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Chief Canf ield of Fire Department ! So Reports to Fire Under
writersChildren, Notwithstanding Fire Drills, Might Be Caught
in a Blaze But Three Buildings Not Condemned.
That the public school buildings of
Ogden. with possibly three exceptions,
are fire traps of the wont type Is the
K 1 nssertlon of Chief A. B Canfiold of
the Ogden City fire department He
bases his assertion on the Inspection
he gave the buildings last fall and a
preliminary examination lately
In line with his duties as chief, he
must present a report to the state
! branch of the National Board of Fir.?
f Underwriters and he regrets that hla
, report must be unfavorable
The High school building, the Lorln
Farr and the Plngroe sinee the im
provementB -were made upon it nro
i classed in his llet aa safe buildings Of
the three, the Lorin Farr, the newest
of the three buildings, fs selected as
the safest On the other side of the
list, he has placed the Dee and the
"Washington as the most dangerous
butldlngB with the others almost as
Automatic sprinkling devices for the
( older buildings are recommended by
the chief and It is his intention to pre
j sent arguments to the members of
: the board of education to have such
sprinklers Installed
The great improvement noticed in
the city cemetery by those who went
there on Decoration dav is in part
due to the labors of the prisoners who
have been working all spring under
the direction of Guard Robert I'alne
Much of the time has been spent m
clearing the roads of weeds and level
ing the rough places, but the gang Is
now working on the lots. Regardless
of ownership, every lot in the ceme
tery that Is overrun with weeds will
be given a clean Inc.
Ouard Paine has started at one cor
ner of the cemetery and will continue
through the place until the lots have
been cleared.
This morning Judge N. J Harris
kas about to make an order that a
lecree of divorce be entered in fa
vor of the plaintiff in th divorce case
of Dora Fowles against Joseph Fowles
a school teacher of Hooper on the
groundB of cruelty, when he decided
to take the matter under advisement
for a week The default of the defend
But was duly entered
Mrs. Fowles testified that for tho
past three years the defendant had
been "cold" toward her and had paid
his attentions to other women, remain
ing late at the school house with
them She said that she had remon
strated with him but that he had
told her that she was not the kind of
woman for him. Inasmuch as she did
not remain at home as she should and
attend to the business of the farm
She said that he had paid particular
attention to a neighbor lady friend,
taking her to town frequently and buy
ing Ice cream.
The plaintiff related that upon one
occasion, about a year kgo, the de
fendant kicked and knocked her t",
the floor, striking her head against
a trunk, the blow rendering her un
conscious He had otherwise abused
her by the use of harsh words and
Snid the chief today Fire drills
are practiced in all the schools I un
derstand, but jn some, such drills
would aid but not insure the safety
of the children Should fire hreak
oni In 6ome vulnerable point and the
smoke circulate through the building,
the children would stampede and the
drill would be forgotten.
"The Washington has a single roof
Should fire originate from sparks It
would be tlie mutter of a few mo
ments before the blaze would extend
to the rooms where the pupils are at
work and a panic result
"Since the doors of the Plngrec
school have been made to open ou(
and the other improvements have
been made, the school is fairlv sfe
The Lorln Farr is the safest, with the j
Rtgb school ranking second.
The chief stated thnt Ogden Is DOl
the only city that has fire traps for
schools as the subject Is one discussed
at all conventions of fire chiefs and
several pamphlets have been Issued
on the subject
Using a mixture of coaI oil and
other things on the floor to remove
and prevent dust. Is also objected to
by the chief
insulting names. Recently she had
sought a reconciliation, throwing her
arms around his neck and begging him
to settle the affair for the sake of
the seven children. She said she
told him she would live with him on
any terms for the children's sake,
even though it be on a business propo
sition, but that he turned away and
said it could not be done
Other witnesses testified that they
had seen the defendnnt with a lady
school teacher at the school house af
ter hours and that the two occupied
a room alone
The parties hnve agreed to the dii
slon of eommunlt property and the
care and custody of the children. The
mother is to have the custody of the
four girls and the younger boy while
the two other boys will remain with
the father.
