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j Losses of 1 to 3 Points Suf-
i fered By Most Ac-
I tive Issues
'J NEW YORK. Sept 87. SpOCUlat-
'M Ive operations in today's stock market
. .i were again on the. selling side, with
H resultant declines of 1 to 3 points In
;J most active- Issues. The Increasing ten-
1 elon of tho Near Eastern situation.
passage of tho Pittsburg coal dividend.
hoavlncss of Liberty bonds qii1 the re
A ported opposition of bankers to fur-i-J
ther expansion of brokers' loans ull
contributed to tho more ten of- ,
firings Sales approximated SGO.000
I 8 Threats of war in the TT East
still cast a dampening lnfuence over
tho stock market at todays opening
Tho oil group was the only land
ing exception to the general
ward trend Gains of 1 to ncerlJ -wSS
registered by
Wnsdaii "A," Houston. California
Petroleum, Phillips Petroleum and
Standard Oil of California, the hat
named -it a new high. Mexican Pc-
troleum, however, toll back a p nt
and Murland and Atlantic Gull void
ed to feel the unfavorable effects of
poor August earnings statements.
Union Pacific. Delaware & Hudson,
and New Orleans, Texas & Mexico b'
ing tho first to slip bark under selling
pressure. One of the early features
was an odd lot sain of 10 shares of
tho Atlantic Refining company at
200 a share or ?2G a share above Tues
day's odd lot quotation Gulf States
end Vanadlam also were subjected to
professional short selling, dropping a
nnlnt or more.
I Scattered liquidation and bear pres
sure against certain speculative is
sues carried the whole list downward
In tho forenoon
Indications that tho early bidding
up of tho oil shares was used as a
6creen to unload stocks elsewhere
caused soma profit taking In Stand
ard Oil groups later, California and
New Jersey being carried down a point
below Tuesdays final figures. Fur
ther easing of the rail money rate to
4',i per cent was followed by a rally
In Mexican Petroleum which advanc
ed from 187 to 1894 and a rebound In
Standard Oil of New Jersey which
crossed 200 to a new high f"i" the
year Strr-ngth of these issues Lndui -cd
a partial recovery In other parte
of the list around noon. Amerb an Ri
dJator rising three points t . n w
high and Delaware, Lackawanna &
"Westcrn moving up 2:V
Passing of the quarterlj dividend of
1 per cent on Pittsburg Coal gave a
renewed impetus to prices after mid
day. Pittsburg Omil slnmpe. 1 K Vi
points to 59 and the steel, public
utilities, equipments and investment
railroads also weakened substantially
Du Pont Powder yielded four point'.
American Car three and Lima Loco
motive, Bethlehem Gulf States nnd
Republic Steel and Western Union
two to two and one-half points
Sensing the absence of fresh buying
power, short Interests continued thell
attack In tho final hour, being aided
by the liquidation of small holders.
Prices of the leaders closed ut r
around the lowest figures of the
month. The closing was weak.
(As reported by J. A Hoglo & Co )
Bid Asked.
Bankers Trust $1 50 . 00 $160 00
Columbia Trust 00.00
'Deseret National !.. 270. 0o 2Tr. 00
Deseret Savings .... 205.00, 210.00
First Nat. of Ogden . . 1 ' 310 .00
Natl Bk of Rep.... I 1 35 . 001
National Copper .. 146.00 150 00
Security State bank . I I 100 00
t'tah State National.! 100. 00! 120 00
Utah Savings & Trust 95.00 105.00
"Walker Bros Bankers) 228 - 00 232 00
Zlon'a Savings fe Trstl 203.001 210.00
Amal. Sugar com. . . 3 25 3.35
do 8s pfd I 77. 00 7S.00
Con Wagon I 50.00 57.00
Home Fire Ins .... 313. ou 323. "M
Independent Coal . .j .55 64
Morgan Canng 9s pfd 101 00 103 VU
Mt St Tel Ac Tel . . 104 4 4 106 00
People's Sug pfd, em, 2 00 2 25
Schrnmm-Jnsn Be pfd lOu 00 102. 00
Standard Coal ... I .521 fl
U S Fuel 7s pfd ...! .80 .85
Utah-Idaho Sugar ..! 3.1 0 3 50
Utah Fire Clay J 50.00, ."3.00
Utah Pr. & Lt 1st pld ' 4 On' Ho ou
Walker Bros. D. Gds, 200 . 00
Z C M I ; lll.ou 113 no
S L, Stock IZx 68 1929) 8.001 BO.OO
Stndrd Coal 6s 19231 I 98.00
Utah P & I- 1st 5s '44 13 . 001 9 1 00
Ut Lt & Pr '4s '30.. 84.50. 00. 00
l.'t-Id Sug 7s 1930. . .' 97.25 99.00
CHICAGO. Sept. 27 The closing
futures ranged as follows:
Open High Low Close
$1.06 1 10 1.06 1.092
Dec. 1.04 1.06 1 04 1 05
May 1.08 1.09 1.0s 1 0314
Sept. .62", .(J .ti27 .64'i
De-j .59 Vi .60 58 '
May 61 .62 4 61 62
Sept. 407 .42 .4 0 ;i 4 1 ft
Lec. 36a .37 Sfii 37 .
