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Jinks at
(Jib luncheon
VliC1"1"1 Reads to Pro
dres; Mayor Reviews
city Work
I nRh Jinks reigned today
8 1 ula- Tuesday luncheon of
;K!fj5ivo club of Ogden, with
Tot aside for sPc3korf' i
Bl-pmbrr.ihip to boost Ogden
Whind community and civic
Mlti-Hs-in has ju?t success.
Hrfd two years In w York
B i circle read several poems
RJ' motant response from the
,,ri an( such applause that
K 're n.-c-pry. Mr Hson is
W1 , fXr. ptlcmfil nblllty and
Phi k rh 11 ifiTnr nvs,imon
RJJte-talnrr.ent program, lntro-
ICfei 1 n -
Vg .,,, today ;mj his
m- - - ' ot conducting the pro
.. ItJMZ ,nn-culatd the member
".KVurh an extent that business
flJjlRfVn'. nl'h r''''' s or,C!" n'J
'slKf Vronk Francis and Gus
VilE urged Hie members to do
"jUfcKp use '! fori
sriod m "r,lor ,hat residents!
IiiKk no n '-nrs of t ra el mny sur-
'"HKmam improvements now being;
-jlSBuMn :he et The trip Willi
liwfcanv residents the opportunity
"' J5kCn- t.V- r.i- i ri . . rr ilisiricts,
'Ujji !"-" 1 '"'on'
K"Vgter distributing system ex- ;
K and the Globe and Speory
E Mr zjppann reported that mer
iWtr.' getting behind the 'Su
U (jty movement and t?ie sue
B the day Is now as-sured.
fowles announced 'bat Con
pon B. Colton will be the
SajjK pVncr n',K "f :,ir
B iedc;e w.t" introduced and
the Fr-cr'-fsi' n.eim.er' hip
111 bBw-l " e to be
" 'Blij' evening. ' '"fob. r 13. at
4 M ftftfhlK ,:"h members
Kg announced that Thomas'
irr tjA J' Secretary of the flub. Is
livJBeud f,ih-r of m neu arrival at
tBJji a', the luncheon wera Rich-I
Bwirr fm ii i ropeiand, Lee aom-
ind F W. Peters.
fcrVA. Sept ' T.y the Asso-
: SMprfSjO TlK on. of the
cnBlttes on reJu-tio:i armaments,
nBvas brought before the league
t!iaBttoa nssrmbly o(ki 1c;. Ixjrd
cuigBt Cecil for final action, recom
B ttat II.'- I .. ou i-r-. .-x-
iiti Jgpaln. I ".- 1 nev.-lv
iffclBe Fie-
"'"tBipeodltures for mil! . naval
aBjlrfoti'S to the amounts spont
''lolBl rf r,rr' also proposed an inter-'
Bail conference on truffh In arms
StOWae! Jer e xter .i ..' t(v ri--ti-
;'wa nvn!
! Relieves
I Corns in
ilo Seconds
AB Your Friends They Know
Tloblamr fr.r .eri nponv bloo
Triinni. n treating."'
M panns merely makes a bad
forse Millions of others ero wls
Bit: i.nr'w how oasllv end qulclO
Bi, "U and, peeli .ori s and
LBir iT11 rr' c''"'' Gtt our mon-
" Wear nsv.- ahoes with
Ly,,,fl " ' ': lwrenre
Wwher'e S&' Cofl,a but a trlf,
B euder. by A I. VT,- rii yr Drus
Wv?1 f I r.e:; Enatam Drug Co..
uMTDnig Co Advertisement
duce Those Danger
psSwollen Veins
!j!!r!,;r'' r:r' pr li :m. an I hoeplt-
"1" ,lnr, " ''-v. nrrj lnnieas, yet
IJ g""mlrlde that not onlv
en!ttrKt(l or varicose velna and
" 10 b-orne normal b jt nlno rc
I Vnv t -'n,luK(1 Klandc and went.
