executives
l 9
CHICAGO. Sept. 1 Seven rep
resentative: of the stiikin?; fed
erated shopcrafes were declared
by John Scott, secretary of the
railway employes' department of
the American Federation of La
bor, to be in Baltimore today for
a conierenci with railroad execu
tives on a proposition to end the
Scctt intimated that a proposi
tion by which it was hoped the
strike could be halted, had been
prepared but h2 would not outline
it. The conference be Eaid, v. as to
have ben recret. Should the
, meeting crcduce a favorable ri
sult, Scott said the policy commit -te?
Of 90 union representatives
would be summoned to meet in
1 Prospecta for a partial settlement
I of the railroad shopmen's Strike t-
believed her.- today largely to ok km
the hands of Daniel Wtllard. pre.sl-
dent of the Baltimore & ohl raU"
Mr WiMard. now back ot nis office I
in Baltlmoro. was said to have dls-i
closed that he still was seeking sepa- j
rate agreement-s. Mr. Wlllard took
the lead for separate settlements it
the recent executives' conference in
vw York. lncludlnK Mr Wlllard a
road :,t railroads were said to ha' ;
, , n involved In the plans for a sepa
rate Bettlemont which were announced
to ho v.. failed at the New Tor con
f. rence. . , , .
Mr BCOtt, at union headquarters, in
timated that the movement of rr
leaders toward the e..st Included onlj .
heads of the six striking ytiopciaftt.
lie in.lieate.l that no meeting o, th
full DOllCJ .....imme.- had b.-n called ,
Th." v '"' d to comment on pcr
B I reporta "hat Mr. .lew. II Ug
,,,,, ,h;. uni0p funds to Canada .and
U ,, . paring to carry on the strlKo
irom ffie if ths federal courts Issue
B permanent Injunction afalnst aCtlv-.
Itx directed from hce.
Reports that Mr. Jewell had ad
dressed 0. rnessaK- to the Strike"
through the bull-tin caused consider
able Ixcttement at the fed eral build
Tng but at the union headquarters, It
was explained that the pamphle
ou Sued early ,
torney General Daugherty obtained tne
restraining order
(.171 Oi l) JOBS BACK
The understanding here was that
Mr. Willard still hoped to reach an
agreement on th. separate settlsmant
SosiB ly whi. h the strikers on thoao
roads endorsing the plan would L JW
given their old jobs back with pen-
,, r.s.....d and that dlsp. d
' p.-lnls I" I. M I" ' '' "r,Siniatln
of th. train serxlce brotherhoods and
' five executives. . ,
II B. Hvra.n. president of the Phl-
cago. Milwaukee s pu1' HnUi ?;
day hot he Understood theer waato
have beon some sort of a conlerenc
of a "fen eastern
1 BALTlMiOKE. Md.. Sept. b. Offlc
lata ui the Baltimore and Ohio jen-
i I ...fl. -s h. r, who ..and , lose to
Presldepl Daniel willard and Vies
! rn-sid, ni hail.s W. Galloway ro-
!f.,.s.,i ignorance of the ".Jfi;
Of representatives of JF""!
shopmen or of any pmiv.sitiBn from
tnem looking for a settlement ot tb.
!raMrStOaMowav was Bald to be In h,
west Mr Willard was at his office
during ii"- forenoon bill could not he
reached for nn expression on the I m
cacfi dispatch.
NEW' STORK, Sept. 6. If any con
feroncs is being held In BaitUnoro be
tw. sn striking shopmen and niiwaj
he..ds It involves only a few Indlvi.i
ua roads and dOM not look toward
settlement of tho striks on f"",i-
Wde basis. 11 w.i . said today at h. a . -Quartern
Of the Association of Bail
way sxosBitlvea,
M. D. Says 1 0 to 1 You
Are Love Ignorant !
Physician Declares Men Should Be 30 and Women 25
Before Marriage; Thinks Matrimony Should Be
Made Harder and Divorce More Easy
Bi l lV. IRD H TB31 RRTt
r -r-. mi UE I 'OUT. Conn.,
' , O fftv pi ... lo you
BS' H "hat k.. Is"
f i , , : , , ,,,, ,,,,, ,, .
t" 1 yu 'l"ri"t ::..ys
lr. Simon Louis Kat- '
Bjpr 'o'f. phxslclan and,
v , i , , , i .
