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est running, finest
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Ecclos, Vice Pres.; G. H.
f&sM Tribe, Vice-Pres.; John Wat-
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Electric Scfeby i-.-- fSssss: "
Bloc Stomal Protection TggS 113'
Special round trip f?j:es
from OGDEN to
Chicago $56.50
St. Louis 52.00
Memphis 59.85
St. Paul 55.70
Omaha 40.00
Kansas City 40.00
Denver 22.50
Pueblo 22.50
Proportionate rates to other points
May 17, 24, 31.
June 3, 7, 13, 14, 21, 28.
July 2, 5, 10, 19, 23, 31.
Aug. 1, 9, 10, 11, 16, 22, 28.
Sept. 10, 11.
Diverse Routes Liberal Stopovers.
Six Dally Trains
For further Information, tickets and
reservations, call at, phone or address
2514 Washington Ave. Phone 2500
Paul L. Beemer
City Passenger and Ticket Agent
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Stricken with epilepsy as he was
backing road engiue No 1066 to the
Sells-Kioto circus train on track No.
S in the yards of the O. S L. between
First North and Second North. Salt
Lake, at 12 15 o'clock this morning
Wilbur S Noyea, 43, engineer, per
mitted the locomotive to crash full
force into the train. Jammed between
the locomotive and tender he wan so
seriously injured that he died at H
a m George L Bowers, a clrcuB
watchman, was knocked from a stock
car, receMng a fracture of tho right
leg Just below the knee, while Frank
Walker, a driver for tho circus, fall
ing similarly, received bruises about
the head.
When the engine struck the first
car. loaded with camels, tho animals
sat down in unison, hut scrambled up
again uninjured A car of ponies in
the rear of the camel car was chaotic
with its scrambling live freight for
several mlnutrs after the collision
None of the animals was seriously
Horses Frightened.
A stampede of the band of heavj
draft horses used in loading was nar
rowly averted because of the noiac
of the collision, the snorting of the
ponieB and the cries of the frightened
camolfl In the cars. Only the prompt
action of the teamster at the bits of
the horses prevented them from bolt
Tho two cara that suffered most
were found fit for travel with slight
repairing, and loading was resumed
shortly after the injured men had
been removed from the scene of the
accident. H. J. Jensen, the fireman
on the engine with Noyos. escaped
without injury and was able to leave
with the circus train for Logau
H. H. Tammeu, owner of the Sella
Floto shows, was in his private car In
the yards at the time of the accident.
The car was with the passenger train
of the circus and not near the acci
dent. Mr. Tammen Joined tho elrcua
estcrday afternoon coming from San
Francisco. He arrived in California
from Hongkong, China, on Ma 19
Word of the accident was taken to
Mrs Noyes, wife of the injured man.
at the Oxford apartments early this
The charge of murder in the first
degree against Mrs. Caleb A. Inlow,
jointly charged with her husband of
killing Chauffeur Thomas E White
last October, is to be dismissed upon
motion of District Attorney E O
Leatherwood, according to a rumor j
last night This action, it was learn
ed from a reliable source, will be
taken immediately upon the comple
tion of Inlow s trial, no matter what
the verdict of the jury in that case
may be.
Ba icved I nnocent.
It is said 'hat attorneys for the
s?tate are convinced that Mrs Inlow s
connection with the murder of White.!
If she had any connection at all, was
an innocent one Inlow, according to I
the theory of the state, is supposed
to have convinced his wife that her
aid was necessary to get the consent
of White not to appear for the state
in the trial of the burglary charge
which had been raadp against him
It is believed bv attorneys Interested
In the case that Mrs. Inlow'a share
In the crime if she participated at
all, or if Inlow be guilty, was only
that of an innocent wife seeking to
secure a meeting between her hus
band and the man who it is thought
was the principal witness against
him in the ore specimen theft which
he was charged
Refuses to Testify
The rumor that Mrs Inlow was to
be dismissed arose yesterday follow
Ing he refusal to testify for the de
fense In the trial of her husband. Ac
cording to officers of the sheriff's
office Mrs. Inlow yesterday morning'
told her 3ister that she did not wish
to testify, but feared that she would
have to She is said to have request -
ed the sister to call upon Soren X
ChriBtensen an s R Thurmanj her
attorneys, and ask them to come to
the county jail for a consultation Mr
Chrlstensen went to the jail yoster
day morning and following the con
sultation it was announced that on
the advice of her attorneys Mrs. In
low would not take the stand.
