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; Announces that he has closed his Meat
: Department, and is better able now to
make quicker deliveries of Groceries
I , and better service to everybody.
He therefore changes the name Lang
' lois Meat & Grocery Co. to
A. T. LANGLOIS. Sole Proprietor.
Soldier Makes High
Dive and Wrenches
Neck Unknown As
sailant Stabs Man in
Neck While Riding on
the Merry-Go-Round
Salt Iake, Aug 23. Two wore in
jured, one seriously during fh Span
ish War Veterans celebmtion at La
coon yesterday Diving from the
highest point at the Lapoon bathing
resort, Osel B Berqulst. 26 years of
age a private of company K. Port
Douglas, was seriously Injured at 4 30
o'clock yesterday afternoon His neck
I was badly wrenched, and it was at
first thought li was broken
Berqulst climbed to a point about
sixteen I eet from the surface and
dove off head first. His failure to
appear at the top of the water caused
alarm amonc his friends, and he was
rescued from what might have been
death by drowning. His body wan
paralyzed from his neck down.
He was taken to the post hospital,
at Fort Douglas In this city, where!
A savings account
with this bank is as
good as ready cash be
cause, under ordinary
circumstances. It may
b drawn against any
The advantage over
keoplng the money at
I home is that it Is not
liable to loss by fire or
theft and Is constantly
earning 4 per cent in
terest, compounded
quarterly. $1 00 opena
( an account.
and get your shoes, repair them
and return them very quickly. I
' 1 "' To have a customer means to
H hold him at our store We hold
i customers by never giving
them a reason to go elsewhere.
I 1 We carry what our customers
. I want; we give the kind of Ber-
H;i j vice they appreciate and we
I I H make prices that always please,
i I Most people realize the ad-r,--;
' ji vantage of trading at such a
CV; j store.
Oft1..'' We should like to be your
I druggist.
ng' "We are in business for your
SSlS health."
grafeM Washington at 25th.
medical attention Ik being given If
Is thought he may recover
Berqulst was attending the cele
bration of the Spanish war veterans
of Utah According to the manage
ment of the bath house at Lagoon
BerqulM has on several previous oc
casions dove safely from the high
point. Inexperienced swimmers are
as a rule, not allowed to make the
high dive, but the fact that Berqulst
had made the dlvj before caused
those In charge not to Interfere with
He struck the water at a wrong an
gle. It is believed
While riding on the m-rry - go-round
with a woman friend at 8 o'clock
Ralph W ( ondon 2n years of age.
living at the Lake hotel In this city,
was stabbed In the right shoulder
by an unidentified soldier, who is
said to he a member of company
at Fort Douglas ( ondon was brought
to this city last night, where after
being attended at the police emerg
ency hospital, he was taken to his
home His Injuries are not consid
ered as serious
According to Condon's story he did
I not know that he was stabbed until
his friend noticed blood on his shoul
der. A soldier had walked to his
side and as ("ondon thought, slapped
him on the shoulder Condon faint
ed before the merry-po-romid had
Stopped; and fell from the "horse" on
which he was riding. His assailant
Is still at large.
Idaho Falls. Idaho, Aug. 22 Wil
liam D Rogers of this city has a new
Idea of the farmers' rest room. He
is arranging to fit up the rround floor
of his new building, 50x90 feet, for n
rest room for the farmers and their
families. It will be electric lighted
and steam heated and kept open
night and day. with attendants to
look after the wants of the patrons
There will be bath and toilet rooms
both for ladles and gentlemen; writ
lng room, smoking room, a lunch j
counter; purchases can be ordered
sent there from the stores ready for
buyers when they leave for home i
He is now visiting farmers through
out the country taking subscriptions
for defraying the expense.
The Idaho Falls band will leave
next Monday night for Salt Lake City
to take part In the carnival of the
ards of the Wizard of the Wasatch.
Idaho Falls is keeping up Its repu
tation as the greatost shipping point
on the O. S. L. railroad For the
year ended June 30 thero were ship
ped from this station 5696 carloads
of produce; the receipts were 3989
carloads. For what is known as the
Snake river valley, embracing the
territory from Blackfoot to Ashton
on tho Yellowstone branch, the ex
ports were 15.792 carloads and Im
ports were 1",217 cars. The ship
ment of potatoes was 10-19 cars from
the valley, but thie was largely re
duced on account of tho low price
Provo. Aug 22 The Chlpman Jew
elry company has filed articles of
Incorporation with the county clerk.
