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Woman's Page
J flow to Pight the High Cost of Living
Put Yo'ir Rest Foot Forward The Talents You Already Have
r May Be Valuable Ones A Lesson From Nature Apply a Liberal
; Amount of Common Sense in Every Case Where There Is Illness
! Intelligence First Aid to Cure Nature Never Gives a False
Gift Develop Your Own Intuitions Household Hints Recipes.
I Do ".mi r'.ilizi- Unit if ..u put .nir
pgt foot forward and struggle to
ll warrl the top you cannot hut win
lflbecf s
lrV)i, tlila very cummer may hold
nrything for you!
if It ju-t fkwTii3 upon ui;i and the
I Bf forts that you make how much it
! will hoi. I
Q No matter what your - if if m and
environment arc you can change them
I Ha much If you will make up your mind
HH do
M Chance them as other women ha. e
HjB&DRed them for themselves In the
HHt of their home talents
M You haven't the confidence In your
ttbliitx ?
I, Read this letter from a little home
IE body In a distanl . It . ho had never
arn--d a rir,i:.-,r in all ot her life,
n "I had necr earned a dollar that
HJ could call my own In all of mj life!
HH)ow have a bank account of $35 and
Sftm making more to add to It all of
Hfhe time Perhaps that desn t seem
Elike a great deal to you, hut to m
Wt seems simply wonderful, ami is the
greatest encouragement to me What
r lot of no dbllltles there are In thoae
JHjollars that I can have .at any time
lor any purpose I just want to get
tup and shout am so happ) "v er mv
Hnccest I never '',,r- realized thai
Any home talents could be put to such
Jgood us "
f"This little woman Is making a suc-
Why not you?
Add an onion to the pot of Hoston
li baked beans and nut ic e the fine f la
vor imparted.
I For whitening pocket handken hlcfs
and laces put them to soak over night
rain a bath of toilet carbolic Boap Thia
miB said to whiten them and to mak
them clean with but liltlo laundering
I Beat up the white of an egg wl h
Jan eo.ua! quantity of water and a llt
Itle sugar. If well made this com
pound N tratispnren: and not at all
I sticky. It Is good for all kinds of
I fine leather especially kids
I First wash silver well in hot soapy
Brater, then apply a little whiting
Hjrith a cloth wet with either alcohol
Br water. Let the whiting dry on
1 the silver then ml. n i with a
I cloth and polish with either a clean
Sport cloth or a piece of chamois lea
Hjher, usin i a soft brush for corners or
.engraved work
7 Th. woman who does her own
JUra Shirr-- gets a rd of ordinary whit"
Mable i.'irl..r h and r ,.ti apron on
be style of a butcher's apron. Hem
'mhc nerk and sides by put tint; on
R LADSE5! "5j
A Beautiful Complexion I
If irtiai f ortnnate --..iM to bt H
J thlf Mir. CMlrh jour aaa. you'll ba OBI fl
of tha tftflaat woman in tha aaorld yj
! for 1 Will LbMlntnlT p ,tr..;!.- to (.-' a I
tvaa.ul . fr. I completion Id 6 rnlrm... II
th hl'torr of Lh world's UilletK tbr
ha." NEVRIt at hit ttmo, twrn auoh ail 9
BJ oIt a- tliU-aod ib but of all I thla ,
SKFORE you aptnd a air , .. LJ
0 j 1 Thousands of tbe Onrat rr1la,0 &o1tiy
women .rr ualne; thla onernelluo.
BNVl tb M-ory: I p'Jit tb-r last two M
i' jrax la Kjro e, and daring ay limTfl - jU
1 dlaeoeerU an old PaHalan y I . ' ' H
1 raeWli.- Kec Eoajnrllne. I tried hit
li prepartd and - on i .letely a ..-.a I
at tbe rwulta I m de 1 1 wai
la tbtiBOri ru -k I ron'd batdlj bellara
my own From hljo I pirchav"l lb
form.. la and I --.roplf Uly footrol It
throughout lmri'a.
Two month'- a-n I raT ont a frw
limplfl to women frl'tidfl of rolDt ar, 1
itiao that tltso 1 hvo l-n ll'era'lT
wamped with reqjetA for IhLi T'aitplan
VaVM Enargrllna. Women bavo botrired
me nt my bora Implored ma to alea
tbem mora of pit preparation, a
oooipanr baa been farmed to market
tbla anja2laf Paxa Cnarrteiinv, aiid 1 wia
make 6 r- vtninen happr thb montb.