T "Amazing Ignor-
Vif 1 ' exlsl says J"
ts Katsoff, who bases
S (" 'lis judgment on con
l f Vl M t i ' 1 With fotne 100
t 'tudenta In his "Am-
cTl -rlcau School for Suc-
K I teoaful Matrimony,"
) ( U established a year
(ggbMsiifcJBBE-j "love ncstlon-nair--"
ia his latest
i contribution to u SUbJept which he
says has had too lltftjje study and re
' search. It followed completion of his
forthcoming book. "How to Hold 1'our
' II Unband."
j "People who fall in and out of love
'don't think enough." i-cya the Bridge
port philosopher. "To teach them to
think about something that Is the
iv. ry foundation of life 1 have prupar-
...i my love questionnaire."
Here it Is, Including Lr. Katoff's
nti: W'.ts, too.
I j- What " lovo?
A. l.oe can no more be defined ad
equately than electricity. H is a vital
power within us apparently dormant
until wv meet one of the opposite sex
wiio wakes it Into beautiful conscious
ness; it is the greatest builder of man-
li.u.d and womanhood, without it uo
Imarrlage can be a success
, tj Which loves mure deeply, the
, man or woman?
A Woman of course, due to her
I natural instinct.
; Q, Is love at first sight dependable?
A. No. Not even at "second slcht"
j unless it receives the proper care,
si rs I. .-, devotion, patience tenderness
un.l Intelligence.
I Q. Should sexology be taught in tho
i public school ?
j A. fes. Bui the rlKht of those par-
MILWAUKEE. Wis. Sept. C (By
th.- Associated Press.) Cnlted States
Senator Robert M. LaFcUstte Is at
the most 150,000 volScd ahead of his
opponent. William A r.ann.ld. for
the Republican senatorial nomination,
reports from 1859 precincts out of
2523 In Wisconsin show. The vote
LaFollotte 2G0.134; Ganfield 102.242.
Governor John J. Blaine leads At
torney General Morgan by more than
124.000 in 153 precincts put of 2523
for tho Republican gubernatorial
nomination. Tneae precincts give
Blaine 232. '.'37 Morgan U&.St
M.VAPA RES1 i;rs.
RENO, NeV., Sept 6. With IB.600
! votes counted In Nevada primary
elections of Tuesday and with only a
I. u thousand to be heard from. Jam-o
! Scrugham. Democrat, has a heavy
lead o r James T. Boyd for the n..m
i nation for governor. John II Miller,
u. publican, lor governor. Is far In tho
lead over James ".;.. lit, his opponent.
1 for tin- Republican nomination.
A ;rant Miller and C. H Moore
are running close for Republican
' nation l-.r . ..n-jress wntli Moore
' le-idlng hy I' ' 1 11 " 1 i" votes for
Democratic nomination tor congress,
Archbal.l Cross has 2280; W. G,
Husky 2023. and Charles U Rieh
' ar.ls 2523.
tin the four cornered contest for
the Republican nomination for sena
tor Adam Williams has 337; Con
gressman samuei Barents I3C8. Peter
Buel 12'JO; Charles S. Chandler 2220;
Samuel Piatt ist.5. Piatt was Repub
' ii ;in nominee for senator In 1912 and
I JACKSON, .wiai, Sept. 8. Tabula
tion at ml.lnlgnr or incomplete un
! official returns of tho voce east In
'Tuesday's mate-wide Democratic sen
atorial primary ShOW Hubert D.
Stephens, former member of congress
from Ihe Second Mississippi district.
leading former Senator James K.
Vardaman in the contest to succeed
(-Senator John Bnarp WlUlams, by i.
h97 otes.
ents who are oppOBS)d to It should be
respected; it Is the school that Is pub
lic, not tho child.
Q. Should men wear wedding rings'? ,
A. No. Ev en women should not ;
wear ing They arc relics ot chat
tel slavery
J. Should parcnta control their
chli.lr n's niarrlageaf
A. -No. Advice, yes; but it must bo
given with kindness and intelligence
to bo effective, and nevci with par
ental autocracy.
j Should deathbed marriage prom
ls s be binding ?
