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We do not puff
,The fleecy Iamb Is the emblem of our business.
He is our "trade mark," assuring you that we
sell LL-VOOL clothes.
I But we do not "fleece" you on the price. Ve
are here to stay here, and to keep on building
j tour business biggerby selling well-built cloth -
Inq at business-building prices.
! If you have never bought your clothes from
I us, come in; we will open your eyes on the
looks, the quality and the price of the kind we
sell. Style-plus Clothes $17-0 0.
j Watson-Tanner Co.
376 24tH St.
Th report of Commissioner J C
Nye, superintendent of streets ami
MB public erounds, tint h. had author
ized the expenditure of $1000 for the
improvement of the city cemetery
I was appro ed by the city comniis
Q I sioners this mornins
f The auditor' financial report of
HB receipt:- and expenditure's for April
AV i r. n .1 nnd i ! . . m I on file. A
HBf recapitulation follows
Public affaiis and finance.. 9.653.01
r Water works 5,040.15
s it
I 25 OFF
A charge account at
our store.
See Our Special
Window Display
: .
"Fumed" eggs,
hundred p'cent
, Do you know rrhM thej are?
Bunker w8 married on them.
I Bilker
m ; A' SOU
al A just perfectly ripping- ycrn
as Geo, W. "mker :uld say
New York Tribune
ppj Ju:t or.. For sale at all Book
m Chops rd ,- our own in t'ic new
r ( B. Fenna. Ctrt.cn. Net 51.25 lllus-
9 ' 9)oubleday,Page&o.
Carder, C New York
I Public safety 623-80
Streets and public grounds. 514 05
Total ... $16,641 61
Public affairs and finance. $39,611.72
i'ublic safety
Streets and public affairs 6 700 7'.
Total $51,505.71
Receipts $2S2.5S
Expense L40.00
Balance $142 .58
Resolutions were passed authoriz
ing the city engineer to advertise for
bids for the paving of Jefferson ave
nue, between Twenty-filth and Twenty-seventh
streets; Wall avenue, be
tween Twenty-first and Twenty-third
and Lincoln avenue between Twenty
fifth and Twenty-sixth street
The recommendation of Commis
sioner J C Nye for the purchase of
the Henry YVessler property on Twenty-third
street for the opening of
Hudson avenue, between Twenty
I third and Twenty-fourth streets, at
a cost of $8625 was approved
This afternoon the board will con
: sider bids for the exterior paintini;
, of the city hall, the commissioners
i to award the contract to the lowest
bidder. Following are the bids thac
1 were presented :
W. L. Tank $544
. Sanders 640
J den Hartosr 7)"t
Driver, Drake and Emley 720
Hamlin Impervla company ... 752
Crezee Brothers 1300
William Sproule, president, and W
I F. Herrin, E. E. Calvin and E. O
MeCormlck, vice presidents of the
i Southern Pacific, will arrive in Og-
den tomorrow morning in a private
car and will continue eaBt on Union
Pacific train No. Hi They left San
Francisco to attend another confer
ence with Union Pacific officials on
I the unmcrgint; of the Southern Pa
rifle and Union Pacific, ordered by the
United States supreme court
Returning the party will pass
' through Ogden in July.
It Is the general opinion among rail
road men that the conference lonn
planned will see the conclusion of
the un merging business.
nt Engineer H. J Craven today
reported to the city board uf cum
mlhbionera that he had cheeked up
the work done on the South Fork
' TMjir (J;ini b the Ou'den UlvT
Reservoir company u'id that it had
been agreed between himself and the
I engineers of th; company that 2. 386. 6
cubic yards of earth had been ex
cavated it the north end of the dam
site The report by the joint engineers
is 3H follows'
"On May 20, 1913, the City Engi
neer and the Engineers of the Ogden
River Reservoir company, met and
had a cor icn-i:r e. and romp.-ml i , . .t .
I of measurements of the excavation
made by tilt Ogden River Reservoir
ompany ti Ue damslte on the South
Fork of 0d n river from a point
known as Station 16. 75 to 19, 25 be
Int; from a point near the present
bridge and the northern end cr the
present exec v a: -on
"It Is a-r--. I m.r the material ex
cavated between said points Ip
2,386.6 cubic yards. That the amouut
I of lumber use I ,n the trench between
said points Is not yet agreed on, and
will be lived later
That the excavation south of
Station 13. 75, is ful: of water and
will be measured as soon a the same
In cleared of water
That there, is now nothing to hin
der continuing work of excavation in
the trench north of the bridge
"We recommend that the excava
tion be commenced Immediately north
of Station 16 76 (near tho brldRei
and carried down to such depth as
may be necessary to determine the
depth and quallt of bedrock. and
be approximately the width of the
trench and twenty feet In length or
of such length, as ma be necessary
to make the excavation practical and
Bt minimum cost."
fin .
