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fPPff rS.,,"",,;"? J AL?2 T39 - -"-C Idaho' wyng and north- !
1 LBIIL7 V, . pcrature. HtfHtU' i crn Utah than other ciIicj )
James Stillman Denied Divorce
Cemetery Theft and Insur-j
I ance Plot Connection
Seen in Fire
War Bride Insists Mate
With $16,000 Policy
Died in Blaze
K-8T. LMTS s-pi :u (By the As-
loc'tn- i it. i ' 1 ' : n -
Kunccd they w.-r . . .n v . re 1 that
kHarry R. Brrnn i I :i I '! bod-- of
Miss C : (!:.. .it. IS, in his
Hragt at OnkvMle just south of hero:
Kortly before it v. ;.s .. -!.-. . l.y fire I
Erlv Tuesday P.:'. m. who carries'
16. Of"' In llf. in H'l"
Kultaneousl" with the starting oi in.
Be and at i.. i; . .1 i he
I body J.. 11 n 1
erdr r r
gfail parts . f II,
, I The bod' i . M r - s ! i n . i . I . r vv
UB s(6len from Itfl grave In Monn" Hope
HJie'mctery. near Oakvllh Man i; nigh',,
Sand when found in the debris "f the
flentro;, . j garage was burned so badly
that xt rlor traces of
HBmtlflcatlon in.t .!. pp ii i it re-j
Wqulro i :. :i operation to!
ascertain tin.- bod) wax that of a
HBman. and particularly i ml-almln ;
sVlOCHor. nr.. I.
Btt It was that
1 Alio IS LI I
V The bodv was lasting In an aulo
Obllo win n fuiin.l ::i ') ruins ami
Oltce sa 11.. '. r i ' t ..-!..
uiulotn. .i.r . ' Mo -oe ..to- tha.
Bi."i Monda)
BVicht ti which the it,
Obbcry ... . nrr.-d Tin- a . . I CtCrmlned
wv the 1I..M-. noniS":- i.. .. name
fljHat..' which won n I by the
The grave ; Mi-s Schneider had no
Htnly a f'.-A weeks ami as a result police
may. it v .-. -. Ible for a stranger
to know vh.ther Ho- crave contained
IHlh" body . ruin or -I woman
I GRU1 sump n s ,in
f ST. IT) i is. Sept. 2 0. (By the
I i IT. i Pol l. i" authorities f1'
E: I. no !.! St Bonis county to. lav
rcdo.ii.-. i t to n- . : fort s in find Harry
Bronn. vars old, vho has been
WtllBSlni,' sin. '.I .-.."a.- :.l Mik-.illo.
Ho.. Ta.H .lestrov.-.l i.v tir.- l.-.st Tu
da. ii i r n In and who nought In
conn" .Mi w h it the polic I rm
on. of tin 'i
I in . r -
.Tin ...'h unm nn I Lh: ha I
jabllMi. m t:::,t a . harred I rso vl lir:-t
bell." .11. 1..- t ' i t Of I"
was round In the .J. bri I h fire,
fcru ti i -i"' '' '
I I u !. ' ' m om H
Hru' .
I s'' "! ' 1 maintaining
let i.) lo r hiisl-a ml. v 'm r
rarri.-.l a total of $10,000 Hfr In
Jiuran. - Mi.! died In th. nurajc blnze.
ilr- r.r.nn. . n Gerniau war brMo
vric, nlmontha-oM In'ant In vo-r
iK . . .ti,. . is,, n,,Mr
iiiiis. fji-nifn. nr. .irui.'i. i
ftha'. n'if hud
ns.olred with her hus
band in plot to rollert the Inruir
lince. I Mrs. IT. nn and AnpiiHt Schnoiiftr.
Bie dead iMrs father, arc held in
Bs.ll at Clayton. Mo. Schneider also
Wntalna ) e had no knowledge of
grave robbery and the Mr.-
f Pressed In mournlnir. Mr?. Brenu
rsatd ih. i.i-it -lo- h-'d '.--n "f ir
usband was Monday nbjht before ho
t f horn. In mswer to a ) i. phono
ftali for road service. Brenn'a garage
burnr-.j i,, ti ,- rronn I oarly Tuesday
Wlorn in;;. . n hours aft. r ;m left
thorn "
Mrs Brenn Bald she hjld planni-.l
to ha- tt,.- . harred i.o.iy. founJ in
Ittie r l r ruins, rremated as that of
her husband but tho ereniatlcn was
h'M ui., .,M. r . ..ur.lv , Top) n n horl
llcs discovered the body was that Of
U girl.
