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The Ogden standard. (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, May 09, 1913, 4 o'clock p.m. City Edition, Image 8

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o .
nnd last rwk Mrs n!in M'nn VLv' ' .r 'k
HnHri',s. widow of I iotfnapt Hurl- WW ' S v' - tr 0
jnns. IT S X.. who w 'be heo of L- . X 0B
the o.Tolsron of rh rl 9 S Knr-
Farre nfJ mnrrco M rnmmsnrfcr "- " " .
nrn,-P Greeley Marfarland U S -3 '
.AJthoutrh tht three courle9 hare Mr. Ilorac Greelej .Macfarland (top) and Mrs. Gist LJlair.
, ' Nc icrk, May 9. Failure of the
jii'ililHI tsToI i.o respcnl to axccp'-lcii-
ljjjl ' .'ij .'a.o.abic crop rcr-'-i"' of ye3tdr
Ifjijij: ' " rmotirag6d bear uaier3 toda..
, tr.d r. hen it became apparent r.'ip.
op;.-...,, ;hac t.-.src was lacreaL.1
( ' r ::. cutsldo uy.ng, ncllmg pressure was
Ijii Tec resu't cf t.Ja soiling vrae no;
:' tad Iv i)2cs.3ie oovlous thit ion,
strcv T.cs belTis; di3.odgcd fin
i Affi' traairs rcverJ their rcSitlon. lir
forts to rovrr sent up the i!st snian
j ly and before noon Reading, Union
I Pacific and Southern Pacific 6old a
I point above yesterday's close.
Weakness of certain stocks was
based on developments specifically ai
fectiug those issues.
Talk of (.nc finan'ial requirernrTirs
of New V: r.; Central and expectation
of a larTe 'allins off in thr monthly
tonnage F!uxca of United States SLee!
lnClueacd 'uc couij. cf Lhcze ctoc!:3
JcnJs were easy.
The vo a.i.s of husinc&a va3 iig,:u
at ths opening o.' Ja i.nv.;e. IjLj
t.6 chances we're Bmnil A aiajarltg
I cf tiie active otsrko stsv.-sd the -j-v
! oi n level TVith lrst nlg.n'a cica'a o:
B'.SgSitlv cScyc Ccu".d-."n pacific
Mt J M llil I II I 111 una-ia 1 mm
Chesapeake & Ohio were exceptions,
the former receding a point and the
latter B-8,
Eastern r.iilroad stocks tinned
aeav) New York Central. Pennsy
lvania and Xeu Haven making their
lOW) ?t figures of th? movement What
little rtrergth v.ms evident elsewhere
at foe. cpe. ling disappeared under this
selling rnd many stocks fell to aboui
a hah" o-Iiit under vesterday s clos
In; .
Rccqs&cna Tollcvved th? middaj
nse in .-rices a reaction in New Yor
Ccr.iial tu f'fi 1-8 rnd American Tele
t'neno io ".27 5-S. btth low records
influencing Dome professional selling
Ruzvaiey prcfcired brokp nearly four
voir.ls on thr official r.nTjunremen'
of the intpnded dclnv in actine on the
1 dividend.
I Chicago Livestock.
Chicago. Maj p, -Hogs Receipts,
12,000; market atronK mostly 10c
h.Kher. Balk, 8.408.50; light, $8.2
mixed $8.2008.65; heavy
7 !t5R.52M:: rongh, 17.9508,15; p:c ..
Cattle Receipts. 500; market dull
and weak. Beeree, I7J0O9.00; Tex
ais steers, $6.75 7.75; western, $6 9
&8J0; stocko.rs and feeders, $6.00 fj
7.90; cows and heifers, $8.9008.11
calves, Jf,.i0r?i9
Sheep- RP
cc p':'. -1 000; mark1!
Bte&dj to 10c higher Native. $6.75 3
U.r0: western, $5.8507.00; fearlln s,
$6.2607.66; lambs, $6.2608.45; west
em, $6.5008.60.
Kansas City Livestock.
Kansas City. May 3 -Cattle Re
I I'clpts. 700. including 100 BOUthi rn
Markel sirnnc Native steers S7 26
08.70; southern steers. $6.00 7 7r .
southern rows and helfore. $4.50
7".n; native rows, $4o0(fiS..10, stock
era and feeders. $6 50 g8.00; bulls.
f5"Si97 25 calves $6 50010.00; west
ern steers, $7.00(58.36; western cows
$4 .")i)07.25.
HogS Receipts. 5.000; market I0i
hlpher. Bulk. $8.2008.35: heavy.
$8.15080; packers and butchers.
7, S light. ?S 25 'n X 40, pigS
Sheep Receipts. 10,000; market
steady. .Muttons. $5.00 '5.50 ; Colon-j
do lambr-. $6.50Ti8 40; rnne wpthera'
and yfarlings, $5 5007.25; range ewes
Omcha Livestock.