Mrs. Bertha Marie Eerlos has filed
a petition in the district court asking
that she he appointed guardian of her
three minor children, William J Ec
cles, aged 17, Vivian ESccles, aped
16. nnd Homer C. Eccles. aged 12
Mrs Ellen Stoddard Eccles of Lo
gan has also petitioned the court to
appoint her aa guardian of her six
minor children. Spencer S Eccles,
aged 18; Jesse S. Eccle6, aged 15;
I George S Eccles, aed 18; Nora S.
Eccle, apr-i) in. Ellen S Eccles. aged
7, and Willard L. Eccles. aged 4
Both petitions relate that the chil
dren are heirs-at-law to the estate
of the late David Eccles and that is
It necessary for some one to act as
guardian for them In the transaction
I of business connected with the ad
ministration of the estate in the
I courts.
V n endless chain prayer, issued by
unknown persons is being circulated
1 through the malls, a number having
been received by Ogden women. The
communication follows.
"On account of prayer, oh Lord
Jesus, we ail Implore thee to bless
all mankind aud keep U6 from all
evil and bring us to dwell with thee
This is to be sent all over the world
and those who copy it and send It to
I nine friends In ulne days will on the
i ninth day receive great Joy.
"It was said In Jesus' time he who
passed It by would meet with mis
fortune." "Do not break the chain Date
, correctly but sign no name."
The defendant has tiled an answer
In the district court in the case of
the Ogden Commission company
against the Growers' exchange of
Salt Lake, denying the account sued
upon and alleging that the plaintiff
owes the defendant a commission of!
about $16 for handling a certain quan
tity of fruit. However, the defend
ant company confesses that there is
a balance of about $54 due the plain
tiff The defendant company has also
made an application for change of
venue, claiming the right to have the
case heard in Salt Lake.
Dramatic Recitals by
Prof. Head in Congre-;
gational Church, Friday
and Saturday. -j
Left to right. Senators Simmons,
Penrose and Thornton. Bottom
Senator LaFollettc.
The Underwood tariff bill isn't
enjoying the same easy sledding
through the senate which character
ir.ed Its triumphant coarse through
the house. In the lower chamber it
was known that opposition would
be fruitless
In the upper house standpat and
proeTCsrivp Republicans stand to
gether in their opposition to the ad
I rnjnistration'B JbilL Senator Penros
Commencement week at Weber
academy opens tomorrow with the
chief event of the day being the ju
nior ball at 8 80 p m
Sunday at 2 p. m. an address to the
graduates will be given In the Tab
erhacle; Monday evening at 8:30 b
nlor class exercises at the academy
Tuesday, at 8:30 p m, the 26th an
nual commencement exercises will be
held, and Wednesday nest v. ill h
Weber academy annual Field day at
A complete program of commence
ment day exercises will bo issued to j
1 Society I
The Domestic Science and Arts de
partmcnt ot W ber academy will serve
a ten-course dinner at six this evening
at the academy to the board members
and their wives, the principal and
wife, and department teachers
Yesterday afternoon forty-six guests
were entertained at the school. The
dlninj; room was Riven added attrac
tion by its effective decoration in pink
and white
The following menu was served.
Cherry Cocktail Marshmallow t;
Roast Chicken with Dressing
Cream Potatoes White Sauce
Asparasus in Rings
Olives Pickles
Cherry Salad Nabisco Wafers
Brick Ice Cream
Ladv Baltimore Cake
Mr. and Mrs Henry II Rolapp have
Issued Invitations to the wedding re
ception of their daughter, May Belle,
and Serge P. Balllf. Jr . on Wednes
day evening. June 4. from 8 to 11
o'clock at the Rolapp home. 252i Madi
son avenue
Mrs John Ilolden entertained her
card club nt her home, 2908 Grant
avenue, yesterday afternoon Prizes
were won by Mrs I Haughn and Mrs
J. O'Neil and following the card
games refreshments and a delightful
social hour was enjoyed.