The announcement In the court
room yesterday that Mrs Inlow would
not take tho stand acted as a blow in
; tho faco to her husband, w ho has
constantly maintained a cool and col
lected air Yesterday, however, when
his attorneys informed him of his
: wife 6 decision he slumped in his
j chair, and showed a decided indif
ference to what was going on about
At the county jail, however, tho de
cision of Mrs Inlow created but lit
tle surprise. It is said that on many
occasions Inlow has been buying
delicacies for himself with funds
which be obtained from some un
known source and that only rarely
has hn paid any attention to his wife.
Mrs Inlow on the other hand, is
said to have won the sympathy of the
jailers, who have done everything
possible to make her comfortable.
Charles Wright of Glendale died
yesterday afternoon, according to
Thrr n am Otarrt to tM section of tt j
soaotry than all otUr dlacatta put tug'thor, acd
onU tbt lot fw jtr mi ppo4 to b
lncurdUU. Yot grt mtuy yir doctor
pruuanewl It loctl ,d!niM and pmcrlbf d Joetl
rvmrdlu, nod bj cooltiDtl; falUn to euro with
local trutrntnt, prooouncrd It iucvrablr. S.-Unro
bta provao Catarrb to be a cvoatituUoQal dUaa,
and tbarutora raqalre constitutional treatment,
i Hall's Oatarrb Cur, manufartnred bj F. J.
I t'htney A Co., TUV Ohio, la tb only Cnnitltu-
ii. i- i ram Ml tbS market. It la taken Internally
i In it v trim 10 dro to a teaapoonrnl. It ncta
dL-ertly on the blrl and mueoaa orfaoti of
I the ayataoi. Tcey oftVr one hundred doOara tor
any ri jt falls to car. Send fox circulars end
, tnttinnsjliBL
Addreen T. 1. CnENET CO., TV Ohio.
K M Lt ripjcc-i" i 75c.
1 i.k UsU's Kaiclly PlUs for coastlpiUon.
word received in Ogden by his chll
dren Ho celebrated his soventy fifth
birthday anniversary last October.
Tharles Wright waa born In Lon
don. England, and came to Utah with
' lohnson's Army " He settled In
Cache valley whn twenty-two years
of age. irnmodinteh entrinE the pub-
lie school service an a teacher. For j
a number of years he was an In
structor In schools of Weber county,
but more receutly he has been in the
southern part of th state A letter to
his son, C W Wright, stated that he
was in the beat nf health last week
and the news of his death was a
shock to relatives
Ho is survived by three daughter-,
and three sons Mrs. ITlulla Howe
and Mrs Maggie Wood of Ogden.
Mrs Alfreta Bally of McCammon. I
Idaho; Gerard Wright of Marsh Val
ley. George Wright and C. W , Wright
of Corinne
San Francisco, Gal . May 22. Last 1
autumn Addle lona Knight, the young
and beautiful daughter of Jesse I
Knight of Provo, Utah, left her home
and journeyed to Stanford university.
Cupid has snared the studious feet
ot the mountain maid, and today when
Miss Knight turned aagin toward
homo she was the tentative flancpo
oi Knight Starr Jordan, son or Stan
ford's chancellor. Dr David Starr
Ionian At his homo tonight Dr.
Jordan said
"It Is true that Miss Knight and
my son have been good friends, but
it is rather premature to sa that
they are engaged. Neither Mrs. Jor
dan nor I know just what sort of un
derstanding there is between Mlssl
Knight and my son, so I would not!
be justified In saying that they are
engaged to wed. We would much
prefer to have the news wait upon
a formal announcement of an en- j
gagenu nt.
