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1 Woman's Page
How to Fight the High Cost of Living
Every Young Couple Should Keep a Bank Account Editor's
Wife Saves in Many Ways But Lives Well on Small Income
i- Clubhouse For Household Workers.
I nni a firm believer in keeping r
I bank account and I think every
I young couple should niako it a point
to hae one. I find that by having
I an account in a reliable savings bank
thai T can save double what I could
I without It There Is a greal deal of
I satisfaction In watching the amount
grow and man times In order to put
' certain amount in I do not pet some
needless article which 1 ahould have
Another wa I keep down our e-
peases Is by doing m own shopping.
- 'I, I I
I The width of thle dress gies ample
K room for walking, but the fullness is
I Mo arranged as to give the desirable
f narrow look about the lower part,
f Two materials, alike in color, nrp
ja u?d. the plain being inauve ehar
rof use and arc used with loops tc
make the closing In the waist The
I hrl'hant eerisc crepe forms the girdk
Hnd tie, the latter finished with oruv
I mets made of wool m dark cerise.
These were really effective
! .
"Jet one of our yearly contracts.
Work fully guaranteed.
I 2470 Hudson Ave. Phone 181
I If I only need a small amount of meat
1 do not buy more than I want foi
fear the butcher will ihink me
t "smail." And every woman should
be posted on weights, so as
to he able to know that she
; gets all she Is pacing for
Each housekeeper should hae an
idea of just how much to cook It's
the little leftovers of vegetables and
meat that cannot be Utilised and that
p to the garbage pall that cost more
than is realized MRS. J. C. B.
My husband Is a country editor with
no stated Income, therefore I must
economize. Wo have round thai I'
ll ving out quite a dlstauce from town
We can lic more cheaply and rent
is much Innrr I pay ?S a month for
rent and i am far enough out to
keep chickens and ralsn iny own
fresh eggs the year round ami the
t hickens we eat go a long way to
ward Solving our meat problem Wo
have no children, but are both hearty
( iters For breakfast I find that we
do not grow tired of fried mush 1
?c r. with warm vugi-r nip, eggs,
bread and butter, with jelly or pre
erves and coffee T cook rire sev
eral different was for the lunch or
evening meal, and meat or chicken Is
served twice a day. with fruit and
cake or rice pudding for desert I
can about fifty cans of cherries and
100 cans of peaches which prow on
my little home ground 1 also put
1 up jelly and preserves enough to las'
from one season to the nfxt 1 burn
slack coal and find that It takes about
Is4.no worth a month of this kind of,
fuel where otherwise my fuel mill
would be much more i buy most
' of our clothes on sale days and do
ray own sewing, and find In this way
we can belli dress nicely with an ex
penditure of n few dollars each My
laundry costs me 75 cents every oth
er week, the rest I do at home I do
not buy lnrd, as we like nice side
pork occasionally and this together,
with 1" cents' worth of suei a week,
makes all the trying tat I need.
In Cincinnati the Household Work
ers league, recently formed. proide
a clubhouse with recreation and re-
ception rooms and other comforts for
women engaged in domestic work
The idea of the league is 10 uplift and
dignify domestic service, and give It
more of the opportunities found In
other work. It is said that this Is!
j the first club iti the country I'ntcnd-
rd for purely domestic work and I
I believe it would be well for all cities
' to follow the plan of the Cincinnati
The Girls' Friendly society, oris- '
Inally founded In England to look af
ter working girls roing abroad In
cludes many domestic workers among
its members, ami has already a vast
field of usefulness in this country Its
management Is vested in the Church
of England in Hntlsh countries and
the Fplscopal church here, but its
membership Is non -sectarian, and,
pan a homeitick girl, far from home
and friends, finds here her one real !
touch of homelike sympath L C G. j
Cheap White Cake Whites of four
rts, one half cup butter, one cup su- I
gar. two Cups pastry or cake flour. I
two round teaspoons baking powder,
one half cup water with Juice of one
half lemon in one cup water Cream
butter and sugar, then add water and
flour alternately (having sifted the I
baking powder in flour), lasth fold
in the whites and flavor as desired.
