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fWoman's Page
j How to Tight the High Cost of Living
Zl Learn How to Cook and Ke6p No Extra Rooms Save One Dol
lar a Week Young Couple Not a Slave to Fashion Their Fu
tore Home More Important Be Charming- Beauty May Fade
lV But Charm Inlay Exist Forever Recipes How to Remove Gloss
3 From Serge
If you uiah to economize have no
l j extra rooms for company. When ft
Mcr- firm married wc took a five
3 room fin ' 1 1 35 u monl 1 I Bd b 1 1 D
I an extra bedroom WTQ always invit
J inn our friends to eia overnight I
befcan lo think 'his wan extravai
E and wRioliifi thr- papers and r.
BM my room to a ynnnR man who paid no
3 Tl a moiiili for ihf room .md six
dinners a week (we were not at home
J on Sinul.i v h i mil I m.: n ' :i.s .i mom
K run tbe tablo and had nice meals, too.
Then learn how to cook. 1 learned
B at the eastern eight schools, as, beln,
a busmcKs woman mj day! were oc
I copied This was both enjoyable and
I HjlStructlvo and solves the Kroat quP3
I I tion of the day If housekeepers arc
I Hot cooks nuif h 'nusi be wasted and
spoiled. I watcli the sales and buy
I! groceries in quantities, always bavin
S a well storked pantry Now if the
1 time to buy sugar cheap When apph a
are cheap. ! put up plenty of ap-
pie aauce for breakfast. Instead of
using grapetruli as formerly varying
with prunes oranges, bananas V hc-i
j 1 buy BOuaBh, which is too much to
I be used In two meals. I stonm it all
M and what I do r,oi wish n. um- tight
I awny I seal In a Jar. It Is a good and
cheap vegetable
Then waste not the Hllghteat parti
I cle of food Everything can be Dscd
I Stale bread should be dried out on
radiators, rolled Into crumbs and kepi
in a cracker box on the radiator also
crackers ;.nd flakes then they are
always crisp The numbs can be
used for anything fried, filling out
I croquettes of meat or eatable Use
a thick white aauce Instead of efcE
for rolling croquettes in I use crumbs
for a half dozen kinds of bread pud
dings, escalloped dishes, etc. I use
a small acn over one gas burner and
always cook two or more articles at
the same time, thus saving pas. T like
company and Invite my friends to
drop In to dinner any time and there
k - . . ... , ,
An odd shade of gray, verging on
a inaove, was used in this suit The
iv coat is of plain Berge and the skirt of
3 a loosely woven novelty cloth, with
3 broken stripes In tbe same gray but
Zf slightly darker.
J One side of the skirt is draped up
In the back with a row of five flat
J pearl buttons for trimming. Similar
J buttons appear in the coat with cor
g responding buttonholes made of bla k
I satin. Tbe girdle Is also black satin
1 and shows at each side Vest front
5 and collar are of Ivory white raolro.
Li ,
are always plenty, and I take pride In
having a presentable table at all
times. They come and enjoy their
dinner more particular because they
know I have not fussed for them. I
use the cheaper cuts of meat and have
learned to make these Just as tempt
lug as the more expense e ones. Leam
to cook and waste not Is the aecrel
R. C. O
hen we were married two years
ago last December my husband and I
did not know the true worth of a dol
lar. Consequently at the time of our
marnoRe we were not provided with
any of this world's goods. Would like
to tell what experience has taught
me In the way of reducing the hlfcli
cost of living My husband receives
a salary of $25 a week We have u
neat little four room flat in a desira
ble location for which we pay the sum
of $15 a monlb. w hich is an exception.
I think. We generally have one roast
and one boiled dinner each week.
Kach one furnishes us with a inea.
pie for the next day, that my husband
and I are very fond of Always with
the roast I bake either two pies or
one cake and potatoes 1 use a thin
dish pan to heat all my dl6h water
In. which heats much quicker than one
of heavier material We find these
things reduce our gas bills. To keep
my gas stove bright and clean I lake
a piece of old underwear and dampen
with kerosene (once a week! and rub
all parts briskly This also prevents
it from rusilnc We now own all our
furniture, which Is neither cheap nor
real expensive We dress plainly but
well and are not slaves to fashion. AW
care more for our future home than
what people think of our clothes. Wc
have made a practice of laying away
$1 a week In a small savings bank
that we have We have another de
posit In which we put away other
sums that we can spare. Dut we a I- I
ways save the $1 a week. L. R. A
Spanish Chicken and Rice Cut up
chicken for frying and fry in a little
lard with sliced onion and tomatoes
and Spanish sweet peppers Cut the
peppers In half. Put one pound of
rice in one quart of chicken broth
or water, add chicken, onions, pep
pers as cooked above, and simmer
altogether until rice Is soft aud al
most dry. Take the peppers out,
dish the meat, and serve with the
, pepper laid on top for a garnish alt
to taste and send to table ery hot
D A. R.
