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I Listen!
To be zd the Top, fce
j we dressed. Good
Pp clothes mke you
Our clothing stands at the top. The
cloth is made from the pure wool of finely
bred sheep; artistic designers create the
models; high - class tailors make the
We can fit you. Vc buy regular" sizes
j for regular men, "slim" for slim men and
"stout" for stout men.
For slim purses ve have well-made
Jft suits, moderate in price; for fat pockets
books, suits absolutely the finest in the
H land.
Styleplus Ciothes $17.
I Watson-Tanner Co,
f 376 24th St.
Job Plnrce. field superintendent of
the Amalgamated Sunr company Ifl
1 I of the opinion that the sugar beet I ro
has not yet Buffered to a Kreat extent
on nccount of the dry condition ol
farms, but that n heavy f ; ! I f rain
would be welcomed In all 3cctlons of
tho country.
"It Ib true that in some partB of
J the country.'' said Mr Plnpree this
M mnmlnK. t h.- Linns ;ir.' . i . dr. an 1
a perhaps not inor. (h:ni al-.n' hull' uf
m the tn'i-t h v. ill iiini' ui but In
main, the beets are out of the ground
j and arc looking good. Even If only
I'll na' n"' '"'f'" ;ir'' out of the ground
I In piams it win be better to let the
crop ; 1 1 . r t miiiI irav f.r lain ralln-.'
than to undertake to replant. Th"
D ground is very dry now and to replani
would be of no nvnll as tiie second
planting would not come up more
readily than did the first, so there
would be nothing gained "
It is said by farmers that In some
instances Irrigation will be resorted
to, but this Is not always satisfactory
t at It has a tendency to cause Lhe
ground to bake under the hot rn
I of the sun, preventing tho bander
f plants from working through the 6ur
t face However it Is claimed that no
great damage has yet been done, espc
" dally If the country should be visited
by a good shower in the nest week.
u The slight rainfall of last nltht was
, ' I of some value, but It was not henv
enough to moisten the soil to depth
GREINER Funeral serices for
Emll C Orelner, who died Saturday
from injuries received while bathlns
at Utah Hot Springs Inst Friday night'
were hold this afternoon. Rev. p. Ph
Tester, pastor of the German Evan
gelical church was In charge. The
funeral was at the German church,
our stock o plain lc. karat gold
seamless Iadie9' wedding nni; re
iL" the correct ami latent stvles. Our
assortment of fine diamonds, pr. cl
ous stones, watcher tnMe i)er. cut
glass and clocks for wedding prosenfs,
ygrS I show a bcwildr-rin jriet from
which to m I. i
Harry Davis
"The Store vwith the Guarantre"
At the Sigc of the Diamond Rinc?
corner 23rd street an,d Jefferson av
enue, at 1:80 o'clok Interment will
be in Mountain View cemetery The
remains may be viewed at the Ktrk
cnd.ill chapel today from 10 to 1
HELMLE Funeral services for
William Helmle who died Bundaj
morning were held yesterday after
noon at 2 o'clock. Rev P. Ph. Tester
being in charge. Interment was in
Opden City cemetery Deceased was
a carpenter and had resided in Ogden
for 22 years. He passed away at his
home, 2SC7 Pacific avenue
EROWN The funeral of Rclbert
Brawn, infant son of Mr and Mrs,
Char lea Brown, was held yesterday
noon at the family residence In I 11 n
ton. Burial was In Ogden Citv cemetery.
SANDERSON The double funeral
of Arthur L and Samuel Sauderson.
brothe and father of Walter E San
derson, will be held tomorrow after
noon at 2:80 0 clock ;,t the Klrkendall
Chapel. Blshon p s Spalding of Salt
Lake will he in charge Mr. SanJer-s-on
accompanied by P. o. DeWolf
secretary of the local Elks' lodge ar
rived this morning from Llmon. Colo.,
with the body of the elder Mr. San
derson. The mother and sister ar
rived several days ago Interment
will be In Mountain View cemetery.
