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I Forty-third Year-No. 111-Price Five Cent. QGDEN CITY, UTAH, TUESDAY EVENING MAY 13, 1913
British Government
Dispatches Battleship
to Guatemalan Waters
to Enforce Payment of
Claims Long Past Due
Minister More In
sistent 9
London. Mar 13 The British for
"1 c!gn of;ice is hopeful of an early set
Dgf lament of the British claims against
I Guatemala The latest dispatches
from the British minister. Sir Car-1
den, Indicated that a satisfactory re
ply to the British demand was antkl
patd in a day or t o
I The British minister's Inst ruction?
authorize him to rr on British
warship should hr think Ita preaen i
In Guatemalan water durable Th
fore as the foreign office had not as 1
late as today bmn adrised that tho
British cruiser Aeolus had departed
from Kingston. Jnmnlrn, for Puerto
Barrlso. If Is thought quite likely that
the British minister had nailed on tor
eommander to hasten by the appear
ance of the vessel the payment of
the long overdue debt.
Although the matter Is considered
as one absolutely between Great Brit
ain and Guatemala, the United States
government has been advised of the
British Intention to Insist on the
payment of the bondholders Guate
mala's failure to do this as promised
at the end of April has. It is stater! 1
'Jm In official rlrrles. only m.ndr- the Brit
'! lsh minister's notes to the Guatema
lan government more insistent.
Chiefs of Fire and Po
lice Departments
Buried Beneath Burn
ing Steeple Light-
2 ning- Causes Blaze
Water Fails to Reach
Stratford. Ont . Ma; 18.- The tall
M. I spire of the Knox Presbyterian
I P church. 160 feet above the curb was
r . struck by lightning early today and
i f In the ensuing fire, the chief of po-
II lire, the fire chief and a policeman
I I nero killed and a fireman was mor
I tally Injured Th three men who lost
I t their live? were burled beneath tho
f burning belfry when It fell.
I , The dend are
I J A MCCARTHY, chief of police.
j HUGH PURK1N. fire chief.
man. t The injured man is Sidney Van
stone The steeple, visible ovpr a great ra
i dius. burned without hindrance as
i the puny streams of water, far be
f low. fell many feet short of the blaz
K 8howers of blazing embers fired the ;
roof of the eburch. and McCarthy.
Durkin and Hamilton, dragpins hose.
had scrambled up a '.adder to the roof
when the belfry fell.
The blaze ate Its way into the
building. The loss Is about $50,000.
P E n g 1 ish Newspaper
Says American Gov
ernment Should Not
Take Bread and But
ter From White Peo
ple For the Aliens
London .May II. "If it hr- tnn
that Japau wishes to carry the J1
fornia land question - Thi- Hague
tribunal, wp may shortly obtain 4
fl fruitful lesson in the practical 11m
P;' lie of arbitration." aayi the Pall M:ill
Gazette toda in disc!j??in- the r-it -JBM
uation which has arisen between th
United States and Japan In regard
9 to the California alien land own'r
0 ship bill.
Iw The newspaper continues:
' "If the Chinese and Japanese are
l to have fre entry to the Pacific
j ! coast ,H means eventually the ex-j
'rpation of h'te labor from that re-
I gion. All the arbitration In the world
will not persuade the people of the
western stales that It Is their duty to
I give up their br-ad and butter to an
alien race and we can imagine how
much likllroud there is of the gov-
j ernmoot at Washington takinc meas
ures to enforce snch an award on Its
own subjects We should rather like
to see the expnmni for Its useful
ness In bringing dreamers back to
I hard facts.
Washington, May 13. Government
construction operation, or ownership
of a railroad in Alaska would be fol
ly. F C Jcmmett. representing bond
holders of the Alaskan Northern rail
road told the senate territories com
mittee today At the same time ho
declare private capital would extend
the road now existing out of Seward
to the Matanooska coal fields If the
navy department would create a na
tional coal reser-f ' hem and operate it
throuth the bureau of mines or by
Some Missing Verses
of the New Testament
Found in Egypt Six
Years Ago Are in Pos
session of an Ameri
can London. May 13 Some long miss
ing verses of the New Testament are
included in the manuscripts of the
gospels discovered In Egypt six years
ago and purchased by Charles L
Freer of Detroit. Mich . according to
I a study made of the Freer manu- I
scripts by the Times.