The company continues its Jewelry
business In this city. The capital
stock Is $6000) In shares of the par
value of $100 each. The directors
and officers are Joseph T. Farrer.
president Doll Chlpman. viee-pre-sl
dent Leland J. Farrer, secrotarr and
treasurer Sarah E Farrer and Hnzel
M. Cbipman
r -
Ouly 536.75 from Ogden for com
plete four-day circle tour. Including
nil rail, stage and hotel expenses.
This Is the last opportunity of the
season to visit this NATURE'S WON
DERLAND and view the GEYSERS
ER WONDERS Accommodations at
beautiful Old Faithful Inn, and Lake
and Grand Canyon Hotels. For fur
ther particulars and Illustrated itin
erary, call on P. L. Beemer, City
Passenger and Ticket Agent, O S,
I L. R. R Co., 2514 Washington Ave,,
Ogden, Utah.
Salt I-ake, Aug. 23 Word has been
received In this city that Bernard T
Stewart a local attorney, was Injured
at fi o'clock yesterday morning by a
horse falling on him near Kamas,
Utah Mr. Stewart s leg was broken
below the knee. Dr. George W. Mid
dleton of this city went to the scene
of the accident yesterday to atten l
the Injured attorney
Mr. Stewart was riding a horBe near
a gulch, when the animal fell to tb
bottom, alighting upon the rider's
leg. Local relatives of Mr. Stewart
say his Injuries are not serious, ac
cording to the information they have
received. Mr. Stewart is a member of
the law firm of Stewart, Stewart it
Roger Thompson
Tells the Slayer of
White to "Come Across
With Some Coin"
Drove the Car to the
Gateway Thaw Very
Sherbrooke. Quebec. Aug. 23. "Ed
ueaied " Roger Thompnon, whose genl
j us and skill as a chauffeur Insured th
safe escape of Harry K. Thaw from
the Matteawan stats asylum for the
criminal insane last Sunday moruinR,
who crossed the Canadian border with
Thaw and the sphinx of the present
situation, sent a message to hln Jail
mate Thaw, tonight:
I'm flat broke Come across with
some coin or I'll tell everything I
know "
In an interview with a correspond
ent. Thompson admitted that he Is
not "Michael N. Thompson, a citizen
of Toronto." as he has steadily main
tained since his dramatic arrest in
tho court room here on Wednesday,
but Roger Thompson, chauffeur of
the Paekard car in which Thaw fled
from Matteawan.
"Sure. I'm Roger Thompson, ' said
the chauffeur, who Is of good address
and appearance 'I've taken off the
smoked glasses I've been wearing ever
sln e I arrived here and hereafter I m
ROinR to play th game on the level
Ik Flat Broke. He Says.
"I am absolutely flat broke I
haven t money enough to buy my own
meals and I have decided It Is about
time that 1 looked out for myself
Butler, acting, I suppose, for Thaw,
got me into this and it Is up to Thaw
I or the Thaw family to get me out of
it I don't intend to be made the
goal If I want to. I can tell things
things that I have learned since
Sunday and maybe before. I am go
ing to tell them, unless 1 am looked
ntter. I don't intend to serve a three
months term in Jail for something I
never knowingly did.
"The Thaw people have got me a
lawyer, but that is all they have done
for me Now It is up to them to give
me enough money to get me out of
this I didn't begin to realize until
today just what position I am in '
Thompson nervously walked the
lenKiii oi ins 'on :idq snappeu nis nil
gers spasmodically.
What story ia this you say you
can tell''' he was asked.
"Never mind," he said quickly. "It
will be a story worth reading if 1
tell It."
Not a word more could the chauf
feur of the getaway car be induced
to say
When asked ns to Thompson's
threat. Thaw became more excited
than at any time today
"Oh, that man." he sputtered ex
plosively "I cannot talk about him "
"Tell them to release Barnum , he
Is innocent of any attempt to aid mo
to escape I wouldn't have harm
come to that poor old fellow for any
thing in the world '
This was the message sent out by
Thaw today when he learned that
Howard H Barnum, guardian of the
gate through which the slayer of
Stanford W hite made his dash for lib
erty last Sunday morning, was In a
tight position because of the charge
brought against him of conniving at
the escape.
