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= > h J 4 r j 1 1 l
u c je r TT 1 7i f J
t R r J I
1 II
I ri
I i 1 ° ho in Still the Craze i
iJ Most Popular Athletic Event
Many Races Scheduled
i HE athlotlc world In this coun
suffering from a
try In surely
J T scvcro attack of marathon
Itls This disease Is now In
Its acute form In nearly every
been aro going to bo
city them have or
hold many long distance races In eov
J k + oral cities In the coat Marathon clubs
have boon formed and weekly races
are held In act no athletic meet Is
j complete without a Marathon coat Mt
on tho program Tho revival of this
famous Greek classic was started In
when Johnny
last summer
tills country I
s 1 ny Hayes defeated Dorando Pletrl In
fI v London In tho famous Olympic event
and renewed Impetus was given the
movement when tho pair mot In New
Yorl last Thanksgiving eve Many
j + I new stars have been discovered and
j now America Is In lino to take from
England tho events on which they have
i held a monopoly for many years long
distance running Within tho last few
i months wo have had all kinds of Mara
thons Ico skating canoeing rowing
I walking bicycling roller skating and
i ono real novel ono which was held
t I
aboard United States warship
1 All Star Race April 3
As n climax to this seasons pro
1 a fessional gamo an all star Marathon
raco hay been arranged that should
Bcttlo for a tlmo at leant tho cham
pionship of tho world This big event
1 + Is to be held at the Polo grounds Now
1 I York April 3 Tho competitors In this
I contest will be Alfred Shrubb Eng
f lands great distance runner Tom
1 1
i Longboat tho Indian Pletrl Dorando
r tho Italian and Johnny Hayes tho
I t American Matt Maloney formerly of
1 Ireland but now of Now York and
I John Svanbcrc who recently arrived
In this country may also start In tho
I big race
t Tho meeting of tho sextet In tho final
I contest of tho year on the first Satur
day In April will bo tho big event of
a f the season
With such runners on tho track the
contest will bo almost as much one of
t I j headwork as of endurance It prom
I ises to bo tho most Interesting running
J contest tho world has over seen All
I of tho men will havo had experience
I nt tho distance and a masterful ex
t hibition of Jockeying Is sure to be seen
When Shrubb mot tho Indian It was
I the Englishmans first Marathon He
never had run farther than fifteen
I miles but at that dlstnnco ho Is prob
J I ably without a peer today
Shrubb has always been unablo to
I find a man In tho world barring Ap
I ploby of England who can glvo him a
t raco at ten or fifteen miles Ho has
been beating men In relays In this and
f other countries In fact his great
ability has kept him from making
much money Tho Longboat race was
i his first big paying match
j Tho Italian may be the least liked of
tho four as tho winner ot tho contest
owing to his propensity to uso bad
Judgment and run himself out before
the tlmo for the final sprint But Do
rando has learned a lot since his ar
rival In this country He showed great
I headwork In his last raco with Hayes
Despite tho fact that ho has been
cast In the shade owing to hiD two
i defeats by Dorando Johnny Hayes
Ftlll has any numbor of admirers who
think ho can defeat tho Italian not
Indoors but out In tho open air They
claim tho Inhaling of tho smoo and
dust In the recent raco with Dorando
I Intcrfcrred greatly with his breathing
Tho Indian will undoubtedly bo tho
favorite for tho big event Ho has
been running In superb form during
tho winter and his two easy victories
over Dorando and the ono over Shrubb
have mado him look Invincible to
Boston Run April 19
Many amateur races aro scheduled to
bo held In tho near future The first
of these to take placo Is tho Boston
amateur event April 10 This race Is
nn annual event and Is always held on
Patriots day All of tho countrys best
amateurs aro entered In this classic
r and a good rnco should icnult It ins
In thin event that Tom Longboat now
tho champion professional Marathon
runner mado tho fastest tlmo ever re
corded over the full distance 26 miles
i SS5 yards that of 2 hours 22 minutes
Owing to some technicality the tlmo
was not accepted by tho Amateur Ath