South Omaha, N'eb.. Ma) ft -Cattlt '
-Receipts, 300; market steady. Nn-1
tlve steers, $7.i0u s.0" . nws rn !
heifers, $6:0007.60; western steers
$6 5008.00; Texns siN-ers .;." 7
cows nnd heifers, $5:6007.65; calves.
$0 75'Ji 10.00.
Hok's- Receipts, 7.500; market hir.h
or. Heavy. $8.1008.20; llgh. $8.25
rT'S 30; pips, $7.00TjS.OO; bulk of sales
$8.155 8.25.
Sheep Receipts 4.000; market low
er. Yearlings. $7.0007.50; wethers.!
$6 5007.00; lambs. $8)008.50
Ch'ca go Grain
Chicago. .May 9 Scnrcity of offer- ,
in;s today made bettor wheat pri es
July showed the widest range at the
beginning, first figures neing 1-Sr low- ,
er to 1 8c higher at 8S 7-8c to 89 l-8c ,
An advance to 89 3-8c followed.
July corn opened unchanged to l-8c ,
off at 55 3 4 to 55 7-3-. and went uj !
.luiv onts on(i-,pd unchanged to j J
34 7-8c and advanced to 35135 i-8c.
The provisions market uas Irrenn- i
lar, opening prices be'ng 2Jic lov.-f-r
to 5c higher with these figures for
Iu'n: 1
Pork. $19.32'-. lard. $P80; ribs
00 1
Los Anrolcii. Call . May 9 Because
of the discovery of an error in print
ing soire of the tally sheets upon 1
which votes cast in the recent muni
cipal primary election were tabulated,
j followers of Job Harrlman, Soc ia!i&l
Ic2ndidcte for mayor, who was elimi-
"with their WINDOW SMASHING, t)P oT
Ceding an imprisoned m litant suffra- (From . sketch in the militants official orCaa-
The Auitb govornmcrit, Jhich has serfri mary difficult foreign and domestic problems with ease
durine Its lea.se of power, frankly docs not fow how o treat the militant sufTragets If 11 nr.pr.sons them
t l their acts of violent thev l'o or, a himr strike The trovernrneni must either let tlv-:n sUrve to
a:itb ir release- ;pem. It .!sre rot let thes)'r-arv-'. as public sentirr.n would not stand for SUcr a thine
F irrible Ipihnc of th.- impri-oncrJ ;iJtant has not worked ojt ujth much BUCCesS Tin acenm
panyinii -kvtrh owe how the suli 1 kgeta pvc' soiuvitimca beeo compelled to take nourishment, whether
il j .1 :,eo to or oot.
latcd, now threaten to demand a re
ount A difference of less thin 1
500 votes between Harrlman and 11
n Rase. Independent, the latter a
liarently having been assured a plac
nn the mayoralty ticket to be- present
d to the voters June 3, is shown un
ilfi.ially j
Leavenworth, May 9. Clyde Strat
ton, who made .1 daring escape from
the federal permpntaary he-re Riarcb
29, by Crawling half a mile through a
ifteen-lnob Bewer, Is under arrest itii
I'ekin. Ill according to the belief ofl
prison officials, based upon photos
graphs of the Pekin man received toT'
ryan witness
before committee1
Washington. May : -Rlchardfty 1
rn, one of the parties to the w ' '
i'i k-t'f' letters 111 the ndmim
itratlojP' former Secretary Balling
of thafnler'or department, appe.11
ieforfie senate territories cornm.t
tee Jposing a proposed ;ovcrnmen:
r.iilr1 '.''M th-- u. 1 tj the Interior
oi 4rka
Fhirago. May 9. Fifty-six electric
jlomobMes were consumed this morn
Jp in a spectacular blaze which de
fioyed a large sanige at 416-18 Ka -Pbrty-Se
venth street, and a storage
(arehouse adjoining, causing a loss
)f $2."ii. (KiO
-- no
Los Angeles. Cal May 9. An eli
ninaticn tournament to be followed
y a titular contest Involving the
vorld's bantamweight honors, will be
staged here In June and July, if the
I ans of a local promoter are conaum
atcd He opened negotiations to
la with Johnny Coulon. bantam-
eight champion, "Kid" Williaras of
Baltimore, iiJJie Sampi of San Frao
el co, and Charles Le Doux, the
French champion, for a series of bouu j
proposing that the- two survivors of '
the elimination boms meet for the tfri
if All the bantams, with the ex- 1
ption of the champion, have ap-j
; proved of the arrangement, it Is said,
j 00 1
New .rk. Ma j 9 resses by
Andrew Carnegie and Mr William
; Dunning, of Columbia university, pres
' ident ol ihc American Historical zsjo
ciatlon. were on today's program of t
, th international conference which Is
(arranging the centenary celebration of J
peace among Bhglish-speaking p-o-j
pies The p,es3lon will close toni;hr
I with a banquet at which Se
1 Bryan will make the principal ad-drens.
1 Cove-?: Fancy FeaHiers giklf S Greatest May Salg ft Special Sale it
ii hicofr023 with f olitoja rVX , , , . , r ir i r,i at 15c inch wide ribbon, in all jj
! tad otnei'--Rii----- feV Bcai:tifa2 Psaicy Peathera 1 he greatest low price sale of Women S, MiSSeS and Children S Extra large Peanut Straw , on !
