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NAME- OF A ooor DS&-- JS
2 xVu. corvt- Dowers urrv4 it
I 'ttS
men in the majors it has always been
the habit to rank Jake Daubert and
Ha! Chase as the two rivals for pre
mier honors Now that Chase haB been
shifted to other positions the Brook
lyn fans proclaim that "Captain Jake "
stands alone.
I He is going at his usual fast gait
with Brooklyn, pulling off fancy feats
I and hitting the ball hard, though his
I team has been in a batting slump
i National league experts profess to
I j.1 see the Dodgers as a first division
I n possibility this season and If they
I land in select company It will not bo
I due to the pitching .-.lone, for the
I next best hot on the Brooklyn team,
I I after the pitching staff, is its strength
I f at first base.
Backed up by ;iir-tight fielding,
Sullivan of Helena held Ogden to
three hits yesterday afternoon and
presented the locals with a siring
of goose eggs the length of the score
board. While doing the presenting,
the Vigilantes found time to score
seven runs which were secured from
eleven hits and two errors
"Kitty Knight a boys trid hard but
were unfortunate. Sullivan wax in
vincible while the visitors were able
to slug the ball In a most discourag
ing manner
A walk to first by Spencer, B base
Ogden and Salt Lake
Missouri River Points $40.00
St. Louis. Mo $52.00
Chicago, 111 $56.50
St. PaU and Minneapolis,
M1nn $55 7C
Peoria, 111 . . .$55.40
Memphis, Tenn . via Kansas
City, St Louis or Ama-
rillO $59.85
Also reduced rates to ether points
Stop-overs Allowed.
Return Limit, October 3 1st.
May 10, 17, 24, 31
June 3, 7, 13, 14.
21, 28
July 2. 5, 10, 19,
Dates of 23, 31.
1 Sala August 1, 9, 10, 11,
! L6, 22, 28.
I September 10 and 11.
For further information addreBs
General Agent,
Atchinson, Topeka ft Santa Fe
M' 1 1 ii Ry- Co
j 233 Judge Building,
i Salt Lake City, Utajj
1 !
I ' 1 - ( MSLVHlT CT
UoflT-BlIE:VEl, XVE P XXS S0SS-Bur (jLlFE1, - .
mmmmrm9mmm mm .. 1 miMMiiiw iiirinTi r mauaMJWii m uimm
on an error by Kelly and a single, by
J ' ) i 1 r- was sufficient for a run An
other single by Lu.-sl brought in an
other in the opening inning
Lu6Sl got to first on a grounder
that retired Quicl? In the second
onslaught; went, to second when
t lynes was presented with a base by
Sinclair and snored on Cronln's single
A hit by Spencer in the fourth, aid
ed by a hit and an error by Murray
was rcspnriFible for another point.
QnU'le hit in the fame Inning and
scored the second point
Helena made one more in the sev
enth and the last in the ninth
Pourroy was placed in the game by
Knight at the beginning of the fourth
inning and caught two high fouls to
the delight of his friends In the
grandstand and bleachers lie wan
unfortunate, however, In throwing to
.Mepc.es. the youthful short-top for
Helena, was the hero of the day IK
accepted ten chances which ho field
ed cleanly His peg to first is a
Spencer If 3 2 1 2 0 0
Kelly, cf . & 2 2 5 0 0
Quigl'ey, 2b 4 1 2 0 2 0
Lussf. lb 4 2 2 9 1 0
dynes, rf 3 0 1 3 0 0
( ronin. lb 5 0 1 0 1 )
Men gee. ss 5 0 1 5 fi 0
Thompson, c. 5 0 1 3 1 i
Sullivan, p 4 0 0 0 3 0
Totals 38 7 11 27 12 0
Murrav, cf 4 0 1 2 0 1
Van. lb 4 0 0 7 2 0
Moorehead. If. .... 4 0 0 4 0 0
Jones. 3b 4 0 0 2 2 0
Foster, ss 3 0 0 8 0 1
Wessler, 2b 3 0 0 2 2 0
Hayes rf 2 0 0 2 0 u
Moore, c 1 0 0 1 1 ii
Pourroy, c 2 U 1 4 0 0
Sinclair, p 3 0 1 0 3 0
Totals 29 0 3 27 10 2
Helena 201 200 101 -7
Ogden .000 0U0 0000
Two-base hit Cronin Three-bass
lilt Mei.ges Stolen bases Spencer
tjuigley, Clynes. Sacrifice hits Lus
sl, Clynes Double play Sullivan
Mcnges and Lussl Struck out Su!
I livan 3, Sinclair 3 Bases on balls
I Sullivan 2. Sinclair 5 Runs batted in
By Quigley 2, Lusni. Cronin, Clynes.