letic association Preparations aro
well under way to make tho run the
most successful over held In that sec
i tion
A novel Idea will bo Introduced In
that electric drays will follow tho run
ners ready to pick up the men In tho
event of their succumbing to tho pace
St Louis Is busy making arrange
ments for Us
annual Marathon race
which Is scheduled for May 1 All the
prominent western long distance men
have promised to enter and tho com
mittee Is attempting to Eecuro the en
tries of prominent runners of tho east
I Sidney Hatch who has won tho event
for tho last two years Alex Thlebcau
of Chicago and Joseph Forshaw of St
I Louis have expressed their Intentions
I of competing
All Southern Event
I An all southern Marathon open to
any amateur In tho oouth Is to bo a
feature of tho triHtato fair In Mem I
phis Tenn next fall and It will be tho
crowning event of an elaborate pro
gram of athletic features which It Is I
hoped will attract tho cream of the I
amateur talent of the entire Dixieland
Tho all southern Is to be for ama
teurs and Its management will be In I
trusted to Professor J Louis Day of
tho Memphis Y M C A Invitations
will be cent to all amateur athletic as
sociations In Kentucky Tennessee
Georgia Alabama Mississippi Arkan
sas Louisiana Texas Florida Virginia
and the Carolinas Colleges and Y M
C AB will be urged to enter repre
sentatives In tho race A handsome
trophy probably n 250 cup will bo
awarded tho winner which will carry
with It championship of tho south
History Marathon Running
Thirteen years ago tho first of the
modern Olympiads was held In Athens
Greece The first three men to finish In
the Marathon were Greeks Louis tho
winner was greeted h > a shout that
roechoed for miles around tho sta
dium Thousands of foreigners who
wore represented at that International
meet acclaimed Louis a hero It seem
ed proper that a Greek should win
that classic event the Marathon run
And when two other Greeks followed
Louis across tho line In tho stadium It
seemed to bo definitely bottled that In
Greece the greatest distance runners In
the world were bred
It was tho revival ot the Olympic
games at Athens In 1806 that created
jthe recrudescence of Interest In long
distance running as a competitive
I sport Truo tho English revived tho
most ancient and most simple of ath
letic sports about seventy years ago
Prizes were offered In competitions all
over the country and from that time
until tho present England has pro
duced moro good runners than any
other country Tho Englishmen go In
moro for distance running than for
fast work as can bo easily seen from
closo scrutiny qf all tho records for
distance from ono mile up to twenty
After the 1S9G event In Athens tho
world evinced an Interest In Marathon
running Many countries participating
In tho Olympiad took up this branch of
sport and In these countries a new
generation of runners was born Prior
to this tlmo no ono In tho United
Statni offered prizes for men doing the
Marathon distance of 20 miles 355
yards Now tho Marathon Is tho most
talked of Taco In tho world
Nelsons Absurd Challenge
Oscar Matthew Battling Nelsons re
cent absurd statement that ho can de
feat the entire American colony of
English fighters Including Owen Mo
ran Jem Driscoll FreddIe Welsh and
Jabez White any calm afternoon all
In tho same ring should be swallowed
with n grain of salt Tho lightweight
champions book writing and real es
tate Investments seem to have clogged
es tho game of tenpins has surely bo
como tho national winter pastlmo of
the country With tho exception of
baseball no other athletic sport nan
shown an equal growth or has no much
capital Invested In Its promo on
Tho next event on tho calendar IB the
National Bowling association tourna
ment which In to bo hold In Madison
Square Garden Now York starting
May 2 < and ending Juno 12
Advices from every part of tho na
tion are to the effect that thero will bo
at leant MO teams In tho Now York
tournament and that the number may
reach 700 This Is GO per clint more
than has over entered a national tour
nament In previous years A team has
Poughkeepslo races Track Feb 23
Troy Young Mens Christian associa
tion at Troy N Y relay two man
March 6 Georgetown university relay
