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r Do Advertisers Know
That Examiner
Advertisements Bring
I Results Try It
Fresh Earthquake Shocks Yesterday Aroused a Wide Spread Panic People Realize
That at Any Moment Another Calamity Might Happen Involving he Death
of Their Majesties Trembling and tabling of the Earth V
V Indicates Another Sho k Impending V
V 1
Rome Jan 2The great danger
which the king and queen of Italy are
I facing In their noble efforts among
tho stricken people of Sicily and tho
south was brought home to the people I
today when word was received here
that Queen Helena had been injured
Fortunately her Injuries were not
severe but It Is realized that any mo
ment another calamity might happen
Involving the serious injury or even
I the death of their majesties
Not one among the rescuers has
shown more selfsacrlflco than King
V Victor Emmanuel and tho queen too
has taxed her health and strength to
the utmost in giving relief and assis
V tance to the injured Anxiety for tile
HoverelgiiR is Increasing In Rome
Apart from toe great strain which
their majesties are unquestionably
undergoing there Is great danger ot
earthquake shocks at any moment
Dispatches received from all the LI
rari state that the earthquake shocks
V were very heavy there and that a pan
ic ensued The convicts of whom n
large number are Imprisoned thoro
made a rising but were suppressed
Tho Stromboll volcano showed great
activity The damage however was
not soriouB and no one was injured
bill the people are camping in tho
V open air fearing that further shocks
may como and overthrow their
The Dnke of Genoa will leave Na
ples tomorrow for Messina He said
V today that he wished to contribute all
V in his power to the work of rescue
V going on in Sicily nnd would put mm
I self at the disposal of the govern
V irinenl The duke will either command
V tho Tlallan fleet now In these waters
cr will work as private individual
V not having any other ambition than
to join with the sailors among whom
hu has passed his life in helping his
brothers from the youth
r Nunrlnoas tho former minister oi I
justice involved in the late scandal
connected with public funds has
joined the rescuing parties at Mes
Blna He was accompanied by six doc
otrs several nurses and a number ot
students and citizens of Trapanl
Even the presence of Nasi who 13
the Idol ot the Sicilians did not serve
V to infuse life Into the depressed pop
It Is stated that the pope has de
cided to send an appeal to the Cath
olic bishops throughout tho world to
obtain subscriptions to the earthquake
V fund He will placo particular depen
dence upon tho generosity of Ameri
cans English and Irish
Tho earthquake shocks which do not
seem to have ceased from walls that
V have not jet been leveled from great
V b pitfalls in tho broken streets and
from disease The Injuries suffered by
V the queen resulted from a panic among
the patients in one of the Improvised
hospitals at Messina when the tram
bllng ot the earth and tho rumbling
V noise Indicated another movement ot
V the earth
r V The queen was caught in tho rush of
patients who panicstricken were
I seeking sfifety In the open The panic
t was soon quelled however and the
V queens Injuries which proved to be
little more than contusions were at
V tended to
L There were three fresh earthquake
f shocks yesterday at 830 a in 130
p m and 1045 p m The last was
V tho most serious and aroused wide
V V spread panic The people encamped
around the railroad station started
on a mad night The women prayed
and sang hymns but having no place
to go soon stopped irresolute When
tho trembling ceased they returned to
their tomporary abodes to pass the
night in fear
A report from Santa Eugenia says
1 some of the survivors there in the
I depth of their despair are refusing
food declaring they would rather die
than live In their affliction
Now York Jan 2The suggestion
made tonight by Ambassador Griscom
In Rome urging that the money sent
from America for tho aid of the Ital
ian quakp BUftorors be used In charter I
ing steamers at Genoa or Marseilles to I
proceed with nurses doctors and medi
cal supplies to Messina meets with ap
proval of the local branch of both the
Italian and American Red Cross socie
ties which have charge respectively of
the funds collected In New York from
Italian and American societies
Both lhee organizations arc sending
V the money direct to the Italian Red
Cross at Rome and to the American