A facsimile of the manuscripts has
been presented to Ihe British muse
um by the University of Michigan, to
which Mr Freer assigned the task or
publication, and. according to the
Times, there have been found in the
gospel of St Marks several verses
which occur in no other known manu
script of the New Testament, although
they were known to St Jerome, who
quotes them in part
In the Freer manuscript after ihe
passage in which It Is said that Jesus
t.pbralded his disciples for their un
belief, the text continues as follows:
"And they excused themselves, say
ing that this age of lawlessness and
unbelief Is under Satan, who through
the agency of unclean spirits suf
fers not the true power of God to be
"For the cause, said they unto
Christ, reveal now at once th)
"And Christ said unto them, the
limit of the years of the powers of
Satan is (not) fulfilled, but it draw
cth near (the text here as elsewhere
is corrupt)
"For the sake of those that have j
sinned was 1 given up unto death, j
that they may return unto the truth!
and sin no more, but may inherit the
spiritual and Incorruptible glory oi
righteousness in heaven."
Australian Explorer
and Members of Ex
pedition Announce
Publication of the
Blizzard Promises
Its Readers News of
South Polar Regions
Melbourne. Mr.v 13 Dr Douglas
Mawson. the Australian explorer, and
I six members of his expedition to the
south polar rejrions who have ben
forced to spend the winter on Ade-
! lieland. send a wireless announcement
of the establishment of the Blizzard,
the first newspaper to be regularly
printed In the Antarctic It promises
Its readers alt the news of the south
' polar regions once n month and starts
, out with a twenty-six page number.
The circulation Is at present limited.
I however, to the members of the staff,
th only human beings on thlB barren
Washington. May 13 Secretary
Daniels returned today from a two
weeks trip which included visits to
all of the south Atlantic navy yards.
The Democratic Party Had Better be Gocd to Western Interests or Their Might be a Wedding Be
tween Mr Bull Moose and Miss Willing Elephant
THE C. 0. P.
Republican Senators
Are in Hopes the Na
tional Committee Will
Call Convention in the
Fall G u m m i n s Is
Greatly Encouraged
Washington. May 1 Republk an i
stnators who attended the progressive
l conference in Chicago returned today ;
determined to exert all influence at
their command to induce the national I
committee to call a reorganization
convention in the fall.
When the national executive com
; mittee meets here May 24. these sen
j atorn will report the sentiment from
many states as expressed in the Chi
cago conference
Senator Cummins said today that
written appeals from many states
would be laid before the national eom
I mittee setting forth reasons for a
j reorganization convention. "We feel
: greatlly encouraged," said he.
The suggestion that attempts be
o-ade to induce Republicans who
joined the Progressive party to re
turn to thpir pld allegiance, were dis
I cussed today by house Progressives,
and Representative Hinebaugh of Illi
nois, speaking for them, issued a state
ment declaring that "the only course
for the Progressive Republicans to
' pursu" is to come Into the Progres
sive party where they belong
Paterson. N. J May 13 A third
j unsuccessful attempt to wreck an
Erie passenger train was made here
today Train No 85. from New York,
to jersey City, was crawling into
; the station when two men sprang up
from beside the track, jumped on the
platform between the second and
third cars and attempted to uncouple
, them. Trainmen were on the alert.
I however, and prevented them from
doing so.
Tho men Jumped from the train and
I made their escape. Later two men
j wer arrested but the conductor was
unable to Identify them and they
i wer released
The state rested Its case today in
the trial of Patrick Quinlan. the In
dustrial Workers of the World leader
indicted for Inciting to not and th
; lefense began The rae will ro to
I the Jury tomorrow t
Flora Drummond Un
able to Appear in
Court to A n s w e r
Charge of Conspiracy
Must Undergo an
Operation-Other Mili
tants Surrender to
London. May IZ "General" Mrs
i flora Drummond. the militant suf
fragette is In a state of collapse and
will be unable to appear at the re
sumed hearing at the Bow street po
lice court today on charges of con
piracy under the malicious damage
to property act, which has been
brought against her.
A doctor testified In court that
owing to her illness she had been
moved to a nursing borne. He said U
would take her two weeks to get in
to condition to undergo an opera- I
tion which was necessary and an
other two months before she would be
able to be tried.
The other "conspirators" who com-'
prised Miss Marietta Rebecca Kerr.
Miss Agnes Lake. Miss Rachel Bar
rett, Mrs Beatrice Saunders. Iflaa
Annie Keuney. Miss Laura Lennox !
and the analytical chemist. Clayton,
all surrendered to their bail.