M ages Left on bases Helena 9,
Ogden 3 Time 1.40. Umpire-Wright.
Salt Lake. May 15 The Skyscrap
er; lilt Weleher and Brooks oppor
tuntly and defeated Missoula 13 to 7
Daschbach. rf . u 1 2 0 ft 0
Pernne. 2b .... 4 0 0 3 ft l
Tobin, cf F 1 2 3 0 0
Baesey, If 4 1 1 ft ft 1
Carman, lb 3 1 1 9 0 I
Changnon, 3b 2 1 0 1 0 1
Treckel. ss 4 0 ft 1 6 1
Roberts, C 2 1 0 7 2 0
Weleher, p 1 0 0 ft 0 ft
Brooks, p 2 1 1 0 1 1
Totals 32 7 7 24 9 6
Murphy, cf c o 3 2 ft i
Davis, 3b 5 ft 1 1 0 0
Huelsman, If 3 0 0 ft
Bauer, rf 1 0 0 3 0 0
Spencer, rf.. If 5 1 1 0 0 0
Schimpff. ib 3 3 1 ft 4 0
Dressnn. lb 4 2 2 X 0 ft
Pendleton. 88 3 3 1 2 3 0
Sfrlpp. c 3 1 3 11 1 '
1 Castleton. p. 0 0 0 ft 0 0
Erickson, p 3 ?. 2 0 0 o
Totals 36 13 14 27 8 1
Missoula 082 ftftft 200 7
Salt Lake 020 324 2ftx 13
Two-base hit Dasehbach Three
base hit Daschbach, Tobin. Sacrl
floe hits Pcndleron: Stripp Saerflc
files Bauer. Stripp, Perrlne Stolen
i bases Schimpff. Dressnn Runs bat
ted In By Daschbach 3, Bsssey. Mur
phy 2, Davis. Bauer, Stripp 2. Erlck
son. Bases on balls Weleher 4,
Brooks 3, Cnstleton 4, Erickson 2
Struck out Weleher 2, Brooks 2, Caa
tleton 1. Erickson 9. Hits Off Wel
eher 8 In 4 1-3 Innings, Brooks 6 In
3 2-3 Innings Castleton 1 in 1 2-3 In
nings. Erickson G in 7 13 innings. Left
on bases Missoula 5, Salt Lake 12.
Passed ball Stripp Wild pitch--Erickson
First on errors Salt Lake
2 Double play Treckel to Carman.
Hit by pitcher Spencer by Weleher,
Bauer by Brooks. Time 2 22. Urn
plro Entry
Butte, May 15. In a game that was
not decided until the last Innim Butte .
.-..iii.ii today's contest, i to 2, through
the superior pitching of Robinson and j
timely bitting Ruhlnson whs given I
:ood support in the pinches save in
the fifth, when Great Falls scored .its
"f irat run Great Falls aguin scored In
the ninth on two doubles.
Galena cf 4 0 1 ft 0 0
PottR. ss 4 0 1 3 2 0
Toner, 3b 4 1 1 0 3 1
Kellev, If 4 1 1 2 1 0
j Fave. rf 4 0 ft 2 0 0
I.SIner. 2b 3 0 ft 2 3 1
1 Hester, 1b 2 ft 113 2 0
I Gibson, c 3 0 ft 2 2 0
HUdebrand, p 3 ft l 0 6 o
I Totals 31 2 G 24 19 2
i Demaggio. If. 3 0 0 4 1 1
Giffin rf 4 ft 0 2 ft 0
Whaling, lb 4 1 2 S 1 0
Marshall, cf 2 1 14 0 0
Dndd 2b 4 ft 2 1 1 0
Levy," ss 4 ft 0 2 3 0
Knfora. c 3 ft 1 2 2 ft
MeGeehan. 2b 4 1 3 4 1 2
Robinson, p 1 0 0 0 3 1
Totals 29 3 9 27 12 4
Great Falls 00ft ftlft 0012
Rutto 000001 llx 3
Two-bane hits--Whaling. Duddy.
Marshall. Toner. Kellej Sacrifice
flics-- I letter, IiemagKlo Sacrifice
hits Stner Robinson. Marshall. Sto
i, n ban -Kafora. Left on bases
Great Falls 4. Butte S Double plays
Robinson to Levy to Whaling. St
ner to Pntis to Hester. Struck out
Bv Robinson 2. by HUdebrand 1
Bi ICS nn 1,1,11s -Ot'f HUdebrand 2. Hit
bj pitched hall- Marshall. Time o;
game- I 4a Empire Laroque.
Won. Lost Pet
Helena 8 4 6fi7
Salt Lake .0 6 -60
Great Falls 8 571
Butte 1 r 5:i
Ogden 5 9 .3..
