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F. M. Nye Asserts Outlook
in East Grows More
Fred M. Nye, Ogden merchant, has
returned from an extensive trip to
Chicago, New York, and other cities.
Mr. Nye also attended the annual
meetinjr of the National Association of
Betail Clothiers, this meeting being
held September 11.
More than 3. "00 merchants from all
parts of the United States were In at
tendance at this session.
"Business conditions In the east are
Ptlll Improving," nald Mr. Nye today.
'From the manner In which Clothing
men made purchase for fall clothing.
1 was convinced that a general bet
terment was taking place In all sec
tions of the country.
"Manufacturers nre Rotting more or
ders than they have had for months ,1
A car shortage In the east has delayed
quick shipments of clothing to west
ern points. In this capacity our rail
roads In the west appear to have a big
edge, the car shortage In same parts
cf the east being r serious proposi
tion." no
I Fir win'iii" ' r'tfntff
I The following appointments hnw
been made in tho reserve officers'
training corps unit of tho Ogden high
school: Emmert Llppincott. lieuten
ant colonel; Philip Ring, major; Leon
Keller, captain. Marcus Mattson. cap
tain: HcNab Boyd captain: Easton
Forbes, first lieutenant Limont Hen
drrshot, first lieutenant, Orrcn K.
Stlgers, first lieutenant and battalion
adjutant; Theron Josf, second lleuten
ant, Lewis Summerlll, second lieuten
ant. Plans have been made for two bat
talions of two comDunles each. I'd Id
the present time, however. on)y three
companies have been formed.
The uniforms for the R. O. T. C.
tudonts are expected to arrive this
fternoon, so that Issuing might start
by tomorrow afternoon.
Noncommissioned officers will be
appointed Monday.
Matinee dance will be held at the
O. H. S. Thursday, at S 3"
Moroni Olsen, who was formerly an
Instructor at the O. H. S.. will read
to the students some t1mcsdurlJig the
George G. Anderson, assistant In
personnel in the department of opera- I
tlon of the forest service, with head- I
quarters at Washington, arrived In
Ogden this morning for a conference I
with the officers of district four In I
relation to problems in administrative j
matters. He expects to be In the dls- !
trlct for about two weeks and dlirJael
that time may visit the various head
quarters of the various forests in the j
America's first sugar mill was es
tablished in New Orleans in 1758.
All kinds of
Including Merry Go-Round
1 " .
Poultry Expert Conducts
! Demonstrations in Weber
Farmers of Weber county were
shown yesterday how to pick out tho
producing hens from the non-produc-Inp:
ones by Vernal Willie, poultry
specialist of the Utah Agricultural col
lege, In three demonstrations staged In
the county. There were a total of
about 75 farmers present at the three j
demo nut rat Ions.
The first demonstration was held
yesterday morning at the poultry farm
of David Johns at Pleasant View; the
second at the poultry farm of C. A.
roberg at Farr West and the third
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon at the
poultry farm of Joseph a Powers at
Mr Willie discussed in detail such
questions as feeding and exercise at
Various tlmos during the demonstra
tions. He showed the farmers that all good
lnora n rn nlin lutp mmilfAra which
was one of the points indicating them
and explained that hens that are good
layers are not moulting at this time
of the year, but should begin to moult
about one month later.
A second point that he took up
was in relation to the pigment, point
ing out that the yellow pigment of all
tho t'ficn layers had boon hieached out
of the bill, the earlobes and the legs
A third point Indicating the good
layers was that the hen in question
must have the physical oapacit) . and
J picking up the good layers he showed
those In attendance that such a hen
jmust measure the width of three fin
gers between the breaat bone and tho
I keel bones, and must measure also
j the width of at least two fingers be
tween the keel bones
The fourth point he took up and
I discussed in detail, as he did the other
points, was that attention must be paldi
to the general appearance of tho hen
.from the health standpoint. He called i
'attention to tho ho.ilrhv hi-ri hnvlnir
1 right eyes, to the bright red color of
the comb as well es to the othor gen
eral physical aspects Indicating good
I health, and also pointed out that the
activity cf the hen must not be over
looked In arriving at a decision In tho
! question of health
on .