The elder Sanderson was a member
of the EC. of P an.: G. A. R, at Csr
thage. Mo, and the local orders will
attend the funeral services
BUDLONG Funeral services, for
Mrs. Ad Thomas Budlong, wife of
Dr. Willis Budlong. will be held Wed
nesday morning at ll o'clock in the
Episcopal church Bishop P S. S aid
ing of Salt Lake will officiate Spe
cial music will be given by the choir
The body may be viewed tbls after
noon and e.enlng and tomorrow un
til 10 o'clock at Iarkin & Sons un
dertaking parlors Interment will be
In Ogden City oemeterj The sur
vivors are Dr Willis A.' Budlong and
the following children- Dr George
M . Thomas P., w Arthur A Mar
guerite and Gladys T Budlong,
PINCOMBE-Wendell U Pfncombi
four-year-old son of Charles .ind
Amends Brlckson PlDcombe, reir
817 AdamB avenue, passed awav last
night at U:80 o'clock. Death was
caused by pneumonia. Funeral , r
lees win be held at 3 P. m Wednesdcu
I at firkin's chapel, Bishop O m sm
derson presiding Rodv mai I ',
led from ll a m to 3 p. m Body will
bo shipped to Ixgau at 5:25 p. m.
The loving sympathy of our mrinv
relatives and friends extended during
our recent bereavement In the unex
pected demise of our beloved father
and husband. A J. Proudflt. we great
ly appreciate, and desire hereby to
i' - .":r I enrtfelt ihank Es
pecially do we remember with gratl
tude the words of comfort spoken
and those r, ho sent th.- beautiful
flornl tributes May Hc who rewards
for all good ever bless you Sincerely
Another alleged phony rnR m(1n
was given th sttentlon of Judge Reed
er on the charge of vagrancy to which
thi ) -nd, i.i. James O'Noll, pleaded
guilty this morning. A sparkling
"diamond" ring was displayed In the
court and O'Nell w.ib asked to ex
plain how It came into his possession,
whi h he failed to do satisfactorily.
The arresting officer stated that ho
had It carefully wrapped In tissue pa-
- -J lTTTlIsssjasessmsT "s
bsssssssbsv '
W csllv 'Ji A '
Miss blitty Phillips,
Los Angeles. CaJ . May 13 Miss
Kitty Phillips, a 20-year-old girl. Is
the principal witness against Million
aire George H Blxby of Long Beach,
accused of assisting In luring younr:
girls to questionable resorts.
The Phillips lrl has told the jury
ot orgies In which girls of from 16
to 20 took part in apartment houses
and roadhouses She implicated sev
eral prominent men
Bixby declares that ho is tho vic
tim of a conspiracy; that the Phil
lips girl and other girls who have
testified agalnsi. him have done so
because they failod in their efforts to
blackmail turn
Other prominent and wealthy men
of southern California, who ;re mixed
per and was attempting to sell it when
the arrest was made
A sentence of ten days was imposed
Jack Dee, charged with drunken
ness. was given an opportunity of
naming his own sentence should he
be brought Into the court again on
B similar charge Dee hesitated, but
HTHE elasticity,
I strength and
1 beauty of silk gloves
all depend on
Quality of the silk,
i Skill in the making
I As to the ?ilk,
1 'Gloves
1 aremadeof thevery
I best obtainable
1 As to the making,
J FOWNES skill
i has been famous
for one hundred
. and thirty-one
l A poor glove is
p3or economy:
and a summer's
t satisfaction
N. ir. fit style
Xf wear
Never nlJ und. SIJ'C
n, oiher nime f fcJS J
The House of
Quality and Fashion
up in the white slave scandal also
declare that the are innocent and
that the girls are trying to ruin them
because of their failure to extort mon
ey by threats
Pursuing Its white slavery probe,
the county grand Jury called several
witnesses before It today In an ef
fort to locate two girls Mabel John
son and Clara St. Ives whose tes
timony. It was believed, would in
volve prominent men of the city iu
prosecution for offenses against min
ors Bmms T Goodman, rillas .Tosle Ros
enberg, alleged BTOOnress, pleaded not
guilty to the two indictments charg
ing pandering which the grand jury
recently returned against her, and
on May 22 her trial will be Bet
:;greed to a six months' sentence
Thereupon the judge suspended sen
tence, but told Dee that six months
.n Jail Is waiting for fcim If he 19
again arrested for drunkenness.