"This, however, I will pay for my- ,
self and for Mrs. Jordan MisS
Knight is a most charming young,
woman and one of the best students
ever enrolled at Stanford "
Miss Knight returned today to her
home in Utah, after having completed
her freshman year She bad clung
to her studies during two Bemesters,
despite the soft allurements w Ith
which the god of love beset her path.
But as to whether she will be brave
enough to attempt her sophomore
year, even the sage Dr. Jordan would
not venture to Bay.
Knight Starr Jordan is 24 years old
I and was graduated from Stanford in
, 1911. He Is now associated with the
I South San Joaquin Land company in
the sale of country lands. Ho at
tained considerable notoriety when
j arrested for speeding his automobile
down the peninsula.
Reading. Penn.. May 22 -The an
nual conention of the Episcopal dio
cese of Bethlehem went on record
yesterday as opposed to a change of
name of the denomination from Pro
testant Episcopal to American Catho
I lie Bishop Talbot, who presided, en-
dorsed a minimum salarv for minis
I ters. The hoard of missions, ' ho
said, "has decided that lt is not right
to ask any man to serve under its
appointment at a less stipend than
$1.00ii (f he be unmarried or $1,000 1
and a hou9o If he be married These
amounts are to be regarded as the
minimum "
Blackfoot, Jda May 22 - Peter
Bradov Itch, an Insane Austrian con
fined in the southern Idaho insane
asylum here, killed his flve room
mates by beating them over the had
with a table as they lay asleep jes
terdav morning The dead:
GEORGE RACE, Pocatello.
There was no evidence of a Strug I
: gle between the maniac and his k
Itims except on the body of Peterson
Two bruises on his arm showed that
I he had tried to ward off the blows
I w hich Bradovltch was raining on his
head So quietly did Bradoiteh ar
compllsh the killing that guards sleep
ing across the hall were not awah
cned. The heads of all fhe men were
completely crushed.
Bradovitch was committed to the
insane asylum two years ago from
the state penitentiary, where he was
serving a life sentence for murder.
An Investigation or the killing was
held this afternoon and the asylum
officials were exonerated from all
blame According to th testimony
the Institution was overcrowded,
making it necessary to keep several
patients in one room Testimony al
so was given tending to show that In
the two jears which Bradovitch had
hern confined in the asylum he never
had shown any signs of violence
Boise, Ida.. May 22 -Governor
Haines said last evening that a com
Pleto Investigation of the Blackfoot
tragedy would be made Immediately.
He Issued a call for the members of
the Btate board of the Institution to
meet at Boise today
At the Ogden Theater
Tonight, "The Girl in the
Salt Lake, Mav 22. The annual ses
sions of the Knights of Pythias of
Utah and the Pythian Sisters of Utah
concluded vesterday with the election
and installation of officers for the
ensuing year The lodges adjourned
for the early part of the afternoon to
attend the funeral of Anton Peder
sen. convening again at the close of
the services. , ,
E. O. Leatherwood cf Salt Lake was
the unanimous choice wf the Knights j
for supreme represe native H B Blu
menlhal of Provo was elected alter
'nate representative to tho supremo'
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grand offer while you have the opportunity. Just think of itl Only 1 j
2ViC a eopv or 30c a year. I I
Watch tor the Announcement of Our
Summer Millinery Opening j
lodge The officers elected .ire.
Grand chancellor. L N Meld of Og
den; Mark Reedall of Salt Lake. vie.
grand chancellor; S N. Randolph of
Salt Lake, grand prelate; H. C. Ward
Iclgh of Ogden. grand keeper of roc
ords and seal re-elected for the twen
ty-socond successive year; C J Mc
Nitt of Salt Lake, grand master of
exchequer. A J Hughes of Provo
grand muster ni nrms, H M Swan
of Park City, grand inner guard; A
A. Jacobsen of Scoflcld, grand outer
guard; J. O. Torrence of Murray,
grand trustee.
