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Woman's Page
How to fight the High Cost of Living
! How Household Expecses May Ec Reduced Family oi Three
Live on $30 n Month Tv.elve-Cent meals 9 nd Hov to Prepare
Them Irrportance of Exores3ion Mental Sts.te Controller of
i Health.
,rFdifor Woman's Page Thi re . ri
ithree in on i family and I hav $30
a moritli for mv proceries, oat of
lirbiih I pay tor my milk and cream
ftrblch atnounis to about ?4 a month.
Knd for the telephone, which is r: mm
FThis Iravrs me about $6 a week but
I manajEP lo Ket along I pay rash
nor my Krooenes and never order b
(phone, ns I found oiit from experi
ence that T paid 1! or 3 epnl? moro for
'everything I save on the cas In ev
pry way I ran I i-ave all thr dr
brend di.nnt: the u pek ;-nrl bake '
ftread pudding for Snndnj dinner ;
i do in os n wnPhing and all th- leajl
Hng. I do not do murh baking, as I
buy my bread from a homo bakery
in summer and it nrirh cher.per.
i T also rent out a room, brinin.
my rent down considerably I buy
my soap in large quantities, giving it
ehnnre to get hard as it does not :
5 wash rnvav so fast n- watching the
I butter and not wasting any 1 have
J brought the butter down to two
"T pounds a week, where 1 formerly
J used four W hen 1 my hacon I
if also take the rind and fry It out, I
jfivlDg m enough crease to frv po
Vtatoes a few times MRS S A R "
m Signorina Bertinl of Turin 1", the
.chief teacher at the School of the
Good Housekeeper She has two as
8ltants All the recipes ns-d are
hers. The menu for a dinner th ex
I pense for e-ach ot the tvelve people
being as always 1? cents, she pre
pared as follows'
Tngliatelll In brodo (noodleB in
I broth).
Lingua di velello in salsa plr-cam
i (veal tongue in piquant sauce).
Biscuit con marmellata (Jelly roll)
The noodles were made with a
pound of four Into which was worked
' two eggs, after which it was wet
; with enough water to make ;i paste
i that could be rolled out as thin ae i
possible a little more than half aj
, glass An enormous board was used
I and the rolling pin was more than
t' a yard long and not large around
The girl pupils had a struggle lo
get the paste rolled out thin enough,
snd finally got a bottle with whiHi to
; finlBh the task They divided the
i paste Into two parts b fore rolling
f it out then Anally folded it up many
j times and en' It Into narrow s'rip
twhich they unfolded and allowed
these long narrow ribbons m dry for
i some time They were cooked but 1 1
ften minutes in the broth ami ihen
The tongue of veal cost ''' cents 1
Bd th? potatoes I mashe d potato
beaten in ;.n z- and tried n 1 ! 1 1 ! -cafcesi
scr.eci with it were not count
ed 1
I Although the tongue of a calf is a '
small thine, everybody bad enough,
snd all ;; (:. d lu especial! '
sauce 1
M Boil.i real Tongui W tb Piquanl I
, Bailee Boil ihr tongue for an hour
Clf.'.n anu skin it and cut it up into i
J small piece Put these Into a frying 1
j pan with three tablespoons of but
ter, an onion, a little carrot and eel
ery t j cents' worth of vegetables)
and fry tor a little while Then just
cover with boiling water and add
from four to six tablespoons of vin
egar, a little salt aud popper, and
ook all slowly. Take out the tongue
j thicken th sa itce with a tablespuo.i
I of flour cook, and pass through a
j strainer over the tougue
Probably (he word biscuit has been
directly borrowed from the French
b the Italians, and it means about
the same thing here as in Trance, al
though ihe foliowiap recipe did not
make as dry a cakl as are mci o'
the bifcuit thlncR in France and a--home
are here here we would use
a square tin here s large round om
v as used, though the rake was to be
Biscuit Beat the volks of two eggs
with ono-flfth of a pound of sugar
Add a fifth of a pound of flour some
lemon skin, and the two w hites ir tin
eggs beaten to a snow Blend the
whole thoroughly, pour on a well
greased torta tin. and hake In a mod
erate oven It was not baked brown
Not having any marmalade, some
dry peaches were stewed Into a thirl;
satire, and when the "biscuit was
taken out of the oven this sauce
was spread over it ami th whole was
rolled up Some sugar was spr'n
kled over it before it was serverl
There was a good deal of the soup
with the noodles left over, so about
? cents' worth of dried beans and a
pound of potatoes with about a tenth
of a pound of fried bacon, some to
mato conserve, and a bouillon cube
was used ot freshen It up fox. an
Other soup the next day "minestra
fagluole (beans), tagliatelli. palate ,
The meat was Milanese cutlets, ou-
ly three-fifths of a pound of meat
1 el Ig used, and a calfs brain cooked
middle class fashion (cervclle alia
Potatoes in butter (palate al bur
ro) were prepared to go with th se'
meats. The potatoes were peeled
snd cut in small pieces, rot sllced.i
pul into a saucepan with a little
more than three tablespoons of but
ter and some salt, then put into tho
oven to cook
Next to potato soup, perhaps the
most popular the world over of the
Inexpensive sort is that of dried sreen
pens, called 'puree St. Germain " The
price for four-fifths of a pound of
these is given in Italy as just short
of 5 cents. With 1 cents' worth of
rice, about 2 cents' worth of butter
kotp tomato conserve, and parsley,
these latter costing 8 eanta, and some1
water a soup was made for twelve
people a good soup aud sufficiont.
