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I news Associated The Examiner of Ogdon Proas and presents report Utah and a It all Is I g U Tumv310 of tho prcBa that 11 power Wel1 is wielded aa now editorially to In fur ad
tho real paper of Northern Utah ther your bualncaa ambitions
PRICE 65 CENTS T > rT > MnWt1 I
Forester Says Entrance of Glavis Proved Disastrous
j to Work of Conservation Offering Sen
I sational Statements to Prove
I His Claim
Washington Fob 2GWlth GIfford
Pincliot on the witness stand tho
BnlllngerPInchot Inquiry entered Its
second phase today The dismissed
chef of tho forestry bureau before
being sworn drematlcally declared
I thLt when history had boon told the
country would demand a verdict Jn
hnnnony with the general conviction
that tho secretary of the treasury had
been unfaithful to the public whoso
property ho has endangered and to
th i president whom ho had deceived
t Mr Glavis the Cunningham coal
claims and Attorney Brondels all
stood aside to make room for JUr
Pcho fcr Attorney George W
WJmton Ills peibonal friend and for
hip story of Secretary BalllngerB
I dealings wtth the water power sites
of the public domain
Mr PInchot accused Secretary Bal
linger with having made an cxplaua
I on of his conduct to the president
that was essentially false He
chrgcd him with being a dangerous
enemy to conservation He charged
blm with having made a statement
I shown by undisputed documentary
pvldcice to be absolutely false In
three essential particulars He
liarged him with having wilfully
deceived the president and of being
dHoyil to the president
Mr Plnchots first hours on the wit
ness stand were as replete with sen
nation as he had promised and the
nuffocnblng crowd In tile nearing room
trnr intently upon every word that
fell from his lips A trifle nervous at
first Mr Plnchot soon became accus
tomed to his surroundings and main
tained a confident poise thereafter
His recital had not progressed far
however when there came an objec
tion from Mr BalHngera attorney as
to the witness repeating conversa
tions with President Taft It was
contended that the relation of these
conversations would put tho president
In the attitude where he would either
liu e to remain silent or else appear
bpfoie tho committee as a witness
which It was declared would bo un
do Irable
Tlc question wan argued for some
lime end In his statement of the mat
ter tho attorney for Mr PInchot ad
mHd that President Taft In a letter
written subsequent to the conversa
urn hd declared his recollection of
what transpired at tho Interview dif
fered In some particulars from that
nf Mr PInchot The matter was put
f over for consideration by the commit
tee and It la expected a decision will
be announced when the next session
Is held Tuesday morning
Mr PInchot followed up the vigor
Dug attack made upon Secretary Bal
linger in his opening statement by
Declaring ho fully believed in Special
Agent Glavis and was convinced all
long that what Glavis said was true
He characterized Glavlu as a faithful
I nubile servant and declared that tho
lads which he presented proved that
tjfc Halllngor had been unfaithful to
urn trust ofl the guardian of public
pmnerly of enormous values
The conservation movement begun
imlor the administration of President
Roosevelt was progressing splondldlv
1in to the Umo President Taft and
Secretary Bolllngcr took office de
1 clared Mr PInchot Ho charged that
In less than a month thereafter Sec
retary Balllngcr bad broken tho back
bone of the central Idea of the con
uOrvatNm movement by restoring pro
previously withdrawn water power
sites to tho public domain and laying
then open to private appropriation
and monopolistic control
I Mr PInchot declared when the
r < oalions were made Mr Balllnger
J Rave no hint that ho would re with
i draw the powersltes and that as a
1 matter of facthe did not rewithdraw
finj of thorn until after Mr Pinchot
1 had gone to the president and made
I a vigorous protest
The rosloratllns of Mr Balllngor
I Wore made without any invc tl r t lIon
ff the subject whatever aid Mr
I lnChot and Ill charged the neciotorv
with having deliberately ordered offi
cers of the reclamation service
against their will to reoommend tlmt
romo of the restorations should be
r nde Mr PluchoL declared Dlrccor
Newell of the reclamation acrvlcc
would be called as ono IIf his wit
ncBSOB secretary of the Interior
James R Garfield it was announced
also would be ono of Mr Plnchofs
Ono Of tho most dramatic incidents
of the day was left for the last half
hour of the session when Mr Pin
chot declared there was no such de
