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II -spring ties
the ties you are most particular
in selecting,
we are showing the niftiest se
lection ever.
all qualities.
priced the "nyeway."
I "Tat Sporty Devil" was the subject
I of a sermon preached by Re Hubs
J weiler Sunda evening In the First
M E church The lext raa Bph. 1
"Lovers of pleasure more than lovers
of God." The sermon, which is one
j of five on the "Five Devils of Ogden,"
I follows:
What is the Sporty Devil? Why that
spirit of unscrupulous pleasure seek
ing thai leads people to trample on
I the laws of God, of conscience and of
j nature. In order to have fun. and turns
I waht would be otherwise a righteous
I impulse, into a lust. This Devil of
1 Sport is a cousin to the T)evil of
f Greed, and together they wreak hnvor-
I in the world This Sporty Devil conn h
I into the temple of God and defiles ii
B with a giggle, laughs at the worship
I of God until the multitude laughs with
j him. goes Uerlng up the mount of
Sinai, trampling over all the Ten Com
mandments, breathes into the heart of
youth the fires of hell never to be
quenched and witn beguiling gibes
H leads the multitude int ofhe broad
bighwa tli :' leads to death
W?6 An Angel of Light.
This Devil of Sport was once the
angel of good cheer, sent of od 10
bring happiness to mankind For God
I Is the author of thf play impulse m
childhood All v.ors and no play
I makes Jack a dull boy. is eternalh
true And so we recognize that we
owe to childhood and youth opportun
ities for recreation And een ma
turity needs its relaxations. Yes, God
would have us happy, for at "Hi3 right
hand are plensures forever more."
and the prophet saw the Btrots of
the city of redemption was to be "full
I of children playing in the streets
j thereof "
But God's good angel of cheer does
not lead us to disaster. Rut rather
I he leads us into the house of God
with praise and unto his law with
blessing, and breathes into our hearts
II the blithesome cheer of life and lights
I our faces with eternal cheer, that goes
I with us through disaster, sickness and
sorrow, and leads us on the highway
of holiness with rejoicing and songs
j of victory, and at last takes our hand
I and leads us through the dark waters
I of death Into the realm of glory and
everlasting Joy in our hearts.
A Fallen Angel.
But when this spirit began to vaunt
1 Itself above God, and tried to be the
first thing in life, to be the law of
life, regardless of right, the law of
I God or of nature, in short to set It-
Belf up as the God of Fun, then It fell
I like Lucifer into degradation and sin.
So do all those who are "lovers of
pleasure more than lovers of God "
J This Devil's Commandments,
j' I am thy God, Fun. the first and
i the last, the very' object of thy cre
ation, therefore
1. Thou shalt make sport thy chief
j concern
2 Thou shalt not count the cost
of thy folly, either in heaven aboe,
i in the earth beneath, or In hell under
the earth nor unto thy posterity unto
the third and fourth generations
' 3. Don't take life seriously, but be
I . I giddy.
4. Remember the Sabbath day to
make it a holiday
I 6. Don't allow thy father or mother
to stand in the way of having a good
I fl Regard not the ruin thy folly
; brings upon others.
7 Don t be a prude, be a sport.
S Thou art young but once, sow
some wild oats
9. Don't be a piker, take a dar
10 See the worldthat Is, the un
derworld. The sum of all the law and th
prophets Is this To love yoursel'
fir last and all the time, and others
for what you cau get out of thm
The Devil's Picture.
Let us look this devil over What
a restless devil he is; no poise, no
calm, but a constant wiggle and gig
gle. When he has nothing to say ho
uses small talk; when that falls ho
chatters. When he runs short o'
chatter he (shei glggle3 and, In lieu
of r- 'erythlng else he (she) chei
gum and keeps shuffling around. el
ways on the move He (she) BCems
to have .i perpetual itch, and wants to
be constantly dandled and handled
In body he seems to he in robust
health, but his flesh is flabby, his
blood feverish and as time passes the
.nil organs degenerate and his bods
becomes rotten with the leprosy of
What is that rattling noise? Wb
that is his brains, rati line round In
his head, too small for skull, and BO -mr
I go round in a glddj whirl
hl-n." For this Sporty Devil is a
shallow fellow
When he reads, it is merelj the
sporting page or society column, or
the picture supplement or some lurid
fiction. When he thinks it is to invent
some new rag Mep, some new sport or
some new slang.