May 3SV3 3V .38 38
Oct 11 25 1 1 30 1 1.25 1 1 30
Jan. 9.27
Sept. 10.60 . 10 90
Oct. 10.35 10 50
Iowa Light,
H Heat & Power
H Company
First Mortgage 5 Thirty
Year Sinking Fund Gold
i Bonds, Due October 1, 1946
This company operates in the
Iow Corn Belt, and wtlhout eorn
petition conduct tho entire light
l and power company In Grinneli
Carrol, Storm Luke. Sheldon Sac
City, Audubon and thirty other
i communities.
Those bonda are aecured by a dl
rct first mortgage on all the prop
rty. rlghta and franchises of the
company no downed or hereafter
Net earnings over 3Vi times an
nual bond interest
Price 87,4. to yield 8 per cent.
Complete information on inquiry.
Pocstetlo Ogden tea Angeles
tilt toka City
Allied Chemical & Dye SOU
Allis-Chatmers 54
I American Beet Sugar B 44
American Can 67
American Car and Foundry... 183
American Hide and Leather, pfd 68
American International Corp... 33
American Locomotive ,1204
American Smelting & Refining. , 60i
American Sugar 79
American Sumatra Tobacco.... 39
American T. & T 1204
American Tobacco 160
American Woolen 96V2
Anaconda Copper 11
Atchison 104
Art I. Oulf & W. Indies 26
Baldwin Locomotive 131 f;a
Kaltlmoro & Ohio 64
Bethlehem Steel "B" 72 "i
Canadian Pacific 18
Central Leather 40
Chandler Motors 59
Chesapeake X- Ohio ... 72
Chicago. Mil. ands St Paul.... 30
Chicago. R. I. & 'Pacific 2
Chlno Copper 29
Colorado Fuel & Iron 33
Corn Products 113'a
Cruclblo Steel 86
Erie 158
Famous Players-Laaky c3 'i
General Asphalt 60
General Electric 175
General Motors 1 4
Goodrich Co 33
Great Northern, pfd 9 0',
Illinois Central 112
Inspiration Copper . . ...... 39
International Harvester, B. ...109
Int. Mer. Marlne: pfd 56',
International Paper 65
Invincible Oil 14
Kelly-Sprlngfleld Tiro 4fi
Kennecott Copper 34
Louisville .V- Nashville 135'
Mexican Petroleum 185
Miami Copper 28
Middle States Oil 1 3
Midvale Steel 33
Missouri Pacific 2
New York Central .. 96
NT. V.. X. H. an.l Hartford .. 29
Norfolk & Western 117 '2
Northern Pacific S4
Oklahoma Prod. & Ref 2'-
Pacific Oil 54
Pan American Petroleum 7S
Pennsylvania 47
People's Gas 94
Pure Oil 31
Ray Con. Copper 14
Reading 76i
Rep. Iron & Steel 63
Royal Dutch. N. Y 51
Senrs Roebuck 87
Sinclair Con. Oil 33
Northern Pacific 93
Southern Railway 24 V
Standard Oil of N. J 195
Studebaker Corporation 1 2 t 1 4,
Tennessee Copper ....... 9
Texas Co 4 7
Texas & Pacific 28
Tobacco Products 8 3
Transcontinental Oil 13
I'nlon Pacific 148
I nlted Retail Stores 79
U. S. Ind. Alcohol 62
United States Rubber 49
United States Steel 16
Utah Copper 66
Westinghouso Electric 62
Willys-Overland 6
American Zinc. Lead & Sin.. . 19
Butte and Superior 31
Cala. Petroleum 62
Montana Power 72
Shatluck Arizona .xa
Great Northern Ore 3 9
Chicago & Northwestern .... 89
Maxwell B 18
I As 1 epnrteil h .1 A Hi gle & Co )
I Bid 1 Asked
Alta Mich I I .06
Alta Con I 01 1 .02
Alia Tiger .01
Albion Cons I .03 07
Am. Metals .00 .01
Aita iun 1 .05 I .06
IBulllon 01 I .01.
Big Hill -. .' .02 I .03
Big Cot Coal I .06 .07'
beaver Cop j . uo
Bay Stato ; .01
Black Metal .04 .08
j Bingham Galena . j .on, .u'
1 Cent. Eurf ka .... 1 . 00 1 .02
jColb Rexall ....... j 21 .25
Coiarodo t.'on .05 .ott
I Crown Point 03 .04
Cardiff .55 .63
ICott. King .03 j .05
Daly I 160 I 2.50
Daly West ! 3 . 30 3.75
Dragon 06 ,09Vfe
Emilia Silver 01I .01
K tv B. Bell 12.36 .. . .
Emerald .05 . 07
Eureka Mines .04V! .05
E. Crown Pt .02 ! 02
j j. 1 in. ( loan i . 00 '2 . 00
E. Tin. Coa 05 08
Eureka Lily J .06) 07
Eureka Bullion .. -03! .06
cirand i.'entral 1 .60 I .65 ,
Gnat Western ... , . .04
Hamburg Mines .. . .01
Howell 1 02 I .113
Iron Blossom I .25 31.
Iron King 15 i7
Judge M. S I 3.95 I 4.10
tve.io!it' I .25 I .35
Kennebec I I .03
lA.-hl Tin I .01 I . 01
Lenora .oo4 .00 I
Lynn Big Six j .04 .20 j
.1011zon1te . 00 !