The winner of the Harbertson Irs
linger wrestling match, at the Or
pheum theater next Thursday will be
Invited to meet Dan McCloud, the
famous wrestler who Is now in
charge of the Ixp Angel. 6 Vthleilc
club. Irsllnger has received a letter
from MeCloud's manager, stating that,
he would bo taken on for a match at
Los Angeles 10 days after the Ogden
match, providing he wins the con
test. If Irslingor l-es, then Har
bertson will be given the oportunlty
of meeting McCloud at Los Angeles.
Gotch and McCloud are great
friends aud McCloud has been con
nected with the champion during
many training seasons. It was
through the efforts of Gotcfa that Mr
Cloud secured his 'position In lxs
As a match In Ix.s Angeles with
neb a wrestler means good financial
returns, an additional stimulus will
bo given to the two local wrestlers
A nation-wide reputation Is in sight.
Jrslinger still takes his morning
walk to the mountains, a trot to the
Hot Springs for a bath and he finish
es the dav with wrestling practice In
the afternoon.
Karlje, who Is training Harbertson.
has a program of work that is putting
the local boy in the pink of condition.
oo '
When we nil break Into the high
brow class who Is going to do the
Built to Protect Baby
Sold to Protect You
For Baby the Sidway Guaranteed it the roomiejf iif Jk) tTi.
carriage on the market, hai the only spring that u nf f9
adjustable to bfiby'i increaie in weight, and is Y
designed for rain or tuathme. lyrV. "vv
For You it has Special Fobrlkold Leather guar- L jf J
antecd again;.! crocking, peeling or tearing, KcjI rvA
Rubber T irea instead of compo- Vgfy Xi
Unconditionally Caaranteed VVk )t mfk'W
for Two Years jEV IH ffiff 5
You will like this corri.ige the JimsalT. lrfl'fi!PMfKV,'
minute you see it, you will ac- I yj9fe?$55J'' it
cept no other v. hen you know its ,i5TlB8iSfcIr'-Hfifc ' . AvjN.''' -ffik.
fldvantngeu and baby will alwoyi lsTtWBb; VjH
appreciate Don't select your rRjEfiSPBaV ""HfcHLw
Mcjcantiit Co., 1019 14th St., Elhhart. Ind. JPI Bw BWT
Reg, No. 31706
Trial 2:05' , Or y sire of better than 2:10 speed In the Mountain 8tatee.
Irish (4) 2.08 1-4
Champion 4-year-old of 1904
Ginger 2:09 1-4
Monterey Jr , 2. 20
May T 2 15 1-2
Trial 2: 11
Ycscmite 2:19 1-4
We have purchased the above stallion and solicit the patronage of
all breeders who desire the best In quality and service.
L F. CAMPBELL North Ogden, Utah
See S C. ASHTON. 2530 Harrison Ave. Phone 1991-R.
You Want to Sec This ExtraordinaryDisplay I I
of Wash Fabrics I I
This is the sale for which the ladies of Ogden have been waiting. We are offering the greatest bargain ever presented in this city The tables and counters are
heaped with seasonable merchandise, all new and clean from the looms of the big factories. We have prepared for this sale because we realize that it is time for
the prudent buyer to supply for summer, and this is surely the opportune time. Beautiful foreign and domestic wash goods, linens and hundreds of varieties of
Domestic goods, in fact one of the greatest assortments ever brought to Ogden. All seasonable goods. We offer an enormous stock of the very latest foreign and
domestic goods at paces that will arouse the liveliest interest. Everything that Fashion approves will be found m this sale, in unlimited quantities and assort. '
ments, at greatly reduced prices,
v I
Governor William Spry Is on the
progTam for an address to the stu
dents of the Stat Industrial school
at 'ho flag rlav oxerclses tomorrow
afternoon The exercises will begin
at 1 o'clock
A special feature of the day will be
the exhibition of work done In the
manual departments of the Institu
tion and also of the grade work ac
complished in the school. The ex
hibits will be in domestic art laundry,
manual training printing, basketrv.
bead work, forging and mechanics.