V branch through the national hcadquar
tors at Washington
V Uonolll Ferrari delegate in New
V York for tne Rod Cross said lie would
Probably cable his national liootlquaV
V tacrs at Rome suggesiiiu that Rtepn
ne taken along the lines of Amhataa
4 V nor Griscoms advice that the money
collected in Roman Catholic churches
V will be sent direct to the pono
A groat rnaso meeting to raise relief
ninas will be held at Madlaon Square
l Gnrdcn on the night ot January 7 To
give this demonstration national char
acter Invitations havo been sent to
President Roosevelt Presidentelect
Taft Governor Hughes and Mayor Me
ClllR I
Scores Grafters Says Harri =
man Is Responsible for
San Francisco Craft
Philadelphia Jan Speaking be
fore the City Club here today Francis
J Hdncy of San Francisco declared
that R H Harriman through his con
trol of tile Southern Pacific railroad
was responsible for the graft and cor
ruption that has been found In the
Golden Gate city With Abo Ron and
Harriman was linked the head of tho
United Railway corporation of San
Francisco by Mr Honey but the real
boss ho said sits in Now York and
has as one of his agents in California
W F Herrln general counsel of the
Southern Pacific railroad I
San Francisco is no worse and no
better than the average American
city Mr Honey said With too
single exception of course of Phila
delphia and even hero you have noth
ing like wo unearthed in my city But
the causes of corruption aro the same
In all cities In San Francisco wo I
found two elements at work Coming
from one source was the public service
corporations and from another was the
saloons and dives while behind our
back theso forces Joined hands
In this unholy alliance the boss was
the connecting line but he was simply
tho agent of tho real boss the big busi
ness man who wanted to exploit the
public service corporation The politi
cal boss was really the small duck In
the pond Behind him was the public
service corporation and tho Southern
Pacific railroad
According to my deduction the
head of tho legal department of the
Southern Pacific railroad W E Her
rln was the boss behind the apparent
I boss BuL I am convinced that Horrin
was after all tho tool of the actual
Great applause followed Mr Heneys
charge We must reason from cause
to effect Heney went on The cor
ruption of tho city life In San Francis
co was not wholly made by Reuf but
was duo to the fact that Harriman
wanted to use certain men Our real
boss sits in New Yorlc nnd reaches
acrross tho country in working out his
They say when theso things aro
discussed that they must employ such
means They argue from the same
premises that Jimmy Logue did
when he planned to rob a bank that
he was in need of money The public
service corporation and the railroad
wanted something for which they were
not willing to pay the public which
owned the franchises they wanted to I
get under their control It was easier
to purchase the political boss and tho
councilman so the respectable busi
ness man sends his agents into the
public market to get the goods
Other cities have had similar ex
periences and I have oven heard It
said that something of the sort has
been attempted in Philadelphia
1 would like to talk with you about
the San Francisco fire but It would
take me an hour or more and my phy
sician says I must not make any
speeches But what IB the remedy for
this corruption In municipal life The
American people who have tried popu
lar government for much more tliau a
century have been slow to work out
their problems Why Is this
Wo have voted ballots that the
bosses could see all these years Wo
could not give any time to think out I
oui problems but we went away down
In the corner of the Pacific ocean to I
Australia to find a method of the bal
lot Why we did not blink this out
Simply because the brains of the coun
tY are engaged in making money and
seine of the ablest of our men applying
their powers in corrupting public life
OJ How shall we get people to exercise
their rights
Never by the convention plan
Then why not try the remedy of the
uniform primary ballot and wipe out
the boss A man Is a bad public ser
vant because bo lias a bad master and
responds to him Enter the primary
and you would fight the battle let tho
iT c
people be Iho master and there will
always bo good public servants Tho
politician will always respond to his
Mr Henoy was loudly cheered as ho
left the club house
Washington Jan 2Formal an