James Delne came to the jail last
evening to see If there was a fellow
there he knew and Instead of going
through the entrance, it is claimed
the t he tried to look in the window
He plcnded guilty to the charge of
vagrancy that had been made agalnar
him, but Judge Heeder took the case
under advisement until tomorrow.
Fred Moore, charged with disturbing
the peace. James Nelson, and J. A.
Baker charged with druukenness for
felted ball
The office of superintendent of the
Ogden Rapid Transit company has
been enlarged to embrace the raati-
I agemcut of tl system, so that Su
perintendent P D Kline Is now
j manager. The board of directors have
deemed it advisable to increase the
powers of the superintendent in order
that he may be In a position to at
tend to some of the larger affairs of
I the company without calling the
i board of directors together It la
fcald that the company's business has
grown to a point where It Is neces
sary to have a big gun" on tho
ground all tho time.
Manager Kline assumew his en
larged duties modestly and he feels
that, while tho responsibilities are
somewhat greater, tho affairs of the
' company can bo best attended to
with the enlarged official power He
says that company's business now
is auch that a managing force Is
t needed on the "firing line "
A new agreement has just been
entered Into between tho Ogden
Rapid Transit company and tho mo
tormen and conductors of the road
by which tho latter are given a raise
in wages averaging 2 12 cents an
The agreement will continue In
force for a period of at least four
Under its terms men who hsvs
been In tho service four years will,
bo paid not leas than 30 cents an
hour and thero are about thirty of
6uch employes.
Windsor, Canada, street railway
employes want a wage increase.
( ontrlbuted)
Suffer the little ones to come unto
For such is the kingdom of Hi iven
Never q,i these words of our
blessed Lord seem to carry mor.
nlficance than this morning when.
St. Joseph s church, a band of little
boys and plrls approached for the
first time the altar of the lowly
I hrist. who so often durinc his earth
ly pilgrimage expressed a desire to
have the little Innocent children ever
near Him
At the early hour of 7 30 a goodly
number of interested spectator: as
well as the members of the COngre
gallon had gathered in the church to
witness this most beautiful and mos'
Impressive of sights tho spotless al
tars brilliantly aglow with lights shed
soft and radiant beams on the little
flower-like faces as they knelt, dur
ing the relebration of Mans with
bowed heads and folded hands Kra
grant blossoms adorned Our Lady's
altar, a silent but eloquent tribute to
the Immaculate Virgin who i every
where known and revered as "The
Cueen of Ma
To the organ's soft pealing, and
the young ladles sweet singiiiu th'
procession filed slowly up the long
aisle, the little boys leading follow
ed by the girls, reminding one of
lilies, fair and beautiful, simply at
tired in gowns of purest white and
graceful volls Even the most curl
ous on-looker could not be otherwise
than Impressed while the most In
terested ones bowed down In silent
adoration, and fervent prayer mingled
with grateful tears surely penetrated
the blue vault uf heaven and were
crystallized Into gems of rarest
beauty Thisjmprcsslve scene clos
ed v.ith the appr-ipri.itc hymn 'llulv
God. Wo Praise Thy Name.'" and
was echoed In the heart of each lit
tle one In prayers of thanksjfivinK for
making this May thirteenth "the
happiest clay of their lives." Father
CuShnahan in a few earnest words
taupht these holy angels the signi
ficance of the ceremony just wit
nessed and impressed upon them the
fact that God had given each and every
one a misslou making others good,
which could be accomplished by their
silent and beautiful example They
onlv will understand the truth
of the poet's words:
'Be good, and let who will be clever,
Do noble deeds not dream them all
day long;
And thus make life, death and that
vast forever,
One grand, sweet song!"
