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Tsk no part In public dfmonstrn
j tions ;also avoid arguments and
I strife Your own affairs will DMd
I your b?st attention The whims of
your fan y are fleeting; do not take
I tbem fterlouBly or allow thorn to in
I fluencc you acainst reason
Thow born today will have rvcnt
ful careers. Their generous, rmpp..
natures will win thorn many friendB,
and their Impulslvenesa will make
tome enemies They phould bo taught
i prudence and Relf-dopendence when,
young (April 2 I
Fcr Editorial, News and Society
f Department, Call Only Phone No
I For Subscription and Advertising
Department. Call Phone No. 68
Peony gratis wltb every plant order
I Hendorphot. Phono 206.
Connolly Not Guilty -Jnmen Connol
I ly was declared not guilty of robbery
I by a Lne Angelos Jury last Monday.
tccordlng to a telegram received by
I Me wife, who rni'low at 610 Seventh
J street oomjilaln? was placed
against Connolly and Harrison Pfjrne
J last DorombT rhnrRlng that they had
T Uikn Jewel r from William McDalo.
I an aged tounst
The Klrkendall Undertaking Co
Masonic Temple Phono 160.
I At Third Ward Elder Samuel T
' Browning was th principal sp-ak-r
at the Third ward evening service last
5 night, his subject being "The Restor
J atlon of the Gospel ' Klder Francis L
I Woods also spoke briefly on the sub
1 Ject of ' Cleanliness." and cave notice
that Mondto. May 6. had been set
aside by the presidency of the North
! Weber stnko as cleaning up day for
i; the people of the stake
Advertisers must have th!r copy
J ready for the Rveninr Standard ..he
1 evening before "he day on .hlcn ,.h
J advertlsemn', l to appear In order to
M Insure publication
j Sheriff la III Sheriff E E Harris
His confined to his bed by an attack of
I what In thought lo bo ervsi p-la.-. II"'
was feeling poorly Saturday, but spent
the day attending to official duties
Testrrday morninc however, be HfB!
induced tr. take to his bed. where ho
Hbas since remained. Ho Is not im-
II proved toda)
If Cal. 421 for the news editorial an
society departments of the Standard.
Vlalted In Ogden James H Col
I line of Salt Lake City, spent Satur
I day and Sunday In Odcn.
Old pa n'f for sale at this office.
I JSc per hundre-d
3 Gilchrist Estate In the matter of
I tbo estate ot Alexander Gilchrist, the
i widow, Mrs. Annos (Jtlchrlst, has po-
tltioned the district court for letters
, of administration.
Kodak fin.shlng Tripp studio.
Has Recovered Mrs. F M Drlggs,
wjf of Superintendent Drlggs of the
school for the deaf and blind, has
sufficiently recovered from an opcra
t Hon for nppendicltis lo ! ao tin I :
A hospital and return home.
Miss Dlllard. an accomplished trim
mer fresh from eastern markets, Is
In charge of our trimming depar'.
ment For mid summer utyle6 In chif
fons, malines and lace effects, our
' display is the very latest Stafford
Millinery Co . 246". Washington Ave
First door south I'lOKree bank -M
Heavy Travel Although the pan
T sengr travel is much heavier east-
bound than w ethonnd. the Denver &
Rio Grande railroad still needs two
j lections (o train No. 6 to accomrao
date Its pa68engt're
gf J Brighara Hotel. 24th St and v,
ave . one block from dt pot. Opden's
, only fireproof hotel New, modern.
. elegantly furnished: moderate rates.
I permanent guests will bo given attrac
' tlve rates.
Club Members Trusted Th Weber
tclub is In receipt of a communication
rjfroin W O Dormoii local manager
fiKpf the Western Union Telegraph com
lkfcny, announcing that general Insinu
ations have been issued to managers
throughout the country that offiees
Wtball accept without deposits or a
Jcash guarantee all collect telegrams
"1 sent by members of the Weber club.
iAll kind of florist plants and vines
Hendorshot, Phono 206
He Likes Ogden -The directors of
the Weber club were gratified to hear
. W R Scott, general superintendent of
J the Southern Pacific, state that ho
I had resided in a cltv that he liked!