I' The poller- ash-rt.-d that further
'.vf-atlijatlon revealed that Bri-r.n and
Ib wife vvrre planning golni; to '.:
uny to live a,s soon as they accu
pi'i'ated n.-cessary funds
I that Mrs Brenn had told per ils-
'-'rr-ln-lav. she would return to -
any where she married IT. on whllo
was In the American armv of oc
Upjtlon. ns soon as the claims from
KP'ejn's life Insurance were settled
Tbat the undertaker, who had
Jhurye of Miss Schneider's funeral,
I ntjried a piece of cloth, which v
L kuni on the - harred body, as similar
. thc material he used In til? girl 8
l lodslonx mad.- In the Kirl'i body
f Jr embalming purposes were round
'n thf: burned torso.
VANCOUVER, E C , Sept. 29. 1
City Paymaster T. A
Schooley was held up Mid
robbed of $75,000 by two auto
mobile baadits today The rob
bers escaped, making- a sensa
tional dash through the busi
ness district Schooley had just
left the city hall whru the men
assaulted him and snatched a
bag containing the n.'orey.
4 - g
Arizona Murderer Attempts I
To Escape Noose By
Feigning Insanity
TjORBNCE, Ari?., Sept. 29. The j
jotloro West maintaining to the la.t
his sham of Insanity, died on ihe gal-j
lows of the Arizona state prison hfro
at oVloek this ntorn'tiT- He was,
I executed for the murder of I .emj
jsmlth. in Mohave county In Jul. 1921
West spent his last night curalng
everyone within found of his voice,
'guards and fellow prisoners alike. He
1 blasphemously refused to see a clergy
man and, according to prison authori
ties, his actions had been peculiar fori
ithe past ten day.-. That he attempted
j to iham Insanity, is the belief of the
I authorities; v. ho assert that Wet once!
before, In California, escaped the gal-'
lows after having been sentenced tO:
death by an Insa-hity plea
Th- bodv of Smith with a bullet (
hole in the back of the head was found
i beside the road bottveen Uatman and:
Topoc In Mohave county In July,
I Smith and West? traveling together
I In un automobile, had left oatman the
day before West was arrested In Los
i Angel" several days after the discov
ery of Smith's body. He was brought
back to Kingman, tried and fouul
I guilt., of murder.
I Theodore We t. an Itinerant prln er,
'was sentenced in Kingman. Ailz.. t
ItM hanged at the slate prison hr-re for,
I the murder of Lemuel Smith who was
mIi.M to deatn lulv 1921, on tne
desert between Oatman and Topooj
vbib- :h. two were -ii routo in un.
automobile from BrowaWood, Texas,
to IvOs Angeles. Cal
West was arrested In lxs Angeles
three days after the murder He testi
fied In his own behalf that hn acci
dental killed his compaion when to
discharged his revolver In a scuffle
with thre. men who were attempting
to rob him.
in denying west s appeal, the state
9u pi erne court declar. d
'No more positive. . ir, plain and
convincing association of facts and
Circumstances ever eventuated to point
out unerringly and absolutely the
souice of a crime than those developed
It, u.ts Casfl The number of such cases
occurring m Arizona Is alarming and
the circumstances of their commis
sion exhibit extreme depravity and
' creal Ingratitude The recipient from
i the automoblllat of a lift across tle
country, repays his benefacto. by WU
' ng him. and the manner In which he
, x, rules bla diabolical deed, shown the
taking of human life doea not bother
him his only concern being a safe
I esoane."
Girl StUdtnta at the Klamath county
high chool here after this must wear
U e uniform dress adopted bv he
Undent body last year or Pan
H-ilsiai torv excuse for npncompllanci
Tills Was lhe ruling of Hubert (loet.
Sncipal Th- uniform consists ol
Law heeled black shoes black stock
inS. a dark blue or black skirt and
a wb;l.e middy blouse.