As a result of the accident on
Twenty-fourth street and Washing
ton avenue, Sunday afternoon, In
which Mrs Kate Cragun was ren
dered unconscious, J. Dalton, a team
ster, appeared In police court thU
morning and pleaded guilty to the
charge of reckless driving.
Mr. Dalton stated that at the tim--of
the accident he was not looking
up the street, but had turned to talk
to his companion and did not know
that there had been an accident un
til he was told of the affair by the
police He admitted that he was
careless at the moment, but said that
would never have continued on hi;
way after the accident had he known
of its occurrence.
W. Cragun the jsband. related
the circumstances concerning the ac
cident and stated that although Mrs
Cragun was not seriously hurt, her
injuries are such that she will be
compelled to remain in bed for some
Judge W H Reeder took the case
under advisement Mr Dalton stated
that he would like to make all the
restitution possible for bis carelessness.
The front page of the Chicago News
of last Friday run tains u large pic
ture of Ernest Kartyo who is to meet
Henry irsiinger in Ogden With the
picture Is this atory of the coming
"Brnssl Kartye of Chicago has been
matched wtlh Henry' Irpllngcr, mid
dle weight wrestling champion of
1 landj for a finish encounter Mav
16 ut Ogden. Ftah The contest will
have resulted from persistent chal
lenges of the Engllah champlou. who
hns been defeating all comers since
Inst December, when ho landed in
Men York
"Irpllngcr has ncteateri an ine
crack middle weights In the east and
' recently downed Anderson, the cham
I plon of the northwest. Ho la confi
dent of defeating Kartye and readily
agreed to the terms of the rising
young Chicago gmppler
"Kartye will depart for the land of
the Mormons Saturday night and will
begin systematic training for tin
match, which will force several other
well known middle weights out of
their shells Emll Klank manager
of Kartye, will leave Chicago for the
of tho battle Tueedajt sight
Both Men Close to Weight Limit.
Both wrestlers are near the mid
dle weight limit, according to an
nouncements from their managers,
and each will be required to Up the
scales at 158 pounds at 3 p. m . on
the day of the match.
"Ernst Kartyo 6 considered by 'h.
majority of mat followers as the fu
ture world's middle weight champion
Hc has steadily progressed from n
treon amateur In the turner grap
pllug championships until he haa
reached the top of the list of the pro
fessional middle weights.
I "Kartyo had Walter Wllloughby.
5 H
. k '
Black M I
And drjtak I
White Jl I
It's NEW it's CLASSY" it's HsS. I
smart enough for the ultra-fashion-
able man. and won't offend the most H rtiW
conservative taste. YOU'LL FIND I
look over the new, striking, hand 1 h
same black and white effects we'i fSj aH I
showing now in closely woven jjjM iNfl
worsteds and softer, roughly finish- ,
td clothes. sH h
are modestly priced, tailored as you jfw f
order by asr JEJ
The Nobby Suitorium I
223 Twenty-FifSh Streea I
the crack Cleveland middle Weight
wrestler, nearly out in a sixty min
ute match at the Chicago Athletic
association In January" He had re
peatedly challenged Henry Gehrlng
of Cleveland and Mike Yokel of Salt
Lake City, Utah, but these wrestlers
seemed to want nothing of the Chl
cagoan's game and had repeatedly
Ignored blm.
Klank Lauds His Protege.
Karte is the greatest wrestler In
the wcrld at his weight, and 1 have
assumed his management to boost
him along," declared Klank. "He
defeated all comers In tho C A. A
tournament and Is the legitimate
American champion.
Irsllnger Is a tough customer
and Is confident he will pin Kartye
in straight falls I know something
about the relative ability of these
wrestlers, however, and I expect
(viiriv. to defeat tho Englishman af
ter a hard tussle.
" 'I wouldn't make the long Jump
from Chicago to Ogden, I'mIi, unit -h
I was fairly certain Kartyo would
down this fellow I am on the war
patfa tor Yokel, who holds the title
by defeating Gehrlng.