Lemon Apple Pie Three lemons,
three largo apples. three eggs
Squeeze juice from the lemons and
grate the rind of one and one-half
( hop the peeled and cored api li -.
add the lemon Juice and grated rind,
and stir In one and two-thirds cups
sugar Beat the eggs and one-third
cup sugar light, stir nil together, and
bake with two crusts, This will make
three small or two large pies M E
Gloss on Serge I have thr-e serge
skirts, and as I sit all day my skirls
become shiny within a few days. Ii
have tried ammonia, soap, and water,
fine sandpaper, and gasoline, but ihey
still remain in tin- same condition Is
there any possible way to remove the
shine1 E H, D
The best thing that one can hope
to do with a "shiny" piece of cloth Is
to dull It temporarily. Vftcr a little
wearing the garment will again shine
Sponge your skirts with bluing wa
ter, such ns Is used to 'blue" white
clothes In the laundry While still :
damp press through ihln muslin An
other way to remove the objectionable
gloss Is to sponge with hot vinegar,
then with ammonia
Still a third method is to rub the
surface ver gently with emerv cloth
Repeat this treatment when tho
"shine" returns to the fabric S A.
The art of arts to be beautiful. Rig
nlfles not so much mere beauty as U
does the collective charms of spirit
and wit pleading manners, gracious
ness, lightness of step, color of health
upon cheek and lip. and above all i
The beauty of charm doos not alone
rest upon a youthful fresh complex- '
ion, a slim body nor brilliant edu I
cation A woman ma possess all of
these gifts and accomplishments and
at the same time he so indifferent to
the feelings of her acquaintances th.t
her rudeness stands as a barrier
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0 Rubber Heels at the OGDEN SHOE
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ajralnst any appreciation of her beaut)
that they might have had.
Who has not in memory a woman
having no uncommon share of beautv,
but full of the joy of living, healthy,
buoyant, always hopeful and happy,
who never lost her power of charm
mil full of captivating humor and
friendliness even to a great age.
Itcautv :is a sign of health, harmon
ious development and fine feeling mi
well draw our eyes after it. and In
this view is not beneath any woman's
regard The time has come for i
finer civilization, which will realize
finer health, longer life and richer !'
lisht than the world has yet known
1 he t rat step toward this will bo
an awakening to the value of health
and life.
The first duty of religion is to se
cure perfect health; the purity of
spirit depends upon it.
For centuries It hns been written
that "obedience Is better than sacri
fice, 1 yet w-p fall to obey the laws
of self-preservation, which insure life
to those who prize It and beauty to
women who value it more than life
We have alr ady seen the average
of human years raised trom 17 to 45
and the world will yet see that age
doubled and tripled, and the comeli
ness of youth preserved with It.
Human sympathy Is the greatest
beautlfler The power of one woman,
by virtue of good humor and inborn
instinct, to set society playing har
moniously, leaves a pleasant Impres
sion on every creature with whom
she has speech
I Dissect the charm any way you like,
mak many words about it you will
never come nearer the secret than It
is nature's fine magic, only not like
magic transferable
R mh r The blessed truth i3
that as beauty may exist for awhile
without charm, charm may exist for
ever without external beauty
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and bowel t-ouble will bo glad to
hear that the ralxmre of simple
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as Adler-i-ka. can be obtained at
A K. Mclntyre, Druggist, 2421 Wash
ington Ve I has been found that
JUST A SINGLE DOSE of Adler-i-usually
relieves sour stomach, gas on
the stomach and constipation QUICK
LY because this simple new mixture
dr.ilns off such a surprising amount
of old foul matter from tho body. (.Ad
vertisement.) no
Millionaire Bixby's
Long Beach Residence
Is Surrounded by a
Cordon of Officers
Who Prevent En
trance to Palatial
Home Will Testify
Ixis Angeles. April 28. George Blx
DJ the Long Reach millionaire whose
whereabouts have been a mystery j
since last Monday, when he was sub
poenaed as a witness in the 60-called
white slave Investigation, returned to
hb ranch home near 1-ong Beach
Sunday, according to his attorneys, A
cordon of private detectives around
the palatial country residence of the
millionaire, however, presented all
attempts to confirm the report.
Bixby Is expected to appear in
court today n answer to a bench war
rant Issued when he failed to appear
last Wednesday at the preliminary
hearing of Mrs. Josie Ko-enberg. who
Is charged with having conducted a
disorderly re6ort
Full Grown Animal
Enters Spokane By
Way of River Caught
at Lumber Yard and
Presented to the City
Spokane. Wash.. April 28. Taking
advantage of the high water In the
Spokane river, which greatly facili
tated progress down stream, a full
grown mule" deer gall put into
port in the yards of a lumber com
pnny at the edge of the Spokane busi
ness district
After shaking his downy tail the
animal proceeded to cast about for a
breakfast appropriate to the conclu
sion of ki perilous and difficult a
journey Whether It was Instinct or
ths fact that his keen hearing warn
ed him of danger ahead, something
impelled the deer to leave tho stream
at tbe lumber mill Had he kept, on
-ion nrds down stream he would have
jlWanlcd, 1,000 Lawn Mowcrsf
I To Make Like New
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been dashed to death on tbe rocks
below the biggest cataract in the I
Workmen at the mill discovered
i he unusual visitor, and, after a chase1
smong the lumber piles. (InsJlj ran
him Into a blind alley and caught1
Animal Placed In Zoo.