During the hearing the printers of
: the militant's newspaper The Suf
I fragetto related the negotiations
which led to their undertaking the
' work. Mrs Lmmeline Pankhurst con
' ducted the negotiations and In reply
to expression of fear b the printers
i that the job was a dangerous one
I gave her personal undertaking that
no offensive or illegal matter would
appear She laid stress on the iolnt
that her daughter Chrtstalel had a
legal training and was a socialist In
constitutional law.
The interesting revelation was
made on the witness stand that th
militant organization, the Women
Social and Political Union had paid
for the printing of the election ad
dress of George Lanshurry. the for
mer Socialist member of parliament,
which failed to secure his election.
Munich. Bavaria. May 18, Major
General Von Lewlnski. the Prussian
military attache to Bavaria was killed
here today by a supposed lunatic, ho
fired three revolver hn'.-i ii him
sergeant of police also was killed.
Wreck on the Rock
Island Results in
Death of Two Men
and Loss of Much
Merchandise and Live
stock Pocatello Man
a Victim
Ottawa. Illinois. May 13. A rear
end collision of two freight trains on
the Rock Island railroad at Seneca
today resulted in the death of two
men. Several cars of merchandise
were demolished end a number of
cattle killed. The victims of the ac
cident were asleep in the caboose. A
dense fog was the cause of the
wreck. The dead:
yean, Pocatello, Idaho.
HARRY PRY. age 53 years, Chan
ute, Kan
Special Agents and
Private Detectives to
Assist in Tracing
Down the Theft of
Plans From the Navy
Washington. May U -Special
agents of the department of Justice,
officers of a nationally connected de
tective agency and the local police
have been called In by the navy de
partment to investigate a "leak"
through which, during the last four
months, several relatively unimport
ant plans of ships and also minor doc
uments have disappeared Navj ofn
dais arc inclined to minimize the Im
portance of the losses.
The following real estate transfers
have been placed on record In the
county recorder's office
Frank Moore and wife to the state
Entered ,ns Second class Matter at the Postofttce, Ogden. Utab
of Utah, a part of the southeast quar-1
tors of sections 3 and 4. 'oweship 6
north, range 1 west. Salt Lake me
ridian. Consideration 111,000. This
property forms a part of the State j
industrial school farm.
W. M. BoMtaph and wife to R. L
ilber. n part of lot 3, block plot
C, Ogden survey. Consideration
Cynthia .t&sperson to George Rack
ham. tot 2. bljck 1. Chamberllnf
subdivision. Ogden survey. Consid
eration $150.
The Ogden 1 ru6t & Itevelopmen'
company to the Osden Medlclnsl
Springs company, the southwest quar
ter ot section 28, township north,
range 1 west. Salt Lake meridian
Consideration $8000.
V. J Stephens to William Huschell.;
lots 49 and 50. block 39, Cgdon sur- j
vey Consideration $1.
Senator Bristow In
troduces Amendment
to the Tariff Bill
Would Make Duty
$1,2712 Per Hundred
Pounds After Six
Washington. May 13. The tariff
fight was resumed today in the senate
on the motion 01" Senator Penrose to
refer the L'nderwood bill to the fi
nance committee with instructions for
public hearings.
Chairman Simmons of the finance
committee was busy early In the day
urging all Democratic members to be
! on hand in case the question should
1 come to a vote nnd he felt confident
; that the Republican's first move
atrainst the majority would be check'
I Senator Bristol, in the midst of
' the tariff debate, introduced an
amendment to the sugar schedule to
provide a duty of I1.521; per 100
pounds on refined sugar for three
! years; $1 40 per 100 for the succeed-
int; three v?ars. at the end of which
j time It should be $1.27 per 100
I pounds.
The senate did not meet until 3
o'clock and it was late In the dav
when the routine business was out of
the way and the tariff debate was
reached. The fight wa resumed on
the Penrose amendment to the rsolu
tlon. sendinK the bill to the finance
committee so as to provide for pub
lic hearings Chairman Simmons
opened the argument against it Sen
ator Lippett referred to the measure
as "the most revolutionary bill ever
introduced in congress."
Will Not Commit Himself.