Mammoth .36 60 I
May Day I .00)X01'
Michigan-Utah .. ..( .20 .21
New Qtllncy I .02 1 .02
Naildrlver . 07 .17
No. Standard j .02 02
Opohongo I .00' .00
Plutus I .21 j .23
Prince Con . 09 M ) .10
1'aloma , i0 Vs
Ploche BriHtoi .. .1 .01 01
Price Mining .02 .05
Provo I .00;
So Standard .07V2! -10
.-VL I j .02
Syndicato j .00i .01
Silver King Coal. ...1 2.17, 2.25
Silver King Con. .. . .31 .35
Sioux Mines .03 .04
Silver Shield .01
Tar Baby I .00 .01
Tintic Central I .00 .01
Tintlo Standard . . . . ' 2 . 30 I 2 37
1 ncle Sam .03 .02
Utah Con -00 .01
Victor Mining I I .01
West loledo 01 .01
'Walker Mining ... .'4.05 4.12
Woodlawn . .07 I .08
Zuma j .05 .07
September 27. li22
Opening Sales !
Cottonwood King, 200O at 3c.
Bingham Galena. 1000 at 2c.
Leonora, 2000 at c.
Michigan-Utah. 600 at 17c; 600 at
18c; 500 at 18c, 500 at 19c. 600 at
North Standard, 1000 at 2c.
Prlnco Consolidated, 1 000 at 9c.
Tintic Standard. 1 800 at $2 35c.
Closing Sales
Michigan-Utah. 2500 at 20c; 600 at
20 C
New Qulncy, 4000 at 2c.
North Standard, 2000 at 2c
Prince Consolidated, 2000 at 9c;
1000 at 9c.
Silver King Coalition. 500 at $2 20.
Silver King Consolidated, 100 at 33c.
CHICAGO. Sept 27. Butter steady;
creamery extras 41c; firsts 3335c;
extra firsts 3740c; seconds 31' 32c;
standards 87 c.
Egga, steady; receipts 4.444 eases;
firsts 26 35c; ordinary firsts 260
26c; miscellaneous 27 g 28c; refrigera
tor firsts 25 (g 26c.
Poultry alivo lower; fowls 13 21c;
springs 19o; roosters 13c.
4- ' ,
4- i
Cattle 453
Sheep r594
Cattle Receipts 453; Steady top
none; choke prime steers S6. 2697. 26;
good HtecrH 16.2506.25; fair steers
$4.7606.26; feeder steers $4.26 Ij 00;
i hoice heifers none; chidee rows noti"',
fair to good cows $4.00 ft 4.50; cannera
$1.0002.00; bulls $2.4008. 86; feeder
eows $3.004.60; veal calves $7,000
INvgs Receipts none; steady; top
$10.16 fat hogs 190- to 220-pounds
$9.69010.15; heavv hogp $8.60 09.50;
bull $8 r.o-w in fer.-der h'g.H $s 004(
10 00.
Sheep Receipts 5594; stead v;
choice lambs $11.00012.26; fat wetii
era $6.0007.26; fat ewes $4.0006-00;
feeder lambs $9,500 10.50, feeder 6TI es
$3 00 4.25.
J. M Pulsither, Modena, 3 earn
Roy Graham. Green River, Wyo , 2
Cars sheep.
J. it Larsen, Delta, coio , 4 cars
John Blythe Kelton, 8 oars sheep
Frank Boss. Kebon. 2 cars sheep.
I-'ranl Adams, KrMon. 1, rars sheep
Tom Wright, Keltnn ears sheep.
Clayton Murnan. Denver, Colo., 1
car cattle.
Clayton & Murnan, Rawlins. Wyo .
10 cars cattle
Battle Creek Sheep Co. Halleck,
New, 16 cars sheep.
Shipments and Sales.
W. N Hutchinson. Ijmar, Colo.. 1
car feeder sheen
Samuel Cozzens, Kearney, Nebr , 13
cars sheep.
Chester Shlve, Mllo Iowa, 6 cars
feeder sheep
Chester Shlve Pleasantville, Towa,
12 rars feeder sheep
Fos & Keller, Ogden 1 car sheep.
j t 4
i Ogden Cash Grain
(yiiotatioij.s fnrntelied bv r;ioiic Grain
Sk Milling Co.
(Values in ludi freight paid to Ogden I
I tali W inter Wheat
No 2 dark hard. 84094c
No. 2 dark hard, 810?9c
No. 3 dark hard. 78&8 7e
I tali White Wheal
No. 2 soft white, 6 6 h 7 6c
No. 3 soft white. 62 0 78c
No 1 hard w hlie 82 '
No 2 harl white 69 $ 79(
Idaho W inter Wheat
No. 1 dark hard, 84)94e.
No. 2 dark hard Kl(&'19 6c
No. 3 dark hard. 78jl93c.
No. I har.i w Inter 79 j 8Hc.
No. 2 hard winter, 76&86C
Idaho Hard Spring Wheat
No. 1 dark northern. 8 4,r 99c
No 2 dark northern 81 (ft 97c .
No. : d;irk northern 78?t'?c.
Idaho Winter W hent
No. 2 BOft white, 69'?f 89c
No 3 soft white 664? 86c
No. 2 hard white, 84 ft 94c.
No. 3 liard white 81(&91c
Idaho While Feed Oats
38 bulk. $1.687 1.78
Light oats 5015c bss.
if sacked, 6c additional.
Eastern Corn
No 2 yellow. $1.36138
No. 2 mixed $1 34ft 1.36.