' I have wired to my attorney at
Newburg, Mr Van Amec, to defend
Barnum, and do everything possible
for him,' said Thaw. Then he added
Defends a Guard.
"He is Innocent. Ho knew nothing
of my plans It Is a criminal conspir
acy to seek thus to ruin his reputa
tion." Thaw was so excitable and restless
today that Governor LaForce. jailer
In the picturesque little county deteu
tlonary, who had steadily maintained
a belief In Thaw's sanity, shook his
bead and remarked in French
"He is certainly queer He has
spells that make him unlike other peo
pie "
A dozen times during the day the
prisoner sent frautlc calls for uri
ous newspaper men whom he has
known In the past. They drove up I
the hill to the Jail In the picturesque
Fiacres which the townspeople use
to transact every bit of business and i
when they arrived Thaw would eithe?
send down word that he had nothing
to say or see them and ask them to
lay particular stress upon some new
legal point which he had mulled out
Thaw's clothes were disheveled, hio
eyes were glaring and his manner ner
vous He ha6 decided that the real
story of his present predicament can
not be told until Jerome's address to
the Jury In the 1906 trial be printed
in full. When told that this is not of
news value, he pounds upon the table
w 1th his fist, begins to swear and then
begs his auditors' pardon.
He summoned his attorneys to the
jail upon every possible pretext and
also delivered many messages to two
agentB who had arrived He made
voluminous notes upon his case and
attempted to Instruct his counsel, all
of whom are eminent advocates upon
points of Canadian jurisprudence.
As a result of Thaw's action one of
his counsel Is said tonight to he on
the point of withdrawing from the
"I am fully conversant v,ith every
possibility of the situation." said
Thaw to the correspondent "1 shall
go free eventually, though it may take
some time I don't consider that It
will be a defeat if 1 am deported Into
New Hampshire or Vermont, but I
hope first to force the Immigration
and New York state authorities to
prove that I am sane or insane "
American Fork. Aug 22 The
sheepmen from this place arc getting
ready to mako their fall shipment of
lambs to the market. There are
about twenty sheep owners living In
American Fork who range their sheep
on the Uintah reservation and who
will ship from 40 to 1000 lambs
each, about 15,000 In all. The range
has been exceptionally good this sea
son, the lambs are in splendid con
dition, tho market Is good, and will
Insure the ownera a good price for
their lambs. At the present market
they should receive $4 per head net
for them.
Mr. and Mrs. FraneLs G. Porter.
Francis G. Porter, a youne Chi
cago trrarn and provision broker. Is
plunged Into a mass of financial
difficulties as the result of stock
deals and other transactions of
which his business partner, Richard
H. Smart, had no knowledpre. A re
ceiver appointed by the federal
courts is in charge of all bis prop
erty, Including his $40,000 country
house and hs dojrs, said to be
worth 525,000. His debts may total
a quarter of a million and criminal
prosecution is threatened bv credit
ors unless he -eturns larfre blocks
of stock turned over to him for Investment.
Salt Lake, Aug. 23 Unless some
thing happens that doesn't show up
In the cards at this time Salt Lake
baseball fans will see at least fifteen
more games of league baseball.
Yesterday the transfer of the Great
Falls series was clinched. That se
ries, according to schedule, is due to
begin Wednesday, September 3, and
to continue to and Including the fol
lowing Sunday, September 7.
Present Indications are that the
final heat in the pennant race will be
fought out on Salt Lake's lot. Only
three and a half games separate Sail
Lake and Great Falls The winning
or losing of a single game makes a
tremendous difference. Next week
Great Falls plays Butte, at Butte, and
Salt Lake plays Helena on Salt Lake
It Is reasonable to assume that
neither McCloskey nor Hester will
get much of an advantage, one over
the other in next week's play. There
fore, If there are no decided revers
als of form, tho two leaders will meet
in Salt Lake neck and neck and wltn
a healthy thirst tor each others gore
Park City Aug L'2 Sunday will be
Elks day in Park City, and the local
members of the antlcred "bunch" are
arranging to entertain the visitors In
first-class fashion
I he committee having the affair In
charge is working overtime to see
that everything shall go off In or
dor and that all who make the trip up
to this famous mining camp will be
glad that they came.