IlirtJ 'lr8t ' las druKKlbt for an or
f MUnrr- bo,Uo o Mooni-'n Emcr-
livo M"' "K" i nr.. I ,H'iur to flf
b . 'Jl ! It ta place It la audi a
j wJni-eii i ra - j preparation that two
ilfiwi a ,onK tImo 811,1 further
l"'ril wonderful dlsi-overy dc'B not
it, !. ",,t'1 anticipated, jou can
"J1 Prlc. rr funded,
jj aol n:,, f.. ,in)ono to allow
" -Hrj.-! to keep on ..-niaiclng. Often
Snd railc weeks of pain, BUf-
Ud am of employment. Start the
u.i treatment us directions al
Pa lmprovem.-nt v.lll beg-in at once
JeSI&t .an bupply you. Adver-
ple Way to
Take Off Fat
f can bo notlun: nlmpk-r lhan tak
"j"avnlnt little tablet four times
HL Tl?1" OUr w,1'l' Is reduewd to
Ur.i 8 u!l Jusl purchiuie a coae.
r'r'rn.'ton Tabl-t from
ijVUSKist for one dollar the aume
Ji ' or,d over Follow directions
Ctlon dieting or tiresome exercla-auh-atantlni
food -be iu lazy
" and ke,.p r,n Retting slimmer.
T.m 5at P" of Mormoln Preserip
1D't is thev are harmleea. That
Dcl.jt. f xfojr-.jar.j Fjrehae"
"Ota your druRplst. or send direct
ffuif Cf Woodward Are., De-Advertleement.
Selections PWora'' to
Be Given at Pioneer
Daughters Meeting
f' irrSd operl Hadles
an PrffcSTto he X'Can
. "Pedal meeting of tiJ ? n . 2 ftt the
' Pioneers, Thursday -f nM,Jh,s of
I tabernacle in !nn a"ern,n at the
! ture fti pr'Jr connection with a lei -
lean Indian" 1 "h' on ' Th'- 'ex
,;wrtten b- !.n s "Poia Azora
sart taf,eu0f sleffb7 15
the cnnouL 9f p at lh0 t,,n? f
lM in baulc BtohST'SS TE
clared war upon the Axtecs and the
SftSS hrar8flaf,1"t' Kaloa toted
hat hai.p, ,ral, nt 10 ft:ant "inythlns
tnat the leador of hlo forces mav a-k
ion condition that he eonte bSS
torlous. In Xalca's nbs-nr, Kama n 1
Pusha. his 8VIt agres.lvely J i
I be told that A.ora dlaUkis him XA-
U v!' tw confcss her love for
rtio . on,Um--1 t angered and de
cides to force ber marriage to Kamat-
hl 1eturns victorious and aa
his reward demands that ZOra be
made his wife Montezuma refuse In
nr f , s.v,proml8- raand Xaio,
protest to the other marrlan When
fb ad wlth-lier lover Th., i:r. about
tO b Sacrificed by the hands of a high
(Priest, when th-re , ;l i,,Un ,M,,r,.,,lM
It la the first time the AzN.cs have
heard gunpowder explode They are
frightened The priest falls Senseless
na the sacrifice is forgotten Cortex
and his bond of Spaniards march ma
jestically In with a banner bearing a
largo cross The opera ends with the
j Aztecs paying homage to the Span
iards, who reloas? the lovers from
th"lr threatened death.
I I so has been mu.lo of the Indian
themes all through the opera but us-
nail- the Indian spirit in
rather than actually Incorporaied Into
jhe themes. In the first act the solo
I Of Montezuma s sister. Papjntzln. tells
a. wonderful dream she has had of t)v
true and 'ivln Qod and warns the
chieftain and his daughter not to wor
ship idols. Through this dream she
is converted to Christianity. The solo'
will be sung, also one of Azora'a and
the main duet of Azora and Ramatzln
These sons will be sung by Mls
Mnthel Allen, Mrs Melba Read Jnnesj
and Golden Bingham. Miss Mary
Fisher will give a violin solo An In-I
dlan Village " Sterling Wheelwright I
will give an organ -.lection.
DAVEN-POIIT. la.. Sept. 26 "An
other national bonus bill will be pass
ed within the next three months. It
will be Jiouse bill und senate bill No.
1 The fight was just begun." This
statement was made today by Hanford
MaeNider. national commander of the
American legion.