Washington. May 13 President
Wilson has taken the position that he
ought not to commit himself in any
way with respect to numerous minor
I amendments to the tariff bill being
sasested bv Democrats
Secretary Redfleld had a half hour ?
talk with ' the president before the
'cabinet meeting today and declared
he believed unimportant changes
would be made, but that if the presi
dent consented to ceriain ones, he
would be besieged with requests 10
open un other schedules. Secretary
Redfleld said that since it had become
known that an Inauiry was to be made
bv the bureau of domestic and for
eign commerce into wages and indus
trial conditions in connection with the
tariff bill, some requests had come
from manufacturers themselves invit
ing such an investigation. These. Mr
Redfield declared, were based, how
ever, more on the belief that the in
quiry would be the basis for tar'.'f
rates than an examination as to the
efforts of the bill after it had become
Cincinnati. O.. May 13. The new
union of Cincinnati street car em
ployes today refused to arbitrate with
tho Cincinnati traction company un
der the conditions offered by the lat
ter, and decided to continue the,
Recognition of the union before ar
bitration is insisted upou by the un
ion men
The traction company, which has
not been able to operate an) of Its
cars since Saturday afternoon, had
offered to arbitrate with "the men"
proidlng the employes rewumed
work pending the result of tho ar
bitration. The decision to refuFe to arbitrate
rai reached after Mayor Hunt as
well as several labor leaders had ad
dressed the meeting of the union
men. The mayor urged arbitration
but his appeal was apparently in
Ambassador Chinda f
Will Take No Further t
Steps in Protest f
A g a i n st Anti-Alien j
Land Law Until John
son Acts !
Wash'tiBton. May 13 The Japanese
ambassador will rake no further steps
in the protest against the California
antl-allen land law until Governor
Johnson acts on the bill before him.
Should he sign it. Ir was learned to-
day, Japan, without making further IH
representations to tho senate depart
ment, will wait a reasonable time to
learn what the federal administration
intends to do to meet its complaint
Japan will not move to test the con
stiuitlonality of the law. holding it !
Incumbent upon the United States to
U'.ke up thai question.
Although it Is understood here that ff
('overnor Johnson has thirty days to
act. officials believe his answer to
Secretary Bryan's last communication
will be received within a week. t
The Japanese situation was dis- !
cussed today at the cabinet meeting,
but no conclusion was reached.
Chicago. May 13 Presentation ot
evidence in defense, of Jack Johnson.
charged with violation of the Mann
act. began In Federal Judge Carpen
ter's court today Charles Lupkin.
chauffeur for the negro prize fighter
in 1910. testified as to a trip which
Johnson and Relle Schrelber look to
Milwaukee In 1910 during which John-
son was 111. They lived at separate
hotels, said l.upkin
In the afternoon session Johnson j
took the stand and testified that he H
had spent "between $9,000 and $10
000" on Belle Schrelber
He declared positively tha' he had
not 6ent Belle Schrelber a telegram
telling her to come to Chicago and
wait for him here Whether his agents
sent her such a telegram without his
knowledge he could not say. He said
that she had called him up on the
telephone and had asked him to send
her 176, but had no Intention that she
should come to Chicago. His pur
pose here later was to make arrange
ments about some boxing matches
Miss Schrelber, he declared, had sul
sequently called him up and had
asked him to fix up a flat for herself.
her sister and mother to live In. She
wanted to work again if a stenogra-
"I spent about $1,000 for her to tt
up her flat." said Johnson, "and then
gave her $500 ro keep her going till
she could get a job as a stenographer '
He denied he had ever given her any
' How much In all do you think JTOU UM
spent on her?"
"Somewhere between $9,000 and
$10,000." answered Johnson
Cubs Lose to Giants.
New oYrli. May 13 ( National
R. H. B.
' Chicago 2 6
New York . . - SI- 1 lH
Batteries Toney, Ruelbach and MM
Arfcher. Bresnahan. Tesrcau and pH
Meyers. Wilson.
Game Postponed.
Chicago. May 13 I American )
Philadelphia-Chicago postponed. ppj
Quakers Beat Pirates.
Philadelphia. May 13 ( National) PPH
Piltsbnrg 8 0 ppH
Philadelphia 5 10 0
Batterleb fame '7. and Simmons pppi
Seat. Alexander and Dooln.
Dodgers Defeat R ?ds.
Brookhn, May 13 1 National)
Cincinnati 3 10 1!
Brooklyn 9 12 0
Batteries Fromme. Betti and ppH
Kllng; Allen, Curtis and Miller.
Cardinals Defeat Doves
Boston. May 13. (National)
h pH
St. Louis 4 10 2
Boston 3 9 1 ppH
Batteries Grlner and Wingo; Per- ppH
due and Whaling. Rariden.
(Additional Sports on Pago Two.)
I Everybody interested in the pure tOOd f7LF17Vf Refreshments will be served betiveenl:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m. I
problem should visit the plant ot the VOOEJill The plant will be in full operation.

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