Yo'i can ba tmonf tharn I f yon dealro.
V; Parlnlaa Kaoe KnaroaUna rarer
birthmark, molea, fr- lea, blotcbea.
blaokhaada, larj-a por'. Urr apou. Ab
aolutaly no oatagtr.K norvuiarT. Ftra
ralnntaa la all tLaCa nrtded to atlT T' U
a perfect cat). it rompleilon. It eant r ul
off. Makr-jcu UajUf .1 Ima5. JUt'lT
Eaapa Toar akin In eiqulilte roodlUon.
Put on freah trrr da.r Ladlea rarrj It
la their pnrae. It ara Urate, wrlaklea
preTantaabapplna- Kally Ifa th moit
amaalar preparation In tbe . hole worl J.
And now. In order to IntrodDM It to
Atnarlean woman I UM1HI tl at np n
rwcelft of Are cent at ...t-. to help j ar
r.ar.klnir. poiac. UaM Vponl In wrar
pin, av . I will aend erery ladr a gn
fr..ji aampla to carry Id hrr r"re I
know all, that after you hi" triad
thia Parisian EnameMne, toj vlM be
wIMIt doUirl.tr-J. 1 tell you poaltlTrir
tbore'anolblnif Ilka It In tha whola world.
After v m i.- .- oItc.1 jaur pakago.
let j.. . r' U ly r. i i. te try It. They will
he an. a-- ' I Mll roall a pacare to j
eTery lady that eodi In fire t-oaut
atat .pa, or 16 renta In al!aer
759 Caxton Bldg.
the straps crossing In haek to oppo
site sides. From the pieces thai fall
off in . uttlnK reinforce the front from
bust to below waist line. thU3 mak
ing three thicknesses in front She
will find at the cost of 15 or 20 cents
nhe will be nice, dry. and clean when
her washing is dune
Is animal intuition more accurate
than human reason?
BometlmeB this question Is an
swered In favor of nature's gift to the
animals, for they seem to know nior
than humans
It is true that when In the wild
state animals seldom are afflicted
with Illness, and when they are they
seem to know Just what to do for
After animals are domesticated and
get only that food which their owne.-s
see fit to give them they sometimes
sicken Veterinarians have made
progress in the treatment of sick ani
mals, hut they seem to prefer their
own doctoring when there is suffi
cient freedom for them to follow their
own instinct
It has been said, and truly that the
more man seeks for knowledge of dis
ease the more disease he finds
The animal does not seek it nor
does It think upon it. nut if the anl
mal becomes sick It knows Just what
to do.
It will seek quiet, solitude, and will
last It will seek water or avoid It,
as the requirements may dictate
If there Is a fever the animal will
restrict diet, seek airy places, dark
ness, and keep quiet It knows how
to protect its ees
When there Is an injury from fight
ing the animal knows how to treat
that injur;. li even knovts how to
stop the flow of blood by applying
with the paws saliva from the mouth ,
and it cleanses a wound, working at
this constantly, to prevent Infection
luti why the animal does these
things is easily understood, tor nature
supplies the instinct, which is true
Humans hate the same instant, but
the custom of reasoning has destroyed
the habit of relying upon those best
Instincts which must at cine time have
hepn of great importance to human
All of Ibis is another wav of saylnc
that there should be a liberal applie a
tlon of common sense in eer case
w here there is illness. Intelligence
is the first aid to actual cure
Remember, Nature never gives a
false gift Therefore, develop what
you may possess of instinct or intuition
Strawberry Short Cake
One and a half cups sifted flour,
half :t leaspoon salt, one tablespoon
suuar, two teaspoons baking pow
der Mix Into this a tabloppoonful
of cottolene or a thin slice of but
ter, then add one egg and enough
milk to make, like biscuit dough Put
half of the dough in a well greased
baking pan with a little butter over
the top and the other half on top
Bako about 30 minutes then split
open and serve rtith mashed straw
berries and cream
Corn Pudding
Ono pint grated corn, one table
spoon butter, half a teaspoon salt,
one-fourth teaspoon pepper, one egg .
one cup milk. If canned corn Is used
masb It a little Warm the butter
and stir through the corn Beat the
egg In with the milk The yolks of
three egs may he used in place of one
whole egg. Bake in a pan until douc.