Then look at his eye How inflain
cd and restless If cannot concen
trate Its gaze, and notes onlj fast one
shifting scenes Inflamed with luat,
it seeks to see risque and indeeen'
things on the stage and the sensual In
And see those Hps. not firm and
,, strong, but flabby loosely set, with
a smile verging always on a leer His
tongue is constantly Itching for the
tingle of drink or the soothing of pipe
or drug, or the tang of smutty speech
His ears also are itching for th'
tickle of ragtime, or salacious scan
dal or questionable joke or ribald
How soft are his hands, for an idler
is he. When he works it is to get
mone for more fun But what claw
like nails! Yes, like as a cat plays
with its victim, so he amuses himself,
'hough he knows that his sport will
ruin other lives Look, the stain of
blood djes his fingers!
And what strangely Jointed feet ne
has, now prone to "cut the eal
what springs to jump to the rhythm
of music, but how inert to the call ot
labor. How wabbly they are on tho
pathway of holineBS, how they trip
over themselves, trying to follow duty
but how Bwift and strong on the broa'l
highway of evil.
Put the X-ray to his heart What
so small and bard? A.nd what a shape.
Why, that's a little image of hlmself
Ah, how selfish and and small and
hard-hearted is this Sporty Devil!
How little he cares how his Invitation
to drink or his gambling or his lust
will wreck those other lives.
And iB this his purse'' Why, it is a
bag full of hoU s
When this Devil of Sport gets into
the heart of a young man immediate
ly he begins to hang his hat on his
ear, and strut and swagger, with a
cigarette dangling from his teeth, he
hangs around the pool room, flourishh
es around the gaming table, strides
pompously into the saloon, dips leer
inply Into the underworld, and soon
goes bragging around about his vices,
till, unsatisfied with wantons, he
boastfulh Beduces virtue, purloins
from his employer and at last exploits
the Innocent until in the end stripes
of crime encompass him
Walking Alarm Clock.
When this Devil of Sport finds en
trance into the heart of a girl she
immediately begins to dress loudly,
I Ogden State Bank
j CAPITAL AND SUB.PLUS . . 260,000.00
RESOURCES OVER . . . $2,100,000.00
Modem Facilities in All Departments
We 'i&cnt Foreign Exchange, Travelers' Checks and Letters
I , . of Credit.
I Interest paid on Saving AcowU and Time Deposits. Loans
made on Real Estate.
Vaults equipped with electric burglar-proof tyjtem.
: 1 ; Your business solicited, safeguarded and protected
-4 H C. Bigelow. President A. P. Bigelow, Cashier
jjj; J.M. Browning, Vice Pres. E. L. Van Meter, Asst. Cashier
till she is B "walking alarm clock.' I
and sterns to call a block away. "O,
you sports, look here What a mark
Then she gads and giggle througli
the streets, and hangs around public
places, acts bold and flip drifts Into
fast corapn), does risque things and
ib naughty and pert and sporty From
dancing she kocs to ranging and then
to tho devil. From street gadding she
takes to street walking, from uncon
ventionalltles. she takes to wanton
ness, and from a little risque belling
she goes to gambling, and trom a few
daring drinks or dosos of dope, she
becomes a drunkard and a dope fiend
A Dare Devil.