A special train will be run from
Salt I-ikc over the Denver & Rio
Grande railroad, and arrangements
for of the entertainment of about 200
Elks from Ogden. Salt Lake, Eureka
and Provo are being made
The visitors will be met at the de
pot and taken to the l"dge rooms,
where a light luncheon and "also''
will be indulged In, and following this
the Elks will march to the City ball
park, where the local memberB will
attempt to 6how their supremacy on
the diamond.
Tlie train will return to Zlon In the
earl;. eening and a big day is In
store for all who make the trip.
Bingham, Aug 22 "I do not know
where Mr. Hardy Is. If I did. I would
telephone or telegraph him that the
property I have can he used to make
up his shortage with the railroad
This was the statement of Mrs. R
K. Hardy, the bride of the former
ticket agent of the Denver & Rio
Grande company here, who disappear
ed twelve days ago. leaving a short
age In his accounts Mrs. Hardy said
that she understood that the amount
her husband was derelict In to be
approximately 700 and reiterated her
statement that she had property
enough In her nun name to square
the account on the books of the com
pany, and this property she said, she
would sen without hesitancy for this
G. M, Hardy, a brother of the miss
ing man. accuples a responsible posi
tion on the Bingham & Garfield rail
road. He expresses the belief that
hlB brother would not have left the
camp had he not been under the In
fluence of liquor He add' .I that had
he known of his brother's shortage
before he dlsapp-ared the $700 nec
essary to balance the books would
Good Things to Eat
Peaches Apples
Pears Astracan
pj Yellow TransparenL
Grapes Currants
F.m press Native Black
Toka White English
Muscat Red English.
Just in Comb Honey
I Harris Grocery Co.
338 25th St Phones 2215 2216
have been available In twonty min
utes. Mr Hardy was held in high regard
by the citizens with whom ho did
business and the opinion here Is that
I he will return and " square" himself
Garland. Aug. 22. Fire of unknown
origin, which damaged some of the
machinery at the Garland sugar fac-
tory at 2:80 o'clock this afternoon.
; threatened the nearby dwelling
houses and hotel and also effectually
demonstrated the prompt efficiency
of tho factorv and Garland fire bri
gades. In fifty-three seconds after
rho blaze was discovered and the
alarm given, the faetory brigade, un
der Superintendent T II Edwards
and Joseph Corbelt had its equip
ment working and the flames checked
Tho Garland department made a run
of three-quarters of a mile In eleven
minutes and was on the seen ready
for action had it been required.
Salt Lake. Aug. 2., Pitching head
long from a porch balcony to the
cement walk, fifteen Teet below. Mad
eline Hackney, the L9-months-old
daughter of Mr and Mrs Ray Hacl.
ney. narrowiv escaped death at the
family residence. 514 South State
street, yesterdav afternoon. Though
seeral phvslcbns examined the
child, no serious Injuries could be
discovered, and no alarming symptoms
developed up t'- a late hour last night
Several persons saw the child de
scribe an arc from the balcony to
the pavement, lighting upon her left
side The right foot and left knee
were scratched and bruised, but no
I other marks could be found. For a
i few moments tho child appeared to
ihae been stunned. Then she start
ed crying lustily.
Mammth City, Ida.. Aug. 22. Im
provements of an Important nature
are novs being made to the water sys
tem for Mammoth City New lateral
main pipes are being put in at a
depth of about four feet, to which the
property owners will make counec
tlon The water company will place
valves so that when a house is vp.
cant the water can be cut off at the
point where connection is made with
the main pipe, and consequently the
water will not be allowed to get stag
nant This Is undoubtedly an Im
provement over tho old system and
should be beneficial to the public
health Mammoth City has also spent
considerable money putting in high
pressure pipe lines and hydrants
which are to be used in case of fire.
The city also has an ample amount
of fire hose and other equipment,
and no difficulty should be experi
enced in promptly extinguishing a
blaze In any part of the city.