Those present were: Mesdames D
l Smith, Fred Williams. Kate Esples
ton. W. Vlcks. W Jenkins, A. Craves,
I. Haughn. J. O 'Nell, J M. Russell.
T Allen. D Chase
A plnno reclfnl wil Ibe given by the
pupils of Miss Alma Bauer, invitations
to which have been Issued.
The Historical society will meet
Saturday afternoon. May 24, with Mrs.
F W. Butler at her home. 477 25th
Miss Josephine Seaman will give
the club history for the year and
the annual election of officers and
other business incident to the annual
club meeting will be transacted.
The Third Wml Religion class will
entertain at 8 p. m. Friday In the
Third Ward amusement hall.
A program to please both obi and
young has been arranged and a cor
dial Invitation to the public extended
"His Face is Better
Than a Wardrobe"
"Prof. Herd needs no costume
Congregational Church Friday and
U 1
jensen The funeral Bervices oi
Mrs. Julln W. Jensen, wife of Charles
Jensen, were held at 2 o'clock es
I terday afternoon in the Sixth war-1
meeting house, Bishop George Fuller
presiding The speakers were Bishop
Fuller, nanlel C. Walker and George
Y Larkln. Wlllani Pickett sang
two solos "Unanswered Yet," and I
"Thy Will Be Done" Miss' Diana!
Brown sang, "Beautiful Isle of Some
where." a duet. "Some Time We'll I
Understand." was Bung by Mrs. Hy
rum Lund and Miss Lucy Clark.
GULLIHUR James K. GulKhur
died in Los Angeles, Monday, May 19
Hi wife, accompanied by the daugh
ter. Mrs W. A McGaw, left Imme
diately for Los Angeles where fu-1
neral arrangements will be made
Manager Blankenshlp of the Missou
la club suffering of a mild attack I
of the grip aud did not go to the ball I
grounds today Pc rrine, second base
man. Is doing the managerial honors
for the Highlanders He put Bohcn 1
In the box and worked Roberts be
hind the bat
Blankenshlp is not going to keep j
Foster with the club The manager
received a letter from Manager Kear
ney of the Grand Forks. N 1). club,:
Beeking an Infielder, and Blankenshlp
asked Foster to take the position.
Foster declined and will leave for
California within a few days Trekell
will bo back at shortstop today.
From letters now in the hands of
the Missoula manager. It Is evident
Ciat "Skipper" Roberts, the MlSSOUlfl
'"P, will not be In the minors
much longer. "Blank" has letters
from big league managers who want
to buy Roberts ami the only question
.n Blankenship'a mind Is to whom
-diall he sell the catcher.
The Highlander manager Is achiev
ing a record as a big league scour
Bush and Zamloek were In his team
last year and Bill Orr worked under
Blankenshlp when he was manager 1
oi the Sail Lake team He discovered
Walter Johnson, the star of them all
Cnlon association fans may soon
say goodbye to Changnon and Per
rine. also, according to the manager.
Manager "Kitty" Knight is expec- j
Ing wires at any moment telling him
that he has landed an Infielder and
a pitcher A shortstop is what the
local manager wants and as soon as
an experienced player Is secured.
Jones will be taken from short and
placed on the pitching staff Jones
pitched last winter In California and
has a reputation as a twlrler Green
was given another opportunitv on the
mound today and Perkins is at the re
eeh ing end.
On behalf of Browning brothers
In drew A. Kerr presented to the
High school baseball team the silver
cup offered by Brownings to the team
winning the pennant In the City
league The presentation was mail"
at a general assembly at the school
Captain Warner of the team aecepto.!
the cup on behalf of the team with a
neat speech in which he thanked the
company and congratulated his team
mates upon winning the trophy.
Following the assembly the base
ball team and the faculty team went to
the Deaf and Blind school campus
where a rattling good ball game was
the feature of the afternoon.
The following suits have been filed
in the municipal court
W. J Thompson vs. Lorin Clark;
suit ?G0.
Abies Abstract & Title Co. vs. Her
man van Braack; suit $02.
James H. Ball s Manhattan
Clothes shop suit $288.44.
Grant market vs. Mrs. Cora Hop
kins; suit $10.20.
Evans Brothers grocery vs F J
Hondershot, Jr.; suit $5 10
Washington market vs Ralph Par
ker, suit $7.90.
Washington market vs m. Gro
gan; suit $13.40.