Missoula 8 '333
Won. Lost Pet.
Philadelphia 15 7 .082
Brooklyn 17 0 054
Chicago 16 13 552
St. Louis 14 13 .ol9
New ork 12 13 .4Sft
Pittsburg 12 1 fl
Boston 10 H Hi
Cincinnati S 19 290
Won. Lost Pet.
Philadelphia . 18 5 .783
Washington 15 8
Cleveland 17 10 63ft
Chicago 17 12 .586
Boston 11 16
St Louis 12 18 400
Detroit 9 321
New York 7 13 .280
Red Sox Beat Browns. I
St Louis. May 15 Boston zatted :
Wellman and (Vdams all over the ball
vard today, winning from St Louis 1'.
to 4 Joe Wood was unsteady, pass
ing seven men Boston scored four
runs in the second on a double, ?.
sacrifice, a passed ball, triples bv
Wagner and Hooper and two singles
In the third Speaker's home run. a
liii batsman, a single and two errors
netted three more for Boston.
In the sixth a baae on balls, a sin
pie and Yerkes' home run counted
three runs for the visitors.
Boston bunched five singles lth a
base on balls and an error in the
ninth for five runs
St Louis Beored three runs in tnc
fourth on a double, an error., a wild
pitch, a base on balls and a single.
Pratt's single, a passed ball and Aus
tin's single netted the locals their
last run In the fifth
R H. fc
Boston lJ j
St Louis .
Batteries Wood and Nunker. Ad
ams and Weilman. Crossln and Ag
new. Pirates Beat Giants.
New York. May 16 Pittsburg, with
Wagner starring at the bat and in
the field, won the firBt game of the
series from New York today. 7 to I.
Dembaree was knocked eut of the
box In two innings, the visitors scor
ing five runs on three passes, two
singles, a double and a triple, aided
by two errors by Murray and one by
Meyers Wilts also was hit hard.
Robinson pitched a fine game for
Pittsburg, an error by Mensor per
mitting New York to score its two
runs In the first Inning. Wagner
fielded superblj and made two sin
gles and a home run in five times
R. H E
Pittsburg 7 11 1
Now York 2 7 2
Batteries. Robinson and Simon.
Demarce, Wlltse and Meyers, Hart
ley. Dodgers Beat Browns
Brooklyn. May 15. Brooklyn took
fek ' . . .. - . .
Champion Middleweight of Europe, Who Meets Kartje at the
Orpheum Tonight.
Everything is in readiness for the
wrestling match al the Orpheum the
ntre Ibis evening between Henry Irs
linger and Ernst Kartje winner of
the 1912 international tournament
Both men an- In the best of condition
and are anxious to win so they cau
have a match with Yokel
Manager Blankenshlp reiterated his
former statement about refunding
moi ey to the patrons of the match K
there should be any sign of unfair
tactics For preliminaries l'atton and
Preshan will go for thirty minutes
loing pictures of the Yokel Miller
match will be shown. The entertain
ment starts promptlv al 8 30 o'clock,
Ben Harker of Salt Lake will act
as referee Mike Yukcl will bo pres-c-ui
The prim inals wtigh in this after
noon at Iftscll's druy store.
There has been a very large sale
of tickets In Ogden as well as In
Salt Lake and Brigham City It Is
expected that a large number of
fans will omc on the specials from
the two cities.
Irslinger ha met and defeated the
following men In England Bob Ber
ry, Peter Gotz. Joe Carroll, Prank
Crozler, Maida Jamato (4umlnuto
a hard fought game from St. Louis
today. 8 to 6 Both teams batted
heavily, but the visitors threw awaj
many runs by running wild on the
St. Louis started off l" the lead
when with two oui. Mowrey singled
and scored on Konetchy's home run
Wheat opened Brooklyn B second lu
lling with a scratch hit, Daubert dou
bled and Smith tripled, tlelng the
score Perritt succeeded Steel and
Miller s out scored Smith With one
on base in the third. Wheat hit for a
In the fifth. St. Louis cut down
the lead to two runs and in every
inning afterward except the sixth and
Ihe ninth, came within one run of
tleing the score, rallied a run to main
tain their two runs margin. Rucker
wan called to the rescue of Ragon It)
the eighth and Rallee relleed Peritt
In the same Inning.
R H. E
St. Louis 2 lr ?
Brooklyn 8 16 1
Batteries Steele, Peritt. Sallee and
Wlngo. McLean Ragan, Rucker and
Quakers Defeat Cubs.