Provo. Aug. 22 The preliminary
examination of Jim Kellas, charged
with the murder of Jose Sanchez,
charged with the murder of Jose San
chez by cutting his throat at Colton,
August 14, was held today before Jus
tice E. Lt Tones County Attorney
Grant C Bagley appeared for the
sLite and Attorney Jacob Eans for
the defense Kellas admitted the cut
ting, but pleaded self-defense. At the
conclusion of the testimony a mo
tion to dismiss was Genled. and Kellas
was held to the district court on a
charge of voluntary manslaughter, his
bonds being fixed at $2000. which It
Is believed he will be able to furnish
Park City. Aug 22 The funeral of
William Kneale, who died In San
Francisco. Cal , last Sunday evening
and whose body was brought here
Wednesday morning b Mrs Kneale.
will be held here Sunday afternoon at
1 o'clock under the direction of tho
local order of Odd Fellows, of which
order the deceased was a member. If
it is possible to have the Rev. P. A.
Simpkin here, the funeral sermon will
be preached by him and if not. the
I Rev P. N. Cole of the local Metho
I dlst church w ill deller the sermon.
Salt Lake. Aug 21 Jacob Loew, 17
years of age recently from Germany,
suffered fatal Injuries when he was
caught between the shaft wall and
the platform of an elator In tho
wholesale housn of Rosenbaum Bros ,
M2 South West Temple street, yes
terday morning H died a few hours
afterward at the Groves L. D. S hos
pital So tightly was he wedged In
that a portion of the wall of the shaft
had to be cut away bofore he could
be extricated.
The injured youth was taken to the
hospital and attended by Dr. C. C
Baldwin. His legs were badly man
gled, and he had suffered Internal In
Loew and his younger brother. Jo
seph, were employed in the establish
ment of Rosenbaum Bros , and ware
nephewa of the proprietors The acci
dent happened when Jacob started tbe
elevator to a lower floor with a truck
load of good9 The truck caught the
edge of the floor, throwing the youth
In such a way that he was caught be
tween the wall and ihe elevator The
emergency brakes stopped the eUrVfl
tor. but not until lxew had been seri
ously injured The two brothers came
here recently from Germany to enter
the employ of their uncles.
El Paso. Tex.. Aug. 23 A telegroui
from General Blanquet secretary of
Mexico City, to General Francisco
Castro, commander of the Juarez gar
rion. 8,ivB (nat tl)e fdoraig under
command of General Alberto Ran
gado, subordinate, to General lnvenclol)
I Robles, have captured and shot Env
jillano Zapata, the 6Courage of More
los and Guerrero together with a
1 number of his officers and men Col
enel Pasqual Orozco. Sr., father of
Pasqual Orozco of Chihuahua who
hn Iveen held a prisoner for the past
fwe months, was executed by Zapa
ta s orders before the federals could
In the District Court of Weber Coun
ty, State of l"iah
.Maggie Caiey, Plaintiff, vs J W"
Ca6ey, Defendant.
The State of Ctah to the said De
fendant :
You are hereby summoned to ap
pear within twenty days after service
of this Summons upon you, If served
within the County in which this action
la brought otherwise within thirty
days after service, and defend tho
above entitled action; and In case of
your failure so to do judgment will
be rendered against you according to
the demand of the complaint, which
has been filed with the Clerk of said
This action is brought to recover a
judgment dissolving the marriage con
tract now and heretofore existing be
tween you and the plaintiff.
Plaintiff s Attorney
P O. Address 2411 Washington ave
nue. Ogden, Utah
First publication. August IS, 1913
Eureka. Aug 22. Hans J Hassell
and Wilford Freckleton were out In
West Tintlc on Saturday and Sundav.
visiting the dry farm In which the
former Is a half owner. This farm
Is one of the best in Juab county and
this year between 15 000 and 20,000
bushels of grain will be harvested. A
great deal of new land is now being
cleared and next year's crop will be
even larger.
Proo, Aug 22 The city commis
slon. Mayor C F Decker and Com
i raissloners LeRoy Dixon and H. J W
Goddard went to Salt Lake and Og
den today with Manager A P. Mer
rill of the Utah Light & Power com
pany for the purpose of Inspecting
some of the Improved street light
ing of Salt Lake and Ogden. prepara
tory to installing some high-powe-lights
In the business Bection of the
Bingham. Aug. 22. J W. Footc,
who was seriously wounded a few
day 6 ago by a gunshot Inflicted by
his wife, had a relapse today when
the wound began bleeding afresh,
but a prompt response by the attend
ing physician checked unfavorable
, ftO
Bingham, Aug 22 C. E. Adderly,
general manager of the Bingham Mer
cantile company, returned yesterday
trom a two months' trip to New York
City and the southern states
Garland, Aug 22 A runaway team
belonging to Ernest Jensen dashed
down Main street this afternoon, run
ning over the 2 -year-old son of W.