I'tnh & Oregon Lumber Co. s. H
of Pennsylvania and Senator LaFol-K-tte
of Wisconsin are working
shoulde- to shoulder. An etfort is
being made to enlist the support of
Democratic senators from sugar and
wool states in the fight against the
Underwood bill Senator Thornton
of Louisiana is said to he opposed to
the bill on account of the sugar
Senator Simmons of North Caro
lina, chairman of the senate finance
committee, is in charge of the Un
derwood bill In the upper house.
Here's a Chance for
Every little Girt to H f I
Win this Splendid Prize & M V V
! Be sure to get one of our contest sheets
just as soon as you can, so that you will have f
a chance at this little cabinet.
The prize a cabinet just like the big
Michigan Cabinets, only smaller will be f
given to the lucky girl who has the best solu-
tion of the puzzle.
The instruction sheets wilj tell you just how to go about I
it This sheet shows the picture of a cabinet all cut to pieces f
and the pieces mixed up the idea being to arrange them to- I
gether to make a perfect picture t
Whoever has the nic st, neatest puzzle and writes the E
besl list oi things that mother could conveniently keep in a
Michigan Cabinet, gets the prize. i
The prize is in mir window now. If you can't come down I
ami Bee itj BSk mother, or someone else, to get a puzzle sheet f
Am girl, not over 13 years old, may enter this conlest. I
All answers must be in by June 1st. I
C. Brown; suit $lS4fi.
onsolldated B&usle Co. vs G M.
Thnrsiensen . suit $67
J. M Russell vs. T W. Freeman;
stilt $31 6"'.
Burton Coal & Lumber Co vs T.
Freeman ; Suit $7.". 70.
R. H. Douglas vs. J Dallv. suit
$: m.s.
C A Fernelius s. F. Romero; suit
! $20.10.
Following an alleged attempt tc
walk away vnth a crio ownoc by a
lady passenger stopping In the pas
senger sutlci at the .lepjt. Sieve
Larkln. a hoilermaker, was arrested
by Depot Mas'er John Shield .it the
depot this morning and was taken to
the police station in the patrol wag
on by a passenger d'rector
Larkln was dniiK and the charge
placed against him ki that of drunk
enucss. He claims -ha' he waa help
ing the lady carry ner iuggage auJ
did not know what nn was doing when
he walked away wllb. :hc grip bill in
his possession
Henry Pouthworth, the man who
killed Ned Hanks, manager of the Don
Phllllplni band In the summer of 1911
forfeited $5 ball In police court this
I morning by failing to appear in an--'.r
id cl irge Of drunkenness
which had been preferred against I
Three circus men. William Bichnel1.
A W. McKee and John Cashe each
forfeited $1" They were charged
with throwing dice for money at the
ireus grounds.
William O'Brien and James Kava
Daugh, the two men arrested Tuesday
evening, following reports that they
were trylnc to sell "phony" Jewelry. I
and who were later pointed out as I
men who were with a cook that had J
lost his money while in a drunken torn.
sleep, were given sentences of ten i
days each by Judge Reeder The
cook, who complained against them. j
did not appear in court I
Juan Garela was found guilty of
petty larceny and was given a sen
tence of thirty days or $30 Garcia
is a Mexican, and a lady Interpreter,
Mrs Myrtle Ross, assisted in the case.
The Mexican was charged with tak
me a number of bottles of liquor from
the Oak saloon on 25th street.
Baltimore May 22 T Dudley
RIcrs well known society man. ath
lete and sportsman, died today after
a long Illness from pemphigus, a dls
ease that Is rarely encountered in
humans, beinp generally confined to
cattle It Is thought he contracted
the disease in the stables of his coun
try place In the Green SprinK Valley
He was 38 years of age and durinc
his college years a noted football
player at Princeton university
It's easy to select the
best repair shop in
Come to ours.
Clarks I
PHONE 56. 3S0 24TH. I
Mm mimt i 1 '
' .
because they not only believe m saving monev but
put It in practice by prudent economy and care
fnl Investment
Everyone MioijM save mm. thitiL' from his Income
We curdialh smite ou to start an account with us. i'fi
t Per Cent Interest Paid j
on Savings Accounts. '
1 RALPH E. HOAG. President
i 1 1 tROLD J PEERY. Vice President X;
S W. J PARKER, Vice Presldenr g
jjgfa A V McINTOSH, Cashier j JS.
" ,L

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