This Sporty Devil takes all kinds
of chance. At the door of the sa
loou you warn htrn of bondage. dls
ease, poverty, crime, death, and he
loudly laughs and says. Who's
afraid?" With a coffin nail between
bis fingers, you warn him of heart
failure, brainstorm, nerve rack, moral
depravltv. commercial ruin, and he
(itteringiy says: "Ha. here goes an
other nail Into my coffin" At the
gaming table vou warn hlra of finan
cial ruin and he swaggeringly ox
rlairas T am no tight wad, I am a
true blue sport I'll take my cham -es
" Under the glare of the red lights
you call to him to beware of disease,
bondage, blackmail. depravity and
shame and he scoffs bark. "Do you
take mc for a ninny, tied to my moth
er's apron strings and afraid of a
bogy- man?" On the broad way of
evil, you warn him of God's Judgments
and he defiantly cries. "I would like
to see him stop me from having my
sport " oTgirls. gailv disporting on
the ragged, slippery edge of the to
boggan slide of shame we call, be
ware of the wild leap of passion, of
crushing shame and cruel white slav
er. but she onlv flings back, "w
don't expect me to be a poke. I'm no
piker, I II take a dare "
And bo this reckless devil, when he
sees God wave the red light of dan
ger across his patch pulls the throt
tie of life still farther open and
laughs at his speed as he crashes in
to wreckage Though he sees the
bridge open, thii Jov rider puts on no
brakes, hut goes plunging into tho
river of death He lights with lustful,
and lntovieatlng fires the very housr
in which he lives, and claps his hands
in glee like an insane man as he
watches the flames creep upon him
Just for Fun.
How Innocent is his motto. "Just for
fun." but lo what ruin does It lead
How he h-nrts young nif-n to lcherv
and drunkenness, "just for fun. ' and
girls ti frowardnesa wantonness and
Bbame, "Jusl tor fun " ,'itid mothers to
the gaming table while their children
go to the devil. "Just for fun;" and
youth to he frothy and trilling and lr
reverent to the casting away of their
eternal inheritance in realms ot glo.-
"just for fun." What disease what
pauperism, what lunacy, what broken
livs. what damned souls, "just for
fun "
O, you Sporty Devil, betake your
self to the regions of darkness, de
ceive us not. We know ou and your
wiles, and bid you defiance.
Com Kood spirit of God ami t l h
us how to have amusement without
harm; show us whal flowers of pins
ure have no poicon therein; In what
fields of sport there lurks no serpen',
it'n deadlj fnnpis; what tops of rec
reation have no contagion of evil
Show us how to keep cheerful, have
pleasure kep young and spirited and
yel Buffer no 111 hut keep strong in
body and mind innocent In spirit, rev
erent in heart and heirs of heaven
with the light of God upon our faces
the glee of -od in our hearts, the
beauty of our God upon us. the rhythm
of buoyancy in our souls, beating time
to the musi- of heaven.
LOCAL salesman of wide acquaint
ance to represent well established
manufacturer; experience unneces
sary, straight salary and splendid
prospects to a competent man for per
manent position and rapid advance
ment The Eclipse Paint & Mfg Co,
Cleveland O.
The reorganization of the Pleasant
View ward took place yesterday at a
meeting which was attended by mow
than 7( per cent of the ward mem
bers Apostle Francis M. Lyman of
Salt Lake represented the general
church authorities, while President C.
C. Richards and Elder E. A. Larkin
of this city represented the Ogden
stake, the latter representing the high
After a service of twelve years Bish
op C. A Hickenloopc-r was honoruh).
released, his resignation having been
received because of his intention to
move out of the county His counsel
ors, Thomas Budge and David Johns,
were also honorably released Reuben
T. Rhees was Installed as the new
bishop upon the unanimous decision of
the ward members His counselors
are William M Wade and Charles A.
Packham As Mr. Packham previous
ly held the office of ward clerk. Hen
ry L. Jensen was selected as his suc
cessor Apostle Lyman delivered the prlnci
pal address of the meeting, his re
marks having to do with the duties of
a bishop and also the other church
1 wish to announce to the public
that the Ladies' Grill Room is now
running in connection with the Stlm
son Cafe, 2482 Washington Ave.