Turfmen From Thin Country Have
Cracks In Many Rich Stakes
Tho latest English racing calendar
shows many American nominations to
stakes For the Champion stakes 1000
sovereignty nt one mile and a quarter
to bo run Oct 12 1000 August Belmont
and James R Kceno have coven of the
fortytwo nominations Mr Belmont I
his Intellect Nelson would surely have
difficulty whipping any one of the
first three although ho outweighs all
of them
Nelson was never famed for his clov
er boxing ability and never will bo
His sole claim to fame Is his freak en
durance and bulldog courage As far
I as science IB concerned any one of tho
English pugilists named can mnkc him
i look like a preliminary lighter In a
short bout His victories have nearly
i all been won by sheer strength and
I freak enduring power But tells how
ho got an Inspiration torono victory
from wearing the gloves that the fa
mous John L Sullivan wore In a fight
with Ryan but history stops In and
complicates Nelsons reputation for ve
racity by informing us that tho nan
fight was with bare knuckles
Now Yorks Big Bowling Tourney
With the great successes of tho many
Intercity Interstate and the American
bowling congress meet In Pittsburg
which closed recently coupled with
several big Individual and team match
i O 5
Three Famous American Jockeys Who Are
Seeking Honors Abroad
i Owing to tho low Jca10 ot weights In this country many crack
or chic seek their fortunes on foreign tracks Jockey Joe Nottl1r horse plots arc forced to remain on the ground
1 ildo for Baron von Weinberg In Germany Eddie IDugan is who headed the wInning list lnst season Is to
i Bedford in piuft to ride for Harry Payne Whitney and Lord Charles
< England and Skeets Garner Is to pilot tho thorou
g bads
It Eugene Leigh In France
t t
i iI >
> < i 9 t t
I been promised from Germany and tho
west and tho middle west will bo well
represented i
One of the most attractive features
of this tournament will bo tho prize
I list aggregating 550000 Tho winning
live man team will receive 1000 guar
anteed while onefifth of all the bowl
ors that roll will receive somo award
Tho team winning tho two man event
will get nn amount In tho vicinity of
750 whllo the Individual champion
will get about JEOO These are thu lar
gest amount of prizes over offered In a
bowling event There will also be gold
medals for tho winning teams In nil
events Besides tho regular tourna
ment for tho national championships
special competitions will be held
Thcro will be a tournament for social
fraternal commercial and other simi
lar teams conducted along the same
lines as the national event Itself with
special prizes
To conduct a tournament of this
magnitude It Is necessary that ar
rangements bo made on a monumental
scale Twentyfour alloys side by side
arc to bo Installed with fifty booths
separated from the alleys by ah eight
foot promenade and a seating capacity
of nearly 20000 One thousand dollars
will bo spent In tho scoring system
Twentyfour Immense boards will bo
hung In tho middle of tho Garden over
the alleys so as to bo plainly seen
from every part of the huge amphithe
ater Tho letters will bo so largo that
they can easily be read and tho record
of overt hall rolled mado as It hlUi tho
pins In other words a bowler or spec
tator may easily follow every move
ment of every man
Somo years ago John Gibson living
somo miles west of Dundee in Monroe
county 0 had a gray horse with a
peculiarly wabbly gait which got over
ground In pretty good shape but was
such a ludicrous spectacle that Gib
son who was something of a horseman
failed to have very much faith In his
future as a colt and sold him for about
50 to a man who seemed to want him
Less than a year ago the purchaser
scorned to lose faith In tho horse and
a Canadian who happened along offered
him J150 Tho deal was closed Mean
while the horse was developing Into a
pretty fair pacer and tho Canadian
pcoplo thought him worth training al
though on account of his wabbly gait
they named him The Eel A few years
training has done wonders and tho
horse is ono ot tho most noted on the
Cornells crow and track dates nro
announced as follows Crew May 22
Junior varsity at Philadelphia May 31
Harvard varsity at Itliaca Juno 26