T. Hudson, crushing the child's foot
on the pavement and breaking his
leg. Two small sons of James Gray,
who were in the vehicle, were thrown
out and badh bruised, but not dan
gerously Injured.
Now that Mount Vernon has a
woman cab drlveT. will she be called
a cab drlveref-s of a cabarette?
Newark News.
The annual convention of 'tatflra
Young Ladies' and Young Men's ifo. HE
tual Improement associations ot MB
Weber stAke will be held tomorrow JOf
at the Weber ac.-ulem: There r
a Joint j-psslon at the academy in
the morning when 12 wards will b H
represented by about 1 people. in iU
the afternoon, tho young women '"111 Ij
meet separately In the Second wirdfln
A board meeting will he he'd at oil
I o'clock before the first sesslon.Hf
George Seaman will be the principal
; speaker at that meetinc
In tht morning session which be
gins at 10 o'clock the musical num-!
bers will consist of a prelude b MJg
Carrie Rrownln; a f'uto .-o',.. witjj
accompaniment bv Axel N'vlander, i
congregational singing, a vocal solo J
by Miss Erma Browning and a trom
bone selection bv Wilford Pyott.
Tho speakers will discuss the fflfl .
; lowing lubjeetfl
"How to Get ion per cent Efflclen-Ii
cy Out of War, and Stake Officers"'
V I Llndsey.
"Something New for Junior Claaafl
es" Edward H Anderson. n
General discussions win follow ths f
reading of the papers.
The subjects, given bv the young
ladies win be:
"Wake Up, Musical I v inne wil
cox and Florence Hunt
Ward Officers' Problems" Mary
Iarsen and Florence Stevens
"Civic Pride' -Sarah C Rallantyne.
In the afternO"n. at the academy,
Edward Anderson will alve "Mem
bership Slogan ; Earl Pardon will I
discuss "Winning the Boy" and "De- i
i veloplng tho Bov." will bo Arthur
Halrerson's subjelt
At the Second ward the young la- j
dies will hear "Studies for 1913 and
1914," bv Luclle Wallace and ' Ttt- (
mony. " hy Minnie Parker and Mrs. j
E. Woods Musical numbers will be
plven bv Miss lone Wilcox. Miss Car j
rle Browning and Miss Emma Llnd-sey.
oo j
Not eery man who cries "Don't j
hold a man down. Is a phllsnt hrop- I
1st. He may prefer holding him ui. J
Memphis News-Scimitar
Ariel Cuticura Ointment. For heat
rashes, itchings, sunburn, wind
irritations, redness and roughness
of the face and hands, Cuticura j
Soap, assisted by Cuticura Oint- j
ment, has no rivals worth men- 1
Uoning. No others do so much for J
the complexion, hair and hands.
C uticura :..( c! CMnimffat to'A thrniuj bojt t
world. Simpl or t&;h mxUvd tnt 1tb 13-p tool.
Adlrf tol-rrd 'CuUeara." Dept. 1JO. Botoo
r"ra who shav aod ihampoa w;a CvtlMI
Eoa3 U1 Bod It tttit tor alia and scalp.
Low Fares to j
Eastern Points J
New York, via Standard Lines $86.50
New York, via Differential Lines 83,50
Boston, via Standard Lines 86.50
Boston, via Differential Lines 82.50
Chicago $56.50 Memphis $59.85
St. Paul 55.70 St. Louis 52.00
Omaha 40 00 Peoria , 65.40
Denver 22.50 Kansas City 4000
Pueblo 22 50 Colorado Springs 22 50
Proportionate Rates to Other Points.
Dates of Sale Aug 28, September 10, 11.
For detailed Information concerning ratea, routea, train aervle
and reaervatlone, call at, phone or addresa
2514 Washington Av.
City Passenger and Ticket Agent.

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