Asked if the national legion would
assist In securing the stale bonus in
Iowa and Illinois, Commander Mae
Nider replied:
He added that this matter was en
tirely up to the state department
Backache, rheumatic pains, dlzzi
nsi and blurred vision are symptoms
of kidney trouble. ' My husband had
a bod back." writes Mrs. M. McCul
lough Easton, Pa. ' When he sal
down he could hardly get up and
then he would be drawn over to one
side. He tried Foley Kidney Pills and
I they cured him. ' Foley Kidney iMUs
quickly rHIeve kidney and bladder;
I trouble. Sold everywhere. Advertise-
WHITE IV! achine Co.
2277 Washington Ave.
Parts and
Rent - Repair
- 1
Leaves You Forever
K to Lea the Syitem Within
Twenty-four Hour.
Every Druggist in this county la au-J
thoriied to auy to every rheumatic euf
eror that If T full pint bottle of Allcnrnu.
the sire conquerer of rheumatism. Uooa
not show the way to atop th, agony , o -Sum
-wollen Joints and do away with
evon the allghteat tvrlngo of rh.-umatic
pain lie will 8adly return your money
WijS&S&m tried and tested for !
vcara and really marveloiui results havo
f,een .."compilahed In the most severe;
eis"s where the aufterlnif and agony was
Inunse and pitoous and where the patient
Wy,.hJamSTH. Allen of Roche.ter. N. V .
the discoverer of Allcnrhu. who for many
ZHtm suffered the torment of acute
rheumatism deslrea all sufferers to know
ffiS he SSi not want a cent of anyone i
money unlet" Allenrhu decisively con
mrtb a worst of all diseaeea. and ha
has instructed drugelsts to guajranUia It
n- above in every Insunce. All druf
SrtTSS supply you.-Advartlsement.
Secretary Hughes Tells Associated Press U. S.
Endorses Proposal to Keep Dardanelles
Free and Protect Minorities
I WASHINOT..N. Sept. 28. By the
iS'V,ei pr, ss ' unequivo. il
1 mePnt 'al bynthf' Washington govern
t??L f aIllcd Proposals to insure
! 'om of tho I.ardanellen and the
Bosphorus and also to prote. I racial
! rr-u Bi?U minorities In Turkish
, territories Involved In the prOflent DCai
eastern situation was expressed by
Secretary Hughes today in reply to
an Inquiry addressed to him by the
Associated Press.
,.Jh? uestlon submitted sought to
ascertain 'the attitude of the govern
ment or the L'nltc-d . :'. .ward the
proposals made by the alllt to the
inrkish nationalist authorltiea" Mr
Hughes declined to comment on the
territorial questions raised to clear!
$125,000 FIRE
Mill and Elevator Buildings
Cleaned Out; Walls May
IDAHO FALLS, Ida.. SepL 26. Kire
of undetermined origin but presum
ably from spontaneous combustion, de
stroyed th" mill and elevator of the
Idaho Fails Mill 6V Elevator eompan)
bere this morning. The loss la esti
mated at approximately 1126,000 With
6omo Iqsurance Flames were leap
ing through the roof when the fire
was discovered at 7 o'clock and the
best that tho firemen could do wis
to keep them from spreading to all
Joining warehouses
Valuable machinery used In milling
Is ruined and the interior of the mill
Is a charred mass of timbers, with the
additional f.ar that the walls may fall
as they cool off from the Intense heat.
About 1500 barrels of flour were de
stroyed as well as a quantity of grain
The mill proper was built in 1388
and has been enlarged a number of
tlms since then It was one of tho
largest in the state. At noon today
firemen were still playing str.-amv. oi
wnter on the smouldering ruins aft.-r
over f l e hours of continuous battling
with the flam i B
SALT LAKE. Sept. 26. Six em
ployes at tho local ahops of the Den
ver and Rio Grande Western railroad
have left for Denver, Colu.. when it
Is stated that an organization la to
be perfected to replace the shop crafts
unions. The organization meeting la
scheduled for 10 a. m., tomorrow, it
Is stated here.
Student Wffl Wed
Woman Who'll Pay
College Expenses
CINCINNATI. Sept. 2fi George
Muscato. student at the Electric Med
ical college, this city, revealed hlm
sctf today as the man who Monday of
fered himself in marriage te "any wo
man between the ages of 18 and 30
white and of good stock, who will fln
oti"e my remaining two years In col
lege. "
The Day of Atonement fVom Kip
pur i will be Observed by the congre
gation Brlfh SholSm of which M.