A No intelligent parent would ex-
act BUOb a promise.
Q. Should "obey" bo stricken from
th marriage vow?
A. Yes. by all means.
y. Should women pursue business
or profession aft- r marriaire .'
A No, unless economic circum
stances demand It. One of the pri
mary causes ol matrimonial 'blow
louts' is the working of women after
murrljge, one ' ina.fi - the family is
enough." '
Q. Should women retain their own
names aftcr marriage.'
i A. No, unless an actress, artist or
'author. The most Important business
for a woman after marriage. Is to
I build a happy homo.
Q. Is divorce by "mutual consent"
' practicable ?
' A. Yes. Husband and wife know
more about it than the Judge Mar
i i.i K'- should b- made harder and di
vorce easier. Divorce laws should be
Q. At what ago should young peo
Iple marry?
, A. Men today do not understand
the responsibility and significance of
, marriage before 30. w omen before 25;
some never.
Bridgeport's love ' philosopher says
parents should learn tho "sclentitlc
principles governing tLe relationship
uud welfare of married people ' and
jth.-n save the younger generation from
lunhapplneaa by teaching them what
iio themselves have learned from ex
perience, observation and reflection.
BOISE, Sept. . One person was
killed Tuesday and five others Injur
ed when tho car In which they were
riding turned turtle one mile west of
Cllft on the Boise mountain road.
The dead.
Rosle Bcrentcr. 9 years old. Buhl.
The Injured.
Mrs Dam Borcnler. mother of tho
dead Kir!, dislocated wrist and minor
cuts and bruised.
Mrs. Thooaore Glauber, collarbone
broken, back Injured.
Thoodoru Glauber, cuts and bruises
about the face and body.
Leonard Deterlck. cuts ana bruises
about the head aud body
luv- Berenter. cuts and bruises.
The injured were found alongside
tbt road by a Mr 1 I t. n jiiJ Were
t.ik. n to Mountain Home, when medi
cal attention won given tnem The in
fant daughter of Mr. und Mrs. utercn-
ter was th onlj member .n tne party
that was uninjured.
Th. party was returning to Buhl
after spending a short vacation at
Boise when the accident occurred,
'i hO car was moving at a rate of 3o
miles an hour, Mr. Berenter, who was
driving, said, when something went
wrong with ths steering apparatus.
The ioa.1 was sandy andothe car ;ot
ir.un under control, swerved lor a
short distance and turned completely
..M r All the occupants wen thrown
i rom the car
The little Berenter girl wum Instant
ly killed Tho top Of her head was
severed from her body.
'exploration SHIP
SYDNLV, N. B.. S.-pt. 6. Tho aux
iliary exploration schooner Bowdoln,
carrying Donald B M.i.MII'.an and
partv arrived here today from Baf
fin bay.
Th.- expedition set out from Boston
,i year ago and has been ln in. An tic
regions since.
Royal H. Shupe, Eleven,
Accidentally Killed By !
Fatality Takes Place on
Flats at Head of
Royal Heed Shupe. 11 -year-old son,
of Rpyd Shupe of Huntsvllle. was fat
ally Injured at noon Thursday when a
hotgun was accidentally discharged
by his brother. Junius Shupe". 13. while
the lads were hunting wild chickens
on a flat near the head of Beaver can
lyon. The boy died three hours later
'as he was being taken to his home in
a wagon.
The three brothers. Roya!. Charts
and Junius, were hunting together on
Ithe flats and Charles. 16. the oldest.
, was handling the shotgun, it was ro
. ported. A chicken flew up and was
hhot down by Charles and Royal ran
forward to get It.
Charles Is sid t have handed the
gun to Junius vhll- ho also started
I forward to hunt for the dead chicken
'and Juniuo attempted to reload the
iweapon. His hand struck the trigger
and tho full load was discharged
'striking Royal in the small of the
I The boy was but 15 feet away from
the gun when It was discharged and
the charge tore a large hole In his
back tearing away one kidney, It was
The brothers lifted the unconscious
I boy Into the wagon after carrying him
Isome distance and started for their
Huntsvllle home Death came before
they reached tho town, the brothers
Royal was the son of Boyd and
iZlna Eroerer Shupe and was born at
Huntsvllle March 6. 1911 He is sur
vived by his parents, eight brothers
'and two sisters
The body was brought to tho Llnd
Iqulst funeral parlors here
I Funeral services will be held In the
Huntsvllle ward meetinghouse tomor
row afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. Inter
iment will bo In the Huntsvllle ceme
tc ry.