cision by the comptroller of tho treas
ury ns had been cited by President
Taft In his letter of September 13
1909 to Secretary Ballinger dismiss
ing the Glavis charges and authoriz
ing the removal of Glavis The pres
ident had contended that Mr Ballln
ger had acted under a decision of the
comptroller which permitted no ap
jioal < hii he had abrogated a coop
erative agreement with the agricul
tural department whereby the forest
service was given control of the for
est reserves on Indian lands
Mr PInchot admitted there was an
opinion by the controller which for
I bade the detail of a clerk from the
forest service to the Indian office but
I contended that It had nothing what I
ever to do with the work of the for
est service In the field I
I Mr Plnchots Implication that Pres i
ident Taft either bar been miisled or
utterly mistaken brought out a rapid
firo of questions from Senator Root
Senator Sutherland and the other
members of the committee They
read Into tho records various de
cisions of the comptroller which they
contended had a bearing on the mat
ter but Mr Plnchot would not with
draw from his position that thero was
absolutely nothing in the decision to
which President Taft must have re
ferred which In any way warranted
the abrogation of the cooperative
agreement by Secretary BalHngor
He declared In fact that a previous
opinion specifically held that the
agreement was lawful
This feature was temporarily
passed over but It was evident from
statements made by members of the
committee that they would tako it up
more fully before Mr PInchot was
Tho Indications were when adjourn
ment vas taken that the former for
ester would be on the stand for some
time to come One of tho minor
charges made by Mr PInchot was to
the effect that Mr Balllnger as com
missioner of the land office in 1907
protested against the creation of the
Chugnch forest reserve in Alaska
The reserve was created over his pro
test however and Includes most of
the Cunningham coal claims
Tho forenoon session was devoted
in part to a further examination of i
W W Barr of Seattle as to tho
agreement now In effect between him
and L R Glavis as to obtaining tim i
ber lands in Washington Barr said
Glavis was able to glvo him Informa
tion as to the location of available
lands which he had never been able
to get before and the effort of the
comlmttecmon was clearly directed
toward bringing out the fact that I
Glavls within two months after he
had loft the government service was
engaged In using the knowledge he
had gained ns a public servant for the
benefit If private parties Just as ho
charged Secretary Balllnger with do
ing after retiring from office as com I
missioner of the general land office I
7 Barr said that If the deal and GIn i
vis had entered Into was carried I
through Glavjs share in the profits
would be about 10000
Washington Feb 2CGlfTord PIn
chot taking the witness stand at tho
BalllngcrPlnchot Inquiry this after
noon rend a statement to the commit
tee before being sworn In which he
I charged Secretary Bollinger with
falsehood and disloyalty to President
I Taft and declared that Mr Ballinger
should be dismissed from the service
I Washington Feb 26Mr Pinchot
made to the BalllngerPlnchoL Inves
tigation committee this statement of
his charges agalnnt Secretary Ballln
get when he went on the stand today
What I desire to lay before the
committee IK a consecutive story of
my experience with Mr Balllngor In
relation to the conservation of nat
ural resources Among several other
matters there arc three principal
importance to be called to your atten
I tion
Tho first of these concerns the pol
icy devised and inaugurated by tho
last administration of protesting
against monopolistic control of the
water powor sites owned by the peo
UI shall show you that Secretary
Ballinger entered his office with the
clear determination to make short
work of that policy that he reversed
It so far as he was allowed to do so
that he restored the power sites to
entry without the remotest idea of re
withdrawing them and that finally
when I charged him last autumn to
the President with being an enemy
of the policy of conservation ho
clapped the climax by giving to the
President himself an explanation of
hie conduct that was essentially false
The second has to do with my con
nection as a government officer with
tho Cunningham coal cases and with
the Glals charges I shall show you
how the forest service became In
volved In these cases and how Glavis
submitted his facts to me I believed
then as I believe now that he told
the truth I am convinced now as I