The officers elected and installed by ;
the Pythian Sisters follow Mrs M l
v. Blumentbal of Prove, supreme rep'
resentatiye; Mrs C. C. Bacon, ot En
reka, grand chief; Dollie Blomenthal
of Provo. senior vice; Mrs Minnie
Goff of Salt Lake. Junior vice; Mrs
I Bvers of Garfield, grand manager;
Mrs Lucy Watson or Ogden. gmnd
manager of records, Rosa Marks oi
Tooele, grand manager of finance;
i Mrs C Hodgson of Park City, guard
' The next meeting will be held in Og
I den beginning May 19, 1914
Sweeping quarantine against the
Importation into Utah of nil horses,
cattle and swine except such as have
been subjected to strict Inspection
and examination for contagious and
Infectious diseases, was put into ef
fect yesterday by an official procla
mation Issued from the office of Gov
ernor William Spry The proclama
tion applies to all the states in the
I union, the Dominion of Canada and
all foreign countries It Is to be ef
fective from the date of iseue. May
21. to December 31, 1014
In declaring the quarantine Gov
ernor Sprv explained that lt has been
reported to him from reliable author!
ties that the livestock Industries of
tho state are endangered by the 1m
portatlon of infected animals The
proclamation sets out the nature of
the diseases to be guarded agisinst
and enumerates the tests and inspec
tions that must be made for hoiBes.
mules asses, cattle nnd swine before
they can be admitted within the
Health certificates guaranteeing the
animals to be free from disease must
uronipanv every shipment Into the
state Particular provision is made j
in ttu- proclamation to guard against
tuberculosis in cattle and cholera In
Bwine Treatment and tests for each
of these diseases are specified
The action of the governor In declar
Ing the quarantine is in Hue wlth
Blmilar steps by governors of other
western states recently It Is Inspired
bj the common report that dlsense is j
unusually prevalent among horses
and cattle throughout the west at
Chicago. Ma;- 22. indictments J
against five clairvoyants. charged
with obtaining, chiefly from women,
sums ranging from small amounts up j
to $1,000 for "revealing the future,"
were returned by the county grand I
jury yesterday.
"Professor" Mason, who. according
to charges, was one of a gang of for
tune tellers that harvested fortunes
in Chicago under alleged collusion
with certain police officials, was the
onh new name mentioned In the in
dictments All or the others had
been previously indicted.
James Ryan alias "Professor"
Charles T Crane, who was arrested
in Wyoming, is the only one who has
been apprehended
Upon returning the bills the Jurors
considered charges that the police
porsonalh. through "shake down'
men, collected from tho "crime trust"
of which the clalrvoyunts are alleged
to have been a part
Washington. May 22 Representa
tives of tho National Wool Growers
association in Washington have pre
pared a brief In support of a duty on
wool which probably will he presented
to the senate finance committee to
morrow or next day. The authors or
the brief state that its object is to
correet erroneous impressions tha
have been found to exist among morn
hers of the senate with regard to the
sheep industrv and the Influence a
tariff on wool has on it. For a gsn
eral and more complete statement of
the wool question from the standpoint
of the grower the Wool Growers as
sociation invites the attention of the
finance committee to the brief lt filed
with the ways nnd means committee
of the House last January
Salt Lake. May 22. Quoting from j
the constitution of the United Stater,
which Bays "No state shall mako o.-J
enforce an; law which shall abridge
the privileges or immunities of citi
zens of the United States; nor shall
any state deprive any person of life,
liberty or property without duo pro
cess of law," Judge P C. Loofbourow
yesterday handed down a decision in
the case of Salt Lake against Sey
mour B Young, Jr.. sustaining the
demurrer of the defense against two
counts and dismissing the CSSC
This decision is a precedent for the
city and means that it cannot prevent 111
pasturing of horses or other anlmal3
along Btreams furnishing water to the
City unless it q shown that this Is
contaminating the s'roam so tho gen- llfH
eral health of the public Is Jeopard- j
uo- p
At London. England, grave digers v
in Hammersmith cemetery struck &
recently for an increase of from $6.75
to $7. GO a week, and got It.
0 UB
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makes very little Differ- 3
ence to your Feet, if you wear our Shoes.
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