J better than Ogd-Mi gave .ractl-
cal assurance that, as soon as the
tinmerglnr business is s-nW'd Ogden
I will haiH a Southern Pacific city tick
et off If (
There's no room for improvement
in H & ; Hutur
Railroad Visitor-W 1. K.v;,n, dls
1 trlct passenger acnt of the Frisco
I lines, with headquarters In Denver,
was a railroad visitor in Ogden today
On Trip East Frank J. Stevenj
left yesterda. on th. overland de luxe
or a business trip to eastern cities.
Departs for New York - .1 P Par
son left for New York today over the
Itir. (.ram..-J
j3U Chicago April -8. Liotai- bonds.
HBeedB and --t.rki- r.-pr.-si-m nm tnon-
J in a raid on a rooming house made
1 in- Chi. .'iko :.-r,U'' detectives" They
BTere found In apartments occupied
C M M Naughton who, the po
Fit eo .-isc. rt. a niiin of main aliases
jpnd allege he is the leader of x gang
Brhicb has swindled brokers and the
I public n..' ot r.!..iiii. w thlB i o
McNaughton will be arraigned in
Bourt this morning, charged with op-
Opening of League Baseball Season Will Be Marked by an Auto
mobile Turnout High School Cadets to Lead vVith Bugle and
Drum Corps Big Attendance is Promised Ogden Team in
Excellent Condition.
Arrangements for a grand celcbra
tlon in honor of the opening of the
I'nion league baseball season were
completed this morning at the Weber
club b the members of thf various
committees working to make th first
game of the season a great success.
Although there will bo no half -holiday,
the merchants have generously
j agreetl to permit a number of their
employes to attend the game anu, lat
er on In the season tbos who will
work tomorrow afternoon will be
granted the time nceessar to sec a
feature of the celebration tomor
row will be a parade to begin at 1
o'clock The final arrangements were
made this morning when eoougb au
tomobile owners had given their v.or.1
to the committeemen to assure a lony
line of autos.
Captain W E. Kneass of the Og
flfii High school slated this morning
that he would have the entire battal
ion of cadets entered. Including the
celebrated drum and bugle corps of
the school The boys will carry their
rifles and appear in parade dr.
The procession will form on Grant,
near the Weber club The bugle and
drum corps with the cadets will head
the parade Back of the battallots
will he the automobiles containing the
mayor and commissioners, with the
Officers of the ebcr club. The poh'
in full uniform and the fire uepart -j
ment will come next and then will fol
low automobiles bearing the players
of both teams dressed In their spoi
less uniforms, for both teams hate
new suits to dim for the first time
on the Ogden grounds The remain
der of the parade will be made up of
citizens In automobiles
When the order Is given to mo
the parade will proceed north along
Grant avenue to 24th street and down
241 h street to Wall avenue From
there the parade will move south to
2f.th street and up 25th street to
Washington avenue, theme BOUtb to
26th street where the order to coun
termarcb win be given and the entire
r.nrade will proceed along Washing
ton avenue to the ball grounds at
Promptly at T. o'clock 1'mplre "Ras
t' Wright will shout "Play hall." and I
Mayor A O. Fell will walk lo the
pitcher'! box and be prer.jnted with a
bright new ball, fresh from the wrap
ping of tin foil
President H. M Rowe of the Weber
' tub will busy himself for a few min
utes buckling on all appurtenances
necessary for a catcher and will as
BUme a position at the plate When
President Howe announces that he is
ready the mayor will throw the first
ball of the season and Mr. Kowe Will
catch it if he can
Then the big game will begin
'We have been working hard to
make the opening da the big day of
tho season." said Vice President W
D. Brown today, "and we believe that
tho people of Ogden realize the ne
cessity for making a good showing
The more fans that gather on t he
grounds tomorrow th more intere.-Ji
tho players will take In the game and
the better exhibition will be present
The first game of the season i6
really the Important game and we
urge that all who can possibly get
nu.iv at -1 o'clock attend and show
that baseball Is wanted and appreciat
ed In Ogden."
Serretary Angus Kennedy received
I letter from 'Dad ' Glmlin a few
days ago in which the veteran man
ager told of the enthusiastic opening
day that was the feature of the three
state league at that city and. although
the letter stated that he urnout at
the game was greater than expected.
Mr Kennedy stated today that from I
hints he had received a large percent
age of Ogden's population will bo j
seated In the grandstand or bleachers
at Glenwood park tomorrow He said
that he will be exccodlngh gratified j
If the fans of Ogden patronize the
opening game in a manner that will
make the accounts of openings In oih
er cities appear tame.