(Above bulk, sacked jc additional )
4 9
CHICAGO. Sept. 27. Wheat ad
vanced in price today during the early
dealings continued uncertainty as to
llkllhood of a clash between die ftrii
lsh and Turks having qsnotii eablfl bull
ish influence. Buying, however. e.
pecially at the start, was checked bv
the fact Liverpool quotations failed to
reflect any uneasiness over develop
ments In the Near East. n the oth.i
hand, predictions that the lake .sall-"r.-
strike would bring about m.rea
ed demand for United States A'heat,
at the Gulf of Mexico In particular,
tended somewhat to stimulate demand
The opening, which varied from un-j
changed figures 1o Vic lower. with
December 1 .04 ft 1 .04 and May
$1.08 ft 1.08 was followed by n mn-l
I terlal upturn all around.
Subsequently, demand for all rail
shipments cast from here led to a de
elded t j rt li r ad vunc In the price u(
the September delivery 'I h market
! closed unsettled at 4c net decline (v
3Vic gam. with December $l.05fj
1.05 Vi. and .May $1 08 U ra 1.08.
Corn and oats moved up a little with
wheat. After opening Le off to a
like advance, December r.y'. . .v.
the market scored a slight general
Jn later dealings, corn as well .19
h at felt the effect of orders for all
rail shipments to the east. Prices
closed unsf-ttled. C to l'Bc net high
er, with December 59 47 59 Vic.
(Kits Started 'fee lower to c high
er December 864i0 36c and later
showed gains for all deliveries
Provisions were steady, guarded by
the course of the hog market
MINNEAPOLIS. S-pt. 27. Flour
unci) 1 ngi ii
Bran. $19.00
OMAHA. Neb Sept 27. Wheat No
2 hard . 51 fojrci 1 U3, 2 mlvcd. 85c
Corn. No. 2, white 1,1 No. 2 mix
ed. 57'4C.
Oats. No 2 white 37!,2c; No. 3 white
36 ft 37c.
CHICAGO. Sept. 27. Wheal. No. 3
red, $1.12; No. 2 hard. $108 ' ft) $109.
Corn. No. 2 mixed, 64 ' 4 (a 65 i e; No.
2. yellow, 64 ft 66Vic
Kits, No. 2 white, 41 ' ft 42c; No. 3
white, 894I lie.
Barley, 68 ft 62c.
Timothy seed. 5 00ft 5 60
Clover seed, $13.00ft lf,oo
Pork, nominal.
Iard, $11.45.
Ribs, $10 75ft' 11 75
NEW YORK. Sept. 27. Foreign ex
change, easier.
Great Britain, demand, $4.40li; ca
bles $4.411,i, 60 day bills on banks,
France, demand. 7 50 cables. 7 60.
Italy, demand, 4.25; cables 4.26
Belgium, demand, 7.1C',., cables,
Germany, demand. .06, cables,
06 1-16.
Holland, demand, 3S 68; cables.
88 75.
Norway, demand. 16 89
Sweden, demand, 26 39
Denmark, demand. 20 60
SwiUerland. demand. 16 66.
Spain, demand, 15 20.
Greece, demand 2 4 0.
Poland demand 01 Vi
Czecho-Slovakla demand 314
Argentine demand 3540
Brazil demand 19.55.
Montreal, demand, 1.00.
J4B How Money Grows :
m The torr of Compound In-
fl mm M tertc rold In an Innrrcftlng
vp 4A-pEa boolc. Youmirhivt
9 copy with OUT c umpl Iramu
II upon requut.
Investment Binlcm
Daily Market News
i-y Extension Service.
CHI Loci txtonsion Otnte, pnone
J 16tJ, tor furthor Intormatlon.
- .y.
OGDEN, Utah Nw cash sales re
ported. One consignment buyer ad
vancing 4(jc cwt., ou galea at nn- cwt,
sackea, f. o. b. tjgden.
IDAHO FALL8, Sept. 27 Weather
warm and clear, liaullngs verv- light,
account car shortage and condition ot
I marked. Ruyeri holdmc! oft. Light
, wire Inquiry. Demand light, Move-
Inient limited. .iarket weaK, t rices
lower, i . w sales wacked Iturals, L. U.
grauc: No. l carloads, f o. b. casn
track lu grower.-. Mostly around 4Uc.
KANSAS CITY, Sept. 27. Potatoes
lotal L y. B&ipments 12u cars.
Market weak Track sales, cariot
futu eight Colorado sacked Irish Cob
bler, partly graded Jl lO. Minnesota!
saclteq Red River Onlo, partly grau
ed ll.06CPl.lo .
CHICAGO, Sept. 27. Potatoes j
stoady. total 1 S. shipments l.'jij,
w "ii -in Minnesota sacked una j
bulk round wnites 1.00qj in cwt.;
Minnesota sacked and bula sand land
Uarly Ohios, i 001.05 cst , Minne
sota sacked and buiK Itud Kncr unios
$1.10(3.1.16 cwt , L'akutas sacked and
bulk Hound Wattes $1. U0ft l.iu cwt,,
receipts ears.
OGDEN, Utah Blberta peaches
market unchangeu. Concord grapes
ofjo-oc per lb. loose.
KANSAS CITY, Sept. 2 7. Peaches
- total u. 8 Shipments Hi 1 ;irs, .Mar
ket dun. c oiorauo-l tan Blbertas in
oushel baaketa ?i.75.
salt BAKE Growers1 Market
(Sales to S 6 a. m, wedneaday, Sep
tember 7 i Offerings 01 products
I Were ilgnt this morning and the mar
ket appeared a little stronger on most
commodities. Putatoe-.s aim corn 1 m
I uuued tu sed on a weak market, while
itoruatoes were slicnger. unions were
dun. Peaches Bold better under wide
range cd prices.