Rnke in a slow oven and ice with
white icing. A R M
Members of Sego Lily Circle Wo
men of Woodcraft Meet at the hall
at 1 p m . prompt. Sunday. Mav 4th,
to attend the funeral of Neighbor Har- i
rison's husband
The Korrespondent, the organ of
the German Typographical union cel
ebrated Its Jubilee on Tanuary 1 Book
printers' journals have been foundfl
very often since 1766. but the firt
to hold ground was the Korrefinnn
dent. founded In 1862 by the Leipzig
local union
I 1
Mexico Will Hold an
Election October 26
No Maderista Will En
ter Race Huerta, La
Barra and Gomez May
Oppose Diaz
Washington; Mav r? Kllect Ion for
president of Mexico will be conduct
ed October 26 by the Huerta govern
ment according to advices to the
Mexican embassy here. The report
said the dute was agreed upon at a
conference between provisional presi
dent Huertn, General Felix Diaz, the
cabinet and representatives of all
parties In both houses of coneres
General Diaz DOW is expected to
bp Ox- Ifndiiic candidate for the pres
I Idency. Many people believe how ever
that General Huerta also will enter
the rae and It Is suggested that
: Franc If co Do La Barra minuter for
foreign affairs In the provisional
government, also may be a candidate.
Probably no adherent of the Lib
eral party of which the late Madero
was leader will enter the race unless
in the meantime pence has been com
pletely restored. In the event of
peace, it is regarded here as almost
Certain thai Dr Emlllo Gomez, who
claimed to have been elected ;it the
jneral convention at Ban Luis Po
tosl a year ago. will become a candi
date Reports from Mexico aKo sun
gesi Governor Venustiano (arianza,
leader of the present rebellion in
northern Mexico as a presidential
possibility although he has disclaimed
presidential ambitions and announced
that his sole purpose Is to establish
constitutional government
Nipping Trouble in the Bud by
Simple Precaution
The application of the principle of
, prevention in medicine embraces the
I more general use of antiseptic agents
': as a mouth wash or gargle and in up-
plication to cuts, wound: scalds and
! burns.
The prevention of disease is much
fc.mpler and certainly more easy of
t accomplishment than ib its cure. A
; little scratch or cut. a simple sore
throat, a slight ache, the bite of -i
moaqutto or gnat, insignificant irrita
tions of the mourn, t But the evils
which r-sult from these slight causes
lorm a ghastly host of horrifying
The commonest causes of disease
and death enter our systems through
just such infinitesimal mediums as the
mosquito bite, which has filled more
graves than were ever dug after bat
I tie.
Dr. Woods Hutchinson says "It
is really an txc llent thing to be
' thin-skinned Whenever you feel
1 scratch or prick or Insect bite, wash
the Injured part at once with some
good antiseptic solution
scratches and flen bites should be j
treated with anything but contempt."!
In line with this thought. v have
'carefully compounded LIBTOOBN
.and we urge yon to accept our earn-:
est statement that in the prevention I
of infectious disease, in the relief of
sore throat and minor ailments of the
nose, ear or skin; in the care of the
teeth or nails, as a deodorant or dis
infectant, listog fx is the superior
I of any preparation of a similar char- j
acter. T- I
LISTOG FN is on sale at A R Mc
Intyre Drugs, in three sizes at Jo cts.,
; 50 cts and $1.00. Get a bottle keep'
It handy its uses are many and Its I
! efficacy most pronounced (Advil
Milwaukee. Wis. May 2 Mrs.
Maude B Stewart, wife of a wealthy
lumber man of Antigo, in the United
States court yesterday pleaded guilty
to using the mails with intent to
blackmail Mrs F II an Strand of
Antlgo Mrs Stewart was fined $250
nnd costs.
Testimony showed 'hat Mrs Stew
art wrote a letter to Mrs Van Os
trand declaring that If the plaintiff
did not hand over $100 to Mrs Stew
art, certain episodes connected with
B trip made by Mrs. Van Ostrand to a
convention of the Daughters of tb
American Revolution at Washington
would be aired which would have a
tendency to oust the plaintiff from
the position that she held In society
AccordinK to the letter, Mrs. Van
Ostrand was to put $lui in an en
velope and place the letter "by the
last post on the porch of the Krom
house In Antigo at 9 o clock on the
night of December 9."