was when he came to me that Glavis
was a faithful public servant and that
the facts which he presented prove
that Mr BalHngor had been ifrtialth
ful to his trust as a servant ot the
people and as the guardian of public
property of enormous value
I shall show that since I learn d
the facts you have heard from Glavis
and others which I am about to lay
before you I have acted steadily In
tho light of them as It was my duty
both as a public officer and as a citi
zen to do I Bhall show you that In
pursuance of that duty I laid before
the President both my word of mouth
ajiiUIn a litter pfNovv J a statement
of my conviction that Secretary Bal
linger has been a dangerous enemy to
I shall show you that this letter
was submitted by the President to Mr
Balllnger and that as part of his re
ply he laid before the President a
statement concerning the Cunningham
coal cases which statement Is shown
by undisputed documentary evidence
to be absolutely false in three essen
tial particulars It will then appear
that Mr Ballinger wilfully deceived
the President and was disloyal to him
Tho third principal matter Is con
corned with the attitude of this gov
ernm > nt In law and administrative
practice toward the conservation of
the national resources belonging to
the people
I desire to show you that the story
of Glavis courageous and successful
fight to protect the property of tho
people which ended In his dismissal
without a hearing Is but a single I
chapter In the history of the public
lands I shall show you that under
our present law and practice the more
difficult task falls on those who would
protect the public property and not on
those who would despoil It and that
under the present system the betrayal
Into monopolistic control of what be
longs to all of us Is made easy and
often in practice Inevitable
The Imperative duty before this
country Is not merely to get rid of an
unfaithful public servant A far more
Important duty Is to bring about a
fundamental change In the law and
tho practice toward conservation to
prevent for the future what has been
In tho past the most inevitable sacri
fice of the public welfare and to make I
possible here the utilization of the
natural resources and the natural ad
vantages for the benefit of all the
people instead of merely for the profit
of a few
When this story has been told and
the witnesses whom I shall ask you
to call have been heard you will real
ize that the Interests of the country
are not safe in Mr Bellingers hands
and that the public demands of this
committee a verdict in harmony with
tho general conviction that the secre
tary of the Interior has been unfaith
ful both to the public whoso property
he has endangered and to the Presi
dent whom he has deceived
U W Barr the Seattle timber deal
er who bocumc no tangled up on the
stand yesterday when testifying as to
an agreement he had entered into with
Louis R Glavin as to tho location of
timber claims following the latter
dismissal from the service was re
called today
I The witness was questioned further
concerning his Umber operations The I I
questions were directed in the endeav
or to prove that while Glavio is charg
ing Mr Balllnger with having become
counsel for the Cunningham group
after being land commissioner and
giving the claimants the benefit of I
knowledge obtained In the govern
ment service Glavis himself Is now
making use of the knowledge of public J
lands by entering into an agreement
with a tinioor dealer Mr Barr sam
he had ordered nis office In Seattle to
send out tuo agreement between him
Gel and Ulavis
inuuidy sum he had been in
Ktruclcd by Glavls to work In harmony
with a coal export sent by the forest
service to Alaska but that OlavJs had
never attempted to Influence him in
making his report or finding
i Kennedy said It was impossible to
work in harmony with tho forest ex
pert who rqporled the Cunningham
coal honda worthless asa commercial 1
Discovery of New Poison Adds to
Kansas City Murder
1 Mystery
Kansas City Mo Fob 26 Anoth
er poison has been found in the vis
corns of Colonel Thomas H Swopo
and ChrIsman Swope according to a
report made to tho family by Dr Lud
wIg Hektoen Dr Walter Haines and
Dr Victor Vaughn An announcement
to this effect was mado today by one
of the Swope attorneys He refused
to go Into details regarding the re
Just what the poison was is not
known but In tho language of tho
scientists it would bo classed aa a
mtflk or shield
Tho doctors are quoted as Baying
that tho poison wan a type that al
though its ultimate effects are as
deadly as are those of strychnine