Servo as a vegetable
Dellclou6 Prune Cake.
Three and one-half cups prunes, af
ter being stewed, stones removed and
chopped fine; ono and one-half cups
lltiht brown sugar, two-thirds cup cot
tolene, two and one-half cups sifted
flour, one-half cup molasses, one-half j
rui) orange marmalade, four eggs, one
teaspoon salt one teaspoon soda, one
teaspoon cloves, one teaspoon cinna
mon, one-half nutmeg Cream cotto
lene and sugar, add beaten eggs, beat
well and add slowly the molasses, to
which has beon added the soda Stir
in the flour and marmalade and, last
ly, the spices and chopped prunes.
Bake in a slow oven about one hour
Prune Whip.
Ono pound prunes, one-half cup
powdered sugar, whites of three oggs
Stew the prunes until quite soft, re
move stones and chop flue Add the
powdered sugar and unbeaten whites
of eggs. Beat wlel. Bake In a well
buttered, shallow pudding dish about
30 minutes. Serve cold with whipped
Stuffed Prunes.
Stew one pound prunes (not too
soft), remove stones and fill with
finely chopped walnuts Servo with
whipped cream or powdered sugar.
Evidently Senator Tonmtr be
llevee the plank he walked Is long
I enough to enable him to walk back
I Call at Volkcr Lumber Company and select your SCREEN
DOOR Wc have a large assortment and can give you satis
gfrjl Keep out the flies
If you want to build, call at our yard we have the largest
and best stock in town at tbe lowest prices.
ifA If you intend to build, call at our office and examine our
U j plans. We v.ill furnish you plans and specifications for the
I nicest EUNGALOWS you have ever seen.
1 Volkcr Lumber Co.
Yard; at 237 215 24th St J. W. F. VOLKER, Manager
I Phone 612. I,
Lace flouncing combined with plain
net, make the greater part of this
dress The tinted bands under the
scallops are of orange chiffon and a
color facing of this same shude Is also
used. The sash and tiny ribbon at
the neck are black
1 he lower part of the skirt Is ar
ranged in a new way The hem is
turned once on the outside and stitch
ed twice three-quarters of an Inch
from each edge In the space be
tween the 8tltchlngs an orange ribbon
Is run and tied in front, drawing the
skirt in Just a little at the foot to
give the desired outline A sleeve
less slip of pale orange messallne is
worn underneath
Salt Lake, June 6 Nearly one mile
of moving pictures will be taken of
the pupils of the Salt Lake public
schools In their field day sports at
Wandamere today. Arrangements
were closed yesterday, whereby the
athletle committee of the public
schools md th' Wandamere manage
ment will have joint rights to the use
of these films Plans are being con
Bldered for forwarding the films im
mediately to Chicago, where they wil
be used to give the easterners a dem
onstrntion of the work and apjiearance
of the children of some of the schools
of Utah which are being defamed by
the Rev V M. Paden and his follow
ers at the Coliseum building
The children will march into the
motordrome through the subway in
file of fours this morning, forming n
line one-third of n mile long as they
march around the track Then come
the games, the maypole dance In which
thirty schools will be represented, and
the folk dam. - Bach of these events
will be featured In the moving pic ture
films It is expected thut about fif
teen thousand children will be In at
t ends nee
The cash on hand in the state treas
ury June 1, 1013, from all funds was
11,513,269.18, according to tbe report
of the state treasurer which was filed
with the state auditor yesterday. Re
ceipts from all funds for May were
85,512 I- Balanco of cash on hand
Mav I, 1913, from all funds. $1,673,209
Disbursements all founds. $245,540 92;
balance on hand. May 1 1918, In all
hanks, 81,513,269.18; excess In banks
$1.02 The balances In the various
funds June 1, 1913, are as follows
General fund $ 725,fiiS.5 03
State district school fund 7.987.69
State higli school fund 98,056.57
University and A col
lege 2.987 88
University building fund 159,685.47
Redemption fund. 1896. . 120, 000
Redemption tund. 1898 60,000.00
Redemption fund, 1900. . 60,000.00
Trust fund account .... 1.200 31
Forest reserve, etc 1,440 91
State fish and game fund 4,976 52
Suspense account 8.91
State road fund 26.778 4 1
State bounty fund 939 97
Total $1,269,627 70
Land Grant Funds.