Mrs Van Ostrand turned the let
ter over to the postal authorities. A
dummy letter was placed on the porch
of the hotel, and it Is alleged that
Mrs. Stewart was seen removing It
Mrs Stewart was arrested and re
leased on $:ooo ball She and her
husband left for Florida shortly af
terwards Th' bond wan sighed by
Thomas I Pringle, a personal friend
of Stewart
The letter Mrs Stewart admits
writing referred to the aiiepod epi
sode and th'-n said :
"You are quite a figure in the D.
A. R. and the standing you have
here would I"- n dainty morsel for the
people to get hold of Now. I am
not anxious to cause yon trouble, as
those things are not easily overcome
So. for B consideration. I will forget
what i know Otherwise it does nol
take much to iarl tonnuix- wagging.
If ou see fit to accept the consldera
Uon (and I advise you to) just put
fU)0 in bills In an envelope and tvu'i
your chance and about 9 o'clock on
Saturday evening, December 7. place
ii bj the last post on the porch of the
Krom house. You fall In this or
make any trouble Hnd see what will
i happen."
SONWS' Ambitious Boy Learn
ing the Hotel Business
Is Advised to Stick to
Job by Father Given
a Tip and Dinner
New York. May 2 L. W Harring
ton. 23 years old. on of a Phi lad I
phia banker. Is a bellboy at one of
the large Broadway hotels. loarnm
the hole buslnev from bottom up
"Front." shouted the room rlerk
yesterday while Harrington was sit
ting at the bed of the boys' bench.'
"Takt care of Mr Harrington." or
dered the clerk, indicating a guest In
whom the bellboy recognised his
father. Mr. Harrington, however
paid no particular attention to the!
boy. who was carrying his bag. and'
did not recognize his son until they
were In the elevator. Harrington re
ceived a 60-cent tip and a dinner at
tii- Engineers' cluh with his rather,
where the latter learned for the first
time his ron's ambition He advised
him to stick to the Job.
Prearranged Free-for-all
Fight Between
Students and Janitor
Shows Clearly the Un
reliability of Informa
tion of Eye-Witnesses
Lawrence, Kan.. May 2. When Pro
fessor V C. Dockeray, in the psycho
logical department of the University
of Kansas, got into an altercation last
night with the Janitor who entered the
class room and insisted on sweeping
while Dockeray was lecturing, a num
ber of students came to his rescue
The affair grow- into a free-forall
fight during which the Janitor, who
had drawn a revolver, was overpow
ered and disarmed. As a burly stu
dent grasped the pistol a kIimI WSS
As soon as order was somewhat re
stored and the frightened and fleeing
students reassembled, accounts were
taken from them or the affair All the
students swore they heard a shot ami
several told of seeing the smoke from
the revolver. Then Professor li' k
eray told that it was un experiment, a
tight had been planned carefully and
that the shot of the revolver was from
the outside of the building by a stu
dent posted there The purpose of the
experiment was to show the unrelia
bility of Information even when fur
nished by an eyewttnes9
Six Militant Suffra
gettes Appear Before
British Magistrate to
Answer For the Malic
ious Damage Act
Court Room Crowded
London, May 2 Bow Street court
was crowded this morning when a
band of six militant suffragettes who!
were arrested In the police raid on
the headquarters of the Womans' So-
clal and Political union on Wednes
day wf re brought up before the mag- I
Istrate on a charge of conspiracy un
der the malicious damage act. The
prisoners Included ' General" Mrs
Flora Driimmond. Mrs Marietta Rob
erta Kerr. Miss Agnes Lake. Miss
Rachel Barrett, Miss Laura Lennox
Started on Ankles. In Smal' Pim
ples. Itched Badly. Would Burn.
Completely Remedied by Cuticura
Soap and Ointment,
Lock Boi 123. EVrtHr. Mont. " I iu
fcntctcl with iktai (Dm It a carved on
my vikU acid rpreuJ ll ow my body It
t broke out to small pfmplee.
tbQ kind Of watery fluid
ramo ttam them whlcJiaftar
vrartl turned to e kind of
blulih color They Itched
very btdly nod filar I
crfttcbed them thy would
tnirn o that I could kwdly
lnd It I mid sorej and
my clxrtWng Urttatod them.