has the power to change tho symp
toms of strychnine poisoning so that
evidence of Illness displayed are con
fusing In their developments
Contradictory to the statement of
Cheesing Hatred Charles Gordon the
negro yarb man who administered
to the Swope family J M Tutt for
merly a salesman for a manufactur
ing chemist of Kalamazoo Mich tes
tified today that Jordan at ono time
had medicine In his office which con
tained poison
Tutt said when giving his deposi
tion in Dr B C Hydes slander suit
that on July S ho sold Jordon 6000
tablets containing among other In
gredlonts three grains of acetanalld
each and 50000 pllla each or which
contained oneeighth of a grain of
strychnine In giving his deposition
In the suit recently Gordon became
indignant when rfked If his mcdlclng
contained 1 3u pbfsmis Hsv sirfdht
compounded them from roots and
herbs Asked how ho know whether
they wore poisonous he replied
I taste them myself and if they
dont hurt nip they certainly wont
Injure my patients
Attention was drawn to the white
tablets and pills Jordan gave to the
Swope family by Mrs B C Hyde in
a statement a few days before the ar
rest of her husband on a charge of
murdering Colonel Thomas H Swopo
Believes InterRacial Marriage
Wise so Young Missionary
Marries Jap Pastor
Los Angeles Calir Feb 2611I5s
Kate Alice Goodman a missionary i
from Chicago was married in La
Guna N M yesterday to Rev Kenl I
thi Inazawana pastor of a Japanese
church here according to telegrams
received today Miss Goodman came
here a year or more ago Intending to
go to Japan to do missionary work
Friends of the couple gave out the
statement of the bride In which she
declares that notwithstanding adverse
state laws she became the wife of I
the Japanese clergyman because af I
ter nature study she had reached the I
conclusion that interracial marriage
Is both absolutely right and concrete
ly wise
Three white men were killed and
several negro cabins burned in a rnco
riot at Eldorado Ark last night ac
cording to a report received at Mem
phis Tenn
Eulogies upon General Lew Wallace
In a dcbato on the postofflco appro
priation bill consumed the time of
the house Saturday Tho house was
in session five and a half hours The j
senate did not meet
Washington Feb 2C Building a
worlds record breaking battleship of
32000 tons displacement at a cost
pf 1S00000 > and making the United
States the leading naval power are
planned by Secretary Meyer He Is
said to Have told the house naval com
mittee today Members of the com I
mittee said the secretarys radical
plans were favorably received by tho
The proposed giant battleship waits
I until next year only because the na
val experiments with 14Inch guns
have not been completed Tentative
ly It Is planned to arm this great
battleship with a battery of fourteen
11Inch guns of the latest typo
It was tentatively agreed today that I
tho naval Increase this year based
on tha secretarys recommendations
r I
Prominent Harriman Official De
nies Story That Trestle i
c Will Be Abandoned
t l
o oooooooooooooo
oiS 0 I
Otr Los Angeles Calif Fob 26 0
0tr II Bancroft general mana 0
0 ger of tho Oregon Short line 0
O yarn vice president of the Salt 0
0Lake road today denied that 0
O the Lucia cutoff over Great 0
01 Salt Lake would be abandoned 0
0ith This cutoff with its main 0
o tcnunce has cost us 6000000 0
Ot lint has paid for itself by cut 0
OtJlnC down tho grade he said 0
QjV I We have no Intention of 0
Ornbaudonlng Tho report that 0
Ooglt would bo abandoned prob 0
O fiably originated In the fact that 0
O ive are raising the height of 0
O < the line about a mile west of 0
O uthc cutoff five feet We are 0
Idolng thin to avoid high water 0
O tSalt Lake is higher now than 0
O jtbvor was in my memory and 0
H probably will rise more 0
O Mr Bancroft also stated that 0
O work wan being done to assist 0
OJ tIll cutting down running time 0
01 so that the Salt Lake road 0
O could compote with the Great 0
Gt orthcrn and meet the require 0
O mont of the ostoffico depart 0
O ment 0
0 0
Corpse Is Found Leaning Against
iee With Bullet Hole Through
the Head
Salt Lake City Utah Feb 26A
search of three days ended today
v hen the body of Cleveland Coombs
SKS 17 was found in the hills near
Sajt Lake City
4Cj n boy left homo ostensibly upon
f piMdrrirrjPsnjd was etpcn tab
absent only a short time Searchers
today found the body leaning against
a tree and with a bullet hole through
the head Jt Is plainly a case of sui
cldo though no motive has been dis
Veteran Horseman and Former
Actress Wedded Without
Now York Fob 26 August Bel