The Ogden publicity bureau has left
nothing undone to have the clay a
success, and Secretary J. D Larson
has the assurance from the support
er of the bureau that tbey will be
loyal supporters ot baseb.ill
Manager Knight and his ball plav
era arrived In Ogden at S 3" o'clock,
after winning three straight games
from tb- Po. atello Indians
Manager Knight Ib pleased with the
manner In wheih his playerB 6howed
up In the games with the seml-pr..
fessionals and feels that the trip has
done his men a world of good. The
team work has Improved wonderfully
and batting eyes are In excellent
Although he may change his iuiikI
before the game, the manager has
planned lo put Fowler in the box and
Perkins behind the bat.
Talbot the young fellow who, was
sent here from Colorado, sprung a
xurprlse on Knight a few days ago
when he declared that he Is uot so
much a second baseman as a pitcher
and. upon being givou an opportunity
to prove his statement, h.- did so In
such a manner that Knight was favor
ably Impressed Qreeu showed up well
in the Pocatello games and Sinclair
proved to have all the earmarks of
a reliable pitcher Uemingaton is still
a little wild but the speed that he is
developing Is wonderful. Pourroy is
sr.ffi-ring from a sore hand as a result
of oo of the smoky ones he was
handed by the big pitcher
President A P Blgelow of the Og
i den baseball association has been con
fined to his home wltb Illness for the
laBt three days, but lie Is feeling bet
ter imA an, I is certain that h' will he
able to see the opening game of the
sea sou.
The Hum- Iohoj will arrive this
evening and rest up from tholr prac
tice until tho game tomorrow.
Her B the batting order and lln
up for Lhe ijatne tomorrow:
Butte An Merkle, manager; De
magglo, left; Tureon, flret; lvy.
short, Whaling right; Orlet, aocond;
Duddy, third; Marshall, center. Shan
non, catcher. Kellogg, pitcher.
Ogden G C. Knight, manager;
Hayes, second; Moorehead, left; Van
or Laird first. Foster, short; Jones,
third. Wessler. right; Perkins, catch.
Murray, center, Fowler, pitcher
Famous Actor Headlines
Last Orpheum Bill
With Comedv
That ihp Orpheum season will
close In a blaze of glory, as predict
ed by the management of the house.
Is assured by glancing over the bill.
Nobody better known on the stage
and perhaps no better actor could
have been picked to headline tbo last
bill of the season that famous DIGBY
BELL This well known player will
appear In a comedy playlet from the
pen of George V Hobart, and it Is
said to be one of the best laugb pro
ducers ever sent over the Orpheum
circuit Another great act is a sex
tette of aerial twirlers, who will be
M-eri on the same bill The seven
arts have been selected with care to
please all classes at the close of the
season, and a record house is looked
lor during the coming week .(AdvL)
Practically every band musician
in the city met ve.terday In the local
quarters of the American Federation
of Musicians and organised Into one
baud with a view to giving a number
of concerts during the spring and j
Up until the meeting and organiza
tlon yesterday, there had been two or j
more bands and neither possessed all
instrumentalist necessary for con
cert work With the merging into .
one large organization, the members J
look forward to a successful and ar-!
tistlc season
As a director they have selected1
Alex Becker, first cornetist In the!
Orpheum orchestra who has had wide
experience In band work Arthur,
Agee occupies the position of assist-!
ant conductor.
Tho officers, who also form 'he di
rectorate and the instrumentalists, .
President Paul M Lee
Secretary and treasurer Alden
Business manager Koscoe C Glas- ,
Conductor F. A Becker
Assistant conductor A. L Agee.
Cornets John Yisser. E. Larson, A I ,
Agee, R f Glasmann. F. A. Becker
Cfarlnets Paul M Lee E. W
Btone, E. L. Forde. Fred Simrns,
Frank Jagger. Karl Fnrnlund, M. sic
Farland. Trombones Hyrum Lammers. Wil
ford Pyutt, ( has Williams, L Mor
tensen, Fred Williams
Altos Alden Nichols. L W Craw
ford Dan Farnlund, Sam Purd , W
Newey H F. At wool
BasBes A E. Thomas, H J Ware
Baritones Roy Wllkins
Saxaphone W P. Foster.
Bass Viol6 J. W. Salter. Chris
Purdy. Charles Parnell, Louis Pan
tone. Piccolo En-in Ford.