Baby Guy Declared
Legitimate; Decree
Victory For Woman
Wife Absolved of Intimacy With Indian by Ref
eree Who Heard Evidence in Most Sensa
tional Domestic Rupture Recorded
in High Society
CARMEL, N Y., Sept. 29 (By the Associated Press) James
A. Stillman, former president of the National City bank of New
York was denied a decree in his suit for absolute divorce against his
wife, Anne U. Stillman, and baby Guy Stillman was declared legiti
mate in the findings of Daniel J. Gleason, referee in the case which
filerl lmrp
The reierce . decision was a com
plete victory for Mrs Stillman. Not1
only wa her defense upheld but the
referee, also confirmed her charges
that Mr. Stillman had misconducted
himself with Florence H Leeds, for
mer Broadway show g:rl and thatl
Mrs Ix-edn had borne two children.
In regard to Mrs Stlllnian's charges
that her banker husband had also,
misconducted h'.msclf with two otlo r
women, identified only as Hsh n
an "Clara." Referee Gleason decided
that the evidence was not sufficient to
prove the allegation of adultery
Two of the banker's attorneys, Col-
inj I William Hand and Onlerhrldgo,
Hbrsey, waiting to hear the decision I
In Mr. .Gleason's of fl e at I'oughkeep
sle. declined t vy vhethPr they In-,
1-tided to appeal from the referee's:
The refenc wn.it: the testimony,
adduced bv Mr Stillman In support
of his charges thai Mrs. Stillman mis-
c, inducted herself with Fred Beau-;
als. Indian guide, alleged bj the
banker to be the faihcr of lime Guy
FMilman. uncontradicted and unex
plained was sufficient to Justify him
In believing Mrs Stillman guilty of
the charges made against her"
"A careful examination, however,
of nil the testimony," said his report
"has shaken .my faith and belief In
the testimony of th. witnesses called
in the plaintiff's behalf."
Through his mother"" victory. Guy
tlllman retains Ills rights as an heir
with his two brothers and his sister
to the f6. ooo. ooo irust fund created
for them by their granufather, the
late James stillman
The referee held that Mr Stillman
had failed to o ercomie the presump
tion of legitimacy, "which is one of
the r.trongest known to the law and
which cannot be overthrown except
bv evidence whl h Is stronger "
fin the olher hind the report found
the proof of Mrs. Stillman recrim
inating charges that h'er husband had
supported and maintained Florence 11.
Leeds as his wife and that she had
given birth to two children. 1 recog
nbtfd hy him had been o overwhelm
ing and so onvlnclng that the plaln
iiri'u niforn.-vs franklv stated to tin-
referee that n.i denial would bo madol
of i h'-x.. charges."
Mrs. Stillman the referee held, not
only established evidence of untruth
and falsity of misconduct between her.
and IJr-auvals, but also presented evl-j
debec tending to show that agents
of Mr. fXlllman offered Indu.emenva
of money and positions to witnesses
who would teatlfy thai his wife had
mitbehaved with the Indian guide
In conclusion It was re. ommended
that lhe plaintiffs complaint should
be dismissed.
Th. referee's teport. upon motion
by either side, will go to Supremo1
Court Justice Morachauser for con
firmation or rejection and it is ex
pected that Justice ICorschauaer vviii
uphold the finding of Mr Oleason.
"Thia I" a very unusual action." said
the icport. 'as It clearly appears with
! ,, it contradiction that -in. least I
i us early ns 1 9 1 1. and ever since that:
: dttp. during the continuance of this
I actlcn, jn.i down to at least March,!
I 1921. the plaintiff has been intimate
with a woman not his wife known
.as Florence H Leeds, has support.. 1
and maintained her as his wife 1 n !
I various places and In various apart
1 ments; I hat during the period she DAS
given birth to tWO children, who have
been recognized by him as his chil
dren; that he lias supplied her with
motor cars and lowelry. .supervised hei
' bank account and has borne the same
i . la I Ions with no: as a man ordinarily
I bcarr to his wife '
The proof on this subject ....
overwhelming and convincing . .
! and upon tho uncontradicted proof I
find thut tho plaintiff has been guil
ty of adultery with one, Florence H.
Leods. and has lived In adulterous In
tercourse with her from the year 1916
to at leaMt tho early part of 1921."
A large part of the report was de
voted to dlftcuaslng Mr, Stlllman's ef
fort to show he could not have t n
ihe father of iuy Stillman and to the
te:tlmony of his witnesses that they
(Coutlnaed on Pago Two.)