Agricultural college $ 12,216 22
Deaf and dumb asylum . 7.460 67
Insane asylum 11.204 15
Institute for blind ..... 4,480.88
Miners' hopital 1.891.61
State Normal school ... 6.969.50
Reform school 4,9X4 62
Public building .. - . 7,886.94
Reservoirs . 58.881 f.2
State school 107 361 86
School of Mines 7.282 29
University 13,121 28
Total balance in all
funds $1,513.269 18
Excess In banks 1.02
Grand total , $1,513,270.20
Provo. June 5. H J W Goddard,
commissioner of water supply and wa
ter works, Issued a request today
warning the users of city water that
they must be more careful in using
the city water and not allow auy open
hose to run without a nozzle He als.j
warned those who are using the city
water for irrigating purposes that un
less this is stopped they will got their
water supply shut off entirely There
has been no regular time set for
sprinkling lawns, but each one has
been permitted this season to use the
water any time they pleased, but a
iime will be set unless they observe
the ordinance better.
Mrs Younghrldo (telephoning to
butcher) 1 waul some meal, please
Butcher Yes'ni. How much will
you have"
Mrs Youngbrlde O or how much
have you got'
Brigfgs I understand tbat Budger
fell in love with the girl he married
at ilrht ?hii;ht
HrlgKi- 'i . when he first saw her
the was making a fat deposit in the
savings bank Boston Transcript.
Assistant Secretary of
Interior Tells Govern
ors That Uncle Sam
Wishes to Know
Wants of This Section
Many Executives
Salt Lake City, June 6. That the
government officials and the western
governors who are attending the gov
ernor's conference, which opened In
this city yesterday, will agree on
some general plan of handling con
servation of public resources and oth
er questions In dispute between the
western states and the federal gov
ernment was the opinion expressed
lasl night by many of the officials
There iB a peneral spirit of harmon
between the governors and tbe rep
resentit fives oi the federal government
and for the first time in the history
of conservation, the governors and
public land officials are meeting
In accepting tbe Invitation to meet
with the governors. A- A. Jones, first
assistant secretary of the treasury
department, said that he was here
as the personal representative of
Franklin K Lane, secretary of the in
terior, to ascertain what the west
wants and to try as far as possible to
give it to them.
"If our national policy Is harsh we
will change It." said Mr. Jones
Governor William Spry, was Intro
duced by Governor Carey, who spoke
brief Iv of the wonder of reclamation
that Is shown in this valley Gover
nor Spry welcomed the visiting gov
ernors and representatives of the de
partment of the Interior in the Inter
ests of western development. He said
that the governors are more than
pleased that the department has sent
its representatives to meet with the
governors on an occasion of this kind
and pledged the governors to co-operate
with the department chiefs in
sohing the great problem of western
deelopment He said that the re
sources of the west are of such a
character as to make their develop
ment a problem that requires close
and strict attention and careful study.
"There should be a disposition
to bring about harmony between
the states and the federal gov
ernment," said Governor Spry
This harmony and co-oporation
are necessary to proceed with the
development of the wonderful re
sources of the western country.
Whatever is done must be done
for the best, for the state and for
the nation, and looking to the
great future t hat is just ahead of
Governor Spry said that there are
many things in this state that he
would like to show the visitors,
itiincs they would wish to see He
called attention to the number of
reclamation and Irrigation projects
in Utah that he would wish them
to see so that they would know that
Utah Is working earnestly for her de
velopment aU(j ior development
of the west.
"After all. he said, "the work wo
are doing for the development of the
west, and the development of the
east a8 well, Is a work of education i
The more this work is put before
you the better you will be able to
handle successfully and Intelligently
the problems that confront us."
