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1 1 yt!t liew of Tnterest Frora Utah amj em stau
Xing and Solons
I Arizona Resist
frnson's Efforts
' T0N Sopt a The ef-
iv tv Senator Johnson
Ifr'Tto naio "ir government
I r'fU'- 'i'"1 ,h' ''
I H", BuuU" canyon --a the
I nfnne w.n i" resisted
I Mcine of I'tah AMiurst
I Wrt ot Arizona and Nlchol-
LB? Ado they annoup. -l -
fcC10 ,r, attempt '" have,
SW' -m 1-uilt either at Lee s
m.si In low II" 1 '1 lm-'. I
,io t,;t favorabh sites Jo
flk . engin..-oi? " no h
rber hax reported
tb'v on sites on Ihc
IB'I rreen K ' v ' r ,,n lh
LW,, -us! b.low in. junction of
f'mFLi Gran'J rivers
,hes four Slf could sup-,
laW-Vm largo qnanlit nol only
hlll 10 Colorado and uorlh
BHii as - 1 Boulder
1 on tnc other hand, uhil,
DB,nv times as much as tlx.
HKL dams higher up-strearu,
UImT-i' benefit California it is
fflMVl would not furnish pow
LHt to Colorado and . r Mil-TjMt-
-i Moreover. tnginciTs of
RjIriJ power ciitinuissioii
HHj the protesting senators tliit
Er canyon dam I -1 1 .
'BjiBg much noi povvt than
Kjoviieted al tins time tor
Urrrirs to e nn. and would rep
Ki uaxlmimi uiiua; "tulav with
IBra oa ihtr Investment loi
jEivmg is especiallv anxious
KfcjlopmrDt tt "11'
Lt 'realities could furnisi
tleap power tor use at M; ry
n K ..: j - tii" in ins
ftt. wnJi.li i.'jir. si-lit
Kt supply of botli
jcusb fertllu"1! Ti.. bn
Ml.:'.'- - Of tni. a! urn :n 1 111 Hid l -
laluslrif. liov 1
HKsi wholly upon cheap iijwi
H) tonfer. ni re o i
BgU disclosed that pri
stcmis prs'i r
(company. stand t -:i j
EpwT at their own xp use,
Kr. trovernnien-t pld. cither ii
If Ftm or at one of the Utah
- liEIXGTON. Scpi 1. f 'arriH
K'. requested permission
Interstate commerce eommis
gSu pot in'o ffftct m rgem
potatOi- from I'tah and Coln
' A ' points eael ol 1 be M I
B It Is understood that the ap
kw o( the carrier- was tua
Ossha, Neb , a wcr-k a?;o.
Btiae, becaur this application
ietbfa received, t b
Bm potatoes from Idaho is only
k'J Wow norm.il and cannot bo
kdafull 20 cents until a
induction has been made on
hs Irom I'tah and Colorado
'eta radium supply in .Iah-
Czechoslovakia, will last 20
National Vice Commander
to Attend State Conven
tion at Logan
LOGAN Sept. ti. The fourth an
nual department convention ol the
i tan department ot the American Le
kfflon to he held at Logan September
21, 22 aixl j 5 win be uttonded by
Charles Kehdrick, national vice com
j manlier, according to advices received
i by Department Adjutant Kirk M
Decker, yesterday. Mr. Kendrick is
-said to be one of the ablest orators
In America and will represent tho
national organization at tli Utah de
partmental cdhvention.
Mr. K ndrn k's pi cs, ik . may alter
the proposed and outlined program
j somewhat, but it is expected thai ho
i will make at least one address to a
; public gathering and one or two ie
I fore the lepion convention,
i I'urbin Van Law, district manager
j of the United Slates veterans' bureau,
I with offices at Dcmer. Colo., also is
going to attend the convention and
make an address Mr. Van Law will
temporarily establish an office of the
I bureau in Logan for a period of a
few days before and after the con
Ivention, as well as during the three.
Ldays of the convention Claims of
j ex-service men will be taken care of
, at this office.
j Practically all of (he Utah state of
ficials have accepted in nations to
attend the legion gathering. ;owr
nor Mabey will make an ad'iris in
tlx- first meeting, not as-governor.
' but as a legionnaire. The governor
hat announced thai he win take part
' i:i every comenllun meeting. Mayor
'C. Clarence Neslen of Salt Lake also
will be at the convention and make
' a talk.
The com cnllun committees, both of
the legion and auxiliary, win meet
Thursday evening of this week tor
consideration Ot the progress Ining
niud on convention plans. At this
meeting Dr. B. W. Black, department
commander, will attend and go ov.-r
the details with the convention com
mittee. The Logan Klwanls club Will vigor
ously support the legion convention,
according to decisions made at tlx
last meeting 'Of the club Pinanoial
aid was ghen the commlttc. as well
as the moral support. Inning t)ie
week of the convention the Klwanls
club win observe national "Constitu
tion" week, and for one of the fea
tures of this, Dr. H. W. Black, tlx
legion commander, will address the I
SALT LA KB, Sept. I. The lowest j
bidders on the federal aid stato road j
from Levan to Chicken Creek dam
in Juab county when the bids were
, opened yesterday w r Paxton, Dor-j
rlty A Black, their estimated cost bo- I
lng $66.8ft8 90. including materials1
furnished by the slate, engineering i
Inspection and other Incidental ex- j
penses of construction. The roadway. ,
which is to be IK feet wide, will
eliminate two crossings of the Salt
Lake & Los Angeles railroad.