Furs Said to Be Worth
$11,000 Found With
LOS ANGELES. Sept. 29. A
pamphlet giving minute Instructions,
i In 'safo era., king" found In the pos-1
esslon of a man who gave his nam"
I as Charles Rrown and believed by the
police to be 'Gentlema n Charlie." i
well known to the police of tho east.
led the officers hero to express the
belief a school for beginners in rob
bery of safes and vaults existed in
or near Chicago.
Brown declined police said, to ec-
plain how the pamphlet came into
his possession or to state whether he
1 had followed the instructions It con
tained fcr opening 19 makes of safes
and five makes of vaults without re
i sorting to the use of explosives
I Furs said to have a value In ex-
cess of $1 1,000 were tound by the
I police In brown's room. Hrown said
he purchased them In Chicago and
could prove It The officers told him
I to proceed and meantime they con
J tinned their efforts to fiivi the ovvn-
ers. Brown Is said to have served
! two and a half years In Folsom. Call
I fornla, for burglarv
Workmen today found 16 sticks of
dynamite lu the tool box of a locomo
tive m the Atchlnson, Toooka & San-
ta Fo roundhouse here Attached to
tho dynamito was i capsule filled with
acid This acid ato through the cap-sub.-
in an hour and a tialf after the
dynamite was discovered, and appar
ently had been designed to set off the
blast, which officers say would have
wrecked the round house and dam
laged many locomotives
YOUNGSTOWN. iih:o Sept. 29.
The first curtailment of steel opera-j
Hons on account of ear shortage was.
announced here today bv the Re
public iron and Steel company which
has shut down eight of its 10 sheet
mills at tho plant In Nlles.
. oo
TOKIO Sept. 29 i.By the Associ
ate, Press Japunese evacuation of
tho Siberian mainland opposite, tho
island of Sakh alien has been com
pleted an. i civil administration of that
territory has been withdrawn. It was
I announced official hero today.
(3EORGINIA, Ala.. Sept. 29 Four
business blocks were destroyed In an
early morning fire hero, causing an
estimated loss of $200, oou.
Seventeen buildings were burned
and five residences destroyed.
George on Throne With:
Cabinet of Twelve Gov- h
erning Country 1
One General Declares That j
Greeks Will Insist on 1
Having' Republic M
PARIS, Srpt "20 (By The Vvsod-
I atcd Press). Former l'remier .-iii-!
e.-- received tli'e following telcgntmj
lo re today:
"The revolutionary rnnvmlttr-o ex-1
presses its entire confidence in you1
In . harglns you with the defense of,
Ihe national raiM' ami foll-!t- your
Immediate co-opera tlon."
PARIS Sept 29. (By the Associ
ated Press ) Ex-kln.T CcnsLantln.- hasl
been held prlsonei In Athens pending
arrangements for tending htm out of
the country, according to messages
received In official o iarters In Paris
i Note An Athens message this
I morning, saying the ex-klng w as not
la prisoner, indicated that while ho
I may not have been technically Impris
on, d he wiw by no moons a free
agl nt as It was said the revolutlon
arv committed had not decided what
should he done with him i
Five minister of the ITotopapdakls
government have been Imprisoned, the
message slates, charged with respon
sibility for the defeat of the Greek
army In Asia Minor and succeeding
'events In Greece. Theso ministers. It
I declared, will be tried by a military
I commission. They are M Gounarls.
Slratoa, Theotokls. Goudas and Proto
I pa pdakls.
The ministers charge that the dc
fe.it of the Greek army and the down
fall of Constantlne were due to a
'Venlzellst plot.
Aiur,.vn ocpt :j. Ly me As
sociated Press.) Crown Prince George
has taken the oath as king, and
Greece, pending the formation of a
nvv ministry, is being governed by
12 officers representing the army and
navy- An executive committee, a tri
umvirate, consisting of Colonels Gon
otaa and Plastlraa for the army and
Captain Phokas for tho navy, Is In
actual direction of the new regime
Athens continues quiet, perfect order
being maintained everywhere
The nationalist movement as it is
.ailed, is absolutely nonpartisan, ac
cording to an announcement by the
executive committee.
It Is probable that a military cab
inet will be formed, but the revolu
tionary committee will continue its
surveillance of this provisional gov
ernment, until elections can be held
and the organisation effect a perma
nent government founded on tho
wishes ot the people.