I Friedman Is rabbi, on Monday. Octo
ber 2. in connection with the observ
ance by the Jewish people in nil parts
I of tho world. Tho observance will
consist of one continuous service from
sunset Sunday evening until sundown
! on Monday ening.
No other holiday of the synagogue Is
vested with such importance as Is at-
tachod to this day of soul-searching
' and repentance. It Is perhaps the
most distinctly Jewish holiday of the
I synagog, one Ihut Is most pervasive
and states In fullest measure the ul
1 timate goal and purpose of Israel's
striving. The Messianic fulfillment
of the Jewa as well as humaThlty's
destiny is. foreshadowed in the litur
gy of this service.
Members of the congregation are
! expected to withdraw from all world
ly cares, and. forgetful of the worka-
day affairs, give himself unto God in
I prayer and repentance. Under this
severe discipline of this Introspection
and fasting the worshipper exercises
a larger degree of self-control In his
relations with humanity and thu be
comes reconciled to God and man.
Tho memorial services he-Id In the.
.afternoon of the Day of Atonement
are solemn and Impressive and not
only members of the Jewish com
munity are remembered but all noble
men and women who have served tho
cause of humanity.
; J !
Funeral for Dr. John F Morrison
will be held Wednesday at 1:30 1
o'clock "t the First Christian church.
Twenty-fourth street and Madison ave
nue, under tho direction rf the Rev.
W. L Melllnger. The body may !
viewed at the residence, 2738 Monroe
avenue this afternoon and evening
and Wednesday until 12:30 p. in In
terment win be in tho City cemetery.
Funeral services for Ida Murphy
wife of George W. Murphy, Sr., wen
held this morning at 10:30 o'clock at
tho home, 2783 Washington avenue,
P. H. Malson, lay leader of tho Epis
copal church, officiated it the ,r-
Ices. Mrs. Agnes Warner sang "He
Wipes the Tears Away," and "Abide
With Me." Nophl J. Brown sang
"Blessed Rsdssmsr" and ,irL. Bernlce
Tyree Bang "The i-hrlstlan's Good
night." Mr Malson offered the
church burial services, Bpeakera w
George E Browning and President
Nathan A. Tanner. Interment was in
the City cemetery. Mr. Malson offic
lateid at the gTave.
I the attitude of the administration on
the points involved.
"Th.- American government is grati
fied." said Mr. Hughes, "to observe
that the proposal of tho three allied
governments seek to Insure effectively
'the liberty of the Dardanelles, the sea
of Marmora and the Rosphorus as
well as protection of racial and relig
ious minorities' These points of th
proposal aro clearly in accord and
with American sentiment.
Thlt; government also trusts that
suitable arrangement may be maun
In the interest of peace to preserve the
freedom of the straits pending the con
ference to conelude a final treaty of
peace between Tin key, Greece and the
allies "
Fowls Warn Moonshiner as
Federal Agents Arrive
on Raid
I 26. A duck can't bite, but can "honk"
a warning when strangers approach aa
I was the case of a farmer running a
, moonshine farm near here, who had
two "watch ducks." Several federal
J officers armed with tho password,
went to the bootlegger's camp to make
a raid on the moonshine cubln. As
Ithej approached the cabin, the ducks:
quacked a protest and the farmer
rushed out to leurn what was up.
One of tho officers told him they
wanted to buy a sack of potatoes 'Po
tatoes" was the password and tho
farmer kickod tho dirt away from a
hill of torn and disclosed a bottle of
t :. Mm Th... duck Iruin-r was
held for hearing.
ST. JOSEPH, Mich.. Sept. 26. (By
'The As-oclated Presto. Arraignment
Ol 22 alleged communists arrested last
month following a meeting held In
the woods near Brldgeman was post
poned today for at least two weeks
because of the press of other business
In the court.
Eleven are stiH in Jail hero unable
to raise the $1 10,000 in bonds fixed
by tho court.
A delegation of thos at liberty on
bond, led by Charles Ruthenberg. ex
ecutive secretary of the Workers' par
ty, local branch of the underground
communist organization, and said to
be a representative of the Russian
third Internationale In this country,
visited the li prisoners In Jail and
discussed defense plans with them.