The animal was presented to the
park board and has joined the too
lodge at Manlto park He has been
given the name of Tohn P Reardon.
in honor of the man who effected
his Capture, and who Is undoubtedly
the first human being to get within
speaking distance of the deer
The deer Is of 'he "mule" variety
and is different from any of those I
now In the Manito park zoo. It Is a j
Crw between the black and white i
tails and has unusually long ears,
which fad has given rise to the name
by which the specicB, a native va
riety. 16 known.
The animal has a deep cut on tbe
f.cr1! caused probably by contact with
rock in one of the rapids above the
city, but the wound Is not at all seri
ous How far the deer traveled in the
ic water Is a matter of conjecture,
bul H Is believed his trip began in
the neighborhood of Coeur d Alene
lake, 3U miles from Spokane.
Canine Hangs About
the Church While the
Services Over the
Body of His Late Mas
ter Were Being Held
Qlendlve, April 28. In a futile ef
fort to find his master. Frank Shel
ton who died in the city last week,
a little fox terrier dog visited the
Congregational church last Sunday
ran aimlessly oiuoiik the pews, climb
ed upon the rostrum and whined pit
eousl In its disappointment at beinc
unable to locate the one he loved so
well Following the death of Mr
Shelton, who was a retail liquor deal
er, funeral services were conducted In
the Congregational hurch. and It Is
said that the little dog followed the
remains to that place
N'o notice was then taken of the
little animal's presence, but on last
Bunda morning when Re Mr Juell
was about to begin his sermon he no
ticed the dog running about the room
and requested that It be removed
lest the senlces be disturbed This
was done, but a few minutes later the
animal reappeared, trotted about the
place and mounted the platform nejr
which the body of its master had re
pose, four days previously.
Throughout the entire day the
dog hung around the church, reapear
Inc inside at the evening services In
Its fruitless quest It was not learn
ed until that time to whom It had
belonged As far as 1 nown the ani
mal had never been at the chur h
previous to the funeral oil Shelton
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Guillaux Completes 1,-000-Mile
Trip From
Biarritz, France, to
Kollum, Holland Av
iators Racing to War
saw E 1 i m i n a t ion
Contest in Germany
Kollum. Holland, April 28 A flight
of more than 1,000 miles by aeroplane
was completed here toda by th
French aviator Krnest Francois Gull
He made only two stops during h.ls
flight from Biarritz, In the extreme
southwest of France, which he left
yesterday morning, descending to r
plenlsh his fuel at Bordeaux and Vil
la Coublav
The entire trip was made in a little
more than 22 hours, the aviator lead
ing Biarritz at 4.22 a m. Sunday,
and reaching this city before day
break today
Racing at Warsaw
Villa Coublav, France, April 28. -
Two aviators started from the aero
drome here this morning for Warsaw
Russian I'oland. In competition for the
Pommery cup.
Edmund Demars. the Swiss aviator,
ascended at 4 39 a- m and was fol
lowed one minute later by Leon I.e
tort. the French airman They in
tended to fly by the way of Berlin to
their destination
Elimination Race.
Dresden, Saxony. April 28 Of sev
en spherical balloons which started
last evening between G lu and 6 V.i
o'clock from this city in the elimina
tion race to determine the choice of
the German representatives In the
Gordon-Bennett lnt rnational race
which Is to take place next fall In
France, four were reported at
4 o'clock this morning as In the vicin
ity of Copenhagen, Denmark. All
were proceeding in a northwesterly
direction over the North sea.
Washington April 2 -Reata. south
of Monclova. stronghold of the Car
1 ranzlsta forces, has been occupied by
1 Huerta troops under General Lopez.
I according to official dispatches by j
I way of Cludad Porlflro Diaz. Tho
federals ore reported to be In force
i preparing for Immediate advance on j
I Monclova.
The federal troops on ( oahulla Is !
' regarded as an Indication that the j
lcrw.ird movement promised by
Huerta la now lu progress
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Clarks' I
hi 1
as I
1 t
A Change in Name j I
I Hereafter Jensen's Peerless Butter will be known as J
I Jensen's FOUR-IN-ONE Butter. Public comment compelled
j this change. The name Peerless appealed to us. It implied j
1! a butter without a peer. And the butter itself was all the j
name implied.
But the public's choice of name differed from ours.
With the public the four-print pack, the name "FOUR-IN- I
ONE" originated. This name gained ground so fast that we
I had to adopt it. Now Jensen's Peerless Butter will be
I known as f
j Jensen's i H
I -e- a a i Registered)
I The Butter itself will not be changed. It will still be the I
1 very highest quality. And the quality will never vary.
The package design and color will be retained. The only
change will be the name.
We suggest that you commence the use of Jensen's I
FOUR-IN-ONE Butter at once.
You will enjoy its delicate flavor and creamy richness. f
And the four-print pack is a feature you'll approve of l;
Anv grocer will gladly supply you with Jensen's FOUR-
IN-ONE Butter.
Jensen Creamery Company II H
-Ogden I H

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