Xylaphone Robin Sellick and Emll
I nrnlund
Snare drums J Cameron. Fred
Bass drum Steve Spaun, L
Cymbals Albert ErickBoo
Saturday afternoon A A Robiosoo
of thir. cltj COmUM Dead suit in the dls
trlcl court against Harold J Bryant
and others of Chicago to recover J71M',
alleged to be due on a breach of con
tract Mr Robinson alleges that In I'ML' !..
purchased of Biyanl i Greenwood a
certain lot situated on the "Palm
Beach Farm." of Florida, agreeing to
pay Jlu a month for tho property un
til the full payment of $260 should
be made Me Bays he made two pay
ments. When the parties advised him
that they could receive- no further pay
ments, the excuse being that a mis
take hud been made In the description
of the lot. He was nrted to accept an
other lot, but refused to do so.
The plaintiff avers that tho lot he
contracted to buy is now worth $1,
000 and that he has at all times bon
ready to pay the installments ani
that ho has proffered the money to tho
It he stated that the defendants
have and now are doing business with
a number of Ogden people on the
same bal8, collecting mouey from
them aeh month e.xocpt that It Is not
said that there are other deals of
Questionable character
j St. Ixui8. April 28. Wool -Steady;
territory and western mediums, 21 Ci
26; fine mediums. 1 7 tfr 1 y ; fine.
We alWUJI feel like taking off our
1 hat to the man who minds his own
Recentl) Ju.ic1 H H. Roiapp. prei
ident of the parents' associations of
the state, urgently requested that
Cleanup day be observed in all the
Stakes of I tab and ;hat the home and'
yards bo given a thorough renovating
To this end the Weber stake of
I er county has determined to enter
upon the task May 5 by calling the
parents and children together and
urging them to do the work, the ob
ject being primarily to have tho
younger people of the community do
the manual labor
Joseph Skeon is the supervisor and
ho has put forth every possible effor'
to have the people of the stak ob
serve the day and accomplish the
good that is desired. The wards em
braced In the Weber stake are .-x
pected to take hold of the matter
Wltb an earnestness that will bring
results Following are the wards ot
the stake
Ogden wards 3 and 10. Lynne, Har
nsvllle. Farr West. Plain City. War-r-
ii Taylor. West Weber, Wilson, Sla
terville and Marriott.
W ashlngton. April 28 Bearing
the mess.m. ol the sultan of Turkey,
head of the Mohemmedan faith, to
the members of that religion In the
Philippines. Major John P. Flnley. V.
I S A., Is believed by the war depart -i
ment to be on his way back from
'Constantinople to the Jolo archipel
ago with the sultan's assurances that
the United States Is friendly to the
Mohammedans and thst their religion
will not be attacked. Tho assurance
is expected to put an end th the trou
ble in tha part of the Philippines
Major Flnley was permitted to go
on a special mission to Constantino
ple In an effort to enlist the sultan s
aid In the cauee of peace. Ho was
governor of Zamboanga
Ronton, April 28. Governor Foss
said today that he had asked Presi
dent BmeiitUa Charles W. Eliot of
Harvard to be chairman of the stato
commission which Is to investigate
vice In Massachusetts.
Walnut. Ark., April 28 In Thomas
Ellison, better known as Uncle Tom.
who resides in Newton county, it Is
believed the real champion of the
pre-generation principles of Theo- IsiKuL
dore Roosevelt lias been found. Un- BnLs&i
clo Tom is 95 years old. !Bffl?sS
The birth yesterday of a son to Bpjg-g
one of his granddaughters ransd a issV -
recasting of Ellison's record. Here BfeiCfc
it H
Married throe times. wE&&'-
Father of fifty children Kl??
Grandfather of 126 children
Great grandfather of sixty children. jCV'v
Great -great grandfather of twenty- IBr
His youngest child is 11 years old. Wml t-
! the oldest '.a. Ellison was born In '.' : '
i Clinton county. Ohio flSc' I
Kansas City. Mo . April 28. Fire I H
shortly after midnight thU morning v .
destroyed the refinery' of the Uncle Da-i-Sam
Oil companv, at Kansas City. Hk
Kansas. The loss will bo 5160.000 r
Leaders of men are women, not in- IftV "
frequently Hk i I
jmrxi corset covers H
fflr If IS 35c Corset Covers 29c H
yf' 75c Corset Covers H
gj 65c Corset Covers 55c I
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55c Drawers i 45c 1 $1.25 Combination Suits 98c ItfV"
g 60c Drawers 55c 1 $1 40 Combination Suits " $1.15 B e'
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