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Ogden'sNew $200,000 Apartmen W ouse
If j m 1 'mj.i i ii 1 "jf"
I Showing Avelan and La Frantz Apartments.
The now Avelan apartments, to the right in the above illustration, will be completed and ready for tenants. The
Arelan was constructed at a cost of $200,000 by a local corporation, The Standard Investment Company, which
pjso owns and operates the La Frantz. The Avelan consists of sixty apartments of three rooms each, which are
modern and are to rent at $.n.ri per monih Each apartment Is equipped with electric range, built-in kitchen cabinet
and is also supplied with ample closet room. Each of the sixty apartments are of large airy rooms and include pri
vate bath The Avelan apartments caters to adults only while the La Frantz apartments caters to families with chil
dren. Both of these mi d rr buildings arc located o:: Twenty-seven th street between Washington and Adams ave
nues within close walking distance of the business A ction :nd In a neighborhood where garages can be obtained fot
tenants who own cars. A centra! heating plant Applies both 01 these buildings, insuring uniform heat at all times.
Rentals In the La Frantz apartments range from $37 monthly upward. Both buildings represent a total investment
of $400,000.
Secretary Hoover Names
Committee to Study
National Problem
Widespread Interest In the qui tloo
H rjf city zoninc: caused Herbert Ho.i
ver. secretary of commerce, to ap
H point a national commit''-, of PX
H ports to study the question. This
l -ommittee sine spring has Hied re
j ports from a study of toning in
"Which such r . 1 1 n r i i ere str .
Jodorsed for ivory growing cltl
b conclusion t it5" work the commit
has now written it
K lng law which
one wiehin? to stud
H Zoning is tho n u ;-i.:n to I
frt of the city planning Which at
H timpt.s to set aside certain sections
bj a city for speclfii
H Jaw a section of the city U deefgnat-
oa as a borne jscctlon, another as ft
railroad ami U' i-. lii-iuni c,
other for factories etc. Zoning saf-
V jruarrl--
Jtfoshes tot a '
I ieitto X 1
Also ,'
tale business i J
M H taire w.-.iu-s' u f
m eection win net be , , ,J
porUtion. A hui I tran"
f Jems aro j in J ' ' 1 1
a renins ' Blnl
InMb, n - J
i '' ' have;
tSM-gpi r rotection of
lr ' BBrthat have owned und
it, wlion mdc a law as late as was
,nln ' " "f New rrk 1
00 absolutely ncci
Lh e T prote
ft 'hopplns and banl.'r,
LbY the encroachments oi warehouses, r.n
1 be put Into effort only with gr-it
hardship to Bany It also Is bound
to cause hundreds of lawsuits when
' put off until a Ity has grown in a
'haphazard way to the slc of some
i astern cities.
Tlio standard ait ay prepared by
the department has the weight of
great authority and contains provi
1 slons that hatfe stood the test of
hundreds of lawsuits. Edward M.
Passett, counsel for the zoning com
i mlttee of N'cW York, who has d.
I fended the Xew York law, in hun
dreds of cases is the legal member
of Mr. Hoover's board Other mem
bers are: flftng B. Hiett. former
president of the National Association
of Heal Estate P.oards; John Ihlder.
housing consulant and manager of .he
civic development department of the
I Chamber of Commerce of the United
States: Morris Knowles. consulting
! engineer, and alst from the Chamber
of Commerce of the t-nit d States;
I Nelson P. Lewis, municipal engin-er
I for the National C nferenee of City
PI nning and rious other organl
zttJons; J. Horsc Mc'rl.md. presi
dent of the American Civic organiza
tion. Frederick Lt.w Olmsted, presl
dent of the American Society cf
Landscape Architects: Lawrence Yell-i
ler, eerret.niT and iroctor of tho Na
tional Housing aMcictlon. nnd John
ff and
' hour.in. division M the U. S. d part-it
- -i ACT '-ipf FREE.
The ."uggel is too lonfr to
tment r( c' rce.
Ti.e committee states that zoning Is I
under the police power of the state!
and Is well within tho powers granted 1
by the ordinary stat" constitution to j
legislatures of stales. If drawn ac-1
cording to the national committee's:
plan, no amendment to the stale con-!
Stltutlon Is necessary. Together with '
the pttipost l is ware numerous notes,
on legal questions so the ordinance!
c.".n be fiamed wlthr.ut encountering
obrtacles In courts that have proven '
the undoing of similar laws In 'other J
states. A state enabling act Is neces- i
sary becauae cities hrve not been
printed specific authority to do many
things tha.t zoning Implies, the roport ;
I says. Cities that dc3!;-e to adopt zon
ing, as hundreds have, are cautioned '
'against adding to the law now words'
DUILy bsfiy&feab
.Ground Broken for Modern
Edifice on Jefferson
and Twenty-fiftli
Ground has been broken at z
ty-flfth street and Jefferson avenuo
for tho new home of the Baptist
church, according to an announce
ment made by the Rev. L. A. Garri
son. Excavating for tho church will he
rushed with the view of completing
the concrete work before the coll
weather seta In.