Having arranged his business and
affairs and recovered from a slight op
eration performed a few weekB ago,
New York Man Secures FTn
Handsome Sample Suits
Here is the copy of a letter just received from our man in New & tOi f
York: t7 t I W
"W. H. Wright & Sons Co., Ogden: FlWrll
"Have secured for you a line of sample suits from one of the fm V -J
best concerns here. These are last week's models and have only p
been shown to New York stores. m 5 I A V
"I bought them at big reduction put them nce- J
The suits are handsome examples of this year's best designing A P H E
beautifully made, in newest materials. I Ml
$2135 "T": $18.35 r A ,
$35.00 Regular $97 $42.50 Regular (tOC 9Z ft IS
Values Q&lmOd Values fldtMW t M
$19.50 Regular Values $12.50 V
The suits are ready for your inspection.. At these prices we IM tl
must charge for alterations. W
Judge A R Hey wood, former presi
dent ol the Commercial National
bank, has arranged to depart on May
7 or S for an extended irip In iiv
south He win ho accompanied by
his wife Although all of the detailt
of the trip have not yet been complet
ed. Tudge Heywood expects to spend
considerable time on the border be
tween the United States and Mexico
"But 1 want It understood that 1
am not a candidate for president of
Mexico." said the former bank presi
dent today in telling of his proposed
trip "While I might consent to accept
a place in the army. I would refuse
6inall commission such as that of
colonel I would readil agree to be
I come a brigadier general, for he lias
60 much more chance to run." V hil"
he might consider a sea voyage after
Visiting the border, .Tudpo Heywood
deelared that he would take DO
chances on the interior of Mexico in
reaching tho coast
Editor Standard A few words,
please. In regard to the Gym" that
Is proposed to be built by the tax
pa) ers of the city. Some desire it
built adjacent to the high school,
while others would rather have it
placed on the city hall square Now,
much could he said on both Bides
For my part I would prefer the
Bquare, for several reasons If the
general taxpayers of the city are
about to bond ihemsehes for its erec
tion, then let It be placed where it
will be most convenient for the gen
eral public to enjoy Its benefits. Lo
cated at the high school not one out
of ten of the business people of tho
clt would patronize it Then again
by placing It on the city hall square,
I think it could be made to .vield
quite a icvenue from the Automobile
tourists, who in the near future will
pass through our city In thousands
on their way to the coat: and to
whom a hath and a general clean up.
would greatly appeal and be well
worth palng for Another thought.:
What's the matter with piping the
hot waters from the sanitarium (the
sanitarium that wan) plear down Lo
the city and connect with the, gym-I
naslum I think it could be rented
cheaply, though the feasibility of the
matter would be up to the engineers.
Altogether, the matter Is of some im
portance and deserves a great deal or
consideration before the location of
the "gym" Is finally fixed Let the
people rule.
(Signed) T. R O'CONNOLLT.
W R Scott of San Francisco, gen
eral superintendent of the Southern
Pacific, was the guest of the Weber
club Saturdav night after his return
from a trip "of Inspection over the
cutoff Saturday afternoon.
Mr Scott Is a former resident of
tho city and stated that he was pleas
ed at the favorable changes in Ogden
and viclnitv. He remarked that he
observed that the wholesale district
is growing and that the sand ridge
has been converted from a barren
waste into a prosperous orchard dis
trict. In anticipation of the crowds that
will attend the fair in San Francisco
in 1915. he stated that there were
forces at work between Ogden and
the coast double tracking th. line.
He stated that the cutoff would be
double tracked, but not by 191o.
Defective electrical wiring is giv
en as the caube of a Hp- that dam
aged the interior of the Hay Shurt
liff residence. 8680 Washington aven
ue, to the extent of ll.MQ, at 3.40
o"clock Yesterday morning.
Although the fire was fierce enough
to burn the finishings and furniture of
the Interior. It did not reach the out
side of the building
The fire was discovered by a passer
by and a fall was sent into the cen
tral department which made a rec
ord breaking run of the two miles in
three minutes.
The damage was fully covered by
insu ranee.