Tho British minister of peace,
Francis O. Llndley has asked to. he
re. elved by tho executive committee.
It is reported that the abdicated
king. Constantlne, former Queen
Sophie and Constantino's brothers.
Prince Nicholas and Prince Andrew
arc to leave Athens today, but their
declination has not been learned
Prince Paul, young son of Constan
Itine, probably will be asked to remain
in Greece.
PARIS Bepl 19. (By the Ass..cl
jated Press.) Former Premier Venl
j zelos of Greece, returned to Parte
from DeaUvllle today and Immediately
entered Into conference with friends
land political associates who gathered
at his hotel
Tho conference, it is understood,
will consider whether M VenUelos
'will reply to the Athens revolutlon
!ary committee's Invitation to represent
Greece at the peace conference and
In the allied capitals.
What we need In Greece is a rc
! public like you have In America.'' said
Genera Paraekevopouloa, Greek com
mander In chief under th. Venlsi lOfl
regime, Interviewed here by a repre
sentative of the Puns edition of the
New i 01 Iv Herald.
"The people of Greece will never be
satisfied to be governed by foreigners '"
he added As to the m u king. Georg
th. general would not speculate on tho
possible effect of his accession to tho
throne, but, ho b.ii.i
"As I knew Prince Guorge. ho was
very much like his father In sy in
put hies
WASHINGTON, Sept 29 Reports
ot an "alllan, e" botw -mi ('oliguria and
Turkey were denied in a statement
issued today by the Bulgarian legation
I Knowledge That Soviet Russia Is Closely Con
nected With Kemal Government Adds to
Fears in Official Quarters; Believe
Turks Will Try to Provoke
Tommies to Shoot First
LONDON, Sept 29 (By the Associated Press.) The British I
government has sent a virtual ultimatum to Mustapha tfemal Pa3ha
' stating- that his troops must leave the Chanak zone.
CONSTANTINOPLE, Sept. 29. (By the Associated Press )
IMuBtapha Kemal Pasha replying to General Harington's telegram of
j Wednesday has sent a message declaring hi? troops would not ad
vance further. He rays he desires that no incident should occur and
that he will see General Harmgton as soon ijs possible.
NEW YORK, Sept 29 Reports that the British troops in tho
, neutral zone around the Dardanelles had been hemmed in by the
' Kcmalist forces resulted today in a sharp break in sterling exchange
in London, which immediately was reflected here Dcmonct bills
here were quoted at $4.37 cr 2 cents below Thursday night's closing
t i i"iv i if i n." r i on i !"- i iin t ', mm
General Harington Leaves
For Conference With
Kemal at Mudania
the Associated Press.) Brigadier.
General Sir Charles Harin?ton. com
mander In chief of the British forces
In the Dardanelles, area, plans to leave j
this afternoon for a conference with,
Mustapha Kemal Pasha, probably atj
Mudania. on the sea of Marmora.
Tho British are confident that If
tho next 2 4 hour.-; pa-s without the,
firlns of shots at Chanak or other j
points alons the Dardanelles, all hn-l
mediate danger of hostilities will'
have been avoided. This is the period
Of time estimated to be required for.
General HarliiRrton's Journey and ln-
terview with Mustapha Kemal.
The allied hlRh commissioners have j
decided to dispatch a commission com
posed of British! French and Italian1
officers to Rodosto, Lule-BourRas und
Adrlandple, In Thrace, In order to ex
ercise a pacifying Influence there.
According to the Exchange Tele-
graph, part of the French troops!
which were withdrawn from Cha-j
taldja. and which have since been In
Constantinople, will be used for the:
defense for the European shore of j
the Bosphortia
With their 'backs to the straits, the,
British forces In (.'hanik. now look out!
on three sides upon the forces of
Mustapha Cemal Pasha.
The Turks have completed their oc
cupation of the neutral zone and a
' climax Is swiftly approaching.
General Pellc. French high com
missioner, has dispatched an energetic
note to Smyrna, telling Mustapha
Kemal that the British sincerely de-,
sire to avoid a conflict but that
Franco will not be able to restrain
them It they are attacked
The British are confident that they
' can hold their lines against anV
iKemallst attack. Among the British
,; naval units are the superdreaditaiiKhts !