Present plans call for an expendi
ture of $100. OOu for the new cliv;h
which will be one of the best In the
I cUite when completed.
Tho present ohurch which Is locat
ed at 2369 Grant avenue, will bo torn
down just as soon as the new chureh
is completed, to make way for addi
tional facllitlos for the handling of
mails by the government.
An extension to the present federal
building is contemplated.
Contracts for the construction work
. on Mi eSm church will be awarded
within the nvt few days.
The new church btfinK is expect
ed to be completed and rta'd; fc-y- oc
cupancy by March 1.
or phrases and also against depirt- i
Ing from the standard form except In
l iai s where local conditions abso
lutel demand IL
There is no city where a zoning
ordinance has been passed that has
not been compelled to overcome op
position of some individuals. To dis
trict a city and set its lines of futuro
growth sooner or later becomes neces
sary, according to a report made to
j the National Beal Entatn board, but
it can never be done without Interfer
' Ing with the plans or supposed prop
1 crty rights of some individuals.
If The Best Retail Display of Plumbing Supplies Between
Chicago ania Sen Francisco
. vv " "?-" " v. - , -;
f jBSSBb"
Sale:room of the Utah Plumbing & Heating Company, 2344 Washington Avenue
The satisfaction of being a better craftsman is naturally reflected in the surroundings in which your business
transacted Our custnmers lind It a real pleasure to pay our salesroom a visit during shopping hour
At The Utah Plumbing v- Heating Co specializes In ihc better class of plumbing belter plumbin;; workmanship and
. HP beat of plumbinc materials. That la the reason for our remarkable buclnesa growth Irom practically noth
I ato the lendi rship in our buulDcs.s in thi3 community in six yeara thne,
HjBervico that 1b satisfying and thn i ; r-" wellaro come first wtlh us. The biggest and beat plumbing job3
Hbave been completed In Ogden ar our work
I H H deal In high grade plumbing Buppllee and shallow end deep well water systeps for country homes.
j'". " " ' imW4j&vm ,, : : . , ' j
iSi&pnalt having riant, West Ogden 0
Bituminous Pavements
, .. . w7fwfrr
y -
. . . ! :
. 1
Steam bhovel
Concrete Well Jong and
Preparations Made
To Lay Brick
Construction on the new Weber
gymnasium, which will cost $300,000
when completed, has started and will
be rushed to completion. The con
crete work is underway
The entlro concrete work for tho
View structure will be completed wltii-
the next two months With this
w'rk completed the laying of brick
WillVbe started.
Plulmbing is now beinc stalled.
Struutural iteel has been ordered
from a vflrm at Minne;ipolls.
The nw building will be one of
the most nyi0(ern nn,i up-to-the-min-ute
In the West. Every modern convenient-
wrui bo installed. I'nder
present plurlS this building will bo
completed du.rn? tll0 svimmor Qf 1923
and readv fo r sc in the early fall.
I Oklahoma Man Points Out
City Features to
I Spread the truth about your city
and spread U far and wide ' tha siis-
ffratlon o'' A It Walte, boo rotnry Of
the Hhawnee. Okla., heard or coni.
inert e Mr WaUe nsKa;
''That you should rpr. -id tt 0 trlth
I hb"ii your eit.v BJad spread It It- nd
"That most cltlbs dcuend -1
on ti.eir giMiKrapbliM1. le'!l-v
tholr prosperity, yei, some ofl thete
'.iioei fortunate th ,r m-.
fall to attract dosiraplo inilustrl,8 ftn,j
even freiuenl!y f'l to bobl thJ(Bo Al.
ready located within their to,rjrrs
Often tho boosters tell ot tin, Wori-
ers and riories thvreln. and wh(!n
you approach thoaa cities. yo.u ,.0
1 rcctej with t.Te most uninvitlnn tum-Me-down
asurtmcmt of buildlnjUg m.
-.Tinable? Holy -aa thoBo cltlka ox.
;eet other than that the cti-an,,r
will be disappointed V How s 1..,, ,
to raeasnrs the community kor.
vies tho city ha to offer 1
"Tin a surely the city that is mndo
pise Mnt to live In from the 'jtun,j.
point of the merchant, worktna a
the property owner, alike. Is r ssurod
of peace and plenty, nnd Just aa Buro
ly, the city that fulls throiitf jj aot
of foreslpfht or planning, to provldo
the proper civic Service, Will pay tho
penalty due to the stultified growth
and decadence that must surel y over
tko its industries.