Philadelphia. May 16 Batting ral
lies In the ninth and tenth innings
enabled Philadelphia to defeat Chi
cago today bv 8 to 5. The sitors
drove Alexander off the mound in
the sixth inning, wonderful one-nand
catches bv .Magee and Cravath in
earlier Innings saving several runs
Rlxoy and Brennan wore taken out
to permit pinch hitters to bat tor
them. Seaton twirled the teutn n
uing, when, with one out, Saier tril
led. Bchulte and Bridwell were given
passes, filling the bases, but A10
filed to Knabe and Overall fanneii,
drawl, Button Singh, Amanuel Colum
bi, ( lies Hansen. Lourlz N'elson, Adolf
Koch, ourin OlHon Sam Anderson.
Bill Scott, Prof Will Klein, Helnrich
Gptz, Billy Wood Fred Mills. In
America. flr6t tour Mysterious Con
ductor. Charles Postal, Walter Evans,
Walter Willoughby. Fred Beal; see
ond tour, lost handicap match to
George Bothner. agreed to throw him
In sixty minutes Won in straight
falls -Martin Ludecker, Olympic
champion, New Haven Conn , Vrtlc
Maneon Paterson, N I . John Long,
N' w York City; roe Turner, Washing
ton, D C ; Billy Collins. Washington,
D. C . John Gold. Paterson, N. J.
Kartje has defeated the following
mat men. Eugene Trlmbley, Frit;'
Hanson. Joe Turner. Charley Conkle.
Johnny Bllllter. Jim Fa IT, Peter Flu
et. Jules .Tohu8on Ed Albright, John
Lane. Ed Shelp. Frank Rums, Tomm;.
Ho Paul Denser Otto Inter Cuban
Wonder, Vern Rainhart. Peter Pap
pos, John Hantacas. Peter James Eu
gene Lawrence, Boh Glayton, Bob
Banngton, Kid Richards, Walter Mil
ler. Carl Bush, James Orson, Jouns
Haekensehmidt, Alex Roy, Joe Mor
trams, Archie Farker. Walter Wil
loughby, Christ Jordan
f Philadelphia tied the score in the
ninth on Kllllfer's Bingle. Walsh 's
double, (.'apron running for the lat
ter, Paskert's sacrifice and Knabe 'fl
In the tenth, with one out, Ludent
singled and reached third on Dodge's
Bipgle and Clymer's fumble Howley
ran for Luderns after Cue latter
reached third The squeeze play
worked. Howley scoring on Killif'T a
hunt to Overall
Chicago E 10 4
Philadelphia C 12 1
R. H E.
Batteries Overall ?.nd Archer. Alex
ander, Rlxey, Brennan, Seaton and
(10 innings )
Reds Defeat Doves.
Boston. May 15 Cincinnati pound
ed four Boston pitchers In every di
rection today, winning easily by the
score of 11 to 5 Johnson held the
locals to nine well scattered hits.
Marions fell in attempting to get
Connelly's long fly in the fourth in
ning and injured his neck. He
fainted, but revived and finished the
Inning Almeida then took his place.
Connelly's drlve went for a home
run. The batting of Beck Bates and
Hoblltzell were features, Becker get
ting a hit and run each of the five
times he faced a Boston twlrler,
R. H. E
Cincinnati ... 11 19 1
Boston . . . 6 9 8
Batteries Johnson and Clarke,
Hess, Dick6on, Gervais, Strand and
Chance Loses to White Sox.
Chicago, May 16. Frank Chan :e
(Additional Sports on Page Five)
xrarCTcr: jfiaar--rr.; amil MSffln nJgra 14S.W11 ESfU fETJraee ttZZSZTVfy
vhile traveling and secure available cash at any II
ioint, our ;
fford yov the best medium.
We have them for sale at reasonable cost. ' jji jj
Madam: ld standards
Here is a butter passed
that is really superior f L. but
Jensen s Four-in-One butter
is ;k different butter a better The butter that used to seem
butter good is commonplace compared
There is over twenty years with
of "know -how '' back of Its mak
ing son who tries it will he won by vb&TrJi JJvtr tf sbVbm
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It's all tested and pasteurized
The tests prove the quality B a package TODAY,
and the. pasteurization insures
absolute purity. The folks will be delighted
It costs us over $15,000 extra with its supremo goodness.
each year to be so exacting
But we believe it pays. Any grocer will supply you.
Jensen Creamery Co., Ogden
from One Dollar per month to
$12.2 per Year
Beginning May 1st, 113 our minimum charge will be $12.00
per annum instead of $1.00 per month as heretofore.
This will enable many of our consumers to make a saving dur
ing the winter months when it is necessary to use coal ranges
in order to properly heat the kitchen.
Gaa bills will now be made out for the amount of gas used and
should the yearly total not equal the $12.00 minimum the last g
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Because of the change in minimum we will discontinue tho I
practice of locking meters,
Phone 102 s T WHITAXER. Local MfyJ

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