Apples, bushel, most arletles $1,00
ra 1 ,20! tew $i.5c. cantaloupes, crate,
"a 16c; grapes, lb. 60 l0e; peaches,
craie, -6a'4iic, extra large, 001 16c,
bushel, 5u(h'76c; pears, bushel, $l.0uc
1.75; pluhis, crate, 3050c; watermelon,
cwt.. bOc'ci 100.
Cabbage llc; cauliflower, lb., 3
fee; ceiery, aoz. bunches, 60c$l uo,
eorn. doz., 12 qi 16c; cucumbers,
tplckling;, per lOU. 80935c; lettuce,
crate, i l heuds) 30c "1 I 86; onions,
dried, lb., Lc; pickling II)., 56c; po
tatoes, cwt, 66fi76e; peppers, (.ireen
Bell ,1b. 23c; Red Bell, lb. .6c;
tomatoes, 30-lb lug. 8040c.
OGDEN, l tab Butterfat, 3c per
lb,, deliver. -,
SLT LAKE Butter, f. o. b. Salt
Churning butterfat. Lb 3'.ir; cream
stations 34c; ranch butt r. (cooking),
lb.. 30c.
In lots o er 30 lbs :
Creamery extras, butter, (cartons).
44jc. (parchment wrappers) 4.1'-e
in lots under 30 lbs.
Creamery extras, butter, (rartons),
45c; (parchment wrappers), 4 4c.
1 peamery butter, firsts, (cartons). 32c;
(parchment wrappers). 41c
While milk, f o b, Salt Bake
Whole milk, per lb. (butterfat) 65c.
OGDEN. Utah All white eggs, pel
:ise. $11.00, mixed colored; per case,
! $9 00
SALT BAKE. Sept. 2 7 Eggs, f o. b.
Salt Bake
New laid, all white poultry, ranch
eggs per case, $12.50, strictly fresh
'mixed colored .country eggs, per case,
j Big, heavy hens, lb I'ltlUv. small
hens, lb, 12(&'15e; spring rs, lb., 17 1p
Hay ,f. o b . Salt Bake
Plrat I rup alfalfa, per ton, $12.00(j
Hay. f. o b , shipping point
First crop alfalfa, per ton. $9.60(0
10.00, second crop, per ton, $7,000 j
7.50. 1
(United States Department of Agri
culture) CHICAGO, Sept. 27. Cattle Re
ceipts 16,000; good and choice- grade
native beef steers scarce, fairly ac
tive, steady to strong, spots highei ,
othe r grades slow . about stend v e 1 -Iv
top, beef steers $11.76. few head at
$ 1 2 00, bulk native beef Bteers $9 35
&10.50, supply of western grassers
moderately liberal; early sales Mon
tana at $7 35; about steady; canners
steady to weak; other classes about
steady ; bulk; bologna bulls $4 1 5 rii
4 30, bullf desirable veal calves to
prickers around $12 00; bulk stockci.i
and feeders $6 507.50.
Hogs Receipts 16,000; market
slow around steady. on desirable
weights, others weak to lower, bulk
180- to 210-pound averages $10.50 'if
10.65; top $10.70, underweight drag
ging; bulk 250- to 325-pound butchers
$9 $06 10 40. bulk packing sows $7. 60
08.26; desirable pigs moatlj $9.25
9.60; heavy $9. 201ft' 10 40; medium
? 9.90 10 65: light 1 ).3m(lv 10.65 ; light
light $9.60010.20; picking sown.!
amnotta $8.8008.60; packing sows,!
rough $7.8007.90; killing pigs f S . 7 5 I
Q 9 80. . I
crneep Keceipta ibooo rat lams
steady to strong; lop natives JH S5
to city butchers, packers buying good
natives freely up to $14.60; feeding
lambs strong to higher, few load.-.
Montana $1 4 60. other eariy sales
$ 1 4 25 1 4.50 ; heep around stend.
OMAHA. Nebr.. Sept. 27. Hogs
Receipts 7 5oo light butchers sto.idv,
other classes weak to 15c Icwors bulii
pa. king grades $8 10 (& 60. bulk 20i
to 300-pound butchers $9.00010.16;
top $10 20 bid.
Cattle Receipts 8 200; strictly good
I to prime corn fed beeves fully steady
to 25c higher, others slow and ear
I lier, cull load top corn feds $1135;
few had extreme top $11.85; hulls
v. eak other classes of stock mostly:
Sheep Receipts 22.000; fat lambfl
10 to 16c lower; early sales $14.007)
14.10; best unsold, natives $13 50'g'
13.75, sheep at-ady; ewe top $c.25;
yearlings $1050, wethers $7.26; feed
ing lambs strong to 16c higher; top
$ 14 50.
KANSAS CITY". Mo. Sept. 27 Cat
tle Receipts 16.000; beef steers most
ly steady to strong; spots higher on
fed lots, top medium weights $11 60;
bet heavy, $11 35. fat she stock
steady to weak; bulk cows $4.o0f:5.50,
better grades $6 00ft6.50; most heif
ers $5 50 fa 6.50, calves steady to weak
best yealera $10.60011-00; all other
claasea around steady; bulk cannors
$2 500)2.75, cutter mostly $3.003
SALESMAN $AM One Lunch Is a Plenty BYSvl
T BoT';i 1 1 7 a
V of vod ) w;lL DO X( our'' To
-5i- wtr I
Notice la hereby given that there will
pe held a special meeting of the stoeu
holders of the 1 tex Oil Company, at two
(.') o'elork p. m., on Saturdnv the fcur
te. nth (Mth) dav of Octohi-f 1022 at
Suite 216-210 First National l.-nnli build
in Bj Ogden City, Weber count 1 tab
Business to be tranFdete-d lb. r-lertion of
Officers, and SUeh Other business lb.