mont Sr banker and millionaire race
horse owner and Miss Eleanor Rob
son who recently loft the stage wore
unexpectedly married at 5 oclock this
afternoon In Miss Robsons house
here It had been announced that
the marriage would not take place un
til March They took out a license
at City Hall last night avoiding by
the lateness of the hour the scrutiny
of tho curious
There were no bridesmaids nor
ushers and the guests were the im
mediate family and Intimate friends
Immediately after the ceremony Mr
and Mrs Belmont left for a trip
through the south
In March they will sail for the Med
Mr Belmont IB 57 years old His
first wire died in Paris in 1898 He
has three sons Miss Robson gave
her nge when taking out the marrlago
license as 31
Presdont Wheeler of the University
of California yesterday delivered his
farewell lecture as Roosevelt profes
sor at tye University of Berlin At
Its concluson the students presented
Professor Wheel with a silver cup a
reproduction of one In the famous
I collection in tho museum at Hilde
I ahcim
shall bo as follows two 27000 ton
battleships equipped with 12 or 14
Inch guns one repair ship two col
liers lIve submarines
The submarines are for tho Pacific
coast The plan to place ton addl
tlonal submarines on the Pacific coast
next year was favorably considered
These submarines will bo of the
fastest yet launched and will he cap
able of making a speed under water
of twelve knots an hour member
of the committee said tho govern
ment had unofficial Information to the
I effect that the Japanese are laying
the keels of two battleships approach
I Ing the 27000 tonnage limit Tho
tonnage of the great battleships un
der construction would depend great
ly as to the weight of the batteries
ofthe huge 11inch guns which would
bo placed on this ship
Provisional General Breaks Long
Silence With Report of
Winning Battle
Engagements Continue In Nicaragua
With Victory Apparently Perched
on Rebel Standard
Blueflelds Feb 26 General Pedro
Romero a government officer has
been killed In a fight with d force of
Tho recent silonco General Menu
was broken today with a report of
tho victory of the provlsionols The
engagement was fought at Morrlto
a small town about midway on tho
east shore of Lake Nicaragua
Mona surprised tho government
forces who numbered about 180 Be
sides General Pedro Romero ono
government soldier was killed and
several of Romeros guard was
wounded One of Menas men was
Sixty prisoneru were captured In
cluding two telegraphers Tho pro
vlalonals also toolc booty which in
clufrid 86 Remington rifles 15000
cartridges 100 sacks of biscuits 1
600 pounds of rice 1400 pounds of
beans 1000 pounds of sugar 200
pounds of meat a large quantity of
cheese 100 pairs of shoes and 60
horses with equipment
Letters found in the government
camp showed that General Romero
who apparently was on his way to
Join General Vasquez had been warn
ed to look out for Mena
The provisional leader with 1GO
men left St VIncento February 22
General Zcledon and General Matuty
remaining behind He took a round
about route in order to approach
Morrlto from the San Mlgucllto
Romeros forces were taken by
complote surprise They fired wildly
for a quarter of an hour and then
fled In all directions not having time
was found dead on tho ground Was
given burial General Mena ordering
full military honors at the grave
As General Chnmorro is on tho op
posite side of tho lake absolute con
firmation of the report that the
teamer Victoria is In the hands of the
prlvlslonalB Is waited with great In
With this steamer Mono and Cha
morro could join forces in a few
hours leaving Matuty to guard
against tho advance estward of Gen
eral Vasquez whose forces arc re
ported at Acoyapa and Juigalpa
It Is not unlikely that General
Mena will remain near Morrllo
later pechaps making nn attack upon
the enemy In concert with Matuty
before attempting to Join Chamorro
Weber Horticulturalists Show
Enthusiasm and Attend to
Important Matters
Much interest was manifested by
the members and visitors at tho
meoMng of the Ogden Fruit Growers
association yesterday afternoon in tho
Weber county court house The at
tendance was larger than had been
expected and altogether a great Uea
of enthusiasm was displayed
Prominent among the speakers
were James White of Wlllard who
has accepted the position of manager
of the association and Mr Ellis vice
president of the California Pioneer
Fruit company Mr White confiner
his remarks to the marketing of the
fruit and kindred subjects while Mr
Ellis gave an Interesting address per
taining to the business management