I Revdnge and Resolute, OhO most pow
erful men of war at lout.
Tho British naval authorities are
'.'holding up all Greek and Turkish
Uralt 1" the P.osphorus and the Dar
(.lanelles, making minute sear, hes for
materials of war.
I The Greek battleship Averoff. which
was taken from Constantinople by her
mutinous crew, Is proceeding through
I the straits unmolested by Turkish land
Every outgoing train and boat Is1
'filled to capacity. Small fishin;,' and1
I merchant boats are taking the ovcr
! I flow and their owners reaping large
j profits.
Tho prospect of war has brought to
Constantinople newspaper correspond"
I'ents of every nationality. The United
1 1 States leads with 13 writers, Gr-ac
(Continued on Pace Two.)
' -
Associated Press.) Grave fears for a I
recurrence of general warfare In Eu- H
rope as a result of the Near East m
crisis are occupying the minds of H
British official circles, It I? stated In jfl
authoritative quarters H
The protracted cablne meetings H
have considered every step for tha
prevention of such a conflagration It H
Is explained that these fears are based
on the relations known to exist be H
tween tho Angora government and
soviet Ruaaja, and the potentialities
of such relations. H
The whole British policy. It is sta'.-
ed. Is to keep the Turks from cross- H
Ing the Dardanelles Into eastern
Thrace because. It is maintained that H
In thb) advent fighting would certainly
occur and the whole of the Balkans jJ
WOUld be drawn Into th- struggle. If
is declared emphatically that 'such a 1
crossing will not be countenanced. H
The Issue of war or peace still hung J
by a thread this morning. Violation
Of the neutral ron. Turks con-
tlnues. Turkish soldiers are approach- ll
lnt: to within a few feet of the Brit- H
Ish outposts and roconnoltei In? th-'
,e d'f' nslv e Of. T M .11 -1 I 1 -
eral Harington's orders hav e not been jl
r , cabinet went In'.o r-e.-bm aga'n Mm
this mornlm,- and pre... i.'v win be in Jm
conference throughout t'n - day. with
oniv necessary Intermission.
The main danger Is still regarded
as centering In the Chana' zone on 1
the southern shore of th" Dardanelles
"Cavalry detar hmn's In bands of
luo .,r LM'i . .ntinue to filter In.' says
the Morning Post's ConsUm mopb-
correspondent. 'They rid-- under a
whlto flag or with rifles reversed mmW
whenever they are var our troop. mMm
The) show no aggression but make
the British situation militarily most
difficult, and their movements nat- mM
orally furnith an excel'. nt i.iethod of
There were rumors ovrnigh-. that mm
the allies would possib'y evacuate
Constantinople, thus allowing the Kc- jH
mallsts throuKh to Thrace while the mm
Allod headquarters would bo eslab
llahed In Galllpoll, where they could M
cooperate with the British forts In
Chanak In keeping the straits open.
Fear is also expressed lst the Ke- 1
mallst sympathizers In Constantinople
Btarl an uprising within the capita!
Some of the morning papers report
that the Mrlilsh government Is steadily
Increasing Us preparations for war.
The Dally Express says several th.m-
sand mllltarv motor trucks have been
,,: Icred and that two of tie- govern-
a largest ammunition and arms
factories, which have been almost Idle mmM
the war. have been put upon
The movement of warships an t BB1h
troops to the Levant continues, th-
i i,. n - the departure fom .VI-
dershot of two mountain bntterlee.
Th- l'.rllish policy that the Turks
. not allowed to cross the straits ho
fore the question Is adjusted by a
peace conference Is said to be based
,,,, ,,,. ni)!- 1 no'e sent from Paris
to Mustapha Kemal Inviting him t
such a conference
The opinion is expressed that Ke- H
mal Is trying to provoke th- Brills'!
to tlrio on the Turks so that they can
turn to the Mohammedan world and
claim he has been attacked by th-s H
Christians. Should such a thing oc
cur. It would naturally raise n gr,. H
Nsue for fireat Britain. India. Egypt H
and ft sopbtamla. j;
To the first 50 patrons
A 50-pound sack of fresh dug
Absolutely Free
With each $1.00 Cash Want Ad ir,
The Standard-Examiner
A 12-word ad seven times and a
BO-lb. sack of good potatoes all for Potatoes sacked ready for delivery.
00. Take them with you.

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