The sessions yesterday were devo
ted in most part to organization and
l he reading of papers of these
ernore who were unable to be prea
nt. The subject discussed In the
'.apers read were "National Control
Of Natural Resources." by Governor
'ieorge W P. Hunt of Arizona; "Tue
sBoclalion of Western Governors,'
by Governor Oswald West ,,f Oregon,
ind Timber Culture in the Prairie
states,' by Governor L B Hanna of
North Dakota
The conference elected Governor
fosepb M Carey of Wyoming presl
lent, and Governor Tasker L Ochllc
.f Nevada, secretary
The governors visited the copper
mines at Bingham yesterday after
noon Defends National Control
National control of mineral re
sources as opposed to the theory of
.tate control ' was warmly defended
bv Governor Hunt
"Conservation, cither staip or na
tlonal, must be counted a failure said
the governor, "if It does not directly
and materially benefit the entire peo
ple, as contrasted with the benefits
conferred upon special interests and
monopolies "
'The eastern states aeting Inde-
! fwe Can Make Hard Water Soft
Hard Water is a nuisance, a bother, and expense as every wo
man knows. It can be made " SOFT AS VELVET " if you
know bow. Many women in Ogden are now regularly using z
Our agents will call at your door to offer you 9
One 10c Package SOPADE FREE I
t When you buy 25c worth PEARLINE
(Actual Size 6Mn. Hlgh
jJAMES PYLE & SONS, Edgewater, N.J. Mlt Kfj
pendently and as Individuals, handed
their natural resources over to a few
privileged ones who proceeded to take
.ill the substance and leave the people
the shadow.
"Unpleasant as it may be to admit
the truth the west was for manv
years going through exactly the Bame
process with reference to its own min
eral roBonrcei, under the operation
of what Is called states rights The
great and almost criminal blunder of
the eastern states docs not justifv the
same thing in another section The
record does not justify the attitude o'
defiance to national control now more
or less in evidence
Lands for Whole People.
"Until our great mineral resources!
on public lands hlch belong to the
people, can be made to benefit the
whole people of today and tomorrow,
the had better b. left him ed
There Is no need for haste In handing
them over to private interests Co-(
operation between the staten and the
nation will do more good than all the
quarrelinR over state rights."
Governor West defended conserva
tion of natural resources as a national
poiicv not only wise, but necessary
Departmental administration of that
policy from Washington, he ftttai feed
as often arbitrary, stupid and dilatory,
creating an Irritation among those
whom the government sought to serve
which too often rebounded In the
end to the benefit of lare aggrega
tions of capital which had strength,
foresight and patience to seize, hold
and temporise, until rightful claimants
let go In exhaustion.
"The interior department " he said,
"more particularly the general lai d
office, is carrying too much dead tim
ber I' is loading up with a lot of
political antiques who could never
hold a position with a modern husl
ness concern. Many of these depart
mental lerks, while not being !n
touch with conditions In the west aro
iBest for Spraying Trees and Vines
Don't think because Lewis' Lye owes a large share of its wonderful pop
ularity to its value as a hog conditioner, that it has no ottier important uses
on the farm. Fruit growers, gardners, and farmers have used Lewis' Lye
as an insecticide for years not merely because it is cheaper than pans H
green or other preparations but for the simple reason
JKt that it is most effectivt.
Ac Lewis9 Lye I
A ' & The Standard for Half a Ceiniaty
m U the only W puro lye made by mtnutacuturine obemists.
tm Al JufA it may be uv d Willi every d. izrto "f ron- iSM
ftdervoe for spraying fruit tre and vlnei deilroy- 'mAi "1c!b1
Am ing poUtoe bugs and otber pests. mit& 3HS
V Oft The Farm Or In The Horn ' nS Aaj9fl
WJLm Lewis' Lye Is sJmott lndlspenj.il. lo for -" fyT-JBKJI
Claanlni Making Soap tfSNSkWm
SBSSJJ Dlalnfactlni pravln Traaa ' . m . ga AJCTfc SI
i I -Oailrorln! Varmlna -CanKlsnlni Hol it j 'aSl S JTOBV'H
I S(tninf Walar aoJ all tcDori i -rv'-Hra 7V' 9CnBmHBB
. Oal a cavo at yooT frvn-ars JpfijaV-''laHglH
raBlkaw od Judao tbp Ewrlli oi JTSi2fHrW " W 5taV"JaRaB
" r - ' " ? ' 1 VSafr v '- j7Xa-aCB
fcr-JT' Frebooklaidftacrlb- S.t W- . v , . 'JtfrQl
" I fra. A V. -."m W'Vo U i m
Thin i i iis' H ' i. mmmmmmmmwmmmmwm
permitted to determine matters of
last importance to it Red tape, un
warranted delays and an unlawful as
sumption and exorcise of autocratic
powers have put the Interior depart
ni' nt. particularly the general land of
flee. In had odor with the people of
the west."
Lauds Harrlman.