of the association Stops were token
to make arrangements to induce all
tho fruit growers in this vicinity to
join the association and every mem
ber present acknowledged himself as
r well pleased with the acceptance of
the Pioneer company to handle tho
crop this year Last year tho Pioneer
people handled tho crop hut as only
about onetenth of tho average crop
was grown last year a good line
I could not be obtained on the efficien
cy of tho company It is expected
that a number of ruit growers of Wo
I ber county not now members of the
Ogden Fruit Growers association will
I Join within a low weeks or sooner as
all the present members are boosting
I for the pioneer company and are sat
isfied that they can get the best pos
I sible service from thIs company
I Quite a HtUe discussion took place
at the meeting and several members
woroi called upon to address the gath
ering amoig them being John L Wil
son a prominent fruit grower and a
director of thu association and Frank
Moore a Weber county commissioner
of North Ogden
New York Fob 26G F Touchard
formerly of California today won the
national championship indoor lawn
tennis singles on the courts of tho
seventh regiment armory Touchard
thereby becomes the successor to T
It Pell as holder nf the national hon
ors upon covered courts
Government Offcials Make Big
Extensions of Permits in
Forest Reserves
o o
O Washington Feb 2GTho 0
O amount of stock which will be 0 I
O authorized to graze on the na 0
O tlonal forests in 1910 in ac 0
O cordanco with tho decision of 0 I
O the secietary of agriculture 0
O chows an increase in the total 0
P number as compared with last 0
O year of approximately 200000 0
O cattlo and hogs and five hun 0
O dred sheep and goats Tho 0
O total allowance for tho coming 0
O grazing season is 1597000 cat 0
O tlo and horses and 8323000 0
O ehecp and goals 0
O Tho most Important In 0 I
O creases are in Nevada Colo 0
O rado Montana Utah and Wash 0
O ington Except in Nevada 0
O where a million acres have 0
O been added to the national for 0
O osts area through the creation 0
O of the Nevada forest the in 0
O creases arc attributed to Ira 0
O proved range conditIons duo 0
O to regulated grazing 0
O The secretary is sollcftious 0
O to get tho greatest possible uti 0
O llzatlon of the range resources 0
O of the national forests that 0
O tho forests might contribute so 0
O far as consistent with protec 0
O tlon of the forest growth to 0
O the market supply of beef and 0
O mutton 0
O 0
Young Girl and Alleged Married
Man Taken Back to
Acting on information tolegrapehd
from Evanston Wyo yesterday after
h Srlii Whuu d
to the Union depot in this city m
tlmo to intercept G W Abbott who
was attempting to elope with a Miss
Miller They arrived over the Union
Pacific on No 9 A fow hours later
J A Morehouso under sheriff of
Sweetwater county Wyoming arrived
in the city and took charge of tho re
calcltrat couple returning with them
at 645 oclock last night to Evans
ton whero It Is said Abbott will be
held to answer to a charge of seduc
ing a young girl for immoral pur
According to Information furnished
to tho sheriffs oflico yesterday after
noon over UIQ telephone by a man
who refused to divulge his name Ab
bott has a wife and child in Evans
ton Ho has been employed at that
place as a telegraph operator Miss
Miller at first refused to return with
Sheriff Morehouse who admitted that
he had no authority to force her to
After both Sheriff Wilson and
Morehouse had reasoned and pleaded
with her for half an hour however
she was induced to accompany the
sheriff and Abbott back to Evanston
No charge was made against the grl
and she was finally persuaded to re
turn only after Shone Morehouse
had drawn a pathetic word picture
of her mothers auxiPty and grief
According to the Wyoming officer the
girls mother was almost distracted
and feared that If her daughter were
allowed to remain In this city she
would attempt to commit suicide
During tho time Abbott was con
fined In tho county jail tho girl stood
outside his cell talking to him When
he was given into tho custody of
Sheriff MorohouBo ho refused to nay
anythng in explanation of his con
dust and showed not the slightest
concern when told that ho was to be
taken back to Evanston
Mrs Vaughn and Dr Hull Al
leged Strychnine Poisoners
Give Up to Police
Klrksvlllc Mo Fob 26 Warrants
issued by the circuit court on a re
port of a special firand Jury resulted
in the arrest toda of Mrs Alma
Proctoraughn and DrV James R Hull
of Monroe City Mo on lie charge
of the murder strychnine poisoning
of Prof John T Vaugan Mrs Vaughn