"That It taken united tttOl faith
and prldo to put your city f- .rward."
Tho unemployment figure h. lS boon
etlll further reduced bv the eixceltOfft
. business now being enjoyed by almost
all branches of Gorman lnduot ry an
vhilo on July 6 their r.umb ;r vtl0
still 18.S77, It has ireanwhl'.i, cen
reduced to 1-.1S4, accordlut; M0
last count, on August 7.
Construction "Work Main
tains Volume Through
out United States.
Although tho peak of buildlns ac
tivities for the current season has
been passed, construction work Is
maintaining a volume In accordance
with the remarkable record for the
year, according to a bulletin Issued by
S. W. Straus U Co.. New York There
I Is every indication that, barring tho
usual seasonal Interferences, building
will continue In unprecedented pro
portion. The season so far has been remark
able, not only In point of general eon
..trucllon. but especially In regard to
j the Increase which has been made In
I homes for the people. Nothing could
1 be of greater benefit to tiio nation
' than the Increased practices of thrift
; which the growth of the home-ownln.,-movement
indicates. A nation of
homo owners Is bound to be a na
tion ot" progress, happiness and right
living. Therefore. In analyzing the
current developments in the building
1 sltuutlon tho feature, of greatest alg-
nifloanre Is not the f.-irt that a build
ing boom has existed over tho coun
try such as has never before brrn
j witnessed, hut the rhief factor Is that
1022 has seen more. Americans be
come home owners than during any
I previous year in our history.
M the season npproarhes Its final
1 s'-agen there Is a tendency tow-aid
1 more Industrial construction, and It
. would not be surprising If a consid
erable development of this naturo
were witnessed In tho near future.
It must be borne in mind that tha
bulk of the nation's construction fa
I cillties this year have been made uo
; of In providing residential structures
of all types .s general business de
I lecs. howover, there Is found to bo
an lncr;ised demand for business
I structures. This doc3 not mean that
the oemand for new residential typos
has Ni.H-nt its force, but thero Is m
I Increasing tendency toward a larg:r
1 proportion of the nation's construction
I equlpniv nf being nc-eded in providing
nen industrial and commercial buld-
According to the bi-weekly survey
of employment conditions made by
the Cleveland chamber of commerce,
ul firms, who In normal limes em
ploy ! B0.777 workers, had on Aug
ust 15, 31.. ".81 employes on their pay-
roils. This figure represents a rc
! duction of 37 60 per cent from pre
war times in comparison with 39 pr
cent on the previous report The
' totol number of production hours now
1 show a decrease of 45.37 per cent.
According to a roport of the chief 1 1
register of British registered trades
unions for 1919 was 6,672,059, as
compared with 5.427,892 in 1918 and
1 3.361.050 in 1914 Thw individual
Unions Incearesd from 690 In 1914 .
to 716 In 1919, of which G99 were In
England, 45 in Scotland and 72 In
four thousand women, members of1
the Stitch. ts' local. 57. of Lynn.1
Mass., have returned to work after
nearly B month's Idleness. The worn
1 n walked out in protest against the
alleged failure of the shoe manu
1 mrturers to give them back pay and '
! returned with assurance that the ques
tion would be taken up by the man
Ufaeturers' executive board and a
satisfactory agreement reached be
fore the end of the week.
Figures on the shoe Industry of tho'
: tate of Missouri, which have just'
been complied by the bureau of labor 1
J statistics, list the state as third among
the states of the nation In the pro-
duotion of booth and shoes These
figures, which are the latest complete
reports, arc for 1920, and it is baJ
lleved that more recent totals wouh
giv Missouri higher ranking, as nonMl
Of the faetorles hae doubled thetfl
One hundred and thirty bakers, gfl
Qerman-Amerlcans, and representing
more than a score of cities in Amtfl
lea. have arrived In Bremen for tM
tour of Germany and a study of thgj
baking conditions nnd those 0f mar-1
ketlng as well
The American Society of MechanM
cal Engineers. In co-operation witn
the Taylor society and the Society ofl
Indutslral Engineers. Is planning thai
programs In specified regions SjH
over the country for management
week. Uctober 16
The first women's labor temole IBJ
the United States Is being built ilfl
Los Angeles, Cal. Ground for it
broken a short time ago. When cooHh
pleted the cost will be in excess ofl
J14.000. M
You Can't
Build a Home
until you buy a lot.
in building lots and hometitM.
Lots $10 down, $10 month.
Wm. J. Blackburn
S09 Kiesel Bldg. Phone 906 1
Many Ogden Homes I
have been built this year with lumber and other fl
building material supplied by this company.
High quality lumber for homes and other build
ings is delivered promptly. Get our estimates
before building. ji
Badger Coal and Lumber Co. I
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