The exercises will begin with a
game of baseball between the school
and a team from Marriott, after
which the following program will bo
j given In the auditorium of the Bcbool
1 building: Vi
I Invocation.
Song. "I Salute Old Glory."
Exerclso, "Hi6tor of the Flag."
Company B.
Song. "Until the Dawn," quartette
from Company B.
Wand drill, girls of the school
Oration, "The Flag," Fred Sollis.
(i student
Song, ' Commencement Day.' by the
Reading, "Printing as Vocational
Training," John Cunningham, a stu
denL Song. Ttah." by the school.
Demonstration , Company B.
Song, "Boy Blue," Arnott Feal. a
Flag drill, Company B.
Demonstration and description of
dairying, by C. Pennington and E.
Maughn, students
Drill, by the girls
Remarks, Governor William Spry.
Demonstration, b domestic science
Picnic on lawn
Are you superstitious" If so don t
buy a fishing license toda.
Several did but many regretted a6
boon as the slips of paper bearing the
official seal had been handed to them
aud the date had been observed. Fri
day the 13th. 1913 mav be regarded
lucky by some, but the average Isaac
V;ilton is slightly superstitious.
With the opening of the fishing
season only two days away, hundreds
of sportsmen In Utah are busily en
gaged In overhauling fishing tackle,
eagerly scanning their fly books and
studying railroad time tables with a
view to being In readiness for an early
start Sunday morning, when the open
season In this state for game fish
begins. In stores, offices and on
street cars there are profund and even
heated arguments on the respective
merits of the royal coachman and the
professor, the whlto miller and the
brown hackle, and the points of su
periority of the Colorado spinner ovor
i he ordinary spoon
For weeks past the careful angler
has been studying weather reports
and carefully reading up on what
streams of the state, will offer the
best fishing on .lune 15, the dato of
the opening of the season. Inciden
tally, there Is many a disgusted dis
ciple of Isaac Walton over the recent
rainfalls, which have "upset the dope"
as to what streams In th.- state aro
clear and with low water
State Flth Laws.
The state low relative to the open
ing of the season and the limit of the
catch is as follows.
"It shall be unlawful for any per
son to fish for or take any fish from
any of the waters of the state at any
time between 9 o'clock p. rn and 3
o'clock a. m. on the day following, or
to take or have In his possession at
any time, any bass less than eight
Inches long, or any trout, mountain
herring or other game fish less than
six Inches long. The word "angling"
as used in this act is defined to be
fishing with a rod or pole held In tho
hand or hands, such rod or polo to
have attached thereto artificial fly
hooks not exceeding two In number,
or two baited hooks or one baited
book with not more than one gang
of not more than three hooks or one
trolling spoon with not more than
one gang of not more than three
.,(., n '-rn.i, . '...l.iiing .my pro
vision of this section shall be guilty of
u mlsdomeanor
Catch Is Limited
The limit of the quantity of fish
each angler may take Is set forth In
tho following.
"It shall be unlawful for any per-
'son to catch more than fifteen pounds!
of any or all of said varieties or
species of (game) fish In any one day
except that at Fish lake. Pangultchl
lake and Bear lake any porson shall I
be permitted to take a single fish
weighing more than fifteen pounds
In any one day It shall be unlaw
ful for any person to have In his pos
Fession at any one time more than
fifty pounds of fish of any or all of
said varieties."
The usual prohibition against th
use of explosives and drugs to catch
fish, the use of seines, traps, etc .
agaJnst fishing from horseback or by
fire or lamplight. 16 In force and will
be adhered to by sportsmen
Another useless run was made by
the fire department last night in re
sponse to a false alarm from Lincoln
avenue and Twenty-eighth street. The
call came at 10:60 when the boys had
settled for a night's rest and th
finding that the alarm had been turned
In for the amusement of someone did
not cause great cheerfulneaa.
This is the second false alarm an
swered within three days, and Chief
Canfield Is determined that thero will
not be many more before tho perpe
trators are caught and dealt with.
