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The Ogden standard. (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, May 22, 1913, 4 o'clock p.m. City Edition, Image 7

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7 mm
MaySalc oi Under Mlisjjns I I
I flKKI Greatest Display of Under Muslins Ever XC I
tIK Shown m Any 9den s,ore xm I
I V J Ttlc presesi! assortment of under muslins mLM "' '""1 I
gjffc J are extremely varied and attractive, pre- dfflkr ' . Em I
UmwWBusM scntm9 an extended range for the selec- pHkAP I
I V MHraffiT Uon oS complete outfits for spring and " '-Wf ' I I
F yE''i lfW;IHIt 1 summer wear, r m j
M4m I PHi Women aJl appreciate good taste in making muslin W r !
CW 1 underwear and especially when they can buy gar- W$
I .Ili ments ot fine material trimmed with dainty embroid-
p m iery and lace in pretty designs carefully and neatly !
Kk j made at ihese low prices. j I
Beawtitnl Under Muslin Skirts
over rJiS Many styles with many varieties of trimming
j 'T &h 0 witn risn anc Swiss embroideries, and many other
'hen i&r l syles embroideries, lace and ribbon trimmed, bead-
jhv j ec mde of fine quality of soft finished muslins, cam
will "IJP brics, long cloth and nainsook. If, in the display, you
y :. do not see them all ask the clerk to show you the re-
!mm ft serve piles. Just a few of the specials:
jj i75 qpalitieg $2.08
F fiffife qualities S2.29
I inm : LZ2
f i
I I llualitie, . ; , 9
I ;" S L50 qualities . 31.19
rn tuiMi miii m m 11 11 1 m i1 1 "i Ti'ii iTnaiiiUBMiimw H P
m I Finest quality sheer, lingerie cloths, fabrics
j nainsook, long cloth, cambrics, beautiful New
York Mills muslin trimmed with fine torchon
laces Valenciennes, imported Swiss embroider
. ies and Irish points, many styles of trimmings
1 too numerous to mention here. Here are a few
of the prices:
$2.2") and jg qualities. ...... $1.48
R I 2. qualities . $1.38
Ai 1 50 qualities $1.19
S, $ qualities 69c
j LO0 qualities 69c
Fl$ $1.25 and $1.50 qualities 9S
qJ In this line you will find many varieties,
iaij styles being too many to enumerate here.
Beautiful Embroideries
i f Remarkable Sale of
L f v enibroideriea are so well kno-rn
0 j jySWfi w at comnicnt s unnecetsary. Included
0. j UtiMhl 'n lls immensc stock we are showing
' PRPfllfVRi arc 1I1Sf'rll"ns' handings and edgings
1 uSMIiliKwPli 'n rc"at sssortments. We are justly
MiT I1 KV'fr ;' ''' prourl of tins display and we are anx-
Sl Ik vttHlrarf 'n 'ous ttt -vou soe soon' anc rpmem-
I Jfli'ilV'lrBabl'-c'J nor ''iat tno prices of embroideries arc
! lljf'TP
t ii il II i Latcsl Nove,tics in Waists
1 V 1 I I M Vl' rr' showing n complete line of
I lf? if Jl Now P10! styles m Lawn, Lingerie,
j ill lEaWSl KpH A 1, Lsce and Silk. These waists are all
tf( II mSfeV-'lijl '' ) v,'r.v attractively made and beautiful-
v j jl'j.tr; Irimmod with fine laces, embroider -
( J MnHmi(i$'Uc ' "- f'tc 111 three quarter sleeves, elabo-
V!-V K''1 h ' ' i'tf finished, opened back or front.
' 'I ;' tMiP'' A full range nf sizes and prices. Hand-
'ifeyW vS fifn' f Bome n,'u creP styles that vou will
V ViJ!' f Vp an shr,vlnS the Balkan Blouse
il kfe'.H. 'M an ejttensve range of colors, in all
oleiJ 1 5MT slf's and mail.v rinalities Ask to see
' "" th""
Gowns and Night Robes , sC I
Beautiful gowns and night robes, fine lingerie, v I
cloth trimmed around neck, front and back, with very H i I I
fine French Vals, insertions and edgings with ribbon 1 j; Mf0ffj ''tff I
beading, ribbon drawn between, novelty pointed j i f l j1 it I
sleeves trimmed with lace insertion and edged to jf 1' m Imt 1 I
match and many other styles of high grade long cloth, jl J Jfll j I m
nainsook trimmed with torchons, clunys and em- 'Hrffl'' ' 1 II I
broideries; not a few of the prices in this wonderful jl' j
ggO and $2 2.". qualitiss. .81.48 g 00 .pmhtirs 69 j. Il
i--'") qualities SI. 38 $1 00 .n;ilitios 79" j ! fMl j ' jl I
$1.oi qaalitiea . .$1.19 $25 qualities . . . . 98t- lL...a-;) I (J i
Fabrics of fine nainsook, cam
brics, long cloth and lingerie
fabrics, trimmed with torchon,
val and shadow laces, embroideries
and ribbons. In this line ihere are too
many different kinds to mention.
$1 75 quality $1.19 i? .7." quality 49
$M qnalitj $1.19 j ." quality ... 39c
$1.00 quality 79 40 .tii:ihfv . 29o
j 50 quality 98r $ quality 25c
BY THE YARD Cambric Berkley, 20c quality ..17ft4
Lonsdale, 15c auality 126
MUSLINS No 1075, 10e quality 8
..' No 500, 17 l-2c quality 12
Lonsdale 12 l-2c quality .. loc v ir.,wi -.o , i .
Swan Bleached 8 1.2oJuai ty 75 " 1 18c and 20c qUabty I
' No. 3500, 25c and 20c quality ... 19c
No. 4800 30 quality 25c
P'ix Long Cloth, No 252, a box.pXoo
10c (iiality jjlainsook bj the yd., Mo. 500, 85c. SST
12 l-2c quality for 10c Nainsook by t-ho yd., 25c quality. . 19c
15c quality I2I0O Whiu erpu L'.'x- quality 19c
30e quality 23C White crepe, 40c quality 33c
Persian Lawn, 35c quality for 25c White crepe 35c quality 27
"RT I1?T o?Qua?HlyC
MJP 4 JL k-r and Fashion
The shape and fit of these princess slips is
guaranteed perfect. Good nainsook with sheer
lawn ruffles, long cloth, cambric, Persian lawns
and many other fabrics. You will find them
here trimmed with numerous kinds of laces and
embroideries, ribbons. Here are just a few of
the different prices: j
2 00 and $'2 50 qualities S1.38 !
$1.50 and $1.75 qualities $1.19 jl
$15 and gL50 qualities 98c Ijj j
$L00 qualities 796 !
$2.00 qualities 91.38 j '
Muslin Bfe I
Drawers 1 I
Fiat circular drawers of very fine j jf o'',jtt j j
long- cloth, soft cambrics and fine B CnS'n V
lingerie cloth. Trimmed with lace and 4 9 mm '
embroideries. Note a few of the prices: 1 m IL y
$1 50 and $2 0 qualities . ... SI. 19 fflPi' V Ii k I
$ 50 qualities 39 1 )H I
$ .75 qualities 19c ij I
Beautiful Summer Laces " l I
Our display of laces is greater in '1111' M' t 1 1 '
variety, more comprehensive in scope IR i ItUr'iikjL I j
and more enticing in the splendid val- MHWS1 I i
ass offered than any previous showing IHH VwP WS '
ever held in this vicinity. Ton can UK Hi
always use a beautiful piece of lace. n. ni
right now is the time to buy for fu- j Ij J

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