Roadways In Utah, especially in the
I southern portion of the 6tate. are in
worse condition than thev have been
for years, according to E. A. Shoe
maker, prizing examiner of district
four of the forest service w o re
turned to Ogden last night from that
Tt required seven and one-ha'f
hours for him to drive, he said from
Cedar City to Widtsoe, a distance of
100 miles.
The roadways between Beaver and
Cedar City, ihrough Red Canyon out
of Pangultoh toward Widtsoe and In
fact throughout that entire section,
ho said, are in very bad condition,
duo primarily to the fact that the
maintenance work has not been M
The Red Canvon section has suf
fered somewhat also from raina re
cently, but the principal trouble Is
lack of the necessarv work Xj kon
tho roadways In repair, he sahi.
hile on his trip he visited fost
hcadauarters at Richfield, Cedf.r Cliv,
Widtsoe and Provo In relation to
rang' appraisal reports.
Raids conducted bv the sNer'ff's
department last night netted throe
arrests and the seizure of several
gallons of moonshine llauor
Deputy Sheriffs O. H. Mohlman and
D. F. Steele seized a eallon and a pint !
of whisky at the Glen Hotel on Grant
avenue and arrested W, A Lewis,
the proprietor He was released after
furnishing $300 ball. The Honor was,
located In the hotel parlor behind a
phonograph It was said.
Sheriff Richard Pinoock arresjd
Polllto and Louis Flllppi at 224 j
Twenty-fifth street after seizing liquor
in a soft drink parlor. Both furnished
1300 ball,
ssH TimY . SS
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1 Preserver Shoe becomes all the
more enjoyable when you consider
the solid comfort and the foot health
it also provides. No matter how
much you stand or walk, the Arch
I Preserver Shoe keeps your feet feel-
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Have your feet look well and feel
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G. A. Goates Says Con
ference in North Carolina
Big Success
The national conference of Boy
Sooni excoiitivea which was held at
Blue Ridge N. C, September 12 to 1 !,
Inclusive, was attended by 400 troop
leaders, according to Scout Executive
G. A. Goates of tho Ogden council
who returned today. It H Condie,
Special deputy region;)! executive, also
attended the conference, and returned
to Ogden With Executive Goates .
Mr. Goates said.
"More than 4(ui leaders of boys'
work went into conference at Blue
Kldgo in one of the most Interesting
programs that has even been Institut
ed In th- whole field of social work.
These men came, from every corner
and part of the United States, and are
the key pins in the groat movement
of scouting, numbering 550,000 men
and boys, who keep the real of tho oi
unteer machinery In constant action.
"Every hour of every day of the
conference was planned most advan-tapeou-ilv.
so lhu the greatest pos
sible results were obtalnatd
' Big men of the country wr-rc tho
speakers, experts of national fam In
cam pc rait and Scout lore were pro
Nailed upon to act .if Instructors
"All of the afternoon periods were
given over to outdoor activities. It
has been proved by years of acout
training that one of the truest points
In boy psychology is the fact that
these great outdoor activities that in
terest and hold and fa.-;clnute tho boy.
Then, all In all and through all, comes
the great primal purpose of scouting,
which is character building and citi
zenship training.
"Early morning hours of each day
were devoted to a training cours-- tor
new scout executives
"The OOnferettCe was given an In
ternational tinge With the presenoo of
Captain Francis Gldney. head of the
Gil well Park Scout Training School of I
England and M Guorln Des Jardlns,
official representative from Frnri' of
the throe si out movements of that
"Reports on older boys, standards
and results, finances, relation to oth
er agencies, under privileged boys, and
other subjects were discussed at some
of the night meetings. Or Albert
Shields professor at Teachers' college
Columbia University, was one of the
principal speakers at the evening
meetings .
"Scouting was the general theme
'at the Sunday fellowship hour, and
(outstanding representatives from each
'of the great faiths developed ecout
ln? In relationship to their particular
Following the reeeiut of Z ' "rnz.
from Sergeant George Wafdlaw. tg
the effect that the four men, Archi
bald Cook. Harry Williams, Charles
Mitchell and Isadore Goldstein,
wanted here for the theft of an auto
mobile owned bv A J. Bldwdl had !
broken 1a.il at Craig. Colo. Chief of I
Police Curtis Allison yesterday sent I
tosk Serareant Barlow Wilson Mid be- J
tective R. H. Wootton to Craig to
aid in returning the nion Mere.