"I use Foley's Honey and Tur per
sonally, give It to all my children and
now to my grandchildren with the
same good results. I tried many kinds
of rough medicines but never want
anything but Foley's Honey and Tar, '
writes Mrs E. K. Olson, Superior
Wis. Foley's Honey and Tar was
established in 1S75 and has stood the.
test of time serving three generations.
It quickly relieves colds, coughs and
. roup, throat, chest and bronchlal
trouble Sold everywhere. Advertisement.
Pimples Keep
Young EVSen
They' Make Women, Too, a Puxxlel
How S. S. S. Stops Skin
Eruptions Positively.
Pimples and skin eruptions have a
price, you pay for ercry wet. do,
j black-head and plmplo on your face.
Pimples produce prejudice and prevent
prosperity. Your heart may be gold.
B. 8. 8. Wm Hid To j iVI
but who wants to kins eruptions?
limply men don't look like lh owuera
Of anything. Pimply women, too. are
puzzles, with no prospects and tlt
power Young men and women, here's
the positive way out. Physios and
purgntlves will fall. What you need
Is a oclontlflc blood -cleanser. 3. 8. 8.
Is one of tho most ioworful destroyers
of blood Impurities. You can prove this
In a short time. 8. S S. has boon
passed on by a Jury' of millions of peo
ple Just llku yourself. It Is consldorod
ene of tho mo3t powerful vegetable
blood-purifiers and fteah-bnlldera in
existence. That's why you har of so
many underweight people putting on
loot flesh In a hurry, why you hear of so
many rheumatics being freed from thu
acourge, with 8 K. S. Start toduywlth,
B. 8. y. and seo your face ch.-ar and
your akin get ruddier, your fleah
firmer. It will glvo you a booat In roar
career. 8 8. B. la sold at all draff
Btorea, In two olzea. Thu larger sbje
Is the more economical.
Comfort Your Skin
With Cuticura Soap
and Fragrant Talcum I
Soap, OmUnt, TxJcim-ewrywbarfc. Stooptei
assst ctiecr tssessssnsi n,r Y ""-.ifii I
Finals in Golf Tourney to
Be Played on
II. W. Dunn by defeating P. T.
Wright 1 up today In one of the semi
final matches of the club golf tourna
ment at the Ogden Golf and Cnuntrv
club, won the right to meet the Winner
of the Leon Keller-Warner Arthur
! match, which was to be played this
afternoon. The finals will be pi byed
Wednesday afternoon.
Leon Keller won out over H. C. Mar
chant, Monday afternoon, 6 to 4. War
ner Arthur won from C. A. Day, 6 and
4. H W Dunn defeated Ralph Gwll
liam. 2 and 1.
In the second flight, F. W. Baker
won from E. J. Hanke, 2 and 7. I. N.
Pierce defeated C J. Doon. 1 up W
Rice Kimball won from Orson Douglas
7 and 6 Dr. Mark Brown won by
default from Harry Gee.
The qualifying round In the wo
men's state championship will be
played next Monday, instead of next
Saturday it was announced.
First round matches will be played
Tuesday, -oeond round matches Wed
nesday .semi-finals Thursday and fi
nal Friday.
LONDON. Sept. 26 (By the As
sociated Press. Prim. Minister Lloyd
leorg.- todaj Issued nn official der.lr:l
that f:reat Britain had assisted either
the Greeks or Turkish nationalists
with arms, equipment or advice He'
.i.- dared the British eovernmeni Nid
maintained an attitude of strict Im
partiality between the two cevnbat
ants since the declaration of neutral-1
Ity by the allied governments In
March. 1921.
Tho premier a. so denied that Gen
eral Townsond made his recent visit'
to Angora at the Instigation or con-1
nlvance of the British government.
OMAHA. Sept 2fi I nlted States
senator Hitchcock. Democrat, of
brawka. 1h homo today to campaign for
re-election November 1. In a state
ment, he said th.- Issue Included "over
taxation, falling prices, contraction of
currency, deflation of credit, collapse
of our commerce and tho new robber
tariff bringing Increased living costs."
WASHINGTON Edwin B. Parker
New York and Houston. Texas, at
torney, has been appointed by Presi
dent Harding to be the American com
missioner on the American-German
claims commission.