Mamie Williams, the ngress. serv
Ing a HO-day sentence In thfl city jail
upon being convicted of vagranc. re
celTed a letter today from her mother
at Pocatollo bearing the news thut
her father has been given up by the
physician and Is not expected to live.
At the closo of the letter is the sen
tence: "Come, not for my sake, or your la
ther's sako, but for God's sake '
The letter further stateB that the
father has been asking for his daugh
ter and Is wondering w hy she does not
come, while the mother hai refrained
from telling him the truth, fearing the
blow would hasten death
Acting Chief Charles Plncock will
investigate and If he finds the letter
to be genuine will endeavor to securo
the relense of the woman
The chief does not know but that
the letter has been sent by some of
her friends running on the road In nn
effort to secure her release.
When the architects today an
nounced to former Mayor Alex Brewer
thnt the plans for his proposed busi
neas block on Twenty-fourth street,
between Hudson and Orant avenues,
were completed, he broke from his In
decision as to whether he would build
on Hudson avenue, between Twenty
third and Twenty-fourth, or on Twenty-fourth
6treet. and announced that
he would begin construction on the
Twenty-fourth street site within ten
Mr Brewer purchased the site for
merly owned by the Weber club and
whore the club put In concrete walls
for a basement to a c lubhouse and It
is on this site that he will erect a
modern business house
The Brewer Dairv & Supply com
pany does a large business, and Mr
Brewer who is prealdent aud man
ager of the company, states that bis
company will have use for the entire
structure. The building will be mod
ern In every respect with two stories
and a basement 42 bv 132 feet. It
will be of brick and planned for the
special use of the Dairy company
Mr Brewer also has property on
Hudson avenue, soon to be opened, be
tween Twenty-third anil Twenty
fourth streets, and It has been a
question with him whether he would
erect, a business block for the dairv
business there or use the site pur
chased from the Weber club
At a later date a business block may
bo erected on the now avenue
Permits have been granted for the
development of 700,000 horse power
within the national foreata of Cali
fornia. '
The Martha scclety will meet rr.
i o'clock Saturday afternoon at 2G22
Madison avenue, the place selected by
the society for the free kindergarten
and day nursery
Tho parents' class of the Ninth
Ward Sunday school will give a so
cial this evening on the lawn of th
H Woodmansee home. 3142 Washlnt
ton avenue, in compliment, to J Leroy
Wright, who will leave soon on a mis
sion to Franco
Miss Lucy Knight and Hazel Ipsen
were united in marriage af 8.30 Wed
npsday evening at the home of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William
Knight. Bishop Gilbert Thatcher pro
nouncing the nuptial ceremony. Miss
Gertrude Thatcher and Ezra Richard
son were bridesmaid and best man
A reception and wedding dinner
followed the marriage. The rooms and
1 dining table were bright with the
I flowers of the season and solos by
Mrs. Bert Cowan. Miss Lona lpsen
and Miss Lucy Ipsen. were a pleas
ant feature Toasts fitting the occa
sion and the best wishes and hc.artv
congratulations, together with the of
fering of wedding remembrances
rounded out this happy occasion.
Mips Knight wore a daintily de
signed gown of white crepe de chine
with pearl trimmings and orange
blossoms and carried a shower bou
quet of bride's roses.
The bride, formerly a resident of
Logan and a favorite In musical cir
cles m that city was organist In that
City for a number of years Mr
Ipsen is an. employe of the Troy
laundry company.
Mr. and Mrs Ipsen will be at home
at 1224 Grant avenue after June 20.
The Pythian Sisters will give a
card party at 3 o'clock Saturday af
ternoon In K. P. hall, refreshments
will be served and a good time.
Mrs. .1 S. Corlcw will be hostess
to the University society at her home.
2t?S3 Jefferson avenue, at 2 30 o'clock
Saturday afternoon. All members of
the society are expected to be pre
At 8 o'clock Monday evening. June
If.. Prof Squire t'oop will present Miss
Lillian M Wright In piano recital at
the Weber academy auditorium
Mls6 Wright has made most excel
lent progress In her musical studies
and on a number of occasions on
w hich she has played In public she has
received high praiae from musical
critics A brilliant future In music
has been predicted for Miss Wright.