I stockholders of said company ninv deelro
I to Iran sact .
Hated at Ogdn, I tali September 26,
! 1922.
President of the t tex Oil Company
2846 "
Notice Is hereby given, that tin. under
signed have been duly appointed tho
Hoard of Rquullzatlon and P.evlesv in
Curb and Gutter District No 120, and no
tice Is hereby given that .he. list of the
property in said tax district subject to
tax, and the amount of tax, has been
completed. I
The- underalgned, aa the Hoard of I
Equalization and Review, will meet ; t
the office of tin; mayor In the City hall
on Oetobei t, 8 i. 5 and fi. 1921, all dates
I inclusive, between the hours of ten (10)1
I o'clock a 111 , and twelve (12) o'clock
noon, and on said days will heaj and con
sider any and oil objections te tflfl levy
ing of such tux. and will make any
changes or corrections in said proposed
assessment as to the sold Hoard shall
seem Just and equitable.
That during the time specified :;a!d list,
and plats shall be open to public inspec-1
Hon from a o'clock a. m to 5 o'clock p
m, of each of said da s contlnuousl
the moors office In the City hall. J
The property to be affected by said
tax la us follows: Both sides if Monroe I
avenue between Twent -seventh and
Twentv-ninth street, both sides of Tweh-tv-elghth
street betwen Madison and.
Qulncy avenues, both sides of Thirtieth
3.50; most bulls $3.6034 00, few above ;
$4 26
Uogs Receipts 6.000. mostly to
(10c higher, .losing weak on mixed
quality; trader top 1" 15 shipper and1
pae-U. 1 top $10.10, 140 to ICO pound-
-rs $9 6 "j fri 0.90 . 1 S " to 2 40 pounders,
mostlv $0 250" 1" bulk '.'," 320
pounders $9 65 10 00; bulk $9.40 (g I
i$10.05. parking sows o&lOc loer;
jmostly $8.258.50, few at $8 65,;
BtOCker pigs steady to strong best nu-
jtives $990; bulk $9.50Cd9.75.
Sheep Receipts 8.000, very slow; j
'early sales ran steady to 25c higher ;.
prime L'lahs $14.65. plainer kind and
1 Sheep mostly steady; fat ewes largely
j $5.50(& 6.50.
ST JuSKHlI, Mo. Sept. 27 - Hogs
Receipts 7000, er slow; few early
'sales bids around 6 fa 10c. lower. 200
'to 230 pound butchers $10.10, pack
ing sows slow, few early sales $8 00
Cattle Receipts 4500. very slow,
over half the run still back. General
tone barely steady to weak; native
'steers and yearlings, weak to a shade
lower; beef cows uneven, steady to
I weak; calves barely steady, stockers
land feeders about steady, top mixed
yearllnga $10.60; bulk desirable na
tives, steers and yearlings $9.90010.60
six loads straight grassers $9 00, bulk
Ideslrable beef cows $4 7 5 'a H.Oo ; odd
! head up to $7.00. veal calf top $11.00;
feeder steers and heifers early $5 75
Sheep Receipts 4000. very slow,
I western native fat lambs $13.60; few
I odd lots drive Ins, $12.75 13.25, looks
'about steadj , eleven double decks
i mixed weste rn arriv ed late, not yet
l yarded.
NEW STORK, Sept. 27. The raw
sugar market was quiet early tod.i
and prices were unchanged at 3c for
Tubas, cowt and freight, BQUal tO 4 7 7c
for centrifugal.
Raw sugar futures were easier and
at midday were 3 to 4 points net low
er under commission house selling.
The market for refined was un
changed at C 25c for flno granulated
with the demand only moderate.
Refined ml . in s nominal
Sugar lutures closed easy, approxi
mate sales 23.300 tons. October 3 0;'
December 3 16; March 3.04; May 31 5.1
NEW YORK Sept 27 Copper dull. I
I electrolytic apot and futures 14
I Tin easier, spot and futures 32 37
Iron steady, prices unchanged.
Lead, firm; spot 5.35 g 6 50.
Zinc, steady. East St Louis spot
and noarby delivery 6.8506.90.
Antimony, spot 7 00.
NEW YORK, Sept. 27 Call money
easier, high 4. low AM, ruling ratb
44: closing bid 4 Vi : offered at 4;
last loan 4 xi . call loans against ac
ceptances 34; tlmo loans firm, mixed
collateral sixty and ninety days l1
4 $i ; 4 and six months 4$i.
Prime commercial paper 4 '3" 4 Vi -1
NEW YORK. Sept 27. Liberty
bonds closed- 2V2's 100.90 first 4's
blank; second 4's blank; first 4,i's
100.00; second 4 U 99,841; third
-i Vs 90 RS; fourth 4 Vi 's 99.98 Vic
tory 4-Vs uncalled 100 54, Victory
4i 's called 100 20.
NEW YORK. Sept 27. The Ameri
can Smelting and Refining company!
today adanced the price? of lead from)
fi 25 to 6.35c per pound.