The soaked peas were put in warm
ivater with some bicarbonate of soda,
rhls. said Signorina Berttini to her
:lass. preserves their color and also
makes Uiem cook more easily. Two
liours before using them put them
in boiling water with some salt and
leave them to cook on a mrderatf fir.
until completely cooked Pass them
through a sieve and put them on to
S3-i , A1"51 cocoa ever made for drinking 4
w-ili h -nd cooking purposes, was prepared I
1T":Vgg 1 C J Van Hcuten m 1823 From thai U
V i ' ,ime to triis' an Houten's Cocoa has been n
X f 6 pre-eminent because of it's rich, chocolate j
WL VV-V . J flavor It s the original Dutch process Cocoa U
fit J" ' )li A" ,h' v-'ay frcm Holland conn this pleuing DU
7'v t" j 1 Dutch nuirirrni. io that yoo. too. now can enjoy il j
I ai l 0WA
IGP3 I TJ X became r ct at fkf Or gsSEaBm 9
milk c op Wl-tn jwwuwi) WAil ija.TTTH
v 'HKfi y di-i-u, Kor" c? of 7 f rl
frTW Ask Your Grocer (jP) r
W&&fr Cfl ",? "'"d f' ' c "'"h Crcc -,Dutch I
Cn r v Ml v,rc w it.i ntf,,, tx- Vvi
S-wS-"" J V it- bn. Two wti-IOc u-k) 2Sc fr I
' j-J C J VAN HOUTEN fe-ZOON (ji i
yj V V A Wr Holland f-JJ i j
: """" mmm ikk: mmm
lw'in)l Inaugurated April 8th
' UX -s"'lrically Lighted equipment, Standard and I
Touxiit Sleeper:. Dicer. Observation Car,
Afx "Free Reclining Chair Car."
IAboui Leaves Salt Lake Daily 8.4D a. m.
Oirr Arrives Loa Aa.Teles 10 a m.
California Two other good trams daily.
Tickets Electrically Lighted, Standard and Tourist
Sleepers Diner end Observation Buffet
Leave: 3alt Lake 5 n. m
r Arrive: Los Angele3 4;30 p in
Standard ant."1 Tourist Sleepers, DiLiDg Car u
thrcugh, Free Reclining Chair Cars.
U'cr 'ither inforaatioa Seo Any Bali La'w Roiate Agent,
Write for California Literatuie.
TickeS Ofticc No. 10 East 3rd Co., Slt Lake
: Lcj ingles, Oalifondft. BaH Lake Oity.
j dol a Eain In tpeir liquid for about
th mere mlautes, Ton may timn
add butter or rrled hi,con four .. sr
,croutoiiH frieil In butipr snd servs
( OP rlghl 191 by L!llin J'.iBsell,
Tln mental st.Ttc is more Import
ant than heal t h, for the mental state
is thr- .-ontroller of hoalth and beautj
A thought of illne.,8 held vivioly be
fore rr.in.l will have ih, power Lo
I affect the foiinii!llon of a constitu
tion. The woman who realizes the power
of her thoughts sod feelings upon in-:-beaUb
will not allow envy, vexation
or depresstOb to master her. it takes
but a little though! and Dr'aetice
I Bhe finJs that she will not be a slave
to her Kurrounl.ii3. Tb n she enter
I into her kingdom, serene beauty, and
intli ilt pov.cr, she is then the moth
er of fill Rood th" mother of all I
Thought has a powerful effect upon
physical health al expression Thi
riorson of Intense will. vory time he
I wills to do anything, sends Involun
tarily nnd unconsciously a message
to certain muscles of the face, thosi
lunacies, under the Htimulous of Ihe
! nervous telegraphls Impulse pull th"
I features Into the expreBsion corre-
I BPOndtng to the volition Through
constant repetition of this message
the fnature.c become set in their pose J
anri the face settles Into an expres-
sior of def Ision and character.