There was no quorum of the state
road COBimUwIon present, the bids be
ing opened by the state road engl- I
neer and secretary of the commis
sion, in the presence of B. J. Pinch,
district engineer; the Juab county
commissioners, and county surveyor,
and B. W. Matteson. senior highway
ngirjeer of the district off i the.
Cnited States bureau of public roads ;
t at Ogd n. and representatives of thu i
arious contractors.
Application to Eastern
Lines Expected to Bring
Early Result
SALT LAKE, Sep! 6. H, E iod
I win, assistant general freight agent
for the Union Pacific railroad, an
nounced yesterday that the emergen
1 cv height rate recently requested on
peaches from Utah to Missouri river
points has been submitted io eastern
( Hunk Hues and Immediate actJon is
oxpecieu II is estimated lhat the!
j peach crop this year in Utah will to
' il ;tf.Ono .bushels it was 70,300
bushels iat yeai shipping of
peaches began yesterday
' a meeting held recently bv the
traffic and transportation department
-of the Commercial club, atfcJ attended
in representatives of the railroads
and of lh growers and shippers of
'the stale, a proposal was made to the
railroads tfl reduce the freight rai
for peaches troui Utah to Missouri
river points. An emergency rate of
?1 i8 was asked instead of the pres
ent rates of $1 3a. in view of the in
' r(-a.-f(l crop in this stale and the low
prices prevailing in tlx- lasiem mar
ke-,. Besides the railroad represen
1 infixes the following were present at
Hie meeting C W stream, chah-
;nian ol the comrulliee; W M Ko
lance of Provo; L. L. Bunnel, presl
(lent ot lhe Utah county farm bureau;
, R. i. W'adley. manager ol the Utah
county farm bureau; Murray W. Ja
iobs of the (Jgden chamber ol com
merce; lames Jeuson and E N. Ty
son of the Brigham City chamber of
commerce, and W V. Call, secretary
f the Boxelder Commercial club.
salt LA KB, Sept 6. Governor
Mabey issued vesterdnx an official
Statement In the intert-st of better
homes Week, October a to 14. calling
attention to lhe. Importance of the cel
i ebratloja, The statement says-
"From its earliest days the United
5l il$9 has been a nation of homo
I . -1 m. Vi nuixl i s hearthstones hav e
ii en Formed those ideals which have
served to sustain It In us Uay of trial
,and which have given it the strength
!to move splendidly upward to its ex
alted present-day position among the
gri ll powers of the world, from its
homes has issued that host of cour
ageous men and women tO Whose vis
Ion, self-sacrificing toll and Indomit
able faith we owe the blessings with
xvhli-li vm- arc touay dowered.
"So loni as the home Is the real
basis of our family life, the structure
of our state will remain secure. The
soul of the nation Is but a composite
of lhe souls of Its citizenry; and those
whose hearts are In their homes are
of the best.
"There is inbred in every man a de
slre to own a home to have It for his
own; to add to Its comfort: to beautl
fy It; to make It a sweeter abiding
I place for those he holds dear. The
iwildcrness disappears hefore. the ad
vance of the pioneer, because of this
desire, and to it our towns and cities
of the present day owe their physical
IIO it' II,
"Mow-ever, we are In need r,f more
'.mrl better homes. In this state there
are lis. 3-46 home-makers. and only
57,985 home-owners. In recognition
of these facts there has been inaug
urated a "better homes In America
' movement, the purpose of Which Is to
Strengthen In the minds of our people
I lr I - - i i to x a c. tlx ir homes a ml lo
spread a knowledge of how to im
, prove t hi-m.
"The week of October J to 14 Is to
be known as 'better homes week.' It
1 1 my recommendation that the earn
est support of tlx- people of I'tah le
Iglven it. and that every family. In the
state seek an opportunity to lee and
Maybe that hill
is not there, after all
" fERY often the hill we seem Begin today with a dish of
to be climbing is made out of Grape-Nuts with cream or milk
the common mistakes of diet and fresh or preserved fruit
which starve tissues and nerves added if you like.
and slow down energies. . . . . . ...
Keep Oil with this crisp, deh-
How smooth and level the path cjOUSj strengthening food in placo
seemed to be when we were of heav j ill-assorted, starchy
younger. breakfasts and lunches and see
j Simple, natural food may level jf the old-time zest and speed on
that hill to a smooth path again. fhe 0j.titne level path doesn't
Why not try it? coine back again.
rflpcNiits-THE bqpy buil5h
I "There's a Reason"
1st the Kitchen 1
A Big Time and Money Saver I
flliniftT When you bake with f 9T
AlUrlN Calumet you know V l l
M there will be no loss or ' b8B&l
ieMS failures. That's why it dajSte
l2 is far less expensive Y
'"BPO than some other brands
ms!0 selling for less.