DUB LIN. Sept. 6. (By the A8SO-
k elated Press.) The Irregular lender'
I Daniel hlnnock. holding the rank of
brigadier adjutant, was killed In aj
i skirmish Tuesday near M Ichelstow n, I
on the Cork-Limerick border.
The fight, w hich lasted two hour', j
was the sequel to - surprise attack up
on a large body ol Irregulars engaged
j 111 preparing an ambush. The na
tionals, und.-r Commandant General
illnnnlgan, defeated the irregulnrs, who
I suffered many casualties Twelve
prisoners and a large supply of urms
and ammunition were taken
j The cities of Cork and Waterford
i witnessed intense activities by ir
regulars Tuesday. Two women were.
, among the casualties.
MAM E 1LLE. La.. Sept 5. Lew
Reynolds, formerly a show man and
! professional sharpshooter, was shot
and Instantly killed on a street here
Tu.-s.lay EmJle Vmi proprietor of a
.s,,u drink establishment, was arrested
I In connection with the killing
According to the authorities of tho
t,,i,. Reynolds was shot (rom behind,
one of the thr.e bullets striking him
i In th- back of the head.
Reynolds was well known through
out the country as a sharpshooter,
He made two globe circling tours and
w.-s an aasoQlats of vv. P. Cody In his
Buffalo Bill Wild West show and the
loi Ranch "how.
CHICAGO. Ills. S.-pl 6 John
HlgglnS, who. according to his own
I statement is 104 years old and ad
I milted after an unblemished period of
I :tu years, had become slightly inmxl
lontert Monday was discharged In mu
InicipJil court today. Ho won free
I don. by promising not to transgress the
law for another 30 yeara.
J OS ANGELES, Cal , Sept. 6.
L Mrs Beatmcs Stone Mack,
fourth wife of Willard Mack,
playwright and actor, will join
her husband m San Francisco
today and will appear with him
at an Oakland theatre this
week, according to Mrs Ida
Fmkel, Mrs. Mack's mother.
Mrs Fmkel said that her
daughter's journey to this city
Sunday was merely for the pur
pose of spending a few days
heie with her, and that reports
of a separation or divorce from
Mr. Mack were entirely un-iounded.
Robert M. Roberts Careless
About Own Number
Plates, Is Charge
Robert M. Roberts, son of Judge
I D. R. Roberts of the city court, and
'state motor vehicle Inspector aslgn
I ed to Ogden. Is charged with two vio
lations of the state motor vehicle law
in a complaint issued today by Coun
ty Attorney David J Wilson. War-1
rant for his arrest will be served this
afternoon it was said.
The complaint was signed by Ezra1
Peterson, proprietor of the Banner
Ice ream company here, and charges
Roberts with havlnir operated his au
tomobJle on August 31 without license
plates and with having operated his
car today with Improper plat.-s. and (
I those not belonging to the car he was
Roberta has been stale motor ve
! hide inspector in I gden for several,
j months, checking automobiles and de-
, man.llng owners to secure plates and:
bringing about arrests where drivers
! have been found to be operating ears
, without the proper plates. He was
I assigned from the office of the seer-
! tary of state
County Attorney Wilson said In l-
suinp. tin- comnlalnt that he would
have young Roberts taken before ths!
North Ogden court to make his pfea,(
ln crder to save Judge D. R Roberts.)
the father, embarrassment,
j Mr. Peterson said that Inspector;
' Roberts rane to his place of business
several days ago anl investigated to
.determine whether the drivers of his
lice cream wagons had the proper,
chauffeur's licenses. While Roberta'
was In his office he said ho looked
! from the window and saw the Rob
ert s nr standing at the curb without
license, plates.