AfUu-ward thy fanned c'0 Tcoy hart n.o
o I co old not akop nldhus
"I used erwl diffwwit kind of Jt
end other tuff. but thor wn of ootut, u It
kupt Ulng von. I be0 to uu Outleurk
Hoap u & ub then ied CuUeuro Oint
ment nd bvfor I bd ud tbem a weok I
tan to feed M much bettor that I kept oo
mtlna than and In thirty di my troubU
Hi coinpietoly nwnwSwl " 'Sl?nl . A.
Wood. May 10. 1913
Although the OuHcur Sop ind Oint
ment are mort uuooeWu' In th cretnut
of aiTecttou of the tkln. clp hair tnd
lnuid. ttkiy .wre olw moat raJuAbU for orery-
day use In the toUet, bath and nur.ery b
cause ttu.y promote and mntotalD th beaJlh
of the elrtn and balr frotn Infancy to rje
Cuticura 8op Mo- and Culcr Ointment
60o. ar told eA-nrrwbore- Libera aacnpto of
each tnallod frees with 82-p Skin Book Ad-
rei poat-card Cuticra, reTt T.Baaton."
Tnnder-fed roeo herald uao Ontlcara
eoap ShATtna ettck. 2c. 8mDte fir. I ,
3, 191?. KBp
jj Sgj
I1 . I 4 Short Shoe Talk I I
m ! yy-cK soon as Jou try on ' S
closer fit it allows you f f tflltVll
YQ 1 ' u iCC- On the Advantage to you in wear- H
VMndrl! qo Quality Footwear. m$l
Yo can waste money on shoes as quickly !
Oii fliC C O llAA M on anythtaeTi Perhaps quicker. f.
BVCVI (iavU33VV Shoddy materials that, look like leather
L X. TBlSV ai" made np 0ver stylisn la5t3 and shoes !K I
T" KIK have a fine appearance. The price is very low j J
NllK 0n? 'vceks wear proves better than words , By;
Vs. P!alv hW exPensiVC il 1S to buy ese cheap shoes. W
Pv N. BiiH 0ur shoe:3 1T,ay not be chear in first price m'-S,
H J xJHtaSSSk but tb lori? Wear" the better appearance and j K
n. Hft2k tbe comPete satisfaction yon get out of every i B . -
pair makes them the cheapest shoes you can Mf1-
Oxfords JVO 5a5- ffSk m, M
and 4. HiphSho jF woman who puts her feet in a pair of R
t4, 4 50 and $5. jT-La shoes purchased here will have reason to be E
proud of their neat stylish appearance.
You can have your feet fitted with a pair of these satisfactory W
shoes, too Why not today? y I
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Our satisfaction guarantee insures you. aV I
:": : - t9 The House m mm fmmm 1
I UP U Im 1 CP and Fashion u bnd
I Miss Beatrice Saunders and Miss An-
nle Kenney.
With them were also Clayton, the
analytical chemist, taken Into cus
tody last night at Richmond, and
Sydney Drew, the printer of yester
day's Issue of the Suffragette who was
arrested this morning.
Removed to Sanitarium.
London. May I. Mr Kmmeline
Pankhurat, the militant suffragette (
leader, was today, with the consent
of the authorities, removed from the
house In which she had been staying
In London, to a sanitarium at Woking,
where she will remain under the bu
i pervislon of 'he police.
Important Document
Some Interesting documents seized
by the police were read by the pros
ecuting counsel. They were intended
to show Claytons connection with the)
military movement One of them was
addressed to Miss Annie Kenney and
regretted the delay .In supplying soim
chemical preparation she had asked
"The exact proportions are very
.liffiult to get." it said, adding:
'Please burn thlB"
Another dorumpp' hearing Clayton s1
name suggested a widespread scheme
of false fire alarms, and still another
gave g Hsi of seven timber yards In
London, which "lend themselves par
ticularly w ell to attack "
In B third letter Clayton said he had
a list of cotton manufacturers, "whoee
premises trill inspect in the next few
davs and report."