Irsllngcr Popular in Ogden,
'"Irslinger defeated one of the best
wrestlers In the northwest at Ogdon
and Is popular there I figure If Kar
tye defeats irslinger in Utah the west
erners will demand that Yokel bat
tle the winner for the world's title.
I will take Kartye Into Salt Lake City,
Yokel's home town, and put him on
thero until Yokel comes to terms and
signs the articles for a finish battle.
The winner then can claim the world's
"Kartye Is n produet of Chicago
turner gymnasiums and has fought
his way Into the limelight by harJ
work and perseverance and ho Is tak
ing good care of himself. He Is con
Idi n '1 to be one of the few square
wrestlers and haa thousands of
friends among the amateur ranks
from which he has arisen."
With S purse and silver cup. said
to have been taken from the home
Ol Mrs Lottie Maginnls, 2171 Wash
ington avenue, In hlB possession lJet- '
er Butler was caught after a chaso I
last night by George and Thomas
Wilson and is being hold at the city j
Jail on an open charge
The Wilson brothers had vlBited
tholr new store on West Twenty- i
eighth street and saw smoke coming I
from a basement window. Invent!- I
gating, they found Butler trying to j
burn up the purse and contents. !
Butler ran from the building and J
did not Btop until exhausted by his
pursuers It was not known until
after the man was caught and tho ,
articles examined that tho home of
Mrs. Maginnls had been entered
When Mrs Maginnls was communl- I
cated with, sho stated that the man
probably entered while nhe was tak
ing a nap in the afternoon
The Ogden Packing & Provision j
company has sent out cards announc- I
Ing open, house day tomorrow at tho I
plant. Friends and customers are
Invited to visit the plant and see It
in full operation.
Free conveyance will bo furnished
every few minutes, Btarting from I
Washington atenuo and Twenty- M
fourth street, going direct to tho 11
Refreshments will he served from I
$l JW p. m. until 5 p. m. H
A special Invitation has been ex- I
tended to the ladles of Ogden to H
' v islt the plant tomorrow, because the j
housewives should be most interested
In the pure food features to be seen. H
The sanitary arrangements at tho H
Hacking bouse should pr ve a revela-
Warsaw, Ma 13. Mrs. Clara Hun
slker, formerly Miss Clara Jansen of
Cleveland, Ohio, was married today
to Colonel Dlmitry d' Osnoblchlnc In
this city. Mrs. Clara Hunslker was H
formerly the wife of Colonel Millard
Hunslker, president of the American
society in London.
jjB it''j-j'v5ia i OM.MKSlDXKi; OF TilF sTATl. C'a&13
Jg1 --iricVs on the 3rd day of May. kS,?
I. .1:1 "'4 j ll
ij elear'g house? 1A130 JBl I
m"4 Praotlonal oil- vcfM '!
r?57-v3 Silver Dollars. 780.00 VSf -
5lte Currencv .. 3.526 00 5V
rl&y '; j Current expenses an l -fi I '' ;
Cji'jl taxes paid Hfl&fJjaaBK
HwSSL' Totsi ".:: PJr
i lAnn.lTiKS. the third dav of Mav ISIS sssl
Capital stock I 50.000.00
Undivided profits 8,772.1"
Individual de
posits $234,488 14
Savings depos
its 63.385.78
Cashier's rhk's 283 OB
Time certio
rates of de
posit 35.668 00
$335,774 97
Total $394.547 u7
State of Utah. County of Weber
F J Vlcks being first duly sworn
according to law, deposes and says
lhal he Is Cashier of the above named
bank; that the above and foregoing
report contains a full, true and cor
reel statement of the condition of the
said bank at the close of business on
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 7th day of Mav. 1913.
R H RYAN. Notary Public.
Corrcst, Attest.
r ii 008LIN0. H
State of IUnh. H
Office of Rank Commissioner BJ
mlssioner of the State of Utah, ho
hereby eerfify that the foregoing Is a 1
full, true nnd correct copy of the state-
ment of the above named company. 1
filed In my office this 12th day oi
Bank Commissioner j 9fl

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