surrendered to tho sheriff here and
Dr Hull was arrested at his home
Mrs Vaughn after being released
on 25000 bond returned to Monroe
City to await hearing
Dr Hull who Is guarded at his
home will be brought hero tomor
10WThe reading of the warrant was
waived by Mrs Vaughns attorneys
She maintained her calmness In tho
court room until she took the oath
that nbc would return hero for a hear
ing Then sho sank helplessly into
n chair
Harvey Tohnson a negro serving a
life term as a burglar was shot and
killed > eat rdn1 by a guard in the
ro penitentiary while trfJng to es
Day of Tranquility Closes With
Fresh Disorders in
Men Women and Children Brutally
Beaten Back When State Police
Chargo Angry Mob I
Philadelphia PaFeb 26 After a
day of almost complete tranquility
several small riots broko out In Keii
slngton late today when young men I
attacked cars run by nonunion men
In one of tho affrays passengers
were attacked by strIke sympatnlzerBA
motorman was dragged from his car
and badly beaten and several police I
men were roughly handled but no
one seriously injured 1
The most serious affair occurred at
0 oclock at Front street and Suse j
quchana avenuo The crowd there I
got beyond control of the Philadel
phia police force and stopped a car
at the Intersection tho streets Tho f
crowd trier to roach the nonunion i
crew and though the lone policeman I
who was protecting tho crow fought
bravely several men dragged him In 1
to the street His rovoher was tak
en from him and ho was given a se
vere beating The conductor managed
to get away but the motorman was
not so fortunate Ho fired several
shots but all went wild and he was i
pulled from the car and beaten
Other Doliccmnn waded Into tho
mob but reluctant to draw their re
volvers because of the woman and
children caught in the crowd fought
with theIr clubs
Hore come the state cops some
one yelled antI there was a movement
to break away
A half dozen mounted police gal
loped up and charged into the crowds
They drove upon the sidewalk smash I
ed right and left with their hickory
sticks and gradually forced tho mob
back I
backMon women and children wore all
treated alike
jNp revolvers wore drawn by tho
> troopx raVonttjii 7liQade good iqcoy 1
their riot sticks and tho rioters real
Izlng the troopers were not to bo
trifled with soon were on the run
In the fight a woman passenger
Mrs J C Ehlcr was struck with a
brick nnd rendered unconscious Wal
ter A Graham another passenger
who tried to carry her from the car
was attacked by the mob and rough
ly handled but managed to carry the
woman Into a drugstore
Tho first trouble In the negro sec
tion occurred today when a crowd 1
threw missiles at cars
Policemen quickly scattered the
The arrest and arraignment of John
J Murphy preslddnt of the Central
Labor union on a charge of inciting to
riot and the disorders noted marked
the eighth day of the strike
Whether a strike of all organized i
labor n Philadelphia will be called
next woek probably will be decided at
tomorrow mornings meeting of tho
Central Labor union
Disorders at Steel Works Result
in Fatal Clash With
State Police
South Bethlehem Pa Feb GOno
man is dead from a bullet fired by 11
state policeman two others are suf
fering from slight pistol wounds nail
more than a dozen men aro nursing
Injuries Inflicted by the heavy riot
sticks of tho troopers tonight
The troopers were patrolling tho
streets near the otccl works when
bricks were thrown at thorn by a
crowd of foreigners The commander
of tho troops ordered his men to fire
Into tho air it is said but one man
hold his pistol too low and tho bullet
struck Joo Sambo who died tonight
Labor leaders have appointed com
mittees to urge the foreigners to re
train from attacking tho police t
Salt Lake Fob 5A case of mis
taken identity camo mighty nearly i
ending fatally for A Armstrong I
bo lives with his brotherinlaw
Thomas Gold at Tenth West and
Ninth South As It Is Armstrong is
In the L D S hospital where tho
surgeon has just completed the task i
of picking blrdshot out of him
At about 1130 oclock Thursday I
night Gold mistook Armstrong who
was passing the window fora bur
glar Gold took down his shotgun
end opened fire The charge of shot
entered Armstrongs left arm which
was terribly lacerated and Innumer
able shots also entered the ba6k
As soon as possible Armstrong wan
removed to the hospital where Dr t
Clarence Smullyan performed an op
Paris Fob 26Sam McVey tho
American heavyweight knocked out
Al Kublnk of Michigan In the tenth
round of a scheduled 20 round fight

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