The chief offices of the national
health Insurance commission at
Buckingham gate was also suggested
as a good place to attack A plan of
the building was given with details
as to the entrances and windows and
a suggestion was mado as to how an
"operator mlsbt throw In a kindled
paraffin torch "
The office of the health commission
at Queen Anne Rate was also indicat
ed as Invulnerable, the letter stating
"There is a tremendoni store of pa
'per and stationery there
We have the genuine 'Budweiser"
beer on draught at the Diamond Bar
Only place In town you can get It on
draught 240 25th Street
The second anniversary of the dis-;ipp.-aranc-
of Miss Dorothy Arnold,
which at the time of its occurrence'
aroused worldwide discussion an I
row promises to go down in history j
as a mystery as great as the famous
one involving Charlie Ross, has serv-i
ed to bring to light the little known
fact that New York is the country's
greatest port of missing men In
the first nine months of last year
1256 men and women reported to the
police as believed to be missing in
New York, have not been found Of
these 542 were reported by friends
from out of town. Probably a still
larger propartlon were not residents
of the city. How many more cases '
there were of which the police never i
heard cannot be estimated, but the
number must be very large, for
friends seldom make Inquiry unless
there Is reason to suspect foul play
or unless there is some interest at
stake. Foul play of course does oc
cur in a good many Instances, but us
ually the missing persons loses him
self by accident or design and goes
on living among new surroundings,
keeping to himself his reasons for the
change. In the case of Mtss Ar
nold no Information has ever been
received concerning her since the
day two years ago she left to do some
Christmas shopping. Numerous re
ports to the effect that site had been
seen in various places have Invarl
tably upon Investigation proven false,
and as her own family siy that the
never expect to hear of her again !
there is little likelihood that the mys-1
tery will ever be cleared up. Poca
tello Tribune.
Logan. May 2. Fred Chambers Jr..
son of State Came Warden Chambers,
and a deputy warden, swore to a com
plaint yesterday charging Olaf L Pe
tersen, watermaster of Ixgan. withi
having violated the fish and game
law by falling to give notice of the
turning out of water from the city
reservoir and also by seeking to pre- ,
vent the deputy from taking fisn
therefrom and placing them In the
Chambers and other deputies wen' i
to the reservoir last evening and were
ordered away, so they secured the
services of the sheriff and he broke
into the reservoir house and the fish
were taken Hearing of the ease will
,nke place in Judge Branghnm's court
Saturday morning
The Housecleaner's
First Aid
Ruqs. portieres, silk curtains Cleaning.
and bits of tapestry, they all For doing this work, you II
come in for a cleaning dur find this laundry completely
ing houeecleaning time. equipped
The rugs, and UpMtry bill reasonable
require a spcc.al process of
cleaning. bcsX
The portieres and silk cur- Give us a trial
tains require French Dry When may our wagon cri .
gden Steam
Phone 17-1
Dry Cleanrs Launderers.
I Jesse Knight's "Spring Canyon Coal"
This Is the firsi time this Best of Good Coal" has been on tho
market hero In Ogden
c aro In the market to Introduce this good coal at the samo
prices that you have been paying for the other Utah coals
Give ub a trial order Do nol overlook the fact that wo sell
A good, clean Wyoming coal at the following prices:
Lump $5 00 Nut. S4 50 Delivered.
Yard on Wet Side of Wall
Vard Phone 345 Avenue Between 22nd and 23rd.
i ' Will Mil I !! lllMflMafBMaTiaMWMMBriTM1MMMf IftM'BfJ
Slade's I
Transfer I
Phone 321. 408 25th Strest V
W have th; largest van n the fl
city. Quick tervlce. Moving, ship. K. r
ping and handling pianos. Prompt I .
freight deliveries. Furniture mov ?,
Ing a specialty. Storage at reason- t,
able rates. 1.
As the result of a splendid organ- 1
zing campaign among the silk work- L
crs of Scranton. Pa., and vicinity, nine f
local unions have been organized and L,.-.
In every instance wns followed by
the securing of Increased wages rang- t 1
ing from 10 to 20 per cent. lifTcm
. I
Palace Cafe I
Special Dinner . . 25c I
Lunch from 11 a. m. tt 4 p. m. I
Dinner from 4 p. m. to 1 p. m. 1
TOM HOY, Mgr. 284 2th 8t 1
2487 Wash. Ave. Phone No. 213 i
The appearance of our
shoe repairing is the
best you will find.
darks' I
I o I H
Ii 4 6
0 g
I? 1 I
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1 & I m
everv month to our customers. Fref
Coupons with each and every 5c
Cigars. Candles. Etc. 136 25th St.

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