I street between Jefferson and Madison
avenue, and t.oth sides of Qulncv evimn
between Twenty-eighth and Twenty
ninth streets, to a depth of r 1 r t . fee
j back from the street linen
By order of the Board of Equalization
I and Rev jew.
Dated, this, the 2th day of September.
Roard of Equalization and Rci. w
Published Sept 1322
Published In figden Standard-Examiner
I Curb and Gutter District No. 129.
1 Set one publication
Notice la hereby given thai (Kif n City
propor. a tu make tlm frillnwlng pul-!n:
Improvement, in-sit Construct sewers
In Sewer Instiict No 146. together with
work Incidental thereto, according to
; plans, specifications nd profiles on tile
In the office of the Clt3 Knglneer. And
. seah.-d bida are Invited for said work
land frill bs received at the office; of the
l:it Recorder In the City hall at Ogden.
Utah until ten o'clock a m en (he 4th
day of October, 1922 Instructions to
bidders, plans and specifications for said
Improvtnieni um be seen and examined
at the office of the Cltj ICnifneei In the
City hall of ;ald r It;, xn ! uhtttined upon
a deposit of ?5.00 winch will be refunded
upon iheir return In good condition with
in ten days of the above date
Tie- right Is reserved to reject any and
all bids and to waive any defects
By order of the Roard of Commission-1
era of Ogden Oity t'tah, this, the; 12th 1
day of Se:ptembc:r. 1?2J
City Recorder. I
I-trst publication S.-pi 1:1 1922.
Last publication Oct 2. 1922
Published In Ogden Standard-Examiner
Sewer OI.Mrlet No 146. 2211 1
Notice is hereby riven by the Hoard of
Commissioners of Ogden City, 1 'tan. of
the Intention of said Hoard of Commis
sioners to make the following described
Improvement, to-wlt: To (rente Jeffer-
, son avenue between Thirty-second and
Thirty -sixth streets, and Twenty-fourth I
Streel between Fillmore and Pierce ace
I nues as a sewer district, and to construct
; therein a sewer of vitrified or concrete
1 pipe of sufficient capacity, tog.ther with
I the necessary manholes, and all other
1 things necessary to complete; the whole!
I In a proper manner according to the
plans specifications and profiles on flle
j in the office 01 the Clt ESnglncer and
! to defra the whole of the cost and ex !
pen of the abuitor's portion thereof b'j
u levy of a special tx to be assessed upon
the lots or pieces of ground within the fol
lowing described district being tho dis
trict to be affected or benefited h mh h '
Improvement, namel) All the- land lying
between lb- OUl !t boundai line" of said I
streets and .1 line drawn one hundred
fet back from end parallel to said outer
boundary lines on both sides of said
streets between the limits named, being
Blocks 1 to 4 both Inclusive, and Blocks
4 and IV I.ake leu addition lx-t.-. 1. ut.d
M. and Blocks 3 and 4; East Park addi
tion; and Blocks 35 and 52, Nob Hill j
'Annex ull of the above being In Ogden
City Surves
The total cost of said Improvement Is,
estimated at S9.6Q0.OO.
All protests or objections to such Im-
provement or to the carrying but of such!
Intention must be presented in writing
signed by tho owners of abutting prop
erty describing the same, together with
the number of abutting front feet and be
filed with the City Recorder on or before '
the 3rd day of October. 1922.
The Board of Oommlstrtoners at Itsi
first regular meeting thereafter, to-wlt. I
the 4th da) of October, 1 f2 J. will con
side r the proposed levy and hoar and con- I
sides ruie-h protests or objections to said
Improvement as shall have been made
By order of the Boarel of Commission
ers of Ogden City, I tah
Dated Sept- 12, 1922.
Cltj Recorder. 1
virst publication Sepl 13 1922.
Iast publication Oct 2. 112J.
Published In Ogden Standard-Examiner. I
Sewer District No 14$. 2212 1
Consult County Clerk or the Respec
tive Signers for Further
NO. 3651.
Estate of felestla A. Price, otherwise
known as Celestla A. Cornish, Deceased
The petition of William Price praying
for tho unoo'ntmenf of himself an admin
istrator of tho said "state, in the above,
entlt'cd matter, haJ been act for hearing j
before Won George S Barkei. Judge, on I
Monday, the 9lh la of October, 1922. at
two (2) o'clock p m . at the countv court
house In the court room of said court in
Ogdvn City. WVber county, ( tab
Witness, the clerk of said court, with
the- seal thereof Hfucd. this 27th dav or
September. 13241
By Agnes Smith, Deputy Clerk.
N. J Harris. Attornev for Petitioner
(Seul) 2SS2
In the matter of the estate of Edith B
Duffey. deceased
Creditors will present claims, with
vouchers to the undersigned, at Room
309 F J Kleael building. Ogden, Utah,
'on or before November 5, 1 0 2 L' .
Administrator estate of Edith B. Duffej
.1. G. Willis. Attornev for Administrator
First publication Sept 13 1922 22J0
No. 3652
Estate of Frederick K. Hoover, Deceased.