names Fair Play Prlacilllan and Nor
man II and Mr Kcenc tho Suburban
winner Ballot the unbeaten Colin
Helmet II Esperanto and Wedding
Bells I
At the Craven meeting In 1910 In tho
Fiftyfirst Biennial stakes of 1000
sovereigns Mr Belmont has named
Doncourt and Mr Koono tho brown
colt by Disguise Blutrlca and tho
chestnut colt by Voter Noonday
In tho Midsummer stakes of 600
sovereigns Mr Belmont has Doncourt
and Mr Kccno tho black filly by Dis
guise Swlftfoot and the black colt by
Disguise Emma C whllo Harry
Payne Whitney has nominated tho
chestnut colt by Bioomstlck Salllu
Navarre tho bay colt by Hamburg
Blue Girl and Newcastle II
St Louis Man Suggests Variations on
Old Play
Harry T Matthews of St Louis has
originated a now game of pool and It
bids fair to becomo popular Heres
the Idea
When the balls are racked the
spot balls arc placed In tho rear and
Inside tho trlanglo and tho seven
stripes on tho outside The 1 ball
Is placed In tho middle
A chooses tho stripes and B the
spots A plays only to pocket tho
stripes B goes after only tho spots
The 1 ball Is the odd one After A or
B has counted hiM seven ho goes after
the 1 ball Tho ono pocketing It wins
the game
If a player pockets the 1 ball beforo
he has run out his seven he forfeits
the game Tho game Is a croso be
tween continuous pool and French
pool It can bo played with one two
or more players on a sldo
Sol Motrgar head coach of last years
Pennsylvania football team has re
fused the reappointment to the position
tendered him by the football commit
tee The announcement that Motzgar
had again been chosen to lead the
coaching forces of the Quakers camo
as a big surprise to those well orBed
In tho red and blues gridiron affairs
and his subsequent refusal to net In
that capacity was tho expected devel
opment Motzgar has large business
interests in the northwest that will not
allow of his sojourning In tho east dur
ing tho autumn coaching tho football
squads of his alma mater for such a
lengthened period
It Is generally thought that Andy
Smith who achieved a great reputation
as fullback on tho 1005 cloven and who
assisted in tho coaching lost year will
bo chosen to ouccced Mctagar In tho
event of Smiths not accepting the po
sition which however Is
s regarded as
unlikely Bill Hollonback tlll probably
bo tho man selected to direct Pennsyl
vania gridiron affairs
The trotting mnro Brace Girdle
2 OOU and the pacing mare Citation
201 i are credited with starting In
moro races during the last season than
any other two horses that were out
Brnco Girdle started In twontytwo
races and trotted tho third heat of her
twentysecond race In 200 i Citation
started In fifteen races and In her
fourteenth race reduced the Arizona
pacing record to 202Vj
t 1 i
Mantell Miscast 1
A Gloomy Old E
Italian 2
From Our Now York Dramatic Corre
1 apondcnt
OBERT MA > TELL has not
repented at tho New Amster
Ii dam theater In King John
tho success ho is credited
with having attained on tour Mr
iMantoll as the mediaeval British ty
nun falls to reach the standard ho has
sot for himself In other rolesfor instance
stance In The Corsican Brothers
Called Back Monbars and Tho
Face In the Moonlight
It Is apparently a case of Mr Man
tells being miscast His personality
renders acuteness and subtlety dllll
cult of successful representation Mr
Mantell like some others cannot en
tirely sink his own personality Into tho
particular character he plays IIo must
be largely Mantell mattering not what
bo tho character just as James 1C
Hackett Is always Hackett and Just as
Mrs FIske Is always Mrs FIskc
The Role of King John
King John Is not a very popular role
Tho character lacks development that
would glvo enough Intensity to the
principal situations Mr Mantolls pro
duction might correct this technical
but vital defect but It doesnt Maybe
I It will whon Manager Brady ceases to
have entirely his own way Tho action
of the drama Is naturally heavy In
cumbered hence tho players of tho
leading roles must excel or whatever
possibilities for effect exist will be lost
Of course I do not mean to paint tho
Shakespearean tragedy of King John
to bo linked dullness long drawn out
I do not deny that King John de
nounces the pope Denouncing is his