nouncement of the appointment of
John Carroll oC Helena Mont rccotr
of tho Catholic University of Amer
ica is expected to be mado some tlmo
during the present month Ho will
succeed Bishop OConnoll who la to
become coadjutor bishop of San Fran
The now rector Is popular with the
priests and hierarchy ot the country
Ho is well known in this diocese and
is said to have great executive abil
ity He has privately announced his
acceptance of the new olffco
Woman Asks to Be Allowed
to Testify Against
Night Riders
Union City Tcnn Jan Asserting
that she had deliberately perjured her
self for the defense and conscience
stricken desired to tell the truth Mrs
Wad Morris wife of one of the self
confessed night riders asked to be re
called today Wad Morris swore he
was present wheh Captain Rankln was
killed and recognized some of the de
fendants Mrs Morris his wife went
on the stand yesterday and Impeached
her husbands testimony by swearing
that he was at home the night Captain
Rankin was murdered
She left tho stand pale and tremb
ling went into the corridor and sent
for the attorney general
I have done a great wrong said
she I have told a lie My husband
was not at home that night He was
with tho riders I was forced by my
relatives to testify as I did I want to
see mj husband
Her brotherInlaw tried to get her
to leave the city with him but the at
torney general ordered him away and
took the trembling woman to her hus
band They are people of few words
these strange residents of the red hills
and the meeting of tho young husband
and wife separated since October 20
was silent but pathetic
For ten minutes they stood clasped
In each others arms and not a word
was spoken Then the wife said I
am going to do tho right thing Wad
Tho husbands only comment was
Mrs Morris then made a complete
statement to tho attorner general
which doubtless will lead to several
more indictments Later she went on
tho stand and corrected her testimony
saying that Joe Hogg and Jack Long
had told her husband would bo hanged
by the soldiers unlese she swore ho
was at homo the night of Rankina
Chicago Jan 21n a New Years
study of the party outlook the Pro
hibitionists have locked horns with
the nullSaloon league by declaring
that local option laws arc a farce
that they are nothing but temporary
expedients with little or no real gain
to the temperance cause and that
wherever they have boon passed
they have cut down the vote In tho
prohibition ticket
The survey of the situation issuel
from national headquarters was writ
ten by MlchaeKJ Fannlgan or Plum
It anal zeD the returns of the re
cent election that gives point to Ihu
pjradoxlcal assertions recently mado
U > Eugene W Chafin that tiles smnlle
the vote the party polled In 1008 the
greater would be Its voto In 1U12
The writer points out that In males
that pabBcd local option laws tho
Chafiu vote fell oft while In those
that turned down the bills of the antI
Saloon League Chafin got more vole <
than Swallow did In 1901 In part It
I nays
V It In alniost inttlinbiy true that
all Iho achlovemijiUB of which th
in tcrparthH trm 1lI nee workuns
boast were made possible by the In
ircnse of our party vote The con
vcrsc Is also true Whore the Pro
hibitionist voto falls off the politic
ians lay it to the interpartisan or
G lllzaUons and do not hesitate to
turn them down which helps to In
crease the Prohibition vote
County option wherever passed
Las proved harmful to the Prohibition
party and will do so until the honest
men who support it learn what a farce
it really Is In its operations
If the whole country showed a pro
portionate loss in the Prohibition par
ty vote to that shown in Ohio Indi
ana Illinois Kentucky and Oregon
the states In which county option laws
have been passed since the campaign
of 1904 Mr Challn would have poll
ed but 20163 votes tho smallest vote
If any polled by any of our candi
dates since 1S81
On tho other band If the whole coun
try showed a proportionate gain In
the prohibition party voto as shown
by the states whore county option was
turned down Mr Chafin would have
polled 316950 votes or 5347G moro
votes than the highest vote ever poll
ed for a prohibitionist
Police Trying to Trace 5ena
er Three Persons Made
V Dangerously 111
Denver Jan 2Abox of hoiuemade
candy sent through the mails has
nearly resulted In the death of three
persons and the police are now trying
to trace tho sender of tho candy In
the belief that a deliberate attempt