The petition of Elmer S. Ifoivcraon.
praying for tho admission to probat of
i)ie InSt will and testament of Frederick
K Hoover deceased. bikI that letters of
admlniHlration with will annexed be Is
sued to Charlen H. Barton. In the above
entitled matter, bus been set for hearing
before Hon James N Kimball, Judge, on
Monday, the 0th day of October. t:i22. at
ten (10) o'clock a. m., at the county court
house, in the court room of said cour' in
Ogden City, Weber countv T'tah
witness, the lork of said court, with
the neal thereof affixed this 27th dsl
September ire? '
I. A WRENCH A VN IOKE. ( 'leil
I v agnes Smith, Deputy CH
iDeVlne Howell St'.n. Gwilllum, Al
ne s for Petitioner
1 (Seal)
In the Hist rlet Court of the Second
Idstrict in and for the CounB
Weber State of l'tah
in the Blatter of ihe pjstates of i-:dt
F Horn and Ann.. I. Horn Husl
and Wife both Deceased.
Creditors of the eatatea of Edwatj
Horn und Anna L Horn, both decfl
will t, resent claims with vouchers to
undersigned administrator at the laid
lines 01 Chez & Douglas, at roomsl
402-403 First National bank build
Ogden, l'tah, on or before NoveniM
Administrator of the estate of Edwsfl
Horn, d. i-eastd and id mln 1st rator j
the will annealed of the estate of9
1.. Horn, deceased.
Chea A: Douglas, ttorneys for Adml
No 3637.
1 t-eii, Mai k if.i.n im..- known as .lohl
Mack, bm whoae inie name wnsl
RfcGowan, Deceaaed.
The petition of James McfJowan, p
III thai the pretended will of said
'''-;' ' 1 be denied probate anil that Q
Vdams be appointed ndmlnistrator ofj
estate, In the abovt- entitled matter,
been set for hearing before Hon Gel
Judge on Mondu 1 the j
day Of October. 1922. at two (2) o
p, in 'I th int.. court Iio-isp Irn
court room of said court, In Ogden 1
Weber county, l'tah.
Witness, the clerk of said court I
the seal ther of nfflxe-d. this 27th dej
September. 1922
l: Smith Dej.uiv ('lefl
D. ni HOWell Mine &l (Jwilllaia.J
torneys for Petitioner.
No 3653
Estate of roseph s ste-.enson I ceaJ
The petition of Edward V." SteveB
I and .Maude Stevenson Ochs, pi'iing J
admission to probate of a certain SA
iiient ijurportlnK to tlu- i.ii will
testam nl of Fosoph 9 M'.n!on,
Ceased, and for their appointment as JJ
ecutors thereof. In the above ntlt
mattir I1118 be; n ,-ei for hearing IB
iion Georgi 9 Barker, Judge, on Mjfc
da the O'h da ol u, r, l.rj; at
1 (2) o'clock p m , at the countv c
house, in the court room of said co
in Ofrden City, Weber county I lih.
Witness the clerk of s.bl court. J
the seal thereof affixed, tins '7ih daj
September, 1922.
l; .Vcr.e, Smith Denu'y ('let
C l: Hcdlii,gsv ort h. ttorn- foi P
(Si all
In th.- district court of the Sed
ludtcial district, in and for Wher ' OUl '
State of Utah I
In 'he matter of the estate of Fftl
M wilder, deceaaed
Creditors will present, claims f
vouchers to the undersigned at the of
of c K II..:hngsorth. Sril'e 5 1 h . D
Eccl. s building. Ogden. I tah. on Oti -fore
the 30th dav of October.
Administrator with will annexed. o(W
estate of Fannie M Wilder deceafP
C. R Hollingsworth. Attorney for
minlstrator "li
Dated. Ogden, l'tah, August 30, lap
In the Dlstrlrt c. er- ( Ve:.r Com
State of 1 tah
John M Leavltt, a minor, by A rr
.M I.rii'.ltt fc'iardl.in ,.f tils person jgj
ta'e. plaintiff. - J C R.i o and 5
zel Pace, et al. defendants ss U
To be "old at sheriff's .mle on the
.la-. f October. 1922. at 12 o'clockl
'.f said day. at the south front eioO
the Weber c. .unt;. - 1,1 Ml in "jp
den City, V.'ei.-r county I tah the l
lo..iig des. lit.e I t.roperty. to-wlt: (
A part of Lot Twelve. (12) In I ,
Four HI. South Ogden survey of 0 -
ciu Sarve. beginning at a point JJ
fee' x. 1,1th frr.m the southeast cornel t
I a t 11. in mid CI... lc t an.l on the 1 W
line of Porter avenue, running? tlM
'uin 52 feet, then' e e-.est 135 feet, thl R
noi 52 fee . thence east 1 35 fetj k
the place of beginning u
Dated at (?drn Cltv. Weber COU
I tah this 2fuh da of September. 1
Sheriff of Weber Count ''tfsj.fr
Deputy Sheriff. v
MIAN'' lessons ftt our home, exi
pm ed teacher charges reasonable n
993-M M
PROF. I023LLY. Palmistry md 5
readings. 443 Twen ts - six i h street!
MRS X.ACY.Psychlc Readings. 1 to
m. Arlington hotel. Washington avsaaj
ec;ond hand goods
SECOND-HAND gooc nounui and i
lHOO Wuh Ave. Phon i- J
LARSON - SON S buildlnt c or. trad 1
Remodeling. Phone686-R 1
nr.PKN' liat: Barrel roini-any
Hudson Ave. 1'hono 2244 J ,
ALL kinds of scavenger woru cess at
and toilets cleaned, rubbish hauled, ,
Chlpp & Co. ZJ Hudson Pl.on"
McCARTY St CO.. hauling rubbleb, I i
ashes. 2723 Grant. Phona 2018-W.
TT" your mattriss neea rea.rina;-.
(10 Smith Bedding Faetorv.

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