According to the telerram the for
men after breaklne 'all cleaned but
were recaptured by the sheriff and
his deputies at Craig aided 1.;. Ser
jeant George Wardlaw and Detective
Edward Butterfleld
It had been the clan of S" "ct
Wardlaw and Detective Butt enf lei d to
return to Ogden with he four m-n 1
and the rolsslnjr car Mr. BldWCll ) B -Inp
sent 150 to have the rpr rem '.1 ,
at Craig, before having It returned
Chief Allison decided. hOWevej.
after receiving the telegram that it
was too much of a job to expect the
two officers to handle the flUlrtOt
Desk Sergeant Wilson and Dotectlvo
Wootton are exuected to arrive jit
Crs ig today.
It is understood that the federal
authorities will file a complaint
against the four men for transporting j
a stolen automobile from one state .
to another upon their return here
Thev are s.ild to be desuerato ( iiin
lnals that are also wanted ai Chicago.
The committee named by the Og
den chamber of commerce Monday to
aid in formulating Ilnal plans for "See
Your City day," which will be held
next Sunday and Monday, met with
the city commissioners today and dis
cussed plans for the two-day event.
At the meeting the committee con
sisting of (Jus Wright, chairman; Jesse
s. Richards, W e. Zuppann, J. s Lew
is and W G. King solicited co-operation
of the city officials. Tho city of
Iiclals agreed to aaslst and. arrange
ments were formulated for a prelim
inary tour over tho proposed routes
late today.
Automobiles for the trips next Sun
day and Monday, will be furnished by
the civic clubs of the city. All citi
zens wishing to take the trip by auto
are urged to leavo their names with
Mayor Frank Francis. Machines will
lave the city hall at 2.30 o'clock each I
The route selected will be annouced
District Engineer B. J. Finch of !
the U, S. bureau of public roads
with headquarters in Ogden, has re
turned from an InsDCction of SJS 1
federal aid roads and forest roads In
tho southern Dart of the state
inspection1 covored Federal Aid Pro
jects Nos 4 and 2 4 at Price. Prolect
No. 1. between Castle Gato and Du
chesne, Project No. 10 at Vernal, and
the Heber-Frultland forest road. En
gineer Finch also Inspected the pro-
posed Heber-IIallstone federal aid
project hing north of Heber CJitj jti
tho road to Park Cltv.
Rearrangement of the offices of the
U. S. bureau of public roads on the
fourth floor of the Fred J Klesol
building was completed today. The
office formerly occupied by tho drafts
men In now tho prhato office of Dis
trict Engineer B. J. Finch. The
draftsmen will bo located on the thfrd
floor in a new office.
Tho room formerly occupied bv En
gineer Finch will be the new office of
M, D. Williams, senior highway engi
neer and Charles W. Cross, chief lo
cation engineer of the district, '
j 1 1
All news for the Sunday society
section must lo In the hands of
the Society Editor by 3 o'clock
Friday. Culture events, such ns
club notice, dates of nn'ctlngM,
8hnuld be turned In as curly In
the week as possible.
Members of the Child Culture club
iwlll meet with Mrs Xelllc Dannah,
767 Twenty-seventh street, tomorrow
Mrs. L. Dow Browning, and umall
daughter, da Marie, spent last work
In Salt Lake .the ffUestS of Mrs A. R
Securlty Benefit apsoclatlon, Offden
1 council, No. 3ff7. win meet in regular
session this evening at k o'clock In
the Moose hall. All members and the
drill tram, are urged to be present
Miss Elolsc Gibson of Salt Lake, was
the guest of Mis Beatrice Browning
last week-end.
Mrs Etta Ingebretsdn win entertain
the Royal Neighbors and friends at a
c ard party tomorrow afl irnoon at 2
o'clock at her homo, 1978 Eccles ave
The Abraham Lincoln circle, No. 2.
I ladlcs of tho G. A. R., will meet In
the I. O. O. F. hall Thursday after
noon at 230 o'clock.
At tho regular meeting of Silver Re
view, W. B A., tomorrow evening, a
large class will be initiated. Follow
ing the ceremonies, there will be a so
cial hour, with refreshments. All
members, both old and now are cor
dially urged to he present.
Mrs. Anna Snyder will entertain the
ladies auxiliary of the Bpanjsh War
Vetersn .it her home .618 West Twenty-first
street, tomorrow afternoon at
2 o'clock.