was made poison the people to whom
the confcrctlon was sent Mrs Mario
A Smith tho divorced wife of A C
Smith a merchant of Miles City
Mont nnd Yiol jtnd Osfe Smith her
two yoJingoSr Gnlldron are seriously
ill at their homo 1025 Elatl street as
a result of eating the candy
The box was received yesterday but
was not opened until today Mrs Smith
and her two children ato some of it
and almost Immediately became very
ill Oslo Smith the ICycarold boy
may die The postmark on tho pack
age is too blurred to bo made out Tlio >
hand writing of the address resembles
that of a child
Ho Escaped From His Wife When She
Was Preparing to Put Him in
An Asylum I
St Louis Jan 2In the company
of an officer of the East St Louis po
lice department C B Needham ot
Somerville Mass a Boston suburb
who Is reputed be wealthy depart
ed today for his homo His wire is
bearing the expense of the trip Need
hum was found In the Belleville Ills
workhouse serving a sentence on the
charge ot vagrancy
For three months his wife sought
for him since the day ho escaped
from her In St Louis while she WS3
preparing to have him placed In an
asylum He came here in October sut
fering from a nervous breakdown
He had been working in Florida Mrs
Needham located him In East St
Louis and cnme from Boston and It
was while she was arranging to have
him placed In an asylum that he es
caped from her Recently he reap
peared In East St Louis and ho was
put In the workhouse until his wito
could be advised
The police say he is suffering Iroui
mental aberration
Chicago Jan 2GeOlge Washing
ton Hough professor of astronomy at
iNiorlhweBlern university and director
of the Dearborn observatory died fliul
denly at his homo In Evanston yes
terday Professor Hough who was 72
years old was a leading astronomer
his principal contributions to science
being his observations regarding the
planet Jupiter He measured morEl
double stars than any astronomer now
living about 550 In all
II Marriages I
At the parsonage at 1JO Satunlav
by Rev H D Zimmerman Frank 1
1nuTson of Salt Lake and Ada U
HillK of SaiL I Lake jlr and Mm
Umcrfeon returned to the capital ana
I willmake their future home there V I
4 I
President Will Ask Congress for Additional Aid = Use of Entire Battleship Flee
Offered = r = Money Pouring in to Offices of National Red Cross = = = New York
Telegraphs Eighty Thousand Large Sums From Other Citiesaa
V No Detail Overlooked by Citizens and Officials V V
Washington Jan 2 President
Roosevelt tonight announced that he
has sent two supply ships with 3ou
000 worth of supplies to Italy that he
wIll ask congress for additional aid
nnd that ho has offered the Use oi
the battleship fleet to Italy
The announcement Is made in a tel
egram made public at tho white house
which the president sent to Patrick
P McGowan chairman of the Italian
general relief committee New York
The telegram lollows
I earnestly wish success to tho
AmericanItalian general relief com
mittee In Ita great mass meeting at
Madison Square Garden It Is of
course not possible for me to attend
in person I am doing everything
Ijiat can be done to get aid to the suf
ferers and on account of the extreme
urgency of the case have sent two
supply ships with three hundrcri
thousand dollars worth of food and
provisions without waiting for the
authodlty of congress being confi
dent that congress will approve my
action I shall also ask congress tor
additional aid and throughout the
coming week will keep in the closest
touch with congress and through the
Mole department with Italy so that
everything possible to bo done by the
United Stales may bo done
Furthermore J have cabled tne
Italian government proffering tno
services of any or all of the battle
chip fleet If such can he of use In this
crisis Signed
President Roosevelt was engagea
tonight In preparing the message
which will be presented to congress
Monday A large amount of data on
precedentH and on the aid that Is be
ing rushed from various quarters to
southern Italy and the means of get
ting succor to tho victims was pre
pared for tho president and was con
sidered carefully by him
Suffering Italy continues to occupy
the thoughts of most of the citizens
and officials here Aroused to a full
consciousness of the appalling disas
ter the one aim is to get relief to
the stricken people as speedily as pos
sible Money is pouring into the of
fices of tho National Red Cross and
is being telegraphed abroad as fast I