ular 60c and 66c value: " th' Btick-u Trimmed Hats ever advertised. Garden Hat, worth 35c, colors' wortn 0c' dt
yonr choice per bunch. &c effects, ail colors, valnes - at 20c this sale per yard. .. 10c
rzJ-:. $2 50:yOM s,25 $MM$kJ 1 !
a 7i: ;xr L i Uistrlmmed Shapes for I
and .,00 vaiacc, yc.r aes up to $4 00, your . . TrT-r-S . '; V-2&M VHT ) vr -o a nm -m
35c ch- afc Misses and CUdren l
m Frcncfe and Willow Plumes Sl"
I l French Plumes in shaded effects, worth $2.00, at ... 95c y' jS: i Ij J Oof united shapes, values up to $2 00. your f
I ) French Plumes in shaded effects extra large, good quality ( , 'A 7 ' l .L J j jf '-, k
!! I . in all the latest colorings, regular S4.00 values at S2 45 ' x UhlA fr' M V vftW'li One lot untnmmed shapes, extra large variety to select j
U .N V y I 1 CrC from, values up to S2.50, your choice $125
I II Extra large French Plumes, black or white regular $5 00 IN POS 1 W V hl'fX n
mmou $3,o FNORMmiS FXTiA SPFfPI "SHS!gSr 5
willow Plumes in assorted colors, v-orth $4 00, at . S2.45 iJll VlllflVtllJ JL fiurft kJlljmiljJ $4.00, your choice ..$1.95
ge Willow Plumes, colors black or white, regiUar $3,00"' WOMEN'S TRIMMED HATS, MISSES TRIMMED HATS, L
WUlow Plume,, black, white and colors, regular $9.00 val- CHILDREN'S SCHOOL HATS. iillMrCll Mtt MSSSCS SCllOOl IMS H" Hi
J ues, at g , jii'j
Favorable C O n d i - X HatS e f f e C t i V elv One lot of Children's and Misses' School Hats nicely trim- J
H TiHmniill llflf C Iai I osliAC! Uf HODS were met' With in ) trimmed with Flowers, with ribbon, worth 75c, your choice . 45c Jj
ninmcfl Hats ior Lacucs, Misses , , f UjJ Dk, c ,. A iot and children's school mts m strong in
H ill , 9 our preparation for !gf Ribbons, Foliage and braids, nicely trimmed with ribbon, regular values $1.25, III pfe
and IniMrai this Big.Mav Event, f. -s. manv other stunning ur choice ... . ' 65c ea,
Children's ard Ms.es' Trimmed Hat, nicely trimmed enabling US to present Wf U "-
! with ribbon and ficwers, worth $2.50, your choice .. si 35 SOme of the most Sen- JM- one of the greatest '
! One lot Children's and Misses' Trimmed Hats, excellent 0.. , D C a Sales of its kind ever f
I v,!cty,valMsnpto5,00,yourcholC3 $,85 ational Bargains ,n 0gfcA advertised. COME SDeia! Slfigp Oil HafJ f SiV i
one iot ciuuren. aad Muics- HM5, vais ap to $5.00 the History of the -f I AND SEE be con- lJP'iai lJ1!:; vll Itaib IU1 j
I 1 i: h.: ' 3tore- viWed of this once Middle Aged Ladles 1 U
; select from, values up to $6.00, your choice $2.95 Hats of every con- TWBNTY-FIVE PER CENT in LIFE TIME OP- ij
I livable shape and "ft P0RTUN1TY. SSSStt k
. ; choice ....... $9-00-yOars,9B Style Will be Shown in ln thU we . .h.wl.e variety or colors, values p to $3.M, your choice Sl
.. j, t''l&H&WMimi Mtin'rtL ' this Gigantic May Sale KV-&JK p."."." We anticipate a most nJ?t . Ladies' WJ, fine qujUty Paroxolyne Braid, Ml
Ij jj n.K.;h..::,fM,y,ney, "S4e5 ofMillinery. "J-"to" tremendous response. S c'ors .t0.select from' vah,es t0 84 6a ycm$1.o5 I L
ill Leader Millinery Store iQasMnjtoBi

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