Business and Circulation Dept. ..58
Classified Ads 36
Advertising Dcpt, 428
Editorial and News Oept 870
Goes to Idaho C W Cross, chief
loeater of tho bureau of public roads,
departed today for the Cascade-Knox
project, the Warren Wagon road and
the Knox-YellOW Bine projects In Ida
ho, on a general inspection tour.
Dr. R. H. Prlndle continues practice
ot Dr. J F. Morrison. & 1 0 Eccles Bldg.,
jhours 10-12 u m., 1.30-5 p. m. 2834
C(m-n to Chli;M.' ' .W. Matteson.
national director of the American As
sociation of Engineers, departed to
day for Chicago, where ho will attend
the quarterly meeting of the directors
of the national organization. The ses
sion will convene next Saturday.
Piano tuning. E. Farnlund. Ph.
31S7-J 2751
Marriage LioenOO A marriage 11
cense was l3ued today in the office of
the county clerk, to Franklin Leroy
l.i- Is of Salt Lake and Myrtle Reld of
Drs. Pouts Dentists, l'honc 7GB-W.1
We will repair and guarantee any
American-made watch, Including
cleaning for $2 5u KURTZ QUALITY.'
ftlluB. 352 Twenty-fifth street. 33;
Three Fined There were three
cases in the city court this morning.
Henry Frederick pleaded gulity to
being drunk and was sentenced Tjj
pay n fine of $50 or serve 50 days In
Jail, as were A Jeffers and Clarence
T. Edge, both of whom also njeadd
VTaldron, E. T. Tho Magazine Man.
con, a. conn insurance, r iro aca
Auto. 417 Ecclos Bluz. Bhon 1 B 6 0
Tire Stolen W Lldich, resijilncr At
4 5G Tw enty -second street, reported
the theft of a tire from his automo
bile in the garage at his residence
last night.
Distil led Water lco exclusively Og
en City Ice Company. 2379 Hudson
Ogden Typewriter House for type
writers and repairs, 2422 Hudson ave
nue. Phono 236.
Return to School Ralph Nv 0
Francis Woods and Richard Graves,
Ogden youths, departed today for
Fully Equipped New Ogden Prices 1
With 1
43-A-4 Cylinder Roadpter $1255 1
43-A-4 Cylinder Touring $1275 BS
I: Bumpers 43-A-4 Cylinder Semi-Sport.... $1375 1
l Motormoter and Lock 43-A-4 Cylinder California Top $1700 I
1 Cord Tire 43-A-4 ( vlindrr Coupe $1800
i Tube 43-A-4 Cylinder Sedan $1925 y
l Set Chains 47-8 Cylinder Touring $1700 B
l Tire Cover 47-8 Cylinder Sport Roadster $1950 I
J win i uiTrn -i7-H Cylinder Super-Sport $1960 I
W indshield Cleaner .-, a . , .-, 1 K eooo- K
i Dust cioth 's ylmder Coupe $222o n
47-s Cylinder Sedan $2375 j
Oldsmobile Sales Company 2 Avenuuad30n m
T Bon Mel
Palo Alto. California, where they wJU
n uter Stanford University.
Let us fill your coal bin now Phone
141. Ogden Sewer Pipe : Clay Co.
Weber Floral turnlsncs the flownra.
Construction of sidewalks In dis
trict 155 In tho southwestern part of
the city, will not be carried out this
year, according to action of rho city
commission at their meeting Monday
nicht. Although the city gained Juns-1
diction the protest against the im
provement was so strong that the
commission decided to order tho Juris
diction vacated.
The small home owner in the dls-!
trlct Is decidedly in favor of the im
provement which will be delayed ow
ing to the protest of the larger prop
erty owners. It was tald.
The excavation and grading ot'i
Thirty-second street between Jeffer
son and Quincy avenues was ordered
done at once. The Taylor-Child Con
struction company, through Its engi
neer, W. E. Roach, announced that
the steam shovel would begin work
tomorrow morning. The work will
be the cutting down t' the hill to a
13 per cent grade and excavating a
street about forty feet In width.