WOiL fdy around world
VICTORIA, B. C. Colonel D E
Broom today announced plans for an
around the world airplane flight. He
is a resident of London, and the trip
would begin there next year.
DUBLIN Consideration of the new-
Irish , onstltiitlon Is progressing slow
ly at the parliament session and al
ready 10 articles of the 7s have pass
ed the stage of approval.
LOS ANGELES A. L. Sheldon, of
Ventura, Gal., plans to attempt a walk
from the mainland to Santa Catalina
Island, a distance of more than 30
miles, using alr-tlght pontoons at
tached to his feet.
CINCINNATI Congress will be ask
ed to pass several bills of Importance
to the Disabled Veterans In the World I
ini wnen n convenes in December
Captain C. Hamilton Cook, national
commander of the American Disabled
Veterans said here Monday night.
CHICAGO Vibration of the stom
ach not in harmony with the rest of
the body causes the ache, according to
Dr. Albert Abrnms, of Leland Stanford
university, before the American As
sociation of Medico Physical Research
Each drop of blood has its own vibra
tion, he said, and discordant Waves are
felt as body dinorders. Dr. Abrams
contended that naternltv can be es
tablished by comparioon of tho vibra
tions ot father and child
DES MOINES Iowa, Sopt. 26.
Fifty-eight years have passed so
lightly over tho head of tho Rov.
James Hatch of Sandwltch. III., that
when H. E Dewey, attorney of Lead.
S. D , met him at the courthouse Mon
day he recognized him Instantly as
the ' Long Jim" Hatch whom ho had
last seen In An.lersonvll lo prison In
1&64 .
JUNEAU, Wii Sept 26 Harrison
Hobeck. town of Powell, farmer, real
ized $10,876 from eight acres of white
clover seed. It was announced today
He harvested Coo bushels which Bold
for $21.70 a bushel, an average of
6.2B bushels per acre. This Is one
of the largest yields of white clover
ever reported In Dodge county
OXFORD, Eng. Sept. 1 "Budd
hism Is the probable rival of Chris
tianity In the Far East." said Pro
fessor Soothlll, who at one time oc
cupied the chair of Chinese at Ox
ford university, in an address be
fore the conference of modern
churchmen, Hi3 remark has cre
ated something of a sensation In
church circles "Buddhism." tho
professor stated, "can adopt and
adapt at will. It hns recently ndopt-
ed Christian methods wholesale, its
Ideas are nt work in tho WSSt, even In I
our churchos. Buddhism calls for
sympathy study: and tho day may'
come when tho best men In Buddhism
and Christianity win meet together I
to discuss the possibility of working'
together for the salvation of tho
NEW YORK, Sept. 16 Call money I
easier high l1; low 4; ruling rate
Vz. closing bid 4; offered at 4 'A . 60 1
and 90 days, ifiOsHi four and sil i
months. 4, prime commercial pa
per. 44 a4'4 1
Tailor Made
I America's Largest Tailors
We are now showing the
most wonderful line of
fall woolens ever display
ed anywhere for
Fall and Winter
Suits and
Every suit hand-tailored
to fit and guaranteed to
Whereas, In Curb and Gutter District
Number 120, an error has heretofore been
made In that there was not sufficient
time caused to elapse between the publl
eutlon of the notlve of the meeting of
the Board of Equalization and Review
and the meeting of said board; and
Whereas, ald irregularity may orect
the it levied In said district and cans
it to be null nnd void and
Whereas, the ordinance levying the tax
In sold district was passed by this Com
mission on the third (3rdj day of Au
gust, 1922.
Now. therefore, bo It ordained by the
Board of Commissioners of Ogdon t'lty:
Section 1, That the ordinance levying
the tsx In Curb and Gutter District
Number K'9. pnaesd by this Commission
on the third (3rd) day of August, 1922,
be vacated, set aside and repealed, and
the tA.c heretofore levied In raid district
be vacated.
Section 2. In the opinion of the Board
of Commif slonera of Ogden City It Is
necessary per.ce and safety of Ogden
City thut this ordinance become effec
tlve immediately.