WRONG pl vn s t n uu rn
Mr p. terson said he called atten
tion to the absence of numbers and
j Roberts replied that bs was a motor
I vehicle Inspector and It was not nec
lessary for him to have plates.
' Peterson said that ho was on his
I way to obtain a cmplalnt this morn
ing against Roberts for violating the
' law regarding license plates w hen he
I -aw In-tpector Roberts and Judge
Roberts drive up to the police sta
! tlon in th? car driven by the son.
i License plates were on the car, ho
'said, and he look the number later
j to find that they did not belong to
Robert's ear, which was n Chandler
'bill were taken "it for an 'Idsmoblle
i Mr Peterson then went tn the of
' flco of County Attorney Wlls.m and
I swore to the complaint.
j NEW YnRK. Sept. 6. The sith
'death attributed to wood alcohol pols
'onln In the Red Hook section of
Brooklyn this week occurred today
The police are Investigating lo learn
i if more of the liquor Is In the neigh-1
'borhood and how It got there. I
Arkansas Senator Declared
Order Is Violation of U.
S. Constitution
Idaho Senator Asked to
i Move Against Attorney
General and Judge
junction obtained by the government
against tho striking railroad shopmen jjU'
was declared today In the senate by
, Senator Robinson. Democrat, Arkan
sas, to bo violative of both the con
, stitutlon and the Clayton anti-trust
The Arkansas B nator declared '.hat
I the lnjuctlon "abridged froedom ot
I speech'' and of the press, and the right
; of people peaceably to assemble. Ho
argued also that It violated the sec- ''Li
tion of the Clayton act, which he sa!a 'Jt
i implied "that laborers .may organise Hi
' and act ia concert for the purpose
; of mutual help without the risk of
prosecution under the anti-trust
; laws." i
I Senator Robinson charged that the
frderal court exceeded Its authority
I In i?sulng the temporary restraining
I order and declared that the " alleged jllJH
advantages to be derived from the '
order "are more than offset by the Jf?
permanent Impairment of the reputa- r'J
1 tlon of the federal Judiciary for Integ
rity and impartiality which must re
sult from such an unwarranted, as
sumption of authority "
! NEW STORK, Sept. 6 Initiation of
proceedings for iho Impeachment of
I Attorney General Daugherty and Fed
eral Judge wjlkerson of Chicago on S.
I tho ground that the strike lnjunc
; :!on granted by the latter at the form
er's request was In violation of the
I constitution was urged on Senator jlfw
Borah In a telegram dispatched today Hl
by John J Dowd, chairman of gen-
eral strike committee of the eastern
railroad shopmen. IR
iio message addressed to Senator
Borah as chairman of the senate com- JijrH
mittee on education and labor, fol
lows "tin behalf of C5.000 railroad shop
men on strike ln the New York me
tropolitan district we urge upon you H
j the Immediate necessity for the 1m
I peachment of Attorney Oeneral Harry
M. Daugherty and Federal Judge Vvll
kerson. HJ
"The Injunction against the striking
railroad shopmen requested by the
j attorney general and Issued by Judge
(Continued nn Pago Two.)
PARIS. Sept. 6. (By the Associat
ed Prees ) An agreement for the res
I toratlon of France's war devastated
! regions, utilizing rhlefly fj"erman ma
terials, was up for consideration today
before the special governmental com- HJ
irtlttec charged with consideration of H
, deliveries of merchandise by Ger
l many
Ths plan has been under negotia
tion at a series of conferences be
tween Hm;.. Stlnnes, German indus
: trial magnate, and Senator do Luber
IsaC, 1 resident of the federation of cc
'Operative societies Of the French lib
erated regions. presenting 130.000 I ft
proprietors with war losses aggregat
ing more than 1 3,onn.uin,000 francs.
The negotiations were held under I I
ths sanction of the French govern
! ment. which is expected soon to give HHJ
final approval.
If jrou want lo buy or sell,
trade rent, or want a job or
to hir.- In In, there is one pos
itive point of contact with ,'
tho second party necessary y
to your want being filled.
The contact point, the
Shortest way and surest is by
telling your want through '
The Standard - Examiner ' P
Want Ad Columns. These lit
tle ads cost little and do
much. ' I j
a M 1 ,, I, 1

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