The petition of Lloyd C Stone and
others for an extension of Water mains
on Lincoln avenue between Eighteenth
nnd Nineteenth fitrects was referred
t- Mayor Frank Francis of th water
works department
v. yj
I A'arem Rosa. 6 years of age, son of
Mrs. Aaron Ross, 2170 Lincoln ave
nue, was rllghtly injured in an auto
I mobile accident ;it the intersection of
Twenty-sixth street and Van Duren
avenue this forenoon at 10:10 o'cock.
He sustained a slight cut on the
right side of his head behind the ear
and a slightly bruised chin
The accident was due to a cullls
lon between tho automobile driven fy
Mrs. Ross and Dr. Seldner of Storrs.
Utah. Mrs. Ross was driving Wesl Oftj
Twenty-Sixth street and Dr. fll-.'dnfci
north on Van Huron;
Both were driving slowly. Tho ra
diator, left fender and running board
on the Ross car as well as the wind
shield were smashed and the frame of
Ir. Seldner's car was sprung and the
fenders bent.
PILES cured without operation. !
See Dr. Parsons at 317 Kleeel Bldg.,
Ogden, on Thursday, September 28,
for any form of rectal ailment.
jAenoiieeeineet I
Wc havo moved our placo of
business from 2309 Washing
ton tq the Orpheum building,
L'.")lij Washington avenue.
We will now be better pre
pared to take care of our
regular customers and we
j extend a heartv welcome to
I Suits, Tailor-made, From
$32.50 to $35.00
lTtiriinrf Hiiim jiw mm i hmhmuhw iif win minimi hi
Police Open Campaign for
Observance of Traffic
Thirty automobiles were inspected
at police headquarters last night, ac
cording to an announcement of Chief
of Police Curtis Allison this morning.
Mor- th::n on .-h.ili of the automobln
owners of Ogden aro driving with Im
proper headlights and violating tho
law. Judging from tho complaints re
celved at police headquarters. Chief'
Allison said. The ork of inspect
ing automobiles Ls to be continued In
definitely on '5ch Monday night,
hereafter, he said.
Adjustments of headlights were'
made last nisht by a mechanic to
'omply villi the law Chief Allison said
the mechanic charging a nominal
price for his work, the motorists evi
dently preferlng to have the adjuat
m nt made on the spot rather than
drive away to a garage and return
for a second inspection
l "i to the numerous complaints re
ceived. Chief Allison said, motorcycle
officers hiv.' been ordered to take the
numbers of all automobiles driving
with Improper headlights In Ogden.
These will he notifh-d. Chief Alli
son said, to call at police headquar
ters and havo their machines Inspect
ed for Improper lights. After recelv-l
lng the notice i hey may have the!
proper adjustments made any place,'
'hlef Allison said, but must call nd'
have th cars Inspected hen they!
receive a notice to that effect.
In rn.se automobile owners do not
comply with the request to tail at po
lice headquarters and have thlr cars
Inspected, arrests and prosecutions 1
win follow for evading the law, raft
Chief Allison pointed out that m
was not 'he Intention of the depaijflf
ment to work any hnrdhip on the mo-,
torists nnd that no charge was mafl
r'or tho Inspection but that tho headK
light mils' be put in proper shapo tX,
comply with the law
oo y
In connection utth the campaign"
for mernherhlp, being conducted un
dor the direction of John a Pflsterejf
district manager. Vebr ramp Xo. 1
of tho Woodmpn of (he World an
nonnccs a compl imentar- dance Satut
day, Septi'inb' i 30, roi n .-mbcis ar.
i rlends.
Tlo.- 14 of the district ar- U
hold a class Initiation U Ogdn abou
December 16 when noarlv 300 call
jdldates are to initiated, .ccordliij
to I d':trlct Ma n icer I'flaterer. Th
southern Utah district ls to partlcipai
In a street parade, to b" held hef
aliout thai time-
William Mullor, c'f-rk of the l';ca
camp announced t.,da that inlta
tiona would be out In the near futur
for a series of dances that are t? b
given this winter.
New Shoe Arrivals j
For Fall I
C. P. Ford Quality 1
$6.85 fl
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slood th test for many years and is one of Rochester's most famous
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in blacks, browns, and patents, 11
Gym Oxfords Just In $1.69 It
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Packard New Styles IE
$1.98 and $7.85 m
Packard shoes give better wear for men who care how shoes look- I
Don t forget the Packard quality and don't forget the Clark price jj
the best men's shoe buy in Ogden. All sizes. II r;;,
2376 Wash. Ave. jy

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