Section 3. This ordinance Is to take
effect on the twenty-sixth (26th) day of
September. 1922
Adopted and passed by the Board of
Commissioners of Ogden City. Utah this
tho twenty-fifth (2oth) day of Septem
ber. A. D. 1922
C O DEWOLF. City Recorder.
Published ScPt 2. 10:2
Published In Ogden Mandard-Fxam-lner.
Curb and Gutter District No. 129.
I. C. O. DeWolf. City Recorder of Ogv.
den City. Utah, hereby certify that the
ubove and foregoing la a full, true and
correct copy of an ordinance entitled. '
"An Ordinance vacating, setting aside
and repealing an oidlnance levy a tax
in Curb and Ciuttn District No 129, '
adopted and passed by tho Board of
Commissioners of said Ogden City on
the 25lh day of September 1322, as ap
pears of record In my office.
In witness whereof. I have hereunto
set my hand and affixed tho corporate
seal of Ogden City this 25th day of Sep
tember 1922.
(8EAI1) c. o rnwobF.
City Recorder.
Published September 2S. 1922
LONDON. Sept. 2. The disposition
of thi pe'ople of the United States Is
to re. 1 i:re payment of the Inter-allled
debts owing to America. Representa
tive Theodoro E Burton declared In
an address today at a luncheon given
by the American chamber of com
merce. Mr Burton, emphasized that he was
speaking as an individual und not SSI
a membor of the American debt fund
ing commission or aa a congressman.
WASHINGTON, Sept 26. The cab
inet at its meeting today decided to
restrict prohibition enforcement oper
ations within the three mile limit at
sea except In cases whero ships beyond
that limit are In communication with
shore through their own crews and
tmell boats. Prohibition enforcement
Officials It was sold, authorlatatlvely
wfould be ecautloned to obescrve this
out Tins ovi rr is worth
Cut out this slip, enclOSS w-lth 5c and
mull it to Foley ft Co. 2835 Sheffield
Ave., Chicago. Ill , writing your name
and address clearly You will receive
In return a tr;il package containing
Foley s Honey and Tar Compound for
roughs, colds and croup- Foley Kld-
ncy Pills for pains In sides and back,
rheumatism. Ixickache. kidney and I
bladder aliments; and Foley Cathartic!
Tablets, a wholesome and thoroughl'-1
cleansing cathartic for constipation,
biliousness, headaches, and sluggish
bowels. Advei tlsc raent. '
Where the Women Trade
! We have been at
I your service for 34 j
years, and today our j
I business is bigger
and better than ever.
I We thank you.
I Are Here
We guarantee every cloth I
coat in our store to be all I
wool. There is an honest
value here for every miss I
or lady who wants 1 00 j
j cents on the dollar for 1
range from JL f U P
Never before were they
quite so pretty and with a
i readjustment of prices
I you can expect a lot for
your money. Guaranteed
1,. w I
From ftj A UP
These wonderful styles
have been unusually ac
tive and prices are as low
as pre-war. Can (PWjj
I you imagine all
wool dresses from J
In all the new woolen
1 crepes, wool ratine, all j
silk duvetyne, spiral crepe,
trico sham and craquelin-
ette. These new materials
i are being shown in all the
new shades. Never have
we shown a more exten-
i sive line of piece goods.
Of this handsome silk
stocking, since January 1 ,
1922, we have sold
1 800 pairs. The mill
run of an unusually good
hose worth $2.25. Paine
&Hurst $58 i
pnee w
pair JL
We are selling agents in
I Ogden for the famous
j Merode underwear for
ladics, misses and chil
dren. New fall lines are
in at specially reduced
I prices.
Where the Women Trade
j 11 1
CHATTANOOGA. Tenn.. Sept. 25
When asked his opinion of the pro
posed change of the emblem of the
Democratic party from tho donkey to
tho goddess of liberty proposed by the
Missouri state Democratic convention.
Cordoll Hull, national chairman, said
that this was the first ho had heard
of the proposed chango but believed
It would be a good idea.
it's a regular picnic
I BByhill
Pimento Cheese J
has announced himself as a candidate for nomination as
Sheriff at tho Republican County Convention be held
Saturday, September 30.
j . R-u.l rv.Iitica! 'Vg'"
"'"L .YjT i$j!$ttimB ' LsLsLH ssradpi

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