Don't be led into talking Quantity for Quality
Calumet has proven to be best by test in
millions of homes every bake-day. Largest
selling brand in the world. Contains only
such ingredients as have been officially
approved by U. S. Pure' Food Authorities.
The World's Greatest Baking Powder jf j
x 1
study one of the model homes which
are to bo fitted up by the public
spirited citizens of this state and
opened for inspection."
Accompanying Letter to
Gotham Negro Leader
Threatens Death
N'KW YKK. Sept. C A pix-kaRe
containing a human left hand, evi
dently that of a white man. and a let
ter signed "K. K. K." threatening
murder, was received Tuesday by A.
Philip Randolph, editor of a negro
monthly magazine The Messenger. The
package, which bore a wrapper mark
ed "From a friend. New Orleans."
w:i"s opened by the police.
Thu letter warned Randolph to
keep out of while men's movements
and to unite with his own race. Ran
dolph said he believed It was sent by
his enemies In the south und that it
referred to a recent controversy bo
tween himself aixl Marcus Garvey,
president of the Provincial Republic
of Africa, and editor of the Negro
After telling Randolph thnt his
movements have been watched, the
author of the letter warns him
against interfering with anything that
iiuiy happen In the south. It . un
eludes: "N'oxv he careful how ynii publish
this letter in your magazine or we
may have to send your hand to
some one 0N0. Pon t think we can't
get you and your crowd Although
you are in New York City. It Is Just
as easy as If you were In Georgia
If you can't unite with your own
race, we will find out what's t he mat-,
ter with you all."
GREKI.EY. Ooio.. Sept. 6 Bert J
I. owe Greeley Insurance m.in. will go
to trial October in on a charge of
munli rlnt; Miss Kdna Skinner, his -is-tei
-in -luvv I one 2.
l.ovve waived a preliminary In 1 1 in-
in Justice ol the pcai art here, and
i direct Indictment Charging murder,
ws -i filed against him. Judge Qeorge
It Bradfleld then set the .Jale for
trial. The Information filed contained
a list of 61 witnesses who may he cull
ed to testify In tho trial.
Lowe is accused by authorities of
slaying his sister-in-law. supposedly to
. ollect life Insurance money. Lowe
contends tlx- rrin was killed when a
small gasoline stove In the kitchen of
his home exploded, a piece striking
n r in the- head and causing ix-r
deal b
WASHINGTON. Sept. 6 Three Ida
ho postmasters wero appointed loday
as folloWvS: Joseph B. Irvine, Ahsah
ka, vice William Ii. Bertrand, resign
ed Jennie S Jacobson, Llnfor, vice
M S Jacobson. resigned; Mrs. Llllmn
i oon, Steele, vice George C. 1 Qallo- J .
way, resigned. (
WASHINGTON. Sept. 6. How best
to stabilize the price of silver when
the Plttman silver purchase act x
plres Is to lie disc usse.J at a nx-i ting
at alt I-aUe on September J betxveeni
the silver producers of the west and '
Senators Key pittman of Nevada,
chairman of the- voluntary senate
committee studying the silver ques
tion, and W. H. King of I'tah, both 1
of whom will leave Washington in a
few days to attend the meeting it
Salt l-ake.
Senator King lias been asked to
make a study of the international i
phase of the silver situation, and will j
take this matter up with Secretary
Hoover and Professor Jenks of Cor
nell when tho latter returns from
Europe, where he has been Studying
the silver situation for the department j
I of commerce. After the election It Is
I quite probable that Senator King or
si nator Pittman. or both, may go to !
Europe to gather information In the
lnt i national silv er situation.
C 1 1 E Y E N N E. W yo. . Sept. 5 . O f f Ic-,
lal canvass of the vote in the recent
state wide primary at which, accord
ing to unofficial returns, John W. Hay!
received the Republican and W. B.I
Ross tho Democratic nominations f i
governor, were delayed today by the
discovery that returns from four c.un-,
ties were missing. The canvr-isin:;!
board met but adjourned with the ex
pectation of convening again Thurs
day or Friday, when it was thought
full returns would be available.
san FRANCISCO, Sept. Roy
P. Wllmot. federal prohibition agent,
was Indicted by the federal grand jury sB
on a harge of perjury' growing out
of a warrant obtained by him for th
arrest of William P. Crowley, for
alleged violation of the national pro
i 'tut un law Wllmot caused the ar
rest of Crowley and the latter's 16
yCar-Old son after the prohibitiln ,
agent had purchased 1 1 bottles of
champagne from th boy while the LJttP'
i i.i - was in Oregon. Wllmot "t
is declared to have failed to account
for seven of the bottles of liquor.
Crowley was freed in court and hl
son was iiismlssed with a reprimand.
The giant condor lives at the chillv
altitude of 15.000 feet.
- x
or HjftfrJ&ars
Same old process II
Same old flavor
4 1 Same old value) j
J. -i Same Health
mrm divind qualities
i I Same "body"
L Same an2
llll Budweiser
WiSSl Everywhere

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