as received The New York Red
Crass has telegraphed 80000 to the
National RedCross 10000 has been
telegraphed from Son Francisco Chi
cago telegraphed 12000 50000 has
Leon sent tho Italian Red Cross from
the bay states 100000 has been ca
bled by the National Red Cross to
the Kalian society More than 3QUU
was subscribed locally today
Tho suggestion that Ernest P BieR
nell national director of the Red
Cross be sent to Italy to cooperate
with the Italian Red Cross has been
abandoned as unnecessary and Mr
bicknell has been instructed to con
tinuo his trIp to San Francisco
Mayor Des Planches the Italian am
bassador this afternoon transmitted
to Rome 2500 This included his
personal contribution that or mem
bers of the embassy staff and Indi
viduals in Washington who took
Money to the embassy with the re
quest that it bo sent to the stricken
Dorando Led From the Track
Near End of Nineteenth
Buffalo Jan 2Tom Longboat N < e
Canadian tonight for the second
time took the measure of Doran
Iiotri the Italian who almost won the
groat Marathon race at tho London I
Olympiad Dorando as In his race
I with Longboat In New York failed
lo go tho distance TIme and limo
again ho sprinted in an effort to get
away hem the Indian but without
It was 005 when they were sent
away to a good start Dorando sprang
into the leul and set a torrlllc pace
for the first few laps longhoat with
tin broad grin on his face stuck closo
to the Italian not allowing him moro
than Ihroo or four yards lead
Cue time for the firsl mile 507 was
7 25 seconds faster than tho first mile
of their race at Madison Square Gar
dan V
danTir pair moderated Ihe pare consid
rablr after the first nine laps Do
rando maintained a lead of two yards
throughout the first two miles The
time of the second mile was 137
In the Ilrst lap of Iho third mile
Longboat stumbled and fell giving the
Italian a lead ot twentylive yearda
He sprang to his feet like a Hash and
sprinted overtaking Dornndo before
another lap was completed
The crowd cheered Longboats burst
of speed and his gamenoss heartily
He led Dorando for a short distance
but soon dropped back again letting
the Italian take up the pace The
time at tho end of the fifth mile was
2732 12
Dorando still leads by a couple ot
yards His time for fivo miles at
Madison Square Garden was 2827 45
Dorando eprinted in the fifth and
sixth miles but Longboat lengthened
his stride and never allowed the Ital
ian to get very far away Tom Flan
agan Lorjgborits trainer was already
worried over tho Indians injured leg
Longboats pace never faltered an1
he nodded tmillngly to his Canadian
lends In the boxes The time at
tho end of the tenth mile was
5630 15
The time of their ten miles In the
New York race was 5S17 16
Dorando continued to sprint in the
thirteenth aud fourteenth miles his
lead stretching out at times to ten
ami fifteen yards Trainer Flanagan
said the injury to Longboat was not
bothering the Indian
The wound bad ceased to bleed and
there was no perceptible change in
his stride Just to show that ho wn 4
all right Longboat sprinted In the last
lipofthe fourteenthmile and finished
In tho lead by two yards Ho then
waited for Dorando to set the pace
and the fifteenth mile found Dorando
again in the lead Time fifteenth
mile 12634 25 compared with
13002 25 in the New York race
I Longboat took the lead in the fifth
lap of tho sixteenth mile Neither
man showed any signs of distress I
It the fourth lap of the eighteenth I
mile Dorando again Jumped Into the
lead and the Indicia made no effort
to regain It The time at the end ot
the eighteenth mile was 14604 15 I
compared with 15009 33 made In
New York Dorando led by two
Mrs Erb Tells of Various
V Quarrels and Captains
Threats to Kill Her
Media Pa Jan 2Mrs M Flor
sister Mrs I
nee Erb who with hor
Catherine Beisel is charged with the
i murder of Mrs Erbs husband took the
witness stand today and told a sen
sational story of extreme cruelty on
tho part of her husband as one of tho
causes leading up to the shooting of
Captain Erb Mrs Erb speared nerv
ous but told her story in a straight
forward manner
Mrs Erb said sho went to Red
Gables tho Erb country home in May
1900 with a housekeeper and two
maids Thouble between her and the
Captain she said started on the first
night they were there
V Wo quarrelled sho said aid ho
struck me with the back of his hand
and knocked me over a chair Tho
next day I had to call a physician to
treat me
Another time he quarrelled about