The late K H llarnman was in
stanced as an executive ?hO had the
wisdom to know what things he did
not know and whose strength lav in
his choice in able men who left the
details of their own departments
Some BUCh policy should apply, the
governor thought to the department
of the Interior what would happen
without conservation, was shown by
what slread) happened, said the goi
Admit t ing ihe many blunders the
government had made, he did not be
lieve the c harge that millions of acres
of valuable agricultural land were be
Ing bottled up in the federal forests
"There may be tracts here and
there," he said, suitable for agri
cultural purioses, but the acreage is
small. Two thirds of the timber in
the northwest Is In private hands
One-half of It is held by .'17 owners
atid one-fourth of it by three owners
the Southern Pacific, the Northern
Pacific and the Woyerhauscr interests
These umber holdings of the big three
in the northwest are more than one
half as great as the entire holdings
of the federal government."
Governor West is a I "emeu rat lie
was careful to specify thai he did not
hold Secretary Lane responsible for
faults which originated before his
term bepan
The governors who attended the
meeting were B '! Amnions of Colo
rado J. M. Haines of Idaho Joseph
W Carey of Wyoming, Tasker I. Od
dio of Nevada, and W llllam Sprv of
i The government officials at thi
meeting were A A. Jones, first a
sistant secretary of the Interior;
Clay Tallnian, commissioner of the
general land office, J D Yelverton
chief of the field service division. B,
I A. Baker, chief of the field division
of Wyoming, I, L Sharp, chief of the
Held dl.-ision of ( (rc.ron V ' he.. 1
' dorff. chief of the field division of
t allfornla M D MeEnlrj . chiel ol
the field division of Colorado, and
Qeorge E Hair, chief of the field di
vision of Utah. S. R Fitzgarrald.
li. ut. mant governor of Colorado, who
is president of the National Public
Domain association, was also present,
and Invited to join in the discussions.
Ball Case. June 6.- Wandamere had
an added attraction at about 2 o'clock
Wednesda afternoon when two tor
nadoes descended upon the amusement
park, crumpled the scenic railway and .
uprooted trees and shrubbery The
damage amounts to about $1500. No
one was Injured
The windstorm wont through the
scenic railway with a email, knoc-kinr:
I away the trestle work until the struc ture
fell. Before the wind struck the
I railway it tore several trees dow n and
.uprooted others, twisting bushes to
I Provo, June 5. Mrs Maggie Thome.'
wife of hr W A Thome, died her-?
this forenoon of pneumonia. She was
'a brilliant young club woman and ha.l
only been sick about one week si
leaves a daughter about 6 years of
age She was In her thirty-third year
at the time of her death and enme
here from the east about eight years
ugo with her husband Mrs. Thome's
mother, Mrs t'annle HutchinBon, w.is'
at her bedside at the time of her
Mrs Thome was secretary of the
Nineteenth Century club and was 'pre
paring to assist tn entertaining the
District Federation of W omen's club,
which opens here tomorrow, shortly
before her recent Illness.
Lad) You must ask mamma
Suitor But your mother has gone
on her travels
Lady Yes, but she's left an an- H
swer in the affirmative In the grama
phone Megendorfer Blatter.
Now Is the Time to Get F.ld of These
Ugly Spot6.
There's no longer the slightest need
of feeling ashamed of your freckles,
j as the prescription othlne double
strength it guaranteed to remove
these homely spots.
Simply get an ounce of othlne
double strength- from A. R Mclntyie,
drui-s, and apply a little of It ni'iit
and morning and you should soon see
that even the worst freckles ha e
begun to disappear, while the lighter
ones have vanished entirely. It is
seldom that more ;'jan an ounce Is
needed to completely clear the skin
and gain a beautiful clear complexion.
Be sure to ask for the double
strength othlne as this is sold under
guarantee of mone back if it falls
to remove freckles. (Advt.)
2437 Wash Ave. Phone No, 213.
Slade's I
Transfer I
Phone 321. 408 25th Street
We have the largest van In the
city. Quick service. Moving, ship
ping and handling pianos. Prompt
freight deliveries. Furniture mov
ing a specialty. Storage at reason
able rates
Capital 150,000.00
Undivided profits
and surplus 350,000 00
Oeposlts , 3,600,000.00
M. S. Browning, Pres.; L- R.
Eccles, Vice Pres.; Q. H.
Tribe, Vlce-Pres.; John Wat
son, Vlce-Prea.: John Plngroe,
Cashier; Jaa. F. Burton, Asst.

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