While in the act of burglariing Al
vord's second-hand store last evening
at 6:30 oclock a man who gives the
name of William Burk was discovered
by Irvin T Alvord. the proprietors
son. and was held at the point of a
revolver until police could arrive on
the scene and take the man in charge
The burglar had a watch and gun
in his possession When arrested, but
the proprietor claims that 13 watches
urid i wo other guns are missing from
his stock.
w den young Alvord entered the
Store from the rear he saw Burk near i
the entrance of the store with a re
The person who
wears our Diamonds 1
and Jewelry can take
the position in front
When you buy from
UNCLE SAM you save
278 25th St.
Capital $ 150,000.00
Undivided profit!
and surplus 350,000.00
Deposits 3,600,000.00
M. 8. Browning, Pres.; L- R.
Ecclas, Vice Pres.; Q. H.
Tribe, Vlce-Pres.; John Wat
son, Vlce-Pres.: John Pingroo,
Cashier; Jas. F. Burton, Asst.
. .ler.
Good Shoe Mending is
one of our specialties.
Ogden's Most Popular
Shoe Store.
volvor In his hand. prlng into she.1,
cases and boxes Alvord seized a re
volver near by and ordered the intrud
er to throw up his hands The man
did so and Alvord then railed for aid
A charge of burglary In thp third
degree has been placed against Burk j
e i hi: diamond rizand. a
Uiil! All fnur Pni.rl.l I r A '
4 bl-rkM-Kr lUmn4 TtranlV
piiu in :tcd sad ioM B ftiiixxry
TnLft no olhrr But of rour
lraffrl.t- A.' ' rC JII-C nro.TER s
OlAUOVn liKIM) I'IMA, r.f !t6
yeirr. known 11 Erst, bates-. AUay Rcl!L!r
The Nswpori Cafe
I JiM, WONb-WE, Managers
Open Day and Night.
Everything Sanitary Freh Meatj
,' for artistic
I Best work and lowest prices
Bj guaranteed. Yard. Cor. Jeffer
g Bon ,-ind 21st St. Phone 2218-W
That's our business nothing else. We have been devot
ing our mind and energies to this one thing for ten years
The result is a product that is flawles:, smooth and free
from deleterious substance. Don't take chances j
lw'inil Inaugurated April 8th
JOu't;r Electrically Lighted equipment, Standard and '
$Z!yrtf!$r Tourist Sleepers, Diner, Observation Car,
Ask "Free Reclining Chair Car."
About Leaves Salt Lake Daily 8:45 a. m.
Our Arrives Los Angeles 10 a. m.
California Two other good trains daily
Tickets Electrically Lighted, Standard and Tourist
Sleepers, Diner and Observation Buffet. i
Leaves Salt Lake 5 p. m.
Arrives Los Angeles 4:30 p. m
Standard and Tourist Sleepers, Dining Car
through, Free Reclining Chair Cars. i
For further information See Any Salt Lake Route Agent,
Write for California Literature.
Ticket Office No. 10 East 3rd Co., Salt Lake
Los Angeles, California. Salt Lake City.
source of all financial aid is one's bank account, ami E
wise is he who starts early in life to build a reserve I 1
We cordially invite vou to take this prudent step II R
now, by stepping into tho Commercial National fl
Bank and startiug an account I
4'. Interest Paid on
Savings Accounts.
i ii ii 1 1 f mini- J j k
Jesse Knight's "Spring Canyon Coal"
This la tho first time this ' Best of Gooo Co.nl " h.is hr.n on tho
market hen In Ogden.
We arc In the market to introduce liio good roil (he samtf
prices that you have been paying for the other Utah coal. . h
" 1 tri" or,ler Ho not overlook tho r.-. i uui wo sol. ,p
A ,c c,ean wyomlnpcoa) at the following prices. V
Lump. $5.00. Nut, $4 50 Delivered. Mi
v . D. Vard on West Side of Wall
Yard Phone 345 Avenue Qetw.-en 22nH nnd 23rd gj

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