I hobby Nor can ono overlook tho fact
that he Inciter Hubert do Burgh to
i murder tho little prlnco TheM and
other denouements necessarily call for
action They nro action
I They are not however carried above
In King John f
English Tragedy I
aza Rivals Duse
ho medium tho average stage Mr
Mantell Is mechanical when ho should
bo Inspired IIo gives you just no many i
quarts or yards of acting for your six
teen bits In thin rolo ho Is at least a
histrionic peddler
These are unpleasant words to use In
reference to nn actor of the ability In
telligence and courage of Mr Mantell
They nro merely a part of his penalty
for allowing himself to bo miscast A
good nctor In tho wrong play Is almost
as bad as a bad actor In a good play
In the Castle at Ncrthampton
A scene that reveals effective acting
III that In tho rooms In tho castle nt
Northampton where Arthur ploada
boyishly with Hubert petitioning him
simply and endearingly not to burn
out his eyes with tho vicious Irons of
torture And later tho lad hurls him
self to death on tho stones by leaping
I from tho tower
Mrs Marie Booth Russell Mr Man
tells wife played tho rolo of Con
xtnnco mother of Arthur In creditable i
fashion James Brophy Is acceptable I
In many particulars as Philip king of
France 4
Zaza In Italian
Mimi Aguglla returned to this city
with her Sicilian players to present
Zaza In Italian at a series of mati
nees nt tho Criterion theater
Mmo Aguglla Is a great actress hut
sho borders on the crude from nn
American viewpoint In various Impor
tant passages In the romantic drama
that gave Mrs Leslie Carter much at t
her fame
lImo Aguglla has a wonderful gift ot
facial expression It scorns almost that
she can smllo sweetly and leer and
sneer at the name moment Sho Is as
good In tho first perhaps as at any
other period for sho Is captivating and
alluring to a lofty degree In tho flirta
tion scenes with Dufrcsnc tho married
man who wins her love only to cast a
scorching blight on tho actress life
Really a Second Duae
No gross exaggeration has been per I
petrated by tho enthusiast who terms I
Mmo Aguglla a second Duso Sho
has not tho delightful polish of Dose
nor the lattcru gift of expressive re
pression so highly cultivated but she
I atones for tho lack with other valuable
qualities In her art
Tho Gay Life
Rehearsals of The Gay Life Har
rison Grey Flskos production of Roy
McCnrdclls comedy founded on his
stories of theatrical life are being held
at Dalys theater
The Love Cure
The story of Tho Love Cure which
Oliver Herford has adapted from Leo
Steins Interesting libretto Is described
as being right up to tho minute It
1 tells about an Infatuated youth and a
prima donna and the methods employ
ed by tho boys family to cure him In
tho end love la cured but not exactly
as tho plotters hoped It would be Ed
mund Eyslors music In of the modern
Viennese school with melodies that
charm tho car and stirring concerted
I Novelizing Mary Janes Pa
t Roy Norton author of several nov2ls
Is putting tho finishing touches on a
novollzatlon of Edith Ellis comedy
drama Mary Jnno3 Pa one of tho
few real successes of tho season
r h I
hoary Arthur Jones play Dolly Re
forming Herself Is drawing crowded
houses In London
Miss Willetto Korshaw has been en
gaged for tho leading feminine part In
Tho Battle with Wilton Lackayo
A young comedian named Joseph
Kane has taken tho place of tho late
Gus Rogers with Max Rogers and has
proved a success
Besides Dorothy Donnelly The Sins
of Society will Include In Its cast I
Louise Closser Halo Bijou Fernandez t
W L Ablngdon and Leslie ICenyon
When Phoebe Davies finishes her
present season In Way Down East
W J Hurlbut author of The Fighting t
Hope will write a new play for her
Robert Hilliard la to bo starred by
Frederic Thompson a play called A °
Fool There Was by Porter Emerson I
A new melodrama IB called Just a I
Womans Way I
Tom Lewis of Little Johnny Jones 1
fame Is one of the leading funmakera
In George M Cohans latest hit Tho
Yankee Prince
Sam Wilkins of Youngstown 0 says
ho Iran whipped Jim Jeffries many
times However Sam admits that at
tho tlmo ho did It Jeff was but
twelve years old while he was fifteen I

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