the food I became afraid and ran
into the tower of the house Ho found
me and grabbed me by tho hair and
dragged me down tho steps to his
room where ho koplmr all night anti
treated me cruelly
Iu December 1906 he put me out
of the house and as I was standing
thinking what to do he came out and
seized me by the throat and throw me
to tho floor An ornament in my hnlr
was broken and my head was hurt I
was unconscious As a result of my
injury I had to go to a sanitarium
Oiiie evening the captnln found
fault with some article of food on the
table Ho swore at me and I ran to my
room He followed and yelled at me
you must leave this house at once or
Ill blow your brains out Ho got
his revolver hut put It away again
When he loft I took It nnd hid it
When ho came home hp demanded
tho rcvolvr I told him Ibarl hid
lu lie chased inu around to hit me in
tho dining room trying to hit mo and
when he could not catch up with me
he spit in my face
Later an I took the revolver from
behind some books he caught me and
grabbed for tho pistol As we strug
gled for the weapon he deliberately
bent me over a davenport put his
knee on my stomach and pressed till
I cried for mercy
Finally ho did release me and I
was helped to my room In the morn
Ing 110 forced the maids to pack my
clothes and with jeers and laughter
maiio mo leave the house weak and
faint as I was from the Injury re
She went on to tell of tho socalled
spread eagle incident After In
sulting her in the presence of tho
housekeeper by calling her names ho
told her lie was going to spread
eagle her
Getting some straps he threw mo
on tho sofa she said He swung
his fist under my chin and drove my
teeth through my tongue He kept Tno
on the sofa until 3 oclock in the morn
ing threatening to spreadeaglo me
but finally he decided not to do so
The next day I had to go to Hot
Springs for treatment
Then she related a story oC the Cap
tains treatment of her sister who had
como to her defense in tho numerous
family quarrels
One summer afternoon ho picked
my sister up and threw her out of tho
house she said Later he tried to
force her through a swinging door
and he began choking her
Ill choke the life out of you he
said I thought he was surely killing
her so I grabbed up a whIsky bottle
and hit him OIL the head Ha droppedV
and we ran for our lives
Coming down to the day of tho
tragedy Mrs Erb told of visiting
Obey to look at a house intending
to live apart from her husband after
she had succeeded In making a settle
ment with him She and her sister
returned to the house late In tho day
and learned that Captain Erb intend
cd coming homo that night It was
decided that Mrs Bolsol should stay
at tho Village Green Hotel nearby
Wihen Captain Erb came homo ie
learned that Mrs Beisel had been at
I tho house he flew into a rage and
began to make a search for her
I swearing and making threats
Mrs Erb said sho avoided the cap
tain and went to the hotel with two
maids and remained there wIth Mrs
Beisel until ate in the evening
Going back to tho house Mrs Erb
went to the second floor by way of
the back stairs Mr Erb rushed out
of his room He struck me on the
breast she said and he tried to
pull me into his room I fought him
and finally picked up a brass cuspidor
and throw it at him I didnt stop to
seo whether it struck him but ran to
my room I heard him following and
cursing me He was almost upon mo
when I grabbed a vase of flowors and
hurled It at him Then I got into my
room and locked the loor After a
while I locked out and saw no ono and
I ran to the telephone and summoned
my sister
When she came she went Into the
bathroom and I went to my room My
sister came out of tho bath room Just
as my husband left his room dressed
in his pajamas and carrying a revolv
er Captain Erb aimed the pistol at
mo and exclaimed Ill get rid of you
now I screamed and ran into my
roomMrs Belsol flew at my husband
T heard scuffling of feet and then I
heard a shot Then more shots When
all was quiet J looked out of my room
and saw my husband lying on his face
nnd my SIster unconscious on tho
floor beside him I ran wildly down
tho stairs to call for help
As the wife finished her story of
that fatal night she broke Into tears
nnd wept bitterly
We have one
more good boy
w ho wishes
I V place to work
for Board and
Room Call Bell
Phone 794 or I
V Ind Phone 925
Ogden Business
V College
2441 Wash Ave
< L
I ii

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