By the same method you will no
tice 8 woman who Is plain fall in
love. Ihe uplifting thoughts which
control the facial expression will
f beautify and spiritualize her features
I to a mervelous degree
We see many people whose fea
tures seem extreme and we find our-
j .-elves wondnps at thlr characters
To those who understand (he reln-
i tion between thoucht and features
the face is like an open page
The habitual mental state Is a
most powerful Influence In promot
ing or destroying beauty The great
est beautifier is love, the love which
embraces kindness, thoughtfu'ner-s
I and forgiveness
The mind which loves, trusts, anc.
hopes sends no messages of evil im
port to the features, while love and
allied sentiment are strong Influences
In beautifying the face and removing
Sentiments of an opposite nature
are no less po'ent In destroying
I see many faces which under a
few weeks of proper thinking and '
acting could be made to look ten
years vounger
To those who realize that beauty
of face as well as form and move- i
ment. is an achievement as well as a
gift, to those who are willing to pas
the price In thought and effort to
regain beauty, I will give the follow
ing hints
The face is but an index of the
general health, physical and mental.
Hesolve, then, to live healthfully; i
eat three meals daily of simple.
nourishing food; take a bath every
day, much exercise (in the open air
preferred), drink only pure water and
plentifully of that So much for gen
eral treatment.
If you would be beautiful avoid all
thoughts of malice, dislike, or Irrit
ability; know that every moment of
6ucu thoughts is an added line to the
face, as it is an added drain to the
vital forces.
As day by day you make some
effort to live on a higher plane th?
tense face and body relax, all will
be softened and helped by the hy
cienic life and inner goodness and
the face changes.
Beauty Is an effect of some cause;
the cause lies deep within the per
sonality of the Individual; her hab
its of eating, drinking, sleeping, work
ing and thinking.
Remember- Beauty is the index of
health and health Is determined by
mental habits.
oo !
Yonkera, N. v.. May ! One hun
dred of the laborers at the Federal
Sugar refinery In this city, who with
about ."( others cult work two
months ago. are back at work in the
factory tonight, according to Superin
tendent Sprecqels.
According to the supermtende-nt, th
refinery henceforth will be operated
on a non union basis.
Paris May 9, Baroness Vaughn,
who was the morganatic wife of King
Leopold of Belgium, obtained a ill
rorce today from Emanuel Durieux
to whom she was married in 1910. Thr
proceedings were not defended
Jus! Think
You can come here nr.v: and
see a showing of
Summer Dress
so extensive that it embraces
practically everything that 'fl
uscl and wanted
The belt showing of previous
seasons have been outclassed
both ;.s to extensiveness and
I Transfer
Phone S21. 408 25th 3tret
We have the largest van n fhs
city. Quick service. Moving ahip.
ping and handling planoe. Prompt
freight deliveries. Furniture mov
ing a specialty. 9torage at reason
able ratea.
, I 1
i - 1 ,
Mrs. Francis I. A Junkin.
Paris. May 9. (Special) -An im
portant social even, in the Ameri
can colony on April 30 waa tb id
ding or Mrs. Richard T Crane, widow
of the late Chicago millionaire, and
Mr Francis Thomas Anderson Jun
kln Bride and jrrooni are now on
their wedding Journey, which Includes
a motor trip through Frunze Sv.ii
erland and linlv They expect to re
turn to America early in .June.
The brlrlc is well known both in
social and musical circles In Chi
cago. She had always taken an ac
tlva intero;.! in charitable and OlUsi
cnl affairs and has had several musi
cal protejcea, one of whom she snt
abroad to study for several years
with Leschitczsky.
; . . -' r . '
I w
I i
ui .' i! 'h
V fl
striped used effectively
Black and white itrlped initios 1
I was employed to make this suit Thfl
coat Is fined by Rathers and by a ,
shaped panel, from and Ixir'- Kancy
Steel buttons are used In two sites
ind a white si!k cord ties tcr coat at
the collar, which Is of plain white
In the bin k the coat Is cut id
I uuare and the overikin extend?:
straight around, giving (he flat, plain i
br.r k, so modish thic ceasor
Briarcllff Mnnor, N Y . May S -William
Itor ke'eller. whoso health win I
so shattered last February that he I
I nearly collapsed when the cougres
1 slonal committer Investigating the
i money trust attempted to taU' his
I testimony, iu hell?ved to be now on
1 Joying comparative!) good health.
The capitalist) whp reaches bis 73r.
blrtbda the latter tvart of thlr. month 1
I walked from nib home here down m
(he Briarcllff lodge, where the execu
i tlve commlt.ee of the American Hank
ere' association was holding Its ses
sion, yesterday, and Inquired where
I the crowd came from When ho
1 karned of the nature of the galhe.