Mrs. Abe Kuhn and Miss Kuhn held
a reception from 2 to 3 o'clock this
afternoon at their home. 2404 Mad
ison avenue. In compliment to Mrs
Walter S Marx.
Mrs C. F. Mortensen entertained
Thursday afternoon. June 12, at n
parcel shower In honor of Miss El
len Mortenson. who is to be one of
the June brides
Throughout the rooms, baskets of
roses, ferns and carnations were af
fectlveh arranged Musical selec
tlons were rendered by Miss Zella
Cowan and Miss Hazel Blair
Paint v refreshments w ore served,
covers being laid for the following In
vited guests:
Mesdames C F Mortensen, .1 Blng
nam. Anna Mortensen, B. F Morten
sen John Harney. Bert Hall. H G
White from Omaha Alvln Mortensen,
Blla rowan Misses Lizzie Blair Hv
zel Blair. Phyllis Mortenseu. and El ,
len Mortensen.
Mrs Sarah Day of San Francisco I
is visiting her mother, Mrs J. T.
Hunt, Mrs Day was for many years
a resident of Ogden and has many old !
friends here who will welcome her.
Mr6. H. E. Hall of Evanston is vis-1
iting her mother. Mrs. Downs
Miss Susie Jackmrin of Nampa Ida
ho. Is the guest of Mrs S P. Brooks
for 0 few days.
Miss Evelyn Dalrymp' of San 1
Francisco i6 hero for a week.
Mrs. W G Dalrymple was called
to Spokane. Wash , during the early j
part of the week owing to the 111 j
ness of her father. She will be awaj
tor an Indefinite period.
Mrs Ralph E. Bristol is spending I
the weekTa-end i Salt iake, the guest
of Mr and Mrs Don S Campbell.
Mrs (leorge Maule and Miss Dana
Kellv. daughter of Mr and Mrs Geo.
J, Kelly, will leave next w eek tor an j
extended tour Cf western Europe
a aeoa KaS to tbbj;
More of Those Wonderful
Actual $6.50 to
$10.00 Values 1 QO
On Sale Saturday W-SsO
Trimmed Hats I
There are just 1011 hats in this lot. They go on a T
sale Saturday niorniny. $1.(10 trimmed hats kaS
I sold alter l"J o'clock DOOn '
Rev. F S Brnlnerd returned from
ReLo, Nevada, this morning and con
tinued on to The Dallee, Oregon, this
afternoon. He reported a successful
Chautauqua in the Nevada metropolis
and stated the people were sufficient
ly well pleased with this first effort
that they engaged him to return as
manager next year.
Mr Rralnerd will devote a week to
the Chautauqua at The Dalles and
soon thereafter go east on similar
At the Ogden Theater
Tonight and Saturday
Matinee and Night
"Dad's Darling."
Rev. N S Elderkiu, formerly ot
Ogden. will arrive from Lawrence.
Kansas, to relieve Rev P. A. Slmpkln
In Salt Lake during the summer sea
son Mr Elderkin's family is now in Ou
den, for the benefit of the bab
health, the child having been afflici
ed with whooping cough nearly a
Mr Elderkln was pastor of the Con
gregational church of Ogden up to
three years ago and during his sta
here was a lender In the reform move,
menf which resulted In the organisa
tion of the Betterment League.
If the price of ham goes much high
er the open season for the ham sand
wicb might as well bo closed
for Saturday I
Dainty and becoming hats, well R
worth their original price yts
This is an offering that we do nSSsN.
not remember having seen dupli- 'SAl
cated for years. jk
Any woman would bo proud to Abbj pflMH
wear them, and will be likely to KSarMB IM
find among them something not jffiid B
only becoming but piquantly fit- FaKs j&JM
ting in with some special summer BT .j
An excellent display of A Si
Trimmed Hals iir 1
95c, $1.45, $1.95 M I
Genuine panamas a new shipment just received un
matchable bargains
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