Ing he made no effort to meet any of
the bankers an hi throat weakness!
still troubles him. He seemed, how
over, much improved in general
London Mav 9. - Sir Coutts Lindsay,
artist and founder of Grosveuor gal
lery, where Whistler exhibited, died
j tonight. He vvas born in 1S2-L
Mr Junkln, who is a Virginian, la
a descendant through his mother's
side trom the earliest settlers of Vir
glnia, a direct ancestor being Gov
ernor John West, first governor of
Virginia, son of Iord De La Warr II.
Ho was graduated from Kenyon Col
lege and Columbia University mw
School In New York. He is a mem
ber of the Association of the Bar of
New York City, American Bar Asso
ciatlon. Nation Geographic Society.
Society of Coionlal Wars. Son i hern
Society and 8 member of the Uni
versity Club, Onvventsla. Saddle and
Cycle and Chicago flubs and an ac
tive member of the Society of the
- '
n A Beautiful Complexion
Pj v. 'I t (..'.,.,.' rn m I i 1."'
PI i Mil MlflB 'ir fjr, 1-- c.,
M' f ii.r bapplMl 'jmrn in 111 (rorld
K t r ) win beluUIr FOftruitM to r ' - j
I i.a rut oomplaalaa in mf' I
5! ITITHOtT VObVI I 1 1 Vol', t" H I
jM hkiMta itirr .
fl hu KKVER ti aoy lima, ' n laeb n
I offirMlhU od lb bt of H ! 'H
DKTOBJ i i i""' ' PJ
mi. .r th Snaat Vartolaav aoclMj H
M mn are ualna lata aaanallBa.
il. .. Hi.,: 1 . .,( !.- ! - H
B Tr In I ur.- , and ilu. Inif iy liaxl B
B i ii- ...... i an od r.i-inji phjalelan H
M makli c I ioa Eaamallna. 1 triad hli B
M nrvpanUlon and u eomplataly anumd ca
D al Hi raaalti 1 u iiiifi.id I -
B t nnu I aoutd bartDj --.r B
H i, ir t r..m r. !' l j.'jn ii i ti.- fl
B rermola and i ..mpinaiy contrui u Bi
r . -l
H i. i. .j) I rava nnt a r Q l
Ed iii.Im in . . ,in f rl- nrli of mine. . I In
Efl ir . ti -l lima I hiT I'ii n I ltral . y In
Uj r. .i , i for Mil Parisian I ivl
B .- XnamallDI VV ,mrn haa b"lfl I UI
ITJ n.f, r,t honwlipplorad U) H
Hi n n I r ..f i..t pr.''raUt-n. N..w a iH '
ooDipanj hai btaa f ad io mrti-t Hi
Ihli amaalag )' aa RoamrllM, and I will IB
- nan bappy lata muniii. JH
jfeu can ba amona than If you daatra. 1 1 '
5 i; ! ii-.'i i BnamaUat aavaia IB
blrtbmarki molaa, frc- , HatobM I US
hlKkhaaln. !rr ior-., Ilrrr ipoLa. Al. B i
olulal.r no maiuta-lna naraaaary. Fla B '
mlDutai la all lhai'a naadad to e-ir rati H
a parfaat aailny aoivplaxloa It can't vob B
off, llakaayou bacutlrol iaaidutu EJ
ICaapa oucabla la eiquiiiio oondlllaa B
Pal an Iraab err rir Ladtai carry II B
In cbclr puraaa It aradloaaaa wrtiiklaa Q
. , i i Iiik lloj.lr li' Itf m n' i B
areailntr prcparal Ion In lha wh..l wori.i BJ
Ind aowt In order I Introdnca 1 1 lo B
iBarloaja vopaan I aanoanaa ibafc apoa
raaalirl alSTai-oantatajiipai tobalp ra
paakloffi p'Ugi-, tlnir ipiiT In r:
I nf tU . I Will tend "irary lady a gin
rroili us in 1" iri'tT In hri DQraf 1
know ao wallf that aflar yoa ba I lad
Ihli IVarlalaa Snaraallnt, paa will be
U lly iic:,' i I if II j .iniiv
Lhi ra nothing Ilka It la In bi la woi n
rir i 0U lii'd levalrad tout pai kaffa,
ltyour lady friend try ft T6 .-hi
Ik an.ajrl. 1 "III niall a pack.ar to
, . t I.,, that aandi la flv I saw
769 Caxton Bldg.
Built to Protect Baby- "
J Sold to Protect You ffljfflt R I
I For Baby the Sid-a.iy Guaranteed it the roomiest 'ixjl'' I rlV W"' W
1 carrisfe on the market, has the only spring that it fr 2 Vi! ' 1' 1
ndustablc to baby s increase in weight, nnd it 1" 'if, I ,'' I
i detigncd lor rain or sunshine. s -.Jilf Art
For You it has Special Fabrikoid Leather guar i jj fa f ,
, onteed ogoinst crncking, pc-ling or tearing; Real W JX V 1" -""
Rubber Tires instead ot compo- ' ' V:M, I
sition; every part y&tC' - f7rW 'VV ' B'
Uncond(,onuJ!,v Guaranteed '. .
Mercantile Co., 1019 14th St . Elkhart. Ind. HAHHBjwMwMwMHt K
;ffl' I
srjy Lws Ly I I
flH The Standard for Half a Century f
Sr tor Soap Making at Home f
vfy$ For ever fifty . i'i.r. ycr-, Levis' Lye hos bvn used for this I '
Wv8 purpose and thrifty women everywhere are today j
"Bnr i i ..i'-.' v., . I f. ,i th- -ip n-Ht-d in the J
dWasg household, themselves. No matter where you live j If
p?- j-. you con do the seme
H 1 Write todav for our booklet of soap-making recipe. ?iitr- f
pYrYfIS Sj'S Rations, ar.d r.ew uses lor Lewis' Lc in the horne andonthe fl !r.
j IYV !ey . Lewis' Lye mukej the n.ost tatislctory ooap because jfe
C if T'1 rG Made by ?."!? n jfocturin Chemists and fl
! LrCTv I 's Guaranteed Absolutely Pure f
'f) -viW C'. a If '. n i valu'9 your s'in do-.'t think of ir.a'Kina hard or t I.
v'jCyriU y 5 rVJBHl aolt soap: or rleaninu uith anhnji but ir.r i.mmnc which f
!dtf -c'-'iafTIrBk''BJ your grocer wiU vouch lor in flWio do bc?t 1 . r
itiff'tSS R?9 Cloanmg Making Soap t
Ls?l ' 'iSBl3e3L',, otsrei Diiinfcting Spraying Trcos 1
i AaBRgtnPSS-TpfJI, ' Doatroylng Varmina Conditionl nj Moga
.""Wp (LP' , - Softnnlng Water And all general purpoies. BB
: rtt-ittim.' SataJ (ur free booklet suRge-lr. half a hundred other uea for L
('"iSj SSS'l' '"fl I Lrv.u' Lye that you !l be r.l..d lo know abouu Send for a L
fA.5AtrrVvW?P'nS'Sv6 1 CPV toiay Smply add re -s if
-rj g
I lasll BBallBBagJSZJSP jfe'aBgaJEBa it .r
Special Carpet Maciiines j I
I $1.00 a Day I
ICombinaiiofi AM Purpose j I
Machines. 32.00 a Hay II
Machines with Man $4.00 a Day j H
We call for and deliver all machines. - j
Electric Service Co. I
Phone 88 Up 24th St.
I ..t' the liighesl I'liaraf'u-r !s rn i ;. 1 lv Ilu- J
L ,
X- I :.i!i N.u 1 1 I "..in .
;. I ; s r. viiii-H's . i x iiwinairenKMit ami '
. -it ! !... mI ust-riiliji as ?; j
A - i i n t. siilif. in I'hri'k art- ittvili-il.
I f OGDEN, UTA.H j j
r" ' "
I Jesse Knight's "Spring Canyon Coal" j !
This Is lbs firs! limo iln "Best of Cooo Coal" has been on iho I BBB
market here in Ogden B IH
, ,r. ii lbs fOOd ;) .it the SSOSS H
prices that you have been payiuc fur the other Utah coals D H
order. -riook tbe facl thai ws sail B
a good, olei i Wyoming coal til lbs following priest 8
Lump. $5.00 Nut, $4 50 Dellveradi H H
Y,ird on West Sic or VV.iM B
1 asBsB Bal

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